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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  December 8, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> reporter: many of lacy peterson's family members saw scott peterson for the first time in nearly 20 years, speaking directly to scott, lacey's mom called him a coward, evil, and said he will always be responsible for connor and lacey's murders. >> reporter: appearing in a jumpsuit and chains, scott peterson was officially resentenced for the 2002 murder of his pregnant wife, lacy peterson, and their unborn son, connor. in a san mateo county courtroom, judge missoula sentenced scott peterson to life in prison without possibility of parole. it was a trial that captivated the nation. a jury found him guilty of murder in 2004 and he was sentenced to death but last year the california supreme court overturned his death sentence because they believed some jurors were improperly dismissed. the high court upheld his guilty verdict, but deemed peterson would need to be resentenced, the reason for wednesday's hearing.
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emotions ran high when lacey's mom and siblings had the chance to address peterson directly. her voice broke with emotion telling him they are still traumatized. lacey's mom glared at peterson as she spoke, she told him, quote, no matter what happens, no matter what transpires in the future, there are two things that will never change. lacey and connor will always be dead, and you will always be there murderer. peterson's attorney maintained his innocence and sparred with the prosecution at times. supporters were there in the courtroom as well. he was ready to make a statement but was not given a chance to speak. his attorney summed up what peterson wanted to say. >> he understands why they believe that he is guilty. but, he wanted to make it clear that there is no way he could have possibly harmed lacey and connor, i think that is the essence of what he would say. >> max, you were one of only a
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few local reporters actually inside the courtroom. what was scott peterson's body language like during all of this? >> reporter: liz, overall he was calm and collected. there was one point where it appeared he shook his head when the prosecution was rehashing some of the details from the trial, but something that did jump out to me was a moment during the time when lacey's family was going and talking to peterson directly from across the courtroom. from my vantage point it appeared as if peterson was staring intently, concentrated on what they were telling him, rarely averting his gaze. >> must have been very hard for her family. max, thank you. another high-profile case we are following, the prosecution and defense have rested in the elizabeth holmes fraud trial. len ramirez has details on a key ruling that could come next. the defense and prosecution
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have rested their cases but with the jury instructions, closing arguments, and jury deliberations, this case is still far from over. >> reporter: in her final moments on the witness stand, elizabeth holmes attorney wrapped up the defense case with a few key questions, including, did she ever endanger fehringer's patients? holmes said, quote, of course not. she stepped down from the witness stand and attorneys for the defense and government as the judge let them rest our case. >> that's the ultimate question, did she defraud anyone, the patients are the investors? we have been here for months over this. >> reporter: attorneys will then make closing arguments before handing the case to the jury. the judge told the jury they could begin deliberations a few days before christmas or even wait until after the new year to start. >> they are told they are not supposed to discuss this case at all even during recesses. 12 or 13 other individuals, the
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one thing you have in common is the trial and the one thing you cannot talk about is the trial. >> there could be one more dramatic move from the prosecution. attorneys are expected to ask the judge to throw out elizabeth holmes testimony about being abused by her boyfriend and former business partner because the defense never produced an expert witness to support her claims that it could have affected her decisions. >> if they do not lay the foundation for that, the judge could find it is nolevant and throw it out. >> attorneys will argue this point and it could be a significant part of jury instructions. len ramirez, kpix 5. live look outside across the bay area. cold foggy skies and we could see some scattered showers this evening. >> chief meteorologist paul hagan is tracking the wet weather for us. >> this could be like we had 48 hours ago with a passing shower or two, not much more than a trace of rain but we will take it. right now the radar is largely
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blank. it is not dry, there is mist and drizzle and fog keeping things just damp but those droplets just hang in the air. they don't fall, and it is the falling raindrops that show up on radar. we will see those especially into tonight. rain chances will peak after midnight and before the sun comes up early on thursday morning when we try out for a few days. there is a much better chance of more substantial and long- lived rental in the forecast as we enter the first half of next week. we will talk about that in just a few minutes. >> we will see you then. now to the coronavirus. kaiser permanente says that 11 of its vaccinated and boosted workers from its oakland medical center were a part of the east bay cluster collected connected to the omicron variant. the announcement comes five days after alameda county health officials said they were investigating the covid-19 cases linked to a wisconsin wedding in late november. as of today, six of those cases have been confirmed to be the omicron variant. in a statement, kaiser said, quote, we quickly identified any potential exposures among patients and staff, contacted them and provided expedited
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testing. the potential window of exposure at our facility was brief and isolated. the u.s. is quickly approaching 50 million covid-19 cases since the virus first appeared almost 2 years ago. promising new data is revealing how well one vaccine may work to fight the omicron strain. cbs reporter natalie brand joins us from capitol hill where senate republicans are trying to block a federal vaccine mandate from taking effect. natalie? >> reporter: hi, liz. that vote is underway at this minute so we will hopefully bring you an update on that, soon. let's talk about new data from pfizer, which doctors say reveals that two shots may not be enough against this new variant, but that third dose, the booster shot offers significantly more protection >> if you get the booster you are in good shape.
