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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  December 3, 2021 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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♪ ♪ live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. now at 3:00, for the first time, we are hearing from the wife of a beloved bay area
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security guard who was killed protecting a news reatsaying ab husband's bravery. and how the family's story is pushing oakland to put more police officers on the street but not without facing a fight. >> those who break the law and pedal stolen goods will be held accountable. a major retail theft ring is busted, but how it could help put a stop to all the mob style robberies we have been seeing in the bay area. thank you for joining us. i am kenny choi . an emotional appeal from the family of kevin nishita , they remember him as kind, protecting, and brave and want to encourage anyone with information on his death to come forward. the security guard and former police officer was killed while protecting a television news crew in oakland. his family says that they are looking for justice. >> it is a word in japanese, it is meeting that, perseverance.
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in a difficult time. kevin would always tell me, through the ups and downs, just life itself, he would always tell me that, that was in his personality to be the protector, to be the brave one that wanted to protect people. not just his family but others as well. >> we need closure. we don't like this open-ended not knowing how someone we love passed away, we need to know and have peace. just come home and start to grieve once it is all over. >> the family is asking anyone with cell phone video of the shooting to come forward to the police. the appeal comes as the city of oakland is debating on what to do about the recent spike in violent crime. a short time ago, the oakland mayor laid out her plan to hire more police officers. she wants to hire 60 officers
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and increase the number of police academies from five to seven, the cost would be $5.8 million. >> i think everyone recognizes that we have a crisis, not just a police staffing, but confidence by our voters. we made a promise to them with measure z that we would maintain a minimum number of police officers. not just on paper, not just in an adopted budget, but actually on the streets working. we had to keep that promise. >> already the plan is getting pushback from groups who say the money would be better spent on violence prevention. the city council will take up the hiring plan by the mayor on tuesday. the state announcing a major bust in bay area retail crime. max darrow has on the promise to bring retail theft to justice. >> reporter: california
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attorney general rob bonta says five people have pleaded guilty to felonies and what he says was one of the largest organized retail theft rings in california state history. the people involved when after a lot of places like cvs, target, walgreens. the san mateo county sheriff's office was involved and the rest were made and search warrants were executed in september of 2020 where dusk it is found where houses all of stolen goods, around $8 million worth of them and the lead defendant, danny louis drago, is looking at six years in prison and the attorney general hopes this is a wake-up call to people involved with organized retail theft. >> this is not the only case we are working on, we are involved in multiple case but this has come to a final resolution with the final sentencing. there were others in the pipeline and there will be more as we have more rest and build up those cases and get to the stage. tion and nv >> reporter: he says the biggest intern and people knowing they will get caught
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and stressed the importance of holding people accountable. a manhunt underway for the parents of a michigan teenager accused of killing four classmates and injuring seven more. this morning involuntary manslaughter charges were filed against james and jennifer crumbley . we have more on why investigators say they are responsible for their son's actions. >> reporter: while the shooter entered the high school and pulled the trigger, there are other individuals who contributed to this. >> reporter: the parents of the alleged shooter, ethan crumbley, also facing charges . >> james is charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter and jennifer is also charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter. >> reporter: prosecutors say the teenager was present with his father who purchased the weapon used in the shooting four days prior. the teenager posted an image of the weapon on social media. >> based on the statements of the shooter and mother, that
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was his gun. >> reporter: the prosecutor says school officials warned the parents about his behavior, including a time he was searching for ammunition on his phone. >> jennifer exchanged text messages about the incident with her son on that day. stating, " lol,i am not mad at you, you have to learn not to get caught." >> reporter: on the morning of the shooter, the 15-year-old had disturbing images, including someone being shot and the words, my life is useless. later that day, ethan crumbley allegedly opened fire and killed four and injuring seven others. >> the handgun purchased by james crumbley was stored unlocked in a drawer in their bedroom and we need to do better in this country. we need to say, enough is enough. his parents were expected to be arraigned later this
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afternoon and their attorney says the couple left town citing safety concerns but are headed back home. ethan crumbley pleaded not guilty and is in county jail after being denied bond. a live look outside on a very foggy friday across the bay area. we have more on when things will clear up. >> it is a process because once we are into this type of weather pattern with the fog and haze in place, it is tough to break out of the weather pattern. we will see system monday into monday night that may clear out the atmosphere but until then partial clearing in the afternoon is the extent of what we will see. some sunshine over downtown san francisco but elsewhere across the bay area the fog is persistent and the smoky haze has been persistent as well. the fog helped marginally, the air quality is not as bad as it was yesterday, in the moderate category for the central bay in north bay but unhealthy for sensitive groups in lent and in the east bay and santa clara valley. we will look at the four day
