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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  December 14, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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the bay area hammered by a powerful storm. >> and marking a major milestone a year since the first person in the united states received the covid vaccine. in just 24 hours the state is bringing back a sweeping mask mandate regardless of vaccination status. new rules you need to know. and smoke from the san francisco building. what we are just learning about this late night fire. good morning to you. it's tuesday, december 14th. >> question will start with a
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look outside from contra costa county. get ready for another wet morning and some slick roads out there. >> let's get you started with what you need to know before you head out the door beginning with mary lee. >> good morning. tracking on high definition doppler. still the showers for us, we saw that live driving video in contra costa this morning. be careful on the roadways. gianna will have more on what you can expect with the commute coming up. we are looking at cold temperatures. we are down to the 30's and 40's with those morning source. as we head through the afternoon, catching a little bit of sun. partly sunny skies but i will say this. with the upper level low pressure system moving over. there's still a chance for isolated showers or storms. let's walk you through this and here is high definition
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doppler. showing you that rain pushing across the east bay from concord, walnut creek, union city. down across the south bay over san jose. as we go through the day today 9:00 a.m. look at all of that rain for the south bay with some heavy downpours and as we look to the afternoon, again the chance to see isolated shower or thunderstorm but also catching a bit of sun. be prepared about that. let's check in with gianna. highway 4. the inland east bay. >> we are seeing a couple crashes in that area and slow speeds. that drive antioch into concord. it's sluggish this morning. we have a trouble spot as well. just give yourself extra time as you head out the door. that crash is westbound 4. right at -- two lanes blocked due to the overturned vehicle. look at that red in the middle of the screen. speeds down to about 23 miles an hour. westbound highway 4 as you work through pittsburgh, making your way into that concord area. i was going to show you a live
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look near 680. busy there as well. we will see if we can get the camera for you in my next word. it's slow. westbound 45 minutes from antioch to 80. that's about along highway 4. 45 minute drive. we have the brake lights in to the pass. more on that in my next report. the and the storm left a huge mess all over the bay area. it'll likely take a few days to clean up the downed trees. >> let's get to the update on the flooding on i-280 and san jose. >> here in san jose it is sprinkling. crews are working on those areas that created problems yesterday like here this is on the southbound connector ramp from 280 to guadalupe parkway. it is still closed off but as you can see. crews are working, take a look at what it looked like last night. this was the flooding that was here yesterday. again crews working here. they seem to be finishing up. flooding was scene throughout the bay area. let's go through some of that
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now. this was in the peninsula yesterday. highway 92 was covered in water. emergency crew has to rescue at least one driver. also on the peninsula, in san mateo, el camino was blocked for about six hours after a large pile of s caffoldifg came down. we saw strong winds. along highway 1 a huge tree came down and block the road. in oakland this large tree came down near a home on desmond street. in the north way bay, sonoma creek over flowed. still residents were happy to see the rain. something that's need in the state. >> we need it desperately. this is grin and bear and it's a blessing. we just have to deal with the weather a little bit. him i'm not complaining. i'm not complaining. >> again right now it's much more of a sprinkle but the roads are still wet. be water to drive carefully to where you need to get to.
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reporting san jose. kpix5. and taking a live look right now at the power outages here in the bay area. most of the map with green and yellow dots indicating less than 500 customers in the dark. you can head to for the latest rainfall to thelias, wind conditions and hour by hour forecasts for your area. we are also streaming 24-7 on cbsn bay area. a two alarm fire in the mission district. overnight video from citizen's app shows a ladder extending to the top of a three story house as smoke billobs from the roof. the fire broke out around 11:30 last night on 17th street. so far there are no reports of injuries. also new this morning a study of the pfizer pill said it protects against severe disease. last month pfizer asked the fda to authorize the pill. it'll strengthen the company's application which could mean americans infected with the
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virus may have access with in weeks. california is reinstating it's indoor mark mandate. >> state health leaders pointing to alarming increases in covid indicates. justin alive in the studio and this all goes into effect tomorrow. >> yeah. it applies to everybody regardless if are you vaccinated or not. we learnedda this the yesterday during an announcement during that conference call. that is where we also learned there's a sharp increase in covid rates they have been tracking since thanksgiving. state health leaders have seen a 47% increase in case rates. they did note that the bay area and los angeles are doing well thanks to higher vaccination rates. that's where the conflict comes in though. locally science is not being followed with these new mandates did restrictions should be based on local rates and hospitalizations, not the overall state case count.
