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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  December 5, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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pright after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. . live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. right now on kpix parks, and streaming on cbsn bay area, the joint effort of the east bay aiming at fighting the cruise in retail crime. two san francisco police officers asked to leave a restaurant. how the police chief is responding. a push here in the bay area to get more people the booster shots as a dangerous new strain of the virus continues to spread. good morning, it's sunday, december 5th, i am devin fehely. let's start with a check of our weather with darron peck. it's foggier this morning than yesterday. if you have been an early reiser and about to hit the road. plan on hitting more fog especially in the north bay. you can see the view from
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treasure island. santa rosa is reporting stakess actually registering fog and when we look at the visibility map, certainly foggy over here, concord, livermore, and up through fairfield at times. but it's the petaluma and santa rosa readings which are very different. less than a mile visibility up there. there is a dense fog advisory for solano county. there's one for sonoma county. and once this burns off, by late morning, give it until 11:00 a.m., it will be more sunshine today with daytime highs climbing back into the mid-60s. i will see you with the rests of the forecast in a few hints. >> thank you. walnut creek police teamed up with the sheriff office in contra costa county to keep stores and shoppers safe. the da lin got reaction to the beefed up security words christmas is three weeks away, city leaders will focus on security so families can focus on finding those perfect gifts. >> rain cops ♪
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>> reporter: saturday night, ♪ >> to see the tree and take pictures with family. >> reporter: broadway plaza. >> i like how they decorated everything with christmas decorations. >> reporter: a family friendly environment. >> we live nearby and we come here for walks every day. >> reporter: city leaders want to maintain the sense of safety. >> the police that are patrolling there's more of them now, sheriff's department is going to be able to assist with that and have patrols. >> reporter: the mayor says after dozens of thieves ransacked nordstrom they approved overtime to get more cops in the shopping district. the contra costa county sheriff's deputies started to patrol in downtown this weekend. they will be here during the holiday season. >> being able to make sure that we can deter, there's anything that happens, we have more people available to arrest. >> reporter: most shoppers and merchants support the extra police visibility. >> i think it makes me feel better. i do worry about coming out here with the kids. i have neighbors who worry as
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well. letting teenagers to come out here by themselves. >> my siblings are here, so we would want to be safe. >> reporter: monica works at bear minerals and says this is the busiest time of year. it's important shoppers feel comfortable. >> the nordstroms incident just happened. a lot of customers would come in and they were concerned. and now sin the police is more active, customers don't talk about it anymore and we see a lot more flowing traffic in the area. >> reporter: the city will hire five new officers to patrol downtown stores. but that hiring and training process will take months. the mayor says that's why it is so important to get mutual aid from the sheriff department right now. in walnut creek, i am da lin, kpix five. california's attorney general is coming hard on people accused of involvement in organized retail thefts. they announced a six year prison centers for a man identified as a ring leader. somebody fran's police chief is speaking out after he
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says three officers were asked to leave a restaurant. chief bill scott says it happened friday at hilda and jesse's. the officers were all in uniform carrying their service weapons when they stopped by for lunch. however instead of taking the order, employees asked them to leave. the restaurant addressed the incident on its instagram account saying in part, hilda and jesse's is a safe space. the presence of the officers weapons in the restaurant made us feel uncomfortable. we welcome officers into the restaurant when they are off duty, out of uniform and without weapons. in response chief scott posted this message saying that the san francisco police department stands for safety with respect, even when it means respecting wishes that are officers and i find discouraging and personally disappointing. we are learning now details about the small plane crash in visalia that killed four people. the scene of the crash is near highway 99 not far from the airport. and the plane had only been in the air for four minutes when the sheriff office says they received the first 911 calls
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about the crash. and the single engine beach craft bonanza was located near a cabin. we don't note name of four who died in the nationals transportation safety board and faa have been notified and investigators are on their way to the scene. a santa rosa high school student was arrested after police found him with a gun on campus. it happened friday afternoon at montgomery high school. officers responded to a tip that a student had gun in his backpack. they were able to pull that 18- year-old out of class and when police searched the backpack they found a handgun. officers don't think the student intended to use the gun at school. but he was arrested and now faces several charges. police say the arrest happened a day after a 14-year- old student an at different high school was arrested for allegedly threatening sightence against other stew enters and threatening to blow up the school. the parents of the alleged gunman in a deadly school shooting in michigan are now behind bars on a half million
