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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  December 14, 2021 1:37am-2:12am PST

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this road turned into a lake tonight. now at 11:00. the atmospheric river is not over yet. >> it is going to taper off overnight. i am tracking it in the forecast.
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in the sierra, snow, snow, and more snow. >> oh, god, don't say that. i hope we are not. we are traveling with 10 children. oh my god, no. we are 24 hours away from a statewide mask mandate. science is not being followed. >> reporter: good news for driver's. we will take you inside the huge stand that is having a ripple effect across the bay area. good evening i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm alan martin. tonight, we are seeing the effects of almost 48 hours of nonstop rain. flooding, damaging winds and this atmopheric river is not over yet. some spots seeing more rain than others. >> the storm is leaving a huge mess all over the bay area. it will likely take a few days to cleanup
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the downed trees and other debris. this is new video in from san jose this evening. the southbound connector ramp from 280 is totally flooded. not expected to reopen until tomorrow afternoon. chief meteorologist paul hagan has a closer look at the conditions and what to expect moving into tomorrow. >> we will get a break from the rain. it continues to fall right now. as it continues to fall flooding is a big problem throughout the day. we got more video. this is along the peninsula. highway 92 was cover inside water forcing crews to rescue at least one driver and some more video, this was along highway 1 earlier tonight. a big tree coming down and blocking the road. in fact, we had dozens of wind and flooding reports. let's switch over to hi-def doplar. each one is a separate wind damage, flooding report or debris flow report in the santa cruz mountains. you can see concentrated there. widespread across the area.
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wide radar view at the moment. heaviest rain around the bay. becoming lighter in the northbound. santa rosa seeing a break in the action, heavier rainfalling from napa to the east. going into salono county. pressing over the oakland hills and into the try valley. farther to the south the rain is coming down in the santa cruz mountain and continues to do so. enough of the rain coming over the valley where you will add up more rain in san jose for the next couple of hours. it is now in view. it will take awhile for it to go across the bay area. the rain chances are going to diminish heading through tonight into tomorrow morning. still count on wet roads and standing water on the sides of the roads for the morning commute. we will take a look at how much rain we will expect with the next round of showers moving in for the next few months. >> see you then. some roads turned into lakes in sonoma county tonight. our photojournalist have been
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out braving the elements all night long. >> i am here at highway 21 where it meets 12. this has been closed most of the night. cal transhoped to open it up. it remains closed. common trouble spot near the creek. tonight the storm has created another lake on the roadway. >> reporter: caltrans crews work to clear the water off of the roadways. >> this time of the year when the rain comes in, it is like a lake. you can not get through it. >> reporter: this portion of highway 21 remained closed for much the night. >> i live over there, the fact that this, the road keeps getting blocked off the last couple of days it is irritating. >> as of monday afternoon many areas of the northbound received more than two inches of rain with 10 inches, good news for the drought. >> we need it desperately. so, this is, this is, this is grin and
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bear it. again, a blessing, really. just have to deal with the weather a little bit. >> reporter: along with the rain, strong wind gust shut off power to 30,000 customers in northern california. trees crashed on to cars as the second atmospheric rain hit. people are glad to see this wet weather. >> i am not complaining. i am not complaining. >> reporter: residents are prepared for the road to remain closed off and on as more storms are expected in the coming week. back to you. right now the storm is dumping snow on the sierra and some places will see several feet before it is is all done. our reporter shows us what the trek along i-80 looks like tonight. >> reporter: snow, slush, potential for sliding. >> it is really bad right now. really bad. i never had to use, i never had to use chains on my truck. >> the winter storm in the
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sierra bringing drivers to a halt to bring in chains, requireed to travel any further up the mountain. >> once you head up it starts snowing. bad, crazy. can not see. >> we are going to reno. [ laughter ] >> if we make it there. >> reporter: charity and her family are heading to their annual family vacation. but it is their first year trying to drive in these conditions. >> any concerns you might get stuck in the snow? >> oh, god, don't say that. [ laughter ] >> i hope not. we are traveling with 10 children. so, oh my god, no, that would be like the biggest nightmare of all. >> reporter: heavy snow. >> i got 14 hours ahead of me. >> reporter: prompting advice from this wyoming driver traveling along i-80. >> just go slow. that is the main thing. take your time, that is the main thing you got to do. >> reporter: caltrans warns high winds and blizzard-like weather could bring
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whiteout conditions. more than 600 caltrans crews are working to clear roadwa staff work around- th thinches of snow an hour, overnight blanketing the sierra. tonight, one warning to drivers. >> we high low recommend people delay their travel if they don't need to. it is better to be safe and get to your destination later than not at all. >> we will have up-to-the- minute storm watch coverage begining at 4:30 tomorrow morning. bay area epidemioologist are weighing in on california -- epidemiologist are weighing in california new mask mandatekenny choi is here with more. >> reporter: i spoke to a top epidemologis, it is -- --
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livarad hoiz buhey >> on md ist of us as a popula to believe that our public health officials are following the science. >> reporter: he is points to marin county mask mandates were lifted and hospitalizations remained low. look at los angeles and orange county, post vaccines. >> they did not put back masks, l.a. put back masks, 0 difference in cases and hospitalizations because they had the same vaccination rate. i think it proves how strong vaccination is and how much powerful it is over masking.