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other doctors don't agree. >> what is on my mind is trust, is the trust of us as a population to believe that our public health officials following the science. >> how many are coming in to the hospital which is what we need to know to establish epidemic trends is a little more difficult to come by. if that were accessible i think she is right. until that day dawns i think we need to continue to follow the sorts of things we follow. >> seems to be a tug of war with the state mandate. one thing leaders agree on is the vaccine. it has -- it has been in effect basically for a year since the first american received her first dose. this was december 14th, 2020. the new york nurse got her first shot a year ago today. here are numbers this morning. the united states has passed 50 million covid cases and 800,000 people have died as a result of the virus in the united states. this new indoor mark mandate for the state of california
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goes into effect today -- or excuse me, tomorrow through january 15th. >> everybody needs to do their part to keep everybody safe. thank you. >> thank you. california also tightening testing requirements unvaccinated people will have to show a negative test to attend indoor events of a thousand people or more. the state also recommends travelers get tested with in five days of their arrival in california. and for information on how to get your shot or booster, just head to the website for our coronavirus vaccine guide. a look live from san francisco, the mayor is proposing a ballot measure to reform city services for kids and provide a school board oversight. the measure for the june 2022 ballot would create the children's agency which would stream line funding services for youth and families. it is 6:08. still ahead on kpix5. the question this morning, what happened outside the fremont tesla factory.
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the investigation into a suspicious death. and search and rescue crews work around the clock for those missing after a deadly tornado swept through the midwest. why a man said he is grateful despite losing his home. and i'm still tracking showers on high definition doppler. keep those umbrellas handy. you will likely need it through the morning and in to the afternoon. i will let you know when this will end and then tracking a second weather system behind that. details in just a few minutes. and the showers bring slick surfaces to the roadways and a busy tuesday morning. i will have your top traffic trouble spots
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homicide investigate officers are leading the investigation in a suspicious death outside the tesla
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factory. investigators haven't said how the person died. police searching for three suspects armed with hammers suspected of three smash and grab robberies. the concern is that there could be a 4th robbery in the works. happening today in southern california, the attorney general will be holding a news conference on organized retail theft with law enforcement retailers and online market places. nearly 90 people are now confirmed dead after tornadoes swept through several states. 74 of them are in kentucky and officials say the number may continue to increase. search and rescue crews are looking for any signs of survivors with dozens of people still missing. more than a thousand homes across 18 counties were reduced to rubble. one man who lost his house is relieved his family survived, including his baby son. >> i'm just so grateful that i
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will be able to have my son for christmas. >> i hope whoever is missing. they are still holding on. >> at least six people died when part of an amazon warehouse clip collapsed. officials investigating whether the building had any structural flaws. closer to home crews watching the burn scars in southern california. the big storm is causing concerns near where the fire one burned in santa barbara. people are told to evacuate as soon as possible. the area is still very unstable. there is fear of flash loads, and debris flow. it's now 6:14. let's get a check of weather and traffic in the bay area. >> we will start with gianna. >> let's look at the roadways. all that information on that wet weather this morning. i want to show you a live look. this is our brian kiley.
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a lot of that rain yeah weather this morning. give yourself some extra time on the roadways as we jump to the maps. we are seeing brake light itself you are going over to that area. for example, westbound highway 4 i will zoom in here. you can see its busy out of pittsburgh, antioch. down to 14 miles an hour. 22 minutes for that ride south 680 down to 24. there is that crash westbound 4. blocking at least two lanes. sluggish there, busy through -- 205 to 680. westbound 80 seeing brake lights as well. can see traffic stacked up here. it's slow across the upper deck. that ride into san francisco. about 16 minutes now from the maze into the city. plus there are closures and flooding still in effect in the south bay. guadalupe parkway, 280 southbound. still closed, use 101 instead. use that to get to 280.
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that's probably your best bet. if are you taking highway 24, westbound at fish ranch road that is blocked from the earlier trouble spot. independent advisories in effect for some of the barry bridges including the golden gate bridge. traffic moving thick. keep that in mind. it's time for travel tuesday. a winter storm warning is in effect until 10:00 p.m. tonight in the greater lake tahoe area and with more stormy weather on the way travel is not advised. with that rain comes lots of snow. if are you eager to enjoy some of that fresh paid, or maybe kirkwood which both opened up over the weekend, make sure you that play it safe on the roads, getting there. >> just go slow. take your time. don't be hot rodding it. that's what you have to do. >> couple things you want to keep in mind. pack your chains, credit food and water and check the highways before you go.
