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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  December 1, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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this was the first omicron covid-19 case here in california and in america, health officials expect there will be more. >> reporter: tonight the first known case of the omicron covid- 19 variant in the united states is linked to a person from san francisco. >> it was inevitable for it to come to the united states, but that's a scary development. >> this is cause for concern, but it is also certainly not a cause for us to grantic. >> reporter: dr. grant colfax % returned from a trip to south africa and flew into sfo. they developed covid-19 symptoms on their return, got tested and the results came back positive. ucsf found the presence of omicron variant and confirmed it with the cdc. >> we expect it. it was just a matter of when. >> reporter: the person had received two doses of the moderna vaccine, but had not received a booster shot. health officials say they did
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not need to be hospitalized. >> i will say for the purpose of confidentiality, the person is between the age of 18 and 49. >> there's still a lot we do not know about omicron. haven't scientists around the world are trying to figure out how transmissible the variant is, how sick it makes people, and how well the current vaccines work against it. >> i'm boosted. i mean, i've got shots, the booster. i've actually had it, so i feel i've done everything i can. >> reporter: meantime health officials urge people to get vaccinated and boosted if they are eligible. >> more boosters going into arms, they'll be in a better place as we run more about omicron. >> more than 80% of people five and older in san francisco are fully vaccinated. is the health director surprised at all the first detected case in the u.s. was in san francisco? >> allen, he told me we're a tourist destination and international city and with the discovering of the omicron variant recently, that was only
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a matter of time before it ended up here. >> all right, max, thanks. we did bring you the city's news conference live on cbsn bay area. we're streaming 24 hours a day on the kpix app. the governor is saying there is no reason to pan quick and why it's important to get vaccinated. >> i'll remind people it's not surprising in many respects that california is announcing the first case. this state the birth place, after all, of biotech, of life sentences, ucsf, one of the leading genomic sequencing institutions if the world. north of 60 million americans have not received that vaccine, life-saving vaccine. millions here in california still have not received it, and so we're here to highlight the importance, particularly as we enter into the holiday season. >> looking live at sfo now. it is one of four airports in the u.s. where the cdc is expanding its testing for
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omicron for international travelers. >> they have one of two choices. they can be part of a pcr test that is sequenced to test for positive, or they're provided with an at-home test kit that they would take three to five days after their trip and send in for testing and analysis. >> two san francisco labs played a key part in detecting the presence of omicron. coming up at 5:30, how they did it, and the clue that was a dead giveaway. the covid vaccines or booster shot still your best bet for staying healthy. if you need help finding vaccine resources, check out our guide on breaking news out of san jose. man has been shot and is experiences life-threatening injuries. police are blocking off a scene at holly drive. chopper 5 is live over the scene. you can see tape blocking the street and a handful of police cruisers.
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police are advising avoid that nare area. they said there are no suspects or motives at this time. san jose officials are decrying a state law that allows two murder suspects to be out of jail while they wait for their trial, known as zero bail. leonard valley in san jose with more on this. reporter: well, the incident in question here in san jose happened more than a month ago, but it's only now getting widespread attention because prominent voices including the police department and the mayor's office decided to speak up about it. the incident took place on halloween on great oaks parkway in south san jose. the two were arrest for shooting and killing another man. under california's zero bail laws, both suspects were released from jail after a court hearing. someone on house arrest, and one on supervised own
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recognizance. >> this is what happens when you remove accountability for bad behavior. >> reporter: the mayor and police are speaking out saying this case is zero bail is putting the public at risk. >> i understand and appreciate the need for bail reform, but the pendulum has clearly swung too far when murder suspects are being released on their own recognizance. >> reporter: liccardo said there have been cases where a person on bail has fled the country. is your client a flight threat, a threat to the community? >> absolute absolutely not. >> reporter: the attorney said that he is an electrician with tie it is the community. >> he was acting in self- defense. >> reporter: they are being monitored wig ankle bracelets, and a jury will ultimately decide whether they will spend time behind bars. >> law enforcement is only one perspective on this issue. >> reporter: steve clarks who argued for zero bail for his
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own clients said the judge follow led to law after considering all circumstances. >> we have to come up with system that's fair, that recoes lows people who t e mmto be released while they are presumed to be innocent and fighting their case. >> a somber scene today. police escort for the body a security guard former police officer kevin nishita who was killed while protecting a be tv news crew. chopper 5 above that procession in the east bay this morning. law enforcement, colleagues, paying their respects at the casket was loaded into the hears. the procession started at the alameda police headquarters. a gunman killed nishita during an attempted robbery in downtown oakland. within the past 30 minutes, oakland police have announced they are looking for a person who may have taken cellphone
