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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  November 25, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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tonight after dinner is still not available. we do know shopping centers are getting ready across the bay area to open up early in the morning, and have shoppers return in person. the madness we saw on black friday and the start of the holiday shopping season year after year has become just a memory since the pandemic. >> and by to wake up at 4:00 a.m., go shopping. anything open, i will go shopping. >> reporter: people were returning to thanks giving traditions today, enjoying the outdoors with family and friends. retailers like best buy, macy's, target, and walmart were all closed today, stores that have stayed open on thanks giving in the past. >> i've never gone black friday shopping, so i feel it would be fun to try it out. >> reporter: others out and about say they will be staying inside a look black friday. >> i'm scared with what's going
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around, so not planning to go in person. >> reporter: these families were glad to get time together at the park before their thanksgiving dinner, but i do want to take any chances around so many people and local malls. >> everything is online, being home, a disorder everything from online. >> reporter: they remember when black friday was a big event. they started right after dinner. law enforcement agencies across the bay area have stepped up their police presence at malls this week. local district attorneys also announced they are working together to try to prevent more mass robberies. >> we are concerned this is a crime of opportunity, and when people get out, they may try it again. we are doing what we can to keep them in custody. >> reporter: a concern on the minds of these potential shoppers before they go back to certain stores. >> there are all these things going around in the malls. >> i don't feel safe. >> reporter: bay area shopping centers up to get more of the deserters in person by opening up earlier than normal on friday, beginning at 6:00 a.m. some shoppers acknowledge the craze that came with chasing after so many sales before christmas may be a tradition we
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live in the past, but they still want to get a taste of it ndiv >> i elkeit's part of the ence. cyber monday is fun, t going inson isa lot more fun. >> reporter: these mass robberies we are seeing across the bay area are likely a factor in what we are going to see at malls on black friday. we know that there will be early opening hours, but there will be standard closing hours even on black friday. >> it will be interesting to see because folks haven't been shopping like this in a couple of years. >> reporter: exactly. it is important to have your expectations managed when you come in on black friday. fewer hours, but also, fewer ideals. we've been talking about this for weeks. higher prices on the supply chain issues. it won't be the black friday we remember from five or six years ago.
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>> that advice. thank you. >> reporter: bay area police say that there may be a connection between a smash and grab in palo alto and a similar incident in the north bay. the two different boutiques called the real real were hit by large groups of thieves during the palo alto heist. police were able to arrest 20- year-old keyonni marie jones, and 21-year-old kevyonna barnes. both women were in possession of more than $50,000 worth of goods from the expert boutique. officers from both areas are now working to find out if the group the women were with our connected to other bay area thefts. taking a live look outside at our bay area bridges, and much lighter traffic on this thanksgiving, chp is still warning drivers to stay safe on the roadways, and expect heightened patrols along california freeways. let us check on her postings giving forecast. great news on the weather front. temperatures warm up a bit more. passing cousin plenty of sunshine. the issue has been the haze on the horizon.
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take a look at what it looked like earlier this afternoon. here's a live look from salesforce tower. you can see that haze on the horizon any direction you look. you can see mt. diablo peeking out. it is largely smoke from wood- burning stoves and urban pollution trapped at ground level, with the high pressure acting like a lid. the air quality, according to the purple air sensors, they are not quite as high quality, but they still give us a good snapshot. they showed a lot of air quality ratings in the unhealthy for sensitive groups category around the central bay and east bay this afternoon, but pretty good air quality in the santa clara valley and much of the north bay. it's not likely to improve dramatically through tonight and tomorrow. our forecast model is indicating the trapped service-level smoke will be locked into place over the next few days with maybe marginal improvement through midday saturday. we will check out the air- quality forecast into early next week in a few minutes. eight at the start this
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holiday with a string of fatal crashes across area roads. in the peninsula, a multivehicle crash killed a person on highway 101 in belmont. up north, a pedestrian was hit and killed on state route 221 in napa. 1 hour after that, another deadly crash in the east bay. this two car crash in contra costa county was one of three deadly accidents in a 3 hours ban this morning. it happened around 6:00 a.m. on vasco road and byron, killing one person and injuring two others. one witness says he is thankful to be alive after crashing into debris, and driving off of the road. across the bay area, families are gathered to share thanks giving meals. of course, there are still a lot of folks in the area that don't have anywhere to go. >> we have had salvation army volunteers came together to deliver thousands of meals to homebound seniors. it's a whole effort to make this happen. some volunteers grab these
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meals, pack the cars, while others drive the meals to seniors around san francisco. >> reporter: this things giving tradition is still looking different than it did pre- pandemic. instead of cooking the meals, the salvation army worked with a local catering business and deliver the meals. nonetheless, hundreds of volunteers put on their vests, unloaded meals, packed them in cars, and knocked on doors, and heard gratitude in many voices. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> reporter: it is about giving back, knowing all too well what it means to have a meal for thanksgiving. >> when i was young, my family used to be in need, and wednlv't ioat have much, and thanks giving was hard for my mom. >> reporter: around 4000 meals were said to be delivered this year.
