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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  November 30, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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vaccines are against the new variant. >> and the touching memory of the security guard killed while protecting the news crew in oakland. and enough is enough. of governor has ordered chp to add extra protection at major malls. the details coming up. good morning. it's tuesday, november 30th. >> we are going to start with a look outside with mary lee. we have so much sun and we are going into december. >> it'll last in 209 start of the month of december. get ready for more sun, warm temperatures, well above average for this time of year. not feeling like the season with the daytime highs above average. we are looking at 40's and 50's with mainly clear skies and patchy dense fog for parts of the north bay and along the coast. you man i have noticed haze out there. we have that ridge of high pressure acting like a lid trapping the pollution. it looks a little worse than it is. we are looking at moderate air
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quality for today. that will continue through the week. we are talking 60's and 70's this afternoon with that sun later on today. upper 6o's to low 70's. 7 # for the south bay. 69 for the napa valley. it is an easy commute. the fog advisory has been lifted. things should get better as the morning progresses. 19 minute drive from 37 in to the city. the san mateo bridge and the other bridge's light commute. 11 minute drive. let's take a look at our pass map. traffic getting heavier there. a three vehicle crash in tracy on i-5 southbound onto 205
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blocking three lanes. after that is an easy 28 minute commute from 205 to 680 into the city. ? new, the head of moderna said vaccines are unlikely to be as effective against the new variant as they have been with the delta. during the interview with the financial times the ceo said effectiveness will drop but until there is more information on the new strain there is no telling how severe the top will be. as researchers work to learn more about the variant marin is adding more vaccination sites for young people. >> justin alive this morning at one of them opening today. justin. >> yeah. good morning. studies being done to better understand how the vaccine will stand up against the new variant. we know vaccination sites are opening in san rafael. we are seeing more and more families making sure their children are getting the
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vaccine. health leaders want to keep the momentum going. some say this new variant only confirmed they made the right call. pfizer is expected to seek authorization for its booster shot for people 16 and 17 as health leaders sending a new push urging people to get the vaccine and the booster. >> sounds like it can be pretty bad. i mean it hasn't been around long enough for them to know about it. if you want things to get back to normal you have to get vaccinated. >> the president addressed the nation yesterday saying that omicron is a cause for concern, not a cause for panic. we are live in san rafael. >> thank you. the governor has ordered the california highway patrol to help protect malls against smash and grab robberies. >> we are live in the newsroom
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with more details on this. >> we have seen the retail robberies happen from san francisco, to walnut creek, palo alto and an jose. now the governor has ordered the highway patrol to increase patrols on freeway corridors near major malls and make stops at the shopping centers and chp has promised to help investigate retail robberies to put thieves behind bars. the robberies impacting residents throughout the bay area. some who shop are paying attention to where they go. others are fed up with this type of behavior. >> we try not to go to san francisco anymore. it doesn't make sense to go there. >> it's ridiculous that people are doing that and that people are kind of scared to get out of their homes to shop for the holidays. i feel like it's ridiculous. >> the chp organized retail crime task force will be involved helping law enforcement investigate the
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retail robbery since 2019. this task force has made 240 arrests and recovered nearly $19 million in stolen goods. >> task force more important than ever. this morning for the first time we are hearing the family of the security guard and former police sergeant killed while protecting a local news crew. his only daughter described him as brave and selfless on and off the job. his co workers called him tu are, bo because of his speed and work ethic. she said he was an armed guard after retirement and the police force because he loved the work. >> i know that he will want us to keep temperature telling funny stories. i know he doesn't want us to be sad. >> she said moments after he was shot the responding officer at the scene was someone he knew and that he recognized the voice and was able to call out to him while he was rushed to
