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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  December 9, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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be there, 'ere long!♪ family and friends remembering kevin nishita, the security guard shot and killed before thanksgiving. he will be laid to rest today. the delta variant is still doing damage and causing cases to go up. we'll tell you the details. possible charges for local parents for sending their child to school with covid. legal battle over vaccine mandates for southern california students. good morning. thanks for joining us. we are going to start with a look at weather with mary lee who joins us now with sunshine in the forecast. brighter weather ahead as
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that gray day all day yesterday. we had that light rain move in last night and as quickly as it moved in, it is moving out. high def doppler, you see we are already winding things down. we are catching some clearing in spots but just to show you some locations are still getting a little bit wet weather for the north bay, st. helena, south bay down 101 near san martin showers. things are winding down. it's a breezy start. westerly winds in oakland at 22, 15 hayward, 16 mile-per- hour winds along the coast at half moon bay. in san francisco you see all the sunshine, temperatures topping out around 57 degrees in san francisco and with breezy conditions it will feel even chillier. upper 50s for oakland with sun. south bay, san jose with sunshine and 58 this afternoon. we'll talk about a stronger
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storm system i am tracking. let's check with anne for a look at traffic. bay bridge toll plaza, starting to see a back up approaching the pay gates. metering lights are now on, ten minute drive from the maze into san francisco. main travel times, slow going for super commuters on west bound 580. it will take over 50 minutes from highway 205 in tracy to dublin, earlier crash has been cleared but the back up remains. west bound 80, 15 minutes from highway 4 to the macarthur maze. family and friends will say final good-byes to a beloved security guard and former police kevin nishita. >> he died protecting a tv news crew in oakland. i was struck by something his daughter said, he wouldn't want us to be s. many hehets. >> repr:whenthinouavy hear
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are for a big heart. this man was brave, selfless, making a difference in so many lives as a police officer, security guard, family man. we will honor and remember him at his public memorial service this afternoon. it is at the san jose civic center. nishita was gunned down the day before thanksgiving during an attempted robbery. kevin was doing what his daughter says he loved doing, protecting others. a criminal trying to rob a news crew of their camera equipment shot him. he died daze later at the hospital as his family puts him to rest today and asking why, detectives are still trying to find his killer. this is a loss to the area as a whole but mostly to his family. we'll be streaming live. as oakland looks to boost
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police force local businesses say the help cannot come soon enough. >> someone slid through our back door and went through our cash register as well as grabbed our laptops, all our laptops for our business. >> in the three years her store has been open, the owner says she's faced the pandemic, protest damage, and now burglars. local business leaders say the city's crime problem is leading to a new epidemic of anxiety. >> what's stopping us is this perception and this reality of increased issues around public safety and employers are very concerned about putting their employees in harm's way. >> i believe that many people are afraid of going out of the house, you know, even in their own communities. >> the city launches efforts to restaff the police department and business leaders say they
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would like the officers as visible as possible, on the sidewalks, walking beats, to deter the problem. family and colleagues gathered to say a few words. chan was struck and killed by a car while walking her dog last month in alameda. colleagues say she left an impact on the community and the board. >> i am still in awe of her and want to help actualize her dreams. she left a mark on my heart and every time i see her photo in the chambers, my heart really, really does flutter. >> she was the first asian american to be elected to alameda county board of supervisors. nearly 17 years after condemned to die for the murder
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of his pregnant wife and their unborn son scott peterson is resentenced to life without parole. he is pushing for a new trial so this isn't over. in a jump suit and chains he staired intently as her mother and siblings addressed him directly. laci's mom calling him evil and a coward saying no matter what transpires, two things will not change. laci and conner will always be dead and you will always be their murderer. peterson supporters were there but he was not given a chance to speak. >> he understands why they believe that he is guilty but he wanted to make it clear that there is no way he could have possibly harmed laci and conner. i think that's the essence of what he was going to say. >> the resentencing yesterday was result of improper dismissal of certain jurors at the original trial. hearing is set for next year to determine whether peterson will
