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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  December 7, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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i just think that i don't want my family to get exposed. almost 200 appointments canceled. tonight we discover a new challenge in getting a covid-19 shot in one bay area county. you can not beat that view. dry for now but it is about to change. when rain returns to the bay area, what to expect tomorrow morning. the bay area neighborhood now home to almost 30 car break ins a day. look at this. no one notices anymore. what is happening? >> they don't care. no repercussions for them. you may of gotten an e-mail from amazon saying the package is running late. the outage and why an expert said it was just a matter of time. good evening.
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i'm alan martin. a rush for covid-19 vaccines and boosters before the holidays caused a clinic to turn away nearly 200 patients. >> we go to the county event center where tonight there were long lines. >> reporter: this has been the seen here at the event center. a steady stream of cars. many people saying they don't want covid-19 to get in the way of another holiday. >> we are going to mexico. we are going to visit family. >> reporter: the one gift on many holiday wish list this year. >> i just want to be extra safe. >> reporter: is the covid-19 vaccine or booster so people can gather with family after the virus canceled people's holidays a year ago. >> i don't want my family to get exposed. >> reporter: the holiday rush is so high that a vaccine clinic at the medical center had to be canceled last night. the county spokesperson confirmed hours before the 4:30 opening 180
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patients were told they would need to reschedule their appointments. the cause was a staffing shortage with the third party vendor hr support in charge of yesterday's clinic. the staffing level just could not meet the demand. the spokesperson reassured kpix5 there is no concern for a repeat of yesterday's incident in the future. >> we are seeing a lot of people that we know with double vaccinations that are getting, contracting covid-19. >> with mild symptoms but we still don't want to get covid-19. >> reporter: no one was turned away at the event center. for many, that is a holiday wish come true. >> it is important so we can be with our family this holiday. >> reporter: remember it takes two weeks for the vaccines to be fully effective. when it comes to boosters the cdc says mixing and matching vaccines is safe and in some case produces a stronger immune response. back to you. looking live outside, enjoying the dry
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weather while it lasts. the biggest storm in weeks headed our way. >> we are tracking the rain and what to expect tomorrow morning. >> reporter: tomorrow morning just fog. a rain chance late tomorrow, not the main event. you don't need words to talk about the rain chances. [ making sound ] and by the end of the weekend it is a widespread rain chance headed for the bay area. a chance for passing showers tomorrow. it will amount to very little in terms of precipitation, this one will be associated with atmosphereic river. let's focus on it. measurable rain tomorrow evening and early tomorrow night. we are talking about barely more than a trace than even these 1/100th could be an overestimate. it will not be a rainmaker for us, just enough to get the ground wet. more moisture in the sierra. coming up in the full forecast.
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>> see you in a couple minutes. new at 11:00, the video that makes you ask what is happening in san francisco. car break ins are so common look at this. no one notices. kpix betty yu is digging into the numbers. finding a neighborhood where there are almost 30 break ins a day. >> reporter: the palace of fine arts is one of the most recognizable landmarks, it is a prime target for thieves. not hard to find glass littering the streets around it from multiple smash and grabs. tourist hot spots are poplar places for car burglars, take this recent smash and grab. went down within feet of people. a driver gets into his car near the bottom of the screen as the thief peers into the car. a pedestrian walked down the sidewalk and a welcome trys to get inside of a building. the burglar looks around before stealing two bags. the thief then goes back for
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more. all while people nearby carry on. >> it is out of control. we have people that are doing this, they are breaking into cars up in knob hill and then go down to fisherman's wharf and come out here and then another part of the city. and the police can not chase the cars. considered a misdemeanor. >> reporter: the patrol special officer part of a neighborhood police force authorized in the city charter. he patrols the marina where he has 172 residential clients. he added 20 just in the last month. he says the number one problem, car burglaries. >> i come out here every night and see new piles of glass. >> reporter: in the month of november, the city data shows 3,000 reports of theft in san francisco. the overwhelming majority of those, car break ins, sfpd sees the highest number of smash and grabs. in fact, last month alone there
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were 876 reports. that is almost 30 a day. compare that to 442 last november. and it is still up from the year before. there were 734 cases prepandemic. >> i always have seen a lot of glass here. no surprise. i have lived here since the '90s. my car has been broken into. >> what has increased is perhaps fear and indifference when it comes to getting involved. >> in san francisco, betty yu, kpix5. lots of confusion in san francisco tonight about the future of all of those poplar parklets that were installed during the pandemic. business owners are expressing concerns of rules and regulations and fines. the mayor says they are here to say. she says no one is being fined or forced to change their parklet right now but in extreme cases. she says the city is working
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with businesses to notify them of providing grants. to be stay tuned. a high stakes vote in oakland tonight as homicides and gun violence are spiking. tonight, andrea nakano reports money is going back into police resources months after they voted to freeze positions and violence prevention programs. >> not only did tonight's vote signify a shift in the way that the city gives resources but there is a growing sentiment within the community for the need for more officers. >> the have has to deal with the have knots. >> reporter: a rally for opd was held just as a seven hour council meeting started. the council voted to fund two more academys to add 60 more officers to help bring them