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the hospital in the back of a police car. you can watch more of the interview on the website. you will also find a link for a trust fund for the family. one of three suspects arrested after a mob style robbery at the walnut creek nordstrom has gone before a job. he has pleaded not guilty. prosecutors say that he was found with more than $2,000 worth of nordstrom items in his car on november 20thst the judge denied him bail. police are warning about a scam targeting seniors. twice over the holiday weekend elderly women walking near mosaic park were approached by people who pulled up in suv's, struck up a conversation and used a hand technique to steal their jewelry. and similar incidents were reported in other cities. people are urged not to wear expensive jewelry or watches. a crash that killed a
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bicyclist. this happened around 10:00 a.m. near the # 880 on and off ramp. the driver is cooperating the investigation and did not show obvious signs of impairment. happening today the mayor of antioch is expected to present an emergency housing plan for the unhoused community. officials say the proposal is part of an effort to prevent death as be long the train corridor. the mayor will lead a tour of the unhoused camp that has formed along the train corridor this morning. is he expected to lay out plans for when the illegally camming along the corridor will be relocated. still ahead,. >> a major milestone for sfo. first nonstop service coming to the airport. and the bay area drone start up with a lofty goal that could one day change the world. we are starting off the day with mainly clear skies, patchy fog, patchy drizzle in spots
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with a lofty goal. keep a drone in the skies forever. >> their success could change the world as kit shows us they hope toa chief it by borrowing energy saving tricks that have been around forever. >> we are heading up to emoryville to check out a start up where they are making lofty claims about a drone that could soon stay in the sky forever? how do we know that is just not science fiction talk? >> with very the engineers, we have the science and we do know what we are doing. >> tony stark? eat your heart out. drones in this size and weight can fly for about five hours but this is no ordinary drone. the team has been increasing flight times and now they are up to 26 hours. >> do you think that we will see a forever flying drone in
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the sky in your lifetime? >> by the end of it this year you will. by 2022 you will. >> the co founder gives us a tour of the bay area headquarters. the office is part manufacturing floor. this is called the k1000. >> parts r and d. >> it's very especially designed to be rigid and weigh almost nothing. >> with a good dose of mad scientist and maker lab thrown in. >> this is like my own child. >> how do they do it? first the drones are big but light. 16 feet across but only weigh about 30 pounds. since there is no landing gear the drones launch from the vehicle and they land on these cheap 3d printed skids, yes, skids that come to a scraping stop. solar panels recharge the batteries but the secret sauce is in the ai. on board sensors scan for
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thermals and shuts off the power to the blades which folds back to reduce drag. the auto pilot then glides it around. >> we looked at birds. birds that fly long distance. they aren't always flapping win we are always monitoring conditions, and feeding that back in. >> flying for days or weeks at a time means they can one day conduct long term surveillance or search and rescue. establish radio or cell phone towers in the sky, even conduct climate change research and perhaps most urgently monitor wildfires in realtime 24 hours a day. >> for assets that are flying nonstop, on their own most cost effectively and efficientlyly can change disaster management. >> it seems like an audacious
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thing to say that drones flying robots will change the world. >> it's a contribution. all of us are drops in thea seven that contribute to changing the world. >> that's incredible stuff there. there is a new service launching sfo to vietnam. the airport was lit up in tale and gold last night. it was to remember the first nonstop service to vietnam. the airline will offer two flights a week to start but plans to increase that number. >> culture and connect business. we see this as a opportunity. people traveling the research we have done. >> the new service is 24 years in the making. city leaders stay the new route will increase business opportunities, academic exchanges and promote tourists to and from vietnam. an air canada flight made an energy landing it. was leaving san diego but made
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the landing in la after reporting there was a fuel leak. according to crews the engine eventually shut down and as the plane landed blew two tires. fortunately nobody was hurt during the landing. we have learned the dmv is warning its offices to be aware of electric cars during driving tests this after a gilroy teen failed his test while driving a tesla. >> right off the bat warns me that the car was on its own like at a stopsign and she said that happened twice before we left the parking lot. >> they have regenerative braking meaning the car slows when you take your foot off the accelerator. the instructor failed the driver since he didn't folly move his foot to the brake. the dmv has changed the teenager's score to passing and has told employee that the braking cannot be scored as an error. some people in the east bay felt a jolt. there was a 2.5 quake last
