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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  December 11, 2021 2:06am-2:33am PST

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... breaking news, amazon workers trapped inside of a warehouse right now after a tornado hits it. here in the bay area, this is the calm before the atmospheric rain is on the way. a woman robbed while eating dinner at a poplar bay area restaurant. makes you ask will thieves stop at nothing? >> no one thought that it was possible, you know what i mean? the first case of omicron detected in santa clara county. what it means for all of us over the holidays. >> what is happening. >> one of the brightest spots
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in the bay area. good evening i'm alan martin. >> i'm elizabeth cook. let's get right to the breaking news. major rescue effort is under way when in southern illinois when this roof collapsed after a tornado ripped through the city of edwardsville. several workers are trapped inside and there are reports of injuries. one woman was on the phone with a family member who was inside when the building fell apart. >> he was on the phone with me while it was happening. the tornado was hitting the back of the building. the trucks were coming in. i told him to jump out the truck and duck. we watched the building go up, stuff hitting the cars. i told him i was on my way. >> the woman says her family member later text he is doing okay. workers are calm but there is extensive damage in the back of the warehouse. here in the bay area tonight we have a
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strong storm of our own heading our way as we look live at our bridges that will not be dry for much longer. >> let's track it. >> it will not be as strong as late october but welcome in rainfall in the bay area. the rain will move in tomorrow night. the heaviest rain will fall sunday, sunday night, monday, into monday night as well. so, localized flooding will be possible and maybe even debris flow issues. those threats will be much lower on the scale compareed to what we were dealing with. gusts 30 miles an hour. sunday and monday, with the bands of heavy rain. be prepared for power outages and make sure all of the devices are charged up before the wind arrives sunday and monday. timing out the rain chances. tomorrow, dry during the day. the rain moves in from north to south tomorrow night and sticks around for the workweek and even into tuesday with another round of rain likely to fall wednesday night into thursday. we will add up all of the rain
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chances. time-out the arrival of the rain hour by hour coming up in a few minutes. >> paul, thank you. you can get up-to-the- minute forecast for your neighborhood by downloading the kpix app and stream cbsnbayarea. new at 11:00. just when you think you have seen it all a woman has her purse snatched while sitting outside of a poplar restaurant. >> that is not all the thief got away with. >> reporter: liz, alan they are takeing it to the next level. pulling off not one but two crimes in a matter of seconds and they are still on the loose. people who live and work in this area say this is the first time hearing of this kind of drive-thru purse snatching. >> reporter: it only took four seconds. watch as a man gets out of the black car with tinted windows, reaches over the barrier and takes the woman's purse.
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the crime does not end there. police say moments later the victim discovered her car parked around the corner was also stolen. >> two of her friends came over, obviously she was kind of hysterical. she had her belongings takeen ing -- taken and car stolen and if they are ballsy enough to steal her car they can go to her house. >> this security video went to the victim. >> her friend told me it came close to hitting the parklet. >> you would not think with all of the people here it would be possible. >> reporter: matthew stevens was working nearby. >> i saw it afterwards. it was pretty intense. everybody was just a little scared. >> what it is, opportunists. they see opportunities you know what i mean. they put one and one together. >> reporter: on this friday night, people fill bars and restaurants in the
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poplar neighborhood. despite this unfortunate incident overall he feels safe in the marina. >> i notice a lot of people get comfortable in a dining setting, hanging out with friends you tend to sit back and relax. that is the environment we are trying to create in a restaurant. you still got to keep, especially outdoor dining you have to keep your belongings close to you. >> he added there is a heavy police presence in the marina, especially after weekends weekends when we were there we noticed police vehicles circling the area making the presence known. >> he got the purse, id, wallet, car keys, everying. >> her whole life. >> there was a concern that they have her address, in theory they can show up at her house. we hope she is okay and safe. >> yes. >> get the locks changed. >> thank you, betty. >> thank you. the police are looking for the two armed suspects who hijacked a ups driver this
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morning. the truck was later found on partridge avenue missing part of its load. call the police if you saw anything. new at 11:00, a man is dead after a intense standoff. the police responded to reports of shots fire near hummingbird drive at 1:00 p.m. when they arrived they found a man armed with a rifle shooting at cars and houses. the suspect barricaded himself inside a home and the police say in addition to shooting at houses and cars he even shot down their police surveillance drone. >> efforts were made to contact the suspect for several hours. over the course of the several hours the suspect shots fired towards officers and other resident. >> the man appeared to set the garage on fire when he fled. once confronted by s.w.a.t. officers outside of the home the suspect
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was shot and pronounced dead on the scene. a spike in cases in santa clara county likely caused by thanksgiving gatherings. >> what does it mean for christmas or new year's plans? we go to san jose where health experts were asked should family gatherings be crossed off our holiday wish list once again this year? >> reporter: we are two weeks away from christmas eve, people are starting to get into the holiday spirit. but, health experts say we should not let our guard down when it comes to covid-19. >> reporter: christmas in the park in san jose. it is just the kick off to what is expected to be a memorable holiday for ruth. >> it has been a rough year for us. we are excited to spend the holidays together. >> reporter: last year she spent it alone after being exposed to someone with covid-19. >> i could not go home with my family down in southern california. >> reporter: now, this year, the omicron variant is looming over christmas and new years.
