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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  November 29, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PST

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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, looking live from our sutro tower camera, a live look over the city. good morning. it is monday november 29. i am len kiese. >> i am amanda starrantino. we will start with a check on weather and traffic beginning with mary lee. good morning. good morning. happy monday. hopefully everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving weekend. we are looking at a clear start, patchy dense fog out there. oakland 52, livermore 41, mid 40s in santa rosa. santa rosa, you are dealing with dense fog down to about a quarter of a mile. we will see sunshine and beautiful weather ahead. we are looking at warm temperatures back to the 60s and 70s this afternoon, 63 pacifica, 66 san francisco, 69
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oakland, low 70s for the peninsula, 71 red wood city. san jose is coming in at 73, 70 concord, inland east bay, and 70 for the napa valley. we'll talk about the rest of the week and what you can expect coming up in a few minutes. let's check with anne for a look at traffic. filling in for gianna, things are looking good for your early monday morning commute, starting with main travel times. all major freeways are in the green for the super commuters west bound 580, 25 minute drive from 205 tracy to dublin. bay bridge toll plaza. san mateo, traffic is moving smoothly in both directions. taking a live look at oakland airport where new covid- 19 travel restrictions are in effect as new variant of the virus quickly spreads across
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the globe. >> betty yu spoke with travelers at the airport about their thoughts on the variant. >> reporter: things appear to be business as usual at sfo amid growing concerns over newly discovered covid variant omicron. as international travelers prepare to fly, nations around the world race to contain the variant. monday the u.s. will ban travel from south africa and several other countries. scientists are trying to figure out how dangerous and contagious this strain is. the former fda commissioner. >> it is almost definitely here. looking at the number of cases off planes this weekend it's almost a certainty that there have been cases that have gotten into the united states. >> how do you feel about traveling? >> i am very nervous about it. i am going to mexico and i am going to be watching the news. if there is anything that's going to be a problem, i am
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just going to come right back. >> frankly, even the covid virus didn't stop us from traveling. we traveled to mexico last year and ecuador. we took the precautions. we found they also took precautions there so we felt safe. we've gotten our vaccines. >> we've been there before. the country is following all regulations and mandates, mask mandates. they're vaccinated as much as we are. we feel good about it. >> reporter: dr. fauci said it will take time to have more definitive information on the transmissibility of omicron. >> people talking about lock downs, let's see what the information that we are getting in realtime tells us and we'll make decisions based on the science and evidence the way we always do. >> reporter: the world health organization has warned against over reaction until this variant is better understood.
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betty yu, kpix5. >> president biden plans to provide an update on the variant and his administration's response later today. lots of holiday travelers are back home after spending long hours on the road. chances are high cost to fill the tank put a big dent in their wallet. da lin takes a look at the record gas prices and when they might start to ease up. >> reporter: everything is more expensive nowadays. housing, food, transportation, you name it. aaa reports the average price of regular unleaded gas in california set a new record at 4.71. it is higher in the bay area. we pay some of the highest prices in the country. average price in san jose is 4.79, a penny cheaper in oakland, 4.88 in san francisco, the same price in wine country. the cheapest price is vallejo with average of 4.70. we are paying about 1.50 more
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per gallon compared to last thanksgiving. oil experts say the tight supply and huge demand are driving up prices. the other problem is california charges highest gas taxes in the country. according to the american petroleum institute, 85 cents for every gallon. a uc berkeley energy expert says adjusted for inflation, gasoline was more expensive in 2008 and 2012. he sent this graph of prices in california for the last 15 years. 4.60 in june 2008, 4.67 october 2012. he points out $5 back then could buy a lot more than $5 can get you today. i get it. that's not going to send you out the house to fill the car right now but it is about putting things in perspective. aaa says bay area prices will likely stay in mid $4 range for the remainder of the year.
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they believe drivers should see big drops by early next year. i am da lin, kpix5. california's average gas price is about 1.32 more than the national average. oakland police are searching for a suspect who shot and killed someone during a car break in that happened after 3:30 yesterday on grand avenue near lake merit. crime stoppers and police are offering $10,000 reward leading to arrest. this comes as opd says it is upping officer patrols in response to increase in violence across the city. it includes fatal shooting of the security guard and former bay area police officer who died saturday morning a few days after being shot by an armed robber who tried stealing camera gear from kron4 news crew. he also worked frequently with kpix crews. a fund has been set up at a local bank to help his family.
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get the details at video shows a tow truck driving the wrong way at the bay bridge toll plaza and ramming a police cruiser. chp says for some reason the driver parked after the toll booths and refused to move. when officer arrived he took off and turned around and sped back going the wrong way. the aftermath from the citizen app shows the huge dent on the cruiser. the driver and an officer were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. wild car case through contra costa county ended in a crash. police arrested the suspect, a 13-year-old boy. police spotted a stolen car driving on l street near sycamore drive in antioch early yesterday. police chased the stolen car through the city and into oakly. the driver lost control of the car and crashed near starbucks on main street. the boy tried to run away but was captured by police.
