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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  December 7, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix5 news. some oakland city leaders want to add more officers to the police department but not everybody reyou about the important vote coming up. and safeway doing it's best to deter thieves. a new security measures in place on market street. >> and the bay area sports venues making sure children are fully vaccinated. and the expanded smoking restrictions discussed in one bay area city later on today. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. day, dr 7th. good morn fost with
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mary lee. >> it's still a wet start to the day. tracking all for you on high definition doppler. good morning to you. thank you for starting off your day with us and on high definition doppler, you can see the spottyshowers this morning. zooming in here. little bit of drizzle. light showers over san francisco. across the bay bridge and then down across the peninsula along 101. cloudy, also foggy as well. watch out for that. looking at about a mile and a hurter at sfo -- at least in san jose lookinga the two miles at sfo. looking at three miles for half moon bay. as we head through the afternoon it'll be a completely different story. we will catch clearing and temperatures warmer compared to the cool day we had yesterday. upper 50's along the coast. looking at low 60's. just to show you on future cast that clearing even by 10:00 a.m. looking at sun, plenty of sun across the region as we look
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ahead to the afternoon. couple of weather systems as we look rest of the week and into next week. ly have that in my seven day forecast coming up. let's check in with ann and he we still have the wet and slick roadways. >> wet roadways and fog the name of the game. the bay bridge metering lights are on and you can expect more delays because of the challenges. time from the maze into san francisco only ten minutes. san mateo bridge camera looking good. 12 minutes # 80 to highway 101. the chp has issued a fog advisory on the western south bay commute. that's in the area of 280, to 92. be aware of that. the westbound forecast, heading from antioch or brentwood. 36 minutes on that stretch. >> the oakland city council is expected to vote on whether to add more police in the middle of rising homicide numbers. >> why a group opposing the move said there is no police
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staffing crisis. >> this amid rising violence in the city just this year in oakland there have been 129 homicides, 600 shootings and 2500 robberies many the anti police terror group is saying the police department can shift resource away from nonviolent calls to address homicides instead. they site in its new report that at least 31% oofficers time responding to 911 call is spent on noncriminal and nonviolent issues like animal control. >> if we have hundreds of officer that are not effectively using our time. if we have hundreds of officers that are in this department that we don't know what they are doing, why wouldn't we look at that first? >> whether you support law enforcement or not, i hope we all can have productive conversations about solutions, rather hanson assistant attacks
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and inaccurate data. >> we should all stand up for a safer oakland instead of anti police rhetoric. the $5.8 million to pay for 60 march officers won't affect any city services or cut into prevention efforts. we will keep you updated on that meeting. live in studio. this morning san francisco police and prosecutors are pledging to double down on their efforts to curb retail theft and car break-ins. >> we are everywhere. we are across the city and we want people to feel safe. we want people to shop here. we want people to feel welcome. >> i think the fact that -- we feel safer. >> police point to five recent arrests and say they hope to make more this week. we did ask the da about the plans to hold them responsible. >> you believe are you doing everything that you can to prevent people from committing these types of mass robbery that we have seen. >> this is not a san francisco
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problem. this is a problem we are see across the country. it's up to the police to make arrests. when the police make arrests it's up to me to hold them responsible and that's what i do. being released on zero bail. t they arrest her for petty theft and outstanding warrants. a judge had just released -- to get an ankle monitor while she waited trial on more than 120 counts of stealing the target. the da plans to ask for a no bail old at her next court appearance. in san francisco's castro district the safeway on market street is now added new security measures to try to deter thieves there. this automatic date closes after each person enters the store and these barricades aimed at making harder for shoplifters to make a run for
