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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  December 7, 2021 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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lf tt has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online. ♪ ♪ live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. now at 3:00, the decision could come down any moment weather to beef up oakland's police department, the city
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council meeting underway right now. elizabeth holmes faces cross-examination, what happened today in court. it has been 80 years since the attack on pearl harbor, we will show you how people are commemorated the event in the bay area. >> i am kenny choi . the oakland city council could be voting any minute on whether to give additional funding to the police department. jocelyn moran makes it all down for us. >> reporter: we are watching the city council meeting, on the agenda is an item to reallocate funding from various departments to oakland police for two additional police academies. during public comment we heard from residents for and against saying this is not the solution. right now, there are 676 sworn officers with the oakland police department, the lowest number in a decade and below the voter backed measure that requires at least 678 sworn
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officers. this year in oakland there have been 129 homicides and nearly 600 shootings. in addition to the city council meeting happening now, the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce had a press conference and talked about the fear and concern residents are living through right now. >> we need to do something with the cial stemthey ow hape who have killed but the judicial system does not do anything about it and the next day they are back on the street to kill and do more. >> please, oakland city council, give us the production we need and deserve and paid for through our taxes. >> reporter: a lot of concern coming from open residence. we will keep you updated with any decisions that come from the city council meeting. we first brought you the press conference from the chinatown chamber of commerce live on cbsn bay area . it is streaming all day on or the news out.
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a teenage girl allegedly threatened by a stranger in berkeley and it may not be the first time. police released this photo of the suspect's car who they say approached the girl at channing and mcgee, told her he was a cop and wanted to walk with her. after she refused, police say he made a threat about having a knife, she got away safely and police say the suspect may have done the same thing to someone else on gilman street in september. theranos founder elizabeth holmes taken the stand again as today is her sixth today on the witness stand. len ramirez gives us an update. >> reporter: elizabeth holmes faced topper cross-examination from government prosecutors, she was pressed on the subject of whether theranos devices were used by the military, she admitted they were never used in any clinical setting with soldiers and also pressed about the favorable 2014 fortune magazine cover story in which she gave exclusive interviews
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to roger parloff . elizabeth holmes said the article was not correct when he stated that the company was not using any of the company's blood analyzers in his labs but still send the article to investors without correction when she needed the raised more money. she will very likely be on the witness stand for the rest of the day and tomorrow. the next witness for the defense could be a psychologist talking about the alleged partner abuse which her former boyfriend and business partner has denied. tomorrow, scott peterson is scheduled to be resentenced to serve life in prison without parole, he has spent more than 17 years on death row for the 20 two murder of his wife and unborn child but his death sentence was overturned last year. he is still fighting to have his conviction overturned based on issues with a juror in the case. max darrow will have a complete breakdown of what we can expect at the hearing at 5:00.
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a major outage has it amazon web services, disrupting access. it was confirmed by the company this morning, sites like disney+, said netflix all reporting issues and they are working to recover. california says 77% of the eligible population ages five and up has the at least one dose of the covid vaccine as the omicron variant spreads to more states . but there is some progress in the fight against the virus. >> reporter: with omicron now detected in nearly 20 states, the cdc is closely following cases in south africa to see how the new covid very mate spread in the u.s. >> with the cases we have seen, we are not seeing a very severe profile of disease. in fact, it might be, and i underscore might, be less severe.
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>> reporter: nearly 99% of covid cases in the u.s. are the delta variant according to the cdc. >> we have months of study on delta and all of those data demonstrates that vaccines work. >> reporter: the new york city mayor has announce what may be the nation's strictest vaccine mandate yet, giving all private companies until december 27th to make sure all employees are vaccinated. and children aged five and up must show proof of at least one shot for indoor dining, fitness, and entertainment. >> this is how we put health and safety first. >> reporter: it applies to 184,000 businesses across the city and reaction in new york is next. >> customers that spend good money, they want to know the status of the people serving them. >> to stop children from entering our establishment is ludicrous, it will cause a 20% to 30% reduction.
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>> reporter: there is progress in the fight against the virus as both merck and virus eyeing the end of the year for emergency youth authorization of their covid-19 treatment pills. an fda advisory panel recommended merck's and soon will review the one made by pfizer. a new study shows that covid-19 infections the client in marin when schools in the county reopen for in person learning. the study in the national medical journal curious track attendance at 77 kindergarten through eighth grade schools in the county from september 2020 to january of this year. researchers say that cases only spite in marin county when the students went on holiday breaks. a doctor from san rafael said that it shows that, when schools follow the advice of their local public health officials, and there is a good collaboration with local educators, children can stay safe in the classroom.
