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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  December 9, 2021 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. 5 news. now at 3:00, how police are touting a significant drop in crime and why some is go
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businesses are saying, not so fast food a final farewell to a former police officer. the bay area during a om tr morepoweul storm in the forecast. we start with efforts to curb the increase in retail crime across the bay area. good afternoon. i am kenny choi. union square, police say there has been a significant drop in crime. as jocelyn moran shows us , the news is making businesses feel left out. >> reporter: in a meeting today, small business owners asking for more support, especially as other areas of the city are getting it. we saw the smash and grabs happen about three weeks ago and union square and have seen increasing police presence in the area san francisco police says there has been a 67% decrease in assaults, a 91% decrease in burglaries, and an
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82% decrease in theft. the san francisco supervisor held a meeting with small business owners as they spoke on what they have experienced. a commander with the police department took part and it was a conversation to try to find solutions. we heard from the business owner who says they have been hit more than once. >> it seems like we are losing hope in the system. in general. that the system is not helping us or doing anything. when larger companies are hit, there is action taken immediately, which is good. but when small businesses are impacted, action seems to be slower. >> reporter: we asked the san francisco police chief about these concerns and here is what he said. >> one of the things that we trying , give those business places outside of union square attention as
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well. for example, our motorcycle officers, doing patrols in those areas. it gets to a need to question. as i keep saying, we have to deploy to the needs of the city and that is a difficult thing to do when you don't have enough people. >> reporter: the chief says they are stretched thin and officers are working hard. taking a live look outside towards the east bay where you see some clouds in the distance. we are getting a break from the rain but we will have when they could start falling again. >> more substantial rain early next week that we picked up some moisture over the last 24 hours and plenty of sunshine today which fills chilly temperatures overnight. here are the rainfall totals, a 10th of an inch in san jose. less than .1 inches in livermore and barely a trace in downtown san francisco. you have to be patient because
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we have a much better chance of rain that will last longer and added two more, beginning saturday night and extending through most of next week. we will track the beginning of that in a few minutes. a public memorial service just ending for a beloved security guard and former area police officer. it has been a fitting sendoff for kevin nishita who gave his life protecting a news reporter during an armed robbery in oakland. we were overhead as folks gathered at the san jose civic center to remember kevin nishita . inside, family, friends, former colleagues. the head of the service, bay area police officers provided a grand escort for his body. he served as a san jose police officer for 11 years before joining the police department and retiring in 2018. his death hits close to home for the bay area news community as for years he worked as a security guard and helping protect news crews on
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assignment, something he went above and beyond doing as his final act. >> you are a hero to all of us. you touched so many laws lives and you had to put smiles on our faces, i thank god he allowed us to cross paths. like the majority of our police departments, heaven a shortstaffed and in need of more guardian angels, god always seems to pick the best. he said ohana means family, the police department will always be your ohana, we love you, brother, i will see my final local , my friend. >> kevin nishita leaves behind a wife, two children, and three grandchildren . a breakthrough in a cold case as homicide in contra costa county sheriff say they have solved the 1996 murder of a waitress in crockett. a cook found the body of 21- year-old priscilla lewis in the basement of her restaurant 25 years ago. detectives determined she drowned. a dna match eventually led sheriffs to this man, 51-year-
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old danny lamont hamilton , he is already serving a nearly 300 year sentence for a separate sexual assault case. he faces additional charges including murder and kidnapping. on the fight against the coronavirus, california's test positivity rate is slowly trending downward with an average rate of 2.6%, but at least 81 people have died from the virus in the last day. today, the fda authorized vaccine boosters for older artualttg the extra shots? >> reporter: the fda has expanded eligibility for the pfizer covid booster shot to 16 and 17-year-olds . >> unless we double down on what we are doing, we could see an increase spike that goes even higher than that as we get deeper into december and january. >> reporter: only 26% of eligible americans have gotten the booster so far, just over
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24% of those who can get the vaccine have not gotten a single dose. president biden held a meeting with his covid response team to talk about how to handle the new omicron variant spreading around the country . in new york, the governor announced six new cases of the omicron variant , bringing the total to 20 in the state. >> we expect these numbers to rise and we have community spread. it is not coming from people who have traveled, it is being spread in the communities. >> reporter: the delta variant is still dominant in the u.s. has four states, maine, michigan, new hampshire, vermont are seeing record hospitalizations. this just in, a jury has reached a verdict in the trial of actor jussie smollett . he is charged with staging a racist and anti- attack on himself online to chicago police. jury deliberations lasted for about eight hours following a weeklong trial. we will keep you updated on the outcome on air and online at
3:08 pm . a live look inside our nation's capital building or the body of former senator bob dole is lying in state . we have more on the touching tributes from his friends and former colleagues. >> bob dole love this capitol . >> reporter: president biden was in the capitol rotunda to . y tribute to senator bob >>arto be given one more worthy to have a flag draped of his great patriotism to our country. >> reporter: over the course of three decades, he served in the house and senate, earning a reputation as a dealmaker who prioritized principles over party. >> bob never hesitated to work with democrats to get things done. >> reporter: he overcame disabling war wounds while serving in world war ii and his debilitating experience inspired him to push for the americans with disabilities act and champion other humanitarian
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issues. >> the engine behind his years was his love for elizabeth and for robin, for public service, for kansas, and for america. >> reporter: president biden, who served alongside bob dole in the senate, read from his message to the country before challenging lawmakers to come together. >> i have always served my country best when i did it so first and foremost as an american. the truth of the matter is, as divided as we are, the only way forward for democracy is unity. >> reporter: the funeral is friday at the washington national cathedral ahead of a final farewell service on saturday in his home state of kansas. still ahead on kpix 5, what you need to know ahead of any big christmas travel plans within the country and internationally.
