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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  December 7, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PST

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. right now o giving you a live look outside as we look east from the mark hopkins camera. it's tuesday, december 7th. >> let's start with a check on the weather. it was refreshing to see some wet roadways out there this morning. >> just a little bit out there. we are looking at a few hundredths of an inch. we will take what we can get. it's nice to have a little something out there. there's still a few lingering showers and high definition doppler. things are wrapping up but we have those wet roadways from the rain we had last night. you can see as we zoom in on high definition doppler a few spotty showers for the south bay in san jose. from the seven trees neighborhood, evergreen, edenville and we are also looking at some foggy conditions as well as we start off the day. looking at two miles for fairfield and four miles for many locations, oakland, heyward, concord, livermore, san jose at three miles. as we go through the day big
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changes ahead. it was nice to catch a little bit of rain, last night and as we go through the day today we are going to see the sunshine and clearing. here we are at 10:00 a.m. already catching that clearing. here we are as we head through the rest of the afternoon. couple weather systems that could bring the wet weather for us back. let's check in with traffic. wet roads not affecting traffic too bad. let's look at the pass traffic. it'll get busy in the next hour. 23 minute drive from 205. san mateo bridge looking good. live look, 13 minutes from 880 to highway 101 and the bay bridge metering lights off so it can be the easy drive. time from the mize into san francisco is seven minutes. right now police are searching for the driver in a deadly hit and run. someone walking was hit and
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killed near the intersection of tulley road and quinby. you can see what appears to be a cart with the victim's belongings in the intersection. so far no description of the vehicle involved. this is the city's 21th pedestrian death this year. a live look at downtown oakland today. the council will vote on whether to add more police officers in the middle of rising homicide numbers. kenny explains why a group opposing the move said there is no police staffing crisis. >> our staffing levels are at a crisis point. >> 129 homicides, 600 shootings and 2500 robberies with oakland this year. the mayor and councilmembers urging yes to more officers. >> we are not responding to nonviolent crimes and we are not responding effectively to violent crimes because we don't have enough officers. >> the anti police terror project sites in its report that at least 31% of officers time responding to 911 calls is
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spent on noncriminal and nonviolent issues like animal control and traffic. >> if we have hundreds of officers that are not effectively using their time, if we have hundreds of officer that are in this department, that we don't know what they are doing. why wouldn't we look at that first? >> oakland police chief issued this statement saying, whether you support law enforcement or not, i hope we can all have productive conversations about solutions rather than constant attacks and inaccurate data. we have be standing up for a safer oakland instead of anti police rhetoric. the mayor said the 5.8 million to pay for 60 more officers won't affect any city services or cut into prevention efforts. >> right now oakland's police department has 676 sworn officers. that is the lowest number it a decade and below the voter backed measure z that requires at least 678 sworn officers.
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in san francisco, shoplifting has gotten so bad at the safeway in the castro. betty shows us the story is taking drastic action. >> customers say that they are noticing more security guards inside and outside this safeway in the castro and they are seeing more security gates and barriers. this automatic gate closes after each person enters the store. now these barricades make it harder for shoplifters to make a run for it. safeway also added poles to its shopping carts to make it harder to remove from the store. >> i think it's probably good that they did that. there was really bad shoplifting. almost every time i came here. >> in late october this particular safeway once open 24 hours started closing at 9:00 p.m. due to theft. >> a lot of times there was like people running and then like security following or trying to stop them. >> the shopper admitted to
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stealing. >> i think that they are not very good because i have personally been able to shoplift from here with relative ease. >> you shoplifted here? >> yeah. >> why would you do that? >> i was hungry. >> so you are saying that this doesn't deter you? >> yeah. >> in a statement to kpix5 safeway said like other local businesses we are working on ways to curtail escalating theft to ensure the well being of our employees and to foster a welcoming environment for our customers, their safety is our top priority. this safeway also added barriers around the self check out it. closed off a former exit adding a wall of water bottles directing customers to the front exit. >> it's obviously a pretty terrible issue i think now we are sort of used to it. i live in hayes valley and the walgreenss there was the perfect example of shuttering. it's a shame.