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back to the 737 authorized positions. >> motion passes with the vote of six. >> reporter: this item came about to address the oakland police department falling below the minimum number of officers of 678 required by voter approved measure z. the department now sits at 676. as crime has seen a spike, oakland police has been losing an average of eight officers a month. >> leadership, department leadership and the lack of appreciation and support that they are receiving across the board. and it really has been something that has had a tremendous impact on moral. >> reporter: the vote came after hours of discussion by councilmembers. also a exchange between councilmember and the police chief. >> are you defining bashing by
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city councilmembers saying that the clearance rate is one out of six homicides and that our constituents are saying they are not getting calls answered or responses? >> we can have difference in opinion. i just hope that people will understand it is a difficult job. >> reporter: back to you. still ahead tonight, if you your amazon delivery is running late you are not alone. the major outage with a major ripple effect and why experts say it was bound to happen eventually. >> things can go bad and cascades around the internet in a really bad way. plus, the ominous warning about 5g posing a threat to air travel. and tonight, orcle park plays host to holiday favorite bringing smiles to faces of hundreds of bay area kids
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well, if you got an e-mail tonight saying your amazon order is running late, you are not alone. i did, too. the cloud service network suffered a major outage for hours that brought down services around the world. >> reporter: tonight it is unclear how it effected the government. a major service like this failed there is a domino effect that is felt worldwide. >> the reason we see it more often is because of the internet. >> deliverys canceled. apps not responding. people trying to book airlines could not connect. >> some people were in the middle of a final when it shutdown and then they were not able
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to access it. >> reporter: platforms like canvas, making online learning and teaching possible for academic institutions shutdown leaving students scrambling and looking for answers on social media. >> i was not able to access any of my homework or study guides for the final. >> reporter: the senior editor at large. >> 30 years ago, 40 years ago when we were first coming up with the internet is to have decentralizeed, information anywhere in case there was an attack. >> having a handful of companies in control is part of the problem. it is cases like this that problems coming. >> a lot of companies rely on these companies, as a result things can go bad and cascades around the internet in a really bad way. >> reporter: amazon says it mitigated the problem five hours after the reports but added it is still working for full recovery.
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in san francisco, kenny choi, kpix5. new at 11:00, how about there? the faa warning 5g wireless could cause an air safety risk and result in flight diversions diversions. it is an interfereance between 5g and technology. the faa is now prohibiting aircraft from using radio data nor 5gc-band wireless signals, at&t and verizon has plans to launch the networks early next year. now, the coronavirus, now, omicron variant has been detected in the area. they found not in patients but the water. >> scientists are looking for
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trends where omicron is increasing over time. infectious disease experts call the findings significant but warn it is too early to know how widely omicron is circulateing. >> we feel very confident at this point saying that we have seen stwate thatis the kind of information that will help public health officials know how to target their clinical testing to confirm what we are seeing and also to understand the impact of that in terms of the disease in the community. >> researchers have been monitoring waste water for covid-19 and its variants in 10 cities across northern and central california for more than a year now. all right, something else in the water. >> this is in southern california, stunned after an encounter with a rare nine foot -- look at this. that is a sun fish or a mula mula. the largest fish in the world with a skeleton structure. usually found farther off of
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the coast. >> look at that. >> the record for largest sun fish caught set in 1996 these two paddleboarders believe the fish they saw could challenge that. >> i was not scared because i knew what it was. i remember the first time i ever saw one i had no idea what it was. it looks like a mutilated alien shark that got bit in half. >> how come we have sea monster stories before weather? >> they want your reaction. >> here fishy, fishy. >> let's stick to the land and see what will happen in the sky over our land. dense fog, some of it developing already. a chance of showers late tomorrow into tomorrow night. it is not going to, amount to much. all eyes on early next week. sunday, monday, tuesday, more significant rain chance headed our way. let's check out future cast. we will put it in motion. clouds thicken. fog out there on ground level. cloudsatmohetomorrow onlifts, il
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sks over head. the possibility of a few sprinkles here and there in the afternoon. much more miss than hit. i think just a couple passing drops here and there. do not rearrange the showers, it will be more miss than hit. there is a chance it will not last long. not going to add up to more than a trace. patchy mist, drizzle in the early evening and overnight hours, that departs quickly. most of the moisture at the nevada and the skies will clear out. it will be a nice thursday in store for us. we are talking about more of a significant storm heading towards us. atmosphereic river. the latest indicating it will be an ar-2 on the scale. the one in late october was at the top, ar-5. this brings beneficial rain to the bay area without the threat of debris flows or significant flooding. now, it is still the tail end of the seven-day forecast. a chance it could become more
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significant. we will let you know how things evolve. adding up the rain from the forecast models, this is san average of dozens of forecast models, it gives us a range of possibility. things are narrowing in on two inches of rain. closer to 2-1/2 for the north bay. it will be welcomed. the fact it falls over the course of two or three days means that it would not be too much all at once. it will be a lot of snow in the high sierra. the system here tomorrow, tomorrow night, it will bring 2-8 inches of snow in all likelihood for the sierra. enough for the winter weather advisory. ski resorts would like to see it. what they excited about are these amounts next week. this will be a significant snow maker in the high sierra early next week.