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night. it was near the sunset view cemetery. it hit at 7:30 followed by another just a few minutes later. 5:16 is the time. let's turnover to mary lie with what we can expect outside. >> we are looking at a chilly start to the day. 40's and 50's. grab the jacket as you head out the door. as we look ahead to the afternoon sunshine and warm above average daytime highs. very similar to yesterday. here is a live look with our san francisco mark hopkins hotel cam a. you can see clear skies and see if you look closely a bit of that patchy dense fog. with relooking at temperatures in the 40's and 50's and santa rosa you are now down to 39 degrees. a cold start for you with that fog looking at 45 in concord, low 50's in oakland, san francisco, low 40's in livermore and down to 44 in san jose with the clear skies this morning. checking visibility looking at
5:17 am
near zero. dense fog for you, also for half moon bay near zero. sfo a quarter mile this morning and about a mile for santa rosa as we start off the day. today's forecast, a chilly start, patchy dense fog. plenty of sun though as we head through the afternoon and again looking at those daytime highs on the rise warm and above average. as we look to the air quality you may have noticed yesterday a bit of haze in the skies. that will be the case today and all the way through the workweek with that strong ridge of high pressure acting like a lid trapping the pollution at the surface. it looks worse than it is because we are looking at moderate air quality for the air we breathe at the surface. we have that ridge of high pressure in control. calm weather as we look to the next several days. that watt pattern locked down fors and in control over the next several days. we go hour by hour on future cast you can see all of that sun this afternoon. daytime highs for the coast. mid to upper 60's. for the peninsula, low 70's.
5:18 am
73 for san jose. inland east bay. low 70e as well as for the tri valley. as we look to around the bay a warm 68 in san francisco, looking at upper 60's, low 70's for the east bayshore line, oakland, and highs in the low 70's for the north bay. as we look to the seven day forecast, you can see not a lot of change. temperatures slightly warmer for tomorrow. san francisco, oakland and san jose. temperatures slightly cooler through the rest of our workweek for the inland east bay. a bump in the temperatures for the north bay and cooler as we look to saturday and sunday. how is that morning commute? >> things looking very good in the south bay. an eight minute drive
5:19 am
everything in the green as you can see moving up it the east bay, walnut creek to oakland only a ten minute drive castro valley to the maze. 18 minutes and the maze to san lea in, dro a 12 minute drive. bay bridge in the green. metering lights still off. smooth ride there. seven minute drive from the maze and san francisco. golden gate bridge looking clear. 19 minutes going southbound, the san mat oh, bridge the light commutes, 12 minute drive and checking out main travel times, everything again in the green. even the pass at this hour. good news and 1401 northbound. 36 minutes. it's travel tuesday and this week the best travel tech items. our traffic specialist brings us the details from i-5. >> before you hit the highway there travel season, make sure you have everything that you need to stay safe and sane on
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the roadways. jennifer, a tech and travel contributor said the most important thing is to make sure you are charged up. >> i would never go anywhere without a little extra power for this i love the athena power bank and jump starter. this little kit here can start your engine, charge your items and light the way all in this one compact device. >> and don't forget the apps. there's app stiff you get out of traffic tie ups, find the best fuel prices and clean bathrooms. >> the gas buddy app lets you track the least expensive station on route. and most important thing? >> try this think through all of the small things. it really pays to have extra marks and carry as much hand gel as you can and don't forget to be patient. traffic is really ramping up. >> and don't forget to pack something for the kids to do
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and plenty of snacks while are you out and ability traveling. anyone want a snack? >> i do. >> i do. >> traveling on i-5. kpix5. >> kids always want to snack. alarming new study of california's snow pack. the sierra snow pack could disappear in just 25 years. lawrence berkeley, national lab researchers say as the climate continues to warm more of the snow will be repraised by rain there. will leave the state without the important spring and summer melt off that fills rivers, streams and reservoirs. they say it would also be devastating for ski resorts and other businesses. a live look at union square where the second canned saint luis now lit on the. >> last night there were a thousand people in the square.
