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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  December 1, 2021 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. we have discovered our first case, not only here in san francisco but the entire country. >> health officials say it was not a surprise, what we are learning about the first
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omicron covid case right here in the bay area . protesters outside the supreme court as justices take on the landmark abortion rights case, how it could challenge roe v wade? the bay area city considering spending millions to beef up safety after retail theft. our top story at 3:00 and cbsn bay area , the first u.s. case of the omicron variant now found in san francisco. let's get to max darrow who is live with developments . >> reporter: the person who contracted the omicron variant is from san francisco and received two doses of the moderna vaccine and have returned from south africa . they landed at sfo about three days later they started to develop covid-19 symptoms , mild, but they got tested and they reported their travel history. the result came back positive a
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couple days later and ucsf conducted genomic sequencing which said it was omicron and they confirm their findings with the cbc. the person was with mild symptoms and did not have to go to the hospital. the san francisco public health director says it was a concert but not a cause for panic. >> get vaccinated for goodness sakes, if you have not been vaccinated. get your booster if you are eligible. continue to wear those masks inside where required. continue to take the steps that we know have been successful in san francisco to prevent major loss of life and to slow the spread of this virus. >> reporter: there are still many unknowns about the omicron variant for the health director says there is a strong likelihood it is more infectious than the delta variant but researchers around
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the world are studying it and hope to figure out how sick it could make people, as well as how effective are vaccines against it. >> san francisco and the bay area have some of the highest vaccination rate in the country. was the health director surprised the first known case of the omicron variant popped up here? >> reporter: dr. colfax said he was not surprised as san francisco is an international city with a lot of tourist who want to come here. it was only a matter of time, once we learned about the omicron variant , it would pop up here. we brought you the news conference live on cbsn bay area . we are streaming 24 hours a day on the kpix app . governor newsom echoed the sentiment by california's well- prepared to handle omicron . >> what is our message here in the state of california? continue to do what we have done, not only are we meeting the nation in administering doses of vaccine, 59.6 million, as i noted, but 92.1%.
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92.1% of all californians 18 and older have received at least one dose. >> the company color health discovered the omicron case at his lab in seven cisco. >> the sample came to our lab on sunday evening and the test was completed and resulted on monday, identified as positive. >> looking live now at sfo, the point of entry for the infected traveler, one of the airports in the u.s. where the cdc is expanding surveillance for omicron . >> having known people who have had covid , also seeing news reports, in india, which suffered a lot because of delta, and in the u.s., anything it takes to be safe for yourself and your family, and your coworkers is great.
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>> the cdc is working to step up covid testing requirements for travel to united states as right now travels have to be tested within 72 hours of arriving but health officials are considering testing travelers one day before boarding u.s. bound flights regardless of vaccination status or location. resident biden says tomorrow he will lay out his administration's to fight covid through the winter months , he said it will not be with shutdowns or lockdowns but with widespread vaccinations, boosters, and testing. appointments are now required at the county operated covid vaccine clinic in san mateo . we were over the event center today for demand has been high. until now, appointments were highly encouraged for people 12 and older and the drive-through site had seen long lines. starting today, walk ups will be turned away. you can make an appointment through the my turn website.
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if you need help finding resources on covid vaccines or booster shots , check out our guide on . developing news, the police officers association in san jose speaking out about two homicide suspect being released without having to post bail. they were charged in the death of a man on halloween and have not been let go ahead of their trial. >> we saw this improper 47, the aclu was a big supporter of that, they set our neighborhoods would be safer and that is not true. what were once safe areas have turned into utter chaos. >> we have to come up with a system that is fair, that recognizes that due process allows people who are not a danger to the community to be released while they are presumed to be innocent and fighting their case. so you have a level playing field. >> the san jose mayor released a statement saying "i appreciate the purpose of bail reform but releasing a homicide
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suspect without bail is outrageous. the pendulum has swung too far and it is our neighborhoods that indore the most crime that suffer as a result." walnut creek is deciding whether to spend two main dollars to enhance public safety after a mop style theft at the nordstrom a week and a half ago. >> the goal is to deter these crimes. >> during a council meeting today, city leaders talked about adding five new police officers assigned to the area along with more security cameras and drones. police say there could be gang activity involved in this and other bay area retail theft. three suspects were arrested that night but this happened. one had a loaded gun. the lead investigators are going over video to track down all 90 suspects. >> people are concerned and frustrated. they want to make sure that walnut creek is doing what we need to do to stop this activity. these are brazen thefts. >> the police chief has already added more police presence in the shopping area, especially