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dollars bond. james and jennifer crumbly were arrested earlier yesterday. officers say they failed to turn themselves into police after being charged with involuntary manslaughter. their son ethan was arrested a few days earlier after police say he shot and killed four students at his school. and wounded seven others. >> this is a very serious, horrible, terrible murder and shooting. and these two individuals could have stopped it. >> prosecutors say the couple could have prevented the shooting and they allowed their 15-year-old son to have a gun bought by his father. just before the shooting, police the parents refused to take their son home after the school showed them disturbing notes found on his desk. sadly, on friday, chaos erupted during a vigil for those killed. someone fainted and prompted
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fear among the crowd of hundreds people could be seen running from the area some yelling for help, officers were able to restore calm so that the vigil could resume a few minutes later. now the omicron variant is here and spreading, people are rushing to bay area clinic to get vaccinated or to get the booster shots. we found a long line of cars at san mateo event setter yesterday afternoon. they say it's important to get protected against covid, especially with the holidays approaching. >> i think it's important so we can move forward and i looked at the data, and i feel confident in the terms of the safety, and i think it's the right thing to do. >> it's important to get it so you can go to parties and concerts and all of that. >> san mateo's clinic will continue this week opened tuesday through saturday and an appoint is needed. you can go to my turn online to schedule one and also find other vaccine clinics in bay area. international travelers are facing new covid restrictions,
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but now there are concerns about how the pandemic could affect domestic flyers. lilia luciano explains. >> reporter: in los angeles, headlight officials are stepping it up to stop the spread of covid, requiring proof of vaccination at businesses and offering international travelers a free rapid covid test upon landing at lax. >> it's good measure. and that is why i did it paidly. >> reporter: the omicron variant found in a dozen states keeps spreading but the delta strain is dominant with new infections rising 36% nationwide. hospitalizations are also increasing. among the hardest hit states rhode island, connecticut, and delaware. worrying doctors nationwide. >> it's still a large curve going in the wrong direction. i had a patient today die, and i recommended the vaccine for him multiple times. and he unfortunately got covid, was unvaccinated. >> reporter: nearly a third of the country has yet to get a
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single dose. officials brace for a winter surge. in some places omicron is spreading twice as fast as other variants, but health officials are urging people not to panic. just to get a booster. >> are you concerned it might impact your holiday travel. >> i don't think so. i think we are vaccinated. we just have to negotiate the new hurdles. we are waiting to see what's going to happen in '22. the biden administration requires a covid test 24 hours before lapping. but domestic passengers don't need to test at least for now. for more on vaccines check out our guide at coming up in time for more holiday travel where a gas station is slashing fuel prices. and a weekend of giving across the bay area, how several organizations are teaming up to help even more people in need. and taking a live look outside, we will be right back.
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welcome back. the time is 6:11. a gaze station owner near san amounto is giving customers an early gift by lowering gas pricer he. we have more from the gult.
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>> reporter: the sound of your wallet getting low, when you're filling up your gas tank. >> gas prices are crazy. >> to fill up the tank you need a loan out. >> so, what's going on? >> >> reporter: you might want to ask the man who decided to cut the community a break. >> honest i, i was shocked and didn't believe it. >> i was working, and my sister called me, and she says, they have dropped the prices. >> we were on the internet and seen it. my girlfriend goes get over there and see if you can get some. >> reporter: he posted this on facebook after dropping the price from 4.89 to 4:29 saying happy holidays fill up the tanks. >> this is like a christmas bonus to my local friends who supported us. >> reporter: how much do you think you will say. >> a good 30 bucks, seriously. >> if it goes, it gives me a full tank i saved 30 bucks. >> reporter: an early christmas
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surprise at a local gas station, keeping the community going one gallon at a time. >> what better can you do four community. i told him thank you now think it is great they should lower it down like this more. >> reporter: realist beingly, how long can you keep this up? >> based on the current prices, we are -- i can predict not long. >> reporter: it won't be forever? >> no. 90 miles to the west san francisco is still seeing an average gallon of $4.87 a gallon. oakland a little cheaper at $4.46 and san jose two cents more. the average price is 3.36. one look at the skyline in san francisco this morning, and you can see a difference between today and yesterday. it is foggier out there. tech delay not foggy in the city, because the clouds are not on the ground and visibility is fine as you drive around. there are plenty of other places across the bay area where the fog is an issue.
