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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  November 29, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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thanksgiving holiday. >> ate too much. full stomachs and full hearts. >> awesome. we're back at it. happy monday. we are looking at a chilly start so grab that jacket if you are heading out the door. a live look with our san francisco mark hopkins hotel cam, you see clear skies but patchy dense fog especially for parts of the north bay. 46 concord, oakland 52, 42 for livermore. all right. as we look to downtown san francisco, 56, 44 in san jose and santa rosa, patchy dense fog. the camera is waking up this morning at 43. let's check out our temperatures as we head through the afternoon, a warm day with plenty sunshine, 60s and 70s across the bay area, 68 san francisco, 70 oakland, low 70s for the peninsula, south bay inland, a high in san jose of 73, upper 60s in concord,
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inland east bay, tri valley, 72 livermore, 70 for the napa valley. we'll talk about the rest of the week ahead in a few minutes. let's check with anne for a look at traffic. how are things shaping up as we start the work week? starting off smoothly in the bay area. people are starting to come back to work but really your commute should not be a problem at this point. taking a look at highway 880 in oakland near colosseum, traffic is moving smoothly there in both directions. a check at the bay bridge toll plaza, stl light there. metering lights are off, seven minute drive from the maze to san francisco. to check main travel times, few more cars from super commuter on his 580, half hour from 205 to 680 in dublin and west bound highway 4, 25 minutes from 160 to interstate 80. new, a south bay boutique is the latest victim of a smash
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and grab burglary. >> joycelyn moran is live from the santa clara police department. what do we know so far about this one? >> reporter: the information from the santa clara police department regarding details of the incident, take a look at the video shot earlier at the fix kicks in santa clara. you see that the doors have been smashed into. these are similar images to what we have been seeing throughout the bay area in a lot of businesses. we are waiting to hear back from santa clara police department but so far they have only acknowledged that the business has been robbed previously. we are hearing reports that about 25 to 35 people broke in and stole valuable items. that has not been confirmed with santa clara pd yet. but you see in the video that they have speciality shoes. one pair can be worth hundreds of dollars. again we are working to get more information and as soon as we get that, we'll be sure to
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bring that to you. joycelyn moran, kpix5. >> thank you. happening today in ra costa courtroom, three suspects in mob style robbery of the walnut creek nordstrom will be arraigned on charges. investigators say they were among about 90 people who stormed the store last weekend stealing tens of thousands of dollars in merchandise. four suspected thieves are on the loose in antioch. police say three men and one woman wearing face masks and hoodies used hammers to break in at a walgreens stealing $2,400 worth of merchandise. it happened saturday at the store on deer valley road. also in antioch, wild car chase involving a 13-year-old boy. police say they spotted a stolen car on l street near sycamore drive in antioch early yesterday. police chased the stolen car through the city and into oakly. the driver lost control of the car and crashed near starbucks
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on main street. the boy tried to run away but was arrested by police. taking a live look at oakland international airport on the first morning of new travel restrictions. u.s. is banning most travelers from eight countries in southern africa because of the new covid variant. >> justin andrews is live looking at how u.s. is preparing for this latest covid strand. good morning. the new covid variant omicron is spreading in other countries. president biden is expected to address the nation today. health experts are keeping a close eye on this and biden administration plans to respond by banning and shutting doors to south africa and neighbors. the world health organization which gave the new covid variant its name says travel restrictions may not be necessary until the variant is better understood. one of the first doctors to spot the new variant in south africa says symptoms so far
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appear to be mild. another big question is whether omicron is more contagious than the delta variant. >> people who have looked closely at the sequence, those individuals feel reasonably confident that three doses of vaccine will be protective. that can give a strong impetus to try and get more people boosted. >> we do think it is more contagious when you look at how rapidly it spread through multiple districts in south africa, has earmarks for being particularly likely to spread from one person to another. >> reporter: sunday president biden met with his covid response team as doctors around the world are really scrambling to get a better grip of the new variant. we talked to international travelers at sfo and i will have those interviews when i am back at 5:30. >> thank you. the cdc says it is monitoring the new variant and expects to identify it quickly if and when it arrives in u.s. >> it's going to give us a period of time to enhance our
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preparedness, people talking about lock downs, people talking about that, let's see what the information that we're getting in realtime tells us and we'll make decisions based on the science and evidence the way we always do. new, scott land has reported six new cases of the omicron variant taking uk total to nine. in japan, officials are temporarily suspending entry of foreign visitors starting tomorrow and a portuguese soccer club has been hit with 13 cases of the omicron variant. only one of the players traveled to south africa. health experts believe this is first instance of local transmission of the virus outside of south africa. a south african doctor among the first to spot the variant says there are plenty reasons not to panic. >> looking at the mildness of
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the symptoms we are seeing, currently there is no reason pa severely ill patients. the most predominant clinical complaint is severe fatigue for one or two days with then headache and body aches and pain. the whole hype of this doesn't make medical sense at this stage. >> the doctor also says unlike delta variant, her omicron patients have not reported loss of smell, taste and have not experienced major drop in oxygen levels. oakland police are searching for a suspect who shot and killed someone during a car burglary. it happened after 3:30 yesterday on grand avenue near lake merit. crime stoppers and police are offering $10,000 reward dealing to an arrest.