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how much snow will we see? we have that. >> hey. we are looking at two feet of snow up in the tahoe area. ski resorts report that. greats news foreseers and snow bierds. as we go through the rest of today. difficult travel over the mountain passes. something you may want to avoid, especially with winter storm warnings for the west slopes of the sierra and for the tahoe area. because of all of this snow and it is coming down. still at this hour on high definition doppler. in the search gentleman. for the bay area we are looking at scattered showers and some heavy downpours. strong cells pushing through. zooming in here and you can see from clayton and the east bay, danville, san ramone, the tri valley looking at light to moderate rain pushing through. as we look through union city, fremont, getting that wet start, also strong cells moving
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right over san carlos just checking rainfall rates at this hour. over redwood city. about a half inch per hour. some impressive rainfall rates and then looking at the heaviest rain in the san jose area, the allen rock area. we are still dealing that wet weather. here say like look at the golden gate and you can see temperatures are in the mid- 40s's. concord, oakland, livermore, san francisco, san jose, upper 350's in santa rosa. as we go through the day here is what you can expect in the forecast. it's a cold start with the morning showers as we go through the day partly sunny skies, catching a little bit of sun. there is still that chance for isolated showers or storms. just can't completely rule that out and i will show you that in just a moment. cold daytime highs in the upper 40's to low 50's. all because that have upper level low moving over us bring that instability for us and that unsettled weather. i want to time it out phone future cast. here we are at 9:00 a.m. and you can see the heavy
6:19 am
downpours for the south bay. watch out for that late morning as we look to 2:00 p.m. watching clearing, catching sunshine. the chance to see a brief heavy downpour or isolated thunderstorm with small hail. that's a possibility as we go through the day today. by 6:00 p.m. clear skies but the chance to see a hit or miss shower or isolated storm. as we look to tomorrow into thursday, another storm system will bring the return of widespread rain wednesday into thursday picking up another half inch of rain with that second midweek system. 51 in pacifica. 52 san francisco and for oakland. 52 san jose. 51 concord and 49 for the napa valley as well as for antioch. you can see just how cold it'll get as we head through the afternoon. sunrise at 717 deliberate and the sunset at 4:51 p.m. checking the daytime highs and what you can expect. san francisco, oakland and san jose and again scattered showers, and as we look to
6:20 am
wednesday and into thursday the second weather system and dryer weather friday in to the weekend. the north bay and for the coast, wednesday into thursday, late dryer weather friday in to the weekend and at this point next week looks wet with the series of storm systems. back to you. new video of something you have probably never seen before. check this out. an architect carved out this fox on a frozen lake. the artist said the goal is to make people happy. i love that goal. >> yeah. mission accomplished. still ahead a food bank with a goal. details next.
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tracking scattered showers and through the day i will get to that lunchtime forecast. you can see on high definition doppler dealing weather weather. there is chance to see isolated shower or thunderstorm as we go through our day today. watch out for that. unsettled weather with that upper level pressure system moving over us. tracking the second weather system of the week. chp hosting toy donation
6:25 am
events. you can drop off toys, and redwood city offers will start taking donations on mary avenue and sunnyvale. also happening today, day two of sacred hearts food drive, this video is from last year's event. oringers hope to distribute 3500 boxes of food. it's 6:25. >> barry roads looking more like lakes and the storm isn't over yet. how it could impact your commute and the south bay. and san francisco unified schools rushing to mend a multimillion dollars short fall as the deadline day looms. and hundreds of car parts seized in more than a dozen
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if you are just waking up with us, here are your morning headlines. ? just 4 hours california will bring back it's statewide mask mandate. the new rule goes into effect in public settings tomorrow through january 15th regardless of vaccination status. a studyst pfizer pill said it protects against severe disease. americans may have access with in weeks. the a two alarm fire under investigation in san francisco overnight video from citizen's app shows smoke coming up from the roof. the fire broke out at around 11:30 on 17th street between. there are no reports of injuries. it's december 14th. >> you want to keep the
6:30 am
