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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  December 1, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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breaking news now at lean o'clock. mlb walk out. could the giants be in jeopardy? what we learn just 90 minutes ago. we don't know exactly where he is. a san jose murder suspect released on zero bail flees to mexico. how did that app? tonight we get answers. tonight omicron is here in the bay area. everything we know about the case. and what you need to know the next time you travel. a sign that california's water crisis might be getting worse. tonight the state is about to make an unprecedented move. breaking news, major league baseball's first work stoppage in more than 25 years is now
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underway. the collective bargaining agreement expired two hours ago. and owners immediately locked out the players and there's no telling when it will end. the two sides have several months to negotiate before the lock out could affect spring training or opening day. we did reach out to both the giants and the as tonight. we haven't heard back. good evening i'm allen martin. >> i'm elizabeth cook. after murder suspects were arrested, charged, and released with zero bail. san jose's top cop and city leaders are sounding the alarm. a new law is putting the community at risk. maria in san jose where she discovered a homicide suspect walked out of jail and escaped to a different country. in the last couple days, the san jose police chief learned of three murder suspects his investigators arrested but were then released from jail as they awaited trial. including one man who they say fled to mexico. >> these circumstances are low
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level incidents and they're not. these are homicides. these are lives that were take b. >> oscar trusted by a judge to stay if santa clara county before his trial. instead -- >> we don't know where he is. >> he's believed to be somewhere in mexico. wanted by san jose police. >> this is a a danger to the community. it sends the wrong message to the community, officers, and the victim's family that crime shot in being taken seriously by the system. >> alfred also walked out of jail after being charged last month for allegedly killing a man who crashed into them. all three of these suspects released on zero bail. under a new state supreme court ruling to end cash bail for those who can't afford to pay them. i know that we are all four reform. but this is not reform. >> we don't know all of the facts. they want a superior court
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judge, judges take in a multitude of factors when deciding bail. including criminal history and whether someone is a flight risk. and now the new zero bail law. every judge who considers bail, makes a decision about bail in a case has that going on in the back of their heads. if i do this, is this going to come back to haunt me, however, you can't as a judge make decisions just based on that. you can't do it out of fear. if plifs will put this out, they need to put all the information out. that's not what they're doing. they're putting out they're unhappy. that's not the per view. in my view, they have no business doing that. it's a new law with new circumstances that police say they don't agree with. >> the judges are probably following to the best of their belief what they think the law compels them to do. but if that's what the law compels them to do. the law needs to be changed. there's a problem with the law.
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medina was put on sorp when he allegedly fled. that's what castillo was also granted and he's on house arrest. at the san jose police department cialtion kpix 5. in san francisco, a high profile retail theft suspect is out on zero bail. accused of more than 120 thefts from the stones town target. the da's office just confirmed to kpix 5 she was released with an electronic monitoring device and stay away orders prohibit her from going to target. graves is also accused of crimes there. >> it's one thing to say you're in favor of the reform, changes in the law that are not too harsh. but to say there's no accountability for stealing other people's property. is what's happened. now to the story everybody is talking about. omicron is here in the bay area. >> we knew it was only a matter
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of time. nine days after someone flew back from south africa to san francisco. tonight that individual is the first confirmed case. kpix 5's kenny choi is at sfo with a look at the changes that could be on the way for travelers. >> the cdc weighed in tonight. it's a looming hurdle for travelers with no official announcement yet. >> it's a mine field out there for travelers. >> richard powers has been traveling throughout the pandemic. changes in rules and different protocols for countries have made going to the airport a confusing maize of tests, quarantine, and mask mandates. >> why aren't they getting together and saying hey, let's make one rule for travel. >> vaccinated travelers have to test no more than three days before de par cure. the timeline is expected to be shortened because of concerns about the omicron variant. a change that would follow the travel ban on eight southern african countries. >> we need to buy time to