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live to oakland, that latest shooting comes as opd says it is upping officer patrols in response to increase in violent crime across the city. the so called tactical teams are designed to deescalate violent incidents and help officers who are responding to crimes. this days after the fatal shooting of the security guard and former bay area police officer kevin nishita. he died saturday morning a few days after being shot by an armed robber who tried stealing camera gear from a kron4 news crew. he also worked frequently with our kpix crews. a fund has been set up at a local bank to help the family. if you would like to contribute, get details on if you plan to buy online during cyber monday, be aware of scams. that's the warning from experts who say theft and fraud are on the rise. u.s. customers will spend more than $11 billion today alone.
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experts say if you stray away from well known brands or websites like walmart, target, macy's check to see if they have positive customer reviews and reliable track record. it is important to remember this cliche. >> if it's too good to be true, it probably is. if we are trying to shop for a really good deal and you see something that is far out weighs what other retailers are doing, it's probably not good. >> credit cards offer some protections so it is better to use that instead of a debit card that draws directly from your bank account. amazon saw protests by some employees on black friday. compy prioritizes profits amazo worker pay, allow time for breaks, extend paid sick leave and be more transparent about covid-19 protocols. don't be surprised if your mail suddenly starts arriving
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before the sun. carriers across the area will start rounds extra early through the holidays to keep up with heavy volume of packages and other mail. they'll start as early as 6:00 a.m. in some neighborhoods. still ahead, your drive to work this morning will likely put a big dent in your pocketbook, when we might see record high gas prices ease up. one bay area county making pandemic stress relief a new priority. the new program slated to begin next week. good monday morning. we are looking at clear skies and patchy dense fog. we are in the 40s and 50s as we start our day. high pressure is in control, blocking weather systems from coming our way.
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dramatic video shows a tow truck driving the wrong way at the bay bridge toll plaza and ramming a patrol cruiser over the weekend. chp says for some reason the driver parked the truck just after the toll booths and refused to move. when officers arrived, they say the driver took off, turned around, and sped back going the wrong way. here is aftermath from the plow, video from citizen app shows the huge dent on the hood
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of the patrol cruiser. chp says the driver and an officer were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. a live look at bay area bridges where post thanksgiving travel rush is giving way to monday morning commute. regardless of destination drivers are paying record amounts to fill their gas tanks. average price in california is 4.71, even higher in the bay area with 4.79 in san jose, 4.78 in oakland and 4.88 in san francisco. oil industry experts say tight supply and high demand are driving up prices. another factor is california has highest gas taxes in the country, 85 cents per gallon according to american petroleum institute. a wellness program is set to begin next monday in marin for students, families, staff at public schools. it is geared toward limiting impact of stress from the pandemic. wellness week marin runs from december 6-10, free online program includes several video
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segments a day, each 15 minutes, with a focus on mental, physical, emotional help. officials help the wellness week will provide a collapse to regroup after nearly two years of pandemic related challenges. today in the north bay, covid vaccine and booster clinic for agricultural workers. napa county farm bureau is hosting the event of the boys and girls club on pueblo avenue. the site opens at 10:00 this morning. it is now 5:15. let's turn things to mary lee with our monday morning forecast. good morning. we are looking at a beautiful day ahead. sunshine, warm temperatures that will continue for us. it was a warm day for sure yesterday. we will continue with that for today. a live look with sales force tower camera as we look southeast in the 40s and 50s this morning. bundle up, put on that jacket if you are heading out the door
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first thing. oakland 52, 42 livermore, dotown srancisco at 56, santa rosa 43 with patchy dense fog for you down to about a half mile, quarter mile to half mile. i have been watching it fluctuate for the visibility in santa rosa. today, chilly start with clear skies, patchy dense fog. we will see sunshine this afternoon and warm temperatures. we are talking 60s and 70s, well above average for this time of year. it's because of this strong ridge of high pressure, blocking ridge of high pressure. that's keeping the storm track well to our north. pacific northwest, they have been getting storm after storm. for us, we are high and dry with quiet conditions over the next several days, so all the way through the week. you see the sunshine as we head through our day on futurecast. checking temperatures along the coast in the mid to upper 60s. peninsula upper 60s to low many 0s. south bay, santa clara san jose at 73, 74 campbell.
