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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  December 11, 2021 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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high wind and rain heading for the bay area. we're tracking atmospheric river starting to move in tonight. >> we are going to hunker down with some candles. >> the generator, clean the gutters, get all of the debris. >> how they are gearing up for the biggest dose of rain in weeks because of the last minute rest of the sierra ahead of a stark storm warning from the chp. one city is keeping its outdoor particle it but there is a catch. we're tracking a storm starting to move into the bay area at this hour. looking live at san francisco, the bay bridge and richmond bridge, it is clear across most of the bay but higher elevations are starting to see
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some scattered showers. darren peck has the latest on what is to be expected tonight. >> more rain, specifically tomorrow morning drought the day but we have started to get some in sonoma county. you can see it on the radar here in the bands of yellow. not a lot to this yet at this point but if we come back out, put into the future cast, we will watch that band of rain slowly work its way south from there and everybody gets it on the act as we get into the early morning hours of tomorrow and through the afternoon. sunday any point other day, plan on rain. monday is the same store but are some nuances in the details in terms of timing and amounts and there is another storm coming on thursday. we go into all of that and the complete forecast about that.
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kpix5's da lin is in boulder creek with how residents are getting ready. >> a lot of families spent the day clearing gutters, buying groceries and hanging out with santa before the upcoming storm. santa getting a lot of love. santa and hundreds of people gathered saturday evening in downtown boulder creek with a christmas tree lighting. >> it was cool, he waved and pointed at me. >> it was a dry and perfect evening for christmas photos. >> it was fun, they set up everything to bring joy to the town and stuff. >> reporter: many families essay they will hunker down for a few days. >> we have extra food, we are not planning on going anywhere, we are not planning on being out in the road. lots of firewood. >> a cashier says it was really busy. people stocking up before the
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storm. rena mosley and her husband picked up extra gasoline for their generator. most families of the mountains have generators to keep the refrigerators on in case of a power outage. >> it is difficult to work, it is difficult to, you know, keep the house warm so have to use the fireplace and women lose power, for us, we don't have water. >> he came within 500 feet of our home. >> reporter: for this upcoming storm he's not too worried about mudslides. he's more concerned about downed trees. >> we live and although redwoods up about 80 foot around the house so they can't follow and come through your roof. >> those who evacuated in october said they are not leaving this time. >> we are glad the rain is coming but we don't have fear this time around, so we are just going to hunker down some candles and a big pot of soup. >> we are so worried about fire
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and drought, we are welcoming as many injuries as we can get from this and any other storm. >> reporter: the big show back in october force a lot of businesses here to shut down for a day but not this time. businesses will stay open. in boulder creek, i am da lin. high wind is crating the threat of more power outages across the bay area with the peninsula at height wrist -- highest risk. meanwhile, the chp is warning drivers the storm could pack a punch and create dangerous whiteout conditions. tonight, it is clear at chucky and donner lake but the storm could come several feet of snow and our reporter spoke to drivers making a last minute dash to the sierra. >> the numbers the pump go up as drivers fill up to stay ahead of the storm. between now and tuesday at four a.m., chp warning people not to
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travel or go drivers already feeling the impact of those warnings. >> people tried to cancel on me. >> this airbnb owner says he walked torres through what to expect in the storm hits. >> i think it is anxiety around it, because people aren't as comfortable being up here and driving in it all the time. >> reporter: that doesn't mean every driver is ready. >> on as they don't really plan for it, i just go for it. just of the car and we go. just trying to make it happen. >> making it happen also means making a snowman. the carrot nose and coffee bean eyes brought from fairfield to bring frosty to life. >> i've been through a storm before and it's pretty crazy, especially with kids. democrats when he got out of here before sunset. >> i heard there is a storm coming. that's why we are actually
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going back. >> it's good for business. it's good for tahoe. >> after an unusually warm season, several sierra ski resorts have been forced to use man-made snow but with several feet of powder on the way, many resorts are preparing to fully reopen. several are (including northstar, heavenly and kirkwood. workers say they are looking forward to guests coming back. >> this is great for us. we've got a great snowmaking base down here out of california lodge. >> we are just excited to get back to the season that feels more normal and to just, this is a community here at kirkwood. >> in the bay area, at the zoo tomorrow there is bad news, the oakland zoo will be closed because of the weather. and reminder, you can get up-to- the-minute forecast by downloading the app and you can
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also stream cbsn bay area and sign up for breaking news alerts. >> looking live at of the state capital where tonight the governor has ordered new legislation to crack down on ghost guns bigger tonight the governor said his staff is working to create a bill allowing them to seek at least $10,000 in damages against anyone who builds or sells an assault weapon or ghost gun kit. natural live look at san francisco, the city is in the middle of a gun violence surge but one community group just got hundreds of firearms off the streets. the group united -- united playaz held its gun buyback today. people got cash for their firearms the police were there to secure the weapons but everything else was done by community volunteers. >> some people may not believe
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in it but we are here because we do believe in it, we come from that trauma and we want to save people from picking up an unlocked gun in a household. >> 235 guns were surrendered and as tradition the last one was destroyed with a sledgehammer. some residents want those parklets to become permanent but businesses will have to cough up thousands of dollars to keep them. the city council just approved new fees. businesses that want to continue using them will soon have to pay an annual rent of $1500. there would also be a monthly $300 cleaning fee. the total for the would be about $5000 and some business owners are worried the fees could force them to close the parklets. >> $5100 a year including the cleaning fee, some owners will give them up. to continue operating this. >> we couldn't, we couldn't do it. >> it would begin starting sometime in early 2022. still ahead, someone has