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air quality forecast with some improvements coming up in a few minutes. a major freeway closure, not often caltrans decides to close a stretch of i-80. wilson walker explains why. >> reporter: if you have travel plans this weekend, maybe you will try to slip up to tahoe and back during the off hours, you should know what will happen on interstate 80. >> a lot of the over crossings were built in the 1950s and 1960s, and we built a new one between highway 12 and interstate 80. now that we have switched things onto the new on-ramp, the new bridge, we will have to demolish the old one and the only way to accomplish this is to close all of interstate 80 overnight. >> reporter: will work late saturday night into sunday morning and hope to be wrapped up by 9:00 but the interstate will be closed and the detour will be around this and they, 780 come around to reconnect during the closure, all of this
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part of the project that will be completed next year. the stoppage of green valley road on 80, you will be sent all the way around. it might cause backups, even in the off hours. something to be aware of this weekend. a new investigation suggests a vallejo police officer did not have objective reasoning when he shot a suspect. this happened in june of 2020 when officers responded to a looting call at a walgreens. as one officer arrived, police say he opened fire, hitting 22- year-old sean monterrosa in the head , killing him. it was later determined that the victim had a hammer in one of his pockets and not a gun. >> an emotional night for everybody but it look like the car took off and i think he thought he was being turning back towards the cops. >> investigators say that the actions of sean monterrosa were predictable based on the way officers responded . the report says that police failed to deploy any de-escalating
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techniques. the vallejo police chief says the findings are the first step towards disciplining the officer. the criminal investigation is being conducted by the california attorney general. onto the fight against covid and the new omicron very the five states are now reporting cases of the knee strain but experts believe the numbers are a lot higher. let's take a look at the white house where the biden administration is pushing for more widespread vaccinations and increased testing as a recent study published in the lancet found booster shots significantly strengthen the body's immune response against covid which could be critical against omicron . new york is reporting the most cases of the new variant. >> we have to assume that means there is community spread, we assume that means we will see a lot more cases. >> we are equipped and prepared to fight the omicron very head on. >> in order to beat covid, we had to shut it down worldwide . >> on monday, travelers around the country will have to be
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tested for covid within a day of arrival and this applies to everyone including vaccinated american citizens. for more information on the vaccine or how to find booster shots, head to our website on . still ahead, a lackluster month for growth in the job market, a look at the numbers and what experts are predicting for the upcoming new year. and why it will be a lot harder to sneak into
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with businesses ramping up hiring for the holidays, the monthly jobs report was expected to show sharp gains in jobs but it surprised experts. natalie brand has the latest from washington. >> reporter: the final jobs report of the year did not deliver the holiday cheer analyst had predicted. >> it is a mixed report and i would be careful about jumping to conclusions. >> reporter: the labor department says just 210,000 jobs were added in november, less than half of what was expected but unemployment fell to 4.2%. cbs news business analyst says that is where the good news is. >> it is important to note that the unemployment rate went down for the right reason, there were more people in the labor force, that was positive, and also a lot of those people got
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jobs. >> reporter: the labor department reports as professional and business services had the biggest gains followed by transportation and warehousing, then construction and manufacturing. >> we have averaged nearly 400,000 new jobs per month over the last three months. a solid pace.! and then covid concerns , the labor market is tight with more open positions than workers looking for jobs. heading into 2022, analysts say the pandemic could continue to impact the pace of recovery. stocks close down on friday after the release of the jobs report, the dow dipping nearly 60 points. the nasdaq composite falling 1.9%, and the s&p dropping about 38 points. sneaking in late to zoom meetings is about to get harder
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because a new update called attendance status automatically tracks who is in a meeting and who has not joined yet. those in the latter categories, their names would go under a new not joined section in the participants panel for everyone to see. fans of the classic sitcom "the golden girls" will have their very own convention, the first ever golden con: thank you for being a fan is in chicago in april. there will be events based off of the series. four retirees and their antics in miami. as far as test appearances, they hope to have the main cast sole survivor betty white who turns 100 in january make an appearance at the event. speaking of golden girls, san francisco's victoria theater is back with golden
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girls: live with dry clean superstars, a tradition since 2007 and is back in person this holiday season. a warning about high tides across the bay area, this video from the monterey bay aquarium shows what normally be tide pools but, a couple hours ago, the area was completely underwater. you have video evidence of the king tide's and we have a foggy forecast. >> it will not change a lot into the weekend, some sunshine in the afternoons tomorrow and sunday but once the weather pattern shapes up, tough to get it to get out of here. big picture, high-pressure and an onshore wind in control this weekend with type pressure keeping the lid on the atmosphere trumping the haze and the font and the onshore wind providing the moisture that these he fought with cooler temperatures. these will shift into early next week and the next storm system will miss us to the north and the rain remaining to our north on monday as the high pressure goes farther off the
