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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  December 2, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PST

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right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, looking live from our exclusive sales force tower camera east over the bay bridge, good morning it is thursday december 2. i am len kiese. >> i am amanda starrantino. we will start with a check on our weather. it has been just beautiful. we are looking at mild temperatures today, not as warm as yesterday. we had record breaking highs yesterday afternoon but still well above average for this time of year. we have to get through the dense fog again especially for solano highlighted in gray under thnse fog advisory this morning. check out the visibility as we start off our day. we have been looking at a quarter mile in petaluma and i have been watching fog in fairfield down to a tenth of a mile. really we will continue to watch that as we head through our morning for solano county and inland east bay as well. we are looking at clear skies,
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patchy dense fog. through today, mostly sunny to partly sunny skies and mild to warm daytime highs but not as warm as yesterday. still looking at highs soaring into the 60s and 70s this afternoon. we have 70s for peninsula and highs inland upper 60s to low 70. 70 concord, 70 santa rosa. let's check with anne for a look at traffic. how are the roadways? we are expecting that fog to be an issue as we have seen yesterday. this is altamont pass traffic, not looking bad but a 23 minute drive from 205, 680, tracy into the city. there is an accident with injuries on 580 east just east of 205 being cleared. watch for possible residual delays. san mateo bridge cam clear, 12
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minutes 880 to 101. bay bridge metering lights are off. it should be an easy drive from the maze into san francisco, seven minutes. after murder suspects were arrested, charged and released with zero bail san jose's top cop and city leader are sounding the alarm. counity at risk. utting the maria medina is in san jose where she discovered a homicide suspect walked out of jail and escaped to a different country. >> reporter: in the last couple days, san jose police chief learned of three murder suspects his investigators arrested but were released from jail as they awaited trial, including a man who they say fled to mexico. >> the circumstances are being treated as low level incidents and they're not. these are homicides. these are lives that were taken. >> reporter: oscar soto trusted by a judge to stay in santa
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clara county. >> we don't know exactly where he is. >> reporter: he is believed to be in mexico now wanted by san jose police. >> this is a danger to the community, sends the wrong message to the community, our officers and most importantly to the victims' family that crime is not being taken seriously by the system. >> reporter: two others walked out of jail after charged last month for allegedly killing a man who crashed into them. all three of the suspects released on zero bail under a state supreme court ruling to end cash bail for those who can't afford to pay them. >> i know we are all for reform. but this is not reform. >> we don't know all the facts. >> reporter: once a superior court judge her says says judges take in a multitude of factor including criminal history and whether someone is a flight risk and now the new
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zero bail law. >> believe me, every judge who considers bail, makes a decision about bail in a case has that going on in the back of their heads. if i do this, is this going to haunt me? however, you can't as a judge make decisions just based on that. you can't do it out of fear. if police officers will put all this out, they need to put all the information out and that's not what they're doing. they're putting out that they're not unhappy. that's not my per view. >> reporter: it's a new law with circumstances police say they don't agree with. >> the judges are probably following to the best of their belief what they think the law compels them to do. if that's what the law compels them to do, the law needs to be changed. there is a problem with the law. >> reporter: put on the sorf when he allegedly fled. that's what castile was also arrested and another is on
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house arrest. in san francisco a high profile retail theft suspect out on zero bail. graves is accused of more than 120 thefts from stones town target. the eldorado da tells us graves is also accused there. >> it's one thing to say you are in favor of reform, changes in law that are not too harsh but to say there is no accountability for stealing other people's property is what's happened. >> graves was released with electronic monitoring and stay away orders prohibiting her from going to target. the story everyone is talking about, omicron is in the bay area. we knew it was only a matter of time. nine days after someone flew back from south africa to san francisco, that individual is the first confirmed case. kenny choi is at sfo with a look the changes that could be on the way for travelers. >> it's a mind fail for
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travelers. >> reporter: richard powers has been traveling throughout the pandemic. changes in rules and protocols for countries have made going to the airport a confusing maze of tests, quarantines, mask mandates. >> why aren't they getting together and say hey, one rule for travel. >> reporter: vaccinated travelers have to test no more than three days before departure. that is expected to be shortened because of concerns around the omicron variant, a change that would follow the travel ban on countries. >> we need time to prepare to understand what's going on. >> we don't have enough information yet to make conclusions about whether this variant will significantly change the course of the pandemic. >> what's unclear is when new travel rules including tightened testing would take effect. >> i think it is logical. i think it is boring but has to be done. >> i think they need to stop changing rules. i think the world needs to wake
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up and realize this is here to stay. >> not only is testing one day before departure being considered, testing after arrival is on the table. mask requirements aboard flights, inside airports and other transportation hubs are expected to be extended through next march. >> they believe they need to have temporary, i think they are good to do it. my concern is that we don't go back to lock down. >> reporter: biden administration is expected to announce its strategy to tackle covid. it's unclear whether tighter testing rules for travelers will also be addressed. two bay area labs played key roles in confirming omicron infection and it took less than 48 hours for scientists to detect it. the san francisco resident took a pcr test sunday afternoon. the sample arrived at color labs in burling game and the patient was notified of a