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inland east bay 68 in concord and pleasant hill, low 70s across the tri valley. around the bay 68 in san francisco, 66 daly city, low 70s for east bay shoreline for oakland, a the me today, as well as for san leandro. north bay, highs in the 70s this afternoon. the seven-day forecast san francisco, oakland, san jose, you see as we head through the rest of our work week not a lot of change, plenty sunshine with temperatures not changing too much here. as we look to our weekend, temperatures will be cooler and a few more clouds for saturday and for sunday. inland east bay, north bay, coast, you can see those temperatures staying in the 60s and 70s through the rest of our work week with that sunshine but much cooler as we look to saturday and sunday for our weekend with temperatures much cooler there, several degrees cooler for our weekend ahead but still dry over the next several days.
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let's check with anne for a look at traffic. how are the roadways? filling in for gianna, so far it's been an easy gig but we are starting to see slow downs in the east bay, checking main travel times. traffic is starting to pick up for super commuters on west bound 580. it will take over 40 minutes to drive west bound from 205 in tracy to dublin. west highway 80, 15 minutes highway 4 to the macarthur maze. bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is still light. metering lights are off. a seven minute drive from the maze into san francisco. san mateo bridge, seeing a few more cars west bound. it is a 12 minute drive from 880 to highway 101 in foster city and a check of other bay area bridges this monday morning, traffic in the green on the approach to the golden gate bridge and on the richmond san rafael bridge. it will take around seven minutes to travel from the toll
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plaza to highway 101. happening today, annual holiday tree lighting ceremony on hill. this is the event's 50th year. festivities kick off at 5:30 this evening with live music by french american jazz quartet. the tree will be lit around 6:00. this is one of san francisco's oldest traditions. san francisco city hall, building lit up to celebrate first night of hanukkah. it is one of many celebrations happening all over the bay area. check this out, for the favorite year, lit the first candle of the seven foot menorah made out of legos. it features more than 3700 pieces and constructed by alameda jewish kids club. further from home, mile high menorah glowing over miami, almost. massive l.e.d. display stretches 700 feet
5:20 am
outside the paramount miami world center to mark start of hanukkah. it is made of 16,000leds embedded in 10,000 panes of glass. very nice. still ahead, how helping those in need in the east bay is as easy as the push of a button. at 7:00 on cbs mornings hear more from dr. fauci on the severity of the omicron variant and what you need to do to protect yourself. how a fulfillment center is making sure customers receive packages on time ahead of the biggest online shopping day of the year. get a look into kevin hart's studio after the release of his dramatic series. that's all today at 7:00.
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but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the l-ner. good monday morning to you. we are already thinking about lunch and for your lunchtime forecast at noon, plenty sunshine, temperatures will be on the rise. for the coast and around the bay at noon, low 60s with light winds and warming to the mid to upper 60s inland by your lunchtime. let's break it down for you in san francisco at noon, 62 degrees with a very light wind
5:24 am
out of the north northwest. oakland, by noon, looking at mid 60s, 64 for your lunchtime, a great day to maybe have lunch outside and enjoy that sunshine and for san jose in the south bay, looking at 66 degrees with a northwesterly winds at four miles per hour with plenty sun. we'll talk about the rest of the work week ahead including our weekend. that seven-day forecast is coming up in just a few minutes. a house in central germany is a popular spot for visitors. what's attracting crowds to the home? see for yourself. decorating the home are more than 70,000 christmas lights. owners say it started years ago with a single string of lights in the front garden but as you see it's grown into a full on display. visitors enjoy sausages, lemonade, and mold wine. giving machines are back at oakland temple hill. vending machines allow you to donate to a charity of your
5:25 am
choice from meals to hygiene kits. families gathered for unveiling of three machines. a 49ers player attended the ribbon cutting. they were on hiatus last year because of the pandemic. machines will be at the church until january 2. >> i love that idea. tonight on kpix5, it could be a game changer for national security, search and rescue, while fighting california wildfires. >> do you think we will see a perpetually flying drone in the sky in your lifetime? >> by the end of this year, you will. >> bay area start up hoping to achieve that lofty goal using an energy saving trick that's actually been around forever. that's tonight at 7:00. >> reporter: another business in the bay area hit by recent up tick in smash and grabs. we'll show you video and tell you what we know. >> two high profile court cases gearing up for jury selection. what's at stake for the big names on trial. a live look outside before
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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, new travel ban in effect in the united states thanks to a new strain of covid- 19. what travelers are saying about new restrictions this morning. today is the deadline for american service members to be fully vaccinated. consequences at stake for those who are not. a moment of silence for the six tragically killed at a christmas parade in wisconsin. how they are being remembered this morning. 2021 could be a banner year for porch pirates. why billions worth of packages are at risk of theft this holiday season. good morning.