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>> reporter: president biden welcomed new data about the coronavirus booster shot which found it increases protection 25 fold against the omicron variant compared to the other two doses. >> if there was ever a clarion call for people to get vaccinated on those who are vaccinated fully to get boosted, the new challenge with the omicron variant clearly is that. >> reporter: cases of the highly contagious strain have now been reported in at least 20 u.s. states. scientists say initial data shows the omicron variant is less severe than the delta variant, though delta is still driving a surge of infections and hospitalizations nationwide. >> unless we really double down on what we are doing we could see an increase that goes even higher than that as we get deeper into december and january. >> reporter: while the omicron variant has sparked a rise in vaccinations and booster shots, a group of lawmakers want to
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try to block president biden's vaccinate or test rule, which would apply to millions of american workers. >> reporter: democratic senators joe manchin and john tester say they support the republican measure which is excited to come up for a vote on wednesday. >> i am vaccinated and encourage others to get vaccinated but i do not believe that is something the federal government can mandate. >> reporter: the effort is largely symbolic since it is unlikely to come up for a vote in the house. >> our republican friends will come to the floor to push an anti-science, anti-vaccine proposal. >> the vaccine requirement for businesses of 100 or more employees is also facing legal challenges in the courts. >> have health officials provided any updates here in the u.s.? >> cdc director rachelle wolinsky did an interview with the associated press and she said, of the more than 40 omicron cases in the united states that we know of so far,
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it appears as though the majority of those cases where mild infections. people became only mildly ill. one person hospitalized we know of, she also noted that most of those individuals were fully vaccinated, liz. federal health experts are also cautioning that all of this data is very preliminary. >> sure. thank you. meanwhile in oakland, a nonprofit covid-19 has closed its doors due to staffing and vaccine shortages. the clinic has offered testing and vaccinations at frank ogawa plaza since september. besides not taking steps to notify people who had previously scheduled vaccinated appointments between now and the end of the year, the free walk-up clinic in fruitville will remain open. stick with kpix 5 for continuing coverage on coronavirus and for more information on vaccines or how to find booster shots, check out our guide on
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still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, an arrest made in the devastating caldor fire . a father and son is now behind bars. the fight over park let's in sentences go, why some business owners are lashing out at city leaders.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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this just in, a father and son have been arrested for allegedly starting the caldor fire. el dorado county district attorney's office says the men are being charged for reckless arson in connection with the fire which began in august of this year torching more than 220,000 acres in el dorado and amador counties. marin county parents could be facing charges for sending one of their kids to school, knowing they had tested positive for covid-19. this happened just before thanksgiving and neil cummins elementary school in corte madera. the school district says that eight kids contracted the virus, three of those cases are believed to be school-based
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transmission. marin county health department released a statement saying, quote, this is an unfortunate example of how nonadherence to public health orders and recommendations can increase risk for others. the decision on whether to charge those parents could come in january. community members are remembering the life and legacy of alameda county supervisor wilma chan. friends and family of chan gathered to say a few words. chan was struck and killed while walking her dog last month in alameda. her colleagues say she left an impact on both the community and the board. >> i am still in awe of her, and wanted to help actualize her dreams. she left a mark on my heart, and every time i see her photo in the chambers, my heart really does flutter.
