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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  December 11, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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storm strong storm can cause power outages. we begin with meteorologist darren peck . is in the farm northwest coast, that looks good, a lot of rain. it will take a few hours before it gets down to the bay area proper. we will track that in the big picture. it doesn't really moving to sonoma county until we get to 9:00 10:00 at night. it is not until one in the morning tomorrow. if you are down from the golden gate south, you even notice some shower, you might get light rain before hand. it is focused on tomorrow and again on monday. it will come through in two separate waves. we will talk about tomorrow's rain and then mondays second that will keep it for two days. back to you. all the rain is going to be helping fill the reservoirs.
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how much? the outlook and what residents are doing to get ready tonight. some of the people we talked to said they did not know the rain was coming in tonight. they are glad they got one more day outside before the storm. east bay mud the app began their your with average rainfall in october, november was a dry month and the area remains in a drought with reservoirs 50% fall. >> people out of the park today were glad to get some sunshine on the saturday. but they know the rain is needed. >> creeks have dried up. a lot of drainage areas are dry. >> reporter: they are reminded of the drug around the. >> there's a whole breach that is dried up. this whole area it's a whole drainage system, it's
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completely empty. >> reporter: january and february are the wettest month. it's weirdly green. >> reporter: they are surprised to see the park as lush as they see today given the lack of water this year. >> it's not supposed to be this color. everything is confused. >> reporter: it's taking supplemental water supply from a source in sacramento. they are planning ahead in case next year is dry. >> having the rain will be nice. to see the lakes filled up. storm is good news for skiers. ski resorts are open for the season including northstar, heavenly and kirkwood a warning tonight from chp tonight, steady stream of cars as people try to make it over the sierra before the snow rosen.
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drivers need to avoid travel starting late tonight until tuesday morning. wednesday will still be tricky with snow but it should not be blizzard like conditions. >> i don't know if they get overconfident in the vehicle order your own abilities. you get going too fast and once you get going too fast, you try to slow down in this kind of weather, it doesn't work. so we recommend even if you have a four-wheel-drive, please, slow down and drive with caution. >> a reminder that you can get up-to-the-minute forecast by downloading the kpix 5 app. you can stream cbs and bay area and sign up for a's. from the north day to south bay, temporary parklets have helped restaurants. many cities haven't charged restaurants to use the public space. that could soon change. max darrow is in burlingame with the plan that is getting
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some pushback. the city of burlingame has a plan to allow business owners to turn the parklets into permanent parklets, it will come with a price tag. that has business owners wondering if it's worth it. like so many cities across the bay area, the city has allowed businesses to operate temporarily parklets but take up site will end spaces to accommodate spaces throughout the pandemic. >> i think it's added to the quality of life, substantially. >> reporter: the parklets have been a great thing for our businesses. restaurant owners. that's how they have survived. businesses haven't been charged to use the public space. that will soon change. the idea is in sitting well with karen lyons. >> having a parklets is huge
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for the business. >> reporter: businesses would pay an annual rent of $1500. they also have to pay a cleaning fee of $300 a month rolling 3600 for the year. the total cost of having a parklets, $5100 for the year. >> is that worth it to continue operating a parklets? >> no. we couldn't do it. >> at $5100 a year, including the cleaning fee, some parklets owners will give them up. >> according to figures, there are currently 43 parklets in burlingame occupying 88 parking spaces. during this week city council meeting, the vice mayor explained that point of this is to make sure the parklets are actually being utilized regularly and not necessarily taking a parking spaces. >> i agree with what the council is doing in regards to the $1500 fee, but i don't agree with the cleaning fee. this would run as our pilot program starting in early 2022 and there's potential it could
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be reduced down the road. the city plans to put the rent fee in place first and then later they will tack on the cleaning fee. in san francisco, crews rushed to get this warehouse fire under control. a three alarm fire that broke out this morning in the bayview neighborhood. it did a lot of damage to the warehouse, but crews were able to save a lot of the stuff inside. they were able to save an antique tow truck nearby. fire units will be on scene throughout the day, if not the weekend to ensure there's no flareups. there's no threat to the public. >> nobody was injured and the cause is under investigation. tonight, concord police is looking for a driver of the hit- and-run that sent a man in a hospital. the victim was walking near monument boulevard and eureka lane when he was hit. the victim suffered major injuries.