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get an entirely new trial based on a separate allegation of juror misconduct. as health experts learn about omicron, delta is driving up case numbers. >> joycelyn moran is live in san francisco with what health experts say. >> reporter: good morning. obviously we have heard from residents, concern over the omicron variant. health experts stress there is still a lot to learn about the variant but delta is still doing damage. we are still feeling impact of that. covid hospitalizations have jumped 30% in the last month. here is how we are doing with vaccinations in u.s. more than 200 million or just over 60% of people in the u.s. are fully vaccinated. when it comes to boosters, 25% of people who are eligible have gotten it. this is after pfizer news yesterday that while first two shots of the vaccine appear to be less effective against omicron a booster significantly
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increases protection. take a listen. >> that will induce immunity likely to protect from infection, symptomatic illness, severe disease. >> reporter: a local health expert is giving advice for families as they gather for holidays on how to keep safe when it comes to covid. >> thanks, joycelyn. this morning we know 11 staff members at kaiser oakland medical center are linked to omicron outbreak in alameda. they did not get sick at work but instead tested positive for covid after attended a wedding in wisconsin at the end of november. six had the new omicron variant interestingly, all had been vaccinated and had a booster. their symptoms were mild and none were hospitalized. kaiser says no patients were infected. parents in the north bay facing charges for sending kids to school knowing one had tested positive for covid.
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it happened before thanksgiving. the school district says eight kids contracted the virus. three of them likely got it at school. the health department says this is an unfortunate example of how nonadherence to public health orders and recommendations can increase risk for others. a decision whether to charge the parents could come in january. more pandemic support centers are opening up at schools in marin. they're trying to acleave ate isolation and stress amongst students. a high school in mill valley also has a similar plan in the works. southern california, there is a legal battle over vaccine mandates. those who do not comply won't be allowed on school campuses.
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nearly 34,000 students are unvaccinated or have not reported their vaccination. >> for me, safety first. >> kids should not be mandated. it's just not okay. people that want to take it, they can take it. >> in court the judge said he is inclined to deny request for preliminary injunction against the mandate but said he wanted to study the issue further. the father and son now facing charges on suspicion that they started the huge caldor fire. the late night incident forcing stockton police officers to draw their guns outside their headquarters. i am tracking that weather system that is quickly moving out of here. you see on high def doppler we are looking at the showers moving away but a lot of snow in the sierra with winter weather advisories still in effect. we'll talk about what you can expect. we will catch sunshine and it
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will be a chilly afternoon. details on
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click, call or visit a store. welcome back. a deadly police shooting investigation in are way in stockton. it happened yesterday outside of police headquarters. police say the man arrived in the parking lot and began firing a semi automatic hand gun. stockton's police chief says officers were forced to open fire after the guy refused to drop the gun and charged at hem. >> i have not seen anything like this. i have been here nearly 30 years with stockton pd, nearly ten as police chief. for somebody to come into the police department like this and fire the weapon and then charge at the officers with the weapon is very unique. >> there were several people standing outside the headquarters at the time. luckily they were not hurt. two men accused of starting caldor fire are under arrest. the father and son are facing
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charges of reckless arson in connection with the burn. it burned more than 200,000- acres and was active for 67 days. >> i just hope that ultimately justice is served. >> my clients and i assert they are 100% innocent. >> the suspects are expected to be arraigned by friday. scientists keeping an eye on a fault line near oregon after earthquakes were reported. that varied in size but several recorded above magnitude 5.0. scientists are describing this as interesting rather than alarming. in colorado the ski industry is desperately hoping for snow. slopes are usually buried in white before the holidays. here is what one ski resort the
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its longest snow drought in decades. ski resorts are getting nervous. >> i have been in the ski industry for 20 years and i have never really seen it like this. we are only using 1% of the resort to offer skiing and riding at this time. we would love to have more open. >> typically 33% of the trails have skiers in early december. this year only five trails are open out of the 17 chair lifts, only one is open and taking skiers up the mountain. a live look at i-80 through truckee in the sierra. it's really coming down, mountain range finally getting snow fall. chain controls are in effect for the first time in a month. that is a gorgeous scene. it sounds like they're getting more snow and we are going to get rain. that's right. so great to see the snow in the sierra finally. i know a lot of skiers and