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it. safeway added poles to its shopping carts to make it harder to remove there the store. >> it's a pretty terrible issue i think now we are sort of used to it. >> i think that it's probably good that they did that. there was a really shoplifting problem. >> the safeway location has also added barriers around the self check out area with a wall of water bottles directing customers to the front exit. and look at this. car break-ins are so common right now in san francisco, nobody notices any more. betty has this video and tonight on kpix5 news, shocking new numbers on just how often this is happening. big question this morning. what can be done to stop the wave of retail crime sweeping through the bay area from the smash and grabs at the nordstroms and downtown walnut creek to this incident where nine men with hammers stormed in to a jewelry store at sun valley mall. district attorney candidate
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mary knox has just arresting the thieves is not going to be enough to put a stop to these crimes. >> in conjunction with addressing the boosters we need to effectively start to take down the organized criminal enterprise. >> knox added that dismantling the organized crime ring will take federal, state and local agencies at the regional level. plus closermonitoring of e > ci been ordered to pay a million dollars -- liable for excessive force for shooting in october 2017. he claimed he opened fire when the driver of a suspected stolen car tried to run him over. the jury determined that was not the case. the driver was shot several times and did survive. police are searching for the driver in a deadly hit and
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run. someone was hit and killed last night. you can see what appears to be a cart with the victim's belongings in. no description of the vehicle involved. this is the city's 21th pedestrian death this year. a couple of bay area sports convenient sues checking to make sure kids between five and 11 are fully vaccinated. starting with the warriors game, kids five and old letter have to provide proof of vaccination to attend events at chase center. negative tests are required for kids age two to four. in san jose, all visitors, age three and up will have to show proof of vaccination or a negative test starting this thursday's sharks game. the issue of vaccine status will be up for discussion when contra costa supervisor meet today. the supervisor said she got word friday that 80 complaints were filed against local businesses last month but no
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fines were ever issued. this happened after a high profile spat over a vaccine car check prompted in and out to close its dining room across the county. >> this is health crisis. we are all in it together. i no he we have heard that over and over. we are not going to get ahead of the curve if people don't comply. >> county health said it's still looking in to the november complaints and uses fines as a last resort when education and warnings don't work. this morning san mateo county is launching a pilot program to pair mental health professionals with police officers when responding to certain calls. they try to deescalate high risk emergency calls involving people in a mental health crisis. >> both law enforcement identity age need for this type of program and the community. we realize that in going out on calls for service we are dealing people that are having
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mental health crisis or behavioral issues. how helpful it would be to have someone who is specifically trained in mental health and the public wants people who are specifically trained in mental health to be handling mental health calls. >> san mateo, daley city, and south san francisco are among the cities participating. the council will meet to discuss expanding smoking restrictions this will include condos, and building was three or more attached units. the council hope itself will help address the health impacts of secondhand smoke. it would include no smoking in lobbies, play growns or parking lots. today marks 80 years since japan's surprise assault on pearl harbor. >> there aren't a lot of survivors left but 30 of them are going to be in hawaii today to honor fellow service members and civilians who lost their lives. more than 2400 servicemen and
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civilians were killed on that day in 1941. 21 ships were sunk or badly damaged and more than 300 planes destroyed. the united states declared war on japan the next way launching the united states into world war ii. >> i had someone give me a few instructions on how to handle ammunitions so i passed ammunition during the pearl harbor attack. >> also participating in the -- rosies, women inspired by the campaign aimed to encourage women to help with the war effort by working in factories. pearl harbor events include a ceremony at the veteran's many ralph park behind stywall. that starts at 11 this morning and happening at the cal state east bay campus. family of surveyors will light the beacon on top of mount diablo. it's now 6:11. and streaming on cbsn bay area.
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>> the warning on charity scams. and the road repair set to start this week in the north bay after heavy storms earlier this year. and last night we had a few showers pushed in to the bay area and tracking lingering showers. you can see the wet runways at sfo. temperatures right now in the upper 40's, low 50's. foggy conditions as well.