5:22 am
we had a concert here it. was totally a miracle so to speak to have that feeling of everybody coming together in a safe outdoor to celebrate. >> and some of you have been sharing your photographs with us. this is from the first night. major tom the cat put his stamp ofo approval and bob shared his photograph on baker beach. >> i like that. tickets go on sale next week for the bottle rock music festival. the concerts set for memorial day weekend next year. people with nap action county zip codes get first crack followed by wider sales on tuesday. a ticket for the three day festival costs $369. it's 5:22. still ahead,. >> safari west wants your help. your chance to name this giraffe.
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may lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. wake up to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ please don't take my sunshine away ♪ you may pay as little as $10 per prescription. ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. check out the fog rolling in across the bay bridge. it is a chilly start to our day with patchy dense fog. we are talking 30's, 40's and
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50's this morning so a chilly start. another day where you may want to bring that lunch outside and enjoy the sun. we are looking at temperatures at noon into the 60's from the coast, the bay and also inland. a light authoritierly wind and just five miles an hour. as we look to the east bay, oakland at noon. 64 degrees with that sun and just a light north northwesterly wind and for the south bay for new san jose, warming up to the mid-60s's by noon for your lunchtime forecast with plenty of sun. that seven day forecast coming up. safari west has a challenge for you this morning. >> name that giraffe. the parents welcomed their 117- pound bundle of legs last month. staffers came up with six possible names for him. >> there is a pattern.
5:27 am
the bay area themed choices buster, curry, jimmy g and maddie. >> you can vote on the website through today. you only have a little bit of time. >> a lot of good options. their 117-pound bundle of legs. >> yes. >> all legs. >> can't wait so see what his name is. the next half hour,. >> it is back to court today for the elizabeth holmes fraud trial. the testimony from the founder leaving her in tears on the stand. and the reaction from the stock market after a change of
5:28 am
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my nunormal? fewer asthma attacks with nucala. a once-monthly add-on injection for severe eosinophilic asthma. nucala reduces eosinophils, a key cause of severe asthma. nucala is not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your doctor about nucala. find your nunormal with nucala. these organized retail
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robberies prompting more protection at major mall across the state. what we know in a few minutes. as this new variant spreads, more vaccine sites are opening. i'm live temperaturing you where. and the bombshell accusations from elizabeth holmes against her former business partner in a fraud trial. and the preparation for a big vote this week in our nation's capitol on the january riot. good morning to you. we are going to start with a check on the weather with mary lee and seeing a lot of fog. >> watching that fog roll in and dense fog in spots. want to get to the visibility as we start off the day. check it out. now down to near zero at sfo and for half moon bay. down to about a quarter mile this morning and a half mile in santa rosa. we are looking at that fog rolling in. you can see how foggy it is as we start off the day. we are down to the 30's in
5:31 am
santa rosa with that fog looking at 40's and 50's for the rest of the bay area. it is a chilly start to the day. now you may have noticed that haze yesterday. we are going to continue with a little bit of haze for today and actually through the week with that ridge of high pressure and that singing air trapping the pollution at the surface. ly say this. it looks worse than it is. we are going to see moderate air quality. with very no air quality advisories. no spare the area alerts but you may see a bit of that haze. temperatures through the 60's and 70's. well above average with plenty of sun as we head through the afternoon. mid-60s's around the coast. also inland this afternoon. we will talk more about that seven day forecast coming up. now let's check in with ann. it's getting foggy in some spots this morning. >> yes. that is going to cause slow spots as you head out for your tuesday morning commute. overall things looking good. everything running in the green right now. starting off at 880 northbound
5:32 am
and oakland, 13 minutes, from the east side of the bay. bay bridge in the green. metering rights off but it is a bit foggy across from the maze there to san francisco. the gladden gate bridge looking clear. a 19 minute drive going down southbound from state route 37. the omicron variant was cobb firmed a week earlier than known. >> it's not clear if those who tested positive and visited south africa. it comes amid a major new push by experts for vaccines. >> justin is live. >> we are standing at this site that will start vaccinating kids five to 12 later today this is all in the wake as you said of om ib ron as it continues spreading.
