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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  December 1, 2021 11:35pm-12:37am PST

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thanks for watching cbsn bay area. we'll see you tomo ow. captioning sponsored by cbs >> very public infighting among the house g.o.p. at the center of the exchange, representative nancy mace, who critized fellow republican lauren boebert for making anti-muslim comments about democratic congresswoman ilhan omar, and others. in response to macy's comments, congresswoman marjorie taylor greene tweeted, in part, "nancy mace is the trash in the g.o.p. conference." >> it's like they're auditioning for "the real housewives." >> you're watching c-span3. the nurse will be making rounds shortly. coming up next, "the real house members of capitol hill." ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i filled out paperwork to legally adopt kyle rittenhouse.
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>> algebra is a muslim plot to create something i don't understand. >> i've never heard of me, either. >> is there anything that the national forest service can do to change the course of the moon's orbit? >> tonight's episode: the real house members touch base at the national prayer breakfast. >> jewish space lasers are real! pay attention, please! >> announcer: it's "the late show with stephen colbert." tonight: the walking spread. plus, stephen welcomes: javier bardem and musical guest gang of youth featuring jon batiste and stay human. and now, live on tape from the ed sullivan theater in new york
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city, it's stephen colbert! ♪ ♪ ♪ ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: oh, hey! ( cheers andla >> stephen: hey! >> audience: stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: thank you! thank you, ladies and gentlemen. thank you very much. welcome, one and all, to "the
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late show." i am your host, stephen colbert. folks, i have spent almost most of the entire last year trying to avoid talking about our former president, "teeny weeny peeny mussolini." but no matter how hard we try to avoid him, his name keeps coming up. he's history's taco burp. the latest belch comes in a new book from former white house chief of staff and man maintaining eye contact as he crushes your child's hamster ( laughter ) mark meadows. according to mark meadows, in the fall of 2020, the former president tested positive for covid a few days before his first debate with joe biden. okay, that is totally irresponsible. that is almost as reckless as when walter mondale debated reagan wearing his pet cobra.
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now, a week later, we learned the president actually did have covid and was hospitalized for it. but who could have known that he might have been positive at the debate that tuesday? let's ask my good friend, me from last year: so if he was feeling down on wednesday, that means he may have been contagious when he debated joe biden. you can't go wrong when you bet on the former president lying. and him not paying taxes. now, according to meadows' book, three days before the debate, meadows told his boss, "mr. president," meadows said, i've got some bad news. you've tested positive for covid-19." now, meadows describes himself as a devout christian, so instead of writing what the president actually said in his reply, meadows says it "rhymed
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with 'oh spit, you've gotta be trucking lidding me.'" ( laughter ) meadows, of course-- meadows, of course, happy to help undermine democracy, but he won't swear. it explains the title of his book, "i'm a ducking piece of zit with my nose up rump's grasshole." ( cheers and applause ) mark meadows fans. >> jon: oh, they're fans. >> stephen: mark meadows fans here tonight. also, "you've got to be trucking lidding me?" so, i'm going to guess, in the meadows household, the word "kidding" s what they call the act of "making kids." ( laughter ) "and if you kid yourself, you'll go blind." now, after the president's positive test, the white house had him take a different test and got a negative result, which, according to meadows, the president took as full permission to press on as if nothing had happened. not exactly the actions of someone who cares about public health.