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>> reporter: but they argue using hospitalization metrics to dictate policy. >> how many people are newly coming into the hospital which is what we need to know, too, to establish trends. it is a little more difficult to come by f. that were accessible i think she is right. until that day dawns we need to continue to follow the sorts of things we follow. >> reporter: what ree on improving the numbers in unvaccinated populations will make a difference. >> so, what else is the state health department saying about the new mandate? >> reporter: state health officials are saying a small increase in indoor masking can help prevent the spread of the virus and also therefore prevent the hospitalizations or hospitals, rather, from filling up. that is why they are implementing a new mandate. >> we want to keep the icu beds available. >> the key, vaccinate the
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unvaccinated. california is tightening testing requirements on unvaccinated people will have to show negative test and travels get tested within five days of their arrival in california. for more information for our coronavirus guide. still ahead, hundreds of catalytic coners are recovered. >> it is like a black market costco. >> tonight, the take down and why sae caseplns>>fod stom the thalpo t thei inveigation tonight. d stin hiy. thpuui tht recordraight ahead
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a huge organized crime ring recovers 1,000 catalytic converters. the bust could have a ripple effect across the bay area. >> reporter: i am here at libra auto parts. this is where the police say a lot of the thieves would come to resell
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their stolen goods. this was a six month operation, strategy here was focused on taking out the entire criminal organization rounding up the thieves and the buyers, too. >> reporter: to give you an idea how quickly it happens, san jose police set up this demo how a battery powered saw rips through the pipes under the vehicle. the whole thing takes a minute. they make a few hundred bucks and you are left with a car that you can not drive. today, san jose police say they taken down one of the largest criminal networks that traffics in stolen goods. 15 people arrested said to be some of the most prolific thieves and running the black market. they shutdown the fencing markets at three locations, libra automotive parts, tongue tie recycleing and green metals recycling. >> this is not the conclusion. if you are out participating in this activity we will be looking for you. if you are a business buying
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these illicitly we will target you and shut you down just like to there's three. >> reporter: one person stands out, robert frank. they confiscated assault weapon with armor-piercing bullets and huge statue of stolen catalytic converters. >> 1500 of them. it was like a black market costco. >> reporter: today's bust should decrease the thefts across the bay area since many brought the items down to the south bay to resell. >> a lot of undercover individuals involved in this case. you will be caught. you don't know who you are dealing with, who you are selling the goods to, it may be a police officer. and, we are going to arrest you, prosecute you and send you to jail. >> reporter: about the last part, 14 of the 15 suspects are already out of jail on supervised release while their case goes through the court system, all part of
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bail reform. >> i was disappointed about that because i am concerned that these individuals may get the message that they can do this kind of crime and get caught and then quickly be released from custody. >> reporter: in san jose, kpix5. tonight, homicide detectives are leaving the investigation into -- leading the investigation into a suspicious death outside of the tesla parking lot. someone was found dead in the parking lot this afternoon. they have not said how the person died or why they are calling the death suspicious. tonight, crews are keeping a close eye on the burn scars in southern california and the big storm causing concerns near where the fire burned in santa barbara county. residents are told to evacuate as soon as possible. the burn scar area unstable. a fear of flash floods, mudslides and debris flow. paul, certainly we are lucky we did not see anything like that up here. >> we had problems in the santa
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cruz mountains, the north bay burn scars did not have issues with this round of rain. but it is still raining. we will be on the look out as we are heading through the night. looking at the rainfall totals tonight, 9 1/2 inches of rain, seven inches for kentfield. three and 3/4s of an inch for oakland. 3-1/2 for half-moon bay. and two thirds of an inch in san jose. the rain will continue to come down in the valley. i think you are likely to get around one inch of rainfall in san jose. the pocket of heaviest rain is across the bay. moving farther and farther inland across the east bay. the back edge, around the pacific. once we get the last round of heavier rain to the east we will see things tapering off through tonight. switch over to future cast it shows the trend kicking in going towards tomorrow morning. lingering showers possible. i think there will be some standing water on the sides of the roads for the morning commute and wet roads. i would plan for that and