umbrella handy today. you are staying busy. even heavy downpours in spots. we are not cup just yet. we are looking at a cold start to the day. temperatures in the 30's and 40's with those showers, especially for parts of the east bay and south bay. as we look to the afternoon, we are going to catch a little bit of sun. partly sunny skies but we will keep the chance to see the isolated pop up shower or storm with some brief heavy rain or small hail. that's a possibility with just enough instability as the upper level low pushes over us and cold daytime high temperatures in the upper 40's to low 50's. definitely a chilly day all day long. you can see on high definition doppler the showers pushing through. let's time it out through 9:00 a.m. we are looking at heavy rain, strong cells pushing over the south bay and the east bay,
6:31 am
here we are in the afternoon at 2:00 p.m. looking at a little bit of clearing but still that chance to see the isolated shower. details on all of this and what you can expect when things wrap up and the second weather system in just a few minutes. let's check in with gianna. we have the slick roadways. we are making for a busy morning commute. if you are getting ready, grab the umbrella and the jacket. it's sluggish on some of the busier freeways. as well as the bay bridge. i stole mary's radar to give you the idea of where we are seeing the slow speeds, that wet weather. one of our hot spots. fish ranch road that. right hand shoulder blocked. you have brake lights. the metering lights on and a busy ride into san francisco. checking travel times. almost an hour for that pass
6:32 am
commute. 205 toward 680 and be are seeing a lot of wet weather on highway 4. it's busy there. also closures in place. guadalupe parkway. still shut down due to flooding. we will let you know when that reopens. use 101 to 280 as the alternate. you were talking about highway 24. here say live look courtesy of -- our photographer out there. you will see plenty of slick roads as you get started on your morning commute. a similar scene in the south bay. the update on the flooding on i- 280. >> the rain has really started to pick up here in san jose this morning and we are seeing crews working on the yeahs that created problems. last night again crews are out
6:33 am
there. this is expected to reopen. san mateo central park was blocked for about six hours after a large pile of scaffolding. we saw strong winds yesterday. this is grin and bear and it's a blessing really. just have to deal with the weather. >> i'm not complaining. this is still closed off and the rain has really started to pick up. be sure to keep that in mind as you head out this morning. reporting in san jose. kpix5. we are getting a look at
6:34 am
even more damage in the bay area brought on by the storm. learns of highway 92 were under water just outside half moon bay. only high profile vehicles could get through it. on another part of 92 two people got trapped inside their vehicle in the floodwaters, needed firefighters help to get out. you can head to for the latest rainfall totals. wind conditions and hour by hoyourea. we are streaming on cbsn bay area. happening today it is down to the wire for the san francisco unified school district to solve it's $125 million deficit. ifs ha until tomorrow to submit its plan. justin andrew and the clock is ticking on this. >> and if the board doesn't act the state could take over.
6:35 am
this is something that the board has been dealing for quite a few months. its state could stake over and tomorrow was the deadline day. we told you about this about a month ago when the board started trying to hash this out. the commissioner also vote on a plan during today's meeting and hopefully state officials will review it and accept it. the superintendent is proposing $50 million in cuts to school sites and millions more to support services, all this while the district seeing a loss of about 4,000 students in the recent years. teachers have criticized the district's top heavy funding, while not having enough resources for the schools themselves. today's meeting could be a long one as the board continues to hammer things out. we will keep you posted. taking a live look now at the state capitol where the chp commissioner and others will hold a news conference on the dangers of street racing. in 2020 the chp responded to
6:36 am
more than 25,000 calls involving illegal street raising activity across the state. it was an alarming increase of more than 3500 calls from the year before. san jose police broke up a major organized crime ring and recovered more than a thousand stolen converters. itch it is the result of a six month long sting operation. they also shut down three fencing operations. >> if are you a business, high buying these, we are going to tar bit you and shut you down. >> the da said that the --
6:37 am
bust should decrease -- theft across the bay area since crooks can't resell their stolen goods at those he will indications. many haing today the parents of a michigan 15-year- old suspected in a deadly school shooting are expected in court. james and jennifer are charged in connection with the november 30th shooting at oxford high school. they both face four counts of manslaughter and have pleaded not guilty. a hearing for their son has been postponed to january to allow prosecutors more time to look at evidence. today the house is likely to vote on whether to hold mark meadows in contempt of congress. last night the committee investigating the attack on the capitol voted in favor of a contempt charge. this after revelations that he received texts from republican allies urging the white house to stop the seige. >> this vote relates too mr.
