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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  December 11, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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y tac -- live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. now at 5:00, get ready for some showers. we are tracking storm expected to bring the most rain since october. we will show you the areas that could get hit the hardest. that plus bay area residents bracing for the rain. a monstrous tornado levels homes for miles. the areas hit the hardest after powerful storms leave behind a trail of destruction in the midwest. plus, getting hundreds of
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guns off the street in the middle of a gun violence surge in one bay area city. we begin on the storm watch. the bay area is expected to get it the biggest dose of rain weeks. >> let's get right to meteorologist darren peck. >> taking a look at high death doppler, there was a lot of rain sitting at the right now. it will take a lot of time to get here, though. is because the green blob looks, it slowly works its way toward us. it will not get here until about 9:00 and 10:00 tonight. even at that, that is only up on the border with sonoma county. if we track it forward, here is when we are likely to notice some of the more of the lighter beginnings. that is like 1:00 a.m. what are the means of yellow and orange. that is one the more noticeable rain comes in. now we are looking at 9:00 tomorrow morning. most of it is in the north bay but at this point, we start to get noticeable rain from the golden gate south. we are going to be in this for a little while. that throughout sunday and throw it monday, a chance of rain be areawide. there are details to discuss beyond just the general rain for the two day stretch. we will go over that in the
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complete forecast. a live look at now with the bay area bridges. just a matter of hours, the storm is extended to trends roads and create slippery conditions. people in the east bay with about their day ahead of the storm drain to enjoy the sunshine while they could. >> kpix 5's shawn chitnis shows us what pg&e is doing to prepare for possible outages. >> reporter: some of the people we talked to at this park said they didn't even know the rain was coming in tonight. they are glad they got one more day outside before the storm arrives. power outages will once again be a concern for pg&e as a storm comes into the bay area this weekend and into next week. the utility company says it has crews ready to respond if people lose power. but before the rain arrived, people out in pleasanton were glad to get another day of the sun. >> every year, we put up christmas decorations outside, you know, on our two-story house. it is an all-day event. eight is almost disappointing to put up light one it is not raining because i remember the
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years i got shocked on the old flights. >> reporter: this year, he saw the one of diamond planned for it. >> it doesn't rain what is is supposed to rain anymore. nice and dry, convenient. >> reporter: others say when it rains, they usually are eager to get outside. >> we have appreciate nature, what it gives us. when water comes, it is nice. it is a humbling experience to stand under the rain. >> reporter: strong winds will make for a powerful storm. repair crews are already clearing some areas. pg&e expects the need to respond to outages as the storm is strongest from sunday to tuesday. customers are warned to plan ahead with necessary supplies and have a way to get notifications about outages in the area. >> i don't think we can be anything but optimistic and keep our fingers crossed. >> reporter: residents here hope it is strong enough to give us needed water without creating any challenges and and maybe help the ski outlook along the way. >> we want it all at tahoe. >> reporter: reporting in pleasanton, shawn chitnis, kpix
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5. >> the storm system is good news for ski resorts expected to dump several feet of snow on the sierras starting this weekend. this is how it looks along 80 at soda springs tonight. conditions are clear no but drivers are being warned the snow could make martin travel most impossible in some areas. back in the bay area, union square in san francisco was packed today. plenty of people are trying to squeeze in last-minute shopping before the rain hits. some told kpix 5 the showers won't keep them away. >> we are going to buy umbrellas today. today, problems so we can shop
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tomorrow with our umbrellas. >> a reminder, you can get up- to-the-minute forecasts for your neighborhood by downloading the kpix 5 app. you can also stream cbsn bay area and sign up for breaking news alerts. now to a developing story. at least 70 are dead after this monstrous tornado ripped through kentucky, pulverizing homes, crashing cars. it could be seen for miles over mayfield, kentucky. a string of storms left a trail of destruction across five states. cbs correspondent jenna ray is in edwardsville, illinois, where an amazon warehouse was ripped to shreds. >> this has been the most devastating tornado event in our state's history. the level of devastation is unlike anything i've ever seen. you see parts of industrial building roofs or sightings and trees, if trees are lucky enough to stand. >> reporter: cousins are feared dead after the twister tore through kentucky for more than 200 miles. the death toll is expected to climb as rescuers search through rubble around the region. >> today, we are going to focus on those who have lost so much. that is where our hearts are. >> reporter: president biden addressed the nation saturday in the tornadoes aftermath. >> joe and i pray, and i
