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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  November 29, 2021 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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live from the cvs bay area studios, this is kpix news. this is a cause of concern, not a cause were benefit
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the cdc just strengthen his booster shot recommendation. as the new variant spreads, what we know so far about omicron. i join all local vendors in decrying the recent spate of gun violence in our city. the unacceptable and tragic loss of life. >> oaklands mayor speaks out on a spike in crime. her message after another deadly shooting. and twitter's ceo steps down. with the changing of the guard will mean to the bay area company. that afternoon. i'm kenny choi. making news at 3:00 on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs n bay area. the cdc recommending all adults get their booster shot as concerns grow over the omicron variant. president biden says his top health officials are coordinating with the south african scientists to learn how dangerous it might be. >> the things that we don't know right now is whether the people who get infected have a severe form of the disease or whether it is a like disease or somewhat the same as delta.
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today's the first day of travel restrictions keeping non- us citizens from entering the country from u.s. from africa. the variant has spread well beyond southern africa reaching out to at least 14 countries including canada. president biden says his team is working with pfizer, moderna and johnson & johnson to develop contingency plans four vaccines are boosters focused on "omicron if needed. officials say now is the time to get vaccinated or boosted. any new covid variant sounds alarming but what is it that makes omicron more worrisome than others that we have seen? cbs reporter, naomi ruchim takes a closer look. >> reporter: as more countries report cases of the new coronavirus variant, omicron, there are concerns about whether it is more contagious and purulent than the delta variant. >> this has mutated like crazy.
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there is at least 30 mutations in the spike protein. this is way more than any other variant. >> reporter: those mutations could make it is your four the virus to infect the cells. dr. robert murphy is an infectious disease specialist at northwestern medicine. >> if you look at the data it does look like it is most likely transmitting easier than delta. we don't know if it is really any worse as far as disease progression. or death or hospitalization. so it may be very similar to what we saw with delta but all of this really has to play out and it is going to take us relatively at least 1 to 2 weeks. >> reporter: another concern, how effective current vaccines will be against the new variant which is now being studied. >> it is most likely the current vaccines to offer some kind of protection. >> reporter: how many more of these variants could there be
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in our future? >> it will be a milus until everybody is vaccinated., experts agree a worldwide vaccination effort is critical to stop the pandemic because the longer it goes on the more likely the virus can mutate. naomi ruchim, cbs news, new york. new at 3:00, oakland mayor libby schaaf is speaking out against the gun violence in the city as the city is increasing officer patrols. >> we in oakland believe in a comprehensive and effective approach to ending gun violence. and while we are not backing down whatsoever, in our historic investments, in prevention, as well as a nonpolice response option, called macro, we must address police staffing shortages and that is what we will do. one of the latest incidents was a shooting in connection with a car burglary. a suspect shot and killed a person on grant avenue near lake merritt yesterday afternoon. officers are searching for that suspect.
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crime stoppers and police are offering a $10,000 reward leading to an arrest. the increase in violent crime across oakland includes the fatal shooting of security guard and former bay area police officer kevin na sheeter who died on saturday morning a few days after being shot by an armed robber whose tried stealing camera gear from a news crew. he also worked regularly with our news crews and a fund has been set up with our local bank to help the family. if you like to contribute, you can find details on our website, another business has been hit in the recent uptick in retail crime . kpix 5's jocelyn moran report from fix kicks in santa clara. >> reporter: this is not the first time they have been hit. this is the second time recently and take a look . you can see the front doors have been boarded up with a sign that says they are closed temporarily and to the right, you can still see some of that damage. before these doors were boarded
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up, take a look at this video shot earlier this morning. you can see the front door is completely smashed in. we are waiting on more details from the santa clara police department but they did acknowledge the previous hit. they work we hear reports that 25 to 35 people broke in and stole items. that has not been confirmed with the pd in santa clara yet. you can see the shoes they sell, jordans, somewhere upwards of $1000. the smash and grabs have been happening throughout the bay area including several in the south bay. council member anthony becker says this is ringing up concern when it comes to the community. >> shock, discussed, major concern about the safety of my community as a leader of this city. i'm going to do everything in my power to work with the police department and my staff as well as other cities, too because we are all in this together and we are all
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combating the same crime. >> reporter: we are waiting on a press release from the santa clara police department regarding details. we will bring that to you as soon as we get that on reporting from santa clara, justine moran, kpix 5. three suspects in the flash mob style robbery of the walnut creek nordstrom are set to be arraigned this afternoon on felony charges of conspiracy, burglary, robbery and organized retail theft. investigators say they were among about 90 people who stormed the store last weekend stealing tens of thousands of dollars in merchandise. san jose police are investigating a crash that killed a bicyclist around 10:00 a.m. on baskin avenue near the 880 on and offramp. the driver is cooperating with the investigation and did not show obvious signs of impairment. now at 3:00, twitter has a new ceo, after jack dorsey announced he is stepping down. dorsey made the announcement in an email statement shared on social media. dorsey cofounded twitter in 2006. he will remain on the board of