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prepare, understand what's going on. >> we don't have nearly enough information to make conclusions about whether this variant will significantly kdka tv news the course of the pandemic. >> what's unclear is when new travel rules including tightened testing would take effect. >> i think it's logical. i think think it's boring but has to be done. >> i think they need to stop changing rules. the world needs to wake up and realize this is here to stay. >> testing one day before departure is being considered. testing after arrival is on the table. mask requirements aboard flights, inside airports and other transportation hubs are expected to be extended through next march. >> they believe they need to have temporary restriction i think. what my concern is that we done go back to lock down. >> the biden administration is expected to announce its strategy to tackle covid this winter. it's unclear whether tighter
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testing rules for travelers will be addressed. at sfo, kpix 5. a sign california's water crisis might be getting worse. the state sent out a warning saying it doesn't have enough water to send to districts. including many in the bay area, kpix 5 is in napa with what this all maybes. napa is one of the districts that revenues water from the state water project without any help coming next year. water experts say it's inevitable consumers will be asked to conserve more. despite a few storms since late october, water is still scarce if california. >> i would expect to see more restrictions on lawn watering if conditions stay as dry as they are now. >> in the bay area, the east bay, san jose, and napa county will be impacted by the decision to cut off water ship .s. some residents are worried about how it will affect the heart of the local economy. >> you have to take care of the people producing the food. you can't turn your back on
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those people. so you know, there's a lot of -- this is a huge ag valley. >> today's announcement on the eels of two critically dry years and forecast shows below average precipitation in coming months. this is lake orville. the largest state managed reservoir sits at 30% of capacity. it typically stands at 60% this time of the year. this is nature. this is mother nature. there's nothing we can do about it from that and the production. the only thick we can do about it is from the consumption. with climate change, i think it can be worse before it gets better. we need to buckle down and look at increasing the levels of conservation, and storing water when it does rain rather than let it run off. the only exceptions will be for health and safety reasons. in napa, kpix 5. it doesn't look like we'll be getting rain to help things any time soon. >> the rain chances aren't zero
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but they're meger. which means air quality will be an issue as well. i'm tracking both coming up in the forecast. one east bay city spending millions in covid relief money to step up ce patrols. but will it really stop other mob style robberies? >> new eron the deadly michigan school shooting. why it apleing up to the attack. plus -- it's scary honestly. it's very scary. it kind of just destroys like my confidence in like the law. >> the immediate fall out from the case that could over turn roe verses wade.
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tonight walnut creek is using covid relief money to fight a different epidemic. retail crime. the move comes weeks after dozens of thieves targeted the nordstrom and broadway plaza. kpix 5 is there tonight. and it definitely does not look like business as usual. under the lights of christmas tree at broadway plaza. a walnut creek police cruiser and barricades blocking off the road. just a few of the new measures the city is taking to prevent other stores interest being targeted. from being targeted. christmas carols and armed security guards. that's the new reality of holiday shopping in doubt walnut creek. >> i'm concerned. i noticed there's a police vehicle in front of nordstroms. soon there will be more police officers downtown. the walnut creek city council voted to fire five more
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officers to specifically patrol the shopping corridors. more security cameras and a tethered drone to be an eye in the sky over broadway plaza. it's going to be good for the owners of the store. not everyone believes more police is the only answer. >> there's really no way to be prepared for every situation no matter what happens. i don't think we need thousands of police officers. but there's not enough cops to stop the crime that's happening. that's a problem. the funning for the additional security measures is coming from the american rescue fund act. which is federal money designed to offset the impacts of covid- 19. walnut creek's mayor says because these caravan robberies are a threat to public safety, the city is able to use that money to hire more officers. in walnut creek, katie neilson, kpix 5. tonight we are learning that the suspect in the deadly school shooting in michigan and hi parents had a behavioral