5:29 am
it is monday, november 29. i am len kiese. >> i am amanda starrantino. we will get a check on our weather and traffic beginning with mary lee. we are coming out of the long holiday weekend. yes. did you like yesterday though with the sunshine and warm temperatures? we had record breaking highs yesterday. >> i believe it. >> we could do it again today. very warm, plenty sunshine, 60s, 70s. enjoy it. it's a beautiful day across the bay area as we start our monday. it's a chilly one, 40s and 50s with clear skies and patchy dense fog. 46 concord, oakland 352, 42 livermore, san jose 44, santa rosa 43 with patchy dense fog for parts of the north bay. through our afternoon with the sunshine, mid 60s along the coast, upper 60s to low 70s around the bay, highs inland upper 60s to low 70s, 72
5:30 am
livermore. a lot of sunshine as we ad through today. we'll talk about the rest of the week ahead, if we see changes coming any time soon coming up in a few minutes. let's check with anne who is filling in for gee an flash flooding on traffic. things are getting pretty slow in the east bay as expected. it's happening pretty quickly. super commuters west bound on 580, traffic is slow leaving tracy. it will take around 45 minutes west bound from highway 205 to 680 in dublin. west bound highway 4, 25 minute drive from 160 to highway 4. west bound 80, 15 minutes highway 4 to the macarthur maze. bay bridge toll plaza, a live look, traffic is moving, metering lights off, a seven minute drive from the maze into san francisco. this morning, another business in the south bay has
5:31 am
been hit by this recent up tick in smash and grabs. >> joycelyn moran is live from the santa clara police department with what we know so far on this case. >> reporter: we are still waiting to get details from santa clara pd regarding this incident. take a look at this video shot earlier this morning. it is the fix kicks on el camino in santa clara. these are similar images to what we have been seeing at a lot of businesses throughout the bay area. we are waiting to hear from santa clara pd. so far they have only acknowledged this business has been robbed previously. we are hearing reports that 25 to 35 people broke in and stole valuable items. that has not been confirmed with santa clara pd yet. you see in the video that they have speciality designer shoes. one pair can be worth hundreds of dollars. we are working to get more information. as soon as we do get that, we'll be sure to bring that to
5:32 am
you. joycelyn moran, kpix5. president biden plans to address the nation today as the covid variant omicron is spreading. >> this strand has international travelers expressing concern. justin andrews is live in the newsroom with the very latest on this variant. health leaders are keeping a very close eye on this. world health organization yesterday urged countries around the world to not impose flight bands on southern african nations now until they have a better understanding of omicron. scientists and doctors say it is spreading throughout other countries. u.s. leaders fear it can slow recovery in the u.s. biden's administration plans to respond by shutting u.s. to south africa and other countries in the region. one of the first doctors to spot the new variant say symptoms appear mild. doctors say omicron seems more contagious though when looking at how rapidly it is spreading to districts in south africa.
