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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  December 14, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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new trouble for the sheriff. tonight we get our hands on the bombshell grand jury report. with crime oakland has not seen in a decade. local hero and rapper talks exclusively with betty yu about how he is trying to turn around his town. >> i am not afraid to shed tears about where i come from and how i feel about my people or my city and my culture. it is real. good evening i'm alan martin.
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>> i'm elizabeth cook. a major retail crime ring broken up. >> they found 15,000 stolen items from cvs, nordstrom and others. >> it was worth $200,000. the police say they searched a home that led them to storage facilities in vallejo and san francisco, two people were arrested in all of this. pretty crazy. >> kpix5 kenny choi joining us now with more and how criminals are finding ways to organize. >> exactly. so, the authorities believe that arrests are part of the solution. tonight the attorney general says organizers at the top are using social media and text. >> we need to make arrest, that is how you detour crime. >> reporter: from mobile
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command center. officers on corners and cameras on union square. a notable presence. >> does not make people feel more safe. >> someone, you know, that is armed and able to take down, you know. >> reporter: they are shopping and soaking in the holiday spirit. [music] >> reporter: they both work in retail and see what happens inside of stores as criminals leave with arms full of stolen merchandise. >> i feel like there has been a lot more happening. >> there is no say if it is organizeed or if they are individuals. >> we have cases where people are acting in concert, 80 people with weapon with ghost guns, pepper spray, other weapon stealing up to $1 million. >> reporter: tonight, urging retailers to help by reporting theft early and promising a series of round tables to address retail theft. >> all of us can play a
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critical role in making sure that we stop it from grow. >> it is good to have security in front of the big businesses but can not forget about the small ones. >> we have seen the splash and grab videos, what are they saying about the retail thefts? >> retailers are have a loss of $700,000 for every $1 billion. >> big numbers. all right, thanks let's take a live look outside tonight. maybe folks are saying it is officially not but it feels like winter out there tonight. a new storm, it so the way. >> our chief meteorologist is tracking when more rain will finally arrive, paul? you. >> will not have to wait long. a couple showers out there right now. and then, widespread rain is back in the forecast begining tomorrow. let's take a look at what is on the radar
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at the moment. a couple left over showers, the very last, just bits of energy with the latest storm system. this is mostly going to fall apart as it goes over the coastal rain. moving north to south tomorrow. moving to the north bay already during the middle to late morning hours and it is going to rain in the afternoon and the evening. the wednesday evening commute is likely going to be a mess. it will be wet but it is going to be windy. we will track the wind gusts coming up. it will be another snow maker for the high sierra. another winter storm warning in effect. 12-18 inches of snow, widespread. picking up two to three feet of snow. great for the ski resorts but they will have to get the roads clear for skiers to get to the resorts. we will look at future cast rain as it moves into the bay area in a few minutes. new at 11:00. a civil grand jury is is accusing the sheriff of corruption. accusing smith of seven offenses. it will go to supreme court for
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trial where a jury will then decide if the sheriff will be removed from office. smith has been sheriff for more than 20 years. >> it is a relatively uncommon but not unheard of process. again, the question is how do you hold an elected official accountable if there is, what is called, willful or corrupt misconduct in office? >> it is her constitutional right to be tried before a jury to determine these allegations. >> now, since the sheriff, lori smith, is an elected official this is the only way they can get someone in the body of government removed. we reached out but have not heard back. smith previously denied the allegations. >> in less than an hour california's new mask mandate goes into effect. under the new rule almost everyone will be required to wear a mask indoors until january 15th. the move comes as the officials
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brace for a winter surge driven by the delta variant and omicron mutation. san francisco, however, is exempt from following the new rule. masking is not required with fewer than 100 people where everyone is fully vaccinated such as offices, gyms or religious gatherings. new at 11:00, google told workers they would be fire if they do not follow the company's vaccine policy. employee his until december 3rd to declare their status. they also had to upload documents showing proof of shots or applied for a medical or religious exception. tonight, google tells us vaccine requirements are one of the most important ways to protect its workforce and the company stands behind its policy. >> tonight, the san francisco unified school district board approved cutting $125 million from its budget.
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the superintendent plan include dollars 50 million to school sites, and millions more to support programs and services for students. now, teachers are critical of the district's heavy funding. some teachers say cuts could lead to more than 300 full time employee layoffs. >> what do we isn't. >> educators, students, families, rallying tonight. they are pushing for a plan that avoids proposed cuts from schools. tonight, steph curry stands alone as the three-point shooter in nba history. >> vern did t take long for the trobgd take tonight. >> how about a minute and four seconds into the game. and almost 3-1/2 minutes later -- >> and going to get it. again. here is curry for the record. >> there it is. curry. >> madison square garden on their feet like a new york broadway show.
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broke ray allan's record and he was on hand to give him a hug. he already has the single season made three record so he can add this tonight. the official count after 5 threes tonight, 2977. we will see you in a few minutes with sports as we will take a deeper dive into what happened tonight. >> he is a legend. all right, thank you, vern. still ahead tonight, kpix5 exclusive, betty yu goes one-on-one with local hero and rapper. >> if someone does not make a change it will get worse. >> why he takes a spike in violence personally and now he is trying to help. >> an area you have seen in sacramento after an explosion knocks out power to downtown including the jail. why outages stretched on for nearly 12 hours. and, bay area reservoirs
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getting needed rain over the last few days. did it
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new at 11:00. a live look at downtown oakland where the homicide rate just hit a 10 year high. in an exclusive interview, kpix5 betty yu sat down with bay area hip hop legend and community activist to find out how he is trying to help turn things around in the hometown that he loves. >> i am not afraid to shed tears about where i have come from and how i feel about my people and my city and my culture. it is real. >> an emotional man. reflecting on a violent year in his hometown of oakland.
