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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  November 30, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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reluctant to overthrow previous decisions to maintain the stability of the rule of law under a concept, but santa clara university law professor margaret russell thinks roe versus wade has been in the crosshairs of the more conservative judges for a long time. >> we have seen the confirmation hearings of several justices, and the known records of a few others, such as clarence thomas, and that tells us that there is a pretty hefty majority that is interested in taking another look at that. >> reporter: it took four justices to put the issue before the court, so only one more is needed to make a decision that could change law governing reproductive rights that has stood for 50 years. in the east bay, john ramos , kpix 5. >> the law professor says that even if roe v wade is overturned , it would not ban abortion across america. the issue be left up to individual states. california has access to abortion would be maintained.
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the first accuser in the sex trafficking trial of giggling maxwell took the witness stand today. the accuser said she was ars ol maanher former partner, jeffrey epstein, sexually abused her. jane says the two befriended her at a camp for talented teenagers. maxwell is accused of recruiting underage girls for epstein to abuse. he committed suicide in 2019 in a new york federal prison prison. if convicted, maxwell could get life in prison. now to a bizarre case in southern california to missing woman from southern indiana. noris left indiana to go to san diego to see her boyfriend. her family says she has been missing for 3 weeks. they also say noris and her boyfriend have a violent past. the couple was arrested for domestic violence before she left for san diego. noris was last seen november force. >> is concerning because there are a lot of red flags that
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maybe we should've paid a little more attention to. noris's mother also says the last time she spoke with her daughter was november 5, from a stage or cell phone. the family in san diego is looking for her. the california town of oroville has declared itself a constitutional republic. the town's vice mayor says it is to protest governor newsom's vaccine mandate requiring schoolkids to be vaccinated. some residents say the declaration is a stand for freedom, but other call it a reckless tantrum during a pandemic that has killed more than 73,000 californians. in los angeles, the city is now enforcing new covid rules. proof of vaccine is now required for all indoor dining, gems, hair and nail salons. people also have to show that proof if you are going for a massage or spa. essentially, anywhere with indoor service. failure to comply will result
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with a morning, then an increasing fine of up to $5000 for repeat citations. some businesses say most customers are happy to apply, but they get a few who push back. >> it adds additional pressure to my staff without additional funding and support from the city. >> i do feel safer, but if they don't ask, in the back of my mind, and understand it is hard to implement, because the workers are overstretched right now. >> is mandates continue to roll out, the black market for fake vaccine cards is booming. julie watts explains. >> reporter: with proof of vaccination becoming a common requirement, fakes vaccines cards are on the rise. it began with blank cards for sale on social media. we purchased these on amazon before turning them over to authorities. >> easier access and more distributed access and availability of fraudulent cards gives us concern. >> reporter: fbi agent sean
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ragan says they been working to find vaccine card fraud four months, but blank and they cards are still widely available, and prices have skyrocketed along with the growing mandates. according to research firm checkpoint technologies, the prices have now jumped to $200 following biden's vaccine mandate. we wanted to know why these were sitting out in an unlocked maxine waiting room at the natomas safeway, accessible to the public. a $200 a pop, this could go for several thousand dollars on the black market. in the statement, safeway says we take this report seriously, and immediately launched her own investigation, still in progress, but it appears they may have made some changes. when we went back today, the waiting room was locked with a note on the door asking people to line up outside the room and be escorted in one at a time. >> as you saw in the images, there were boxes of other vaccine supplies as well, though it is not clear what was in them, or how many people had access to those cards this weekend. a warning when you are
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buying holiday gifts. how so-called grinch bots could cause problems for your online shopping. experts are calling it a wake-up call. the new concern about the future of this year a note snowpack. a historic housing shortage in the south bay. we crunch the numbers to see why there aren't enough houses to meet demand. the city of san jose is planning to double down on license plate re
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eee i gs tr reof♪en ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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i did some early shopping this year. one for you, one for me. awww. i love it. i got us a little something, too. yeah? yep. one for you and one for me. i love it! oh! actually, that was.. i love it! i like red. current eligible gmc owners get over 25 hundred purchase allowance on 2021 gmc sierra light duty crew cab models when you finance through gm financial. we are professional grade. gmc san jose city leaders could be deciding a controversial issue, whether to allow billboards your san jose
