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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  December 6, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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checks of vexing cards. the question of checking vexing cards at the door for indoor dining has met with pushback in contra costa county. most notably, the protracted fight through in and out dining rooms. one contra costa county supervisor says he is disappointed that despite 80 complaints in the month of november, that no fines were levied against restaurants not complying, apparently, by junior staffers.'s budget is unacceptable that some staff members made a decision on their own without getting permission, to not continue doing what they are supposed to be doing. >> reporter: supervisor karen mitchell says she was tipped off about the situation on friday saying it is in direct connection to the in-n-out situation on october, and staffers fearing retribution. >> i was told that staff was concerned about death threats. i take that very seriously. i understand it. i have received death threats, but you way that against the
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public good. >> reporter: contra costa county health off officer says the fines are levied as a last resort and that the goal is education and voluntary compliance. >> no official change in policy on our approach to enforcement, the vexing verification order. >> reporter: three restaurants and chains are in contra costa county out of 1600 that are at the center of the current controversy. dr. says they are going through the same process as in and out.'s budget was only after it was clear and repeated refusal to comply with the health order , that fines were issued, and then, after continued noncompliance, the permit was removed. >> reporter: he says this is about everyone doing their part. county public health says they are still looking into
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complaints received in november, but this is now set to be a topic of conversation at the county board of supervisors meeting tomorrow. in concord, kpix 5. to the weather, now, it has been a cloudy foggy day across the bay area and we could see some rain role in tonight. >> paul is tracking the wet weather for us. >> some showers already that have been very light, a couple hundredths of an inch of rain for the north bay but we will take it. this is the first chance of measurable rain we have seen in about three weeks. there is rain falling over the northbay right now dropping down toward the golden gate. i think we will get some light showers in san francisco to oakland over the next couple of hours. more rain later on tonight. rain chances for the northbay will taper off this evening but then the next round of rain moves in later this evening and into early overnight hours. it will be later for that second round of rain dropping into goldengate and san francisco and oakland. it will be later for the south bay and your chances of measurable rain will be even lower. lower than 50/50 for san jose and the santa clara valley but there are more rain chances in
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the seven-day forecast. we will take a look at those coming up in a few minutes. it all adds up. >> it's nice to just see some of it out there. >> absolutely. thanks. it is going to take more than a rain shower every now and then to make progress against the drought. we will need more storms and a lot of them. wilson walker live in lake sonoma where the big october storm is running out of legs. >> reporter: there's a rule of thumb that if you go for a month with no rain at all, you really start to lose the ground recharge that we were so lucky to get back in october. we've had bits of rain here and there but that storm, as impressive as it was is starting to run out of steam up here. we need more rain and more storms. >> the rain is great you have. we just say if you want wine, you need rain. >> reporter: a little rain with more in the forecast is great news in dry creek valley, just as it is welcome news over on the other side of the dam. >> we are still in a drought,
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no question about that. lake sonoma storage is currently at just under 50% of its capacity. but, that is down from 67%, the same time last year. >> reporter: for sonoma's reservoirs, the late october atmospheric river was a spectacular moment of temporary relief. the intermediate weeks have seen just enough rain to keep water into lake mendocino but not the systems larger reservoir. >> we have seen lake sonoma stop and now it is starting to lose a bit of capacity. so, we are starting to see the saturation level decline a little bit. >> you can see the boost lake sonoma received from the storm and decline. while a little rain will help recharge the ground, here, we need more storms. >> so, we are just hoping that we can get this weather pattern
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-- changes enough so that we get a regular series of storms throughout december and into january. >> reporter: back to that chart showing lake sonoma behind me here, you almost need a level to see it is starting to trail off there, more importantly all the other lines above this year reflected the other years of note, the last couple of years, 14, 15, and 16 as you can tell, a catastrophic start to this water year. so much ground to make up and that one little blip is not going to begin to do it, allen. the only bit of good news is that this part of the state gets most of its rain in january and february, so, the clock is about to start taking here in a big way. >> wilson, thanks. live look at sfo now, international travelers coming into the u.s. are facing tougher covid-19 testing requirements. travelers will need a negative covid-19 test within 24 hours, before their flight, regardless of vaccination status >> just in three days, but then