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i feel like the city is definitely changed a lot over the last year and half. >> ? san francisco. and take a look at this. car break-ins have become so common in san francisco that nobody even notices any more. betty obtained this new video. tonight on the news at 11 the shocking new numbers about just how often it's happening. and what can be done to stop the wave of retail crime sweeping through the bay area? >> andrea reports from contra costa where a candidate for da has some ideas on where to start. >> we ask current district attorney to be part of this conversation but she declined our request for an interview. mary knox who is a lead prosecutor in the da's office has some ideas on how to end the violent robberies like the one we saw here at nordstrom. >> there is violence going on in our retail centers that has
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never been in contra costa before. >> from the smash and grab at the nordstrom in downtown walnut creek to this incident where nine men stormed in to a jewelry store at sun valley mall, the da canned dade said just arresting them won't be enough to stop the crimes. >> this violence in our community has just got to stop and in conjunction with addressing the actual boosters in our stores, we need to effectively start to take down this organized criminal enterprise. >> knox said that dismantling the organized crime ring will take federal, state and local agencies to work together at the regional level. closer monitoring of social media platforms by investigators and companies will also be key where most of the planning of the crimes occur. it also falls on the consumer to know what they are buying online. >> the public needs to become part of the solution if there
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is no demand for these stolen items then the criminals move onto some other money making enterprise. >> some of the thing that knox mentioned are already starting to happen. there was a huge meeting just last week with investigators from all throughout the state. in walnut creek. the delta variant of covid remains the biggest pandemic related threat in the country but worry building over the omicron variant. the mayor in new york declaring a strike against the winter surge, putting in a new vaccine mandate. laura has more. >> in what is likely the toughest mandate to fight covid nip when works in new york city will have to be vaccinated before the new year. >> vaccination is the central weapon in this war against covid. >> the order which covers employees who work in person at private companies includes more than three million people. all who must have at least one
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dose by december 27th. weekly testing is not an option. >> we can't have shut downs. >> children as young as five will have to show proof of vaccination to participate in many indoor activities. fewer than half of five to 17- year-old's here in the big apple have gotten at least one shot. >> protecting our health and the kids and everybody else around in new york city. i think that's important. >> if we are going to be mandated to have the vaccine i think our freedom is being suppressed. >> covid killed 11,000 americans in the past week according to johns hopkins university. >> for those unvaccinated there isn't a safe recommendation for those folks to be able to gather. >> university of wisconsin doctor said that unvaccinated americans should reconsider indoor gatherings this holiday season. >> the situation is getting worse for the unvaccinated. we have delta around. we have omicron. >> the new variant has been
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found in at least 19 states but the delta variant remains the dominant strain. laura podesta. >> health officials say the data is still early. a continues that omicron seems to cause less severe infection. the search for the arsonist who lit a lit mass tree in the most grinch like way. >> and an east bay neighborhood transformed in to candy cane lane. the sights and sounds from the long time extradition up next.