5:33 am
some at sfo traveling internationally are disturbed. others almost unbothered. >> i am actually very nervous. i am going to mexico and i will be watching the news. if there is anything that's going to be a problem, i am just going to come right back. >> frankly, even the covid virus didn't stop us from traveling. we traveled to mexico last year and also to ecuador. we took the precautions. we found they also took precautions there. so we felt safe. we've gotten our vaccines. >> we've been there before. the country is following all the regulations and mandates, mask mandates. they're vaccinated as much as we are. we feel good about it. >> dr. fauci said it would be two to three more weeks before there is more definitive details on how transmissible or severe omicron is. health leaders say in the meantime we need to be more
5:34 am
proactive with vaccinations and boosters. thousands of american service members are facing disciplinary actions today if they are not fully vaccinated. the navy has the highest vaccination rate of all military branches at 97% despite the high numbers, some service members including flavi sales are leveling legal challenges at the order. >> my clients don't think this is driven by military readiness, by medical reasons. it feels very, very political. >> despite multiple governors trying to intervene to exclude national guard members from the requirement, the army sent a memo saying any member who does not get vaccinated will be forced out regardless. to wisconsin where a moment of silence was held yesterday to honor those lost last week when a plan plowed his vehicle into a christmas parade killing six people. as part of a tribute people were being encouraged to put a blue light outside their homes to be left throughout the
5:35 am
holidays. more than 60 people including 18 children were injured during the parade incident. last check seven pediatric patients were still in the hospital. happening today, jury selection begins for two high profile court cases in chicago. smollett is charged with making false police report after being victim of a hate crime. january 2019 police say smollett told officers he was attacked by two masked men who called him racial slurs. he has pleaded not guilty. live to new york city where jury selection for maxwell is set to begin. prosecutors say she conspired with epstein in a sex trafficking scheme involving under aged girls. epstein committed suicide in jail two years ago. maxwell has denied any role in his crimes. nuclear talks starting in vienna between united states
5:36 am
and iran. they come amid allegations that iran's enrichment is moving the country closer to making a nuclear weapon. talks to reverse that trend stalled in june. u.s. wants iran to get back into compliance by limiting enrichment and allowing full range of international inspections. >> this window of opportunity will not be open forever. >> the main issue in upcoming negotiations is actually removing all the illegal sanctions against iran. >> iran signed a previous nuclear deal in 2015 with u.s. and other major powers but former president trump pulled u.s. out in 2018 and hit iran with economic sanctions. since, iran has apparently abandoned several terms of the agreement. happening today, we'll find out what theme the white house will be using for his decor this christmas. the first lady received the 18- foot tall white house christmas
5:37 am
tree last week. today national guard will join her for the reveal of this year's holiday decor. last night the white house celebrated first night of hanukkah with annual lighting ceremony. the second gentleman was in attendance as well. he is first jewish spouse of a president or vice president. this will also be the first hanukkah to be officially celebrated in the vice president's residence, naval observatory. 5:37. coming up on kpix5, fate of former president trump's chief of staff in the hands of lawmakers. looming decision on a criminal charge. it might be the most canadian thing ever. our neighbors to the north are tapping into their strategic reserve of maple syrup. good monday morning to you. a live look with our treasure island camera with clear skies and patchy dense fog in the 40s and 50s. high pressure is in control and that means sunshine and warm
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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. welcome back. 5:40. taking a live look outside at the city of san francisco on this monday morning after the
5:41 am
long holiday weekend. >> time for your money watch report. research finds gift card scams are growing plus auto maker speeding plans to go more green. elise preston joins us live from the new york stock exchange. good to see you. good morning. great to see you len. good morning. shoppers made in person return to stores on the day after thanksgiving. "wall street journal" says retailers saw about a 50% increase in foot traffic compared to last year. though compared 2019. g ac dec friday for the first time since it began tracking the day. e-commerce companies are hoping to reverse that trend with today's cyber monday sales. nissan accelerating plans to go more green. the auto maker announced it will spend nearly $18 billion over the next five years to add 20 new battery powered cars to
5:42 am
its line up. that matches similar targets made by rivals in u.s. and europe earlier this year. nissan said some vehicles would run just a battery like the leaf which debuted more than a decade ago. others would be gas leak electric hybrids. experts are warning to be on the look out for gift card scams. crooks swiped $245 million with scams in 2019 but that's just the tip of the iceberg. there are no legal protections against most forms of gift card fraud. it is cyber monday. people are getting their shopping on. now is a time to come up with a plan to avoid christmas porch pirates. what are experts saying? >> an estimated $63 billion in holiday packages will be delivered to homes this season. according to a new survey from c net, about 124 million americans will leave those
5:43 am