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i had to go through the test again. >> was it hard to find a test? >> we had to go through a lot of labs and check who could do it for us. >> reporter: this comes as the rest of the country is taking action to slow the spread of the new omicron variant. reporter skyler henry is live at the capital with more on what cities and states are doing. skyler? >> reporter: good evening to you. something else people aren't necessarily mentioning at the moment is that those tasks, to try to get a quick turnaround on test are pretty costly, $70- $100 to see some of those returns, especially international travel, that is one of the new rules the biden administration has an effect as we continue to learn more about this omicron variant. health experts say it is important to get vaccinated, and boosted. >> we are not going back to what happened in 2020. >> reporter: new york city mayor bill deblasio is
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expanding the vaccine mandate including all private-sector employees. >> this is how we put health and safety first, by ensuring that there is a vaccine mandate to reach everyone, universally. >> reporter: the first in the nation mandate is set to take effect in a few weeks which includes new guidelines requiring children between ages of 5 to 11, vaccination for indoor dining, fitness, and entertainment venues. >> as long as we have that first dose and can continue to precipitate in indoor dining and entertainment all these great things. >> the biden administration is requiring travelers to come into the u.s. to present a negative covid-19 test, taken one calendar day before departure. regardless of vaccination status or nationality. >> now, we are like, do we wait to do our test today or tomorrow? >> several mild cases of the omicron variant have popped up in more than a dozen states. >> you really must be careful before making determinations that it is less severe, or that
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it really does not cause any severe illness, comparable to delta. >> reporter: scientists say there is still much to learn about omicron but early indications out of south africa, where it was first identified show being vaccinated and boosted are the best defense. >> skyler, what do we know about the biden and ministration updating these vaccines to work against this new variant? >> reporter: right. it is still a wait and see approach, the biden administration is really letting the science lead the way in terms of trying to figure out what to do with omicron. some of the manufacturers of these vaccines, moderna, pfizer, johnson & johnson have all said that there vaccines work, but there is still so much data that scientists need to review to determine how dangerous this variant really is if it is more dangerous or deadly than delta
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and we know what will happen as we continue to move forward into these winter months when people start to get together for the holidays and things like that, really, what we will actually see come from the next 6 to 8 weeks. i think scientists are urging people at this moment to get vaccinated, get that booster shot, to protect themselves as best as possible. >> play it safe as this continues to involve, thank you. a new study shows mixing and matching covid-19 vaccines could increase immunity. researchers studied 65 people who got two doses of the pfizer vaccine and either had a pfizer booster or a johnson & johnson booster. those with the johnson & johnson booster had a slow immune response, but, their antibodies and t cells increased after four weeks. those with the pfizer booster had a strong and quick response but the antibodies quickly decreased. president biden is pushing to get part of his domestic agenda across the finish line before the holidays. he is pitching his $1.7 trillion build back better bill saying the plan will lower the
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cost of prescription drugs. the proposal would allow medicare to negotiate prices for certain drugs. it would impose a penalty if companies increase prices faster than inflation. the bill would also cap costs for seniors and those with disabilities. the price of insulin could drop to $35 per month. >> there came a time where i could no longer afford my insulin. i was forced to ration my supply of the drug that is as vital to me as water. >> president biden's $1.7 trillion package which has passed the house also includes money for universal pre-k and new funding to fight climate change. looking live at capitol, now, the body the of u dole will lie in state at the rotunda of the u.s. capital. that honor will come on thursday for the world war ii veteran awarded two purple hearts. dole was the republican party's presidential nominee in 1996,
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since 1852, only 40 people had a final tribute at the u.s. capital. still ahead on kpix 5 c streaming cbsn bay area, the search for a real-life grinch after someone sets fire to a christmas tree in jack london square. the arsonist investigation now underway. empire actor jussie smollett takes the stand in his own criminal trial. >> why the feral cat population could be going up across the bay area from one moment to the next, our kids become the most important part of our lives. and even though the years pass, that never changes. we never stop worrying about them. that's why it's important to have health insurance. with covered california, we got a plan we could afford. it includes free preventive care,
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♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ weeks before santa arrives, a grinch trying to spoil holiday spirit in oakland. early this morning, a christmas tree in jack london square was set on fire in an apparent arson attempts.