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so far, police have not released the description of the suspected vehicle. a police say that a man is dead after a tense standoff that lasted for hours. officers responded to a port of shots fired in the area of james donlon boulevard and hummingbird drive. when they arrived, they found a man armed with a rifle shooting at cars and houses. the suspect barricaded himself inside the home. in addition to shooting at the houses and cars, he even shot down a police surveillance drone. was confronted by s.w.a.t. officers, the suspect was shot and pronounced dead at the scene. to get rid of unwanted guns. john ramos report is a buyback program to destroy the weapons. >> reporter: a lot of robberies occurred simply because the opportunity presented itself, but the same is true of gun violence. >> a long line of cars of
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people who walk up and bring hand guns, assault rifles, it's incredible how many guns there are out there and how many people actually want to get rid of it. they began arriving at 8:00 in the morning people voluntarily giving up their weapons. within an added incentive throw in. 100 for handgun, 200 for assault rifle, no russians ask. you drive up, open your trunk, they cast you out. >> this is the 10th buyback organized by the united players, a group of streetwise san franciscans many of us know about gun violence, the buyback was anonymous, no names, no questions asked. police were there to secure the weapons but everything else was done by community volunteers. arthur was paralyzed in 2007 when he was shot by a robber on the street. >> some people may not believe in it. you are here because we do believe in it and we come from that trauma and we want to save
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people from picking up unlocked gun in the house all. in all, 265 guns were surrendered. as is the tradition, the last one was destroyed with a sledgehammer. united players leader, with the valentino admits they will never know how many lives will be changed by the buyback but he was certain it will make a difference. >> a lot of controversy that makes an impact. one gun makes an impact. that one gun could destroy one life that could destroy this whole world. funding the support the yearly gun buyback program is provided by the city and public donations including a consortium of local cannabis dispensaries. a hawk rescued from a bay area park after reportedly being drugged. the investigation underway. we had several spontaneous statements by camp mates that the bird had been dropped with
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amphetamine. >> the pack of coyotes leading residents on a. >> a popular holiday tradition returns, santacon is back at looks a little different this year. of food for area family is back. go to
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the county's animal shelter is helping a red tailed hawk recover. the set it appears the animal have been drugged and kept as a pet. >> reporter: employees at the animal shelter say the hawk was underweight, malnourished and lethargic. in looking into reports that it may have been ingested amphetamines.
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>> extremely underweight, very not altogether. it seemed out of it. we had several spontaneous statements from nearby camp mates at the bird had ingested amphetamine. >> several people reported seeing the hawk inside of a tent inside lorenzo park. they were able to track it down and rescue it. it's unclear how the owner of the tent got the animal in the first place or just how long it had been there. the california department of fish and wildlife is following up on the questions. >> the hawk seems to be doing so well that i would be shocked if it had been given drugs, but we treat all the hawks the same. they usually ingest a lot of rat poisons, so we will treat it as if it had ingested toxins. >> the hawk was in pretty bad shape and will likely take months or to recover. red tailed hawks are not in an endangered species list but are protected by the law. in los angeles, a pack of
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coyotes has neighbors pretty nervous in woodland hills, some pets even disappeared. others grabbed right in front of their owners. a pack was even caught on camera and a backyard playing in a pool. two of the coyotes get go head- to-head until one falls in. another video shot about a mile away, you can see an even larger pack walking a feet outside the home. every single night, they are howling. my husband gets up in the morning and they are outside. we opened the door and you see them. we sympathize with the coyotes being hungry and not having their home, being destroyed by the fires. at the same time, we're worried for our safety. >> she has a newborn baby and a small dog and she's afraid to have either of them outside. experts say the coyotes are not a threat to humans but they may