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make real progress against the drought for sonoma county reservoirs that late october at mere river was a moment of temporary relief in the last few weeks have seen enough water to keep water moving but not the systems larger reservoir. >> we -- that rain fall was nice. that big storm. it helped. it didn't get us out that have drought. >> lake sonoma just below 50% of its capacity. that is down from 67% this time last year. it's 16 minutes after 6:00. it looks like the storms, petering out at this point. >> yeah. tracking the showers we had last night into this morning. picking up a few hundred diagnostics of an inch. not a lot i'm still tracking storm after storm. a few showers are a possibility as we head through the rest of this week and i will talk about this coming up. i want to show you first of all
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the wet golden gate bridge. you can see the drops on the live camera and those slick roadways out there, across the golden gate. still dealing with some lingering isolated showers, looking at temperatures in the upper 40's to low 50's at this hour. high definition doppler. you can see a few showers right now. stretching from the golden gate we had showers and into san francisco, across parts of the bay bridge and then down across the peninsula into sfo. looking at the wet runways at sfo. be careful only the roadways and areas of fog. -- two miles for san francisco, sfo. even though not dense fog, still dealing cloudy skies and also foggy conditions and a few morning showers as we start off the day. today's forecast, we are going to catch some clearing sunshine
6:18 am
this afternoon with warmer temperatures. it was a cool day yesterday. with rein the 50's yesterday and -- our sunrise at 7:12 and the sunset at 4:50 p.m. we are looking at sunshine this afternoon. as we go hour by hour and you can see by lunchtime, noon hour, we are looking at clearing and sunshine and that will continue plenty of sun as we head through the afternoon. checking our daytime highs, upper 50's along the coast. 61 san francisco, temperatures will be warming up here. 62 in oakland. low 06's for the peninsula and inland. 62 san jose and 61 for the napa valley. seven day forecast, san francisco, oakland and san jose. temperatures tomorrow, a little cooler but dry. there we go with the shower chances picking up on thursday. temperatures for all of us in the 50's thursday through the weekend and then another storm system and this looks to be a stronger one sunday into monday and actually the storm door
6:19 am
wide open as we look to next week. the longer range weather models. fingers crossed on that. dry day tomorrow. and then much cooler on thursday, all of us -- the shower chances and again as we look to sunday, sunday and next week, we are looking at unsettled weather in store for us. let's check in with ann for a look at photograph speck the golden gate. it is wet out there. >> it is. taking a live look at the golden gate bridge. drive times a 19 minute trip from nevado into the city. the bay bridge metering lights on. fog could cause more delays than usual. time from the maze into san francisco 13 minutes. san mateo bridge camera things looking good. 13 minutes 880 to highway 101 and two fog advisories on the westside of the south bay commute if you are coming from san jose through san mateo. on vasco road.
6:20 am
let's take a look at 80 northbound in oakland. 12 minutes up from san jose to the eastside of the bay and a look at that pass map. traffic crawling. a 52 minute drive from tracy in to the city and the quick check on the south bay drive times. right now everything in the green. >> everything looking good. california attorney general has issued a warning about charity scams. >> from housing to hunger. there is a lot of need and organizations like habitat for humanity, stand in the breach, their community, make lives better are essential to meeting that need. this holiday season it's important to support local charities from those who may try to take advantage of your generosity. >> we brought you the news conference live -- you can catch a streaming 24-7 on
6:21 am or the news app. >> the holiday giving season ramps up. they are kicking off their grocery bag grocery bag. packing 500 bags of grocery that will be people's holiday meals. >> people get a traditional meal, turkey, potatoes, stuffing, vegetables, fruit, and a dessert. >> the bags getting packed today and then they will be delivered tomorrow to 22 distribution locations across the city. >> and our food for bay area drive is on. if are you want to donate time or money to help neighbors in need go to the website, 21 minutes now after six and still ahead on kpix. >> a unique way to get in the christmas spirit. the vacation get away at the
6:22 am
grinch's famous cave this holiday season.