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on weekends. today, law enforcement escorted the body of a security guard and former police officer killed while protecting a tv news crew. chopper 5 was in the east bay as the motorcade proceeded along the freeways. the procession started at the alameda county court north this morning and law enforcement saluted as they loaded the casket into the hearse bound for a mortuary in mountain view. a gunman fatally shot kevin nishita the day before thanksgiving during an attempted robbery in downtown oakland. police are searching for the killer. it is a huge day at the u.s. supreme court where the future of abortion rights hangs in the balance. skyler henry reports that hundreds of protesters on both sides of the issue are in washington as the nine justices hear arguments in a case that could overturn roe v wade. >> reporter: it was pretty
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compelling conversations we heard from the justices earlier today, john roberts, one of the more moderate members of the bench, said that the mississippi case was not a dramatic departure from viability and 15 weeks should be enough time for women to make a decision as to whether or not they will end the pregnancy. meanwhile, more liberal justices were concerned about optics in thinking that reversing such a monumental case like roe v wade could potentially stain the reputation of the court. protesters were divided by metal fences outside the u.s. supreme court. inside, justices heard oral arguments for the most consequential challenge to the 1973 roe versus wade decision on abortion to date. >> life is worth protecting. >> we are forcing people to give birth and that is not the solution. >> reporter: as the heart of the case, a mississippi law that bans abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. >> this is a wonderful opportunity to return this to
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the people. >> reporter: this is a major test of the high court's 6-3 conservative majority with a decision expected before summer of next year. >> why should this court to the arbiter rather than congress, the state legislatures, state supreme court's, the people? >> you are going to be ready to say, no, you are just politicians. and that is what kills us. as an american institution. >> reporter: 21 conservative states have passed laws banning all or almost all abortions if roe versus wade is overturned, all 16 states are working on legislation to protect access to abortion. >> i support roe v wade. >> reporter: a poll showed a majority want the decision to stay as is. after speaking with demonstrators, pro-choice and pro-life, those who are pro- life say they are still skeptical the court would overturn roe v wade. those who are pro-choice say that, if a decision like that were to happen, it could that a
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dangerous precedent across the country. the decision is expected at the top half of next year. we are outside of the supreme court, skyler henry. still ahead, bay area commute costs going up, how much more you will have to spend on most of our bridges. and a big effort to get you to shop local in the south bay this holiday season. a familiar sight recently, the haze on the horizon, very visible from the top of mt. hamilton, not getting better tomorrow as we look at air quality and have your weekend forecast coming up. a reminder come into the holiday season, help our neighbors in need by donating time or money in our food for bay area families drive, find out how at
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get ready to pay more to cross the may as bridge tolls are going up by one dollar on the bay area state owned bridges. that brings regular toll for cars, trucks, and motorcycles to seven dollars on the bay bridge, antioch, martinez, the dunbarton, richmond, san rafael, and san mateo bridges starting on january 1st, this is the second of 31 dollar increases approved by voters in 2018. the last one will hit at the beginning of 2025. a big change at twitter when it comes to privacy as
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they will prohibit users from ar a person without that th allow people to be filmed or photographed when in public places. more than half 1 million jobs were added to the economy in november according to payroll processor adp, the number was better than expected. most job gains were in the services sector. taking a look at wall street, not pretty today, the dow losing 461 points. the nasdaq down 283. and the s&p down almost 54, continuing the steep downward trend from yesterday. one retail trade group says the newest coronavirus train could shake up holiday spending. the national retail trade federation previously predicted seasonal sales would rise to a record of as much as $859 billion by the end of december.
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they expected spending to be spread across experience based gifts like travel, restaurants, and spa days, and now the trade group for the predicted those things will be one electronics, toys, clothes. small bay area businesses hope you keep them in mind when doing holiday shopping. in the south bay, a virtual directory to help you find what you will need and joining the lift is the san jose downtown manager blage zelalich to talk about shop local sj. can you give us an overview of this directory? >> thank you for having me. i am excited about getting people to come down to san jose and shop local. the directory that we are talking about can be found on silicon valley strong. it is really just a way to support our local small business community during the holiday season. the last 18 months have been very tough, especially for
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small retailers in the city and we are not out of the woods yet. we are very hopeful that numbers will rise this holiday season and people will walk out of their houses, walk to the local shops, and shop, shop, shop. be very generous this holiday season. >> as we all know, the pandemic has dealt a blow to many small businesses. how is san jose doing in that respect? >> over the last 18 months, it has been tough. the drop in sales generated from 2019 to, during the holidays, to 2020 was a $6 million drop. it has been very tough. but we have some great neighborhood shopping. we have a very diverse culture that is represented in our diverse shopping districts, everything from art supplies and asian gifts in japan town,
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bicycles and exercise equipment on alameda, artisan the one-of- a-kind gifts and apparel. and collectibles, cakes, high personal favorites, and jewelry along lincoln avenue. there is something for everybody. during the pandemic, we got comfortable shopping online. lots of us are rediscovering the fun and the joy you get out of actually visiting a store and making a purchase in person. >> again, the effoho lok u fous. >> happy holidays and shop, shop, shop. >> let's get a check of the forecast. >> christmas is only a few weeks away, it sneaks up on you and it does not feel much like early december. what is consistent is areas of dense fog developing later tonight.