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current numbers range in the mid-40s in many locations and hoe 50s for others. but let's get back to the fog. i want to show you what that looks like on a map. visibility readings are telling you how far down the road you can see in miles when it's clear, numbers say 10. look at san jose and san francisco both at 7. but when you get into fog, the 0.5 for livermore, 0.8 concord and 0.# in santa rosa is showing .30 of a mile down the road enough to cause issues while driving. the national weather service issued a dense fog advisory for solana county, which is where it was yesterday. but the conditions are virtually just as foggy along 101 through sonoma or up and down 580 right now. for the inland valleys of alameda, and contra costa county. so, be aware, you are going to hit patchy fog. let's play it ford and see how it melts back.
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by the time we have gotten ahead to noon. while it's foggier to start the day today, than yesterday was, when we clear this out, we are going to get more sunshine in the afternoon today than we did yesterday. you will see more blue sky and temperatures will be warmer today. as a result of that and a few clouds will come in for the overnight hours. taking us into tomorrow. morning lows or actually daytime highs for sunday, they go look that. mid to upper 60s. 70 santa rosa. that's the two warm spots. mid-60s about everywhere else. and 66 for livermore today. let's see where the rain is. you can see pretty active storms well out here in the central pacific. the futurecast will bring would be system through on monday. we done get rain from it. but the fact that system was able to breakthrough the ridge of high pressure overhead, and at least bring in fresher air tells us the air quality is
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going to improve by the second half of monday. thanks to that system. this will begin breaking down the ridge and allow the next system here we will watch the monday system disappear, and we will let the thursday one fill in the map. that's the next one. and that one will hold together, to give us at least some rain. not a lot, but we will get a few lie showers on thursday and you will see that in the 7-day forecast. there could be others after that for next week. and just to look at accumulated rainfall totals on thursday. it has gone back and forth sometimes as much as .2 of an inch of rain anow it look like it will be less than that. for right now, taking a look ahead here, to thursday, high enough degree of confidence will keep that chance of rain in this. beyond that, it gets cooler. that's the most notable thing about the shift in the weather is, whatever that system on
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thursday brings us, light rainfall wise, it is certainly going to bring in noticeably cooler air, and we will get the daytime highs
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>> a perfect start for the san francisco dons on the hill top, plus the warrior back in action at chase center. not great spurs team was in town. but they gave the warriors a good fight department
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sometime in life you have an incredible night and wake up the next day struggling. case in point warriors last night a classic hangover game after a massive win over the
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phoenix suns on friday. steph was perfecting the touch from the tunnel. putting on a show during warmups. how about that shot. perfect that in hoarse you are never losing. 0 for 9 make it 1 for 10. that'ss final minute of the first half. 22-point lead cut to four. but the spurs would go off in the third quarter. murray takes it the other way, and spurs led by 19. but it's never over when you got a guy that can make 40 footers easily. bang. 11-point game after three quarters. a five-point game and seven and draymond goes to the bucket for the two handed throw down. pop doesn't hook it. golden state down 3 under 3 minutes to play 103-101 spurs curry from deep give the warriors the first lead since it was 9-8. steph had 27 and a two-point warriors lead off the missed free-throw. white knocks it down.
