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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  December 13, 2021 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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nature. that looks fantastic. my only concern what f some kids decide to play hockey on that lake. see you. captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, heartache here in the heartland. the new information just coming in as the death toll rises, and the number of missing surpasses 100, in what is one of the most devastating tornado outbreaks in u.s. history. an entire town flattened. rescue workers comb through debris in a desperate search for survivors, as entire towns are faced with uncertain futures. unimaginable loss -- the families reeling tonight. at least seven kids among victims, including a two-month-old strapped into a car seat meant to keep her safe. breaking news from the candle factory described as the backbone of mayfield's economy.
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the last remaining employees who were unaccounted for have all been found. we have all the details. deadly warehouse claps, the amazon distribution center in illinois. >> it peeled the warehouse like a can. >> and the breaking news about an osha investigation. and american strong, how our country's flag symbolizes strength of a town that lost everything but its faith. >> o'donnell: good evening, and thank you for joining us. we're going to begin tonight from one of the hardest-hit parts to have the entire -- of the entire state, this tiny close-knit community where every home as far as the eye can see lacks just like this one. the destruction is indescribable and the loss unfathomable. tens of thousands are without
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heat, water or electricity, and it is cold here and only going to get worse with temperatures expected to dip below freezing by the end of the week. for the many people we've met here, losing their homes is nothing compared to losing their loved ones. today, the saddest news of all, the number of children taken in this tornado outbreak. the devastation spans six states, victims range in age from infants to an 86-year-old. the massive tornado with winds as strong as a cat 5 hurricane touched down in central arkansas and remained on the ground for more than 200 miles as it destroyed everything in its path. president biden who declared an emergency decoration for kentucky -- declaration for kentucky over the weekend will traveled to mayfield and dawson springs wednesday. he promised his administration will do whatever needed to help those devastated by the storms. as we heard here on the ground
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that help is desperately needed. tonight, no one here is giving up hope, as k-9 search and rescue teams continue looking for survivors. the once in a century twister tore through the heart of america, more than 1,000 homes across 18 kentucky counties reduced to rubble. >> it's upsetting, you know, to know that that's the town that you grew up in and everything, you know, the memories is all gone. >> o'donnell: this western town of mayfield, kentucky, population 10,000, is the worst of the tornado's war zone. more than 30 twisters ripped through six states friday night from arkansas all the way up to illinois, and the death toll is climbing. today, we learned in kentucky alone, at least 74 are confirmed dead. >> of the ones that we know -- the age range is five months to
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86 years, and six are younger than 18. >> o'donnell: with more than 100 still missing, we met perfect dog wagner and his dog. >> the dog makes this work so much quicker and more efficient. >> o'donnell: a radio call came at a home where a cadaver dog hit a scent. >> they're forcing entry, a dog is hitting. >> o'donnell: it was a false alert, hearts stopping moments everywhere. >> we had to climb through all this to get out. >> we went in a little small closet right there. this couple said crawling in the closet saved them. >> i was on top of my grand baby and he was on the door and the roof flew past. >> o'donnell: what you have
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lost? >> everything but our lives. >> o'donnell: no shortage of heartache as karima told us her family is-mile-per-houring a child lost. >> i have a niece, she lives in the next town block, she lost her son three or four years old. >> o'donnell: 75 miles northeast of here, parts of dawson springs, kentucky are decimated. tonight, we are learning about the youngest victim, 2-year-old oaklyn koon, hospitalized after the tornado flung her into a maybe neighboras yard while strapped into a car seat her parent thought would keep her safe. she tied of her injuries. >> she's a beautiful little girl and she would have grown up to be awesome. >> o'donnell: tonight, gifts of kindness from america are pouring in, more than $6 million sent to a kentucky relief fund. >> we were also seeing destruction met with a lot of compassion, i'm told. everywhere they've gone, they have people volunteering,
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talking, asking if they cannot only get help but how they can give some help. so we continue to pray for everyone. >> o'donnell: there's that physical and financial help but it's also the emotional help that is needed because we learned today seven children were killed in warren county, that's not far from here, including two infants and a four-year-old. in the tiny down of dawson springs, the youngest victim is a two-month-old. from that baby's grandmother coming up. breaking news about the more than 100 people working inside the mayfield candle factory when it took a direct hit from the storm. remember dozens were missing? cbs's david begnaud has new information about those unaccounted for. good evening, david. >> reporter: good evening. the c.e.o. of the factory said everyone who was working that night, survived but unaccounted for has been located. they just found some of the last
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folks in the hospital. 102 people have been found alive, eight died and all eight who tied were recovered on the night of the tornado. this is satellite imagery. it shows the factory before the tornado and then what it looked like right after. but we got the word that everyone unasked for has, in fact, been found, we went to the site today and found crews using a crane to remove steel beams to look for victims, cadaver dogs at the ready. as soon as we got up to the disaster site, from 100 yards , e overwhelmi odo scnted candles. thank you,o for giving manual life. started working at the factory in september. she was near the bedrooms with other workers when the roofs were torn off and the ceiling caved. in my arm was twisted.