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snowboarders are rejoicing. we have winter weather advisories in effect for west slopes as well as the tahoe area because of the snow still coming down. winter weather advisory until 4:00 p.m. we are looking at a half foot to as much as 14 inches new snow in the higher elevations. if you are planning to go over the mountain passes, stay safe. reduced visibility and difficult travel over mountain passes. you see all the snow coming down on high def doppler in the sierra thankfully. boy it's been quite sometime for us. it's great to see that. as we look to the bay area we had the light rain last night. that was great to see. we picked up a few hundredths to a tenth of an inch. you can see how fast it is moving out of here. many of us are looking at dry conditions right now though we are tracking a few showers
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still across the south bay down 101 near san martin, near gilroy. just a few showers and things are again continuing to wind down for our morning and looking at clearing and sunshine this afternoon. temperature wise, 40s and 50s. as we look east, it's a breezy start. we have 22 mile-per-hour winds in oakland and hayward at 15 miles per hour. as we head through the afternoon, sunshine, clearing, temperatures on the cool side with mid 50s along the cost, mid to upper 50s around the bay. the zy condit cour itll beeeling if you are heading out. sunrise at 7:12 and sun set at 4:50 p.m. watch as skies clear as we head through our day. here we are at noon and here is 4:00 p.m. it will be a cold night with clear skies. i will show you how cold the temperatures will get tomorrow
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morning. in the meantime your hour by hour temperatures, 50s as we head through today with sunshine. tomorrow morning, 40s and 40s. it will be much colder in the morning and in the afternoon for your friday, the 50s. sunday into next week, tracking atmospheric river and that could bring one to three inches of rain. this is a weak atmospheric river, a two, so beneficial rainfall is coming our way. seven-day forecast san francisco, oakland, san jose, cooler friday and saturday and again watching stronger storm system sunday into next week. inland east bay, north bay, coast, cooler friday and saturday and tracking atmospheric river sunday into monday and storm door wide open as we look to next week. how are the roadways? things are starting to slow down. the traffic center is in the red for super commuters on 580, 55 minutes west from tracy to
6:20 am
i680 in dublin. traffic heavy on west bound 4. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, back up at the pay gates, metering lights on. a live look at the golden gate bridge, traffic is moving well, 20 minute drive to the bridge from 37 in novato. san mateo, more cars coming west. a wind advisory is in effect on that bridge, a 13 minute drive from hayward into foster city. a lot of people are reaching to the community this holiday season. >> yesterday was delivery day for the glide grocery give away. after getting the bags ready over the past couple days glide started delivering over 5,000 bags of groceries. they will go to community organizations across the city. shout out to gap for
6:21 am
sponsoring. help our neighbors in need by donating time or money to food for bay area families drive, it is the age old question, people choosing between fake or real christmas trees. >> psychologists say opting for a real tree may be good for a your mental health. taking a walk in natural environment reduces stress. in the same way picking a real christmas tree with loved ones can have mental health benefits. >> from an aesthetics perspective we do that by what we intentionally bring into spaces including visual, sight, smell, as well as how it feels. >> it is therapeutic in the same way i know my dog is therapeutic. >> the cut trees still go through photosynthesis as long as needles are green and there is light that leads to more
6:22 am
oxygen produced in the room. >> i will come to your house for my oxygen fix. you have a good one. >> yes, good for your mental health. that's why i got a real tree. >> anything to help that. still ahead, the feathered visitor on a lunch run to a fast food restaurant. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities. good thursday morning to you. it was so nice to have the light rain last night. we picked up a few hundredths of an inch. you see how quickly things have moved out. we are looking at a drier start though still tracking a few showers across parts of the
6:26 am
south bay along 101. you can see near morgan hill a few light showers as we start our day. through our afternoon, we will catch sunshine and clearing. your lunchtime forecast, daytime highs are going to be in the 50s and by noon, mid 50s for the coast, around the bay, inland this afternoon. san francisco, 55 with sun by noon. as we look to oakland, lunchtime forecast 55 with sunshine. south bay, san jose, 55 with that sun as we go through our afternoon. a brighter afternoon ahead, looking great for that lunchtime forecast. we'll talk more about a stronger storm system. i am tracking atmospheric river and seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks. customers at a pennsylvania burger king got quite the surprise. >> feathered friends flocking to the drive thru, parading two weeks after thanksgiving.