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welcome back. it's 4:43. investigators in oakland are searching for the arsonist who targeted the christmas tree in jack london square. the suspect was seen talking off on a bike early yesterday morning. about 15% of the decorated tree was damaged but at this point saturday's lighting ceremony is still a go. speaking of throwing a damper on the holidays. this was one zoom call you definitely didn't want to be invited to. >> big surprise. the ceo of digital mortgage lender invited more than 900 employees to join him on a call and then fired them all. that's about 9% of the
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company's work force. according to fortune magazine [inaudible] accused them of stealing from customers and colleagues by only working two hours a day. the laidoff employees will get benefits and severance pay. delaying the return to the office. diane king hall reports now from the new york stock exchange. >> stocks rebounded on monday. the dow jumped 646 points. the nasdaq rallied 139 and the s&p500 rose 53. the gains were led by bets on the reopening by benefits the travel sector like airlines and cruises. those are normally sensitive to covid restrictions. health experts including dr. fauci have been optimistic the omicron variant is causing mild symptoms. ford is delaying its
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employees return to the office. the automaker had planned to bring 30,000 workers back next month about is delaying it's i had bid model until at least march as covid cases rise across the country. the decision comes just a few days after google made the call to delay its office return. and looking for a new twist this year when trimming the tree? miller lite is out with apex pack of ornament that you can drink him and then hang on the tree. they hold eight ounces of miller lite. they program to deliver them by christmas day. and that's your cbs money watch report. from more head to cbs money at the new york stock exchange. i'm diane king hall. in the bay area bright spots more than two dozen neighbors are gathering to spread cheer. >> its been a holiday tradition for decades. katie tikis us on a cure of candy cane lane in pleasanton. >> we are driving down walnut
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drive in pleasanton and since 1953 every homeowner has decorated their house for the holidays. all we have to do is set our radios and we are ready for the sights and sounds of the season. >> this is amazing this is my first time coming here. one of my friends posted about it on instagram. wow, i didn't know it exist. >> we like sitting up on the porch and waving saying hi to folks and showing them snow out of the snow men. it does snow here on candy cane lane. >> the snow is falling friends are calling you. >> what does it feel like? >> it's so magical. >> to see her face. it's just amazing to see her face light up and be so excited and embrace the whole christmas
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experience. it's really a true gift. >> let's look at the show. >> everybody is coordinated. you can tell they put a lot of effort into it. this sin credible. >> have yourself a merry little christmas. >> it's really cool. i live around here and it's really fun to walk down here. we do multiple times. >> last year was insane. so far this year we see pretty much the same. people want to get out. they want to connect and it's these little decorations in our yard that seem to be doing that. >> no matter what is going on there's always joy to be found. we can share that in all kinds of ways. >> on candy cane lane in pleasant on, kpix5. as soon as someone is serious about buying a house on candy cane lane neighbors have to come over and make sure they
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are okay with participating in the holiday decorating. >> the only time the houses weren't decorated was during the energy crisis in the 70's. >> we want to see your holiday lights as we celebrate the season. e-mail your picture and videos to bay area bright spots or tag us on social media using the hash tag kpix bright spot. let's get a check of weather and wet roads. >> as we start off the day. watch out for that as we are looking at the wet and slick roadways all across the bay area from the rain we had last night picking up a few hundred diagnostics of an inch. things wrapping up and winding counsel on high definition doppler. still tracking a few showers across parts of the south bay this morning. zooming in and you can see down 101 in the south bay pushing in to morgan hill at this hour. so, watch out for that in the south bay and also dealing foggy conditions. it's a gray start to the day. we are in the 40's and 50's
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this morning and looking at the advice i go you can see the patchy fog. that really dense fog and dealing with some areas of fog as we start off the day. a few morning showers. we will see clearing. catching sunshine. thingswrappinging up and winding down and warmer temperatures compared to yesterday. it was a cool day. here is the satellite and radar view. that low pressure system. it's the low pressure and that will move out and the sunshine later today. let's time it out and you can see by your lunchtime, by noon catching that sun and as we look to 4:00 p.m. we are looking at plenty of sun across the bay area. checking the daytime highs, upper 50's along the coast, low 60's. 62 oakland. low 60's for the peninsula at 60 for a daytime high. for the south bay, inland, 62 in san jose, 61 concord, inland east bay and for the tri valley
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and 61 for the napa valley. seven day forecast, san francisco, oakland and we are looking at that clearing and sunshine this afternoon. temperatures will be cooler as we look ahead to wednesday. shower chances on thursday and then we look to the end of our weekend and into next week really unsettled weather starts for us. that storm door wide open as we look to next week. inland east bay, the north way and the coast. catching that sunshine later today. we are looking at the next chance of showers on thursday and temperatures will be cool america to the 50's thursday, through the weekend. let's check in about ann for a look at photograph speck how are the roadways? > let's start off in the south bay. drive times 85. 20 minute drive chp has issue aid fog advisory in the area of 280 at 92. do be aware of that if you are going up from san jose through san mateo. in the east bay walnut creek to oakland only a ten minute drive in the maze to san leandro is
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looking at ten minutes. the westbound 4 map. 25 minutes. the golden gate bridge is in the green right now. 19 minute drive going southbound from 37 into the city and the san mateo bridge camp looking good. 12 minutes from 880. the bay bridge metering lights off. it should be an easy drive time from the maze into the city. seven minutes. vern. morning. what have i got? we have the national champs crowd in the south bay. we have the warriors from last night taking center stage and putting on a show.