5:33 am
researchers really worldwide are working to learn more about the variant and studying how vaccines will stand against it. across the bay area more and more families making sure their children get the shot. the president addressed the nation saying that it is a cause for concern, not a cause for panic. we are learning pfizer is expected to seek authority station for its vaccine booster shot, for people ages 16 and 17. >> there is not a single intervention that will be sufficient to prevent transmission so you need to do ventilation, masks, vaccination, i don't think that we are going to make this virus go away. we need to learn to co exist with it and defang it. make it as mild as possible. >> this variant seems to be confirming what medical professionals have been suspecting, is that this virus
5:34 am
will not be going away. and supervisors are expected to vote on a measure to hire sheriff deputies as security guards. >> thissa maid i spike in organized retail robberies. we are live with how the governor is now taking action. >> this involves the california high bayh what toll organize retail crime task force helping law enforcement investigate retail rob rips and recover stolen items. this is in response to the up tick in retail robberies we have been seeing across the bay area from san francisco to walnut creek, palo alto and san jose. it its leaving many fearful as they go about their day. several bay area district attorneys have vowed to work together. and now there is increased patrols near major malls and make stops at shopping centers
5:35 am
but still shoppers concerned. >> we want real responsibility. we want people prosecuted and we want people to feel safe this holiday season. >> people can still rob without consequence. it's sad. they are going to keep doing it. >> since 2019 this task force we menged will be involved in this has made 240 arrests and recovered nearly $19 million in stolen goods. live in the newsroom. prosecutors in the elizabeth holmes fraud trial will get a chance to case exam her today this after testimony yesterday that prompted hadder to break down in tears on the stand in san jose. she described how she processed being raped at stanford by dedicating herself to building a business. she said her former business partner and live in boyfriend was controlling. she said she often bullied her and sometimes forced her into sex. she took notes which were shown to the jury.
5:36 am
>> it's compelling evidence and it goes to whether or not she could form the intent to defraud. >> holmes is accused of misleading investors, doctors and patients about an advanced blood testing technology that turned out hot no work. developing story out of california, detectives searched a landfall in search of a woman who went missing after attending a football game. her ex husband said she was in a mood. >> our 11-year-old boy needs to know what has happened to miss mom and that's why i'm making appeal to the press today to say we need some help. >> the ex-husband said i filing a missing person's report on october 20th after she failed to pick up her son from school. now to live pictures of
5:37 am
capitol hill where a committee investigating the january riot will hold an important vote tomorrow. members will decide whether to pursue contempt of congress charges against jeffrey clark for refacing to cooperate with a subpoena. is he a former justice department lawyer who supported president trump's claim that the 2020 election was a fraud. a facebook whistle blower is set to testify before the house tomorrow. this will be the second time. her appearance comes during a hearing on changing law that regulate social media companies. she will testify before a panel that is looking to hold big tech companies responsible. this comes weeks after she leaked documents showing facebook's problems including hate speech and misinformation. no big news in the tech world. jack dorsey is stepping down. he made at nounment on social
5:38 am
media. twitter's chief technology officer will take over as ceo. dorsey co founded at which time america 2006 and will stay on the board of directors until next year. >> in a lot of ways you see reaction across the enter neat saying probably the right move. because it is no longer just about building twitter and coming up with community and all of this really nice stuff. there are very tough questions facing this company. in a lot of ways this offers twitter the opportunity to have a reset. >> twitter stock surged by more than 11% at the first reports of the exit but ended down more than 2.5%. the feds are investigating if clogs in the spline chain are contributing to inflation. >> good morning. the new variant could have negative impacts on employment
5:39 am
and inflation. that's a warning jerome powell is expected to deliver to congress today. in a statement he said that new concerns could keep people from returning to the in person labor market. the fta is launch a new investigation into supply chain disruptions. they have asked major retailers to submit documents for review. as part of its investigation. the ftc will look at if supply chain issues are to blame for rising consumer prices. a growing fight over sports bras and leggings lands in court. lulu lemon is suing pelteon alleging they copied designs and sold knock offs. they filed a suit asking for a court to rule. they did not violate any patents. there is a new kind kind of fake christmas try.