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firefighters responded very quickly and got that fire under control in about five minutes. it is estimated that only 15% of the tree was seriously damaged but there was already decorations, lights and ornaments but for now, organizers of saturday's tree lighting ceremony plan to move ahead in using the damaged tree. dr. jussie smollett took the witness stand in his trial today, he is charged with staging a racist anti-gay attack on himself. tube leathers testified that smollett paid them to fake the attack in january 2019. today, smollett testified saying there was no hoax.'s attorneys argue that the hoax story is made up and that the attack was real. smollett is facing six counts of disorderly conduct. the department of justice is suing the state of texas over new redistricting maps. according to the doj the states new maps discriminate against the state's growing latino and
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lack populations. >> reporter: all of -- however, texas has designed both of its new seats to have white voting majorities. >> republicans in texas are firing back, the attorney general calling the lawsuit and intrusion by the biden administration. the final piece of the controversial robert e lee statue in richmond, virginia is coming down. crews began removing the 40 foot tall pedestal which once held the statue of the confederate general. in september, the statue itself was listed off the base where it stood for 131 years. according to the southern poverty law center, nearly 170 confederate symbols, monuments and school names were removed or renamed nationwide in 2020, and many more have come down this year. >> monuments like these are no longer necessary. this should be a space for everybody to feel welcome and
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comfortable. >> i'm kind of relieved, i can look at it as new beginnings and a chance to open up the circle again, for a community space. >> the pedestal will take roughly a month to be deconstructed and removed. >> paul heggen back in, satellite shot sewing where those storms are coming at us. >> first chance of rain in a few weeks, and there is morgan following this up, the storm door opening, at least a crack, the pacific northwest ascending some showers our way. the bulk of the energy is staying north, it does not have a whole lot of moisture to deal with but we will take what we can get. let's take a look at high- definition doppler, you can see that shower activity has dropped south of the golden gate. seven cisco is starting to see light showers. this first batch of rain, a lot of what is showing up in green is evaporating on the way down but there is more following this up, we have seen some measurable rain, there will be
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more rain coming at us in ways as we have for tonight and you can see the loop over the past few hours, this way falling apart as it gets closer to the majority of the bay area. there will be more, tracking with you to cast a break in the action between about 7:00 at 9:00. the heaviest rain will move in between 10:00 for the north bay to about 2:00 ams it drops further to the south. this will be a quick hitter. future cast is overdoing the intensity of the rain. no downpours, but just a steady light rain would be awfully nice hopefully washing pollutants out of the air. the measurable rain is going to be gone as we head towards early tomorrow morning, but enough moisture and still in a squeeze on the atmosphere to produce lingering mist, drizzle, still some fog for the first half of the day tomorrow. mid-day into the afternoon. we will have the best chance of a 10th of an inch but just barely more, we will take it with more rain in the extended
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forecast. further down into the santa clara valley, a few hundredths of an inch total rainfall. that will not do much more than what down the ground and produce some pedals, they should evaporate quickly once the sun comes back out tomorrow. we should use the rain to wash stuff out of the air because it's not great today. unhealthy to's for sensitive groups across most of the bay area exabyte along the coast. i think we will see some improvement tomorrow into the moderate category across the board but even more improvement once the next storm system has our way by thursday and friday. that one will not be a huge rainmaker for us but it will be a snow maker with already, winter storm watch is in effect for wednesday night and thursday picking up anywhere from 4 to 10 inches of snow in the highest elevations, very welcome especially for the ski resorts which have been trying to make snow. there is fog still out there as the showers make their way into san francisco. 52 degrees downtown which is one of the warmer spots, 53 in the san jose.