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stalk people especially if they are walking a dog. sequoia national park we opened forest area today after three months after a fire toward the through the area. the forest includes the general sherman trail tree, the world's biggest tree. wildfires have burned more than 10,000 giant sequoia's. in san francisco, hundreds of people in santa suits. briefly in - - santacon, the event is back after he was canceled last year. santas and elves gathered. it's an annual event that happens in cities across the country. in san francisco, many celebrate santacon with a pub crawl. people hoping to get into bars had to bring vaccination cards. other celebrated by donating toys to the fire department toy drive. >> we started coming to the city every year on santacon
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when the kids were little to see the lights. >> to support the toy drive and see everybody have a great time and all the santas , the unique costumes, it's really cool. >> last year's santacon was put on hold because of the pandemic darren, on a scale of 1 to 10? where is this one question mark >> let's put that on the scale of 1 to 5. the atmospheric river the big one from october, we rank them from 1 to 5. that october was one was a five, the one on wednesday is a two. that's a great question, it's moderate, no new where we had. from the storm that came through in october. that is tomorrow, 9:00 a.m. saturday morning. you can see the rain moving,
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this will start as we saw at the top of the newscast, tonight in north bay, 10:00, 11:00. tomorrow off again on again showers. here we are tomorrow, 1:00 in the afternoon, everyone getting rain. in the evening tomorrow, when it gets down into the santa cruz mountains, that's tomorrow night around 10:00 people plate 12 hours from that point all the way to monday morning. it stays there. holds up and gets hang up in the mountains and delivers enough rain there. it will become a concern. that will be some of the biggest rainfall totals. as we finish the 12 hour window, the second impulse comes through. this is now monday morning. another organized line will come through everybody gets another line of rain monday. this also kind of through the mountains monday night.
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by tuesday, it should clear out a bit. isolated showers may be thunderstorm tuesday, possible. sunday and monday are headline days for rainfall. we get as much as an inch to two inches. for most communities. heavier totals down here. look at the outline for the burn scar. that is where we might have some issues with debris flow. that will be a concern with a storm like this that focuses on that and sits there for 12 hours. it could be a bit windy on sunday night going into early tuesday. the bridge breeze will pick up. a wind advisory down here and the east bay peninsula. should not be as much of this system for majority of us. snow in the sierra would be great. it will be cold, too. this will be snow that gets down at 3500 feet. it will make travel a mess.
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pay attention to the timing. 10:00 tonight to 10:00 tuesday, driving will not be fun. tomorrow morning will be better than today because of the clouds in the rain it will be warmer. it was real cold this morning, down to freezing in the north bay. mid 40s and upper 40s tomorrow, daytime 50s under cloudy skies and rain. there's another system on thursday. more rain on thursday. we will look at that one and i will show you in the future cast coming up in the next half hour. charlie, over to you. it's that time of the year high school football championships underway tonight. one of the games came down to the final minute. the heisman trophy winner was announced, for candidates, not too much of a shocker. if you have been watching
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state championships in football
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up top. the script has been flipped for sarah tonight, they have been goliath all season winning more than half against by three or more touchdowns. tonight they will need the slingshot as david, they have massive underdogs. you have to be dead not not want to play this game. this is the super bowl of high school football. >> super performance saturday night. when they take on modern day, the number one team in the country. >> everybody is expecting us to lose. we don't think that. we will pick up a fight. >> let's go. >> terry the - - >> a game that was interrupted with two minutes to go after gunshots were fired in the parking lot. >> we heard it before and he was like, was that gunshots. >> we scored the touchdown. we missed two and then get down. i thought, in my hand, there