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good tuesday morning. here say live look at sfo. we can see the wet runways. tracking a few isolated showers this morning on high definition doppler. still looking at upper 40's to low 50's about clouds and foggy conditions. as we head through the day today we are going to catch the clearing and sunshine. upper 50's for the coast, around the bay and inland at noon. by noon looking at 57 for your lunchtime forecast. catching the sun as we look to oakland, oakland, 57 for your lunchtime forecast and for the
6:26 am
south bay and san jose. 58 degrees with a light northwesterly wind. we will see the sun today. i'm tracking the next weather system. ly have details on that coming up in the seven day forecast in just a few minutes. this next one is for people who haven't gotten in to the holiday spirit yet. you can apparently stay in the grinch's cave high above whoville this holiday season. >> vacation rental management platform is teaming to bring you the ultimate holiday get away. it's the recreation of the lair, did i say it right? >> the lair. >> the lair. >> love the way you say it. that lair as we -- belonging to the grinch from how the grinch stole christmas. this is on the remote property outside of boulder utah. it's a massive square feet. each room decorated as the grinch was like. even had a music room with the grinch's organ and the drum set. bookings are open for limited stays. >> nothing good happens in a lair. >> nothing good at all.
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>> sometimes that's fun. >> i stayed at worst places. >> that's true. 6:27. the next half hour on kpix5 is it streaming on cbsn bay area. >> the plan for the biden administration to lower drug prices and hold drug companies responsible. and tensions rising between the united states and russia. the sanctions being prepared ahead of thea a call today between the president and putin. stay wit
6:28 am
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if are you just waking up with us here are your morning headlines. the oakland city council votes today on whether to road more police officers in the middle of rising homicide numbers. the anthony police terror project said there is no police staffing crisis. the police chief calling the group's new report inaccurate and dividing. and the safeway on market streets has added a number of new security measures to deter thieves. this automatic gate closes after each person enters the store and barricades are aimed to make it harder for shoplifters to make a run for it. safeway also added poles to its shopping carts to make them difficult to remove them from the store. the pleasanton city council meeting today to discuss expanding smoking rules in private home that will include town homes, condo -- the council hoping will help address the impacts of
6:31 am
secondhand smoke. the new rules would include no smoking in common areas. lot going on this tuesday morning. december 7th. thank you for joining us. >> so much we ran out of music. good morning to you. let's get to your forecast first with mary lee and lingering showers and fog. >> lot going on. we have clouds, we have fog and we have that wet start to the day in spots this morning. still tracking for you on high definition doppler. a few showers, great to have all of that shower activity last night pinging up a few hundred diagnostics of an up much and we still have a little bit of activity. we have the showers push across san francisco, the sunset district. down along 101. down through brisbane. and also looking at foggy conditions down to a mile and a hurt anymore the south bay and
6:32 am
san jose. two miles at sfo and the wet runways this morning. let's go through the day and what to expect. with relooking at sunshine this afternoon. upper 50's along the coast. low 60's and inland this afternoon. showing you this on future cast, by noon, already seeing that sunshine and that will continue as we head through the rest of the afternoon. tracking the next weather system. i will show you that on the seven day forecast. when we could see more wet weather in just a to you minutes. a look at photograph speck we have the slick roadways. >> we have issues, taking a look at the richmond map, the exit and -- a fallen tree blocking one lane there. we are seeing delays -- to el sorito. bay bridge metering lights on. bumper to bumper traffic, time from the maze into the city is 14 minutes. just a 1 minute drive from 880
6:33 am
to highway 101 running smoothly there. two fog advisories. one 292. be aware of that if you are coming up through san mateo. also vasco road in between the alameda and contra costa line. a big vote happening today in oakland on whether the city needs to add more police officers. >> we are live with why one group opposing the move said it can proof that there is no police staffing shortage. >> this is anti police terror project we are talking about and they say the police department can shift away to nonviolent calls to address homicides. the terror project sites that at least 31% of officers time responding to 911 calls is spent on noncriminal and nonviolent issues like animal control and traffic. the oakland police chief is calling the friendship's report inaccurate and dividing. they have 676 sworn officers, that's the lowest number in a
6:34 am
decade. this year there have been 129 homicides, 600 shootings and 2500 robberies in oakland. the mayor and some councilmembers urging residents to say yes to more officers. >> our staffing levels are at a crisis point right now. >> the reality is that we are in the responding to nonviolent crimes and we are not responding effectively enough to violent crimes because we don't have enough officers. >> a big vote expected today and of course we will keep you update on what happens. and in oakland the search is on for the arsonist who lit up the city's christmas tree in jack london square. that person was seen taking off on a bike early yesterday. about 15% of that decorated tree was damaged but at this point saturday's tree lighting ceremony is still a go. elizabeth holmes is expected to be back on the stand in san jose today for
6:35 am
more cross in her fraud trial. holmes admitted last weak she went straight to rupert murdoch to get a expose killed from the wall street jour nal that revealed the company was only running a dozen tests with had the finger stick technology. holmes accused of misleading doctors, patients and incestors about her technology in order to take their money. a second woman has testified in the max ankle trial. that woman is accusing epstein of sexual abuse. set up o shared that xwell she 17 through her boyfriend. she said that maxwell introduced her to epstein and asked her to step in as a massage therapist. now to that deadly school shooting in oxford, michigan.