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we have the nba on my mind and the warriors. forget at them looking at back to back losses. they were look around asking themselves anyone else besides the suns have 20 wins? i don't think so. yankee fan who was that? that's bernie williams behind the mask court side. he watched seth like this. half court? in style. 31 points and seven threes. warriors live by 23 in the half. spin move, lay in. nice baseline tip. 12 points for him. for the three point marksman was andrew wiggins. a career high eight from deep on antenna tempts. 28 points for wiggins and the warriors won by 31. 126-95. record now is 20 and four.
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nfl49ers news and notes for cincinnati week. mitchell being checked for a concussion sustained sunday in the loss to the seattle seahawks and trendon cannon also the concussion protocol from the games opening kick. he spent the night in a seattle hospital. starting cornerback, mosley here will miss several week was a high ankle sprain. he will get no sympathy from his next opponent. >> we are critical of all the little things. cincinnati will come um real quick and we have to move on and we are going out there. get your mind right for long travel and it's the -- we have to be ready for it. >> western new york. the buffalo weather was waiting for the pat roots and bills. look at the goal posts. mack jones -- he had harris. 64-yard first quarter touchdown. new england gain. 222 yards. he will led 8-0 and never looked back. bills quarterback josh allen
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had a chance to take the lead with two minutes left. he threw to the wrong jersey on 4th down. practice the roots have ripped off seven straight wins. they won last night. 14-10 if they did it with 19 passing yarding. byu fans last night, women's national championship up to florida state. the back of the yet on a penalty kick and won it for the seminoles. for the third time. florida state the national champion. that is sports at this hour. everybody have a great day. some of you i may see at oracle park. the 26th holiday heroes gala for 300 under served kids. we will see you later. the staff at a vaccination center in romania is putting empty vials to good use,
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turning them into a christmas tree. they are have vaccinated more than 200,000 people since it opened in march. >> i'm not sure what i think about that. >> i will get your thoughts on the commercial break. coming up on kpix5, also streaming on cbsn bay area. >> getting more officers on the streets of oakland. the vote that could make it happen. >> plus the expanded smoking restrictions being discussed in pleasanton and just how far it
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when you open a jar of better than bouillon you open-up dinner time to great flavor. chicken, beef, roasted garlic, sauteed onion. with better than bouillon the possibilits endless. make your everything better with better than bouillon. don't just make it, make it better. ♪♪ ♪and have yourself♪ ♪a merry little christmas♪ shop pandora jewelry and receive a free sterling silver bangle as our special gift to you. oakland city council have an important vote amid rising violence in the city. safeway doing it's best to deter teens. the new security measures in place on market street. >> and the bay area sports
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venues maybing sure children are fully vaccinated in their building. >> and the expanded smoking restrictions being doesed in one bay area city later on today. >> good morning. it's tuesday, december 7th. >> good morning to you. let's get to the forecast first on this tuesday with mary lee. good to see rain overnight. >> it's good to see it. we have been a few hundred diagnostics. it's something for sure. every drop counts. that's still tracking a few showers. let's show you high definition doppler. most of it is wrapped up. things winding down for sure. still tracking a few showers for parts of the south bay. here we go on high definition doppler. let's zoom in and you can see the location still getting that wet weather this morning. as we look to right along 140 morgan hill are you getting that wet start to the day. also foggy conditions as well. down to a mile and a half in the south bay and san jose this morning. looking at


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