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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  December 7, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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are fully vaccinated in their building. >> and the expanded smoking restrictions being doesed in one bay area city later on today. >> good morning. it's tuesday, december 7th. >> good morning to you. let's get to the forecast first on this tuesday with mary lee. good to see rain overnight. >> it's good to see it. we have been a few hundred diagnostics. it's something for sure. every drop counts. that's still tracking a few showers. let's show you high definition doppler. most of it is wrapped up. things winding down for sure. still tracking a few showers for parts of the south bay. here we go on high definition doppler. let's zoom in and you can see the location still getting that wet weather this morning. as we look to right along 140 morgan hill are you getting that wet start to the day. also foggy conditions as well. down to a mile and a half in the south bay and san jose this morning. looking at four miles for livermore and fairfield. as we go through the day today
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big changes ahead. things wrapping up for us. we are going to catch that sunshine and clearing. even by 10:00 a.m. you can see clear skies looking at as we head through the afternoon, stopping the clock again just before the sunsets by 5:00 p.m. we are looking at clear skies. things winding down for sure. it was nice to have that wet weather. we will have talk about a few chances to see more wet weather. details on that coming up. let's check in with ann for a look at the wet roadways. > a 01 taking a look at the pass. slowing in some spots. a 23 minute drive from tracy in to the city. a look at 880. northbound if you are coming up from san jose to the eastside of the bay. there is a fog advisory on the other side of the south bay commute. be aware of that if are you coming up from san jose through san mateo. the golden gate bridge, a 19
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minute drive southbound into the city. today the oakland city council is expected to vote on whether to add more police officers ithe middle of rising homicide numbers. >> why a group opposing the group said there is no police staffing crisis. >> just this year in the city there have been 129 homicides, nearly 6 sun shootings. the anti police terror project is saying that the police department can shift resource away from nonviolent calls to address homicides instead. they site in its released report that at least 31% of officers responding to 911 call is spent on noncriminal and nonviolent issues like animal control and traffic. take a listen. >> if we have hundreds of officers that are not effectively using their time. if we have hundreds of officer that are in this department that we don't know what they are doing, why wouldn't we look
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at that first? >> now oakland police chief issued this statement last night saying whether you support law enforcement or not i hope we all can have productive conversations about solutions rather than constant attacks and inaccurate data. we should be standing up for in police r'office said the $5.8 million to pay for more officers won't affect any city services or cut into prevention efforts. we will keep you updated on that city council meeting. kpix5. and san francisco police and prosecutors are pledging to double down on their efforts to curb retail theft and car break- ins. >> we are all across the city and we want people to feel safe. we want people to feel welcome in this town. >> i think the fact that the police -- you feel safer. >> police point to five recent
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arrests and say they hope to make more this week. meanwhile we did ask the district attorney about theplans to hold them responsible. >> you believe you are doing everything that you can in your power to prevent people from committing these types of mass robbery that we have seen this year? >> this is not a san francisco problem this is a problem we are seeing all across the country. it's up to the police to makests when they do make arrests it's up to me to hold them responsible and that's what i do. >> meanwhile a suspected serial shoplifter is back behind bars in san francisco on a new theft charge this morning after being released on zero bail last week. police say they arrested the suspect for petty theft and outstanding warrants. a judge had just released her wednesday and ordered her to get an ankle monitor while they awaited trial on 120 counts of stealing the target. the da plans to ask for a no bail hold at her next court
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appearance today. the safeway on market street has added a number of new security measures to try to deter thieves. this automatic gate closes after each person closes the store. these barricades are aimed to make it harder for shoplifters to make a run for it. they also added poles to shopping carts to make it harder to move to the store. >> it's a pretty terrible issue. >> i think it's probably good that they did this. there's a really good shoplifting problem. >> they closed off a former exit adding a wall of water bottles and directing customers to the front exit. take a look at this. car break-ins have become so common in san francisco. nobody even notices anymore. betty got this new video and tonight on the news at 11 shocking new numbers about how
