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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  December 3, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PST

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right now on kpix 5 in streaming on cbs and bay area, looking outside over the city of san francisco. good morning to you on this friday, december 3. >> we will start with a look outside at the weather. how is it looking, mary? we have fog, mist and poor air quality. i want to talk about the air quality.moof the bay area and the peninsula and south bay with moderate air quality right along the coast. we have that stinking air that is trapping the pollutants at the surface and offshore winds as well. with that the pollutants are stuck in place. we are going to continue with the poor air quality and looking at temperatures in the 40s and 50s with patchy, dense fog as well and a little bit of
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missed as we head through the day today with highs in the 60s this afternoon and hazy skies. low 60s along the coast, mid 60s along the bay. 67 in concord and 67 for the napa valley. as we go through the day we will still be dealing with the haze. let's check in with a look on the traffic. >> all major freeways are in the green for the super commuters on west bound 580 it is about a 25 minute drive from highway 205 in tracy into dublin. and advisor has been posted over the altamont pass. at the bay bridge toll plaza traffic is light, seven minute drive from the macarthur maze into san francisco and a check of the san mateo bridge with traffic moving smoothly in both directions. 11 minute drive west bound from highway 880 in hayward into foster city. a search for the suspects
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in a jewelry heist at eastridge mall in san jose. surveillance cameras capture five suspects behind the smash and grab that lasted less than 15 seconds and now other storeowners are taking desperate measures to protect their businesses. we spoke to the owner of the shop in a story you will only see on kpix. >> less than 15 seconds the gang of robbers got away with hundreds of thousands of dollars of jewelry. leaving the owner of quick service jewelry repair shaken and grateful he was not hurt. >> scare me to death. i'm worried and will be alert but honestly i don't know what else. >> the owner says he's been here for 20 years and this is the first time thieves have nearly wiped out his modest sized store. he says five people wearing masks, hoodies and gloves
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walked in, most caring hammers. they did not say a word as they shattered the display case and grabbed as much jewelry as they could. it's not the only business that's been targeted by thieves. and other jewelry store was also robbed. last week the owner said thieves attempted to rob him again but now, he keeps his door locked and screams customers at the door and also keeps the storefront empty. other jewelry stores are now closing half of the entrances to their shops so if they get hit only one side is easily accessible and instead of the entire store. despite the fear, the owner of quick service jewelry repair says he has no choice but to open up again or his family won't be able to eat. >> if i'm not working then i can't support my family. if i'm not working then how can i put food on the table?
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at the mall also has surveillance cameras for the business owners wonder if the thieves will ever be caught before they strike again. trying to get an appointment for a covid booster shot before the holidays may be more difficult than you think. spigot some vaccination sites are seeing an increase in demand as concern grows over the new omicron variant. >> she was last patient to get a covid booster in walnut creek. >> i'm scared. people are coming back from thanksgiving. and i did not want to take any chances. >> she looked online for an appointment but quickly got frustrated. >> it's been hard to be able to get it. at the pharmacy owner says it's not surprising given the recent discovery of the first omicron variant case in san francisco. >> i've been getting multiple
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calls today. >> there still offering covid boosters without an appointment but across the bay in san mateo county the health department saw so many people trying to get a booster that they announced they would not accept walk-ins only. a quick online search is most walgreens locations don't have available appointments until december 17 and no booster appointments at any east bay costco pharmacies and many safeway locations are booking into january. public health experts say omicron may be the reason people are rushing out to get a booster now that we need to be more concerned about the delta variant since that is the one that is more widespread. >> going into the holidays we know the vaccines work quite well in terms of preventing hospitalizations and death against delta and that is the gorilla in the room and that is what is here. protect yourself. >> this vaccine site does not have any available appointments until the end of next week and the department of public health says they are trying to staff
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up the coming county rents health sites so they can make more appointments available in the coming weeks. for more information on the vaccines or how to find booster shots, check out our guide on there are new findings in a high-profile bay area police shooting. an independent investigation concludes the police officer was not objectively reasonable. the man was shot and killed in front of the walgreens. we have been digging through the 66 page report. >> on june 2 last year, vallejo police responded to a call at a walgreens in as the unit rose up to the scene the officer fires through the windshield of the car. >> he pointed a gun at us. >> the gun turned out to be a hammer and the 22-year-old
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suffered a fatal gunshot wound to the back of his head. since the incident several investigations have been initiated including an independent review. >> the the officers and the body camera footage from the incident. >> it looked like the car started taking off and i think you thought he turned back toward the cops. >> the review concluded the shooting was not objectively reasonable. the perceived threat behavior was predicated on the tactically poor way in which they responded and the failure to deploy any de-escalation techniques. >> the vallejo police chief says that the first steps in disciplining the officer and he wants to be transparent, fair and open during the process. the criminal investigation is
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being conducted by the california attorney general's. as we head into winter the sandhurst state university is under pressure to fill emergency shelter bedsthe university open up 12 permanent beds at the beginning of the fall semester and according to the website, 11 beds are currently available and 4000 students on campus puts homelessness at some point during the academic year and yesterday the student homeless alliance and advocacy group on campus since 4000 cloud likes to represent them and called on the university to do more. >> do you say the beds are being used adequately enough to the capacity or should they be used more? >> absolutely they should be used more if there is a need for it and we are committed to continuing to ask the question, what is the need and how do we best respond? >> they came out with their
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very own report and it shows the need is over 4000 sttsiscom tnot are student need. >> the student homeless alliance says applicants are still being masked after max out loans before shelter bed is given. an effort to ease the housing crunch and a severe shortage of contractors. the construction injury -- says more workers are needed to meet the demand. it began during the great recession and older tradespeople kept retiring and no one wanted to take their place and things got worse when the pandemic started training programs were forced to shut down. coming up on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area . of the bay area featuring dazzling holiday displays and we take a look at how people all over are celebrating the season. >> look at this and i went in san francisco. >> water could be diverted out
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of the bay area despite the drought and the goal of the new plan. we will be right back.