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"oh, i only might have herpes? well then, pucker up, ladies, the kissing booth is back on. oh, this? i've just been eating cornflakes." meadows-- ( cheers and applause ) "i bumped my lip on a birkit." now, meadows took a different view, and instructed everyone in the president's immediate circle to treat him as if he was positive. so no touching him, no getting close to him, avoid him unless absolutely necessary-- a strategy the c.d.c. calls "the melania." ( laughter ) ( applause ) the debate-- ( applause ) it's an oldy but goodie. i'm nostalgic. the debate was three days later, and according to moderator chris wallace, the president was not tested before the debate because he arrived late. s6 organizers, wallace said, relied on the honor system. how can you rely on the honor
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system when you know he doesn't have any? that's like meeting with vladimir putin and relying on the shirt system. so why did meadows let the debate go forward? well, becuse he says, by debate day, his boss looked a little bit better. "his face, for the most part at least, had regained its usual light-bronze hue." "light-bronze hue." maybe he's healthier. maybe it's maybelline. it's maybelline. in fact, their mortuary line: "looks like he's sleeping." coincidentally, meadows dropped his book preview on the same day that he agreed to cooperate in the congressional capitol attack investigation. so, his congressional testimony might just be a clever marketing ploy: ( as congressman ) "mr. meadows, what did the former president know about the planning for january 6?" ( as meadows ) "a lot. and i'm going to tell you everything you need to know in my new book. at $14.95 a copy, that's a steal you can't stop." ( cheers and applause )
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speaking of covid... we always are. tonight is the fourth night of omicron-nukah, and in response to the new variant, the c.d.c. plans to toughen coronavirus testing for travelers. tougher testing-- that can only mean one thing: double-wide q-tip, and not up the nose. ( laughter ) try to relax. the new rule will require everyone entering the u.s. to show a negative result from a test within 24 hours of departure. how was that not already the rule? this whole time, they've been letting people test up to three days before their flight. that's a big gap. when the cops pull over a drunk driver, they don't go, "sir, step out of the car. oh, what's that? you tested sober three days ago? my bad. i'm sorry. hooters is that way, on your way. just drive through the walmart." ( applause )
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the c.d.c.'s not alone. yesterday, the world health organization advised unvaccinated people aged 60 and older to postpone heir travel. they also politely request that all travelers 60 and over stop showing pictures of their grandkids to the person seated next to them: "this is aidan. he's in the coast guard. and madison here is in beauty school. oh, you're off to the bathroom again? okay, i'll walk with you. this is daphne. she has a nose ring. i think that means she's a lesbian." ( laughter ) but, hopefully, these travel restrictions will help stop the spread, and we'll never have to worry about the omicron variant in the united states. >> cnn can now report the c.d.c. has identified its first case of the omicron variant in the united states. >> the california and san francisco departments of public health and the c.d.c. have confirmed that a recent case of covid 19 among an individual in
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california was caused by the omicron variant. >> stephen: okay, there's need to panic. everybody calm down! we just need to social distance and maybe blow up the goldengaaf san francisco as a hot zone of the damned! i love everyone in the bay area, but good-bye. we don't need your sourdough anymore. thanks to covid, we know how to make it ourselves. ( applause ) in the world of politics, president biden's approval rating keeps going down. he's particularly not doin' so hot with the youthlings. according to a new poll, biden has a 46% approval rating among americans aged 18 to 29, which is a 13-point drop from where he was in march. but to be fair, biden is 79 years old. young people just want someone
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they can relate to, which is why the most popular politician among young americans is 80-year-old senator bernie sanders. ( as bernie ) "that's right. the youths love bernie. they go ga-ga over my mittens and goo-goo over my idea that they should have health care. they stan me. that's the tea, fam. no cap. now scoop your uncle bernie a generous ladle of the chicken noodle. bitch better have my soup." bitch better have my soup." ( cheers and applause ) soup "bitch better have my soup." one reason the youths are down on biden is that they're worried about the state of our democracy. in fact, 35% said it is likely they will see a second civil war in their lifetime. nuh-uh-uh. no going back for a second civil war until you finish your first one. i still see some plantation wedding venues on that plate, young lady. it gets worse.