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often this is happening. and the big question, what can be done to stop the wave of retail crimes sweeping through the bay area from the smash and grab at the nordstroms and downtown walnut creek to this incident where nine men armed with hammers stormed in to a jewelry store at sun valley mall? the district attorney candidate mary knox said just arresting them won't be enough to put a stop to the crimes. >> in conjunction with addressing the actual boosters in our stores, we need to effectively start to take down this organized criminal enterprise. >> knox added that dismanslaughterring the organized crime ring will take federal, state and local agencies working together at the regional level and closer monitoring of social media. the city of santa clara has been ordered to pay a half million dollars to a man who was shot by police. a police officer was found
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liable for shooting in october 2017. he claimed he opened fire when the driver of a suspected stolen car tried to run him over. the jury determined that was not the case. the driver was shot several times and did survive. right now police are searching for the driver in a deadly hit and run. a person walking was hit and killed near the intersection of tulley road and quinby. you can see a cart in the intersection. so far no description of the vehicle involved. this is the city's 21th pedestrian death this year. a pair of bay area sports venues are now checking to make sure kids between the ages of five and 11 are fully vaccinatedst starting last night's games kids five and older will have to provide proof of vaccination or negative covid test to attend events at chase center. negative tests are required for kids two to 4. at sap center in san jose all visitors age three and up will need to show proof
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of vaccination or negative tests starting with this thursday, sharks game. the issue of vaccine status, check compliance will be up for discussion when contra costa supervisors meet today. one t word frthat80 complaints were filed against local businesses last month but no fines were ever issued. this happened after a high profile spat over vaccine car checks prompted in and out to close its dining room across the county. >> this is a health crisis. we are all in it together. we have heard that over and over but we are not going to get ahead of the curve if people don't comply. >> county health said it's still looking in to the november complaints and uses fines as a last resort when education and warnings don't work. this morning san mateo county is launching a pilot program to pair mental health officials with police officers when responding to certain
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calls. they will work alongside officers to try to deescalate high risk emergency calls involving people in a mental health country sims. >> both law enforcement identifying a need for this type of program and the community. we realize that going out on calls for service we are dealing with people that are dealing with mental health crisis. how helpful it would be to have someone trained in mental health and the public wants people trained in mental health to handle mental health calls. >> san mateo, red road wood and south san francisco are among the cities participating. happening today the pleasant on city council will meet to expand smoking reconvictions in private homes. this will include town homes, condos and buildings with three or more attached units. the new restrictions would include no smoking in common areas like lobbies, playgrounds
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and parking lots. today is 80 year since japan's surprise assault on pearl harbor. >> 30 survivors will be in hawaii to hoonor fellow people who lost their lives in that attack. more than 2400 servicemen and civilians were killed on that day in 1941. 21 ships were sunk or damaged more than 300 planes destroyed. the united states declared war on japan the next day launching the united states into world war ii. >> i had someone give me a few instructions on how to handle ammunition so i passed ammunition during the attack. >> also part paling in the remembrance, rosies, women inspired by the rosie the riveter scam pain urged at women to work in factories. pearl harbor events include a ceremony of the veteran's park around city hall. that starts at 11 this morning
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and happening at the cal state east bay campus. families will light the beacon. that event starts at five. it's now 45:11. still ahead,. >> the warning from the california attorney general on charity scams this holiday season. and the road repair set to start this week in the north bay after heavy storms earlier this year. we did have that rain last night picking up a few hundred diagnostics of an inch. you can see things wrapping up for us. a few showers for parts of the south bay. we will talk about what you can expect as we head through the day. a jelly bean that's good for you? nature's bounty introduces new jelly bean vitamins. good for you nutrients in a tastier for you form.
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one in five households welcomed a new dog or cat during the pandemic. now many are rushing to try to make plans for them. i found out like so many other industries right now supply is not meeting demand. >> a little over a year ago this rescue pup found a new home. his name is hines. nobody knows his exact mix but they do know this.