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sincerely mean this, pray for those who have lost loved ones and for those who aren't certain of the fate of their loved ones. >> reporter: here in edwardsville, illinois, about 50 miles east of st. louis, the roof blown off this amazon warehouse behind me. in addition, a ball the size of a football field collapsed during the massive storm. this new employee was returning to the building from her around when a dispatcher warned her to stay away. >> it was very overwhelming, you know. my very first today, i had to encounter, you know, something i have never encountered before. it is just an experience i will never forget. >> reporter: i made the damage across the region, more than a dozen people were trapped inside this nursing home in arkansas as the building collapsed. i am jenna ray is cbs news, edwardsville, illinois. san francisco police are looking for the themes behind a brazen purse snatching outside balboa cafe on fillmore. take a look at how quickly it all went down. a black car drives close to a parkland, a man gets out, which
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is over the barrier and snatched a woman's purse. the crime doesn't stop there. victim telling police her parked car was also stolen. people in the area say this is the first time they are hearing of this kind of drive-through purse snatching. >> you wouldn't think with all these people out here something like that would be possible. >> they pulled up close to the park. her friend did tell me it came close to hitting the park. two of her friends came over, she was kind of hysterical. she had her belongings taken, her car taken and then, i mean, you have to think about her safety as well. if they still regard, the could probably go to her house. >> workers in the marina say customers should keep their belongings close, especially outdoor dining areas. the marina has a heavy police presence after 10:00 p.m. americans. in san francisco, crews rested to get a warehouse fire under control. a three-alarm fire broke out in the cities bayview neighborhood. flames tore through this building and it did a lot of damage to the warehouse.
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crews were able to save a lot of the stuff inside. they were also able to save an antique tow truck near the warehouse. >> is in physical fire units will be on scene throughout the day, if not the weekend, to ensure there is no flareups. that would be a resubmission. there is no threat to the public. >> nobody was injured but, because of the fire is under investigation. with 5:00, san francisco is in the middle of a gun violence surge. now one community group is taking action to get hundreds of firearms off the street. >> as kpix 5's sean ramis reports , organizers say the push to stop gun violence is personal. >> reporter: a lot of robberies occur simply because the opportunity presents itself the same is true of gun violence. >> it is 10:30, we are already
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at 200 guns. >> reporter: they begin arriving at 8:00 in the morning. people voluntarily giving up their weapons. for many, getting rid of the guns around the house is an act of common sense, to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands with an added incentive thrown in. >> 100 for a handgun, 204 assault rifle. the questions asked. you could have a trunk full, the count the number up, cast you out. >> reporter: this is the 10th annual gun buyback organized by a group of streetwise san franciscans who know an anti- gun violence message sometimes has more credibility when it is not coming from police or elected officials. >> you been shut five times, i did 10 years in prison for a gun. i went back and i'm saying we need to do this. we are not usually hearing people who come from that background say that. i believe it definitely has an added effect. >> reporter: the buyback is completely anonymous. no names, no questions asked. in fact, police only approached the cars to remove the weapons from the trunk and secure them. otherwise, everything is done by community volunteers.
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captain tim foley says it's not only stops guns from falling into the hands of criminals but also prevents tragedies involving children, domestic disputes, and mental health crises. >> they don't have that means to hurt themselves. maybe give them time to reach out for help and prevent themselves from harming themselves. that is an important part of this as well. >> reporter: in all, 265 guns were surrendered and, as is the tradition, the last one was destroyed with a sledgehammer. united playas leader rudy valentino at events they will never know how many lives will be changed by today's buyback but he is certain it will make a difference. >> there was a lot of controversy around does it make an impact. let me share this, one gun makes an impact. that one done could destroy one life, that could destroy this whole world. >> reporter: in san francisco,
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john ramis, kpix 5. coming up, a right to the edge of space with a piece of history. the daughter of the first american astronaut paid tribute to her father on a blue origin flight. rising from the ashes.