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the latest on all the rules and restrictions. the world asking google a lot of questions ye, what they say we searched for the most. a reminder, as we get into the holiday season, help our neighbors in need by donating time or money in a food for
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new video just in of a car that crashed into a cvs in martinez after noon today, not clear what caused the crash but authorities say the victim is stable and so is the structure. in san francisco, community leaders offering cash and to get unwanted guns off the streets, the mayor and police chief were there and other city leaders were on the steps of city hall to speak about a gun buyback event this weekend. they will be offering cash to anyone who turns in their weapons, $100 for 10 guns, rifles, shotguns, and $200 for automatic weapons. >> we are here together in solidarity to stop senseless gun violence. there is so much going on right now in the city, in this region, with the gun violence, somebody has to have enough courage to stand up. >> the gun buyback event is
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this saturday from 8:00 in the morning until noon at 1038 howard street. we brought you the announcement live on cbsn bay area , you can stream news anytime on and the news out. san francisco could soon extend the deadline for businesses to save the changes to shared spaces before they start giving finds. the mayor announced she would introduce legislation to push the deadline to march of 2023. however, the extension would not apply for the most severe fire and accessibility issues. most of the businesses changes revolve around parklets that were approved to be permanent in july. travel restrictions are changing all the times and i asked our senior advisor, travel advisor, peter greenberg, what you need to know before you go to the airport this holiday season. first, travel rules to other states. >> they are few and far between, most only apply if you
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are not vaccinated and still the honor system of quarantine. the only exception is hawaii where you will have to check ahead whether you are vaccinated or not to make sure you have the proper documentation. it is, for the other 49 states, you get to go where you want. we have just had a change in the rules from the folks who are returning, regardless of the vaccination status, you will have to show a negative covid test within 24 hours of your return flight, it used to be 72 hours and the administration has extended the masked mandate through march 18th of next year. that is not the end of the mandate, that is a decision date of whether they will extend it further. the changes are happening overseas, many countries are acting independently, even in the european union to determine whether you will have to do additional testing once you arrive. the united kingdom is one of those and you may see it all in
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sweden, norway, the netherlands, and plus, because of a spike in cases, some countries are shutting down. israel is down for two weeks, japan down for two weeks. germany, austria, the netherlands i just mentioned, you need to call ahead to find out what is open. but most of the european union nations are still open for fully vaccinated american travelers. for the first time, starbucks workers have voted to join a union, this happened at a store in buffalo, new york, international labor relations board says employees voted 19-8 in favor of a union and they will take a week to certify the boat and the board is still counting votes for two other stores in the buffalo area starbucks has actively fought unionization for decades as they have more than 8000 stores across the country. jobless claims falling to a 52 year low and google unveiling the most searched topics this year. our morning anchor has your
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thursday money watch. >> reporter: a big drop in the number of americans filing for unemployment benefits, according to the labor department, first-time filing for week was jobless claims fell last week that marks the lowest level in more than years. the green light for the covid astrazeneca treatment as the fda has given the go-ahead to the drug record for the first prevented the injectable antibiotic cocktail, the treatment intended for immunocompromised people given immediately after close contact with the positive case. the nation's busiest bank is trying to help customers avoid overdraft fees as jpmorgan chase in january will allow customers to have a touch of day, that means, if a customer goes over their balance, they will have until the next business day to fix it, they will also gistoms ac their paoll rect siup to o da goog has released his top
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trending searches of the year, the nda score the top spot for u.s. searches, dmx was second, followed by gabby petito. people it was kyle rittenhouse, tiger woods, and alec baldwin. "squid game" took the top spot for tv. taking a live look at the sierra at tahoe ski resort with a thick blanket of snow covering the slopes. great news for the ski resorts that had to push back opening because the weather was too warm. plenty of drivers on the side of the road early this morning forced to put on tire change if they wanted to continue towards tahoe. we saw a little bit of snow. will they get a lot more? they will get a lot more as the same system will bring rain to the bay area and bring a lot of snow to the high sierra winter storm watch is in effect
