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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  December 3, 2021 1:37am-2:12am PST

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[ music ] hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry, gone in 15 seconds.
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the drastic action store owners are taking in san jose, right now. >> this is what downtown san francisco looked like, poor air quality across the bay area, and i'm tracking your bay area air quality forecast. >> it is hard to schedule an appointment. >> the booster rush is on, what you need to know if you are trying to get yours in the bay area, right now. >> it might be one of the things i look forward to most each year. >> a bay area holiday tradition is back and better than ever, this year. good evening, i'm alan martin. >> a search for the suspects in a jewelry heist in san jose, surveillance cameras captured five suspects behind a smash and grab that lasted less than 15 seconds, now other store owners are taking desperate measures to protect their businesses. we spoke to the owner of the shop in a story that you will
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only see here. >> we saw a heavy security presence, but employees at jewelry stores are not relying on that, they are locking their doors, and making it more challenging to access glass disc display cases. tonight's robbery is not the first. in less than 15 seconds, this gang of robbers got away with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. he left the owner of quick service jewelry repair shaken and grateful he was not hurt. >> i am worried, i will be alert, but honestly, i don't know what i should do. >> the owner said that he has been here 20 years, and this is the first time thieves have nearly wiped out his modest size store. five people wearing masks, hoodies, and gloves walked in,
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most of them carrying hammers. they didn't say a word as they shattered each display case and grabbed as much jewelry as they could. this is not the only business in east ridge targeted by thieves. last week, thieves attempted to rub this store again. but now, this owner keeps his door locks, he screens customers at the door, and keeps his storefront empty. other malls are closing entrances, so only one side is easily accessible instead of the entire store if they get it. despite the fear, the owner of quick service jewelry repairs since he has no choice but to open again tomorrow, or his family will not be able to eat. >> it puts food on the table. if i am not working, how can i put food on the table?
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>> these business owners wonder if thieves will ever be caught before they strike again. in san jose, kpix five news. >> a foggy night after a day of bad air. paul heggen lets us know if we will be able to breathe easier, tomorrow, angers christ. >> not much, the overall weather pattern is stuck, stagnant, this is what it looked like from the top of the market this afternoon, pretty much any direction you look, you see that it rounds much on the horizon, current air quality readings from the purple air centers, sensors, these update more frequently, and there are a lot more of them, getting moderate, unhealthy, and that's where we are going to be once again tomorrow. and that orange category, air quality is at its worst, maybe some improvement by early next week on monday, as a chance of
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showers is actually going to head our way. i will talk about how much rain we might expect coming up in the full forecast. trying to get my payment before the holidays might be more difficult than you think. katie nielsen explains how some vaccination sites are seeing increased demand as concern grows around the new omicron variant. >> the last patients night to get a covid booster and will . >> people are coming back from thanksgiving, also, the new variant. i didn't want to take chances. >> she looked online first, but quickly got frustrated. >> at has been hard. i couldn't schedule an appointment. it was three weeks down the road. >> that is not surprising, given the recent discovery of omicron variant cases in san francisco. >> i've been getting multiple calls per day, especially when the news came out.
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>> covid boosters are being offered without an appointment, but the health department sites are so many people trying to get a booster, they announced yesterday that they are not accepting walk-ins anymore, it is appointment only. most walgreens locations don't have available appointment until december 17, there are no appointments available at cosco pharmacies, many safeway pharmacies are booking out into january of next year. omicron might be the reason people are rushing to get a booster now, we need to be more concerned about the delta variance, since that is more widespread throughout the bay area and the rest of the country. >> going into the holidays, we know these vaccines work quite well in terms of preventing hospitalization and death. that's the thing that is here, so protect yourself against it. this vaccine site does not have any available appointments
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until the end of the next week. the department of public health is trying to staff up those county run health sites so they can make more appointments available in the coming weeks. katie nielsen, kpix5. >> for more information on the vaccines, or how to find booster shots, check out our guide. omicron variant mandatory return date had been january return date had been january 10. google has safely safely reopens 90% of us offices. 40% of employees have returned in some capacity. new findings in a bay area high profile police shooting. deadly force was not objectively reasonable. sean months rosa was shot and killed in the aftermath of the george floyd protests. andrea has been digging through the 66 page report. >> i reached out to the family, tonight.
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sean's sister says they are all together as they receive this news, just one step in seeking justice for their loved one. on june 2 last year, police responded. an officer fires through the windshield of the car. >> gun at us. >> do not move. >> the gun turned out to be a hammer, sean months rosa suffered a fatal gunshot wound to the back of his head. several investigations have been initiated, including an independent review. >> he heard a pop, pop, pop. >> it relied heavily on body camera footage from the incident. >> it looked like the car started taking off. he turned back. >> the review concluded the
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shooting was not objectively reasonable, and the proceeds threatening behavior was dedicated on the tactically poor way in which they responded, and failure to deployed de-escalation techniques. this is the first step in disciplining the officer, i want to be transparent, fair, and open during this process. the criminal investigation is being conducted by the california attorney ra snow, in san francisco. >> tonight, we are learning about a major roadblock, and the effort to ease the housing crunch, and it is getting worse. water may be diverted out
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of the bay area. despite the drought, the goal of the new plan.
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limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att. take alive look of san jose. san jose state university is
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under increasing pressure to fill emergency shelter beds meant for homeless students. 12 permanent beds were opened at the beginning of the fall semester. 11 beds are currently available. 4000 students on campus will experience hopelessness homelessness at some point during the adic year. today the student homeless alliance placed 4000 flags to represent them and called on the university to do more. >> are the using the beds to the capacity? >> they should be used more, if there is need for it, okay? we are committed to continuing to ask the question, what is the need? how do we best response to that? >> the long report they conducted shows the need over 4000 students.
