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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  December 1, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PST

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through april 16th. for more news, download the cbs news app on your cell phone or connected tv. i'm tom hanson, cbs news, it's wednesday, december 1st, 2021. this is the "cbs morning news." deadly school shooting. a teenager opens fire killing three students and wounding eight other people. what we know about the suspect and how he got the weapon. preparing for omicron. testing requirements that could go into effect for travelers coming to the u.s. even if they're already vaccinated. chris cuomo suspended. how the anchor allegedly misled the network in connection with his brother's sexual harassment good morning, and good to be with you. this morning, an investigation
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is under way into the latest deadly school shooting. this time in michigan. it happened at oxford high school just north of detroit. authorities say a 15-year-old sophomore opened fire yesterday killing three students. eight others were wounded. some critically. right now the suspect is not cooperating with authorities. mourners gathered at a local church last night to grieve for the victims. they want to know why this happened in their small community. laura podesta is following the latest from new york. laura, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. so tragic. officials say the gunman fired at least a dozen rounds hitting ten students and one teacher. 17-year-old madisyn baldwin, 16-year-old tate myre, and 14-year-old hana st. juliana were killed. investigators in cumberland county, michigan, are searching for a motive in the latest school shooting. >> the person that's got the most insight and motive is not talking. a preliminary investigation
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revealed that the weapon was purchased on november 26th. four days ago. by the boy's father. >> reporter: police say the 15-year-old suspect posted pictures that showed he had practiced with the semiautomatic handgun. >> medical assistance. multiple ambulances if possible. >> reporter: more than 100 911 calls came in. within five minutes, two deputies arrived at oxford high school and confronted the student who surrendered. >> they went in and searched out the threat. they went to the gunshots. >> reporter: officials say the gunman fired at least a dozen rounds hitting ten students and one teacher. >> we don't know if they were targeted. we will get to the bottom of that as we get further into this investigation. >> reporter: president biden learned about the shooting while at an event in minnesota. >> my heart goes out to the families enduring the unimaginable grief of losing a loved one. >> reporter: officials downplayed rumors of a threat but said they were following up on all tips.
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the oakland county prosecutor says she will file charges quickly and promised an update later today. anne-marie? >> laura podesta in new york. thank you very much. turning to the covid pandemic now. the omicron variant continues spread across the world. it's been reported in at least 20 countries but not yet in the u.s. president biden is expected to lay out a strategy tomorrow to address the variant. his administration will reportedly toughen testing requirements for vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers coming to the u.s. one possibility is mandating a covid test within one day before their flight. errol barnett has more. >> reporter: even before omicron cases are confirmed in the u.s., researchers are preparing for its arrival. racing to analyze the strength of the arsenal to fight it. moderna's ceo told "the financial times" there is no
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world where his company's vaccine has the same level of effectiveness against omicron as it does with the delta variant. and regeneron, makers of an antibody treatment that can reduce risk of hospitalization and death by 70% in high-risk patients, says early evidence shows it is less effective against omicron and may need to be updated. meanwhile, the u.s. is stepping up its surveillance system for tracking new coronavirus variants. >> we are now sequencing approximately 80,000 samples per week. about one in every seven pcr-positive cases. that's more than any other country. >> reporter: currently testing antibody response against the new variant is dr. david ho of columbia university. >> we suspect that they will be a significant amount of loss in activity. the antibodies that have been elicited by the current vaccine may have worked very well against the original strain or even the delta strain but will work less well against omicron.
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>> reporter: what does that mean for the amount of time it could now take to be protected against this strain? >> if the loss in vaccine efficacy were to be substantial, then companies will jump into action to make a new vaccine. that might require anywhere from three months on. there will be some delay. >> reporter: cbs news confirmed the biden administration is considering implementing a testing requirement for americans returning from overseas regardless of vaccination status. it could also include rules to self-quarantine for seven days despite a negative test result. all of that reminiscent of early pandemic travel restrictions. cbs news, new york. an abortion case that could overturn roe v. wade is going before the supreme court today. the justices will consider whether to uphold a mississippi law banning abortion after 15 weeks.