5:40 am
what is going on with this? >> it's made out of card and is on display in new jersey. a local artist incorporated elements of the sea shore, the city and it's rich musical heritage. it is designed to be recycled after it's dismantled. some say it's beautiful while others are comparing to piles of amazon boxes. i struggle with this one. i they it looks cool but it definitely needs lights, tinsel. it's so drab. >> it needs a little spazz. sparkle. little more. >> sparkle. >> thank you. >> it's a holiday season. just needs sparkle. needs sparkle. >> it's 5:40. coming up on kpix5.
5:41 am
the accomplishment and celebration for swimming champion here in the golden state. and the bbb with a remainder that the top 12 scams at christmas to be on the look out for. good things to know. here is a live look at the south bay. downtown san jose and right now in san jose 44 degrees. we are looking at 40's, 50's, clear skies, and some patchy dense fog in santa rose a. are you down to 39 degrees. a cold start for you. we are look at that ridge of high pressure in control. we are talking sunshine, warm temperatures. we will talk about the air quality and the serve day forecast coming up.
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is the one you make. where there's love, there's family. ritz. a taste of welcome. happening today the postal service is looking for new workers in the south bay. a hiring event starts at 9:00 a.m. at the postal services san jose processing facility located on lu in, dy avenue a couple of blocks north of the golf course. one california swimmer is celebrating a mighty milestone as she turns 100 years old. >> she was greeted cake and a minata at the pool in glendale where she swims weekly. she is has won 14 world championships and has set 28 world records. that's not all. in 2018 she was put in to the international swimming hall of
5:45 am
fame and she only started swimming seriously at age 65. >> wow. >> look at her. >> motivation there. >> just chilling. no big deal. >> good for her. >> i want to be like mo. >> yes. >> trending. be like mo. hash tag. >> inspiring. >> yes. > foggy start. watchingthat dense fog roll in we have been watching it this morning and you can see how foggy it is. if your morning commute takes a cross the bay bridge you may want to give yourself extra time because of that fog this morning. i want to show you our temperatures. it's a chilly start. we are talking 30's, 40's and 50's. chillier compared to yesterday. 39 in santa rosa with the fog. mid-40s's in concord, low 40's in livermore. that fog and san jose at 44. let's check the visibility. we are looking at down to a quarter mile at sfo also for half moon bay.
5:46 am
a half mile for santa rosa this morning. the sunrise at 7:05 and the sunset this afternoon at 4:51. a chilly start. with very that patchy dense fog. plenty of sun as we go through the afternoon. similar to yesterday. we will see a lot of sun and th at will likely be the case again for today through the rest of the workweek with high pressure in control. that sinking air acting like a lid. we are looking at a bit of haze but the good news is our air quality in the moderate category. it looks worse than what it is. no advisories, no spare the area alerts for today. you may see a bit of that haze. that rim blocking any weather systems coming our way. plenty of sun through the day
5:47 am
today. highs in the 60's and 70's this afternoon. 65 in parka. 68 in san francisco, around the bay. 69 in oakland. upper 6o's to low 70's and inland. 7 # in the south bay and san jose. 71 for the tri valley and livermore and 69 for napa. san francisco, oakland and san few more ds, cooper for the weekend ahead. inland east bay looking at temperatures on little bit of cooldown through the workweek for the north bay bit of a bump in the temperatures for wednesday and then plenty of sun. cooler for the weekend ahead and along the coast, you can see that cooldown as well.