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today in contra costa in a courtroom three suspects in the mob style robbery of the nordstrom will be arraigned on conspiracy, burglary, robbery, organized retail theft. investigators say they were among 90 people who stormed the store stealing tens of thousands in merchandise. jury selection begins for two high profile court cases. smollett is charged with making a false police report about being victim of a hate crime. in 2019 he told officers he was attacked by two masked man who called him racial and slurs. he has pleaded not guilty. prosecutors say maxwell conspired with jeffery epstein in a sex trafficking me involvg under edgi eicommd in
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jail two years ago. maxwell has denied any role in his crimes. coming up, it could be the biggest day in shopping history. why this cyber monday is expected to break records. an enchanted family took on the house of gucci at the box office but who came out on top? dramatic video showing what happened when a tow truck driving the wrong way near the bay bridge toll plaza rammed the patrol cruiser. we'll have another look at that. we are looking at our treasure island camera taking a look at the city this morning. we'll be right back after this break.
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welcome back. happening today, second cyber monday of the pandemic is on track to be the biggest one yet. >> laura podesta is at an amazon fulfillment site in new jersey to see how the e- commerce giant is getting ready. >> reporter: packages never stop moving at this amazon fulfillment center in new jersey and this could be the busiest day of the year for america's largest retailer. >> we prepare every year to make cyber monday and black friday bigger and better than ever and that means more deals. we have more deals this year than ever before. >> online shopping during this cyber monday is expected to break records.
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adobe analytics predicts americans will spend around $11.3 billion today. >> for cyber week, we are expecting a 5% increase compared to last year. again, really, really big upgrade from last year. >> amazon says it's opened new fulfillment centers and added tens much thousands of employees to handle the soaring demands. >> supply issues have many struggling to keep items in stock. shoppers who are flexible may be able to use that to their advantage. >> retailers all of a sudden get a shipment because the supply chain opens a little bit and they're able to stock shelves. they're actually heavily discounting the products because it was almost like a surprise supply for them. >> analysts say the scarcity of certain items could leave consumers vulnerable to online scams. buyers should always check a seller's reputation beforehanding over credit
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card information. laura podesta, cbs news, robbins ville, new jersey. adobe analytics says the average person will spend about 12 hours shopping online during holiday season. ftast week'ssell ake a come off? diane king hall reports now from the new york stock exchange. stocks took a beating friday amid growing fears about new coronavirus variant. dow tumbled 905 during a holiday abbreviated trading day on wall street. nasdaq dropped 353. s&p 500 fell 106. the new coronavirus strain dubbed omicron was first detected in southern africa earlier this month. it has been found in canada, europe, asia prompting several nations to reinstate travel restrictions. it is too soon to know if it is
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more transmissible than other variants but believe current vaccines should offer protection. pfizer and moderna say if needed they could have an updated vaccine next year. "wall street journal" says retailers saw about a 50% increase in foot traffic compared to last year. that's still down nearly 30% though compared with 2019. adobe says online spending actually declined on black friday for first time since it began tracking the day. e-commerce companies are hoping to reverse that trend with today's cyber monday sales. for more head to i'm elise preston. let's get a check of our weather and traffic. we will begin with mary lee. good morning. we are looking at mainly clear skies and illyempetures in the and 50s. if you are heading out,
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definitely put on that jacket. a live look with our sales force tower camera as we look north this morning. check out temperatures, concord 46, oakland 52, livermore 41, downtown san francisco 56, mid 40s in san jose and santa rosa and dealing with patchy dense fog for parts of the north bay, santa rosa and fairfield down to a quarter mile. sunrise at 7:02 and sun set at 4:52 this afternoon. high pressure in control for us and we have this dominant blocking high pressure system. that ridge is keeping all of the storms away from us. so we are looking as we head through not just today but likely the rest of the week, we are going to stay dry and quiet for us over the next several days. on futurecast as we take you hour by hour, you see that sunshine as we go through today. let's check temperatures. along the coast 60s from 63 in
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pacifica, south bay, san jose, santa clara 73 and also for morgan hill. inland east bay, upper 60s concord, pleasant hill, low 70s for the tri valley. around the bay from upper 60s in san francisco, 70 alameda and oakland, 72 san leandro. north bay, highs in low 70s and topping out at 70 for ukiah. the seven-day forecast, you see not a lot of change through the next several days. that is because of the ridge of high pressure in control. we are looking at warm temperatures and plenty sunshine. san francisco, mid 60s not just today but tomorrow and slightly warmer as we look to mid week. oakland, upper 60s today and tomorrow to 70 by mid week. san jose, low to mid 70s over the next several days.