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>> he is an absolute covid puppy. >> 100%. is he a pandemic pet. >> he what as don'ted by rob and sarah. >> we weren't leaving the house for work. we had the time. >> now it's time for h ines and other pets to distance from their owners. >> he is very well trained here but he is -- distracted. >> before you get up and leave chew on this. >> 300 new dogs this year alone. since may it's really grown. >> victoria is the owner of the high tail dog hotel in san francisco. it offers daycare and overnight boring. since the vaccines and the easing of restrictions the high tail has seen a dramatic jump in new clients. we checked it out and found doggy daycares back in high demand and that means if you are looking to head out of town
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for the holidays. if you haven't booked already with a local pet sitter or boarding facility you are probably out of luck. >> not omaha dog walkerns and pet sitters getting harder to find. >> pet care industry is suffering some of the same pressure that other industries are facing. >> the doctor -- she counsels pet owners to line up help in advance. you need to make sure your pet is prepared. >> it's about routine and positive reward. you want to get your dog used to meeting new people, meeting other dogs and then they will be more comfortable at the boring facility. >> start to build a new routine. if you are expected to be at work at nine and you will leave at seven, start going out at seven and just leave your dog for a few minutes. go around the corner and get coffee and come back. >> hines isn't the only sun with a little separation anxiety.
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>> you will leave and stand at the window and put the paws up on the window and it breaks your heart. >> they are working on a hybrid solution when they aren't working home they will use dog walker daycare. they want hines to be ready when they take their two week honeymoon this summer. butterflies will soon have a new home at mountain view. they are using a grant to create a new habitat this will be in shoreline park. google has given them $30,000 to develop and maintain three habitats. this as monarch butterflies returning to california in big numbers after mostly disappearing. the recent showers we have seen have been nice. we will need a lot more storms to make progress against the drought. the late october river was a moment of temporary relief and the last few weeks have seen enough rain to keep water moving at lake mend, cino but
5:18 am
lot the larger reservoir. >> we -- that rainfall was nice. that big storm, it helped. it didn't guess us out that have drought. >> lake sonoma just 50% of its capacity. that is down from 67% this time last year. it's now 18 minutes after 5:00 and can be expect more rain out that have little system? >> not with this one. just a few showers but things winding down. we have another one right behind that. later on this week and then i will say this as we look to next week the storm door is wide open looking at the longer range watt models. we are hopeful with the rain that we will see as we will head through the next several days. we picked up a few hundred diagnostics inches of rain. we will see a few showers on high definition doppler. down 101 to gilroy getting the wet start to the day. here is a live look at san jose
5:19 am
this morning and right now in san jose, 52 degrees. in the upper 40's with the clouds, areas of fog as well. we are starting off the day current visibility and you can see not really dense fog but still foggy conditions, two miles in san jose looking at three miles, two and a half in san francisco. here is what you can expect. a few isolated lingering showers, and things wrapping up. again parts of the south bay seeing that as we head through the afternoon, we are going to catch that clearing and sunshine later on today with temperatures warmer compared to the cool day we had yesterday. watching the showers move out and sunshine later on today. let's show you -- show you what you can expect as we go hour by hour. here we are at noon and you can see the clearing sun as we go through the afternoon. already at noon. here we are at 4:00 p.m. again, really watching the showers push out of here as we look to the daytime highs upper 50's to low 60's.