6:27 am
dodged that bullet. the unexpected turkey trot lasted about two hours before they took off. luckily there is no turkey on the menu. i feel like that would have been awkward. >> would have been very awkward. hopefully they got a whopper out of it. the time line is set
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if you are just waking up with us, here are your morning headlines. memorial service held today for kevin nishita. today's service starts at noon at the san jose civic center. we will stream the service live on cbsn bay area and community members remembering life and legacy of wilma chan, family and colleagues gathered at oakland's museum garden to honor her. she was hit and killed by a car while walking her dog last month. she left an impact on the community and the board. parents can face charges for sending kids to school knowing one had tested positive for covid. this happened just before thanksgiving. the school district says eight kids contracted the virus. three are believed to be school based transmission. good morning.
6:31 am
thanks for joining us. we got some much needed rain but sunshine is on the way. >> we got that rain, picking up a few hundredths. we'll take it, as much as a tenth of an inch. just like that we are watching the rain push out. already we will catch clearing through our morning and especially by this afternoon, sunshine. you see all the snow in the sierra, winter weather advisory in effect. you see quiet conditions for most of us though still tracking showers for parts of the south bay at least along 101 through san martin into gilroy, a few light showers. you see looking at san francisco, already starting to see clearing, temperatures in the 40s and 50s. it's a breezy start, westerly winds at 21 at sfo, 18 mile-per- hour winds at half moon bay making it feel even chillier.
6:32 am
plenty sunshine, highs around 57. in oakland, 58 with sun and for san jose in the south bay, 58 for a high temperature with plenty sunshine. we'll talk more about a stronger storm system that i have my eyes on. this is an atmospheric river as we look to the seven-day forecast. details are coming up. let's check with anne for a look at traffic on this thursday morning. starting with main travel times slow going for super commuters west 580, will take an hour from i-205 into dublin. traffic heavier on west bound 4, already 45 minutes from highway 160 to i-80. bay bridge toll plaza, a big back up at the pay gates. metering lights are on, 15 minutes from the maze into san francisco. interstate 880 oakland near colosseum, more cars but traffic is moving smoothly in both directions. a former police sergeant and security guard will be laid to rest. family and friends will say
6:33 am
final good-byes to kevin nishita. >> he was shot while protecting a news crew and died a couple days later. justin andrews is joining us in studio. his family says he died doing what he loved but it is hard to find a consolation. it is. when you think about protection, he really meant it. i remember once he texted me a picture of himself. he says i am kevin. i am here to protect you. he really meant that, certainly. that is who he was. he was a father a husband and a protector for so many people. family and friends describe him as selfless, brave, touching lives of every person he came across. he was a police officer, sergeant, security guard and that family man. the day before thanksgiving he was gunned down during attempted robbery in downtown oakland. he was guard for kron news crew
6:34 am
working on a story about crime. someone trying to rob the news crew shot kevin and he died days later at the hospital. doors will be opening today at 11:00. this is certainly a tremendous loss for the bay area but most importantly for his family. he leaves a wife, two children, and three grandchildren. amanda. foster city's new mayor just made history by becoming first minority woman to lead peninsula town. owassi is not only the first woman of color but the sixth woman overall to lead the city. monday her colleagues voted unanimously to appoint her mayor for ceremonial seat. it's a long time coming considering the city's population is nearly 48% asian. >> how does it feel? >> so exciting. there is a lot of work ahead. i wanted to do so much. i feel very honored to be esent
6:35 am
community and i feel that i am able to inspire others. >> the road to get here has not always been smooth. last year soon after she became vice mayor someone threw a large rock through her window narrowly missing her husband's head. a battle over solar power at the state capitol. the group is asking the utilities commission to scale back roof top solar subsidies, argue it only benefits wealthy homeowners. >> people from disadvantaged communities, seniors, low income paying higher utility bills to cover the cost that should be borne by people with roof top solar. >> big utilities in the state want to scale back payments to homeowners who have installed roof top solar. cpuc will have final say when it releases else updated plan