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international airport. it is part of a heated debate involving residents who say the big signs would clutter the city skyline, and pose a danger to drivers. the airport is asking the city to allow construction of two billboards by media company clear channel. the measure about 1000 square feet, and would go up just south of highway 101. we could get a decision this evening. we will keep you posted. millions of americans shopping for holiday gifts are competing for the best deals with the tireless shoppers who work 24/7. it is not a fair fight. a large share of online purchasing is being done by automated bots. >> mark strassmann has explained that the problem has grown worse since the pandemic began. >> reporter: takes sony's ps five gaming console, a hot item in this second covid christmas. about $500 retail, but good luck. no store seems to have one. ask dave kennedy, a father of two teenage boys. >> i've been on marketplace and ebay and that, and they are astronomical. >> reporter: how much? >> the lowest i've seen is about $950. it is absolutely frustrating. there are kids that wanted, and
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adults buying them to resell them. i think of shoppers shoving each other aside in stores. online, that stampede is invisible. grinch bots, automated software relentlessly searching, finding, snapping up hot consumer items in nanoseconds, before you can. >> it's not illegal, but it is certainly unethical. >> reporter: gray market. >> for sure. >> reporter: we met pam murphy, the ceo of a cyber security company at their headquarters outside of san francisco. >> here we have an example. >> reporter: their customers include major retailers. a face a perfect grinch bots storm. the pandemic, a surge in online shopping, and america's supply chain crisis. >> they go on to retail sites and scan the inventory, at a rate of often more than once per second, and they buy it up
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before the average consumer can. >> reporter: before the pandemic, but activity on resale sites doubled. that is why you see more of this command, a bot blocker. >> it can never be 100%. >> reporter: last christmas, the ps five was new. bought traffic surged 800%. >> reporter: you feel a certain amount of pressure to deliver. >> absolutely. it is a letdown for them when you can't. >> reporter: he knows the underground economy he is up against, no if's, and's, or butts. mark strassmann, san francisco. up next, improving the lives of those who have served in the armed forces. the new effort to make sure veterans are getting the care they need. tonight on the "cbs evening news" -- the breaking news tonight, the w.h.o. advises people 60 and older with pre-existing conditions to postpone travel, as
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today, the president signed four bipartisan bills into law, all aimed at improving the lives of veterans after their service. senator tammy duckworth, a veteran and mother herself, cosponsored the protecting moms who served act, aimed at improving maternal care for
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veterans, and studying racial disparities in maternal healthcare. >> what this is going to do, is going to make it easier to coordinate their maternity care with the va and community providers. it will help them identify mental health and behavioral health risk factors throughout maternity care that may come about. it will also offer childbirth reparation classes. >> one of the bills assigned directs the va to help fill open federal healthcare positions, including at the va. another piece of legislation orders a study on racial disparities and benefits, to make sure every service member receives what they have earned. u.s. performer and civil rights activist josephine baker is making history again. the legendary singer and dancer is receiving the highest honor in france, nearly half a century after her death. elaine cobb has this story from paris. >> reporter: the revered voice
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of josephine baker echoed through the famous monument in streets around. 46 years after her death, baker has become the first black woman, first performer, and the first american to receive a place here. well baker's body was buried in monaco, a coffin filled with soil from there, the u.s., and france was carried to the crypt. the president called baker an exceptional figure who embodies the french spirit. born in st. louis, missouri i'm a bigger shot to start them on the stage in the 1930s. especially in france, where she moved in 1925 to escape racism and segregation in america. she later married a frenchman, and in world war ii mother french government recruited her as a spy. her fame served her well, as she was able to pass coded messages in her sheet music,
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and giving baker's france's highest honor is meant to send a message against racism, and to celebrate u.s.-french connectives. >> any promotion of a black person such as josephine baker is good news in many ways. >> reporter: baker famously saying that she had two loves, my country, and paris. now that love is returned, at a resting place reserved for some of france's greatest treasures. elaine cobb, cbs news, paris. >> baker actually waged a huge fight against discrimination. in fact, she adopted 12 children from different ethnic backgrounds to form what she called her rainbow tribe. another performer being honored, a nine time grammy winner, rihanna also has a new title. >> on behalf of a grateful nation, but in even prouder people, we therefore present to you the designee for national hero of barbados, ambassador
