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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  December 7, 2021 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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live from the newsroom, she has been monitoring the meeting. any decision yet. >> not yet. we are keeping eye close eye on
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the meeting on the agenda is an item to adopt a resolution to move funding from various departments to oakland police for two more police academies and right now public comment is still going on. we have heard from residents in favor of this as well as residents against this saying it's not the solution. right now there are 676 sworn officers with the oakland police department. that is the lowest number in a decade and below the voter backed measure. >> just wrapped up a press conference. they talked on the fear and concern residents are living through right now. >> we find no place is safe.
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businesses, even at your own home. anyone can be victims of crime. >> as you can see just a lot of concern from oakland residents. that meeting is still going on. we will keep you updated. we brought you the oakland news conference live where streaming 4 hours a day on the kpix app. an amazon service outage was confirmed about an hour ago. wrap. >> san jose police are searching for the driver in a deadly hit and run. someone walking near the intersection was hit and killed last night. you can see what appears to be a card with the victim's belonglesses in that
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intersection. no description of the vehicle involved. this is the city's 21th pedestrian death this year. the the suspect was seen riding away early yesterday morning. about 15% of the tree was damages but at this point saturday's lighting ceremony is still a go. the drug regulator for the eu is endorsing mixing different brands of vaccines. that as covid cases continue to rise in europe. the agency said that mixing doses can increase protection rates but more research is needed to understand the full impact. the study track add tend as at 77 kindergarten schools
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through the countriy. researchers say it spiked when students went on holiday breaks. it shows that when schools follow the advice of their local public health officials and there's a good collaboration kids can stay safe in the classroom. how the united states could potentially respond if russia especially saids ukraine. >> the president laid a wreath to mark the 80th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. >> united states intelligence has warned of a possible invasion of ukraine as soon as january with 90,000 russian troops gathered at the border.
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a move russia also took in 2014. >> this is concerning to us. it's still not entirely clear what his intentions are. we don't believe that conflict is inevitable and there is time and space to reach the best possible outcome. >> the president is expected to warn the president of russia there will be real costs if russia invades ukraine. >> we have made clear to moscow that we will respond including with a range of what we have called high impact economic measures that we have refrained from using in the past. >> in addition to ukraine the president's biden and putin are expected to talk about cyber security and construction of a
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key gas pipeline from russia into europe. cbs news the white house. un sources say it's still not clear if russian president putin has made a decision on whether or not to attack ukraine. ? the pleasanton city council will discuss discussing smoking instructions in private homes. this will include town homes, condos and building was three or more attached units. they hope it'll address the impacts of secondhand smoke it. would include no smoking in common areas, lobbies or parking lots. the state could soon charge you a lot more green to keep your grass green. the state water board releasing a draft of proposed fines for wasting water. some could be facing fines of up to $500. the governor's pleas to conserve water by 15% over 2020 levels are falling short with california only saving 5%. the new regulations would be
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done on an emergency basis expire with in nine months. state water regulators are going to hear public comments on the rules december 23rd and then vote on them january 4th. today marks 80 years since the attack on pearl harbor. >> 30 survivors will be in hawaii to honor those who lost their lives that day. more than 2400 died on december 7th, 1941. 21 ships were sunk or damaged and more than 300 planes were destroyed. the united states declared war on japan the next day launching the united states into world war ii. >> i had someone give me a few instructions on how to handle ammunition so i passed ammunition during the pearl harbor attack. >> also participating in this year's remembrance, rosies, women inspired by campaigns aimed to encourage women to help with the war effort by working in factories. and later today there will be a moment at the scu east bay
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campus in concord. the university will host a lighting ceremony for the mount diablo beacon. it's the 58th year to light it to remember the attack. it kicks off with a viewof the new arizona exhibit and then wraps up with that beacon lighting at sunset. now we are switching over to our food for bay area families drive. >> mary is live at whole foods market with an easy way you can help. hi. >> hi. that's right. a super easy way to give. you know once again this holiday season kpix is proud to partner with whole foods market to help and serve our community and joining me now is amber parker with whole foods market. we have been talking that long partnership. >> whole foods has been partnering with kpix for 13 years and supporting the food banks and feeding bay area families. >> and let's talk about that
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super easy way to give. >> we are talking about this. it's very easy to spot local products. >> correct. you can identity the projects and support the local suppliers. >> look for those signs, really easy to spot. do you think we can do it?