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positive result. early monday, extracting rna from the patient sample went to a china based lab in san francisco for genomic sequencing. >> we were able to identify in hours because it has a specific pattern of mutation. i am almost certain this is only the tip of the iceberg and we will continue to see cases in the united states. >> for more information on the vaccine or how to find booster shots check our guide on a sign that california's water crisis might be getting worse, the state sent a warning saying it doesn't have enough water to send to districts including many in the bay area. >> reporter: napa receives water from the state water project. without any help neck year water experts say it is inevitable consumers will be asked to conserve more. despite a few storms since late october, water is still scarce in california. >> i would expect to see more
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restrictions >> rorter: in the much of the east bay, san jose, napa will be impacted by the decision to cut off water shipments. napa residents are worried about how it will affect the heart of the local economy. >> you have to take care of people producing the food. you can't turn your back on those people. this is a huge ag valley. >> reporter: the forecast shows below average precipitation in the coming months. this as the largest state managed was varnell sits at 30% capacity. it typically stands at 60% this time of year. >> this is mother nature. there is nothing we can do about it from that end of production. the only thing we can do is from the end of consumption. >> with climate change i think it could get worse before it gets better so i think we need to bunker down and look at increasing levels of
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conservation and storing water when it does rain rather than let it run off. >> reporter: the only exceptions will be for health and safety reasons. coming up, one east bay city spending millions in covid relief money to step up police patrols. will it really stop other mob style robberies. new details on the deadly michigan school shooting. why it appears administrators had serious concerns leading up to the attack. stay with us. we
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walnut creek using covid relief money to fight a different epidemic, retail crime. >> this is after dozens of teams targeted nordstrom in broadway plaza. it definitely does not look like business as usual. >> reporter: under the lights of the christmas tree, a walnut creek police cruiser and barricades blocking off the road. just a few of the new measures the city is taking to prevent other stores from being targeted. christmas carols and armed security guards, the new reality of holiday shopping in downtown walnut creek. >> i am concerned. i notice there is a police
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vehicle in front of nordstrom. >> reporter: soon there will be more police officers. city council voted to spend $2 million to hire five officers specifically to patrol shopping corridors, more security cameras, and a drone to be an eye in the sky over broadway plaza. >> it will be good for the shoppers and the owners of the store. >> reporter: not everyone believes more police is the only answer. >> there is really no way to be prepared for every situation. >> i don't believe we need thousands of police officers but there is not enough to stop the crime that's happening. >> reporter: the funding is coming from the american rescue fund act which is federal money designed to offset impacts of covid-19. walnut creek's mayor says because these caravan robberies are a threat to public safety the city is able to use that money to hire more officers. we are learning the suspect
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in the deadly school shooting in michigan and his parents had a behavioral meeting with school officials hours before the attack. police say the 15-year-old gunman made a video the night before talking about killing students. they say he came out of a restroom and began to fire at least 30 rounds from a hand gun. video shows students running as someone is at the door. >> there are facts leading up in the shooting that suggest this was not just an impulsive act. >> it was just incredibly disturbing. >> the suspect has been charged as an adult on 24 felony counts including terrorism and first degree murder. prosecutors say his parents could also face charges. nearly 400,000 planned parenthood patients in l.a. were victims of a massive malware attack. authorities say the hacker stole files containing patients' addresses, diagnoses
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and more. the suspect is unknown. planned parenthood says it has enhanced security measures. the future of abortion rights hangs in the balance after supreme court heard arguments in a case that could over turn roe v wade. the case centers around a mississippi law that bans abortions after 15 weeks pregnancy. hundreds of protesters from both sides gathered outside high court yesterday. in the bay area, some students say they're stunned. >> we're going backwards with what people are allowed to do with their bodies and that is really unfortunate. >> a constitutional right to abortion. there is no constitutional right. you can search the whole text. >> this case is a major test of the high court 6-3 conservative majority. a decision is expected by next summer. time for a check of the money watch report. how omicron is affecting flights. how a united airlines flight is
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making history. stocks tumbled after first known case of the omicron variant in u.s. was confirmed yesterday. dow dropped 461 points. nasdaq skidded 283 and s&p 500 fell 53. health experts warned it was likely the covid-19 variant was already in the u.s. omicron was discovered last week in south africa. travel stocks which are particularly sensitive to covid restrictions fell especially hard. former twitter ceo jack dorsey wasting no time shaking up his own venture square. the digital payment company that owns cash app and music service title will change its name to block next week. it signals expansion into block chain and other technologies that aim to help increased access to the economy. united airlines flight from chicago to washington made history. it was first commercial flight