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a favorite bay area tradition is back this year after covid forced the cancellation last year. >> kenny choi shows us the holiday lights are shining brighter than ever. >> shouts of joy coming from
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parents all around. >> i think this might be one of the things i look forward to the most. >> the warm glow of holiday lights is here. >> last year there was a lot of pressure on everybody that this year look at this snow in san francisco. >> he helped build the winter wonderland full of sleds and >>thpor preshear. s, adulth shy >> not quite but letters to santa are on the way. and so are the tree lights. this is the 91st time the city has lit up the tree for the holida. >> what do you think of the life? >> i like the lights, it's a rainbow >> it's gorgeous. >> i don't think i have ever
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seen this many people at the tree lighting and it makes me so happy. because as you know, last year, we cannot come together in the same way. >> spirit of gratitude and the message, shine on, san francisco, spelled out in any shimmering display of messages of what people love about the city. in a section of the park with a light displays will be open from sunset until 10:00 pm until february and it is a new tradition with free performances wednesdays, fridays and saturdays this holiday season. we want to see your holiday lights. email your pictures and video to bay area bright spots at or tagus on social media using #kpix bright spots. name artists are adding their flair to a holiday tradition in a new film takes place.
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we have that and more on the eye on entertainment report. >> get ready to ring in the holiday season with the national christmas tree lighting on cps this weekend. the rock 'n roll hall of fame inductee is hosting the event. >> it feels good to bring people together and gather around the tv and sip some eggnog and forget about things for a minute. warm-up and hug your family members. >> several artists perform holiday favorites including chris stapleton and pattie labelle. the star-studded night continues with justin bieber and other hit artists taking part in the 23rd annual home for the holidays. for more than two decades the specialist focused on the kids in foster care and inspired many adoptions. >> she kept to go back for the first four years of living with
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us. >> it felt too good to be true. i was waiting for it to end but they constantly proved that was not the case. >> the national christmas tree lighting and the hope for the holidays at the grove airs sunday at cbs and paramount plus. and one family gets together for the holiday celebration at the end of the world mears in silent night. keira knightley stars in the dark comedy. >> it felt like it was positive in the human spirit that we will cry to the end and dance to the end. >> silent night debuts today. and that's your eye on entertainment. time for the money watch report. why google is pushing back its plan to return to the office and the fast food chain now offering a burger for less than a dollar. an reports from the new york stock exchange.
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>> markets rallied on thursday despite continuing uncertainty over the omicron variant. the nasdaq 0 in12 64ed.7 po the emergence of the new coronavirus string has prompted google to postpone its plan to return to the office. all employees were supposed to go back on january 10 in an email to staffers yesterday, the company said that would be delayed indefinitely. google said it would reassess the situation after the start of the new year. >> burger king is celebrating the anniversary of the whopper and will offer the sandwich at its original 1957 price of $0.37 . the whopper deal is available today and tomorrow for customers who order online using a royal parks membership. that is your cbs moneywatch
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report. for more head to now to the job emergency, several bay area counties are running into water shortages and one is coming up with a creative way to get the water the uber water agency could sell and ship billions of gallons of water to marin county through a pipeline. there is no official price tech just yet but the marine independent journalist says it could be more than $10 million. 4:48 am on this friday morning and we will toss it over to mary. we definitely need that rainfall. we have a rigid high pressure stucco various and with that ridge the sinking air is trapping pollutants at the surface and we have poor air quality. unhealthy air for sensitive groups for most of the bay area.