6:23 am
san antonio back in front. 40 seconds left, golden state needed a stop and they wouldn't get it. murray slicing, dicing, calls ball game off the glass. warriors, they could have won this one had they had three or four more minutes but they ran out of time. so it's the spurs winners 112- 107. it snap the warriors' 11 game home win streak and the record is now 19-4. >> we came up short. they were a better team than us today. if of we play that team multiple times, we are going to -- i feel leek my team will have the edge. but we lost tonight. so, i don't want to have excuse or reasons. i don't have anything about last night. we lost. >> to the hill top usf looking to remain unbeaten as they hosted unlv. second half dons up 13. check out the move. a step back thing of beauty. and quite the game for him. he tied a single game school record with eight, three was 30
6:24 am
points. usf wins 83-62 and they are 9-0 on the season. championship saturday in college football. only the biggest games of the year were played yesterday. and then there was cal usc. 2-4-7 teams playing pack 12 after dark. give me this one. fox broad craft crew getting in the groove. it was late. bears heading 10-7. third a short for the trojans. ball is free and pastor picks it up, and the school and he will score it the other way. touchdown bears. 10 point lead. same score fourth quarter. christopher brooks takes the pitch, breaks the tackle and reaches the end zone. second touchdown of the game, and the bears win 24-14. and they finish the season at 5- 7. sec championship showdown. number one georgia third ranked
6:25 am
alabama third quarter crimson tide leading 24-17 and bryce young unloads and williams is in stride. and that's a 55 yard strike. young made a strong heisman case throwing for 421 yards. and accounted for 4 touchdowns and alabama still kings of the sec the tide roll 41-24. both teams will still be in the playoffs. raider great, charles woodson watching his alma mater michigan at the big 10 title game. wolverines up 7-0 over iowa and pull a rabbit out of the hat. he haddards, 75 yard strike to wilson. watch. no fall apart this year for second ranked michigan. they hammer the hawk eyes, # 2- 3. and 7 years after leaving the 49ers, jim harbaugh the first conference championship.
6:26 am
hold up the trophy and he is heading to the playoffs. could cincinnati become the first school from a nonpower conference to walk their way into the playoffs. third quarter, bearcats leading houston 28-13 to pay dirt. and alabama transfer may get a chance at the tide in the playoff. ford had 187 yards. and two touchdowns. bearcats win 35-20, and back to back undefeated regular seasons. they are heading to the college football playoffs. and later today on kpix5, it is the san francisco 49ers in seattle facing the seahawks. that's a look at sports. and still ahead, king tides return to the bay area, and experts are warning the tides could be more frequent. cnn anchor chris cuomo has been fired. why they are choosing to part ways with one of the avengers of the prime time lineup. live look outside in
6:27 am
dublin. we will be back in a moment.
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ve from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. thanks for joining us. i am devin fehely. king tides return to the bay area. yesterday's water level didn't completely soak the embarcadero. in san francisco, but they are about 2' higher than normal.
6:30 am
max daro explains. >> reporter: the king tide returned to the bay area on saturday morning. soaking some lowerline lying walkways along the embarcadero. >> you think you looking at something you see every day, your feet get wet and it's not what you see and you start to back up. >> reporter: it's yearly phenomenon. one stan peckner likes to photograph. >> be careful. because you never know when that wave is going come up and bite you in the butt. >> reporter: it occurs when the moon, earth and sun comess in alignment with the moon closest to the earth and earth closest to the sun. >> we will have a higher than usual high tide and lower than usual low tide. >> reporter: it's an educator with the explore toreium who taught the large and curious group about it. >> normal tidal range from the area from the average highest tides and average lowest tides is 6'. on like today, the difference in the water levels from the high tide to the low tide, is going to be about 8'. >> reporter: exciting to
6:31 am
experience from the shore, and from the water. birds and humans alike. the surfers hit the waves at ocean beach. >> the surf is really good. it's been glassy all day and as the tide drops, it is changing a little bit and getting better. >> reporter: the phenomenon is infreak happening once or twice a year. lamb betterson says the king tied will be the regular high tide. >> when it stars to happen more frequently, it is not going to be exciting. it's going to be nuisance, and it's going to damage infrastructure and create a lot of problems in our communities. >> reporter: if you got good photos or videos of the high tides, consider sharing poem with the california king tides project. they are asking people to send them in so they can get better understanding of sea level rise and what california will experience as it happens. in san francisco, max daro, kpix5. as i was driving in yesterday, i noticed those digital billboards along the
6:32 am
embarcadero warning about the king tides. >> wow. good public awareness on that. and the story they mentioned, hey, you know, we would like to get photographs of the stuff. and if you are thinking i would like to take pictures of this. let me show you the times if you have plans to be out. the north bay, east bay and along the city, those are the main places to notice this. and we are going to reach that highest tide around 11:30 in general. it's 11:26 in the north bay and gets down to the a embarcadero around 11:40, and it won't be higher than yesterday. but it will be close to just about as high as yesterday was. and yesterday, it was not super overwhelming. so, just know you don't expect the most dramatic show if you look for this. but those are the times if you want to see it. as far as the rest of the weather for today, it's foggier this morning than yesterday at this time. santa rosa is reporting fog at the airport. and that's different. we have got more fog in more places today at this time of day. than we did on saturday so if