5:20 am
low 60's along the peninsula. for the south bay, 62 for santa clara, 63 for morgan hill. inland east bay, 61 in concord. 62 pleasant hill. low 60's for the tri valley. 61 in san francisco. 60 for daley city. 62 for oakland and low 60's for 63 for a high in santa rosa and topping out at 66 little warmer. seven day forecast, san francisco, oakland and san jose. cooler for tomorrow but dry. shower chances puck up again thursday and on thursday all of san francisco, oakland and san jose in the 50's and there we go with another chance to see rain. as we look to sunday and monday. and for inland east bay as well as the north bay and coast we are looking at cooler conditions for tomorrow. shower chances thursday and temperatures in the 50's thursday through the weekend and really watching next week and at this point it does look like storm after storm. if anyerns crossed on that. let's check in with ann for a
5:21 am
look at traffic. >> let's start automatic at the pass. things starting to slow down over a half hour knew to get from tracy in to the city. san mateo bridge camera looking good. little bit of fog. 12 minutes 8840 to highway 101. the bay bridge showing metering lights off but more vehicles. still just seven minutes. the golden gate bridge looking dewey. still clear. 19 minute drive from nevado in to the city. 880 northbound in oakland. 13 minutes if you are coming up from san jose to the eastside of the bay and be aware there's a fog advisory on the other side of the south bay commute around 280 -- be aware of that if you are coming from san jose to san mateo. walnut creek to oakland looking about ten minutes. a 13 minute drive. road repairs set to start on a damaged stretch of roadway in the north bay parting of the fairfax, washed out during the
5:22 am
storms in october. a big tree fell down slope. crews set to start work on wednesday. those repairs could take weeks. the california attorney general has issue aid warning about charity scams this season. >> from housing to hunger. there is a lot of need organizations like habitat for humanity, stand in the breach, serve their community, make lives better and are essential to meeting that need. this holiday season it's important to support local charities and as you do i encourage you to protect yourselves from those who may try to take advantage. >> we first brought you the ten general's news conference live on cbsn bay area. you can watch us streaming 24-7 or on the news app. 22 minutes after 5:00 this tuesday morning and still ahead, and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> a unique way to get in the
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christmas spirit. the vacation get away at the ♪ [coughs] ♪ [inhales] [exhales] ♪ [camera click] [inhales] halls breathe it in
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tracking a few isolated showers on high definition doppler. things wrapping up but you can see for the south bay down 101 the showers push across morgan
5:26 am
hill into gilroy. as we look to the afternoon we will see sun. it's nice to have a few showers last night and now looking through the day, sunshine from the coast, bay, as well as inland for the lunchtime forecast. we are talking upper 50's to low 60's. at noon mostly sunny skies. 57 degrees. as we look to oakland 57 as well ander fought south bay in san jose, 458. we are looking at temperatures a little warmer compared to yesterday with that sun as we go through the afternoon. a really nice lunchtime forecast. what you can expect, a couple of weather systems, in just a few minutes. we are talking about trying to get there to the halladay spirit. here is a hybrid model on that. how about a stay in the grinch's cave, high above whoville this holiday season? >> a platform is teaming up to bring you the ultimate holiday get away. it's a recreation of the lair
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belonging to the grinch from how the grinch stole christmas. it's outside of boulder, utah. it's a massive 5700 square feet. each room decorated as the again much would like. even has a music room complete the grinch's organ and his dog's drum set. bookings are open for limited stays. tilt pretty cool. i wouldn't mind staying there in the grinch's lair. >> lair. i feel like have you to say it like that, lair. >> growl there. coming up here in the next half hour on kpix5. >> the plan from the biden administration to lower prescription drug prices and hold drug companies responsible. and tensions rising between the united states and russia. the economic sanctions ahead of a call between the president and putin.
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? oakland city council has an important vote. it's back to court today for elizabeth holmes. the evidence the jury is raising. >> the showdown between the president and putin. the major topics set to be discussed today. the and how the president said his social spending package will com pat the high cost of prescription drugs. >> good morning to you. let's get to the forecast first. mary yesterday i got home. i almost turned the heat on it. was chilly. if was. it was cool all day. we were in the 50's yesterday. we are talking little bit
5:31 am