6:38 am
meadows refusal to testify about text messages and other communications. this is about donald trump and about actually going after him once again. >> today's expected vote by the full house is the final step before contempt referral goes to the justice department. time more a look at what's coming up later on cbs morning. gayle king from new york. good morning to you. >> hi. good to see you. coming up on cbs thennings we are on the ground in kentucky where the search for surveyors of those devastating tornadoes enters a 4th day. we will look at the huge challenges ahead for the heart land. and tony visits factory workers on the picket line in michigan to find out why many jobs in the country are not paying as much as they once did. that's never good. and country music legend, that is tim mcgraw. look at him temperatures us about i had starring role in a new western and co starring his real life wife, faith hill.
6:39 am
we will see you at seven. that is about 12 minutes for now. >> we will see you -- maybe 22 minutes. > it 22 minutes. >> it's still early. >> may see new 22 minutes. >> thank you. see you then. it is 6:39. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. it's the largest food waste recycling program in the united states. the law that's about to go into effect. >> and the major airline making the aggressive hiring search to keep its flighting on track.. and tracking scattered showers and high definition doppler and even a little bit of snow on top of the highest bay area mountain peaks over mount hamilton. as we go did you through the day we will catch sun. we will talking upper 40's, low 50's and the chance to see the isolated shower or thunderstorm as we head through the day
6:40 am
today. ly take you hour by hour on future cast coming up. and the market just opened about ten minutes ago. let's look on the big board. the dow is down just a bit there about 15 points. we will be right back.
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sing 2.
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it's 6:43. a bay area city seeing a surprising drop in rent prices. diane king. how is it looking? >> yeah. good morning. trading underway for a little more than ten minutes. the dow on the plus side but just modest. the dow better by 39 points. in the tech sector the nasdaq down 120 points. the cot eblyneing in the
6:44 am
united states has un continued to shoot higher. the average price of rent has increased more than 5.5% over the past year. in the 75 most populated cities in america. rent in san francisco saw the biggest drop with rent falling more than 14%. a like look from sfo said it's on a hiring spree to keep flights operating on schedule. the company ceo submitted testimony saying that the airline is fry trying to prevent a repeat of fall flight cancellations. executives are set to address the senate transportation committee. delta said it refunded more than 6.7 million tickets in 2020 totals more than three
6:45 am
billion dollars. according to company policy travelers eligible for a full refund when the airline canceled a flight or makes a significant schedule change. a new law goes into effect in 2022 that requires the state to reduce organic waste in landfills by 75% in the next five years. organic waste is just food scraps that right now you are likely throwing in the trash. next year the products will go in the green bin with yard waste. businesses are required to start recycling organics earlier than residential housing. that means will likely start to see the options as soon as january. >> changing the way we do things ever so slightly to have a major impact on the fight against climate change. >> commercial housing like apartments have their own timeline for putting in the law. information on all of it and when you will be expected to comply will be sent out based on where you live. new this morning uber eats made it's farthest delivery ever.
6:46 am
>> the company said it sent a food order to the international space station. they helped cliff ready to eat canned dishes. it took more than eight hours. no excuses when our delivery is late. >> keep the umbrella handy wal- mart he are looking at unsettled weather. high definition doppler and you can see it's lit up in spots as we start off the day. let's zoom in and show you the locations getting that wet start to the day. for antioch and brentwood, a
6:47 am
cell moving over you. we are looking at the tri valley. catching light rain, right over 580 over livermore, as you can see from union city, as well in the east bay and the peninsula, san mateo, redwood city, down 101 catch that light rain and moderate to heavier rainfall pushing over the los altos and coopertino. light rain over sunnyvale. here is a live look with the richmond, san rafael bridgew. relooking at temperatures that are in the 30's and 40's and i just want to show you how much rain we have seen so far with this river. impressive rainfall. ten inches in ben lom in. berkeley. more than five inches. sfo and san jose picking up about two inches of rain. we are still looking at that wet weather for this morning. there we go with the cold temperatures as we start off the days.
6:48 am
upper 30's in santa rose a. mid- 40s's from concord, and for san jose. there we go with that cold upper low pressure system moving over us and that's why we are dealing that unsettled weather through the day today and will show you future cast. it is a chilly day today. you will need the coat all day long. the daytime highs well below average. hour by hour on future cast, nine and you can see some strong cells pushing over the south bay. looking at the chance for isolated thunderstorms or small hail just now instability in the atmosphere for that. as we go through the afternoon, catching the sunshine. we are going to see the clearing but we can't rule out the isolated shower or storm as we head through the afternoon. here we are at 9:00 a.m. the chance to see the isolated shower as we head through tonight.