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video of that incident. they are asking anyone with information to call oakland police. a huge day at the u.s. supreme court where the future of abortion rights hangs in the balance. hundreds of protestersended on the nation's capitol. skyler henry outside the supreme court with more on this. >> reporter: hey, liz, good evening to you. earlier today we heard arguments and interesting commentary from the justices. chief justice john roberts the main moderate, if you will, in terms of his opinions, had this to say, ultimately saying that the mississippi case wasn't necessarily a drastic difference in terms of viability in that 15 weeks should be enough time for a woman to decide whether they want to end their pregnancy. meanwhile some of the liberal justices on the bench were more so concerned about optics,
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saying in the course were to reverse such a monumental case like roe v wade, it could lead a bad impression of the court. justices heard oral arguments for the most controversial challenge to the 1973 case to date. >> life is worth protecting from conception. >> we're moving towards a society where we're forcing people to give birth, and that's not the solution. >> reporter: at the heart of the case, known as dobbs versus jackson, women's health organization, is a mississippi law that bans abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. >> this is a wonderful opportunity to return this to the people. >> reporter: this case a major test of the high court's 6-3 conservative majority, with the decision expected before summer of next year. ? why should this court be the arbiter rather than congress, the state legislatures, state supreme courts, the people. >> they're going to be ready to
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say no you're just political, you're just politicians, and that's what kills us, as an american institution. >> reporter: 21 conservative states have already passed laws banning all or almost all abortions if roe versus wade is overturned, while 16 states are working on legislation to protect access to abortion. >> i support roe versus wade. >> skyler you were talking to demonstrators. what more can you tell us about their opinions on this case? >> reporter: thousands of people were out here from across the country, from california to texas, mississippi, even florida, and up in the northeast, as well. those both pro life and pro choice. those we spoke with who were pro life say they were actually september seicle on the justices overturning roe v wade, although those that were pro choice said if that were to
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happen, it could lead to a dangerous precedent around the country. coming up, a community mourning after a deadly school shooting. the new details we're learning about the shooter and what students did to survive. >> plus the wife of a music executive killed during a home invasion. why authorities don't believe it was a random attack. and the scary moments for this worker. dramatic high-rise rescue here. >> the persistent haze indicates that the air quality is still below average, but it definitely makes for a pretty sunset as we look out this evening. unseasonably warm weather for ♪ ♪ increased transportation benefits. one more thing you can rely on. one of many cost-saving medicare advantage benefits from scan health plan for 2022.
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a fourth person has died after a 15-year-old gun man opened fire yesterday in michigan. that shooter faces murder, terrorism, and other charges. we have the latest on the investigation and what students did to survive.
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>> it was absolutely premeditated. >> reporter: the oakland county prosecutor identified the suspect in tuesday's school shooting at oxford high school, as 15-year-old ethan crumbly, before charging him as an adult. >> we are charging this individual with one count of terrorism causes death. four counts of first-degree murder. seven counts of assault with intent to murder. and 12 counts of possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony. >> reporter: the sophomore emerged from the bathroom with a semiautomatic gun and started firing at random. >> we have recovered 30 spent shell casings at this point, meaning he fired more than 30 shots. >> reporter: this photo of deputies shows the suspect being put into a vehicle after taking him into custody.
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before police cleared the school, video from inside a classroom shows sheltering students reacting to someone at the door before running to safety. it's been more than 24 hours since the shooter opened fire in the school behind me, and the sheriff said that the teen suspect and his parents are refusing to cooperate with the investigation. the sheriff's office said the suspect's father purchased the gun just four days before the shooting. >> we are considering charges against both parents. >> reporter: tate here a 16- year-old student athlete was one of the victims. local law enforcement and the fbi are sorting through social media ask surveillance video, as well as examining the suspect's home for clues. >> police say the night before the shooting the suspect recorded a video of himself talking about killing students. and new video of a high- rise rescue in florida, where firefighters rushed to help a
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pair of workers after a scaffolding collapse left the two suspended six stories up. the workers were secured by their safety harnesses. crews managed to bring them down safely. well, a terrifying close call for a texas pet owner, not to mention the pet, after a hawk tried to her puppy. it was caught on camera. a red tailed hawk swoops down and tries to grab little lola there. that's a four-point 12-week-old chihuahua. >> i didn't even see it until it was on top of her. that's however fast it happened there. was nothing i could have done to stop it, because i did haven't see it until -- she would have already been gone. >> wildlife experts say while hawk attacks can happen, it's rare for them to domestic animals. >> get ready to pay more to cross the bay. one month from today, bridge toll going up bay dollar on the bay area's state-owned bridges.