packages unattended for at least three hours. the survey also found about a third of people do not have a plan to keep their gifts safe from thieves. len, i have to say i am surprised by these results with so many people working from home that there would be that many packages left unattended. >> yeah. i also say this, there is a special place for people who steal people's packages. do better, right? >> do better. the phrase of the day. >> half the time, it's not even anything good. it's like dog pop bags and deodorant. so you are wasting your time. thank you. we'll see you again when the stock market opens up. taking a live look at capitol hill where congress returns to work with a busy
5:44 am
agenda looming. lawmakers face several deadlines to prevent government shutdown and raise the debt ceiling. democracy crates with slim majorities hope to enact a package with no support from republicans. a decision about former president trump's chief of staff mark meadows. he has defied a congressional subpoena, house committee investigating the insurrection will decide whether to refer meadows for criminal charge of contempt of congress. new video shows morula have a flowing from a volcano on spain's canary islands westof her ened over sending bright orange lava down the side of the mountain. eruptions have been going on for ten weeks and the flows have damaged or destroyed nearly 2700 buildings forcing thousands to evacuate. canada is tapping into strategic reserves to ease shortage of maple syrup. the group says it is releasing
5:45 am
roughly 50 million pounds, nearly half of the stock pile. quebec produces nearly three quarters of the supply. the strategic reserve was created to keep it in stock during bad harvest season or when demand spikes. both are happening at the moment. happening this moment, a check of our forecast for this new week. we are back at it. we are looking at a chilly start. it's going to be a beautiful day. we are going to see sunshine, warm temperatures. yesterday in some spots we did break record highs for the day. it's been an unseasonably warm few days and that will continue as we look to our afternoon. we are looking at our sales force tower camera north of trans america pyramid. it's a chilly start in the 40s and 50s. oakland 52, 42 livermore, san francisco 56, 44 san jose, 43 santa rosa. we are dealing with patchy dense fog down to a half mile
5:46 am
in santa rosa. sunrise at 7:02 and sun set at 4:52 this afternoon. a chilly start, patchy dense fog and otherwise clear skies. as we head through today, plenty sunshine. enjoy it. we are looking at warm temperatures ahead, well above average for this time of year. it's because of this strong ridge of high pressure in control blocking weather systems from coming our way and storm track well to the north. pacific northwest, they have been getting storm after storm. for us we are looking at quiet conditions. you see all the sunshine as we take you hour by hour on futurecastment daytime highs along the coast, mid to upper 60s, 73 santa clara and san jose and also in morgan hill, inland east bay upper 60s, low 70s for the tri valley. around the bay 68 in san francisco, 66 daly city, low 70s for east bay shoreline, 70
5:47 am
alameda, 70 oakland, and highs in north bay in the low 70s with that sunshine. seven-day forecast san francisco, oakland, san jose, you see not a lot of change so it is similar through the rest of the work week though cooler looking to our weekend. inland east bay, north bay, coast, we are looking at temperatures maybe slightly warmer for the middle part of the week. you see all the sunshine through the work week and we are looking at cooler temperatures as we look ahead to our weekend. cooler with those clouds. time for bay area bright spots, check out the awesome holiday lights in south san jose's oakland grove neighborhood. the photos come from andre moreau, the whole display, lights, frosty the snowman. we are on the look out for bay area bright spots.
5:48 am
e-mail your pictures to or tag bay area bright spots on social media and you may see your picture on tv. how are the roads shaping up? we are seeing more lights and unfortunately not the good kind when it comes to super commuters. traffic is slowing for super commuters west on 580. it will take more than 45 minutes to travel from highway 205 in tracy to dublin and west bound highway 80, 15 minutes from highway 4 to the macarthur maze. bay bridge toll plaza, seeing a few more cars and they turned on the metering lights, eight minute drive from the maze into san francisco. the san mateo bridge, more traffic west bound, a 12 minute drive from highway 880 to 101 in foster city. a check on other bay area bridges, traffic in the green on the approach to the golden
5:49 am
gate and richmond san rafael, around six minutes to travel from the toll plaza to highway 101. time for a look at the entertainment headlines. new film adventures in christmasing stars kim fields playing a talk show host who gets thrown into a reality show with a handsome survivalist. she's starring and fielded executive producer and cowrote and it debuts today on vh1. 22-ton steve must take on reigning monster champion but steve is a reluctant wrestler who loves dancing more than getting into the ring. streams december 15 exclusively on paramount plus. the life of the late amy wine house is on display in london. amy beyond the stage chronicals her life from school days to stardom. it features the mid century
5:50 am
jukebox, guitars, handwritten lyrics. it is on display at london's design museum. tony bennet left his heart on stage after a final concert with lady gaga. >> it came from new york city's radio city music hall. >> ♪ taheart and time and rhyme to make a poem sing. >> a special one last time, evening with tony bennet and lady gaga honored bennet's musical legacy and friendship with lady gaga. he performed fly me to the moon and stepping out with my baby. the show was bennet's last concert appearance. 5:50 is the time now. >> next on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, if you thought you were in the christmas spirit, this family may just have you beat. today on the drew barrymore show, jane lovie and a viral
5:51 am
tiktok grandma stops for a chat. that's today at 2:00 on kpix5. food for bay area families drive is on. to donate your want more from your vitamins? at nature's bounty, we give you more. more immune support. with the only vitamin c that lasts 24 hours. more restful sleep. with the first-ever triple action sleep supplement. we put more of our brains into helping your heart. we give you more wellness solutions backed by rigorous science than we ever have before. nature's bounty gives you more, so you can live bountifully.