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>> when that senior citizen or homebound individual is received by someone, that someone becomes family, becomes friends, within that minute of conveying a sense of love, thankfulness, gratitude, appreciation, giving them hope today. >> reporter: mark barber and his daughter to volunteer along with them, a reminder of being thankful and giving back on things giving. >> if you want to be compassionate and empathetic towards people, you need to do it instead of just tell your kids. >> reporter: kpix 5 news. >> reporter: in menlo park, volunteers were busy giving away free meals to families today. a long line wrapped around the parking lot of saint anthony's dining room. inside, volunteers served meals to go. others packed in boxes filled with fruits and vegetables and bread. they give away food to make sure community members don't go hungry on thanks giving. here is one way you can help this holiday season. you can donate your time or money to our food for bay area's family drive. to check out /give for more information. still ahead on kpix 5, and cbsn bay area , it is the big question on everyone's mind today, what are you thankful
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for? aread haaner across th co up. great news for those ready to hit the slopes around lake tahoe. the resorts that are finally ready to reopen
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welcome back on this thanksgiving evening. for many families, the pandemic has changed they celebrate thanksgiving. the gatherings might be smaller, dining chairs might be spread out farther. >> as kpix 5's da lin reports, it doesn't change the fact that things giving is still the perfect time to reflect on what we are grateful for . >> reporter: it is often tiid a feinspent away from each other during the pandemic is is greater appreciation for the time we
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have together because more than ever, this things giving is about the people around us. i'm setting up shop along the waterfront, asking people after 20 tough months, what are you thankful for. >> i am most thankful for all the quality time that i'm getting with my parents. i'm finally seeing them a little after 2 years, and that's a really long time. it's extremely emotional. it makes you, it reminds me of home, because for me, my parents are my home. >> i finally got my citizenship 2 months ago. the reason why i'm coming over here is for the american dream. now i'm really being able to get in the first step. >> i'm thankful for my good health. >> ♪ raindrops on roses ♪ whiskers on kittens ♪ >> the fact that we can be out and not be locked in somewhere,
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and enjoy this beautiful town. i'm thankful for that. most importantly, my beautiful family. >> finally we are moving around, we are eating indoors, we are getting together as a family. >> things are opening back up. things arttg morenorm, and i'm really grateful about that. >> ♪ imagine all the people ♪ >> i'm thankful for having a job . i have seen people suffer, but i am thankful that it didn't affect us as it affected so many people. >> i'm thankful to have my rent paid, and my utilities, i don't have to worry about anything financially. >> the kids are more happy now because they are together with their friends. >> i'm thankful for the life that my parents have given me, because i'm just very fortunate that i get to live here, and i have so many opportunities. >> feel so bad -- ♪ >> reporter: last but not least, i'm so grateful for my wife, being the super mom she
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is to our baby boy. on this turkey day, i hope you are surrounded by great food, but even better company, because this pandemic reminded us the best gift is a gift of time. for my family to yours, happy things giving. >> happy thanksgiving to you as well. plenty of people are celebrating what they are thank you for, online of course, sports teams, law enforcement, transit agencies, even local zoos sharing messages of thanks. we would love to see pictures of your thanksgiving celebrations today. just use the hashtag kpix. and other unit news, in an effort to tackle traffic deaths, the lafayette city council has adopted vision 0, a plan to improve safety on city streets, and promote activities like biking and walking. traffic safety and lafayette has become a priority after several travel debts, including a by slick killed by a motorist, and a school crossing guard hit and killed in front of a middle school. happening today, san francisco's parks and rec department is closing the highway between lincoln way and