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25% of those polled said there was a chance at least one state would secede in their lifetime. ooh! can we vote on which one? ( laughter ) ( applause ) -- i-- i-- pick wyoming. there's only, like, nine people there, and one of them is kanye now. ( laughter ) but there is a chance the youths could come around on the president, because after a video went viral on the tiktok, the internet is swooning over joe biden's hot secret service agent. okay, but aren't all secret service agents hot? i'm pretty sure the job listing says, "agent wanted: must look cool in shades. tall and handsome. able to carry me around like a little baby in those big, strong arms." the video is from biden's trip to nantucket last weekend. let's take a look: ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> stephen: whoa! if he's there, who's manning the door at abercrombie & fitch? i don't-- ( applause ). what? no, no, no. but truly, wouldn't anyone look fine with that music and sunglasses? let's try it out: ♪ ♪ ♪ ( cheers and applause ) nah, it's definitely that guy. and i personally want to sasaroute that agent. because despite all this attention to his sexiness, he's focused on doing his job, just like my head of security, silvio. isn't that right, silvio? >> yes, sir. we've got a great show for you tonight. my guest is javier bardem.
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but when we come back, it's the most goopiest time of the year. join us. ♪ ♪ ♪ ( applause )
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( applause ) >> stephen: say hello to the band, everybody, jon batiste and stay human. keeping it human over there. ( cheers and applause ). jon, i-- i am interviewing a man tonight. >> jon: yes. >> stephen: an incredibly talented actor, a-- a avatar of masculinity, i believe. >> jon: mmm. >> stephen: mr. javier bardem is here this evening. >> jon: right in the building. right here in the building. >> stephen: incredibly talented. in the new movie "being the ricardos," and also "dune." i might ask him a couple of questions about "dune." i might have to. legally i think i have to ask him a few questions about can the dune." he doesn't have to respond.
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( applause ) ♪ ♪ ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: that's very nice. every night. welcome back, everybody. ladies and gentlemen, my guest tonight is an actor you know from, "no country for old men," "skyfall," and "dune." he now stars as desi arnaz in "being the ricardos." >> you're not telling these people that i checked the wrong box. >> this is a critical moment, lucy. >> if i'm going to die-- >> you're not.
12:04 am
>> i would rather die standing up. >> i don't have any idea-- >> i'm not an idiot. i didn't check the wrong box. >> you saw the headline. >> you can see the headline from outer space. he raised me since i was age four. he cared about the little guy. he cared about workers' rights. it was a tribute to him, and to say-- >> grandpa fred was wrong! lucy! yes! he didn't tell you the part where they throw your father in prison for the crime of being the mayor of a city! i was chased to this country, lucy! believe me, you checked the wrong box. >> stephen: please welcome, javier bardem ♪ ♪ ♪ ( applause )
12:05 am
>> yeah! >> stephen: yeah. that's nice. so nice to meet you. i interviewed you briefly last year over the internet for "dune," for warner brothers, but we fan. i'm so happy to have you here. >> i'm a big fan of you, an amazing professional and very, very comedic to tell many of the truths that are needed to be told out there. so thank you very much ( applause ). >> stephen: that's very nice of you to say, very nice. vry kind. so now you're playing desi arnaz. >> uh-huh. >> stephen: in the new aaron sorkin film, "being the ricardos." before we talk about ti just want to remind everybody here is that we have no concept today of how big this show was. "i love lucy" had 60 million people watching it in 1953. i think there were, like, 65 million tvs in america back
12:06 am