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today marks the 80th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor, it was december 7, 1941 when japan carried out a surprise strike on u.s. military bases on o'ahu . here in the bay area, remembrance events are taking place today, a sermon commemorating the anniversary of the attack happened at vallejo city hall this morning. speakers included the consul general of japan and state officials, and the mayor of alejo. invited veterans were acknowledged. families of pearl harbor survivors later will be lining the beacon atop mt. diablo at the cal state east bay campus. the ceremony will offer viewings of the campus is new uss arizona exhibit, this event begins at 5:00 this evening. john ramose will give us a closer look at how the bay area is remembering pearl harbor coming up at 6:00 tonight. let's go to john dickerson in hawaii to show us how some of the two remaining survivors
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are paying homage to those lost in the attack. >> reporter: the sailors did the best they could, one man rushed to the station in his pajamas. >> they shot me up but did not shoot me down. >> reporter: others smashed open boxes to free ammunition and everywhere sailors craned their necks looking for the source of the seemingly unending stream of airplanes, bombs, and machine gun fire. in the attack starter, mickey scale 60 feet to the crows nest of the "uss pennsylvania" to spot incoming airplanes. >> there i was on the crows nest, 60, 70 feet in the air. >> reporter: one of the bombs carved through the "arizona." in the explosion, the whole of the 31,000 ton vessel rose out of the water, splitting and sinking to the bottom where more than 900 sailors are permanently buried. oil from the ship is still leaking, giving the water at the memorial eight technicolor
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sheen. those who have served and survived the attack can have their ashes interned there. 44 have done so. in all, 21 ships were either sunk or gravely damaged. some listing so badly that they sat sideways in the water. >> i went upside and by the time i went topside, the ship was almost ready to capsize. >> reporter: more than 2400 states and civilians were killed. around 30 survivors will return today, many of them in their 100. recalling the faces of mates who live in their memory as 19 forever. >> i survived so i can tell people about it. a lot of people cannot. >> i figure i am honoring them by being there and showing my face. >> reporter: this is likely to be the last major anniversary of their lifetimes. >> people walk down the street
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and say, "thank you for your service." my comment is, you were worth serving for. >> reporter: according to the department of veterans affairs, of the 60 million who served in world war ii, roughly 240,000 are still missing. in a reversal, the former chief of staff in the donald trump administration says he will not cooperate with the committee investigated the january 6 assault on the u.s. capitol. the attorney for mark meadows site the breakdown in negotiations with the panel, the committee threatened possible criminal contempt charges against him if he does not appear for a deposition. present abide in have a high-stakes video call with the russian president, at issue is how the u.s. could potentially respond if russia invades you train. u.s. intelligence has warned of
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a possible russian invasion as early as january with 90,000 russian troops gathered at the border. it is a move russia took it 2014 before invading the crimean peninsula. >> this bill that is concerning to us, it is still not entirely clear what his intentions are. we don't believe conflict is inevitable and there is time and space, room form diplomacy. >> the white house says, among the options, tough economic sanctions against moscow, the president spoke to key european allies to coordinate how they could respond. still ahead on , how senators are trying to untangle the pandemic induced supply-chain backup, what trade experts say is making disruptions much worse. and if you're wasting water, you may need to pay the price, when that could happen and how much it could cost.
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the rain showers are long gone, we did not get a lot of rain but improved air quality with a much better view of the horizon. we will look at the next chance of rain headed our way in the forecast. as we get into the holiday season, help your neighbors in need by donating time or money in our food for bay area families drive, find out how at .