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carrying passengers that flew on 100% sustainable fuel in one of two engines. the plane had 500 gallons of fuel made from nonpetroleum feed stocks. it demonstrated how sustainable fuel has potential to match performance of petroleum based fuel but with a fraction of the carbon footprint. can meet the demand of the entire u.s. aviation industry. for more head to i'm diane king hall. it is 4:48. let's turn to mary lee with the dense fog advisory. >> once again for solano, fairfield, vallejo, benicia under dense fog advisories until 10:00. watching that fog from the sacramento valley push into solano this morning. watch also for inland east bay. you could see some of that fog as well. current visibility, five miles
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in fairfield and concord and livermore but i have seen in fairfield down to about a tenth of a mile overnight. watching that for you, petaluma is near zero in the north bay as well. as we go through our day, we are looking at mostly sunny to partly sunny skies in the 40s and 50s with other locations looking at mainly clear skies. it's a chilly start for sure once again. as we head through our day, here is your forecast. a chilly morning, clear skies and again that patchy dense fog in spots as we start our day. mostly sunny to partly sunny skies and mild to warm daytime high temperatures. it's because of the strong ridge of high pressure keeping storm track well to our north. that has been the case over the last several days. you see on futurecast a few more clouds. we will see a southerly surge and that will bring a few clouds to our skies. daytime highs from the 60s along the coast, 67 pacifica,
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low 70s for peninsula from 70 san mateo, 72 santa clara, 73 san jose. inland east bay, 70 in concord, pleasant hill. around the bay, upper 60s in san francisco and also for and, saleo analeda, bay, upper to low 70s. 73ukiah. the seven-day forecast, we will continue to cool it down as we look to friday and especially into our weekend, back to where we should be for this time of year. more clouds as we look to monday. that's san francisco, oakland, san jose. inland east bay, north bay, coast, we will cool it down as we look to our weekend with temperatures in the 60s, where we should be for this time of year and continuing to cool down as we look to next week. how are the roadways shaping up? there is a fog advisory. it is in effect for the antioch
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bridge. the others are dealing with fog. they don't have advisories. travel times in south bay everything in the green 101 from 85 to 680, 7 minute drive. castro valley to the maze, 17. again that fog advisory for antioch bridge. dublin interchange altamont pass, traffic is heavy, almost a 50 minute drive from 205 to 680. golden gate bridge is clear, 19 minute drive south from 37 into the city. san mateo bridge is clear, 12 minutes from 880 to 101. bay bridge showing metering lights are off, easy drive time from the maze to the city, seven minutes. vern. hello. good morning. on my mind, there is a baseball lock out. now it's all about finding a key. we have that and we'll show you what team in the south bay where the picture is crystal
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clear and the
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good morning. in baseball now down as the lock out is real as of last night. no owners, players agreement, no ball. impasse covers everything from how long the season will last to players per diem on the road and revenue sharing, free agency, arbitration. it is the first work stoppage since 1994. all baseball business is frozen until a deal is reached. the dodgers did resign versatile player cristae loretta lynch to a four year $60 million deal late last
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night, good news for l.a. who lost scherzer and seger this week. giants made it official, contracts for alex wood and alex cobb both addressed media yesterday. cobb is a replacement for gosman deal with the jays. here is what he said when asked why leave a good situation with the giants? >> i was on the best team in baseball all year last year, you know. we had the best winning season in franchise history. but i didn't get the job done. for me, that kind of left a bad taste in my mouth. i am hungry for that. >> all right. pivot of soccer. final four of the game, the college cup is descended on santa clara. broncos, 2020 champs play host
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in phase byu friday night in one of the semi final games. this was back in may. covid delay title game and win over florida state, broncos second ever title and first in almost 20 years. now two more wins and it is a back to back run. coach jerry smith told me yesterday that would be something. >> that hasn't been done in, i don't know, 20 years or so. so that would be incredible. and it would make a good trivia question because it would be two national championships in the same calendar year which also never happened. >> that's right. >> let me start your morning with this. a top five list. wow, let's go, number five, shake hands after you have been beaten. not this kid. this from an iowa high school game, the player is facing charges. number four, a dad had a lot of faith here, let his kid hit a flop shot over his head. i would be worried about the
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club, not the ball. three, denver's aaron gordon is that good showing orlando and dropped hammer for the denver nuggets last night. number two, tre young, school yard breaking ankles, 33 points for the man they call ice tray in the atlanta win. make it look so easy. number one, strangest hockey goal you will see, the puck bounced off the side and into the goal. you ever seen that before? off the board and right by the goalie, a strange, strange hockey goal. what a shot, what a show to start your thursday off. that's enough. i'll see you later. time now is 4:57. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> omicron in the u.s. after someone living in san francisco becomes the nation's first
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confirmed case. the changes that could be
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omicron variant has been detected in the bay area and now new stricker travel rules are set to be in place for international travelers. we will tell you more. business booming at bay area vaccination sites and the clinic no longer accepting walk ins. reaction from shoppers with more protection coming to walnut creek after recent robberies. major league baseball is in a work stoppage. what both side are saying. good morning. it is thursday december 2. i am len kiese. >> i am amanda starrantino. we will start with a look at the weather. mary it's been absolutely perfect for the last couple days, lots of sunshine to kick


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