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coast. the area of high pressure shifting away from us combined with the influence of the storm system to our north, even if or not said anything more than a few sprinkles into the bay area, will improve our air quality and will be in the unhealthy for sensitive roots range tomorrow and sunday for inland parts of east bay and south end of the bay and santa clara valley. moderate across the on n thcatery by esda a better chance of showers by late next week that will help wash some of the stuff out of the atmosphere. the fog will be persistent as futurecast showing it spreading out again into early tomorrow morning. as we wind the clock forward throughout tomorrow it shrinks around the edges towards noon but plenty of fog lingering in place by lunchtime and that fog will be reluctant to dissipate into the afternoon. similar conditions as to today but a little bit more sunshine during the afternoon. there is the cloud cover and fog towards the golden gate. temperatures are stuck in the mid-50s with a little more afternoon sunshine we could
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climb the upper-50s and low- sixes marble with the fog and low cloud cover tonight, mild for early december, mid to upper-40s to around 50 degrees. high temperatures tomorrow where they should be for this time of year but it feels cool because we are used to above average temperatures for the past several da nd 60 the uth end of the bay tomorrow but farther into the 60s at arou60deform last -- upper-50s to around 60 degrees near the bay with a mixture of upper-50s and low-60s for the north and warmer temperatures farther north where log is not as big of an issue. temperatures will not change much through most of next week and we will see clouds overhead on monday but the chance of showers we have been talking about on monday, that will miss us to the north with a better chance of showers across the entire bay area on thursday,
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not amounting to a whole lot but the first chance of measurable rain in about three weeks. it does look like more active weather could be shaping up into the second full week of december but that is beyond the scope of the seven-day forecast. kenny? it is the perfect way to write into the holiday season, caltrans holiday train will roll down the peninsula this year, the train is decked out with more than 75,000 lights and will deliver holiday cheer and toys to underprivileged bay area children this weekend. we want to see how you are celebrating this holiday season, email your pictures and videos of your light displays to still ahead at 3:00, many
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reading to children is critical for their development, it is recommended that parents read aloud to their heads every day starting at birth. in the digital age, many
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parents may turn to technology but research shows that actual books are better for young children. >> reporter: alice's mother to three children under four and says storytime is one of their favorite activities. >> each child gets to pick a book and we will sit down on the couch and read the book before they go to bed. >> reporter: she says the family has found reading from a book is more fun than reading on a digital device. >> we love it when books have different textures, there are flaps to play with. >> reporter: a new study in pediatrics compare the interactions of parents and children ages two to three when reading traditional books and tablet apps, parents talk more to the children while reading a book and children responded less to their parents using the tablet. >> goes back and forth interactions between a parent and child are my brain food for kids. they build the foundations of
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children's language and social and emotional live element that really spans a lifetime. >> reporter: the study author is a developmental behavioral pediatrician at michigan medicine and says that, with technology here to stay, parents should view digital media with their children. >> finding ways to ask open- ended questions about the digital content so it relates and gets back to the child experience. asking, what do you see here on this? >> reporter: alice limits her children's springtime and says reading together is a bonding experience for everyone. >> cuddling what we are reading stories makes me feel connected to them. >> reporter: she says, with so many moments in the day interrupted by technology, it is nice for the family to curl up with a good book. children who are prone to emotional outbursts responded better to their parents when reading a traditional book compared to a device. coming up, tesla is coming
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in kid sizes but wait until you hear and see the shocking sticker price.
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we will have some weather pattern change early next week, monday into monday night which could help with our air quality into tuesday but it is a limited rain chance monday and monday night, only 20%. even that is looking more and more like a stretch. a better chance of showers
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wednesday night into thursday, at this point, because there is a system in between the blocks our review of the one that will hollow it up and we cannot go higher than 40% with shower chances on thursday but it does act as a harbinger of a more active weather pattern shaping up farther down the line beyond seven days. we will keep you updated to the weekend into next week. at 5:00, a south bay business owner fears for his safety after smash and grabs his plea for help and security. you can get a tesla for about everyone in the family, the car company is now offering a cyber quad for kids, it looks awesome, a child zeat by radio flyer, built for children eight years and older. it will set santa back about $1900. if my son asks for it, i will say he has to wait a little bit longer. get a paper route.
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>> today exist? >> $1900, you have to work for it, several years. that is it for us, cb evening captioning sponsored by cbs >> brennan: tonight, failed to act. the parents of the teen accused of killing four students at that michigan high school now face criminal charges. why the prosecutor says it's a message to all gun owners. the intense search tonight for the suspected gunman's parents. what we are learning about possible warning signs, graphic drawings of violence, a plea for help, and online searches for ammunition. could the deadly rampage have been prevented? >> i am angry. i'm angry as a mother. i'm angry as the prosecutor. >> brennan: omicron's coast-to-coast spread. information that a previous covid infection may not protect you from a new variant. mixed signals. what that new jobs report indicates about the econom


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