6:49 am
seven day forecast, san francisco, oakland and san jose, there we go with that rain arriving wednesday, late wednesday there we go into thursday morning. then catching a break friday in to the weekend. inland, east bay and the north bay and the coast, wednesday into thursday the second weather system a break by the end of the week and then the storm door wide open with rain chances every day next week. time now for our bay area bright spots. check out this fun holiday village set up at the home in windsor. you can see the lights, christmas trees and reindeer all complete with fake snow.
6:50 am
you can share them online with the hash tag, kpix bright spots. always love to see it. just brings a smile to your face. let's check in with gianna. >> brian kiley drive around checking out the road conditions right now. is he on highway 24. just past -- you can see things getting slow. in fact i will zoom in here on 24. they are clearing a crash. not far from fish ranch road. all the activities now getting pushed over to the right.
6:51 am
no crashes right now in that earlier flooding off gilman has been cleared. that's good news. if are you taking the bridge though over to the marin side things busy. westbound high bayh 4 busy. 49 minutes from antioch. traffic moverring southbound 101 on to 280. that's a look at your morning
6:52 am
ride. still ahead, here we go again. new covid rules for california the spike that has the state cracking down hard on marking up. and the amazon driver going the extra mile during one of his deliveries. and streaming today the attorney general will hold a news conference on recent retail theft. he we will bring that to you live. at 8:15 a preview of sf play house's 12th night. you can watch on or on the app. or
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mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. live in the studio this morning. the state is reinstating it's indoor mask mandate starting tomorrow. it applies to everybody
6:56 am
regardless of your vaccination status. there has been a 47% increase in covid rates since thanksgiving. that's the reason health officials have put this backn. however, the bay area and los angeles are doing well thanks to higher vaccination rates. that's where the conflict comes in though. local infectious disease expert dr. ghandi said science is not being followed. she thinks restrictio on lal not the overall state case count. she is down right disagreeing with the state health officials. one thing all health leaders agree on is the vaccine and making sure that everybody gets the shot. had this is on the southbound connector ramp. it's still closed off and
6:57 am
there's still a little bit of flooding. we saw strong winds and flooding throughout the day area. this large tree on desmond street. along highway 1, a huge tree came down and blocked the road. it was blocked for about six hours. we saw the winds starting to pick up at certain points throughout the day. wind advisories in effect for some of the bay area brings. s along the lines in the south bay. the closure on guadalupe, use 1401 instead.
6:58 am
280 connector is wide open. you can use that as the alternate. bay bridge toll plaz arc. a lot of wet weather. if you are going over into san francisco, give yourself extra time there. there fact i want to show you the new perspective if are you going in to the maze you can see traffic starting to bog down where 580 meets. if you are getting ready for work or school, here is what you can expect. 30's and 40's with scattered showers as we head through the afternoon. partly sunny skies with the chance to see the isolated shower or storm. through 9:00 a.m. >> looking at heavy downpours. isolated thunderstorms possible for the south bay and as we look to the afternoon again,
6:59 am
looking at some clearing, some sun for the chance for isolated thunderstorms. new an amazon driver going the extra mile during one of his deliveries. >> storm knocked down a homeowner decorations sot driver took matters in to his own hands. the whole thing caught on cam a. and make sure they are standing back up and it's up right position. he looks up at the camera to wave good-bye. >> there are good delivery drivers. >> the holiday spirit. >> kudos to all of them making sure our packages get to their destinations. >> still working hard. >> very suite. and a nice surprise for those people that live there. >> yeah. >> maybe it was late and he was -- [inaudible].
7:00 am
>> looks like a snow globe. >> want to sing let it snow but i will spare you. ly leave wit you this ♪ welcome to "cbs mornings" and hello to you our viewers on the west coast, i'm gayle king. >> i'm tony todokoupil. >> and i'm nate burleson. >> your world in 90 seconds. >> we still have rescue operations multiple places all across the county. >> such a great man.n. such a good dad. >> the death toll rises from those extremely violent tornadoes across multiple states. survivors tell their stories. >> the house select committee investigating the january 6th riot voting to recommend contempt of congres


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