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>> wilma chan was the first asian-american to be elected to the alameda county board of supervisors. confusion of a restaurant park let's in sentences go. some business owners say the city is threatening them with a ultimatum. renovate the structures or pay up. the city is in the process of transitioning the emergency program to one which is permanent, but some of these structures do present fire hazards, they block muni stops or violate the americans with disabilities act. today, some restaurant owners say they have received notice to make the changes in two weeks or face heavy fines. >> some items have to be corrected in 14 days, and it says here after 14 days, you will be charged $100 the first day, 200 the second and 500 each additional day. this is outrageous. >> this is not the time for a heavy hand. yesterday, the mayor said there would be no fines or enforcement, bless your heart,
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that they were pulling back inspections to have this happen only today, it is outrageous. >> we did reach out to the mayor's office and a spokesperson says the city is doing outreach right now, not finding businesses, and that only a small number present safety and ada issues. drizzle and dining outside. >> it is a bit chilly, a bit damp to be dining alfresco this evening, but the weather should improve in the next few days and then we have more welcome rainfall in the seven day forecast. for tonight it's another round of light rain, the bulk of energy is missing us to the north along with the bulk of moisture, just enough sneaking down towards us for some passing showers through late evening and overnight. let's check high-definition doppler at the moment, all it is picking up on is some ground clutter. showers later on, during the overnight hours, let's switch over to future cast which shows
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some hit or miss showers heading into the evening hours but those are going to be more miss than hit. the actual shower chances do develop by about the time we are hitting the area at 11:00 this evening. those of us who are sleeping we will see this mystery quickly. the high sierra will pick up several inches of snow out of the system and it is all gone by the time the sun comes out tomorrow morning. we will see increasing clouds some lingering fog, mist and drizzle keeping things damp to start the day including for the morning commute, we should dry out quickly with plenty of sunshine breaking through the clouds. how little is a little bit of rain? this is the latest estimate for future cast, if you hundreths of an inch of rain if anything, the highest amount in the santa cruz mountains, still short of 1/10 of one inch of rainfall but there is a better chance of rain further down the line next week. this will be an atmospheric river that aims towards a saturday night into tuesday and wednesday. so, it is a long stretch of rainy weather for the bay area. it is not going to rain all four of those days but it does
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mean that we are looking at several different waves of rain moving in through the first half of next week. it will be an ar to, the one back in october was an ar five. that is the top of the scale this one will bring beneficial rain without the threat of flooding or debris throws. future cast into next week, this is one estimate from the forecast models indicating the potential for 2 to 3 inches of rain over the course of several days. when it falls stretched out like that, it limits the flooding potential. outside right now, a lot of cloud cover and fog and drizzle being reported in oakland right now. almost everybody is at 53 degrees except for san jose still at 36 degrees. tonight we drop into the mid and upper 40s, to nearly 50 degrees, cooler in the north bay valleys, you can see some breaks in the clouds before the sun comes up which allows the ones to escape off into space. high temperatures tomorrow about what is normal for this time of year. may be a degree below average. let's zoom in for a closer look. there will not be much variation along the coast to further inland.
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mid-50s for most coastal locations, upper 50s around the south end of the bed. upper 50s also in the santa clara valley. cloud cover will linger early in the day but the sun will break through their. upper 50s and close to 60 degrees inland, upper 50s around the bay with mid and upper 50s for the north bay and cooler temperatures further north only reaching up into the lower half of the 50s for lakeport and clearlake. cooler temperatures on their way up the tail end of the forecast but that is not a big deal in the extended forecast. rain showers likely late saturday night continuing sunday with the heaviest rain likely sunday night monday and monday night. we are talking about the tail end of the seven day forecast here. the timing on that in specific amounts that we can expect still subject to revision. we would like to squeeze as much moisture out of the atmosphere as possible. this is going to be a snow maker for the high sierra. we will talk about that at 4:30. >> the ski resorts have been
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waiting for this. >> yeah. >> thanks. food banks across the bay area are stepping up to help those in need of this holiday season. >> kiet do is in san jose for our food for bay area families drive. >> reporter: we are inside where the magic happens, as is the sorting group were dozens of volunteers come to package up boxes as we head into this holiday season of need for all these families that are trying to struggle and survive here in the bay area. joining me now, you guys have been doing this for 35 years. how long have you been able to -- how have you been able to keep this going for so long? >> it is a most passionate giving community. are you three things to multiply motivate the employees. the second is, we make a fun race out of it so people get
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physical and into an active lifestyle. the third thing is that we have a friendly competition to get the highest participation rate across the company. that creates a win-win win which is how we keep the whole organization motivated. >> you are the cheap development officer here at second harvest, what does this mean to you? >> it is such a long-standing partnership, since 1987, they have helped provide 5 million meals to the community, we cannot do this work without you, thank you so much. >> 34 years of helping bay area families, thank you very much for that. to figure out how you can help bay area families, you can go to another reason to give, second harvest has a generous donor who will match donations made through christmas day. coming up, why no shot is off limits tonight for steph
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curry as he tries to make history in front of the home crowd. streaming tonight on cbsn bay area, more on the new report that the sierra nevada will experience regular low or no snow winters by 2050. you can find cbsn bay area on the cbs news app or from one moment to the next, our kids become the most important part of our lives. and even though the years pass, that never changes. we never stop worrying about them.