warmer. more sun. big difference compared to yesterday it. was nice to have those showers as well last night. picking up a few hundred diagnostics of an up much and few isolated showers on high definition doppler. especially for the south bay. we will zoom in and you can see down 1401, through gilroy. tracking a few showers. things wrapping up for us. as we head through the afternoon, looking at clearing and sunshine. upper 50's, low 06's and also inland. showing you future cast and you can see things wrapping up and winding down. by 10:00 a.m. already looking at clear skies and here we are as we head through the afternoon at 4:00 p.m. looking at plenty of sun. as we go through the week, of course we need the rain. tracking a couple of weather systems. coming our way. the return of wet weather and as we look to next week the storm door wide open. we will talk more about what you can expect in that seven day forecast coming up. let's check in with anne fox a look at traffic. we are dealing the wet roadways and fog all over the
5:32 am
bay area. metering light still off time from the maze into the city. the golden gate bridge still clear. it's an 18 minute drive southbound from 37 into san francisco. taking a look at the san mateo bridge camera. bit of fog. 12 minutes 880 to 101 and the chpp has issued a fog advisory on the westside of the commute on the area of 280 and 92. be aware of that if you are coming from from san jose through san mateo. a big vote happening today in oakland on weather the city needs to add more police officers. >> we are -- why one group said opposing the move because they say that it can prove that there is no staffing shortage. >> this is the anti police terror project we are talking about and they say the police department can shift resource away from nonviolent calls to addresshomicides instead. the anti police terror project sites in its new report that at
5:33 am
least 31% of officers time responding to 911 call is spent on noncriminal and nonviolent issues like animal control and traffic. the police chief is calling the report inaccurate and dividing. the police department has 676 sworn officers, that's the lowest number in a decade. nearly 600 shootings and 2500 robberies in oakland. the mayor and some councilmembers are urgingresidents to say why to more officers. >> our staffing levels are at a crisis point right now. >> we are not responding to nonviolent crimes and we are not responding effectively enough to violent crimes because we don't have enough officers. >> this vote is expect today and of course we will keep you updated. now live in studio. kpix5. also in oakland investigators searching for the arsonist who targeted the city's christmas tree in jack
5:34 am
london square. the suspect was seen fleeing the area on a bike early yesterday morning. about 15% of the decorated christmas tree was dodged but at this point saturday's lighting ceremony is still a go. elizabeth holmes is expected to be back on the stand in san jose for more case in her fraud trial. she admitted last week she went straight take media mogul to get a expos, killed that revealed the company was only running a dozen test using its finger stick technology and was relying on third party machines to do the rest. holmes is accused of misleading doctors, patients and incestors about her technology in order to take their money. a second woman has testified in the trial of the woman referred to as kate accusing jeffrey epstein of abuse and said maxwell would set up the meetings.
5:35 am
she said she first met maxwell when she was 17. she said maxwell introduced her to epstein and that maxwell asked her to step in for epstein's massage therapist. juss. >>announcer:i smolle, it t took the stand for his trialing after he is charged for staging an attack on himself. two brothers testified they organized the hoax to get attention, paying them to fake the attack. yesterday he testified saying there was no hoax. his attorneys argued that the hoax story is made up and the attack was real. he is facing six counts of disorderly conduct. now to that deadly school shooting in oxford, michigan where there are new questions this morning on whether warning signs were ignored. in a letter to parents over the
5:36 am
weekend the school superintendent said counselors said the teen didn't intend to commit self harm or harm to others despite teacherns reporting him several times. >> is it possible that the actions by school officials could potentially lead to criminal charges? >> i don't know what that information is and i think it would be wrong for me to make assumptions. i think that's why it's so critical that this investigation be done. >> they have pleaded not guilty to four counts each of involuntary manslaughter in connection with the shooting. the department of justice sessions suing state of texas over new redistricting maps. according to the doj the state's new maps discriminate against voteerns in the state's growing latino and black population. >> texas will gain two new congressional seats because of its population growth almost all of which is due to growth in the minority population. however, texas has designed both of those new seats to have white voting majorities.