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robin rihanna fantasy. may you continue to shine like a diamond, and bring honor to urination by your words, by your actions, and the due credit wherever you shall go. >> the prime minister of barbados made mention to rihanna's chart topping single "diamonds." the national hero declaration came during celebrations in her hometown of bridgetown. our betas just ditched queen elizabeth as head of state forging a new republic with its first-ever president. adele is heading to vegas for the new year. she will have a concert residency at the coliseum of caesar's palace. she performed two concerts each weekend from january 1st to the 16. of the small venue has 4100 seeds. other big names like celine dion, elton john, cher, and
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mariah carey have had residences in vegas. last week, adele debuted her third studio album "30." it is already the top-selling album in 2021. i am sure that will be a very popular concert. a lot of folks are hoping to get tickets. another hot places whole foods for a great cause. >> reporter: this is giving tuesday, and we are here as part of the continuing effort to feed bay area families. we have partnered with whole foods for over the past decade. we are going to be joined momentarily to do a presentation to the alameda county food bank. we will first talk about a bit of weather, which is very unusual for this time of year, and of the warm weather is just going to continue for the next few days, unseasonably warm start to the month of november.
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we will look at the big picture. high pressure and control in the upper levels of the atmosphere, pushing down on us from above. it also traps anything at ground level in terms of woodburning smoke and urban pollution. we aren't going to get rid of that stuff until the weather pattern changes, and we get some rain in here, which is not likely to happen over several days. no rain in the forecast through the rest of the work week. we are talking about rain chances in the 10 to 20% range. nothing to get too excited about. we keep an eye on the latest data, but we may have to wait until the end of the first full week of december before the next significant rain chances her way. 73 degrees in both san jose and livermore. 71 for santa rosa, and even 71 degrees in san francisco. fremont and pacifica, upper 60s. current temperatures low to mid 60s, but those will drop off.
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we are already starting to cool off and will end up in the 40s inland, and the very coolest spots dropping down to the low 40s. mostly mid-40s away from the water. 50 degrees for san francisco and oakland and along the coast as well. i temperatures as well, way above normal for this time of year. 10 to 15 degrees above average. upper 60s to around 70 degrees along the coast. near 70 or above 70 around the bay, with low to mid 70s further inland. 75 degrees in san jose. 74 degrees in santa rosa. temperatures will step back slightly as we had through thursday and friday. even the coolest days in the 7 day forecast early next week or above average, and that 10 to 20% rain chances not significant enough to put anything more and some additional clouds in the forecast for monday. hopefully our confidence will grow, and maybe we can put a brain icon in the forecast by early next week, but right now
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it looks like the dry stretch of weather will continue. more likely it will last through the next 10 days. at least we had all that rain in october and early this month . maybe december will be nice to us and send more rain our way. live in oakland at whole foods market, i am joined by some of our partners. this is deborah florez, senior vice president for kaiser permanente. he will be making a sizable donation to the alameda county community food bank. we of the executive director, reggie young, as well. kaiser permanente has an involved with this quite some time. >> we have been a partner with alameda county food bank for more than 20 years. we are so thrilled to be able to give this check totaling $15,000 to the alameda county community food bank. we know that the funding is going to be used to improve the health of the communities that you serve, which is so consistent with our
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mission at kaiser permanente. also, we have given our employees the opportunity to donate via our internet, and we will match those funds, and i cannot wait until we are able to go back out to the food bank, and volunteer our time and services to you. thank you so much for all that you do for our community. >> reporter: this goes a long way, especially at this time of year. >> absolutely. it's a big challenge with 1 and 4 people in alameda struggling with food insecurity. this is going to go a long way nourishing families. this is actually going to give around 200,000 meals to families and kids throughout alameda county. her bank thank you deborah and reggie. congratulations to you. we will be back at 6:00 to talk
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about whole food markets role in this campaign as well. if you want to get involved, just go to our website, . new at 6:00, how a man arrested during a mob style robbery in the east bay was mistakenly released from jail. why not everyone is on board with the san jose polices plan to catch retail thieves. a historic south bay shortage in the south bay, we crunch the numbers on why there is not enough homes to meet the demand.