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welcome back. welcome the billionaires and their guests's trip to space again today. new york giants football star michael strahan took a blue origin flight along with the daughter of america's first astronaut. blue origin space tourism market blasted off from west
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texas today. the capsule going on a supersonic flight, soaring to an amplitude of 66 miles and providing a few minutes of weightlessness for paying customers joined michael strahan and alan shepard's daughter laura. alan shepard, you may remember, went on a suborbital flight in 1961. today, his daughter brought along a tiny piece of his freedom seven capsule that he flew in. this market, the new shepherd was named after. blue origin owner jeff bezos was there to welcome them back to earth. new at 5:00, sequoia national park reopened its giant forest today just three months after it was saved by fire crews. the giant forest includes the general sherman tree the world's largest living thing on earth. back in september, when lightning fires raged in the park, fire crews wrapped the oldest trees in foil and raked up fire fuels. however, the giant forest was saved, fires torched at least 2000 giant sequoias.
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will, the proverbial calm before the storm with bay right now as this is how lake margaritas looked this morning. check out the bay this morning. we have a fixed camera up there, darren? >> this is what he did a lot of work to get up there. >> i went with the camera on my back. hiked up there, got that just for you. >> there is a lot going on. >> we have somebody on staff who does a lot of hiking up there in the winter, which is usually why we have great pictures. feel free to send with him. it is lit up on the radar and we should get ready because it is going to rain a lot for about the next 2 to 3 days. it would mean consistently. this is not going to be as impressive as the big atmospheric river that came through in october. if we put that on a scale of 1
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to 5, that one in october was like a five. this one is going to be like a two over the next couple of days. it looks good now but let's watch how this plays out here at home over the next two days. we will start this out tonight at 9:00, it doesn't start raining until then. at this point, it is only raining technically right up on the border of sonoma county and mendocino. it is raining the north bay at this point. then we are going to let it go. it will rain throughout the day on sunday. i this point, everybody has gotten something. the north bay has gotten the most noticeable rain. then we keep going through sunday afternoon and then as we get to sunday evening, we are going to bring the focus on the rain down into the south bay. that is kind of phase one of the storm. rain throughout the day on sunday. from sunday night, 10:30, i'm going to let this play through, it kind of stalls out over the santa cruz mountains. that becomes a concern done on the burn scar. we will look at that one second. we are not done.
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here comes the next wave. if we take it from monday morning now, we are going all the way out to monday, a second organized wave comes in and watch it across the whole bay area. everyone gets more rain on monday. santa cruz mountains got a lot more, hangs up there as well. by the time we get into tuesday, things start to clear out. today could be interesting once we get there the possibility of isolated pop-up thunderstorms. the real focus is sunday and monday. that is when we get the bulk of the rain. if we put the total on, they start to look good. they look especially good down on the santa cruz mountains, where it kind of stalls. everybody gets clean out of it. the total is close to 2 inches. here is your heads up. the one in october was much bigger than this but this is a still better than a garden- variety type rainstorm. no significant flooding issues from this. although, because we are going to get some train on the burn scar down on the santa cruz mountains, there is going to be some concern for debris flow within the burn scar and the
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communities downhill. also, it will be a bit windy, particularly in the santa cruz mountains. we will see the winds start to pick up as we go to the overnight hours. a wind advisory because of that. that really just include the south bay peninsula and east bay. does not include the north bay. the wind just won't be as bad up there. yes, excellent snow coming to this era. enough so that there is a winter storm warning up there from 10:00 tonight until 10:00 on tuesday. snow level down to 3500 feet. it is great news for the ski resorts. the morning low and daytime high for tomorrow, before we get into the seven-day forecast. the morning lows bring us into the mid to upper 40s. in other words, not nearly as cold as it was today. the clouds will act like a blanket. daytime high will climb and we will see temperatures back up only into the low to mid 50s. after this storm for monday, there is another one coming in on thursday. not as impressive as this one but more rain on thursday and