6:33 am
you've been an early rising expect it to be foggier especially along 101 and for inland valleys of the east bay. tri-valley and 580, 680, reporting more fog. we don't have dense fog advisories there. but we in solano county. and it's just as foggy in other places is e kind ldn't where thdery is. a little extra time today. it will burn off by late morning, early afternoon and it will be a pretty day. a little more sunshine today. and a little warmer as a result than yesterday. we will be back with the rest of the forecast in a few minutes. two houston police officers are now in administrative leave after accidentally killing a man with their patrol car. last night the officers were in high speed pursuit four suspects accused of stealing a car and committed aggravated robbery. but they lost control and careened on the sidewalk and hit and killed a bystander that victim was pronounced dead at the scene. cnn fired anchor chris
6:34 am
cuomo days after suspending him indefinitely. the network looked into reports that he helped his brother former new york governor andrew cuomo, try to ward off sexual harassment allegations. cuomo released a statement saying in part this is not how i wanted my time in cnn toned, but i told you why and how i helped my brother, and he also went onto thank the ew worked with on the show cuomo prime statement. cnn will continue to investigate how cuomo may have used his media connections to help his brother. a live look at sfo where new coronavirus restrictions for people entering the u.s. go into effect tomorrow. and last night, the uk announced it will also put restrictions on those flying into that country requiring everyone to take a covid test within 48 hours of flying. the world health organization says no deaths have been attributed to omicron. but it is clearly different from previous variants. cbs reports from south africa. >> reporter: this is ground
6:35 am
zero for omicron. scientists in the high risk biohazard lab arm themselves for another day on covid battle front. they are hot on the trail of the new mutant strain circling the globe. >> i am having to give you a bock from the freezer. >> reporter: they are growing live omicron, which will be tested against the blood of fully vaccinated people as well as those who were previously infected. heading up the team at africa health research institute is virologist alex. >> the most mutateed virus we have seen. >> reporter: the variant has more than 50 mutations. over 30 in the spike protein, making it easier to attach itself to human cells. >> it's more of a frankenstein than others, but it's always something new. it keeps surprises us. >> reporter: they collaborate with other scientists to determine if the variant blunts vaccine immunity. >> the lab has received multiple samples of omicron which are being packed to helped off to research
6:36 am
institutes around the country. >> reporter: infectious disease expert works next dore at the sequencing lab that helped identify the new variant and studying the spread of omicron in realtime. >> what's critical now over the next week or two is to really see in the data what the pattern is there. is there an increasing rate of infections in the vaccinated, and what is the severity of disease in those individuals. >> reporter: omicron has already fueled a rise in infections in south africa. sign tests say it appears to spread more than twice as quickly as delta, including among people who have had covid. >> something like 60% outside africans have been previously infected. so in this case you have a variant that is maybe specialized through re-- >> reporter: he hopes to have results on how effective
6:37 am
vaccines are against omicron within the next week. cbs news, south africa. covid-19 cases in south africa have quadruped in the last four days. health officials say the cases show some people who have recovered from covid are now reinfected with the omicron variant. stick with kpix5 for continuing coverage of the coronavirus and for more information on the vaccines and how to find booster shots, check our guide on as cities across the bay area continue to deal with an increase of crime and mash and grab robberies, one city is trying a new plan to crackdown. kiet do what the story. >> reporter: in the wake of a rough month for stores and malls, where criminals ransacked businesses, the city is ready to double down license plate readers. >> how they can be allocated for the purchase of license plate reader. >> reporter: they are looking
6:38 am
at spending $250,000 to lease license plates readers, a and storage and software to bet are deter and make arrests in armed smash mog burglaries and robberies and auto thefts and drive-by shooting. the mayor says the plate readers could make the crooks easier to spot. >> we are attempting to evade the license plate readers, all better because it's clear warning when we see folks covering their license plates that those are drivers that should be inn n se andthey have been used successfully, the question is are they used enough and i think we can certainly use them move. >> reporter: sjpd used them on several patrol units in the past few years. the frontier foundation conducted research and found in san jose 1.6 million plates were scanned and stored in 2020. of those, about 1500 led to a successful match. that's a .089% success rate. >> you know, you hear they are going to spend a quarter million dollars on license
6:39 am
plate readers and it's like it's not great use of money. >> reporter: he says the plate reader dallas bases have been abused across the country and lead to expensive lawsuits when incorrect matches led to wrongful arrests. moss does not think it will work to stop the smash mob style thieves. >> i think when you have clever criminals like that, license plate readers are not going to deter them. if the viewers think about them for more than five minutes they will think about a way to get around them. because license plate readers are very good at capturing information on innocent people, but maybe not so good at capturing information on people who are willing to break the law. and still to come, pope francis is on the greek isle meeting with those seeking asylum in the european union. plus, a search for survivors is going on in indonesia after volcanic eruptions buried communities and thick layers of lava and
6:40 am
mud. we learn about covid-19, the more questions we have.