then. it was so enormous. did you know anything about "i love lucy" growing up in spain? >> nothing. >> stephen: wow. >> we barely had tvs there back in the 50s. actually, in the 50s franwh a dictactator, and't setn spain. >> stephen: did the government control what was on tv? >> yeah, absolutely, he controlled everything. he controlled the lives of everyone. and everyone who was against the regime, will be very harshly punished. >> stephen: as you said, you're from spain. arnaz is cuban. >> yes. >> stephen: now, i don't speak spanish, and i don't think i would hear the difference. >> yes. >> stephen: what to you is the difference between the spanish accent and the cuban spanish accent? and how did you-- did you adjust for that? >> yes, it is a softer-- i mean, the cuban people has the music in their d.n.a. it's-- it's they are softer. they have-- i don't think
12:07 am
spaniard, european spaniards have that high or that presence. i think. and the accent is softer and it has more music. for example, there's a line in the movie where i say, "walk me to the stage." that's the way i would say, "walk me to the stage." in cuban, he would say, "walk me to the stage! that's music going on! that's music, warwick me to the stage!" and their mouths are open and it's a way to express themselves with no shame. they really own it. they are really confident in their own body, which is something i don't know how much we have that -- >> stephen: you seem confident in your own body. >> i don't think so. >> stephen: when you danced out here, you seemed fairly confident. ( applause ) did you-- now, did you enjoy aaron sorkin's dialogue? because he's famous for his-- his patter is sort of
12:08 am
dismissive. the banter, the rhythm of his dialogue. is he acting? does he say, no, i said, but, but, but." does every word have to be exactly the way he wants it? >> yes, and i would do the same if i had that talent. for actors to have that dialogue and those words and those situations and the images he beautifully and masterfully creates in the dialogue is gold for any actor. and you have to be precise. i was the only one who could really make my way through it because i was the only foreigner playing a foreigner. and there were parts i wld say, "i don't know if i would say that word. i don't know if i would ever know what the word means. could we change it?" and he would be very open. >> stephen: he respected your perspective. >> absolutely. and i was the envy of the rest of the cast, because i could more or less -- >> stephen: aaron, i don't think so. >> "i don't think so. what's that word? how do you pronounce that?" >> stephen: you actually got the blessing of desi and
12:09 am
lucille's daughter, lucie arnaz. what did you learn from her, from this really most famous actual tv couple? >> membership things. she was so generous and so helpful giving nicole and i, for example, tapes of their private conversations at home that lucy recorded when they were little. ththey would record their kids talking about different things in life. and it was so beautiful, so intimate. so to have those recordings to hear, in my case, desi's voice in privacy, it was like a treasure. but also a very huge responsible to-- when you're given such a pressure of intimacy, you really need to put all your commitment in trying to make it-- to own it, to earn it. >> stephen: is there a special responsibility or a special pressure for not just that level of intimacy, but playing any actual living person? >> i think so. and especially if you really admire and love and that person
12:10 am
has created... a precedent on history, which is the case of desi arnaz. and i guess the only way to do it as an actor is to become a vessel, to empty yourself and try to make that spirit. because i believe in energies. i believe in spirits. and you are kind of evoking that spirit t through your work. and some day it might happen that that spirit comes through you and starts to communicate. i know it sounds weird, and it is weird. >> stephen: no, no, i love it. >> but that's what we, the actors try to do when we are doing real people. except you play, for example, pablo escobar, which i did. i didn't want to know anything about that. i didn't invoke him at all. i said, "stay where you are. i'm going to do this from the b that. >> stephen: we have to take a quick break. stick around, we'll be right back with more javier bardem, everybody.