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allowing extra time. a few showers possible. in general, in a break in the action, keep the umbrella stashed in the backseat. the dry weather will continue tomorrow night. to start the day on wednesday, but the rain starts in the morning on wednesday. and drop farther south across the rest of the bay area by wednesday afternoon. this is not going to be as heavy as the rain in the last 48 hours. we are likely to pick up more measurable rainfall. tonight into tomorrow morning. these amounts are generally less than a third of an inch of additional rain. not likely to see any significant flooding problems. we have to wait for that last pocket of heavy rain before we move out of the woods. talking about the wednesday and wednesday night rain. how much we expect out of that system. not as heavy. we are still talking about amounts generally in the third of an
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inch to one inch range for most of us. some spots higher elevations, kentfield, getting up close to an inch and a quarter of rainfall. we will be on the lookout for potential issues around the burn scars in the santa cruz mountains. let's take a look at what is happening in the sierra. they are in the done with the snow. they will add up another foot or two of snow tomorrow and then the next rainmaker for us, snow maker for the high sierra between two and four feet of accumulation. it is nice to add up the snowpack to feed into the reservoirs, right now, temperatures dropped off significantly. we are on the cool side. the north bay will drop into the middle to upper 30s by the morning while the rest of us stabilize. for the wake up temperatures on tuesday, we will bounce back once the sun peaks through. we have waffles bringing you the dog walking forecast. temperatures will climb into the upper 50s. cool day on the cool side of
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the storm system. high temperatures about 6-8 degrees below average for the middle of december. not much change to the temperatures as the rain moves in by wednesday and continue to move through slowly. should dry up by thursday. the dry weather continues for friday, saturday, and sunday. one change for the evening forecast, rain back in the forecast for monday next week. the long-range still all over the place but pointing in a wetter direction. we will keep you pointed on that. engine trouble for the warriors? what is that about? did not seem to stop steph from getting a step closer to even more
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mechanical issues with the team playing, forced them to stay in indianapolis. a flight to new york to plays
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knicks tomorrow night. curry, long before that drama at the pacers, seven three-pointers from setting the league record. curry did what curry does. created his own shot. look at the penetration, the move. still needed threes in a tight game. curry found long-range. his fifth and final three of the night. cut the lead to two. less than a minute. curry. double drive. inside and he tied the game. team high 26 points for curry. final seconds, one of curry's 10 misses. warriors led by 2. they till needed a stop. the defense, forced him to commit a turnover and the warriors won the game. 102-100. two more three balls at madison square garden gives him the nba history tuesday. >> there is a good chance that steph will
2:02 am
play. ultimately i think he will beat it. i will be happy. >> there it is in graphic form, curry, one behind tying ray allen's deep shot. nfl and monday night football. cardinals grab a piece of post season tonight? not so fast. have not won a divisional game without a lot of covid-19-stricken players got to go with the healthy ones. jefferson can run routes, 52 yard scoring play. 20-13, 3rd quarter lead. late game, cardinals down 7. just scored. recovered an onsidekick. special teams, late game match from murry. not this time. could not get away from aaron donald who sacked him as time expired. the rams hung on on the road. 30-23. the record now, 9-4.
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1 game behind the cardinals in the nfc west. the cardinals fell to third in the nfc playoff picture. it means if the season ended tonight they would host the 49ers in the playoffs. in the corporate world you build a stadium you get a super bowl. raiders owner are expected to be granted the 2024 super bowl with the league owners meet and vote. it would be the first super bowl in the adult playground, sin city, las vegas, omg! guess who has that game? cbs. hey, boss, can i put in for that now? come on. >> they are going to watch your expense account like a hawk. [ laughter ] [ laughter ] >> mr. glen, what is this show? >> yes.
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blackjack table? >> >> it was research. >> all right, thanks. a group is spreading holiday cheer with special bay area performances. we will hear from them, next
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a shot declare christmas is back here in the bay area.
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>> 12 member all male choir performed tonight at the first congressional church in berkeley. >> founded more than 40 years ago in san francisco. the grammy award-winning ensemble is playing concerts through december 23rd. >> holiday sound. >> it is so beautiful. unbelievable. >> unique. we'll be right back.
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francisco. does not mean we are done with the rain, lighter through the rest of the night and the back edge of the light rainfall is visible on the left side of your screen over the pacific. lingering showers possible as we start the day tomorrow. plan on a little extra time for the morning commute. the puddles will not evaporate. the rain chances will decrease and sunshine breaking through the clouds. >> we look forward to that. be careful out on the roads it can be so slick after a storm. >> stephen colbert is next. >> have a good night, see you tomorrow. stay safe (soft music) (iris) there's no place like home. it's where memories are made and where you feel the most safe and secure. today, more than ever, you wanna keep it that way. hi, i'm iris almario.


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