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i had to let go of my two shoes. there was a small light in there so i climbed out myself. >> there's so many people in there. >> reporter: she limped out of the wreckage and recorded this video. you hear her repeatedly saying, thank you, god, for saving me. >> thank you, god! >> reporter: she calls this man her hero, her supervisor, nelson gonzalez, he helped to free her legs so that she could get out. >> i was making sure that the people who was next to me, i wasn't going to leave them behind, i'm not going to let them down. they are my family as well. >> reporter: part of the family is barbara a daytona, an employee for two years, she was working along with her brother. both escaped the wreckage. physically, she says she's fine but emotionally she's still haunted. >> i close my eyes and i see people hollering and screaming fr help. i'm not doing good at all. it mess with a person when you
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see that and can't help anybody. you have to help yourself get out. >> reporter: one of the one who died at the factory, robertt daniel. jenna daniel is his daughter. >> i can't believe it. he was stuff a good dad. >> reporter: robert daniel was a sheriff's deputy. he died after helping others get to safe inside the factory before the tornado hit. this was his first week assigned to the candle factory when he was supervising inmates part of a work release program. robert daniel 47 years old, a father of seven and grandfather to seven. >> he did what he could when he could, even if he couldn't he still tried. i'm going to miss him. >> reporter: and robert's daughter told me he was so excited to have that job at the factory because it was overtime. it was the first time, she said, he was going to be able to afford all the christmas presents he wanted to buy for all the people he loved.
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>> o'donnell: some of the hardest working people. >> reporter: and you and i have been lucky to meet a lot of them. >> david, thank you. one to have the other hardest hit areas is warren county about two and a half hours east of here where at least 15 people were killed there, including 11 people who lived on the same block, and as we mentioned, seven of those victim were children. communities in nearby hop pins county were obliterated including three-quarters of the buildings in the small town of dawson springs. cbs's lilia luciano shows us the devastation. >> two-month-old oaklyn koon is among the youngest known victims. her grandmother audrey carmen remembers oaklyn as precious. >> she was the light of their life. my son was so excited to have his little baby girl. >> reporter: oaklyn's mother posted about their ordeal on facebook, including oaklyn and brothers at the hospital,
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showing their injuries. >> we'll never know who she'll look like for sure, what she would have done in life, but that's okay. >> reporter: her family sheltered indicted a bedroom as- bathroom as the tornado ripped through town. she held her baby's hand saying at least i know who will be watching over you there for me, my dad. god, this doesn't seem real. at least 17 people killed in hopkins county, drone footage shows the path of destruction, uprooted trees, cars tossed like toys and demolished buildings changing the landscape of this small community of 2,700 people. >> it just moved everything. >> reporter: there's nothing left at lacy duke's home. >> the house started shaking. we heard stuff hitting. the next thing we know, it was just gone and we were in it. >> they were hidden in here. >> reporter: the dukes found cover in a small storm cellular.
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what were you -- cellar. what were you thinking. >> that we were going to die. >> reporter: as they searched for their cat, lucy's little sister says she's grateful to be alive. >> people who lost their family, it's really sad because they lost people they knew. >> reporter: i asked the dukes what's next, and they said, well, housing. this shelter is now the home of about 30 people who lost their homes over there in dawson springs. over the weekend, governor an ay brbrasher toured the area. president biden is expected to be around there this week. >> o'donnell: many people living in schools and churches, lilia, thank you. the tornadoes hit as far north as illinois and in the town of
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edwardsville, at least six killed in an amazon distribution center, and a sign of how unusual a december outbreak of tornadoes, is the illinois governor announced he will look into strengthening building codes. mola lenghi is in edwardsville. good evening. >> reporter: good evening,more. one person, an employee, remains injured. as crews clear debris, the governor of illinois told me state and legal officials have start investigating whether this facility was structurally sound before the tornado hit, that in addition to a federal osha investigation just launched. >> as soon as i pulled in, everybody was screaming shelter in place. >> reporter: 26-year-old david kosiak was working his night shift when the tornado hit. we were with him when he came back monday to identify his totaled car. >> this really illustrates the power of the storm and the destruction it caused.