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the ban includes abortions on pregnancies caused by rape or incest. right now the law has not been enforced because of a legal challenge by the only abortion provider. a ruling is expected by next summer. there are new development in the investigation into the january 6th attack on the u.s. capitol. former president trump's attorneys were in court yesterday trying to stop the release of his call records and handwritten notes from that day. one committee number who's helping investigate the riot said the documents could shed light on now reports that mr. trump worked the phones and talked with advisers to stop the certification of president biden's election victory. >> this was a key focus on the president's mind at the time, and he was working with his team in order to try to thwart the certification of his ballots. >> former trump white house chief of staff mark meadows has agreed to cooperate with the january 6th committee, avoiding a possible contempt charge. cnn is suspending anchor
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chris cuomo indefinitely for helping his brother, former new york governor andrew cuomo, in his sexual harassment scandal. the network took the action after reviewing transcripts released by the new york attorney general's office. the anchor said in august he never made calls to the press about his brother's situation, but the documents reveal chris cuomo had a greater involvement in his brother's case than they knew. and coming up, dr. oz jumps into politics. the celebrity doctor announces a senate run. and later, the movie "red notice" shoots to the top. the action/comedy breaks a netflix record. this is the "cbs morning news." netflix record. this is the "cbs morning news." ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ if your dry eye symptoms keep coming back,
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multibillion-dollar criminal empire. she also admitted to helping him escape from a mexican prison. guzman was recaptured and is serving a life sentence in colorado. dr. oz announces a run for political office, and the man who discharged his gun at an airport is now in custody. those are some of the headlines on the "morning newsstand." the "atlanta journal constitution" reports a man accused of accidentally firing a gun at hartsfield-jackson international airport turned himself in. 42-year-old kenny wells jr. surrendered yesterday. police say he lunged to grab the gun from his bag after it was pulled aside for inspection at a security checkpoint. the gun went off. and wells fled with it. it was later found in an airport trash can. the incident caused pandemonium at the airport. wells is charged with carrying a weapon at a commercial airport and reckless conduct. the "associated press" says officials asked residents in northwest washington state to remain vigilant amid the latest
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heavy rain to hit the region. towns and streets were covered in water yesterday near the u.s./canadian border. it comes two weeks after hundreds were racketed from the area when several days of rain caused severe flooding. >> there's potentially another flood coming, and even if it doesn't materialize, psychologically it's a hard thing. a tough thing. >> a flood watch is in effect through tomorrow for part of the area just south of the canadian border.he philadelphia enquirer" says celebrity heart surgeon dr. mehmet oz is running for an open u.s. senate seat in the 61-year-old host of the "dr. oz" show made the announcement yesterday. next year's race would help determine which party has control of the senate. in is his first run for political office. dr. oz said that he entered the
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race partly because he believes the government has mishandled the pandemic. so still ahead, adele rolls the dice. the singer announces a residency in las vegas. we will tell you when she'll kick it off. it off.
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here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ this year's atlantic hurricane season is officially over, and it set new financial records. the storms led to the costliest damage to date especially hurricane ida which hit louisiana. the category-four storm caused an estimated $64.5 billion in damage. ida's destruction was so bad it surpassed the estimated cost of all of last year's hurricanes combined.
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on the cbs "money watch" now, a pill to treat covid gets key approval, and a new netflix movie breaks a record. diane king hall is at the new york stock exchange with those stories and more. good morning, diane. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. well, stock futures are indicating a higher open after a heavy selloff during yesterday's session. investors were jolted by federal reserve chair jerome powell's latest testimony to congress. he stoked interest rate fears amid new concerns over the last covid variant. the dow skidded some 652 points. the nasdaq dropped 245, and the s&p 500 lost 88. an fda advisory panel is backing a first of its kind covid pill produced by merck. the committee backed the drug for adults with mild to moderate cases. it specifically gave the pill the green light for older people who face the greatest risks including those who are obese or have asthma. most experts said the drug should not be used in vaccinated patients. the fda is expected to make its
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own decision before the end of the year. there's new data out about holiday shopping over the thanksgiving weekend. nearly 180 million people across the country open wanted their wallet from thanksgiving day through cyber monday. that's according to the national retail federation. overall those figures are in line with the average of the last four years. now during the five-day period, shoppers spent an average of about $301 on holiday-related purchase including gifts, decor, clothing, and toys. and move over, box office. a new movie, "red notice," is breaking records on netflix. >> the second most-wanted art thief in the world. >> special agent john hartley, fbi. >> the art heist thriller is netflix's most watched movie of all time. the service says 50% of its global users have watched the movie totaling about 329 million viewing hours.