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meeting with school officials hours before the attack. police say that the 15-year-old gunman made a video the night before talking about killing students. they say he came out of a restroom, began to fire at least 30 rounds from a handgun. video from inside a classroom showing students running as someone is at the door. >> there are facts that suggest this was not just an impulsive act. >> the suspect has been charged as an adult on 24 felony counts including terrorism and first- degree murder. the prosecutor says his parents could also face charges. >> new at 11:00. 400,000 planned parenthood patients in los angeles were victims of a massive malware attack. authorities say the hackers stole files containing patient's add dresses, diagnose foe sis, ask more. the suspect is still unphone right now. planned parenthood says it has enhanced security measures. tonight the future of
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abortion rights hangs in the balance after the supreme court heard arms in a case that could over turn roe v. wade. the case sents around a mississippi law that bans abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. hundreds of protesters from both sides gathering outside the high court today here in the bay area some students say they're stun. we're going backwards with what people are allowed to do with their bodies and that's really unfortunate. >> there's a constitutional right to abortion. there's no constitutional right to abortion, you can search the whole text. >> case is a major test to the y courts 6-3 conservative majority. a decision expected by next summer. a candle light vigil marked world aids day. millions across the globe have been affected by hiv and aids. since their discovery in the 80s. for those in the south bay, world aids day isn't just a time to honor those lost but a chance to end hiv infections. >> we need to continue the
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fight. we need to continue to search for a cure. we need to be proactive ab educating ourselves about this disease. >> tonight in san francisco's castro district, people use colored chalk to make inscriptions on the sidewalk or write the names of loved ones who died of aids. we're whroked into what we got. not much change in the forecast. subtle changes. we set records in san francisco, oakland, and san jose. temperatures still above normal tomorrow. but will back off slightly. big area of high pressure in the upper levels of the atmosphere resulting in that warm weather pattern. locking in the haze. that smudge on the horizon will be still with us as we head into the end of the workweek and the weekend. that area of high pressure will reposition itself a bit. a stronger on shore wind will result if cooling later this
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week. that will improve our air quality a little bit. but it's not likely to improve dramatically and get us out of the moderate category. where the official ratings were today. we had unofficial ratings tip intoog the orange. the unhealthy for sensitive groups category. that could be the case over the next several days. more of a large scale shift as we head into next week. not resulting in much of a rain chance. a 20% to 30% chance of a passing shower monday and monday night. but anything more than a trace of rainfall out of that system would be an over achievement based on the current path it's going to follow. you can still see a smudge on the horizon. the smog. but also actual fog developing across the bay in oakland. 50 degrees there. 60 degrees in san jose. temperatures all over the place. down to the 40s in livermore and santa rosa down to 44 degrees. torrs will bottom out. low to mid 40s inland. with temperatures around the bay. hitting about 50 degrees by early tomorrow morning. temperatures tomorrow still about 10 degrees above nor pal.
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but not record setting territory like we had today. mid to upper 60s along the coast. way above average. 70 for the south end of the bay down the peninsula with low 70s in the santa clara valley. upper 60s. and low 70s inland in the east bay. locally dense fog spilling in from the central valley. locally dense fog in north bay. putting the breaks on the warm up a little bit. temperatures upper 60s to 70. close to 70 for san francisco and oakland. warmer temperatures farther north. the warm spot is cloverdale at 74 degrees. it doesn't feel like early december. but it is. so this time of year, people's thoughts turn to the mops. there are a couple ski areas open. boreal has one of eight lifts open. they have 35 inches as a base. most of that is manmade. it's not quite as deep for palisades with 8 to 12 inches of a base. they have two of 34 lifts open. it's far from peak season yet. if you're a ski enthusiast, that's not going to slow you
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down. temperatures will back down a little bit as we head toward the end of the workweek into the weekend. but the cool days are still going to above average. we settle in the low to mid 60s around the bay. mid to upper 60s inland. cloud cover in the forecast monday. but the chance of showers will remain on the low side again anything more than a trace is out of the realm of possibility. the way things look right now with this system. we'll keep you updated as we get through the rest of the week. straight ahead in sports, there's a baseball lock out, now it's about finding a key. and we'll show you what team in the south bay where the picture is crystal clear. and the focus for these ladies if black is locked in. tomorrow night at 7:00, it's known among neighbors as little venice. a san francisco neighborhood where sidewalks are sinking as much as a foot or more in some spots. we learn the growing problem could have been avoided.