6:36 am
there are new questions this morning on whether warning signs were ignored. in a letter to parents over the weekend the school superintendent said that's counselors concluded the teen didn't intend to commit self harm or harm to others despite teachers warning about disturbing behavior. >> is it possible that the actions by school officials could potentially lead to criminal charges? >> i don't foe what that information is. i think it would be wrong for me to maka sums. i think it's so critical in this investigation be done. >> they -- the parents in this case have plead not guilty to four counts each of involuntary manslaughter in connection for the shooting. the president is preparing to level substantial sanctions against russia. this as new satellite images show an unprecedented build up of russian military forces along the western border.
6:37 am
later today the president will hold a video call with the russian president in response to that build up. >> we are aware of russia's actions. my expectation is we will have a long discussion. >> the kremlin responded to the sanctions calling them information hysteria. the president pushing to get part of his domestic agenda across the finish line. is he pitching his $1.7 trillion build back better bill saying the plan will lower the cost of prescription drugs. it'll allow medicare to negotiate prices for certain drugs and impose a penalty if prices increase faster than inflation it. would also cap costs for seniors and those with disabilities. the price of insulin could drop to $35 a month. >> there came a time where i couldn't afford my insulin. i was forced to ration my supply of drug.
6:38 am
that is as vital to my as water. >> the package which has passed the house also includes money for universal prek and new funding to fight climate change. it's 6:38 and coming up on kxix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> the new evidence that covid infections declined in ma rin as cools reopened. >> and the delay to ford employees as covid cases rise across the country. and here is a look at high definition doppler. with relooking at a few showers still this morning. tracking drizzle, cloudy skies, foggy conditions, here is a closer look at san francisco with the fewshowers. when we will see that clearing this afternoon coming up. and the market just opened about ten minutes ago. the dow is up there about 360 points before we head to break. a quick preview of what's
6:39 am
coming up on cbs mornings. ahead, jeffrey epstein and maxwell accuser describes the alleged abuse she endured only on cbs mornings amanda gorman on her year and the pressure that came with it and a peormafrom her neok. of course is knock out. we will see you 7:00 on the dot.
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time to check in for money watch. diane king hall. sounds like the united states government may not have enough money to pay its bills. >> i know.
6:43 am
more month than money. let's check on the money action here on wall street first with trading underway for a little more than ten minutes. right now the dow is rallying more than 300 points adding to yesterday's advance not to be out done over the tech sector you have the nasdaq rallying more than 300 points. the united states government could run out of cash for its billing soon if congress doesn't act to raise the debt ceiling. according to a forecast the white house could hit its debt limit between late december and january. the united states has not defaulted on its debt but it came close in 2011. the vast majority of people who used a payday loan regret it. that's according to a new survey. only 1% say their financial situation improved after using a payday loan. 84% said they were worse off. keep in mind unlike a credit card the typical repayment period is two weeks often leading boar write ours to need age new payday loan. >> that's a big problem. >> it is. >> thank you so much.
6:44 am
>> all right. now on the coronavirus front the eu drug regulator is backing mixing vaccines in boosters. this as cases continue to rise in europe. the agency said mixing dose doses can increase protection. more research is needed to understand. closer to home la county is reporting it's thirst cade of the omicron variant it. was identified at a university of california student who went back home east for the holiday. that student is isolating and the school chief health officer said she is vaccinated and doing well. >> usc is over 945% vaccinated. they tend to have mile symptoms which is the really power of the vaccinations and why we are stressing to everyone the importance of being fully vaccinated to get boosted.