6:41 am
the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today.
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pope francis is on a five dan visit to cyprus in grows. francis pause for a moment to look up at the ancient citadel which is atop a rocky hill. as the car drove slowly the pope was flanked by supporters, he arrived today at a migrant camp. the pope was greeted by hopeful asylum seekers. he took his time to greet children along barricades and pose for selfies. during the current trip, he is urging european governments to take in my grants. new aerial footage shows ash and mud blanket areas where an eruption occurred you recaller this week that had taken the lives of 14 people and caused dozens of injuries including two pregnant women. the volcano is smoldering one day after erupting sending hot ash clouds billowing out. today one official described trees, farms and houses being
6:44 am
squished and everything in heavy gray ash about 900 people have been safely evacuated. okay. sunday morning is starting out foggier than saturday was. and i say that because good chance if you are up with us on sunday morning, you are an early reiser on weekends in general. if you hit the roads, expect it to be foggier than yesterday. in particular spots, let's show you where the trouble spots will be, it looks cloudy in the city, but we are not experiencing fog on the road in the city. with the temperatures in the mid-50s, if you got a 50 for a temperature reading, chances are you don't have an issue with fog. it's the mid-40s where you did and let me show you what that looks like on visibility map. you can see that pattern holds true. it's gotten cold enough, and certainly in livermore. and .05 tells you you can see half a mile down the road. similar story here as we get up to concord. and looking at the north bay valleys along 101 and sonoma county. that's where we have gotten some of the esally up around sa
6:45 am
at the airport where it's down to .3 of a mile. there's the overview. the dense fog advisory stays in effect until noon. it cancally, that only encompasses solano county. we know it is foggy in other places. you can see it filling in the valleys up into napa north bay and east bay and it mounts back today more effectively than yesterday. in other words, while it's foggier now, once this burns back by about noon today, we will all get more sunshine today for the afternoon. than we had yesterday. so, it's sunnier day and slightly warmer afternoon. as a result of that. so we will see temperatures that climb in some places all the way back up to 70 like up in santa rosa today. eat hit 68 in san jose and mid- 60s for concord and livermore. 65 today in oakland. what about the rain? well, there are a lot of good storms out in the pacific right now. and there's still pretty much
6:46 am
going a long way around like that one up and over. but, it does break through the ridge on monday. with enough force that even though we don't get rain on monday, tomorrow, we should start to clear the air out because we wil hiessu and in addition to clearing out the air a bit on monday, more importantly that will on the door for the next system than on thursday to actually hold together right there possibility for some light rain first half of the day on thursday. not big totals. we are talking about .10 of an inch of rain or less. so the rain is not the headline. the change in the overall pattern is the headline because we are going to get much cooler when that happens. we are going to clear out the air first, or start the process early in the week. breaking down the ridge of high pressure. and that's the first step. monday's improvement of air quality. and a small chance of rain on
6:47 am
thursday, and most significant impact and noticeable impact is the cooler temperatures. not getting out mid-50s for daytime highs. by the time we get to friday and saturday, we can see the same story for the microclimates. look at north bay valleys. 65 today, and friday and saturday, 10 degrees cooler. noticeably colder by the end of the week. and into next weekend. >> you said that storm that comes in on thursday brings modest rain. what about snow out towards tahoe? >> it will be and this is not saying much but it's a better snow maker because the aim is wouldn't inside sliders which means it goes inside and dive over us and slide on the inside of the state more on the border with nevada. those turned to produce more snow than rain and it's not block buster snowstorm. but it will be more snow than it will be rain here maybe a couple inches perhaps up at some of the passes. >> absolutely we will take it. thank you. the holiday season can be
6:48 am