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for its performance to be adequate during the first ten years, wile they might have some liability. that story on project home tomorrow night at we learn about covid-19,
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baseball up top and now down. the lock out is real. no owners players agreement. to ball. the impass covers everything from how long the season will last to the players per diem on the road and revenue sharing fry free agency and arbitration. it's the first work stoppage since 1994. all baseball business is frozen until a deal is reached. now, the dodgers resign player chris taylor to a four-year 60 million-dollar deal. before the deadline. chris taylor of course a versatile player for the organization. good news for l.a. who lost max scherzer and cory seager this week. also the giants made it official, contracts alex wood and alex cob as both address
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the pead ya today. now cob is a replacement for kevin gosman introduced to the toronto blue jays today with his wife. he signed a five-year 110 million-dollar deal with the jays. and here's what he said when asked why leave a good situation with the giants. >> listen i was on the best team in baseball all year last year. you know. and we had the best, you know, winning season in franchise history. but i didn't get the job done. so you know, for me, that kind of left a bad taste in my mouth. and i'm hungry for that. on to soccer. the final four of the game. the college cup has descended on santa clara this week. the broncos, the 2020 champs play host and face byu friday in one of the semifinal games. now this was back if may. a covid delay title game. and win over florida state. the broncos second ever title
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and first in almost 20 years. now two more wins and it's a back-to-back run. and coach jerry smith told me that would be something. >> that hasn't been done. in i don't foe, 20 years or so. so that would be incredible. and it would make a good trivia question. because it would be two national championships in the same calendar year. which also never happened. >> that's right. >> i don't foe what i did to deserve this. a second top five list this week. let's go. number five, shake hands after you've been beaten, not this kid. this from an iowa high school game. and the player is facing charges. number four, dad had a lot of faith here. let his son hit a flop shot over his head. number three. denver's aaron gordon is that good. showed his old team orlando and drop the hammer for the denver
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nuggets. number two, hawks tray young. just break an ankle. show boating. 33 points with a man they call ice tray. in the atlanta win. and number one, the strangest hockey goal you'll ever see. look closely. it bounced off the boards. and in. i'm sure the hockey goalie did not see that coming. what a shot. what a show. what a top five from brian stites productions. take a bow. that is one magic hockey punt. it's so good. we'll see it on the morning show. excellent. can't wait. well, coming up, from zero to this. what's behind the resurgence of monarch butterflies on the central coast. the bay area is showing its holiday spirit.
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this is the scene tonight. we want to see your holiday displays as well. email pick cures and videos to bay area brig spots
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thousands of monarch butterflyings back on the central coast. experts say that's exciting after last year's low count. about 100,000 monarchs make up this year's western population. per than 12,000 of them in pacific grove. >> researchers of the monarch butterfly sanctuary say it's the most they're seen in five years. they believe factors like climate change and the drought impacted their migration. >> so if it was too dry here, if it didn't have enough nectar sources. if we didn't have the wind protection they needed. they would decide to go elsewhere. >> they are so beautiful. >> get down enjoy the gift of being together. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants.
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enjoy the gift of being together. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online. the late show with steven
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colbert is next. thanks for watching cbsn bay area. we'll see you tomo ow. captioning sponsored by cbs >> very public infighting among the house g.o.p. at the center of the exchange, representative nancy mace, who critized fellow republican lauren boebert for making anti-muslim comments about democratic congresswoman ilhan omar, and others. in response to macy's comments, congresswoman marjorie taylor greene tweeted, in part, "nancy mace is the trash in the g.o.p. conference." >> it's like they're auditioning for "the real housewives." >> you're watching c-span3. the nurse will be making rounds shortly. coming up next, "the real house members of capitol hill." ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i filled out paperwork to
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