6:23 pm
was a dude running around with a gun. >> we are in a good mental spot, we are going down on a business trip. not to disneyland, we are playing football. >> doesn't hurt to have an along with seven super bowl rings. >> you get this facetime, that is tom brady. >> just crazy that tom brady is actually watching us. someone is biggest him. >> so the two a state title the wilcox chargers from santa clara down 21-0, they rally back, two minutes left, luther glenn walks in, chargers up 28, 24. 30 seconds west, scripps at the third yard line, it's been palin, and zone, game-winning touchdown, 31-20, scripps ranch big story is, second state
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championship. another state title, it's been a day for bay area school, marvin catholic, sacred heart prep, and balboa high all winning their title games for more local schools play tonight. to the heisman trophy, ceremony, finalist, bryce young from alabama, cj strout from on high stay, kenny pickett from pittsburgh and aiden hutchinson from michigan, in attendance, we knew who the winner was before the ceremony began. >> the winner of the 2021 heisman memorial trophy is bryce young. >> [applause] >> tough to believe but that is the first ever alabama quarterback to win back to back for the tie after devante smith one last season, does so for more from pasadena through 4000 yards, 43 touchdowns and leading the crimson tide to a
6:25 pm
championship in the number one seed in the college football playoff. they will play the cincinnati bearcats. one of the great traditions in college football, the army -navy game. this afternoon from new jersey, army leading 13-7. tyler devante dies in for the two yards score, maybe up by 114-13, after two minutes to play, first down, and then we just can't stop short. three win, navy, upsets eight when army 17-13. bengals and cincinnati and the 49ers from bengals territory tomorrow, both teams have a pair of big injuries. right now cincinnati sits in a better position. joe mixon and joe barro expected to play why elijah mitchell is out and sam all is questionable. jamie g's best weapon was
6:26 pm
gametime decision with a groin injury, samuel is 1000 yard receiver sf needs him bad. he wants to play pretty bad after watching last week's crushing loss to seattle from his couch >> screaming at the tv. probably the same thing that everybody else do it home when watching the game. >> craziest game i've ever watched. >> the curry watch right now is about 30 minutes 40 minutes in. don't know how many staff as to this point that he needs tend to break the all-time record and we will have the update tonight. did he get it before we have to wait? >> it will happen sooner or later. coming up, a string of deadly tornado slam six states killing dozens of people, the desperate search for survivors. a woman roads while dining
6:27 pm
outside the bay area restaurant. the brazen crime that took seconds to pull off. you would not think that with all the people out here that would be possible. >> the coldhearted crime that has the salvation army war ♪give my regards to broadway!♪ ♪remember me to herald square!♪ ♪tell all the gang at forty second street♪ ♪that i will soon be there!♪ ♪whisper of how i'm yearning♪ ♪to mingle with the old-time throng!♪ ♪give my regards to old broadway♪ ♪and say that i'll be there, 'ere long!♪ (background talking and laughing)
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you are watching kpix 5 news. >> the worst most devastating , most deadly tornado event in kentucky's history. tornadoes in the midwest
6:30 pm
leading leaving death and destruction. at least 70 people have died. that could rise as as people search for survivors. reporter darrell forages in kentucky one of the hardest hit areas. >> reporter: kentucky is among the six states devastated by dozens of tornadoes this weekend. >> i knew it was going to happen but i never imagined in 1 million years that when we pulled into town that the town would be pretty much gone. >> reporter: in mayfield, a candle factory is turned into rubble leaving workers stuck inside begging for help. >> we are trapped. please, give us some help. we are at the candle factory in mayfield. please. please. >> reporter: is loved ones hope for more rescues from the facility. >> i want to know if she somewhere safe. >> reporter: state officials are preparing for the worst.