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slow boulevard the cards for thanks giving. vehicle access will return on monday. happening tomorrow, some tahoe ski resorts will finally be able to reopen my now that they have been blasted with snow. they've been delaying ski seasons because it is too warm, but things have cooled down a bit. it was cool last night, paul is going to talk about that,: if in the mountains so they could make snow up there. tomorrow will be a snuff opening, meaning only the base area and first venture lived be open. meanwhile, sugar bowl resort is taking advantage. like many tahoe resorts, they were supposed to open tomorrow, but had to delay the season because paul says he won't allow it to snow anytime soon. may be by about the end of the first full week of december , and that second weekend of december. that is a long way down the line in forecasting terms. the 7 day forecast, things get
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a little testy. 2 weeks in advance, fingers crossed. short-term, ucg more clouds overnight tonight, so not quite as chilly as last night. we woke up with a lot of temperatures in the 30s this morning, mostly 40s on the map. dry and warm conditions, temperatures a few degrees above average, or several degrees above average further inland. that haze on the horizon, the trapped woodburning smoke and urban pollution that will be sticking around. the air quality did get into the unhealthy for sensitive groups category. i think it's going to me catego with marginal improvement on saturday, sunday, and monday. there is no spare the air morning tomorrow, even though i there really should be, but still, if you can limit how much you are traveling around. i know everyone was to run errands on black friday, but the binary thing into one trip instead of a bunch of different
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trips. let's take a look outside. a clear look at san francisco right now. temperatures are clearing off, especially in livermore, will everyone else is in the low to mid 50s. temperatures will be google cool tomorrow morning. most inland spots, low to mid 40s, with mid to upper 40s around the bay. temperatures are going to warm up. i don't think we will have a lot of fog to contend fog to co good weather to get out and burn politics thanksgiving calories, or you can sit on the couch. this is our bosses dog. he sent a picture to all of us, and it made its way on tv. mid 60s in san francisco. warmer further inland, especially around san jose, where temperatures get all the way up to around 70 degrees tomorrow afternoon. mid 60s for san francisco and oakland. mid to upper 60s for the north bay. warmest spots, 67 degrees for fairfield and pleasanton. low 60s along the coast, with temperatures warming up a bit
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more as we head into the weekend. saturday and sunday look like they will be the warmest day my butt and i will be pretty warm as well. san jose, low to mid 70s, then staying in the low 70s even once we cool off a bit on tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. the temperatures further inland for the east bay and north bay are also hovering right around 70 degrees. on the coast, load even mid 60s , especially over the weekend. an unusually mild weather pattern, but a dry weather pattern. the good news is, we got a new update from the u.s. drought monitor today, and there has been some improvement. we will see that at 7:00. "cbs evening news" is coming up. >> hears tony dokoupil with a preview. here is what we are working on for tonight. americans on the move, more than 50 million people are expected to travel over the holiday weekend. the warning from health officials as we happily return
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to holiday traditions. plus we go where the buffalo roam to show you how one native american tribe is trying to save these symbols of freedom. unifying america, how the seed keepers of philadelphia are helping people connect with their roots, quite literally. all of that and more coming up on the "cbs evening news" tonight. turkey day football, it is back. again and balboa battling for the city championship, and how about them cowboys, no, how about them oakland raiders. an extra coin toss and turkey leg earned from the leg of daniel carlson. sports is
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let's call it cars the peer the raiders were 5-0 when derek carr tossed for 300 yards. they were also 5-0 when scoring over 25. 0-5 otherwise. both of those happened today. that is a hat my friend. i'm pretty sure those are full of beers. first quarter, derek carr, he finds his new weapon, and found it in a hurry that he still has some wheels. deshawn jackson, 56 of derek