5:37 am
>> republicans in texas are firing back. the attorney general calling the lawsuit intruck by the biden administration. as debate continues with in the country the president is preparing to level sanctions against russia. this as new satellite images show a unprecedented build up of russian military force as long the western border. later today the president will hold a video call with the russian president in response to that build up. >> we are aware of russia's actions for a long time and my expectation is we will have a long discussion. >> the kremlin responded to the sanctions calling them information hysteria. the president is pushing to get part of his domestic agenda across the finish line. he is pushing his build back better bill. saying will lower the cost of
5:38 am
prescription drugs it. will allow medicare to negotiate prices for certain drugs it. will impose a penalty if companies increase prices for inflation. the price of insulin could drop to $35 a month. >> i could no longer aford my insulin. i was forced to ration my supply of drug. >> the president's $1.7 trillion pam that included money for universal prek. time for the money watch report. government debt limit deadline is approaching and hacking accusations against a google service. diane king hall from the new york stock exchange. morning. >> good morning. there is more month than money. the united states government could run out of cash for its
5:39 am
bills soon if congress doesn't act to raise the debt ceiling. the white house could hit its debt limit between late december and january. at google services accused of hacking customer phones. a gaming designer said she sent her phone in for repair and that someone broke in her device and accessed private photographs. the person allegedly changed the gaming designer's passwords. it's not the first accusation of this kind leveled against the service. according to the verge they are investigating the allegations. the vast majority of people who used a payday loan regretted it. that's according to debt hammer. only 1% said their situation improved. 84% said they were worst off. the normal repayment period is two weeks often leading them to needing a new loan to pay off the old one. and you got information on beer ornaments. this could make people's
5:40 am
holidays. >> this is to end on a lighter note. miller lit seconds on a six pack of ornament that you can drink from and then hang on the tree. they hold eight ounces of miller lite and they promise to deliver them by christmas day and that gives new meaning to that song 99 bottles of beer on the wall. this is on a tree. you could do that. >> sure. keep them coming. keep refilling them. you need that take deal with the family on the holidays. >> take the edge off. we are going to see you when the stock market opens at 6:30. it's now 5:40. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. > covid infection declined in marin. and the delay for ford employees returning to the office as covid offices rise across the country. here is a live look at san
5:41 am
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four people killed over the weekend in a small plane crash were all members of the same family. the plane was leaving a small airport in tulare when it went down. heavy fog was reported in the area at the time. it was registered to a 78-year- old from sacramento. he has two daughters and his nephew all died. >> he has been a pilot for many years, more than i can remember or probably before i was born. >> he was so much experience. >> he was flying a single engine beach craft bonanza. all new on the coronavirus front this morning the eu dug regulator is backing mixing covid19 vaccines and boosters. this as cases continue to rise in europe. the agency said that mixing doses can increase protection rates but more research is needed for people to understand the full impact. la county reporting it's
5:45 am
third case of the omicron variant it. was identified at the university of southern california. a student who went home east for the holiday. the student is isolating the school's chief health officer said she is vaccinated is doing well. > usc is over 95% vaccinated so most cases fully vaccinated. they tend to have mild symptoms with i is the power of the vaccinations and why we are stressing to everybody the importance of being fully vaccinated and to get boosted. >> they are recommending people delay the trips this holiday season. the a new study show that infections declined in marin as school reopened. the study in the national medical journal track add tendance at 77 schools in the county from september of 2020 to january of this year. researchers say cases only
5:46 am
spiked in marin when the students witness on holiday breaks. george of san rafael said that it show when is schools follow the advice of their public health officials and there's a good collaboration with local educators kids can stay safe. a judge has ordered a statewide halt on the use of the pesticide -- over reports that it is toxic to bees. the state department of pesticide regulation lifted california's ban on the pesticide and approved limited use of the chemical in the spring of 2020. the department said its use on crops would have a beneficial effect and dismissed predictions of damage to bees as speculative. if you would like to keep your grass greener it'll cost more. a draft of proposed fines for wasting water. some could face fines of up to $500. the governor is pleased to
5:47 am
conserve water by 15% isfalling short with california's only conserving 5%. it would be based on emergency basis and expire with in nine months. state water regulators will hear public comments on these rules december 23rd and then vote on them january 4th. hawaii seeing the opposite of a drought right now. you can see the rain nonstop overnight. some areas have been seeing major flooding. the island is under a flash flood warning until later this morning. nothing like that but we saw a little bit of rain. >> we did. a little bit. >> a few hundred diagnostics of an inch, some spots about a tenth. really great to see a little something out there. we are still tracking a few isolated showers on high definition doppler. we have another chance later in the week with another weather system. we will say this next week the storm door wide open. looking at the longer range