6:36 am
maybe before the end of the year. in final day on the stand holmes again insisted she never meant to mislead investors, docks doctors or patients. they say the defense never produced an expert witness to support her claims that that could have affected her decisions. >> if they don't lay the foundation for that, then the judge could find it is not relevant and throw it out. >> the next week or so will be spent hashing out jury instructions and the panel could then get the case as early as next friday. new data on coronavirus front. more than 200 million or just over 60% of americans are fully vaccinated. >> joycelyn moran is live in san francisco with why health experts say vaccination rights
6:37 am
reached a promising milestone but it is not enough. >> reporter: that's right. we are a little bit more than two weeks from christmastime as people are preparing for holiday gatherings and as health experts are learning about the omicron variant. here is what an infectious disease experts at uc berkeley says. he is encouraged by information released by pfizer showing while the first two shots appear less effective against omicron, a boosterring isly increases protection. not everyone is getting the booster shot. per cdc nationwide only about 25% of people eligible for the booster have actually gotten one. the delta variant is continuing to be a concern. he says the best way to stay safe this holiday season is to keep it small. >> omicron is getting all the press. delta is our biggest worry. what we do to prevent delta is going to do the same things to prevent omicron. >> reporter: he says if you can
6:38 am
avoid big holiday gatherings especially if they are indoors and if you are eligible of course get that booster shot. >> thank you. time for a look at what's coming up on cbs mornings. good morning. good to see you. first, exclusive details on eye drops that can help tens of millions see without your reading glasses. we'll tell you who can benefit and possible side effects. part two of the investigation into hertz rental car company. we'll hear from customers who say they were wrongly arrested after legally renting their cars. drew barrymore joins us and opens up about struggles with mental health and importance of getting help. drew says let's talk about it. see you at 7:00 on the dot. 6:38. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> what is forcing blue origin to delay next launch in the new
6:39 am
timetable for the company's lift off. successful launch for spacex and how it is helping nasa in the future. a live look with our high def doppler radar. you see things are wrapping up. we had light rain last night and now looking at clearing. we are going to catch sunshine, temperatures will be on the cool side in the 50s this afternoon and with breezy conditions, it will be feeling chillier. grab that coat. i will have your full forecast coming up in a few minutes. the market just opened about ten minutes ago. dow is down in the red about 135 points. diane king hall breaks down the numbers right after the break.
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major bank says it is
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acting to help customers avoid over draft fees and workers can see significant pay hikes in 2022. diane king hall is joining us from the new york stock exchange. good morning. let me start with a check on the market. trading has been underway for a little more than ten minutes. right now dow is under pressure, is down more than 150 points. nasdaq has been flip-flopping, turned positive and is back negative. it's anybody's guess which direction that will go in. bigger raises on deck for 2022. base pay is expected to increase by average of nearly 4%. almost half of employers cited need to raise wages to attract workers. the biggest bank trying to help customers avoid over draft fees. starting in january jpmorgan chase will allow a catch up
6:44 am
day. if they go over balance they have until the next business day to fix it. they'll give customers access to payroll direct deposit up to two business days early. >> diane king hall of thanks so much. a spacex rocket blasted off from the kennedy space center. scientists plan to use the $214 million device to measure radiation polarization. data can lead to discoveries about black holes and collapsed neutron stars. basically, a lot of information from the far reaches of outer space. blue origin delaying next launch because of high winds in the forecast. >> jeff bezos space tours and company tweeted that today's lift off will be pushed to saturday morning. that means former nfl player michael strahan will have to
6:45 am