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carr's 373 yards on this score. it is 7-0 raiders. but they lost darren waller to a knee injury. he is in street clothes to start the third. you have to use the best backup quarterback in the game. there he is plunging and for his first touchdown of the season, 24-13 raiders. here is how the cowboys respond. tony pollard skipped the local turkey trot this morning, so they will go for the 100 yard dash and said, and he takes it to the house, beating the kicker. the first kickoff return on turkey day since 2002. it is 24-19 las vegas. dak prescott, nice pass to dalton scholz. they went for 2 and tied it at 30. we go over time. the raiders face third and 18. derek carr looking, and that is the story of the game. 166 penayards from llas. ags tom
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daeld lkitofa 29 rder. five field goals for the kicker. las vegas wins 36-33. they snap a three-game losing streak. to college we go, type and chill on google images and this guy pops up. san jose state hosting fresno state. the bulldogs opened up the playbook. the reverse flee filter my whatever you want to call it. they won't send for 29 yards untouched. fresno state wins the battle of the valley 40-9. san jose state finishes the season 5-7. the blue and orange smoke as balboa took the field for the 97th turkey day game, lincoln going for his third straight city championship. mayor breed welcoming everyone back here the pandemic did not allow for a game last year. these two played in the regular season. lincoln beat balboa. they were ready to play. black takes the lateral on the
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pond. that was crafty, breaks a few tackles, and housecall, 53 yard score, balboa is up early. that was plenty for their defense. dan o'connell under pressure he was said. marie sully comes down with it. picks it off, balboa beats lincoln 21-0. it is the first city title since 1984. >> we haven't had any championship in so long. it means everything to all of us. >> what's it going to be like? >> i'm hoping a lot of congratulations. >> what, what, what, what. >> congratulations to them. the stanford women spending their thanksgiving in the bahamas, not a bad place to spend it, taking on fourth- ranked indiana. cameron brink feasted on the hoosiers. grabbed a career-high 22 boards
6:25 pm
, and that is a stat line. stanford wins 59-66. they play south florida tomorrow. that is your look at sports on this thanksgiving day. we have the bills and the scenes in action right now. a decent game. >> it's so nice to have sports back. i keep thinking back to last year was like, and it was so weird not having sports on during thanksgiving. now it is refreshing to see it all. >> traditions are back, good to see, no doubt about it. >> there something about football and thanks giving and turkey that is comforting. >> even though it is in a dome for both the detroit lions game, but yeah, yeah. >> details, details.
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the fabled san mateo bridge. we are all in for a musical treat this weekend. >> a concert special featuring tony bennett and lady gaga. >> you take it, tony. >> ♪ she gets too hungry for dinner at 8:00. >> it was recorded at radio city music hall in august. it is tony bennett's last concert
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appearance before announcing his retirement from touring. you can watch it sunday at 8:00 right here on kpix 5 , or streaming on paramount plus. across san francisco, volunteers started their day before dawn preparing thanks giving meals for those in need. glide memorial doled out ham and turkey and all of the trimmings to hundreds of people. finally at 6:00, the perfect reward for a job well done. the solano county sheriff's canine is being credited with uncovering 65 grams of cocaine, as well as $9000 in cash. all my doctors is go on a walk. to reward the dog, he got a special treat from dutch brothers, a cup of whipped cream. can that be good for a dog? >> there will be consequences for this. >> one heck of a walk after this. >> the dog himself was apparently happy with the reward. >> a good day in law
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enforcement. thank you for watching at captioning sponsored by cbs >> dokoupil: tonight, the s captioning sponsored by cbs >> dokoupil: tonight, the second thanksgiving of the pandemic, covid cases and deaths continue to rise, but this year americans are on the move in numbers not seen since before the coronavirus. more than 50 million americans are expected to travel over the holiday weekend, a pandemic record of 2.3 million travelers checked into u.s. flights at airports on thanksgiving eve alone. could the travel surge become a superspreader? the commander-in-chief marks the first thanksgiving of his presidency, giving thanks to u.s. troops. >> thankful for these guys. >> dokoupil: plus what we're learning about the president's health. the holiday shopping season begins with retailers ready to ring up record sales, while millions of americans are expected to shop this weekend, a


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