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12:16 am
away here because you find out right in the first five minute of the film-- lucy is accused of being a communist, by walter winchle, and this is all taking place during the house on american activities committee. and was there-- was there a similar thing, anticommunist sort of red scare, red hunt in spain? >> oh, yeah. >> stephen: under frarvgo. >> oh, may. my only family was persecuted by that. >> stephen: for being accused of being socialists? >> and also because my uncle was a person who back in the day, in the 40s, was one of the founders of the communist party in spain. and he would spend a lot of time in jail for that. and, actually, he could direct a movie while being in jail. while he was in jail he finished the shooting of a movie like he was doing back in the day from jail. back in those times, anything that you would do against the regime, as i said before, it would be harshly punished, like
12:17 am
with your own life. >> stephen: you play this famous couple, but you are a famous couple. you and your beautiful wife penelope cruz. ( applause ) >> which doesn't make any sense. >> stephen: doesn't make any sense? >> i see the picture and i think what is this beautiful creature on earth doing with that guy? but -- >> stephen: i can think of a few reasons. >> thank you very much. you're very kind. >> stephen: te thing is that you are playing lucy and desi on camera, in the show. you're seeing the show creates and the scenes, and you see your life off stage. you and penelope have performed together. you have a life on stage and off stage together. is that hard? >> it is weird. it is weird, because, for example, we're doing this movie lledloablo" bad ona pablo's lov. and there were a couple of scenes that were very, very,
12:18 am
very dramatic and very hard. and when we finished to go back to be dad and mom for our kids, it was, like, weird. >> stephen: well, especially, a troubled relationship. >> absolutely. and there was a day where i was actually sleeping on the sofa. she said, "i don't want to see you or your mustache. you sleep out there." >> stephen: because she couldn't see past-- >> i was playing the part. so you can do that. you can enjoy that, but not-- as long as you don't do it too often. >> stephen: we have to take one more break, but stick around. we'll be right back with javier bardem, everybody. ♪ ♪ ♪ ( applause )
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mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. ( applause ). >> stephen: hey, everybody! we're back with the star of the film "being the ricardos," javier bardem. you're starring in another film right now called "the good boss." >> yes. >> stephen: and on monday i found out that it received 20 nominations for the goya award, which is spain's-- oscars essentially. >> we broke-- we broke every record. we broke every record, and we
12:24 am
received it with a lot of-- in a very humble way. and we are absolutely overwhelmed. but it's true, it's true, it's not easy to make a good movie. when it happens that the critics and the reviews and the audience is really unified on really supporting and accompanying the journey of that movie because they love it, it's-- it's a great reward. >> stephen: it opened in spain, a little over a month ago. >> yes, yes. >> stephen: hasn't come out here yet. what-- what is it about? >> well, it's about basically in a few lines, it's about the abuse of power on the working place. and it's through a very dark... comedy way. but, also, there are a lot of punches, because it's a social portrait of what a working place is and the abuse of power that you can do with that. and there are many examples in the world. you can start from harvey weinstein, being one of the top examples. and also people have little businesses, but they are not
12:25 am
very respectful in respecting the boundaries with their fellow workers. >> stephen: has there been a substantial version of what we in the united states call the "me, too" movement in spain. >> i think the "me too" movement has spread over the world. basically, it's the same. >>stephen: i can't let you go, legally, i can't let you go without asking about "dune." you play stilgar. and i have a photo here. >> look at that. >> stephen: i keep back here all the time. not just when you're here. i think it's a perfect adaptation. it's absolutely beautiful, stunning, moving. you're a perfect stilgar. >> thank you. coming from you! you're such a agreement fan. wow, wow ( applause ). >> stephen: very much his own man. you know, mysterious, honorable. now, i did not know, you were already friends-- but of course it makes sense-- you were already friend with josh brolin from "old country with old men." but you had never done a scene
12:26 am