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it peeled the warehouse like a can. >> reporter: coziac and employees said they took cover in two nearby restrooms. >> i was going to go to the other one that was destroyed and i would have been a casualty. >> reporter: satellite images show before and after the destruction of the 1.1 million square foot amazon facility which opened in july of 2020. six employees were killed. the last time carla cope spoke to her son clay who worked at the facility, she told him to be safe. >> we talked to him on the phone and s.a.t., you know, the storm's heading your way. and i heard him say, i guess we could go tell that guy. and lynn said, let him know. and i said, and get yourself to shelter. we hung up the phone and that the last we talked to him. >> reporter: the copes drove to the amazon facility and waited six hours for word on their son. >> about 4:30 in the morning, i think the fire chief and the
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coroner came to the car and told us that they'd located his body. >> reporter: clay, a feaft veteran, an avid outdoorsman was set to turn 30 in just two weeks. >> he was just a really good soul. i have to wait a minute... he just had a really big heart, he would do anything for anybody. >> reporter: the facility was safe and adequately built to code, and the company tells me tonight, quote, edwardsville is our home and we plan to rebuild here. norah. >> o'donnell: mola lenghi, thank you. in these stories of loss are also stories of survival and hope. one of the many people we met here lived in this duplex behind me. he said the community he loves now looks like a battlefield. you're a marine? >> yes, ma'am. >> o'donnell: david turner
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served in vietnam and says this feels like a war zone. >> o'donnell: how are you doing? >> i'm hanging in there. i can't let it get to me. it's hard. >> o'donnell: what are you going to do? >> i'm trying to get my stuff out that survived. >> o'donnell: one of the first things he rescued, his american flag. >> o'donnell: what does it mean finding your flags inside your home? >> it means a whole lot to me. >> o'donnell: a whole lot to the whole town. >> a lot of nice people. >> o'donnell: a lot of nice people. a lot of nice people here in your town. amidst all the despair, you see this, o old glory, american flas planted, a sign of strength, a sign of hope and resilience among the people of mayfield. like that famous line from the national anthem, our flag was still there. it survived then and now, and so will david turner. >> i'll make it. i'll survive. i'm a survivor.
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i've survived a lot of things, i'm going to survive this, too. >> o'donnell: david turner, just one of the many reminders here about the heart of america. well, still ahead on tonight's "cbs evening news," some of the other stories making headlines including the new mask mandates in california and new york. ulicitlowe your a1c our boeasethe lin it'readng. e reachean a1cer plus, trulicity can lower your risk of cardiovascular events. it can also help you lose up to ten pounds. trulicity is for type 2 diabetes. it isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. it's not approved for use in children. don't take trulicity if you're allergic to it, you or your family have medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2. stop trulicity and call your doctor right away if you have an allergic reaction,
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vaccines in the u.s. started to roll out, covid hospitalizations are rising in at least 30 states. today, california announced it's bringing back its statewide mandate. new york state are requiring mandates in all public places where vaccines aren't required. new york state said it won't block new york state's requirement for healthcare workers which does not offer exemptions for religious reasons. an historic settlement in the larry nassar state, u.s.a. gynmastics and the olympics committee agreed to pay $380 million of the sex abuse victims of the former national team doctor. the hunts of victim include gold medalist simone biles, aly raisman and mckayla maroney. in addition to the $500 million from michigan state, the victims will get a total of $880 million
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>> o'donnell: in the wake of disasters, we often find communities that come together, and this is when you find the very best that america has to offer. mayfield, kentucky is the quintessential small town. now mayfield is a town of devastation. but for every destroyed home here, you will also find symbols of america, not just flags that survived a monster tornado, but neighbors helping neighbors, strangers helping strangers. this was supposed to be a joyous season, for many here, christmas will mean rebuilding. barbara patterson's home is uninhabitable, but what's remarkable is what survived the storm. the only thing left untouched, a brand-new christmas tree and all the gifts underneath, and with that a reminder to be thankful and to hug your loved ones
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"cbs evening news." i'm norah o'donnell in >> he had given me a proposal ring when we first got engaged. but that proposal ring was -- >> judge judy: i don't have time. i'm 73 years old. >> announcer: a couple's marriage is called off. >> judge judy: when you became engaged, you gave her a ring. >> correct. >> judge judy: you want the ring back. she says the stone is hers. >> it was my personal diamond. >> announcer: this former-bride- to-be says it was all bogus. >> he gave it to me on christmas eve with the cubic zirconia in it. and he told me to take it in and to put my diamond in it. >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. michael carpenter is suing his ex-fiancée, danielle phillips, for money owed from a rebate and the return of an engagement ring. >> byrd: order! all rise! this is case number 33 on the calendar in the matter of carpenter vs. phillips. >> judge judy: thank you.
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>> byrd: you're welcome, judge. parties have been sworn in. you may be seated. >> judge judy: mr. carpenter, you and ms. phillips were engaged. >> correct. >> judge judy: you're no longer engaged. >> correct. >> judge judy: now, you have a couple of causes of action against her. let's deal with the easy one first. when you became engaged, you gave her a ring. >> correct. >> judge judy: you want the ring back. >> she offered to give it back, which i said i do want it back. and she said she would. and i have a text message showing that. >> judge judy: just a second. you're entitled to an engagement ring back, sir, except she says the stone is hers. >> and i've offered to have the stone removed for her. and she's had a couple months to do that. >> judge judy: so she gave you the stone, which forms the basis of the ring. >> yes. >> judge judy: and you just had the stone set? >> correct. >> judge judy: did you take the stone out of another setting? >> yeah. well, it's my -- it was my personal diamond. but i didn't give it to him. what happened was he had given me a proposal ring when we first got engaged in 2013. but that proposal ring was -- >> judge judy: listen. i don't have time. i'm 73 years old. i asked you whether the ring was in a setting when you gave it to him.


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