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saturday afternoon and they continue at least through monday panded likely beyond that time frame. on a widespread basis in this era, 1 to 3 feet of snow above 5000 feet and five to 6 feet of total accumulation and that is just through monday. and possible travel conditions are likely as we head to the second half of the weekend and into early next week. let's look at the forecast model data. the first round of snow adding up to 2 to 4 inches of snow in the pico rivera's but it will keep snowing through most of next week as rain chances continue in the bay area and snow chances in the high sierra, these are just lottery numbers in the amount of snow, 8 feet expected, this computer model data, not gospel but it does give us an indication of the potential of the next storm system. we are in a break in between rain chances, the system last
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night was off to the east and the next one in the northwest which will bring more cloud cover to us on saturday and rain saturday night. clear skies tonight and sunshine tomorrow with passing high clouds, sunshine on saturday to start and clouds begin with rain showers moving into the north bay after the sun goes down saturday evening and the rain will spread farther and farther to the south through saturday night and as we go through the day on sunday. it is likely to rain across most of the bay area but the heaviest rain will fall sunday night into monday. this will be an atmospheric river and the latest data indicates it will be an ar-3 on the 1 to 5 school, moderate, bringing beneficial rain to the bay area and an outside chance of some debris flows or mud flow issues and even localized flooding with 2.5 to 4 inches of rain indicated by the forecast model data but some spots to pick up more than 6 inches of rain through next week. temperatures now in the mid to upper-50s, chilly tonight with lowe's inland dropping into
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the low to mid-30s and low- fours around the bag with high temperatures tomorrow about where they were today, mostly in the mid-to upper-50s and maybe a degree or two cooler. temperatures don't change much as the rain moves in but rain for five straight days. not raining everywhere all the time for five straight days but a good chance of rain for the whole bay area through most of next week, the heaviest sunday night, monday into monday night. we could all use something to make our holidays brighter these days, share your holiday lights with us, your pictures, email us at a verdict just in on the jussie smollett case , and a new product that could help clear your vision in the book of the night. for streaming on cbsn bay area, the san francisco police chief 's comments on crime in union square and the department's long-term plan at 4:30. find us on
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for breaking news, a jury has found after jussie smollett guilty on five counts, charged with staging a racist and anti- attack on himself and like to chicago police about the attack we will monitor the latest and have much more at 5:00.
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a revolutionary new medicine is available starting today to help people see more clearly. the fda recently approved a prescription eye drop which is now the first fda approved eyedrop to treat age-related blurry near vision, also known as presbyopia. doctors say the drug takes effect in about 15 minutes. >> utilizes the natural ability of the eye to reduced pupil size which expands the depth of field or the depth of focus, that allows you to focus at different ranges naturally. >> one drop in each eye provide sharper vision for about six to 10 hours, a spokesperson says the medicine will cost about $80 for a 30 day supply. it works best in people aged 40 to 55. the side effects in the three- month trial included headaches and red eyes. late-night host james
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corden celebrating 1000 episodes, how he celebrated with cement. breaking news, the fda has authorized pfizer booster shots for millions of 16 and 17-year- olds. and we want to take you behind the scenes to show you how fedex claims to ship 100 million more of
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the bay area real estate marker is getting crazier, at
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5:00, house and san francisco that just went $1 million over asking price after being on the market for just three days. in honor of the 1000 episode of the late, late show with james corden, the host left his mark outside the studio but things did not go as planned. >> okay. [ applause ] my gosh. that was amazing. >> if you would join me on the roof for a celebratory champagne toast. spirit i will see you, i have to take this in. it is a moment. >> we will let you have a moment. >> thank you. ian? ou see where is going.
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>> that is it for kpix at 3:00 , the cbs evening news is next. back with more local news by cs >> o'donnell: tonight, the major news as the c.d.c. takes its next step to try and vie vent a winter surge, republicking pfizer boosters for millions of older teens. new covid cases opened rise nationwide up 42% since last week, and hospitals on the brink with very sick, unvaccinated patients. >> i don't think we ask ourselves will it be bad today, we ask how bad will it be today. >> o'donnell: verdict in the jussie smollett case, the breaking news out of chicago. russian troop buildup, ukraine sounds the alarm as its president tours the front lines, warning the world his country could not fight back without help from the west. toxic water military families in hawaii forced into hotels
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