together until this. >> and we don't share the scene. >> stephen: he yells at you. >> he yells at me and i spit on the table and look at him like, "shut up." but when we heard about the news of being in the sequel happening -- >> stephen: just a few weeks ago it got green lighted. >> which is great news. i got a text. the first text i got was from josh brolin saying, "see you in the desert ( bleep )." i said, all right! in the second one, hopefully, as you know -- >> stephen: i have read the book. and spoilers, there's a lot more stilgar-- >> i to say something to you. i personally invite you to come to the set next summer to see the shooting of could due, whenever you can. >> stephen: you're a witness. ( applause ). >> yes, i mean it. whenever you can. it's going to happen in boud pept or jordan, so many places. i don't know for real. but you have to come. i will make sure that you are there. and you wear one of those still
12:27 am
suits. >> stephen: wait a second. what are the still suits like. how much chafe regular we talking about here? >> they are comfortable. >> stephen: really. >> they do a great job. >> stephen: you're not wearing a hefty bag in the desert? >> no, not really. they are not as heavy as it looks. they're beautifully made. >> stephen: well, did you-- did you come across "dune" growing up in spain? >> i read it when i was 52. iread it when i was 18. >> stephen: you read it in spanish. >> yes. >> stephen: in spanish. but it was-- it was like if i read it in russian. i mean, i didn't understand a word. >> stephen: there's a lot going on. i'm just curious, how do you say "fear is the mind killer," in epicspanish? >> fear is the mother killer. that could be a very kind of-- i don't know if it's a good
12:28 am
translation. let me see... i don't speak spanish. >> stephen: how would desi arnaz say it? ( laughter ) ( applause ) >> stephen: i just-- one thing occurred to me, i meant to ask you earlier, is that you are a convincing musician as desi arnaz. >> yes. >> stephen: are you a musician? because you play the guitar beautifully. you sing beautifully. >> that's movie magic. that's movie magic. i don't do guitar. >> stephen: you're faking it? >> with these fingers. look at this. but, no, i play drums. and i play congos. >> stephen: that's real. >> that's what i like. i like the rhythm. but when they were playing babaloo. that's when i really enjoy it. the congo was full of blood because i was too hard on it. >> stephen: do you have any
12:29 am
advice-- >> look at me. like... >> wow! >> that's normal. that's normal. >> that's normal? >> yes. you can go play now, if you want to. ( applause ) >> well, listen, if you say so. >> stephen: perhaps as we go out, perhaps as we go out? "being the ricardos" is in theaters december 10. we'll be right back with a performance by gang of youths.
12:30 am
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>> stephen: performing "the angel of 8th avenue" from their forthcoming album, "angel in realtime," gang of youths ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ so we got straight to the heart ♪ and i was a coward and worse to my shame i fell hard upon the ♪ weightless weeks but wasted every day ¡til you emerged in ♪ the park like some patron of washington square for the first ♪ time in a long time inside
12:34 am
everything stood clear so went ♪ out to find me a job but i didn't think i would hold this ♪ one down it gives the same old sinking feeling of ♪ hammers in my bowels but you are good to me still and when my ♪ old man was near to the end you loved his broken body in th? ♪ same way that i did i wanna lay me down and be lover ♪ of the year in this strange new town this strange hemisphere ♪ god, it was state of the art you called each of my sorrows by ♪ name and a tide of tender mercies shook my body from the ♪ grave and in the festival years of our makeshift parade in ♪ perpetual fall and immeasurable rain i wanna see ♪ this one out and i wanna join the impossible swing and fall
12:35 am
♪ hard beside you screaming at the bowels of everything and in ♪ the islington morn you're the angel of 8th and what's more, ♪ the damn greatest thing that laney ever made ♪ i wanna lay me down and be lover of the year and in this ♪ strange new town this strange hemisphere you persuade me now ♪ to look closer in the mirror and i wanna lay me down for ♪ years and years and years and years ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ah, there's heaven in you now
12:36 am
♪ ah, there's heaven in you now ah, there's heaven in you now ♪ ah, there's heaven in you now ah, there's heaven in you now ♪ there is heaven in you now ah, there's heaven in you now ah, ♪ there's heaven in you now ah, there's heaven in you now there ♪ is heaven in you now ah, there's heaven in you now ah, ♪ there's heaven in you now ah, there's heaven in you now ah, ♪ there's heaven in you now there is heaven in you ♪ now now, now ♪ ♪ ♪ >> stephen: gang of youths, everybody goodnight that's it for the late show. tune in tomorrow when my guests will be mahershala ali and author jason reynolds.
12:37 am
james corden is next. goodnight. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ the late late show-oh-oh the late late show woo! ♪ the late late show-oh-ho the late late show-oh-oh!


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