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directors until next year. this is the second of his second and 2008 twit seing asief and began his second stint leading the company in 2015. dorsey did not say what is next four him but his statement reads in part, "i have decided to re-leave twitter because the company is ready to move on from its founders. there is a lot of talk about the importance of being a company being founder lead and ultimately i believe that is severely limiting and a single point of failure. i believe it is critical that a company can stand on its own, free of its founders' influence or direction. in a lot of ways, you see reaction across the internet saying publicly the right move. because it is no longer just about building twitter and coming up with community and all of this really nice stuff. there are very tough questions facing this company and in a lot of ways, this offers twitter an opportunity to have a reset and even though the
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current ceo now has been with the company four a number of years, it is still an opportunity to say let's take things in a slightly different direction. let's see. maybe we want to do things this way instead and see if it works. >>'s twitter's stocks surged by more than 11% but ended the day more than 2 1/2% down. elizabeth holmes is back on the witness stand today in the thorough's fraud trial. kpix's len ramirez is following the story. >> reporter: the first day on the witness stand, elizabeth holmes has been asked her own questions from attorneys covering the key areas brought up by prosecution. at one point, she was asked if she ever told anyone that there were knows devices were being used in medical evacuation or medevac halter helicopters by
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the military to which she replied, "i don't think so." she tried to distance herself from whistleblower complaints by saying she was not in charge of that side of the business. defense lawyers are expected to wrap up their direct examination and prosecutors will have a chance to cross- examine her. during cross-examination, the questions will be tougher and prosecutors will try to pin her down on some of the key aspects of the fraud case against her. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. two other high profile trials playing out in new york city. opening arguments in the trafficking trial of ghislane maxwell. the trial focuses on allegations by underaged girls in 1994 to 2004. the indictment charges that maxwell helped jeffrey eckstein recruit and groom victims as young as 14. she is accused of taking the victims to movies or shopping. the indictment says her presence during victims interactions with epstein helped put the victims that he is because an adult woman was
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present. the trial is expected to last six weeks. maxwell has denied all charges and has pleaded not guilty. if convicted she could spend the rest of her life in prison. in chicago, jury selection began in the trial of actor jesse smell -- jussie smollett. he is accused of staging his own homophobic attack in 2019. two men admitted to have taken part in the attack say jussie smollett plan the entire thing and paid them to do it. the trial is expected to last week. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs and bay area, the port of oakland says is ready former cargo as other ports see big backups. what is keeping ships away? plus how the president says he is working with businesses to make sure's shelves are stocked from the holidays. you probably noticed it is starting to look hazy out there in the sky. we will talk about air quality. i will show you the actual
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readings and we will talk more about how long we stay sunny and near 70 like this. coming up. a reminder as we get into the holiday season, you can help neighbors in need by donating time or money in our few food four bay area families
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new at 3:00, the port of oakland says it's all 20% less in total cargo last month because of declining vessel traffic. the port says at 43% fewer ships stopping there last month compared to october of 2020, some carriers diverted ships directly to asia because of the big delays at southern california ports. so what does this mean poor consumers in businesses here? more of that coming up at 5:00. americans are expected to spend more than $11 billion this cyber monday. today, president biden met with top business leaders to discuss ways to ease supply chain backups and rising prices. skyler henry reports from capitol hill. >> reporter: the president convened a roundtable of top retail executives at the white house as his administration tackles a major slowdown in the delivery of goods and supplies coupled with inflation. >> consumer spending has
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doubled to where it was headed before the pandemic. last note month he laid out several steps to address the backlog including expanded work hours at several ports and warehouses and billions of dollars report upgrades. >> we have seen progress in that effort with a number of containers sitting on docs from more than many days down to 40%.'s our supply chain is strong and robust and we have ample product inside our stores. >> reporter: the white house and congressional democrats to the build back better at lower inflation but republicans who oppose the bill disagree. >> i knew this was a backbreaking bill from the country. with the kind of expenses, the spending, the adding to the deck, the inflation. >> the presidents democratic agenda is going to lower costs four people across the country. the contrast is what we see from the other side which is
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not a lot of ideas in the cupboard. democrats want to get the social spending measured to the president's desk by christmas. skyler henry, kpix 5. if you're shopping this holiday season, now is the time to come up with a plan to avoid ports pirates. an estimated $63 billion in packages will be delivered this season. a new cnet survey shows 124 million americans leave those packages unattended from at least three hours in about one third of people don't have a plan to keep their gifts safe from thieves. it is time to check our forecast how are things looking out there? >> hazy. >> hazy? >> it is nice and that's part of the trade-off. if it stays sunny and nice four days on end, you start to accumulate a bit of hayes because the pattern in the atmosphere that has allowed us to do this, a big center of