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northbay, east bay, peninsula and south bay and for the coast in the moderate category. we also have a dense fog advisory once again in solano county, fairfield, vallejo all under the dense fog advisory this morning until 10:00 am. let's check the visibility about 0.10 mile in fairfield, 1.25 mile in napa and 1.75 miles in the south bay. looking at the visibility and the foggy conditions this morning. let's get to the temperatures, in the 40s and 50s with patchy fog. we are looking at temperatures on the cool side and we are looking at some patchy, dense fog with the little bit of missed and hazy skies and we will continue with the haze for this afternoon with the poor air quality and unfortunately mild daytime highs in the 60s.
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you may notice that we have our king tides for today through the weekend. a coastal flood advisory in effect today through the weekend. high tide for today at 9:47 am almost seven feet and for tomorrow 10:30 am for the high tide in the morning at seven feet. beachgoers be extra careful. here we go with the ridge of high pressure place with rain chances staying well to the north and we will eventually see the ridge shift and move just a bit and that will make way hopefully for some changes as we look to next week. in the meantime dealing with the hazen a few clouds as we head through the day today and looking at the coast, low 60s for the peninsula commitment 60s toward the south they from 67 in santa clara, 68 in san jose. around the bay from a daytime high in san francisco 64, 65 in oakland.
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topping out at 69 in ukiah. san francisco and san jose temperatures a bit cooler as we look toward the weekend. maybe could see a bit of drizzle on monday but the weather system not only bring in the rain but maybe a little bit of drizzle tuesday and wednesday and a little bit cooler possibly with rain chances for next thursday the northbay and the coast the temperatures it down to near normal as we look to the weekend ahead. let's check in with the look on the traffic. checking out the travel times, traffic in the green for the super commuters westbound on 580 about 25 minutes to drive from highway 205 in tracy into dublin. a fog advisory posted by chp by the altamont pass. westbound interstate 80 around 15 minutes to go from highway 4 to the macarthur maze. on the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is light with metering
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lights off but it's a seven minute drive from the maze into san francisco. look at the golden gate bridge with a few cars traveling southbound and a 19 minute drive from highway 37 to the bridge. traffic is in the green on the san mateo bridge. the richmond and san rafael it will take around 7 minutes to travel westbound from the toll plaza to highway 101. here is what's up in sports. i did not see this nba record coming. the cowboys and the saints introduced us last night to nfl number 13 and a dose of local college basketball that left us want
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good morning. nhl up taught top. not the 1981 burt reynolds action drama i'm talking about the sharks last night who had it going on on the road inside this long island new york arena. the sharks are all over the islanders midway in the opening period. they did not stop until they tied the game. with three periods, timo meyers set up erik karlsson for the game winner. san jose won it in overtime 2-1 and have not lost on this five- game road trip yet and her 3-0 so far. dan quinn was barking at his cowboys while the head coach was out with covid at the saints last night a 3rd quarter game with the cowboys up by three the running back ran downhill in his gone.
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58 yards to the house. that and more dallas interceptions, new orleans fifth straight loss and the cowboys record was raised to 8 and 4 i knew jolly st. nick left college basketball. at utah state section as a hosted st. mary's, the gaels with the lead and in the final seconds tied at 58 and the aggies miss from deep and he was found going for the rebound so that free-throw and with one second like and guess which coach did not like the outcome? they did not even get to the handshake 60-58 winners. in berkeley last night fans excited for the pac-12 opener and hosted oregon state in the
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second half the bears up i-10 and jordan sheppard had a big night scoring 25 and cal won it. in the nba it's the warriors rematch later on tonight at the shea center with the phoenix suns. they won 18 straight wins, 114- 103 at detroit and this game last night, the memphis grizzlies took oklahoma city and tore them apart. they led the game by as many as 78 points. a blazing 62% and knocked down nine three-pointers. 150 to talk to 79, 73 point margin of victory is the largest in nba history and it broke the previous mark of 68 set in 1991. just one question, who did these guys think they were, the warriors?
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the warriors later on tonight against the sons. still ahead on kpix 5 news streaming on cbs and bay area. >> everyone needs health insurance. covered california is making sure more people can get it. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more californians get covered. julie and bob are paying $700 less every month. dee now gets comprehensive coverage with no monthly premium and the navarros are paying under $100 per month. check to see your new lower price. covered california, this way to health insurance. enroll by december 31st.
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the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier lypollenge. the classic hollywood story. tension builds... the plot twist
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the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. as concern over the omicron variant grows, some people are rushing to vaccine clinics to get there booster shots that we tell you what health experts say. the omicron variant has health officials on edge and the new case discovered here in california. is the latest business hit in the plague of smash and grab good morning. it is friday, december 3. >> mary lee is here and we have a lot going on


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