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alive look outside to center where the warriors are getting set to host the portland trail blazers. >> vern glenn joins us now for the game within a game tonight involving steph curry. >> yeah, 15 made three-pointers away, for the most in nba history, that is rarefied air for this young man. klay thompson holds the single- game record with 14. now, could carry, in front of the home crowd, take down both records tonight?
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>> if you seen the way i played especially recently i'm not shy about shooting the ball. the game will dictate what that looks like. i am not coming out of that is a true goal of how i will play but crazier things have happened. >> curry needs a 16 to move past raise nba record and own it outright. he will do it in 500 fewer games. lean forward and appreciate. >> it's a treat. i think everybody should be appreciative of what the basketball gods have given us. not too often you get to run into guys like this, you know? the might of the bruins and staffs, enjoy the show, ladies and gentlemen. >> if he doesn't do it tonight it will be on the road. the warriors next five games are away, next monday at
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indiana. by the way, steph curry's brother sass seth plays for the 76ers. maybe they can enjoy it together. >> that would be very special. >> just saying. >> one-on-one competition. >> i wonder if the brother will come and give him a hug if he breaks the record. >> he might. >> i think you might. still had a 5:30, a social media giant blasted on capitol hill. instagram is in the hot seat. i'm michael george with more on test 22 lawmakers and what steps the app is taking to keep teen users safe. a new storm is expected to dump fresh snow on ski resorts, a look at the conditions and wanting tonight. i'm john ramus in mountain view where the median home price is more than $1.5
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you are watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, scott peterson resentenced to life in prison where the legal fight is not over yet. what is next in the case? the head of instagram grilled by lawmakers. why they say the app is not doing enough to protect kids. for startup stories at 5:30. after a dry winter, fresh snow is covering the sierras. good evening, i'm elizabeth
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took. >> enough snow with the next the storm and reporter brian hoffman shows us how one ski resort in tahoe is getting ready. >> reporter: the tahoe area is finally starting to see some snow, and you can see the snowmaking equipment they have over it. mt. rose ski tahoe does plan on opening up by friday. that is just in time for the coming storm. it is actually starting to snow. it is coming down on higher elevations. pockets of snow are starting to come down, but, the brunt of the storm is expected tonight into thursday. unfortunately thursday will be windy, so most of the ski resorts i spoke with planning on having an opening date of this friday, including montrose ski tahoe. we also have a bunch of other systems coming into place in the area next week. if you miss opening day, don't
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worry. winter is definitely upon us. covering the story over at montrose ski tahoe, kpix 5. achieve meteorologist paul heggen, good news for people heading to sierra, they've been saying finally, we've been waiting for this. a nice little snow maker by sierra standards, and a for a winter weather advisory in effect for tomorrow, and already in effect right now. could be some treacherous travel on u.s. 50 and i-80. 5000 feet elevation, the highest peaks up to 18 inches of snow. the forecast levels are generally agreeing on that adding up the snow through tomorrow anywhere from 3 to 10 inches. watch what happens next week when that atmospheric river is sending two inches of rain into the bay area, it will be sending 3 to 6 feet of snow into the high sierra through the first half of next week. greatness for ski resorts and good news for snowpack as well which feeds our reservoirs. we will take a look


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