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high pressure, warming us up, puts a cap on the atmosphere and doesn't allow anything to escape. that's what it looks like from the top of salesforce tower. not the prettiest thing. you will notice this. you will be able to see in the did in the distance. in terms of the readings, it is moderate so it is not terrible. moderate air quality, no air quality advisory from this. we are not under a spare the air alert but the air quality has gone downhill and it will stay this way most certainly as we are in this pattern. we will be in this pattern for a while. that is unique to see. the marine layer suites squeezing through the bolding great gate. it is gray with a little fog. we haven't seen that in a while. we are kind of out of the season so it's nice to see that come back. the current numbers have us at 66 in san francisco. we have gotten up to 67 from the high. a lot of low 70s today and more low 70s tomorrow. as we get into tomorrow morning, we are probably going to see a little bit of fog. we did this morning and we will do it again tomorrow. watch futurecast, a few clouds overhead, not that big an
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influence but i will stop it at 7:00 tomorrow morning. fog feels in the central valley but here at home, in the south bay, settle but mid-level clouds and in the north bay likely to have fog tomorrow. a little extra time on the road tomorrow morning, doesn't look like it will be a widespread dense fog advisory kind of day but certainly where you can hit some patches to cause you to slow down on the road. when it is gone, by 10:00 tomorrow morning, we do this same exact day all over again. back in the sunshine with daytime highs climbing into the low 70s, pretty much bay area wide and as we look in the pacific i'm a to see what's going on with the storm track, it still wants nothing to do with us. it has taken all the rain well to the north and we will watch the accumulated rainfall between now and friday, december 10th. nothing. now, the models go back and forth. by the time we get to the end of this next week there is a system that might tried to throw a few showers on the sierra and eastern california. it does not look likely further
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bay area. that is the seven-day forecast. mid 70s four san jose. we cool into the mid and upper 60s four daytime haifa the south bay and same story from those warm north bay valleys in the low to mid 70s.we wl geyo re astic changes, certainly not all that noticeable. coming up tonight at 7:00, it could be a game changer for a national security search and rescue or fighting california wildfires. >> do you think we will see a perpetually flying drone in the sky in your lifetime? >> by the end of this year, you will. >> the bay area startup hoping to achieve that lofty goal using an energy-saving trick that has been around forever. that is tonight at 7:00 here on kpix 5. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs and bay area, the white house all decked out fur the holidays. the first lady unveils the
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theme and the info inspiration behind it. streaming on cbs n bay area, we will hear from the vikings at 4:15 and at 4:25 we will ask a doctor how often we need to get a covid-19 booster. we will find this on the kpix app and also on the cbs n news
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♪ >> today a band helped first lady, jill biden unveil this year's white house holiday decor theme, gifts from the heart. her offices it was inspired in part by the challenges of the pandemic. the display includes 41 christmas trees, about 6000 feet of ribbon, 300 candles, more than 10,000 ornaments and nearly 79,000 holiday lights. we will say that it looks spectacular. many of you are putting up holiday lights these days. we want to see them of course. email your pictures and videos to bay area bright spots at or tag us on social media using #kpix bright spots. many fans felt it was as if tony bennett had never left the stage. one of the 95-year-old's final
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two shows in august air right here on cbs last night. bennett a long time lady gaga singing the classics. >> ♪ fly me to the moon ♪ fill my heart with song ♪ let me sing four one more ♪ >> that was impressive. the spread special was a tribute to bennett's 70 year career and a celebration of his 95th birthday. the performances took place six months after bennett's family revealed he had alzheimer's disease. >> hey, tony! >> oh! lady gaga! >> that's the first time tony said my name in a long time. >> in all the weeks leading up to it he had not said your name?
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>> i had to keep it together because we had a sold-out show and i had a job to do. but i will tell you when i walked out on that stage and he said it's lady gaga, my friend saw me. >> tony bennett and lady gaga are up 46 grammy awards fur their album of cole porter duets, "love for-sale." let's take a look outside. darren is back with a final check of our full week forecast coming up next. we will answer your questions tonight. what you need
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look at the camera from the top looking down at the golden gate bridge. a little bit of a marine layer creeping and under the bridge and sometimes on the roadway. it has the whole tollbooth grade over. the rest of the drive you will be looking at center. the 7-day forecast, plenty of sunshine and daytime highs that cooldown a little but not a lot. we are going to stay in the mid 70s during the day and mid 60s by next weekend. sounds great, darren. coming up at 5:00, a closer look at the recent spike in
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crime in oakland and what the city and police say they plan to do to keep people safe. that is at 404 kpix 5 at 3:00. the cbs evening news is streaming next. captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, what we know and don't know about the new coronavirus variant ohm crob, as america braces for its first case of the covid strain. tonight, a cbs news exclusive. we go inside one of the labs where omicron was discovered by south african scientists. what we're learning, is it more deadly and will we know if our vaccines protect against the variant? plus the breaking new c.d.c. strengthens recommendations for the booster shot. what you should know. president biden urges calm. >> this variant is a cause for concern, not a cause for panic. >> o'donnell: what he's saying tonight about the possibility of new lockdowns. breaking news, tiger woods in an interview tonight revealing if he'll ever play professionl
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