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the haze is not going anywhere, hazy afternoon sunshine for the next several days and all the way through the weekend with a gradual cooling trend after today. today is the warmest day in a wild but dry weather continues to the weekend. an outside chance of a couple of showers early next week. our quality map, these are not the official epa sensors, those are indicating moderate air quality. but the haze, the brown smudge looks worse than it was yesty, air sensors indicate it is, showing a lot of locations and unhealthy for sensitive groups and the official ratings are not bad enough to trigger a spare the air alert but their quality is far from ideal and not going to be great tomorrow. all the official readings will be back into the moderate category once again and not getting better until a major shift in the overall pattern. it might happen but monday and tuesday of next week but not rain, just a wind shift and maybe a different air mass moving in. let's look at current temperatures, a mixed of 60s
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and 70s. 74 degrees right now in downtown san jose. mid-70s for december 1st with the average high temperature is 60 degrees across the entire bay area. everybody above that today and well above it again tomorrow. tonight, low to mid-40s inland with temperatures near 50 degrees around the bay and along the coast, similar to conditions this morning, complete with the locally dense fog. high temperatures tomorrow about 10 degrees above average, san jose closer to a dozen degrees above normal. way above what is typical for early december. mid to upper-60s along the coast. low-70s for most of the santa clara valley but the warm response are morgan hill and gilroy, could reach mid-70s. high temperatures around 70 degrees for most inland parts of the east bay. a little cooler and antioch and brentwood with dense fog spilling in from the central valley. at 70 degrees near the bay.
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70 degrees for the north bay as well. farther north, farther into the 70s on thursday afternoon for the highs. temperatures drop steadily day by day through the next couple of days and stabilizing in the low to mid-60s around the bay and the temperatures are still above normal even once we cool down. there are passing clouds on monday but any chance of showers does not look like it will reach above the 20 to 30% range. we will keep you updated over the next several days. time now for bay area bright spots. a photo sent to us from south san francisco, all of the holiday lights with the sunset, the nerd in me likes that, with candy canes lining the sidewalk. we want to see your holiday lights as we celebrate the season, email your pictures and videos to
3:22 pm still ahead, bay area city making it on a national list, what the city's rankings says about it single scene. streaming on cbsn bay area , how the san francisco conservatory of music is lending an ear to the grammy awards, that is a 4:25. find us on or on the
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looking live in san francisco, just made one of the top 10 cities in the country for singles. san francisco came in at number six according to wallet hub. madison, wisconsin is number one, two, seattle, followed by portland, oregon denver, and i fight it is austin, texas. the personal-finance site looked at 32 metrics to compile its list, like online dating opportunities, restaurant cost, and percentage of single people. the grammys are back on cbs next month and we learned trevor noah will be back as the host. >> it is a front row ticket to the best use a concert. you love music. your music will be there and you pick and choose. i realize how important it is on the night, as a host, i serve so many purposes. if i am not there, who lifts
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kevin hart into his seat. there are important things i have to do on that night. i give jay-z emotional support, he is very nervous, i tell him it will be okay. >> washed the grammys on monday january 31st right here on kpix 5 . coming up, a chilly swim, but this little guy did not seem to mind. i am in boise, idaho, america's least affording housing market, not manhattan or san francisco, boise, idaho, homeowners compete in crazy bidding wars, practically begging for the chance to overpay for a home to own. i will tell you why coming up on the cbs
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coming up at 5:00, from omicron in san francisco to potential new testing rules for travelers, a bay area infectious disease expert speaks about the latest covid developments . before we go, talk about no worries, this otter was spotted swimming on its back. if you look carefully, munching on a nice little snack in glacier bay national park and preserve in alaska. nevermind the fact that it was snowing. he has the life, right? eating, swimming. >> he has the fur to keep him
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warm. >> i hope you have a great day, that is it for kpix news , cbs evening news is next and we will have more local news starting ored by cbs >> brennan: tonight, america's first confirmed case of omicron. what we are learning about the first patient as the u.s. prepares new testing requirements for all travelers entering this country. new details tonight on the patient's symptoms. plus, the c.d.c.'s new prediction about hospitalizations and deaths over the coming weeks. tonight, the michigan teen arrested on charges of murder and terrorism for killing four fellow students will now be tried as an adult. new details on that school shooting. >> it was random and cold hearted. >> brennan: supreme court showdown-- the supreme court begins hearing its most significant abortion case in decades. at issue: a mississippi law that will b a


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