5:48 am
goating from the river bridge. i love this so much. we want to know and want to see your holiday photographs. we definitely want to see them. e-mail your pictures to bay area bright spots or tag us on social media using the hash tag bright shots and you may see your holiday lights on tv. let's check in with ann for a look at traffic and we have those foggy spots out there. >> yes. things getting slow for super commuters right now. let's start off at the pass. there is a three vehicle crash in the city of tracy that is on the i-5 southbound connector. it's not cautioning any terrible back up.
5:49 am
foggy across there nine minute from the maze into the city. golden gate looking clear and you can see the fog has cleared up there as well which is good news for the rest of the commute. checking our south bay travel times, right now everything in the green same in the east bay. hopefully we can keep it that way. back to you. new, jp morgan is predicting that oil will jump to $125 a barrel next year and 150 in 2023. that is more than double the current prize. roughly $73.50 a barrel. oil at $150 per barrel would likely mean national gas prices topping $5 a gallon. jp morgan is not saying oil would maintain those high prices consistently. the firm said it would average $88 a barrel next year over shooting to $125. it is giving tuesday and the need is huge this year for nonprofits and the families
5:50 am
they help. giving tuesday is the unofficial holiday every tuesday following thanksgiving. to participate you can do everything from donating food or money to volunteering to help out others in need and today get this. if you want to double the impact of your giving, the alameda county community food bank is matching donations up to 50 throw dollars. i spoke about how big of a difference today is for food banks and families. >> it has a huge impact in this -- being able to have the resources to provide meals in to the community. elm during the holidays. a lot of people are struggling to have meals that their family will enjoy. we are trying to really ensure that everybody has that access to the food resources they need and giving tuesday is a great opportunity to provide resources in a way that doubles the impact and really helps a lot of families. >> and this holiday season we are asking you to help our neighbors in need. find out how to donate your
5:51 am
time or money to a good cause go to the halls of the house have been decked for the holidays. the first lady shared off her display. a display of blue glass ice dripping down a holiday and archway made of presents and a tiny replica of the white house. the better business bureau is reminding people that scammers ramping up for the holiday season. they say criminals use e-mails and social media to facilitate most of the scams. social media is where people are the most at risk. they also warn people to avoid misleading ada, gift exchanges and apps. it's 5:51. next, and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> the bts army out in full force. the return of the kpop group to the united states state with their new tour. and today on the drew
5:52 am
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here is a live look at the bay bridge. it's backed up and you can see
5:55 am
all of that fog as well. a foggy start. 30's, who's and 50's. a chilly start and dealing that dense fog especially along the coast and around parts of the north bay. be careful on the roadways. we will see sun and warm temperature as head as we work through the afternoon. above average about five to ten degrees. mid-60s's at the coast. upper 60's around the bay and uner 60's to low 70's inland with plenty of sun. that seven day forecast in just a few minutes. time now for a look at the entertainment headlines. sandra bullock is looking for her sister in the unfoyer giveable. after serving time for a violent crime her character struggles to bore sessions ty. it streams december 10th. a decorated marine worker to -- working to save his sons in the thriller encounter after
5:56 am
an astr, oid hits earth he goes on the run sa them from an alien threat. it hits theaters friday. and bts returns to the stage with live performances for their permission to dance tour. crowded packed the stadium for their first in person concert in two years. they preform twice more this week. in our next half hour on kpix45 and streaming on cb sn a brother a mainor milestone. and retail robberies are leaving many residents fearful. we will tell you about local efforts to help combat shoplifting coming up. and more vaccine sites opening as this variant is spreading. the new push to get the shot coming up next. and let's give you this
5:57 am
shot right now. live look outside from our mark hopkins camera on this -- what day is it today? >> tuesday. >>
5:58 am
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right now, concerning new details from a major vaccine drug maker, the warning this morning when it comes to the variant. there's a new push to get the vaccine as this new variant is spreading. i'm live telling you where up next. i just know he doesn't want us to be sad. >> the only daughter of a security guard killed while protecting a news crew speaks to kpix5. and enough is enough. state and local leaders are ramming up their efforts to try
6:01 am
to combat


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