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we enjoy our warm evening, but the new concerns about the long-term future of the sierra snowpack. >> a team of scientists out of berkeley say we should plan for next less snow in the coming decades. >> reporter: when we think of water storage here in california, many of us immediately picture the reservoirs. the snowpack also plays a critical role in water storage, and now a team of experts says we have to prepare to have less of it.
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>> there is an urgency to snow loss. it is one of the major criterion we have built our infrastructure around. and nearly doubles our surface reservoir storage in the state. >> reporter: he's a research scientist and a co-lead author of this paper published in the journal nature reviews, earth and environment, a low to no snow future edits impacts of water resources in the western united states. when big takeaway, by the year 2050, the sierra nevada and other western ranges could see snow loss of about 20%. if steps are taken to combat climate change, the loss could be more than 15% by the end of the century. >> larger amounts of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. those gases create a blanket over the planet. that blanket leads to higher temperatures in the freezing point of water is nonnegotiable. >> reporter: therefore some snow will be replaced by rain,
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meaning less snowpack, which would leave the lower elevations without the spring and summer melt we are used to. >> snow is about 30% of the annual water consumption here in california. >> reporter: jeffrey mount is a senior policy from one of california's water policy center. it's an organization that tries to find solutions to water challenges. >> we will probably never be without snow, but we are looking at less and less and less of it. is going to become increasingly unreliable. >> reporter: there is a silver lining to their findings. >> we have time to adapt to a lotus no future. we have plenty of folks in academia, private industry, and policymakers thinking about this. >> climate change is happening right now. we are seeing it in real time. we have got to make some major investments in decisions today which will help us out tomorrow.
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now at 6:00, san jose police want to use license plate readers to catch retail fees. how much it could cost, and by some say it is a big waste of money. the crimes have made headlines across the country. how the contra costa da says a retail theft suspect was released from jail by mistake. even if you have tons of money, why you still may not be able to land that dream home in the south bay. we start with a controversial solution to stopping retail theft in the south bay. >> san jose police are pushing to buy and use or license plate readers to catch those crooks. kpix 5's da lin , kiet do is live with why the plan is not sitting well with some. >> reporter: they are still debating as we speak. we are watching a live feed of the city council meeting right now. the police department finished their testimony. it is looking pretty good.
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they have half a dozen councilmembers supporting it. if or when it passes, we are talking about a quarter million dollar spent on these high tech devices. in the wake of a particularly rough month for malls and stores in san jose, where organized criminals ransack businesses, the city is ready to double down on these, license plate readers. >> how they can be allocated -- than they are looking at spending $250,000 to lease a license plate readers, storage, and software to enable sj pd to better deter and make arrests in armed smash my burglaries and auto thefts, and drive-by shootings. the plate readers could make the crooks easier to spot. >> were culprits are attempting to evade license plate readers, all the better. that is a very clear warning when we see folks covering the license plates that those are drivers who should be pulled over.


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