6:45 am
>> la county's director of public health recommend that people delay some of their trips. back here, a new study shows infections declined in marin as schools in the county reopen for in person learning. the study and the national medical journal track attendance at 77 kind kindergarten through 8 thest grade schools from september to january that have year. researchers say cases only spiked in marin when the students went on holiday breaks. did george had in this say. when schools follow the advice of their local public health officials and there is a good collaboration with local educate ears kids can stay safe in the classroom. it's a quart tore seven. a judge has ordered a state weight halt of the pesticide every reports that it's toxic to bees. the state department of pesticide regulation lifted california's ban on the
6:46 am
pesticide and approved limited use of the chemical back in the spring of 2020. the department said its use on crops would have the overall beneficial effect and dismiss predictions of damage to bees as speculative. hawaii seeing the opts of drought. you can see the rain is nonstop. some areas have been seeing major flooding. the island is under a flash flood warning until later this morning. people visiting, not getting the paradise they hoped for at all. >> it's a warm rain. >> that's true. >> and you are in hawaii. >> cocktail. the showers wrapping up. >> yes. yes. >> we have the showers last night. for the most part things wrapping up. tracking the few showers on heavy definition doppler. the location still getting wet weather, zooming in and you can see for san francisco, parts of
6:47 am
san francisco there but dailey city. brisbane a few showers and you can see at sfo. the wet runways as we start off the day. here is a live look at the sales force tower camera as we look east across the bay. cloudy and foggy in the upper 40's and 50's. dealing areas of fog. a mile and a quarter in the south bay in san jose here and two miles at sfo. here is what you can expect. a few morning showers, cloudy, foggy conditions as we head through the afternoon we will catch the clears and temperatures will be warmer compare to the the cool day we had yesterday. here we go. the showers moving out and sunshine breaking through the clouds as we head through the day. hour by hour on future cast and you can see by the lunchtime we are looking at clearing sun and that will continue as we head through our afternoon today. tracking the day thyme highs,
6:48 am
upper 50's. low 60's. 61 in san francisco. 62 in oakland. low 60's for the peninsula and for the south bay. san jose topping out at 62, 61 in concord and 61 for a daytime high in napa. right around where we should be. san francisco, oakland and for san jose and catching that sunshine later on today in the low 60's. cooler, dry conditions for wednesday, shower chances pick up again on thursday, temperatures for all of us in the 50's thursday, through the weekend and then tracking a stronger storm system at this sun later on cofor wedn ursday, all of us in the 50's through the weekend and looking at a bigger storm system with the longer range, sunday, monday, and the storm door wide open as we look to next week. all right. check this out. more than two dozen neighbors
6:49 am
are gathering to spread cheer. its been a holiday tradition since 1953. they call it candy cane lane. they have their own radio station, playing holiday museum tick get everybody in the spirit of the season. >> we like showing them snow out of the snowman. >> get this the only time houses on candy cane lane were not decorated was during the energy crisis in the 70's. its open to cars and pedestrians every day from 5:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. we want to see your holiday lights as we celebrate the season. e-mail your pictures and videos to bay area bright spots at or tag us on social media using the hash tag kpix bright spots and just love all of these festive photographs and videos. >> it's nice to see the christmas trees lit up. we have a story about a tree
6:50 am
right now in the traffic report. a fallen tree. that is before the san pablo avenue. it's blocking one lane there. westbound 4 it'll take you 47 minutes right now. checking in with the east bay drive times. wall nut creek to oakland. about is 1á 1 minute drive from the maze to san leandro. the south bay travel times. everything is in the green except for -- building traffic. headed to 101. the chp issued two fog advisories. through san mateo. the other on vasco road. the golden gate bridge still in the green. 20 minute drive from nevado into the bay bridge. bumper to bumper. wet roadways and fog causing more delays. the maze into san francisco. 13 minutes. door dash is testing spedy grocery delivery.