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they are not aware of the student need. >> applicants are still being asked to max out student loans before they are placed in the shelter bed. the university disputes that. a major roadblock in easing the housing crunch, a severe shortage of contractors. more than 2 million new workers are needed over the next three years to meet the demand. the shortage began back in 2008, during the great recession. older tradespeople kept retiring come and no one wanted to take their place, things got worse when the pandemic started, and training programs were forced to shut down. several the areas are running out of water. and a water agency is working to sell and ship billions of gallons of water through a pipeline across the richmond san rafael bridge. there is no official price tag
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for the project just yet. the independent journal estimates it could be more than $10 million. a favorite bay area tradition is back this year esther after covid forced cancellations last year. the holiday lights are shining brighter than ever. >> shouts of joy from parents all around. >> i was super bummed last year, but this is something i look forward to the most each year. >> the warm glow of the holiday lights. this, snow in san was a lot of francisco. >> aaron helped build this winter wonderland full of sleds, free rights for kids and adults, and even the camera shy. >> letters to santa are already on the way.
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so are the tree lights. uncle john's tree is 125 years old, this is the 91st time the city has lit up the tree for the holidays. do you think of the lights? >> i like the light, it is rainbow. it is gorgeous, the stars should be bigger. >> i don't think i've ever seen this many people as you know, we could not come together the same way. >> it is a spirit of gratitude and a message that will shine on, spelled out in a new shimmering display and message of what people love about the city. >> a section of the park will be open until 10 p.m., until february.
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there will be free performances on wednesdays, fridays, and on saturdays, during the holiday season. and we want to see your holiday lights. email your pictures and videos, or tag us on social media, and we are standing by, almost friday. i know, we are counting down the minutes. we really hope that the weather is going to cooperate and the air will clean out just a little bit. >> we could see some improvement next week, i don't think there will be much change over the next few days. we will see some dense fog, we are seeing that around downtown san francisco with fog spilling through the central valley. hazy sunshine tomorrow, the smudge on the horizon will still be there, as we talked about 10 minutes ago. dry weather over the weekend, mild temperatures, slightly above average for the duration of the seven day forecast. in terms of the rain chance,
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there is a chance of monday, monday night, there's a low chance of anything more than a trace, a few sparkles moving through, but the system causing that may have enough of an impact to replace what is in place right now, something a little bit clearer, and there's another chance, wednesday night and into thursday, that looks more substantial, but it is also a week away. let's use one of the forecast models, this is the most optimistic, even it has less than a 10th of an inch of rain with the first system on monday. the odds of measurable rain are still low, forecast models are more enthusiastic about that second chance of rain wednesday night into thursday, and in close to half an inch of additional rainfall. when is the last time san jose
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got significantly more rain than santa rosa? at least we are trending a more active rectio now we just need to follow through on those chances. the fog is still there, skirting the tops of the buildings, 63 downtown, 37 degrees in the report, the fog is going to continue spreading as we go through the rest of the night, reduced visibility to start the day tomorrow, slow to dissipate, still some fog out there, some fog will transition to leftover hazy conditions as we go through the day. temperatures start off in the lower and middle 40s in length, a couple 40s and 50s along the bay on the coast, warming up when the fog dissipates with hazy conditions on the horizon, it's not going to slow down the warm-up. middle 60s are on the bay, lower 60s along the coast, all these running seven degrees above average. head to the mountains for early- season skiing.
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reporting almost 3 feet of mostly men made snow base. as we see rain chances, we see snow chances, one chance on monday, and icon in the forecast , and a better chance across the entire bay area on thursday. temperatures run above average until that final rain chance heads our way on thursday, hopefully we will see more as we head toward the middle of december. i didn't see this nba record coming. we've got the cowboys and the saints introducing us to week 13, and a nightly dose of college basketball left us wa
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enjoy the gift of being together. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online. nhl at the top, not the 1981 burt reynolds action
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drama, it is the sasehave got i, on the road. the sharks all over the islanders, midway through the open variant, they didn't stop until the tie of the game. timob meier set up eric carlson for the game-winner. san jose wins it in overtime. they haven't lost on this five- game road trip yet. nfl, dan guinn barking at the cowboys, while mike mccarthy was out with covid. a third-quarter game, running back tony pollard ran downhill, and he was gone, 58 yards to the house, that and four interceptions, it was new orleans fifth street loss, and
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the cowboys record was raised to eight - four. i knew charlie loved basketball the lead. tied at 50 to 58, the aggies missed from deep, fouled, going for the rebound, that's free throws, he did not miss. guess which coast get - - they didn't even get to the handshake. now let's take you to berkeley. dan's are all excited for the pack 12 opener. jordan shepherd, used to the big shots. and the warriors rematch with the phoenix suns, tonight,
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winning a franchise record 18th straight win, 114-103, in detroit. homesteading memphis grizzlies, they took oklahoma city and tore them apart, reading by 78 points, memphis with a blazing 72%, knocking down 19 three- pointers, winning the game 150 two - 79. a 73 point margin of the jury, the largest in nba history, breaking the previous mark of 68 sex - - setback in 91. just taking away their confidence. >> hardly. >> you left it all on the
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court. >> just done, good stuff, thanks. you may have a lot of packages piling up this holiday season, but probably nothing compared to this. the story behind this bizarre scene. need sits down with bill russell to talk about the 11 time
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put the lights up. >> okay, we will be right back. when you humble yourself under the mighty hand of god, in due time he will exalt you. hi, i'm joel osteen. i'm excited about being with you every week. i hope you'll tune in. you'll be inspired, you'll be encouraged. i'm looking forward to seeing you right here. you are fully loaded and completely equipped for
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the race that's been designed for you.
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