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cold morning low temperatures. okay, charlie. over to you. a pick day. state title things for bay area high school football teams. one game already went down to the wire. wargames are on the way tonight. is tonight the night? steph curry just 10 three- pointers away from
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warriors and 76ers tips off in moments from philadelphia. it could be the final day of the steph curry countdown. he has hit nine three-pointers four times this season. hasn't hit 10 yet. if he did so tonight, he would have the most three-pointers in nba history. ray allen is the only player that has hit more. this is a record that could stand for a long time. james harden, the only active player within 500 three- pointers of steph curry and i can assure you he is and catching him. countdowns always start at 10 but for a guy that has hit as
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many as 13 in the game in his career, the countdown was on at 16. >> just the mere fact we were talking about it together night when he was 16 three-pointers away and we were ironically speaking about it shows you the expectations that we all have, myself included. i think the biggest thing is just to play. this is not like a hitting streak or something that could go away. the record is going to fall. state title in football, wilcox charters in santa clara, luther glenn walks in, charters and delete 28-24. 30 seconds left, scripps ranch at the 10 yard line, screen pass, dean haley finds the end zone for the game-winning
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touchdown. 1-28, scripps ranch is victorious. they deny the chargers their second state championship. in other state championships, it has been a good day for the area schools. roman catholic, atherton, sacred heart prep and synthesis goes balboa high all window title games. four more local schools play tonight. the script has been flipped for supper tonight. they have been players all season, when more than half their games by three or more touchdowns. tonight, they will need that slingshot as david, they are a massive underdog. nothing taking away from the season sarah has had. tom brady's alma mater is 11-1 but montverde is different right now. number one in the country, 4 of the top 100 recruits in the entirely and. to be the best, you have to beat last process potteries coach patrick walsh. >> i know there is 1100 high schools playing high school football in the state of california and a new 1098 of them have no chance of winning a game. you have to be dead to not want
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to play in this game. this is the super bowl of high school football, the number one team in the nation. what better game to test. the bengals and 49ers from cincinnati tomorrow. right now, cincinnati sits in a better position in the injury front. joe nixon and joe burrow expected to play while 49ers running back elijah mitchell is out and samuel is questionable right now. jimmy garoppolo's best weapon looks like he will be a gametime decision with groin injury. samuel is already a 1000 yard receiver. sanford ! and that and he really wants to play after watching last week's question loss to seattle from his couch. >> screaming at the tv, you know, just saying the same things everyone else does at home when i want the game. probably one of the craziest games i ever watched.
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one of the great traditions in college football, the army and navy game this afternoon from the meadowlands in new jersey. third quarter, formulating 13- 7, midshipmen quarterback dives in 42 yard touchdown to give navy a 14-13 lead. under 2 minutes to play, now 70 gregory vien, the black knights snuffed on fourth and three near midfield and army stopped. three when navy upsets eight when army 1713. college hoops, st. mary's playing host to uc santa barbara. second half, 40-22. st. mary's on the break. alex dukas with the assist. thomas scored 22. they are 101 on the season. of course, the steph curry what is on tonight. we will have the update.
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people wearing the best santa suit braved the chilly weather for santa con in san francisco today. a sea of santas and a few elves gathered at union square. in san francisco, many are celebrating with a citywide pub crawl. others celebrate by donating twisted fire department's tweet drive. i'm going to wait for the
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real thing. >> okay, okay. in the meantime, i'm glad they had ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'keefe: tonight, deadly tornadoes rip through several states, the damage catastrophic. president biden says help is on the way. >> the federal government will do everything -- everything it can possibly do to help. >> o'keefe: kentucky hardest hit, up to 100 people may be dead. the governor declares a state of emergency. >> this will be, i believe, the deadliest tornado system to ever run through kentucky. >> o'keefe: cbs news is there. in illinois an amazon warehouse takes a direct hit. >> i'm jenna rae in illinois where responders are digging through rubble. >> o'keefe: weather wreaking havoc across the country, snow in the midwest, heat in the northeast. more ahead. also covid comeback, the delta


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