6:31 pm
>> it may end up as the largest worst loss of life in a single location in the state's history. >> in addition to kentucky, twisters were also reported in arkansas, missouri, mississippi, tennessee and illinois. part of an amazon warehouse collapsed. >> at this time, we are able to confirm that we have than one fatality at that location. >> reporter: president biden address i look occasions in the wake of the deadly sums. >> this is likely one of the largest operation in history. we pray for those who lost loved ones. and for those who are uncertain of the fate of their loved ones. and the debris that you see scattered all over the hurricane's path. they lost their homes, their businesses. and it's a tragedy. >> president biden signed a declaration allowing fema and
6:32 pm
other agencies to ordinate disaster relief efforts. more cases of the new omicron variant surface this week with at least 75 new cases in 25 states. they analyzed 43 of the cases and they found nearly 80% of the infected people were fully vaccinated. they are noticing a trend in that in fact did. >> over half were between the ages of 18 and 39. one third reported international travel before they were diagnosed. >> boosters may have been effective though infighting omicron. >> early in vitro studies clearly indicated that boosters increased anybody's titers against the omicron by. if you are concerned about sars- cov-2 two in general and the omicron variant, first, get vaccinated and then when
6:33 pm
eligible, get boosted. it's a delta variant that continues to cause the most time, new cases increase to 37% just since last week pushing case numbers up in 44 states including california. for more information on the new variant in the vaccine and booster died, had to kpix out of london, a man is dead after a confrontation with police officers near kensington palace. this happened in west london a few hours ago. we responded to reports of a man with a gun entering a bank and a bookstore. local report said the suspect was seen getting into a car. officers stopped the car and a man was shot and killed during the confrontation. his identity has not been released officers say there's no threat to the public. san francisco police are looking for thieves who snatched a woman's purse while she was sitting in a per click.
6:34 pm
it happened outside of balboa cafc look how quickly it unfolded, a black car drove close and got out and reached over the barrier and took the woman's purse. the crime did not end there. the keys were in the first and so her parked car was also stolen. people in the area say it's the first time they are hearing about this kind of drive- through perch purse snatching. >> you would not thing that someday something like that with some - - it came close to hitting the parkland. two of the friends came over and she was hysterical. she had her belongings taken in her car taken. and then you have to think about her safety. they could probably go to her house. >> the customers should keep their belongings close specially at outdoor downing dining areas. they have a heavy lease presence after 10:00 on weekends. teenager was arrested for -
6:35 pm
- they tried to pull over the 19-year-old after they ran a red light but authorities say the team took off on petaluma boulevard in case street shortly after midnight. the suspect was eventually arrested and booked into county jail. the team was in possession of drugs. to a coldhearted crime tonight, the salvation army is warning people before making a donation. someone actually stole their red kettles and now they are worried that he is scamming people to collect donations for themselves. marley gartner is in placerville >> reporter: bell in hand, apron on, dan plants his feet next to the signature salvation army red kettle. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: friday morning, no belt could be heard. after someone stole the cattle's the stands and the bells and aprons at walmart of missouri
6:36 pm
flat road in placerville. >> i cannot picture the mindset of someone doing that. cold-blooded stuff. i could not look myself in the mirror i did such a thing. >> that's messed up. not a lot of people can afford stuff during the holiday season. it's sad. >> reporter: 10% of their holiday goal gone in an instant . volunteers collect the $1000 a day at this location, they were not able to collect and that's not all a lost. >> how much do you think the red kettles can cost? >> maybe five dollars. >> that cost them $500 in equipment. >> the cattle itself? >> i don't know. >> it will cost them $500 to replace. >> what these say to them? that's like stealing candy from a baby. >> i am christian and i late give regularly.
6:37 pm
>> heart broken. sad commentary. someone is that desperate. >> get a job. because you need to help yourself, give us a call. you've got people who can help. turn around and do the right thing. an exclusive interview with the first lady. >> if you look at where we started when we came into office in january. i mean, i think this made such progress in so many thanks. >> her thoughts on education, post pandemic and family traditions she's bringing to the white house this holiday season. bay area home raising eyebrows after selling for $1 million above the aski
6:38 pm
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6:40 pm
live look at the white house tonight. elizabeth cook was invited at the white house for a rare opportunity to speak with the nation's first lady. >> this is the first christmas for the bidens in the white house. the first time dr. biden all actually organized the holiday display. the theme this year gifts from the heart the message is about coming together in the time when the country is could not be more divided. >> the iconic rooms inside the white house are aglow with holiday magic. every detail, every picture a way to honor the past being optimistic for the future. for a moment, you forget about the contention that's happening outside the white house falls. between the toxic rhetoric going on in congress to reports of dysfunction in the vice president's office. first lady dr. jill biden has witnessed the highs and the lows of washington politics through her husband's career
6:41 pm
for over four decades. i asked her, what she thinks the bidens can do to bring the country together. >> if you look at where we started when we came into office in january, i mean i think he has made such progress in many thanks. i mean our kids are back in schools. now we have vaccines for everybody who is five years or older. you know, we just passed the infrastructure bill. he brought together republicans and democrats, and now every child in america is going to have broadband, so that everybody has equal access to education and we're going to have better roads and clean drinking water. >> the first lady spent her entire career in education. in fact, around the national white house christmas tree outside, you can see the smaller trees had been decorated by kids at local elementary schools. this one is from the state of
6:42 pm
california. i asked her, how does she feel about education becoming a political flashpoint? >> one of the things i want to say to the parents where you live in california and san francisco, they are doing a great job. this has been so hard. i know it, because as a teacher, i taught, i had to learn how to teach over a zoom. i see it in a positive light because i see like you mentioned, parents are now more involved in their kids education. i think that's a good thing. >> dr. biden teaches riding in northern virginia community college. she has seen firsthand the divide between high and low performing public schools. an issue that grew exponentially during the pandemic. an engaged parents like never before. >> did you ever in your career think that you would be witnessing the contentious school board meetings happening across the country?