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or if allergic to it. stop rybelsus® and get medical help right away if you get a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, or an allergic reaction. serious side effects may include pancreatitis. tell your provider about vision problems or changes. taking rybelsus® with a sulfonylurea or insulin increases low blood sugar risk. side effects like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea may lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. wake up to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ please don't take my sunshine away ♪ you may pay as little as $10 per prescription. ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. good monday morning. hopefully you had a wonderful thanksgiving weekend. we are starting with chilly
5:54 am
conditions, patchy dense fog. grab your jacket if you are heading out the door first thing. it's going to be a gorgeous day with plenty sunshine, warm daytime highs similar to yesterday. around the bay we will see upper 60s to about 70. inland, upper 60s to low 70s with that sun. it is because of this strong ridge of high pressure. this will be dominant weather feature not just today but through the rest of the week. i will have the seven-day forecast and what you can expect coming up in a few minutes. update on a not so wildly coyote that had to be rescued from chilly bay waters. firefighters used jet skis and a lasso. he was quickly ushered to a deluxe suite at animal care and control where workers bundled him in blankets and warmed him with a heater. the animal control officer gave phoenix a ride back to his habitat for release as good as
5:55 am
new. with thanksgiving over it's time to get into the christmas spirit. one family is going all out again this year. >> the chandler family decks not only the halls but every nook and cranny of their home. they have 40 categorized bins separated by theme and location in the house. in total they have 115 trees and counting adding at least one new tree with a new theme each year. >> we have teddy bears and white house tree which are ornaments from white house which helps historical society. we have a princess tree. we have a disney tree that has all the ornaments collected on our trips. >> that's a lot. the first thing the family puts up is the tallest tree and the last thing is the christmas village. i am thinking about how hard it is to clean that house. >> probably takes the whole month of january to take it down. i love it though. i am all about the christmas spirit.
5:56 am
>> have you put yours up? >> i have not. i am all about the spirit but i don't like the process of cleaning it up and putting it away. >> it's part of it. >> it's a process. >> we just got our christmas tree and since it's our first california christmas in a long time, we got a palm tree for our christmas tree. i don't know what i think about it yet. >> i am trying to envision this. if you need helping yours up, i will help. >> it is all up, so we are ready to roll. the chaos at the bay bridge toll plaza after a tow truck starts going the wrong way. a new covid variant prompting new u.s. flight restrictions. latest on the strain and how it could impact your international travel. smash and grabs in the bay area, overnight a shoe boutique is hit. we'll tell you the details.
5:57 am
a live look outside before break from our mark hopkins camera. it is about 5:57 on this monday. we'll see you righ after this there's a glitch in the matrix... and denny's is delivering for free! get special glitch-y, freebies at but free delivery won't last long. ♪ ♪ see you at (phone rings) wow, no braces, everything's hands free. i wasn't so lucky. invis is not your parent's braces. invis is faster than braces and the clear aligner brand most trusted by doctors. invisalign.
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another south bay business hit by this recent up tick in smash and grabs. we'll tell you what we know coming up in the next few minutes. variant creeping across other countries. how the biden administration plans to respond. new cases of the omicron variant overseas and restrictions also taking place across the globe. dramatic scene at the bay bridge toll plaza after a tow truck drives the wrong way. good morning. itmonday november 29. i am len kiese. >> i am amanda starrantino. we will start with a look at our weather with mary lee. welcome back. hope you had a nice thanksgiving. thank


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