6:51 am
the companesin new york city. a nearby warehouse is storing the groceries. house hole items and package restaurant products. speedy grocery delivery is only available in new york but door dash hopes to add more he will indications in the future. ford delaying its plans to have about 30 you this workers return to the office next year. the car maker said they will not return until march now because of coronavirus concerns. ford's office workers were set to head back next month. it's line workers returned in may of last year. it's 6:51. next on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> getting more officers onto the streets of oakland. the vote today that could make it happen and why not everybody is on board. and the expanded smoking restrictions being discussed in pleasanton and how far it could go. and streaming university of basketball team off to its best
6:52 am
start since 1976. a look in to the season at 8:25 you can watch that or on the kpix app. you can download that for free. stay with us. we will be right
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6:56 am
lowest number in a decade. residents urged to say yes to more officers but a group against the move said there's no police staffing crisis. the anti police terror project said the police department can shift away from nonviolent calls. they say 90% of time is spent on noncriminal and nonviolent issues. the oakland police chief is calling the report inaccurate and dividing. we will keep you updated on what happens in the city council meeting today. for now live in studio. it is 6:56. time for a look at the other top stories. >> in the castro district the safeway on the market street has added a number of new security measure to deter trees. it closes after each person enters sport barricades are aimed to make it harder for shoplifters to make a run for it. safeway added poles to its
6:57 am
shopping carts to make them hard to remove from the store. the contra costa -- are discussing vaccine comply a they got word that 840 compliants were filled last monday. no fines were issued. pleasanton city council talking about limiting smoking in homes including condos. the council hopes it'll help address the health him peaks of secondhand smoke. elizabeth holmes set to be crossed in her fraud trial. last week she admitted to using her sway to get an article criticizing her company killed from the wall street journal. and a look at the traffic times. big issues. tying up one lane on i-80 be before the san pablo exit. there is a crash next.
6:58 am
the rights shoulder affected there. seeing delays to el sorito. the bay bridge showing bumper to bumper traffic. wet roadways and fog causing more delays. time from the maze, 17 minutes and taking a look at 880 northbound. from san jose to the eastside of the bay. and tracking showers this morning. still on high definition doppler. most thankful has wrapped up. still few isolated lingering showers. zooming in here across the peninsula. a few showers, that wet start to the day. sfo and we are looking at those wet runways at sfo and cloudy, foggy conditions. you saw that on some of the live traffic cameras, two miles and san jose and also for sfo. as we go through the day today, we are going to catch sunshine and clearing. the sun breaking through the clouds and with that sunshine temperatures warper compared to yesterday. upper 50's along the coast. low 60's around the bay and the
6:59 am
peninsula and inland. you can see by your lunchtime, already seeing clearing here we are at 4:00 p.m. with plenty of sunshine across the area. back to you. >> thank you. a lot of families have a christmas tradition, baking cookies, wearing the ugly christmas sweaters. >> one family a new tradition. festive homes filled with trees and bright lights. this seems like a real fire hazard. just the news lady and me talking. each tree decorated according to a specific theme. even the bathroom. >> no way. >> they set up 454 trees this year beating their record last year of 4520 trees. >> i'm with you on the fire hazard. >> and just the time effort, take all that stuff down. >> the electric is he bull. >> so many things. >> that's true and hey. you know say whatever floats
7:00 am
your boat as long as it's not illegal and that is not. >> not in germany. >> don't forget the news continues on cbsn bay area. >> cbs mornings is coming up ne ♪ welcome to "cbs mornings" and hello to our viewers on the west coast. i'm gayle king. >> i'm nate burleson. >> and vladimir duthiers. tony dokoupil is off. >> it's your world in 90 seconds. >> we are taking aggressive action. we are not going back to what happened in 2020. >> everyone should get vaccinated. not even -- not even a doubt. >> new york city announces the strictest vaccine mandate in the country as cases continue to rise nationwide. president biden speaks to
7:01 am
russia's vladimir putin today as concerns grow over ukraine.


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