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lost their life with it was done by accident or by foul play. the search stretching into night after woman falls overboard on a california bound cruiseship. >> chopped and struggling to survive. what we are learning about a harrowing ordeal. inside a kentucky factory when a powerful twister hit. what is triggering a
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whose are searching for a woman who fell overboard on the cruiseship. she was reported missing from the cruiseship early this morning. authorities say the woman who is in her 20s fell from the balcony of her room on the fifth deck. it happened while the ship was about 80 miles south of san diego. the ship left long beach on thursday, a passenger on board who is a firefighter took these photos of the search and says he tried to help. >> someone has lost their life, but it was done by accident or foul play, i don't know but there is some high suspicion of foul play. it's almost christmas time. you just think how you can be here one minute and later you're just not. tonight more than 80 our debt after a line of thunderstorms unleashed devastating tornadoes across states leveling entire
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communities for miles. kentucky was hardest hit in what is being called the worst american weather disaster in years. we are shown the aftermath in mayfield, kentucky. >> the level of devastation is unlike any thing i have ever seen. >> that is kentucky's governor talking about the tornado that was on the ground for more than 200 miles. it wiped out entire communities. this is downtown mayfield, kentucky in the southwestern part of the state. rubble. nearby at a candle factory more than 100 people were working with a tornado hit. it is flattened. she was trapped under the debris there, and she was streaming live on facebook. >> this is the water fountain on me. >> reporter: she was one of 40 people rescued from there. >> we had to come at times, crawl over casualties to get to
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live victims. >> reporter: by daylight the search intensified pick excavators are brought into pick through the wreckage. among the missing is the mother of page. >> i want her safe, alive. and i want her home. two more destruction because of another tornado in arkansas. this norse nursing homes torn apart, storms that more than a 140 mile path of destruction across the state of tennessee. homes were leveled. back in kentucky, search and rescue efforts continue. a woman who worked inside of that factory came up to us this evening and told us what happened as the tornado bared down on the building and it started to collapse. she used the light on her iphone it was crawling over the bodies of her coworkers who had died. as she saw a whole, she went through it and was able to get away to safety. one of 40 people rescued from inside that factory.
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tonight the santa cruz county animal shelter is trying to figure out to a rescued red tailed hawk was drugged and then kept as a pet. they say this hawk was underweight, malnourished and lethargic. now they are investigating whether it ingested methamphetamine pick of the animal shelter says several people reported seeing the hawk inside of a tent in san lorenzo park. they were able to track it down and rescue it. >> the bird appeared extremely underweight, the bird was very, not altogether, definitely seemed out of it. we had several spontaneous statements from nearby canned meats that the bird had ingested methamphetamine. >> they say the hawk was in bad shape and will likely take months to recover. red tailed hawks are protected under california law. san francisco fire crews rescued two windsurfers from the bacon happy near chrissy field before 5:00 this afternoon. the fire department says the
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windsurfers are okay. with a lot happening in the weather department, darren peck with what we are in store for. >> more wind but that will be more for the second half of tomorrow and into monday. the rain has just started and the north bay. you can see light shades of green here that have already moved into sonoma county. we come right in at rohnert park. light, moderate terrain. this is pretty much light stuff. but you can see able to find leading edge of this. future cast picks up on that, brings it down to the golden gate and by the time we get to one or two in the morning, then it is on from there, all the way through sunday, into monday. plenty of breaks, there will also be times where it rains pretty consistently for your part of the bay but then you get plenty of breaks where it is not but the point is, it goes like that on-again off-
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again all the way through sunday and on monday we will do it again. there will be a second system that comes through on monday and gives us another round of fairly steady, on-again off- again rain. i tuesday changes, not completely out of the rain business on tuesday but for to say to be more isolated, may be the occasional pop up thunderstorm on tuesday. four right now, the overwhelming issue is the amount of rain coming for sunday and monday and the wind that will go along with us. if you look at the rainfall totals, we pick up an engine to have for sunday and monday in total. that takes us to tuesday morning. the whole two day period, that is a pretty good rainfall totals. they are heavier down here in the south bay. the system will kind of stall over the santa cruz mountains for a time and deliver heavier amounts of rain to the burn scar. and it will also be somewhat windier in the santa cruz mountains and in the south bay on the east bay shoreline. that is why does not include the north bay but does include the rest of the bay area. that goes pretty much from 4:00
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tomorrow morning until 7:00 on monday. that's enough to break a branch of a tree, maybe get some localized power outages. as far as the snow goes, this is excellent news everything about this is it will be cold enough that it snows down to 3500 feet making any child nightmares of the winter storm warning goes from 10:00 already went into effect in our go come does not expire until tuesday night at 10:00. very difficult travel for anyone trying to get across the sierra in that window. there is another system. wednesday night into thursday, that will be colder than this one and we will see morning lows here in the bay area dip down into the low 30s and it will be, this morning was the coldest morning we had so far. probably going to be colder than that by the time we get to thursday and friday.