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everybody climbed into the low to mid 60s today, we will drop down to the upper 40s tonight to around 40 degrees along the coast. once the sun breaks through late morning and early afternoon we will warm up. around 60 degrees along the coast, low 60s for the south bay and into the santa clara valley, mostly low 60s in the east bay as well. cooler into the santa clara valley but still temperatures about 2 to 3 degrees above average for early december, near 60 degrees around the bay. slightly warmer on the oakland side with temperatures in the low 60s for most of the bay, mid-60s you got to go further north. into mendocino county should reach mid-60s by tuesday afternoon. tomorrow looks like the warmest day of the seven-day outlook, we have a chance of showers headed thursday as well as lingering into thursday with a more substantial chance for rain heading our way sunday into monday. we will add up those rain chances coming about 5:30 but it is nice to see several days in the extended forecast with
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it'll rain icons and hopefully more of the same as we round the corner into the mid half of december but that is still beyond the scope of the seven- day forecast, we will take this for now. >> we need it. thanks, paul. coming up, boycotting the winter olympics, the major announcement from the white house and what it means for u.s. athletes. the 49ers winning streak is over with sunday's loss in seattle, a minor setback or a sign of things to come. streaming on cbsn bay area, elizabeth cook traveled to the white house to speak with the first lady, dr. jill biden about what needs to happen to close the gap with public school education coming up at 8:15, you can find cbsn bay area on kpix 5 or on the kpix 5 app.
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live look at the white house tonight, the biden administration announcing a
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diplomatic boycott of the 2022 beijing olympics. that move would still allow u.s. athletes to compete, but no u.s. government representatives will be in attendance. the moves to protest china's human rights abuses, the diplomatic boycott designed to put more pressure on china to reform its policies before the winter games begin on february 4th. chinese officials have already blasted the move. medina spirit, the horse that finished first in this year's kentucky derby has died. the cold collapsed after a workout in santa anita. the horse, trained by bob baffert had just completed his second workout since placing second and last months breeders' cup. medina spirit will undergo a full necropsy which is a requirement of the california horseracing board. the 49ers had their winning streak snapped yesterday in seattle, >> hopefully a minor setback for the team's playoff push. what went wrong against the seahawks? >> in the nfl among players
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there is an unwritten 24 hour period, to dwell on a win or loss. then, it is, okay, next game. for the fans, no such rule. 49ers, if not for this batted down ball on fourth and goal we might be talking about a different outcome. they needed to go 98 yards to tie it, they went 95 in seattle took advantage of an error- prone 49er team to win the game 30-23, a fake pond, three turnovers, 10 penalties, personal cells by the defense, even missed an extra point. george kittle. >> losing sucks, you have all the opportunities, turnovers, fake punts for touchdowns, and when you give russell wilson a chance, he's going to take advantage of the opportunity. >> we are very critical but cincinnati will come up quick and we have to be able to move
5:25 pm
on, get your mind right for long travel, and we've got to be ready for it. listen closely, the 49ers read to the playoffs, hit a speed bump, but it did not hit them that badly. they are currently the seventh seed in the nfc, whole tiebreakers over philadelphia and minnesota and after -- if there season ended today they would open the playoffs at the packers. for now, it is cincinnati bengals week and he was carrying that game? >> tell us. >> kpix, this sunday.'s budget will be a good one. >> thank you, vern. it has been nearly 2 weeks since a security guard was shot and killed protecting a tv news crew in oakland. one elected official wants to toughen the sentences on those attackers. >> personally, i have had enough, this is a threat to
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you are watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a live look at the state capital, the new warning out tonight for californians ahead
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of the holidays. a scary encounter at a holiday party which had guests shaking. first, our top story at 5:30 , a local leaders push to protect the media from targeted attacks. good evening to you, i'm amanda. >> i'm allen. it's been nearly 2 weeks since a security guard was killed while protecting a local tv news crew in oakland. >> one lawmakers calling for tefl pennant tougher penalties for those who target journalists. kiet do has those details. >> reporter: kevin yoshida was a sergeant here at the colemont police department. in his time here he made a lot of friends and got to know a lot of people including san mateo county board president david canepa. >> we have someone that i knew who served our community, great father and community police officer, enough is enough, that was the tipping point, but this has been going on for years.
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>> reporter: kevin yoshida was shot on november 24th while guarding a tv news crew in oakland and died a few days later. in the decade leading up to his death there have been 120 attacks, robberies, burglaries, and assaults against bay area journalists including kpix 5. board president canepa has never written a letter to governor newsom urging him to convene a statewide task force to come up with a legislative solution to protect journalists and punish attackers with enhanced penalties before these crimes escalate to the point where press freedoms are seriously eroded. >> hunting season on reporters, videographers, it's got to stop. and, it is only getting worse. enough. we are done. those days -- we are done with it. we do nothing today, the cycle of violence and now death, now death, will happen. >> we have to do someth


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