6:43 pm
>> i never really thought about it before. but i think that parents are working hard to get what they want in the schools. i think states are working hard, the states decisions. as part of the law and issues that sometimes needed to be brought up like getting more resources for our schools. >> you are the first first lady to hold a paying job while in the white house. 3.5 million women had to leave their jobs to take care of their loved ones, their children during the pandemic many have not yet returned. many are worried that is set the progress of working women back. what do you want to see happen to encourage more women to get back to the workforce that want to? >> i think the opportunities are there. the jobs are there. so i think now is the time, the kids are back in school.
6:44 pm
so we are working on childcare. i think that's so important. so that mothers can work. i think we're moving in the right direction. >> i asked off-camera, what the she want to be remembered for as first lady question she told me she wants to be remembered as someone who helped heal the nation. note to watch the entire interview, head to our website, kpix the new fallout for the ceo who was blasted for firing hundreds of workers over zoom. they're all very surprised. not just over the way - - >> the home that just sold for $1 million above ice asking price, the overbid stunning agents. this looks pretty impressive, we have to we can track this thing up in the focus how long the rain sticks around, where the heaviest will fall and how long
6:45 pm
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here in california, we believe in what if? after all, if is our middle name. like, what if we could go surfing and skiing in the same day? boom! what if we could have the moon and the stars what if we could roll like this. or float like this. and eat all this. here we welcome all what ifs, with open arms. even what ever this is. after all, there's only one wrong way to what if. what if you don't? the ceo who fired hundreds of employees through a zoom meeting now himself take some time off. vishal garg fired 9% of its workforce through a virtual meeting. he's the ceo of better .com an
6:48 pm
online mortgage company. now they are rethinking the whole ceo thing. the board of directors announce he will be taking some time off. he later apologized for his lack of respect to the people he did let go. he said he made a difficult situation work while he is on leave, the board says that third party will be evaluating its leadership and the company's culture. 60 years after her father became the first american and in space, the daughter of alan shepard rocketed into the edge of space in a spacecraft named after him. >> blue origin's new shepard rocket here's the sky today taking for paying customer and to vips, 65 miles up into the edge of space. for a few minutes, the passengers floated around the crew capsule. after 10 minutes in space, it safely touched back down on earth. jack bezos was there to welcome the crew back from their journey. the paying passengers were joined by legend michael
6:49 pm
strahan and laura shepard churchland, her father alan shepard one a suborbital flight in 1961 and today she brought along a piece of the freedom capsule that he flew in. >> this era 50 years ago was so different from today. i still cannot believe that nobody was driving that spaceship. >> do you approve of the original shepard on the new shepard ? >> i am very proud of it. >> this is blue origin third passenger flight ever. the company sold out seats and several upcoming flights. the first annual holiday toy drive was today. you heard that right. >> holiday toy drive. >> we are about to find out. tesla owners held their first holiday funk in palo alto, it is a front trunk, over 60 tesla
6:50 pm
trunks were filled with toys and christmas gifts. fire engine from the fire department also made a guest appearance. >> we are easily over three to $5000 worth of toys given today. we were able to work with the fire department and police department. we will get a police escort to the fire station. it is really cool for them to open their doors and allow us to bring a bunch of toys to kids in need these days. the spirit of giving you live in san jose, volunteers and police officers handed over 300 toys to folks in 2000 meals to families in need. every time i mention the word, it hits me in my heart. it's a blessing in disguise. there's probably 20+ people here. >> good day for santa con, because tomorrow is will change.