tough for some of us but this year, but this time year can bring joy and healing. elizabeth cook shows us a student at rising above scholar who experienced both. >> reporter: step inside alexa lopez' cozy family home and you will swear you landed at the north pole. >> she loves it. >> reporter: every square inch is decorated to perfection by alexa's mom. the holiday spirit is healing this family. >> she dedicates herself fully to the holidays, and i think it's because for a long time it was me and my mom for the holidays. and we don't have lot of family. >> reporter: the pair were on their own for a long time. alexa's mom was a teen when she welcomed her first-born. alexa's father was abusive at home, and after the family broke up, the young mother and daughter continued to fear for their safety. >> he was very abusive and would stalk and show up to my
6:49 am
school oftentime t run away from it. >> reporter: her mom sought legal help and by the too many alexa was in middle school, that he had fresh start. but money was tight and she was growing up in one the most wealthiest areas in california. >> i was ashamed we relied on the community for groceries or we relied on community organizations for rent assistance. i didn'talbeg so young that the issue was bigger than just myself. >> reporter: education and community support would lead alexa away from shame, and into a new way of thinking. she found students rising above. made honor roll in high school and earned several scholarships for college and landed a fellowship while studying at uc riverside. learning to share her story with others. >> i carry with me proudly now, i am daught of immigrants. i am first generation student. i am the first in my family to
6:50 am
graduate high school. >> reporter: her mom's life change, too. she remarried a kind and loving man. and the couple added two more children to the family. >> i think she is like a superwoman. now i am growing up, and i am entering an adulthood. i just can't believe she did everything that she did. i look at her and i see someone who is strong and who is brave, and she is so caring. and despite everything that she lived through, she just gives her all to every thing and everyone. >> reporter: that giving spirit decking the halls of this happy home. >> it's beautiful. >> reporter: for students rising above, i am elizabeth cook. >> alexa will graduate next year and afterwards she plans on heading overseas to spend a year teaching before pursuing a masters degree. to nominate someone for students rising above head to sfcbssf.
6:51 am
com/esoray. a pair of eng danered sea outers are thriving after being relocated from another continent.
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some very brave new yorkers took the plunge in chilly waters of the lake all while fighting 40 degree weather for a worthy cause. annual buffalo polar plunge to being place friday to raise money for the special olympics of new york and the athletes. smiles and laughter were visible in the crowd amongst shivering bodies. a pair of spotted neck outers are making themselves at home at the oregon zoo in portland. they like to explore the grounds of the now home. african nate vives been brought in as part of the species survival plan and they are near threatened species
6:55 am
6:56 am
it's 6:56. and teem for the top stories. walnut creek police joined zorses with the shear i've office in contra costa county to keep stores and shoppers safe. this is after a string of smash and grab robberies in the bay area. including some in the east bay. a small plane crashed less than 5 minutes after take off in vie sal yeah killing four people. we don't know what caused the crash. federal investigators will be arriving on the scene later today. people waited in long lines of cars to get booster shots in san mateo county. the vaccine clinic was held at the event center yesterday afternoon. police people say they were willing to . the clinic enedesday t . day.
6:57 am
pope frances arrived at migrant cap and was excreted by hopeful asylum seekers and is urging european government to take in the migrants. all right. looking live outside. you can see the low clouds over the city, and obscuring most of the view from the top of the sales force tower with temperatures in the mid-40s-and fog for the north bay valleys and east pai valleys. more fog this morning than yesterday. especially along 101, and up in sonoma county, and the east bay valleys, 580, 680, corridors. dense fog advisory is in effect until noon today. other than that is correct it will be sunny and just like yesterday, in the afternoon, with temperatures climbing into the mid-60s for some of the warmer spots. but notice in the 7-day forecast, next chance of rain gets here on thursday. thank you for joining us. cbs sunday morning with jane pauley is next on kpix5.
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