wait two more days to get his astronaut wings. he will be joined by five other passengers. i would already be so anxious waiting to do it. >> then you have to wait another 48 hours. >> i would be just a hot mess waiting for that. >> agree. >> i would be super excited. sign me up. let's do it. >> it is getting more accessible now that you have more companies. who knows? i think it might happen. >> fingers crossed. let's talk about our weather on planet earth. we are talking about a system that moved in quickly, dropped a few hundredths to a tenth of an inch of rain last night. you see things moving out fairly quickly. we are looking at for many locations a dry, quiet start. you see the snow in tahoe, west
6:46 am
slopes of the sierra. so all this is moving out. we will catch some sunshine and in fact you can see clearing on sales force tower camera as we look east across the bay. temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. grab that coat as you head out the door because we are talking about breezier conditions making it feel even chillier outside. we have 18 mile-per-hour winds along the coast. as we take you through our day today, we will catch more clearing and sunshine for all of us, mid 50s along the coast, mid up toker 50s around the bay, upper 50s inland this afternoon. watch as the skies clear on futurecast as we take you hour by hour. already for your lunchtime at noon, plenty sunshine. that will be the case by 4:00 p.m. as well. tonight it is going to turn chilly with clear skies. hour by hour temperatures as we go through today, all of us in the 50s. as we head through tomorrow
6:47 am
morning we will be down to the 30s and 40s. it's going to be a cold start to our day tomorrow and temperatures in the 50s with sunshine as we look to tomorrow in the afternoon. let's talk about west slopes of the sierra and tahoe. they are thankfully getting the snow. they need it there as well. we are looking at the winter weather advisory until 4:00, picking up a half foot to more than a foot of snow over higher elevations. reduced visibility, difficult travel over mountain passes. snow report with the snow, great to see especially for skiers and snowboarders who have been hoping for this, we'll have updated amounts as we go through today. as we look to next week, tracking atmospheric river. we are excited about this. sunday into next week we can see one to three inches of rain and at this point just a weak atmospheric river bringing beneficial rainfall to the bay area. seven-day forecast san francisco, oakland, san jose, on the cool side friday and saturday and there we go with the rain returning sunday into
6:48 am
next week. inland east bay, north bay, coast, a cooler day friday and saturday and the strong storm system sunday into next week. check out this absolute spectacular holiday display in hercules. the dunn family home on onyx court. there is nothing it doesn't have from gift wrapped garage door to the covid safe santa. the man behind the work posted his work with the message hope you can come by in person and leave your troubles behind. bring back that inner child of yours. love it. there is a special scene for visitor photo ops guarded by a pair of nutcrackers. think you can top that? show us by e-mailing photos and videos to or tag us on social media.
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i am super impressed. >> yeah! we have a single car accident that was blocking the left lane. it's moved to the divide but we are seeing back up past i-680. it will take over 50 minutes on 101 from hellyer to sfo. west bound 4, 50 minutes from highway 160 to i-80. bay bridge toll plaza, a big back up approaching pay gates, metering lights on, 20 minute drive from the maze to san francisco. san mateo bridge, more cars heading west bound and there is a wind advisory in effect now, 15 minutes from interstate 880 to highway 101 in foster city. details on proposed pedestrian and bicycle crossing in santa rosa. during public comment residents suggested steps need to be taken to prevent homeless from congregating near the bridge. the project is set to link
6:50 am
elliot and edwards avenues. construction is scheduled to be about two years. ten minutes before 7:00, local businesses in half moon bay have been struggling to survive the pandemic and now they say they've taken another hit from pge, utility upgrading infrastructure along highway 92 which is primary route into town. that construction is causing major gridlock turning away customers and hurting businesses. check out the footage from sky drone 5 this. was stand still track yesterday at 11:00 a.m., a drive that normally takes about 15 minutes was taking an hour. pge says the work can't be done at night because it is too close to nearby homes and has scaled back the work to try to help speed up the traffic. google wants to build several hundred homes over the site of a future bart station in san jose. the units are over the deer don bart station.