6:51 pm
>> all those things will been rained on. let me show you what the storms look like right now. a lot of rain in the far northwest coast coming for us. let's keep around ahead. it doesn't start raining here until we get to later tonight. this is 9:00 tonight, it's right on the border of sonoma county. the better stuff gets it the overnight hours. from tonight through tomorrow. that will get us ahead to tomorrow night at 10:00. that's a quick take away. it rains through much of the day tomorrow, on again off again tomorrow. it gets steady for the bay area. it doesn't ring constantly all day. except for one location. watch at 10:30 p.m., in the santa cruz mountains, that's where it will stall. we will play that from tomorrow
6:52 pm
night at 10:30 p.m. into monday morning. it stays there. santa cruz mountains will get a decent amount of rain. if you take a look here, this is one day, here comes the second wave. we will see another round of showers across the bay area on monday. a two day event. for rain. heaviest down in the south bay descent and the north bay you get it first. you get better totals there about an inch. an inch and a half for santa rosa, on the high side, i doubt we get three inches in san jose. the forecast model is dealing with the fact that relatively steady to move rain will stall out over the santa cruz mountains most of that will get rain shower from san jose. you will do better this system because of the stall. sunday night into monday. it will get windy. the wind advisory starts four
6:53 pm
a.m. on sunday tomorrow and goes until 7:00 a.m. monday, we could see 50 five gusting the mountains, maybe 40 . city, peninsula east bayshore line, and east bay communities inland, windy, maybe broken branches, power outages. in oeride ofseiling up and cold enough tit is low, 3500 be fun. from 10:00 tomorrow night until 10:00 tuesday night that covers the first one. another one coming. that one we will get a break on wednesday. wednesday night, the next system comes in. wednesday and thursday. you will see the seven-day forecast is messy. two separate system. first one is sunday and monday. next one is late wednesday into
6:54 pm
thursday with widespread rain. mid 40s tomorrow. it was freezing this morning in the north bay. cold this morning yet this season. tomorrow daytime high, don't get better much than the lows. cold air is filtering in. santa rosa lows will be 30. rain clearing up
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
over bidding on homes has become the norm for real estate it usuallyoesnean spending an extra million bucks.
6:57 pm
the real estate market remains hot with sellers still in the driver seat. it's pretty typical for homes those that to sell at the list price or above the listing price. there's one home in san francisco that just sold for $1 million above the asking price. it's a newly updated 2400 square foot four-bedroom home in san francisco with a two car garage and an incredible view located in a quiet neighborhood near mt. davidson west of twin peaks. agents richard - - listed the house for under $2.5 million, three days later, they inked the sale at $3.5 million. >> we are all very surprised. we are not just over, they are way over. >> i expected a little more but not a million-dollar more. >> it's been one of the most ferocious rockets in history this past year. >> patrick carlisle is the chief analyst for compass. >> we have been seeing some
6:58 pm
spec ocular over bids not only within the city but behind the bay area. >> it's incredibly low in the entire area that makes one competition that can drive sale prices up. when new listings come, they get snatched up faster than before. >> every segment in the bay area has gone bananas. sooner or later, it will end. what history taught us is that it is extremely difficult to predict went up cycles will end. >> according to data, homes in santa clara county typically spend the least time on the market and homes in sonoma and napa spend the most. >> it's sellers market. >> buyers should have all their ducks in a row. as for the sellers, of course, timing is important, location is important, but to prepare the house right is the most important thing. ask for watching, we will
6:59 pm
see you at 11:00
7:00 pm
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