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senate lawmakers held a hearing on the supply-chain problems plaguing the entire pipeline from shipping to store shelves. trade experts said that peak holiday shopping is stressing the system. lawmakers are considering solutions for multiple points in the supply-chain but none can come quickly enough for the holidays. the national retail federation says many consumers took the advice to shop early with 180 million shoppers opening their wallets the past weekend. shipping and trade experts testified about the complexities of supply-chain disruptions. >> problems are not caused by a lack of ships or containers, we have plenty of those. the problem is, when we get to port, we cannot get in. >> it is not a workforce shortage as much as it is a quality of jobs problems and a pay shortage. >> experts predict we will
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continue to see supply disruptions to the better part of 2022. governor newsom is trying his hand at writing his new children's book. it goes on sale today and tells the story of a boy who uses baseball to cope with his dyslexia. a semi-autobiographical account of his childhood. the governor learned he had dyslexia at the age of 10 and he says he was inspired to write this book after watching some of his children share he h if you like to keep your grass green, it will cost you green as the state water board is releasing a draft proposed fines for wasting water. some could face fines of up to $500. governor newsom's pleas to conserve water by 50% compared to 2020 are falling short with californians only conserving 5%. the new regulations would be implemented on an emergency basis and expire within nine
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months. the state water regulators will hear public comments on the rules december 23rd and vote on them on january 4th. let's get a check of the forecast with paul. >> much needed rainfall last night, not a whole lot but it scrubbed some of the pollution and smoke from the lowest levels of the atmosphere with total amounts meager, just barely more than a 10th of an inch and then lohman. six 107 inch at the oakland airport but much less than that in downtown oakland. san francisco and san jose with four 100 of an inch. barely more than a tracy livermore. it was enough to improve air quality. it is still not fantastic. just a little bit more in the santa clara valley and the south end of the bay but just barely edging up towards the top of the moderate category and maybe unhealthy for sensitive groups. things should improve with the next rain chance, the next one system to our northwest but
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will send a chance of showers towards us late tomorrow and into tomorrow night. we will show you the cloud cover building in with locally dense fog to start tomorrow. a chance of some hit or miss showers during the afternoon but they will be more miss than hit. best chance of showers will develop after the sun goes down tomorrow evening and continue into the early hours of tomorrow night, mostly getting out of here by midnight and we should be drying out into thursday with a mixture of clouds and sunshine in the forecast on thursday. right now, plenty of sunshine towards oakland and a better two of the horizon without the pollution. upper-50s and low-60s. we will see some locally dense fog by early tomorrow morning but that should slowly improve through the first half of the day and this will be cloud cover overhead for the rest of the day. temperatures tonight in the mid to upper-40s to about 50 degrees. tomorrow afternoon, temperatures close to normal but it will feel cooler because of the clouds increasing overhead. upper-50s along the coast.
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upper-50s inland and the east bay with not much different temperatures in the east bay. mid-50s for most of the north bay because you get the clouds earlier and a chance of showers arriving earlier as well. mid-50s farther north. temperatures do not change much but another rain chance down the line, sunday, monday, tuesday, all three days with a good chance of rain in the bay area, much-needed heavy rainfall. we will look at how much at 5:00. still ahead, fresh-cut christmas trees wrap, stack, and ready for delivery, where they are headed and why volunteers the gift is mourning. streaming this afternoon on cbsn bay area , we will bring you the pearl harbor remembrance day ceremonies live scheduled at 3:45. find us
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now at 3:00, and may not be a slave full of toys but airp loade ees dressed servicem servicewomen overseas. vanessa murdock shows us. >> reporter: fresh-cut christmas trees wrap and ready for delivery.
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lights and decorations carefully packed to trim the trees at this nursery in oceanside. the final destination of the symbols of the season our troops stationed overseas in kuwait and bahrain. joe tells us operation holiday cheer started in 2004. >> my mom came into the store 18 years ago and asked my father if we could send a tree to her son who got deployed. >> reporter: they made it happen with dhl and the partnership goes wrong. >> we got emails back and pictures of them with the trees, something you will carry for a lifetime. you want to keep on doing it. for colonel thomas sullivan received a tree in 2006 when stationed in iraq. >> we don't expect much, to get the trees and care packages was amazing. we were on the minds of so many people within this community. >> what the survey shows is one
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simple conversation, one little act of kindness can turn into 18 years of amazing work. >> reporter: maybes trees make your christmas away from home a little more merry and bright. >> we are on the lookout for your bright spots this holiday season, email us pictures and videos or tag us on social media and you may see her holiday lights on tv. officers freezing for good reasons, the daring rescue coming up. tonight, the big news is present abide in warns putin after a phone call between the leaders . plus, military family struggling to find their next meal, how the pentagon is responding to our reporting coming up on the cbs evening
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for temperatures tomorrow almost exactly normal for this time of year, within a degree of either side of the averages and we will see more cloud cover, for some fault in the morning and clouds up in the atmosphere that will give us a chance for passing rain showers, but very light amounts. there is not much to add up, barely more than a trace.
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a better chance of rain on the way sunday, monday, and tuesday. at 5:00, the big boat that could come at any moment to add more police officers in oakland after a wave of violence in the city. we will have the latest nally, chillingw out of spain. spanish police officers rescuing a dog from a frozen reservoir. you can see the two officers going into the freezing water, pulling the dog right out. the police department says that the animal had been stuck for quite some time before officers rescued it. luckily, the dog and the officers made it out safely. i think the officers may still be falling out in the hot tub. >> the pup, too. labs have a thick coat, but
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that is too cold but too long that is. >> the cbs evening news nsored s .>> o'donnell: tonight, president biden's threat to vladimir putin: stay out of ukraine or face new economic consequences. the high-stakes two-hour-long video call, president biden's warning tonight to america's adversary, as nearly 100,000 russian troops wait on the border of ukraine. 50 million covid cases: the a sg milestone as hospitalizations surge. when dr. fauci says we'll know how effective the vaccines are against omicron. maintaining his innocence: actor jussie smollett back on the stand facing the prosecutor who says he's lying about faking an attack on himself. teen safety measures: instagram


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