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inland east bay, upper 60s to low 70s today and that will continue, upper 60s, slightly cooler through the rest of the week. north bay, a bump in temps mid week and mid 60s along the coast with a few more clouds by our weekend. let's check with anne for a look at traffic. it's going very smoothly this monday morning. of course it is pre5:00 a.m. but let's look at our travel times. bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is still very light. metering lights off, a seven minute drive from the maze into san francisco. let's take a live look at the san mateo bridge, traffic moving smoothly in both directions, a 13 minute drive west bound from highway 880 to highway 101 on the peninsula in foster city. a quick check at main travel times, traffic starting to pick up for super commuters and 580. it will take about a half hour
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to drive west bound from 205 in tracy into dublin and west bound highway 4, 25 minutes from highway 160 to interstate 80. in the past weekend, saw the first animated movie to debut exclusively in theaters. >> how did it fair at the box office? david daniel has early estimates for weekend's top five films. resident evil welcome to raccoon city debuted in 5th place. eternals fell to 4th with $7.9 million pushing it past 150 million domestic total. house of gucci opened in third grossing $14.2 million from friday to sunday and 21.8 million in its first five days. ghost busters afterlife lost the title in the sophomore
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weekend though $24.5 million gave it a ten day domestic total of 88 million. encanto sang and danced to a first place debut. the animated musical made 27 million from friday to sunday and 40.3 million in first five days in theaters. tony bennet left his heart on stage after a final concert with lady gaga. >> the performance came from new york city's radio city music hall. >> ♪ it takes heart and time and rhyme to make a poem sing. >> you take it, tony. >> the special one last time, evening with tony bennet and lady gaga honored his musical legacy and friendship with lady gaga. it. the show was bennet's last
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or insulin increases low blood sugar risk. side effects like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea may lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. wake up to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ please don't take my sunshine away ♪ you may pay as little as $10 per prescription. ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. good good morning everybody. no matter what kind of a day you had on sunday, it might not be as good, just saying, might not be as good as the 49ers had at levi stadium. nick saying all right vikings come and get some of me. 49ers opening drive and a mistake right from the jump by
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jimmy garoppolo. can't throw to the wrong jersey. smith with the give me that interception. garoppolo's second pick in the last five games and vikings capitalize. minnesota opened the scoring. 49ers did what they do. they ran the football. samuel rounded the corner and it was over, third straight game with a rushing touchdown. cousins rattled. lined up behind the wrong guy and had to burn a time out. cousins entered this decision, over threw receiver and that got josh norman excited. 49er offense was cooking. one of 23 first downs, san francisco dominated time of possession, took seven minutes off the clock, set up for more points but a misfire on the field goal attempt. sorry, coach. minnesota got into 49er territory but on fourth down,
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that was about it. defense held again. 49ers survived and won 34-26, first winning record since week three. 6-5 now after a third straight win. staples center, matinee run up and down the floor. second quarter ball movement, curry kick out porter jr, that three tied the game. up nine in the third, curry, one of his six steals and put the biscuit in the basket. look at him flexing. clippers lead is two and this happens, a turn over and pool made them pay from deep. 20 seconds left in the quarter. four threes in a two minute span, scored 15 third quarter points. now up nine, curry a vetted super star did not get a foul
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call and reacted. he got teed up for this. you never see this, do you. curry took out frustrations on the clippers, deep three to make it a 15 point game. a minute later, beyond the arc again. next possession how about a shot with two guys on him. 13 of his 33 points were in the last quarter, warriors won 105- 90, still carry league best 18- 2 record and next is back to back games against the suns who have won 16 straight. i'd give you more content, but we're out of time. we'll have more on the injury update for samuel as 49ers keep moving forward. we'll see you later. time is now 4:56. coming up, omicron variant of covid-19 popping up across the globe. the nations reporting cases. it is cyber monday but before you start online shopping, a warning about rise of online scams.
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we've got advice on what to watch for. a live look
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another business in the south bay has been hit by this recent up tick in smash and grabs. we'll tell you what we know. suspects involved in another major retail theft. we'll find out the charges they're facing. the arraignments set for today. new covid variant creeping across other countries. how biden administration plans to respond in the u.s. taking a stand against violence in oakland. new promise from the police department that vows to make safety a priority on city streets. good morning. it is monday november 29. i am amanda starrantino. >> i am len kiese. good morning. we hope you had a wonderful weekend. let's get started with a check of weather and traffic.
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welcome back. >> thank you. >> we missed you. >> did you have a good thanksgiving holiday. >> ate too much. full stomachs and full hearts. >> awesome. we're back at it. happy monday. we are looking at a chilly start so grab that jacket if you are heading out the door. a live look with our san francisco mark hopkins hotel cam, you see clear skies but patchy dense fog especially for parts of the north bay. 46 concord, oakland 52, 42 for livermore. all right. as we look to downtown san francisco, 56, 44 in san jose and santa rosa, patchy dense fog. the camera is waking up this morning at 43. let's check out our temperatures as we head through the afternoon, a warm day with plenty sunshine, 60s and 70s across the bay area, 68 san francisco, 70 oakland, low 70s for the peninsula, south bay inland, a high in san jose of 73, upper 60s in


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