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>> vaccinate and boost. mask, test, ventilate and distance. >> reporter: the doctor pushed the public to, once again, follow health orders as she announced the county's first omicron case. amid a surge in covid-19 cases. >> while not panicking, we should not downplay the potential implications of this new wave of the omicron wave. >> reporter: stanford university hospital epidemiologist agrees. >> there are signs that tell us that the number of cases will go up. and, they could go up very rapidly. >> if you are unvaccinated you need to navigate the world carefully. we have a much more transmisable variant than a year ago. >> reporter: those that are vaccinated. the doctor says holidays can continue as planned but with caution. >> we should always navigate
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this world of covid-19 safely and carefully. i think that is what we will continue to do. [singing] >> reporter: for ruth, she says they are all vaccinated and they will also get tested before they gather. >> i have not seen them in a long time. i am excited to get together with my mom, dad, brother and sister. >> reporter: the roller coaster of covid-19 may very well be our new normal for awhile after each surge we will see a dip in cases. in san jose, back to you. >> for more information on the new variant and a vaccine and booster guide, head to our website, still ahead tonight, first it was the supply chain crisis. now, holiday wish list are facing a new challenge. wait until you hear how much it will cost you. bay area if you think it looks good now wait until tomorrow. it gets better. i will take you on a tour. plus, we will tell you about steve kerr's new gig coaching a new
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team. don't worry warriors fans. what a way to start the weekend. it will not stay dry. we will get
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wild story out of vegas involving this limo driver. look at that. arrested last month for doing donuts and driving backwards on the strip. then on wednesday night the police say he drove on to the las vegas airport tarmac wearing a clown mask claiming he had a bomb. accused of breaching fences and doing donuts on the airport ramp. the cost of goods continues to rise. tonight, a new report shows just how much. kpix5 kenny choi on how it is making difficult for some as holiday shopping is in full swing. >> newly released data slows the rate of inflation in november hit nearly a 40 year high. that has some shoppers thinking harder before making the next purchase. >> reporter: trisha and her girls drove into san francisco's union square tonight for holiday shopping. >> have you noticed prices going up? >> incredibly. it is really sad. >> new government data shows that prices soreed last month, 6.8% in the
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past year. the biggest jump since 1982. >> if you think that this is going to be behind us in the next couple of months it is not. we are going to see higher prices. probably well into next year. >> reporter: from clothes to cars and everyday items, the cost of beef and bacon up 20%. >> i appreciate it more when i eat it. okay, don't just throw it away. you make sure, you have half a steak save it, have a steak salad tomorrow. >> reporter: they expect prices to decrease in the weeks and months ahead because of lower shipping costs. >> the cost of shipping a container is less expensive. more goods can be shipped. there should be more on the shelves stocked and that the cost of goods also will come down. >> shoppers can only hope that that downward trend continues. >> budget where you can and only buy the necessary items. >> the cost of shipping a
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container between asia and the west coast dropped by 25%. now, we want to take you to north fremont to highlight a bay area bright spot. called christmas place. >> this is the best place to see the holiday lights in fremont. >> reporter: five blocks. >> it just feels like the christmas spirit is finally here. >> reporter: 80-90 houses. >> and some of the decorations are kind of funny. >> reporter: hundreds of characters. >> we come every year. it is a tradition. >> reporter: and thousands of lights. >> we absolutely love the displays, the decorations. >> look at this one. >> reporter: this family says it brightens their holiday. >> i like the disney princess the most. i like the princess. >> it is bonding time. we talk about the different
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displays and the meaning of christmas. >> reporter: it started in 1967 on a street called cryps place. it shifted a block over to wellington place. >> my cheeks are super cold. >> reporter: homeowners and volunteers transformed large pieces of plywood into some of the most beloved cartoon characters. >> we love to see people happy. [ laughter ] >> me, too. >> reporter: on top of the christmas joy, volunteers collect donation that go to five local charitys. >> it is to bring us together. so much that divides us. something to bond over and be positive and not be afraid and that we can celebrate. >> reporter: last year, because of covid-19, it was drive-thru only. this year familys can walk and be up close again. >> families can walk and be up close again. >> reporter: it gets better tomorrow night. starting on saturday until the
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end of this year, volunteers will pass out free candy canes from 6:00 until 10:00. in fremont, back to you. >> we all need to spread the happy. we need more happy out there. that is great. if you want to check it out for yourself, by car you type it in your gps. we want to see your holiday displays, e-mail your photos and videos or tag kpix bright spots on social media. got new video out of the sierra for you. just about an hour ago. already some snow there on the roads. a lot more on the way this weekend. big winter storm headed straight towards the mountains. if you think you are heading out this weekend tomorrow is the day to do it before the storm moves in. heavenly will both be starting up the lifts after running the snow makers around-the-clock. >> sunday will be a little tougher going. >> sunday, tricky travel,