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the previous record was held by "bird box" in 2018. anne-marie? >> well, now i have another excuse not to get on with my to-do list because i got to watch this if everyone's is watching it. >> right. yeah. i mean definitely add it to the list. >> thank you. >> you got it. >> yeah. diane king hall at the new york stock exchange. thank you so much. >> thank you. well, up next, lebron james we'll tell you why the lakers star could miss up to ten days, and it's not because of an injury. ♪♪ thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer are living in the moment and taking ibrance. ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor is for postmenopausal women or for men with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy. ibrance plus letrozole significantly delayed
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here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ who needs snow to make a snowman? the city of albuquerque, new mexico, used something it's known for -- tumbleweed. every year since 1995 they've built a big snowman out of the plant. this year's snowman is 12-feet tall and 6-feet wide. it made its debut yesterday alongside a highway. officials say a lack of tumbleweed due to a drought made it a little harder this year. legendary singer and dancer josephine baker is the first black woman, rather, and first american to receive france's
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highest honor. during a ceremony yesterday in paris, baker was inducted into the pantheon, a ceremonial coffin was carried into the mausoleum. baker, who died in 1975, is buried in monaco. she moved to france in 1925 to escape racism and segregation in the u.s. and became a french e as a civirights activ ny person such as josephine baker is good news in many ways. >> french president emmanuel macron said baker was a woman who defended humankind. los angeles lakers star lebron james has entered the nba's covid health and safety protocols. the lakers did not say if james had tested positive for covid, but he missed last night's game against the sacramento kings. in september, he said he had been vaccinated. if james did test positive, he could be away from the lakers
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for as many as ten days. he could return sooner if he receives two negative covid tests within 24 hours. and if you're going to be in las vegas for a part of next year, you'll have plenty of opportunities to see adele perform. the singer announced on twitter yesterday that she will begin a vegas concert residency at caesar's palace. she will perform two shows a weekend from january 21st to april 16th. her latest album released last month is already the top-selling album in the u.s. this year. and coming up on "cbs mornings," "daily show" host trevor noah drops by our studio with an exclusive announcement. .
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our top stories this morning -- an investigation is underway in michigan after a teenager allegedly opened fire at a high school killing at least three students. eight other people including a teacher were wounded. right now the 15-year-old suspect is not cooperating with authorities. and the omicron variant of covid has now been reported in at least 20 countries but not yet in the u.s. president biden is expected to lay out a strategy tomorrow to address the variant. his administration will
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reportedly toughen testing requirements for vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers coming to the u.s. across the nation, school districts are taking extreme measures as they deal with staff shortages. according to the labor department, 30,000 public school teachers resigned in september alone. here's janet shamlian. so glad you're here -- >> reporter: gel ortiz often supervises recess at barnum elementary school. it's not her only responsibility. >> i am principal, assistant principal, teacher, paraprofessional, i cover classes, lunch/recess duty. i do everything that needs to be done. >> reporter: and in third grade, grace saenz is leading class. she usually works in the district's main office. in the denver district, superintendent alex marrero tells us everyone is doing multiple jobs. >> it's in droves that we're having absences. >> reporter: the pool of substitutes has plummeted amid covid fears from 1,200 to 375, not enough to cover those out to
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stress and illness. not just in denver. burnout is fueling surgeries. teachers and staff like bus drivers and cafeteria workers in schools across the country. principal joseph uy vacuums his las vegas elementary because he's short on cleaning staff. he's also teaching. >> yes -- on top of the tens column -- mentally, physically, emotionally, it's draining. good morning. >> reporter: the upcoming christmas holiday will offer a few days rest, but it's simple math. most of the academic year is still ahead. how are you going to make it through the rest of the school year? >> we're going to do what we have to do. we have to put our students first. >> say good morning -- >> good morning -- >> reporter: disrupting the return to normal, shortages that will likely outlast the pandemic. janet shamlian, cbs news, denver. coming up on "cbs mornings," the impact of the new
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coronavirus variant on the economy and your wallet. we'll speak with cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger. plus, singer graham nash talks with anthony mason about his book of photography in his first tv interview about the book. and "the daily show" host trevor noah drops by our times square studio with an exclusive announcement. that's the "cbs morning news" for this wednesday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. ♪
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