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that brings regular toll for cars, trucks, and motorcycles, to $7. s they starts january 1st. this will be the second of three one dollar increases approved by voters back in 2018. the last will hit at the beginning of 2025. well, paul heggen, fortunately you don't have to drive far to experience the nice weather. >> that's right. as long as you don't mind that haze on the horizon. let's look at the big picture pattern and show you what is going on. the same thing that we've been influenced by for the last week- plus, about 10 days or so. this is pressing down on the bay area, keeping our temperatures warm, even record- setting warmth across the bay area today and trapping that haze at ground level. this is what it looked like earlier today. looking to the north, you can
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see that haze to the north bay hill tops to the south, at the haze is a bit more noticeable on the horizon. that air quality wasn't great today. the official sensors from the epa were registering moderate air quality across the board. the sensors from purple air were showing more orange dots on the map, indicating more unhealthy for sensitive groups. the official readings are likely to stay in the moderate category tomorrow, which means moderate across the board. but if you know someone sensitive to those issues, they'll likely have problems for the seven days, until we get until at least early next week, maybe even the end of next week. not much of a rain chance to wash that stuff out of the air either. a slight chance of a cup of passing showers monday and monday night. we'll hope that system can find a little bit more moisture, but looks live it's current path
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isn't likely to send any significant rain chance into the bay area. however, there are some hopeful signs. being december first, we get a new out look from the prediction center that is showing equal chances of normal or below normal rainfall. we'll hope that later this month we can get into a more active weather pattern, because it's not going to happen over the the several days. temperatures still in the 60s. there is that haze on the horizon. temperatures tonight are going to be back down into the lower half of the 40s for most inland spots, but around the bay and the coast bottoming out around 50 degrees. we'll warm up tomorrow. maybe not quite as warp as today.
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as that dissipates, temperatures should be up around 60 by late morning. temperatures into the 60s for everybody by lunchtime, topping out around 70 for most of us. cooler spots staying in the mid- 60s. still well above average, just not quite the record-setting levels we had today. temperatures will trend downward into the weekend. but as that's still several degrees above average. we're adding clouds to the forecast on monday. lingering cloud cover tuesday and wednesday, but still no significant rain chances in the forecast over the next seven days. maybe as we head towards the middle of the month. that long-range data is notoriously ficklele, so we'll zoom in for a closer look at tomorrow's temperatures coming up. california becomes the first state to start phasing out some gas-powered lawn
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mowers. could other states follow suit? >> coming up, at 8:20, how retail botts are causing problems for holiday shoppers. you can find cbsn bay area on or the kpix app. we are also on the cbs news app. you can download that for free on your favorite streaming platforms. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪
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two bay area labs cracked the code verify the omicron infection. allen and elizabeth, this all happened very, very quickly. it took less than 48 hours from the initial nasal swab to knowing that omicron was in the united states and in the bay area. >> the patient took a pcr test sunday afternoon in san francisco, and by sunday night, the sample was at color labs in burrelling game. the patient found out they were sick with covid-19. >> the patient themselves reach out to san francisco department of public health, as soon as they knew they were positive to provide more information,
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because they were concerned themselves. >> reporter: the station said they had been to south africa. from that point, and it's now early monday evening, extracted rna from the patient sample was brought to the lab of ucsf charles chiu for genomic seeing. then it was clear, omicron was in the u.s. >> i'm almost certain this finding is only the tip of the iceberg, and that we will continue to see cases in the united states. >> reporter: the infected sample started off in this room and moved to this traditional testing device and finally this nano sequencer. >> it's a microchip that consists of a bunch of electronic, and it's power bid the usb port in your laptop. it allows you to do very rapid sequences. this is how we were able to get a result in a few hours and identify this variant. if we had to do this on a
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traditional instrument, typically it takes at least a day. we were able to identify the variant within hours, because that's very specific pattern of mutation. >> reporter: now none of this would have happened if that patient had not reached out to the san francisco department of health to tell them that they had been in south africa. this genomic sequences wouldn't have happened and we would have not know this variant is already on u.s. shores, though dr. chiu said it is highly likely this is not the only case of omicron here in the united states, just the only detected one. allen, elizabeth? >> shows you how advanced our sentences are in the bay area. chances are it's at other major ports. >> and how responsible of that traveler to report themselves. >> no kidding.


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