6:51 am
that's according to the mercury news. this is part of google's larger plan for mixed use neighborhood called downtown west village. google released year end search list for 2021. >> the top trending focused on sports with sports searching making up eight of the top ten. world cup cricket matches ruled the list. nba ranked number four atop u.s. list. politics and finance also including georgia senate race which decided control of the senate and show me the money, government stimulus paints were also widely searched. nine minutes before 7:00. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, remembrance for a local guard tragically killed. streaming today we will bring you memorial service for
6:52 am
kevin nishita live. latest on water restrictions in marin. that's at 8:15. watch at
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as $10 per prescription. ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. good morning. i am justin andrews live in the studio with a heavy heart. today is the day we will remember kevin nishita, the security guard shot and killed while protecting a news crew in oakland. final good-byes will happen today among family, friends, everyone he touched while he served and protected. a live look, this is where the public memorial service will be held today likely showing how much nishita meant to so many
6:56 am
lives. it gets underway at noon. doors open at 11:00. his family calls had his brave and selfless. day before thanksgiving he was gunned down during an attempted robbery. he was with a news crew working on a story about crime. his family puts him to rest today still asking why someone would do this to him. detectives are aggressively trying to find his killer and hopefully find the answer for the family. we'll stream the service live on cbsn bay area. >> reporter: we are live in san francisco. health experts are learning about the omicron variant. the delta damage is still creating damage. covid hospitalizations are rising nationally. u.s. has crossed a milestone with vaccinations but experts say there is more to be done to protect people from covid.
6:57 am
in the u.s., more than 200 million or just over 60% of people are fully vaccinated. when it comes to boosters, only 25% eligible have gotten it. pfizer yesterday said while first two shots of the vaccine appear less effective against omicron, a booster significantly increases protection. a local infectious disease expert talks about how to stay safe. he says if you can avoid the big holiday gatherings especially if they are indoors and if you are eligible, get that booster shot. muni metro delays, downed power line at the castro street station causing a suspension. a bus bridge is in place but you will want to give yourself extra time there. 20 minute drive from the maze to san francisco. you see clearing already this morning.
6:58 am
we had rain push in last night picking up a few hundredths to a tenth of an inch. you can see we are already seeing clearing out there, temperatures in the 40s and 50s. we are looking at westerly winds at 21 at sfo, 23 mile-per- hour at half moon bay. as we go through our day, get ready for sunshine. temperatures will be on the cool side with breezy conditions making it feel chillier. 57 in san francisco. oakland 58 with sunshine in the south bay, san jose topping out at 58 with mostly sunny skies. other locations, 59 in red wood city, 58 san jose, 58 concord, 56 for napa valley. on futurecast as we head through today as we are looking at that clearing in the afternoon. get ready for that. back to you. a state trooper getting praise this morning responding to an unusual call. >> the officer was forced to
6:59 am
deliver a baby on the shoulder of a tennessee interstate because mom and dad got stuck in traffic because of a wreck. before he was a trooper, he was an emt. this is the third baby he has delivered and this morning mom sherri madrid and baby are both healthy. madrid said the trooper saved the day. >> i couldn't have asked for a better trooper to be there for me. i would not have been able to do it without him. >> some parts of our job are kind of tough sometimes but to do something like that means everything in the world to me. >> the newborn's dad says they haven't decided on a name because the baby came three weeks early. >> may i suggest aaron? >> the name of the trooper. >> for sure. i love it. welcome to the world, baby. news continues all day on cbsn bay area. >> cbs mornings is next. we're going to leave you with a
7:00 am
live shot from our roof. look at the beautiful bay bridge. have a good one. ♪ welcome to "cbs mornings." hello to our viewers on the west coast. i'm gayle king. >> i'm tony dokoupil. >> and i'm nate burleson. >> today's eye opener, it's your world in 90 seconds. >> if you get the booster you're really in good shape. >> they had the best chances of having activity against omicron. >> as omicron fears surge the fda considers authorizing covid booster shots for some teenagers. opening statements in the manslaughter trial of a former police officer who fatally shot black motorist daunte ig


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