5:48 am
weather models. that's promising news for us. high definition doppler. you can see the showers roll through last night. as we zoom in for the south bay we had showers that pushed through morgan hill and now down along 101 at this hour. here we go. a live look at san francisco request those clouds, foggy conditions, temperatures in the upper 40's to low 50's at this hour. we are looking at low clouds and areas of fog. down to a mile and a quarter in the south bay and san jose. two and ia half at sfo at this hour, three miles. today's forecast. a few isolated showers this morning through the day. we are going to see that sun. clearing in the afternoon and temperatures will be warmer. it was a cool do you. we were in the 50's. we are going to see temperatures warmer for today. our sunrise at 7:12 and the sunset at 4:50 p.m. showers move out and then sunshine as we look to our afternoon. let's time it out as we go hour
5:49 am
by hour and already even stopping the clock at noon and you can see that clearing and sunshine, that continues for the afternoon. let's check the daytime highs. upper 50's along the coast. low 60's along the bay. 62 in oakland. low 60's. 60 in mountain view, in san jose and inland east bay 61 in concord, livermore and 61 for the napa valley. seven day forecast, san francisco, oakland it. does get cooler for tomorrow. shower chances thursday, we are in the 50's across the bay area, thursday, friday, and then looking at another weather system sunday into monday. storm after storm as we look to -- the longer range weather models. the north bay and the coast. sure chances pick up again. 50's through the weekend. thursday through the weekend and again looking at that wet weather, sunday into next
5:50 am
monday. check this out. more than two dozen pleasant on neighbors gathering to spread cheer. its been a holiday tradition since 1953, they call it candy cane lane. the street has a radio station playing holiday movement to get everybody in the spirit of the seas. yihilks d owemow out of our sno >> get this the only time houses on candy cane lane weren't decorated was during the crisis in the 70's. its open to cars and pedestrians every day from 5:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. get news that holiday spirit. let's check in. we want to see the holiday lights as we celebrate the season. we have the bay area bright spots or tag us on social media using the hash tag using kpix bright spots. >> get me in the holiday
5:51 am
spirit. we have red and green on your traffic maps this morning and filling in for gianna and eye look at the pass. traffic crawling. it'll take you 50 minutes 205 into the city. westbound 4 if you are going in to thcity from antioch or brentwood. a 28 minute drive starting to get backed up there. we will keep an eye on it. your east bay drive times. ur south bay drive times everything is in the green right now. a nothing advisory in the area of 280, 92, be aware of that from san jose through san mateo. 880 northbound at oakland. 12 minutes san jose to the eastside of the bay and the bay bridge metering lights are still off. more vehicles showing up at this time. time from the maze into san francisco, a nine minute drive. the metropolitan transportation is launching two new commuter parking lot in albany. that -- as more people return
5:52 am
to the office. the goal is to cut down on traffic. drivers have started to approach prepan dim be levels. nearly every spot at this point is empty. ford is delaying its plans to have 30,000 workers come back to the office. they won't return until march because of covid concerns. the office workers were originally set to head back to next month. it's 5:52. next, and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> charlie cox is here to stay. his return to the marvel universe after his run as daredevil. and open the true barrymore show. and westside story star rachel ziegler. that's today at two. and right after the show stick around for cbs mornings. gayle, tony and nate bringing
5:53 am
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i'm tracking i few showers. let's zoom in and you can see some spotty showers, little bit of drizzle right over san francisco, down 101 and the peninsula to sfo. south san francisco, also a few showers, little bit of drizzle over the bay bridge this morning.
5:56 am
watch out for that. we have those wet roadways. cloudy skies and foggy conditions. ly have more on your full forecast coming up. back to you. it's 5:56. time now for a look at the entertainment headlines. [inaudible] will bring the laughter to dodger stadium. the stand up comedy performance will be recorded as part of the netflix is a joke festival. the 11 day comedy festival in los angeles features more than 130 artists including kevin hart and david letterman. charlie cox taking his daredevil suit in the march very universal. cox played the character in the netflix series there 2015 to 2018. marvel has not released when, where or how he may appear in the universe. it's 5:56. in the next half hour, also streaming on cbsn. >> getting more officers on
5:57 am
the streets of oakland. the vote today that could make it happen and why not everybody
5:58 am
5:59 am
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live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix5 news. some oakland city leaders want to add more officers to the police department but not everybody reyou about the important vote coming up. and safeway doing it's best to deter thieves. a new security measures in place on market street. >> and the bay area sports venues making sure children are fully vaccinated. and the expanded smoking restrictions discussed in one bay area city later on today. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. day, dr 7th. good morn fost with mary lee. >> it's still a


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