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monday, tuesday, almost impossible. >> yes. >> so, up and back. that is the way to do it tomorrow if you are willing to fight the traffic for one lift. [ laughter ] >> there might be a lot of sick calls on monday and tuesday. >> there might be if you are trapped call and say i am trapped. i can use a sick day for that, right? >> good luck with that. here are the conditions, 19" snow basin. one of 27 lifts open. a winter storm warning in effect for the high sierra. 2-4 feet widespread. 4-8 feet of snow above 7,000 feet. just through 10:00 on tuesday. it will be difficult if not impossible to travel on u.s. 50 and on i-80. so, don't be heading in that direction after tomorrow. the next storm system is taking shape off to our northwest. it will be sending moisture towards us in the form of the atmospheric river. we will just see clouds through tomorrow, the rain will stay to the north until tomorrow evening, droping -- dropping
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in from the north. tell make its way in farther and farther south. the heavy rainmaking its way farther and farther south. widespread rain throughout sunday and sunday night and monday and monday night and still plenty of showers on the radar on tuesday. pockets of heavy rain. keep the umbrella and rain jacket handy. this is from the branch of noaa, two-four inches of rain on the east bay. most of us, 3-5 inches of rainfall. stretched out over several days. that should allow us to avoid significant flooding problems or debris flow issues. for now, clear skies over head. chilly, temperatures dropping down to the middle 30s in river more and in santa rosa. below 50 in downtown san francisco. cold inland, inland spots with the temperatures around the bay dropping down to the lower 40s.
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we will bounce back, temperature wise, increasing clouds over head. get your dogs out for a walk tomorrow before the rain moves in saturday night and sunday. spencer does not look certain about his christmas sweater. if you see him out and about, tell him he is a handsome boy. temperatures in the middle 50s there. reaching to the middle 50s for most of the bay area. cooler for the north bay with thicker clouds earlier in the day. temperatures do not change much as the rain chances move in. wednesday looks like we will see more breaks in the showers. another round of widespread rain moves in wednesday night and thursday. we do dry out by the end of next week. but the unsettleed weather pattern could last into the week before christmas. that is beyond the scope of the seven-day forecast. we will just keep you updateed on that. like that weather report, you can call the sportscast the calm before the storm. a lot to preview for the weekend like steph curry going for the three point record on saturday. you will hear from the baby
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16 away, some believe the countdown can hit 0 on wednesday. not even close. the countdown is now at 10. perfect time to begin the final countdown. curry, chasing alan for most career threes, will it happen against philly? hitting nine in the game four times this season. yet to hit 10. if he does on saturday the record would count against his brothers. the 76ers. that would be a cool story line regardless. he is getting the record one way or the other. >> knowing how many i have to hit to do it would be a special night. again, it will happen. >> you know, this is not like a hitting streak or something that can go away. the record is going to fall if it is next
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game or the game after that or the game after that. it does not really matter. >> more warriors news, steve kerr will be the next head coach of team usa taking over for his mentor greg poppovich. he will do the world cup and then the paris olympics in 2024. cincinnati is the site for the 49ers and the bengals of equal importance. win the game or you will probably no longer control your own play off destiny. injuries for the 49ers thiseck -- this weekend, mitchell is out. a buckeye reunion this weekend. first off, what a year he has had. 12 sacks, 12 games, that is fourth most in the nfl. welcome back nick. opposite sideline of his friend and teammate joe burrow when he
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tweeted he was transferring, he said can't wait to sack you. never had the chance in college. >> i prefer seeing him in the off season and hanging out with him. >> he is a good friend of mine. i want to hit him a few times. [ laughter ] >> sunday fun day on channel 5 this weekend. kpix has you covered for the raiders and the 49ers. two good games, raiders kick off at 10:00 a.m. and 49ers and cincinnati at 1:25 and then it is the 5th quarter to wrap it all up and tie a bow on it. 9 local high schools playing tomorrow. highlighted by sara. that is the number one team in the country in high school football. it is where champions are made. it will be nice football weather. no complaints there. >> all right, powerhouses. >> yes. >> good time. >> can't wait to hear about that one. >> thank you.
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coming up, high from space. why this photo from the space station is such a big deal tonight. and our reminder that our food for bay area families drive is on. to donate your time or money to help our neighbors in need this holiday
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a fashion tycoon from japan became the first to visit the space station after blasting off. the billionaire took this picture in what he is calling a practice run for an eventual trip around the moon. he kept his followers updateed on his trip with a photo captioned, hi from space. >> all right, we'll be right back.
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beautiful shot of the golden gate bridge. >> we made it. a few more minutes until it is officially saturday. >> no, it is saturday right now. >> yes. oh. sting is on the show. thank you for tching. enjoy
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