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morning close tomorrow are much better because of all the clouds it will stay warm in the overnight hours and the daytime highs don't really get a whole lot warmer. it is difficult to tell, mid- 40s to the low to mid 50s for daytime highs and of the seven- day forecast it looks like a mess that we now know the highlight is the sunday, monday rain and again, wednesday night into thursday and we get away. then you see that same story plan for our microclimates as well, going to be busy around here for about the next six days. we have a lot of sports to get two. sharks look good down in san jose. highlights of at the comes, pleasant update on debo samuel. good news for the 49ers but all eyes continue to be on steph curry for a record that we know he is going to break. the question is when. diddy hit what he needed in philly and why do we keep teasing
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what do say, sports fans? nine was the most he had hit, and 10 deepens worry needed to surpass ray allen for the most and history. hitting them from the logo in warm-ups but he struggled out of the gate, late first half. relocation and he finally sinks one. first three of the night, tied at 42. golden state have three heading into the locker room, third- quarter jordan pool sings one, 69-56, finished with 24th quarter. then it was all philly. takes the contact and finishes. they used a 15-one run to grab the lead under six to play, warriors down for four, curry, no record for him tonight, just three of 14 from deep and on the other end, silky. 26 for him, sixers up six, less than four minutes left.
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he gets it from staff, and a little -- flips it up and then. there it is. i don't know why i have so much energy here because philadelphia was the winner. 102-93, and a season-low endpoints of the warriors. that happens to the nba. he now needs a seven threes to break the nba record. the chase continues monday at indiana. we can bring the energy up for this one because the sharks look good. to the eyes they were hosting the stars, former captain, he received a standing ovation. they fire and look at this, thomas hurdle, right place, right time, six goals on the last four games, still 1-0, eric carlson slaps a bullet for some string music. they hang on to win it to-one behind 31 saves from james reimer. they have 15 of their last
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eight. and the 49ers will reportedly have the biggest offensive weapons tomorrow in cincinnati. wide receiver debo samuel expected to suit up after missing last sunday's loss dealing with a groin injury. the running back had already been ruled out. we have more sports coming up on the other side and alabama quarterback somehow had never won a heisman trophy. that is, before few hours ago. plus sarah playing for state championship against the number one team in the country. it up day on which bay area teams
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team they play probably scores but that is probably a five- star corner chasing him down, inside the five, with the chance, they could not punch it in, stuffed at the goal line on the final play of the half as the horn sounds. they will 44-7 dural, only state championship for a very likely national title as well. the wilcox chargers from santa clara were down 21-0 two -- from san diego. they rallied back to his left. waltzes in, chargers have the lead, 22-24. 30 seconds left, the 10 yard line, screen pass, dean paley finds open space and he finds the end zone for the game- winning touchdown. 31-28. they are victorious. show we showed in two games of the teams that lost. great day for the other bay area schools playing in the
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state championship. they all won state titles tonight. alabama quarterback bryce young won the heisman trophy, second straight year a player from alabama has won the award. he was the runaway winner after throwing for 4300 yards and 43 touchdowns and leading the crimson tide to a championship and the number one seed in the college football playoff playoff where they will play cincinnati. south bay venturing into the east bay tonight from santa clara and berkeley to take on the cal golden bears. final minute of the first half, jordan sheppard takes it away, fast break and he has the edge. plays it in. they went on to and 72-60, they are six and five on the season.
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check out this unique display of holiday lights in novato. special ed to making the entire house turn blue. it is covered with decorated trees and presence and another house is completely decked out with snowmen, nutcrackers and bright stars because some people enjoying watching the lights from inside a horse- drawn wagon. is that your house, brian? all of the lights? >> that's how i get to work. >> i would love to do it that way. thank you for watching. our next local newscasters from 6 to 7:00
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