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right now, fog begining to spread temperatures in the middle to upper 50s. not a lot cooler than we are right now. we have the holiday dogs and the dog walking forecast. say hello to ivy who is wearing the hat. probably shook it off after the picture was taken. temperatures warming up in the middle 50s. the clouds farther up in the atmosphere will be tough to shake. the temperatures cooler than today. mostly in the middle to upper 50s. the warmer spots tomorrow around 60 degrees. the sun breaks back through. the temperatures do not feel a lot. then, three day rain chance, as early as saturday night. the heaviest rain will fall sunday night, monday, monday night. but, again, these are the last three days of the extended forecast. we will keep you posted on the timing. vern? straight ahead in sports, once, twice, three times for this san jose sharks player tonight. and i got to hang out with the
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san francisco giants
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san jose sharks when the division leader took the ice, the men took the game. at home for the next seven games. now, road trip after santa claus visits. the sharks spotted calgary. the puck loosen, at the net. adam put it away. the first career nhl goal. san jose responded. move inside close with the first of three straight goals. scoring off of the rebound. second goal of the night. the sharks led. in the final minute, empty net, he found it. his 4th career hat trick and here came the hats to the ice. san jose won the game 5-3 and won 4 of 6. nba warriors had the night off. schedule, the only thing to keep curry from scoring and closing in to top the all-time list three-pointers, 15 to tie. >> you think that it is
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possibleo do this? >> anything is possible. >> 16 three-pointers passes ray alan for the most in league history. has a chance tomorrow. to get there he would have to break his single game record of 14. steve kerr says it is in his dna. >> he has the greatest sort of combination of humility and arrogance, knowing he is the best play or the floor and humility that makes everybody want to be around him and on his team. it is a wonderful combination. all right, orcle park -- oracle park. this event held virtually last year because of covid-19, national league manageer of the year was in attendance, and
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this baseball lock out came up. >> as a manager how does it effect you? >> i am going to barcelona and spend time in spain and spend a little time in italy, travel a little bit and drink wine and eat really good food and make sure i am staying connected with the staff. >> you know what i did with my time off? my wife has a scroll. just a few things and then, there i go. dishes, housework, pick up the kids, take them to swim team practice, i can go on and on. we would run into the steven colbert show. >> call it the honey do list? >> yes. [ laughter ] >>and you do it. [ laughter ] >> i don't blame her. >> fear the frying pan. >> you learn quickly. quick study. thanks, vern. tonight, a battle over a
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holiday celebrating the classic movie
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there's this feeling we chase... like someone upped the brightness on the entire world. a full body endorphin rush we'll chase again and again. feel the hydrow high this holiday season.
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huge holiday display in southern california bringing joy. >> leaders say this display almost got the homeowner fined. >> check out the bright lights of there home in l.a. county. look familiar to you? this replica of the grizwald's home. the second edition caught the attention of the officials and the homeowner had to take down the roof display or get fined for not having a permit. the city officials allowed the display. >> the first thing you have to think about is the people, the community really was on my side on this. i am sure it is a big part of their decision. an amazing city to live in. that decision is awesome. >> you gave everybody a jelly
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of the month club. we want to see your holiday lights. e-mail your pictures at or tag us on social media, use the harsh tag kpix bright spots. >> we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google. ♪ ♪ ♪
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streaming tomorrow, in the latest weather extra. going in-depth with how the sierra snowpack could disappear in 25 years. you can find cbsnbay area on or the kpix app or on the cbs news app. download it for free on your favorite streaming platforms. we hope you have a great night. you get to sleep in tomorrow. >> a little bit. >> yes. if you missed elizabeth she is coming back. i am going back to the morning
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show. thank you. >> it has been fantastic. >> thanks for watching us tonight. the morning news starts at 4:30. >> good night. >> without her tomorrow. >> thank goodness captioning sponsored by cbs >> president biden set to hold a secure video call with russian president vladimir putin, and this is a call, of course, that comes as the u.s. intel community warns russia is preparing to invade ukraine as soon as next month. >> welcome to this historic zoom summit between american president biden and russian president putin. welcome, gentlemen. president biden, perhaps if you back away from the screen just a bit. >> hold on. >> while we sort that out, president putin, why don't you begin. sir, you are on mute. sill on mute.
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president biden, you're wearing a p


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