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we can do it. >> we are just getting started when we quiet back a special food for bay area families. check presentation to the redwood empire ndwages are incr and the job market is recovering. why is production falling so
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it's the end of an era. before we do that let's go head and look at the dow. it's up significantly right now over 500 points. just when we thought the labor market was recovering production tanked in the third quarter. the united states bureau of labor report shows that paychecks grew and the number of hours worked jumped. the production dropped by about 5.2%. that's the steepest since 1960 since it fell. the production issue was influenced by supply chain issues. all right. i'm live here in santa rosa. the whole foods market and i
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will get to a special check presentation. >> you can see that things wrapping up. quiet weather and already starting to see some clearing out there. i want to show you a live look with the sales force tower camera as we look east across the bay, at the bay bridge and you can see the temperatures are in the 50's and already catching that clearing. we are already seeing sunshine in spots at this noon hour. we will continue to sethcleas all right. let's check out the satellite and radar as we look at the showers moving out and quieter weather ahead with clearing and sunshine as we go through the afternoon. now i want to show you hour by hour on future cast. as we go through the rest of the afternoon, we are catching that sunshine, catching that clearing and looking at clear
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skies by this evening. our temperatures, upper 50's to low 60's with a little more sun temperatures will be warmer compared to the cool day that we had yesterday. as we look to the sunset at 4:50 and sunrise tomorrow at 7:12. let's get right to the seven day forecast, san francisco, oakland and san jose. quieter weather with that sun. for the rest of today. as we look to tomorrow, cooler temperatures, a dry day tomorrow. then as we look to thursday, more shower chances. temperatures for all of us in the 50's and that will continue as which look ahead to the weekend. then looking at a stronger storm system sunday into monday. as we look to inland east bay the north bay and for the coast, cooler for tomorrow, dry conditions, showers as we look to thursday. temperatures in the 50's. we will continue with cool temperatures through the weekend and again looking at the bigger storm system sunday
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into monday. we have all been waiting for that special check presentation and joining me now is jason foster with bank of america. you have been donating and giving back to our community for more than two decades now. how does it feel to give back and to serve our community? >> thank you so much for the opportunity. we are very excited at bank of america to be a longstanding partner of the empire food bank. couldn't be more grateful for the work they are doing to address the needs of hunger in our community. bank of america has had hunger as a pillar for giving for decades and we couldn't -- like i said be happier for our partnership with the empire food bank. >> today $40,000. just such a great donation. >> absolutely. it's -- i'm so proud of the work that our employees are doing across the geography to serve our clients and provide essential services and they are an important partner for us to provide the essential services for those in need. so m ing to tak >>so great. servicese a
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lisa with the redwood empire food bank, this goes a long way. >> this does go a long way. we are so excited. sorry. >> that's okay. that's okay. >> we are very excited to partner with bank of america and they also provide volunteers for us. with this check of $40,000 it'll go a long way in our community for every dollar donated we can distribute $4 worth of groceries to our community. >> that's so amazing and we were just at the redwood empire food bank early their morning seeing all the volunteers hard at work doing their part. it's so great to see that. that is great great. >> thank you so much. thank you so much jason for all that you are doing and all that both of you are doing for our community. such a great donation and we would like your help, your donations, please go to and to do your part. we have one more week of this. we know we can do it.
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we can make it happen. mu yes. still ahead wewill have a i featuring the tv show riverdale and a special visitor. and streaming this afternoon on cbsn bay area my interview with the san francisco marin food bank about the current level of need and the outlook for the future. that is at quarter after one. you can find us own or the app. we are are also on the cbs news app. you can download that on your favorite
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a jump is ordering a statewide halt of a pesticide over reports that it is toxic to bees. the state department of pesticide regulation lifted california's ban on the pesticide and approved limited use of the chemical in spring of 2020. the department said that it's use on crops would have an overall beneficial effect but the judge just ruled that it's approval violated state
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environmental law. mountain view is getting ready to introduce a new home for monarch butterflies. the city is using a grant from google to create a new habitat for them. it'll be located in shoreline park. google has given the city $30,000 to maintain three habitats. that as butterflies are returning to california in big numbers after mostly disappearing last year. it a special crossover event tonight riverdale is getting a special visitor, as sabrina makes a visit. i caught up with the guest star to chat about what fans can expect. >> we can look forward to spell casting, to sabrina being a witch as we know and love her. her feisty personality is back and better than ever if i do say so myself. a lot of cheryl and sabrina time. >> that episode airs tonight at nine. there is more to come when the news at noon comes back. >> how one couple broke the
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world record for the number of christmas trees in their home. and today on the drew barrymore enjoy the gift of being together. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online.
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enjoy the gift of being together. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online. ? today's tip of the day is baby artichokes. that's where it come from.
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marinated or on the grill. baby artichokes are out of this world. 50% of the artichoke is the center of the artichoke. when you buy them you want to make sure that you have beautiful skin all the way around. if it has a little bit of discoloration that's okay. not to much. make sure that you squeeze it, you hear the quake, that means it's fresh and all the leaves nice and tight on the top. in the fridge right away. baby artichokes. this is where you go. delicious. i'm your fresh grocer. remember to eat fresh and stay healthy and grill the hearts too after you cooked them put them on the grill for a couple of minutes with olive oil. delicious. coming up at three elizabeth holmes has taken the stand to be crossed by prosecutors in her criminal trial. what she is saying in her own defense. that and more coming up at three. this home in germany just
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took christmas to a new level. they set up 444 christmas trees, setting a new world record. it's the 10th year they have set up this display. >> their latest set of decorations features 10,000 ornaments, 300 strings of lights and none of the trees are the same. the couple said they start preparing for this months in advance. we were saying, looks like a fire hazard. >> and probably takes months to take them down. >> that's it for the news at noon. we are on 24-7 on cbsn bay area.
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>> liam: we appreciate the offer to stay. we really do. it's just that, you know, moving out is something we can both come to terms with. >> brooke: no, no, that's not happening. >> ridge: i can't have this guy on the property whenever he feels like it. >> brooke: okay, okay. so, we'll get creative. hope and i will sit down. we'll come up with a schedule. we can figure out times that deacon can come up over you- >> ridge: oh, yeah, like a schedule. >> brooke: yeah. >> ridge: why are you not hearing me? i don't want him here. if she wants to be with him, she needs to do it someplace else. >> brooke: why are you not hearing me? hope and liam aren't leaving. >> hope: well, ideally, i don't want to move out, at the same time, i don't want my father creating problems for you and ridge. ♪♪


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