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>> something that troubles me and, it is baffling for me to grasp is the fact that when law enforcement kills us, we are in a major uproar as we should be, they are said to protect us. why are we silent when members of our community kill members of our community? where is the uproar? [music] >> reporter: the rapper, entrepreneur and community organizers is making noise in his own way. he recently initiateed a meeting with the police chief. and lieutenant aaron smith. >> what is the narrative of oakland? >> get it how you live. it is whatever you are doing. if you are on the streets and you are in desperate times, eat or starve, you will rob somebody. >> some of the kids that go to the oakland school of arts. >> reporter: he believes in creating opportunity for young
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people. he benefited from community basketball programs as a kid. >> i think the biggest misconception is that people that is doing bad on the streets that they are bad people. they are not. they are just trying to survive, man. >> how did you not become one of those people? >> i had a praying grandmother and a loveing mother. my mother transitioned and got her life together. she devoted her life so i would not have to make those decisions. >> he said it was not an easy childhood. >> we are doing it for the healing. i was that kid. i was that kid that got left at home, man. his parents was on drugs. >> reporter: he has long been organizing toy drives and give aways in oakland. he runs dope clothing store. he is working on his dream, opening an academy for the youth. >> i really care like, you know
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what i mean. we have been doing community events for almost two decades, no funding. >> what hits you the most about this and brings you to tears? >> that my children have to grow up in a community like this. my daughter is a teenager. my son, they are going to have to grow up in this situation. if somebody does not make a change, it is only going to get worse. >> reporter: in oakland, betty yu, kpix5. >> you can watch her entire interview on new developments in sacramento. thousands without power tonight after an electrical substation fire earlier today that wreaked havoc on the entire city. the fire began this morning in a utility district station locateed downtown at 7th and h. firefighters controlled the flames.
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leaving plane wondering what to do next. >> today and tomorrow's events. >> pretty much all we can do is wait and wait and wait. >> the fire department says there are no signs of arson or criminal intent. >> reporter: recent storm prompted marin water thinking arnot prress joins the all ofthisra. >> st week a trickle of water here. now, a steady stream here. all of this is helping marin county get out of its drought. >> the recent storm brought more than 11 inches of rain here, drenching marin county and filling up reservoirs. >> i hear that it is making a little bit of a difference. but, could absolutely use a
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whole more. >> the capacity in seven of the reservoirs jumped up to 64%. >> at this point we are not far off from the historical average capacity for the same day, 70%. >> reporter: with another storm expected this week. marin may be out of the water shortage emergency. >> we are talking about rolling back some of our water usage restrictions and penaltys that have been put in place. >> just on the first of the month, they implemented new restrictions to have a 40% reduction in water use district wide. fines were imposed for water use above the tier 1 level of 65 gallons a day. plus, outdoor irrigation was banned until may 31st of next year. for some, they would not mind keeping some of the restrictions in place to stock up for another stretch of dry winters. >> we can conserve if there is a drought or not. we don't need to use as much water as we do. >> we know that there is likely
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going to be dry years to come. so, we want to continue to work with our community and educate them on conservation as a way of life. >> reporter: the discussion to possibly roll back the description will happen on january 4th. back to you. until then we are looking ahead. we have more rain in the forecast. >> yes, we do. we will take every single drop that we can get. we do have multiple chances of rain in the extended forecast. the next one arrives tomorrow. it will be sending another band of rain towards the bay area. once it moves through we will get into a dry break. the latest rounds of rain to soak in a little bit before the next one moves in sunday night into monday. let's take a look at tomorrow's rain. the first batch is going to evaporate on the way down. the moisture will allow the next round of rain to hit the ground. in the north bay by middle to late morning, spreading towards the golden gate by
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midday, early afternoon and then spreading across the rest of the bay area as we head into the middle to late afternoon hours and continuing into the evening. i think the evening commute will be sloppy. moving through the bay area after the sun goes down. once that moves through, back into an off and on pattern for the rest of wednesday night into the first few hours of thursday. it is lower than a 50/50 chance of additional rain after the sun comes up and there will be a few hit and miss showers, also, hit and miss sunshine. mixed bag of weather. with this storm system we are talking about half an inch to an inch of total rainfall in most locations, more in the higher elevation spots, around an inch and a half for kentfield and the santa cruz mountains, not enough that we are likely to see flooding problems. we are on the look out.
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and the strongest gusts as the heavier rain tomorrow afternoon, just in time for rush hour. 30-40 mile-an-hour gusts on the coast. close to 30 miles an hour farther inland. more rain down the line. the dry stretch that kicks in by thursday afternoon continues friday and saturday. continuing on monday and tuesday, another round of rain, potentially associated with another atmospheric river. >> temperatures are dropping off. chilly tonight. already chilly in livermore and santa rosa. we will drop down to the 30s inland with lower to middle 30s inland to start the day on wednesday. if you want to go for a dog for a walk go ahead. if you never smelled wet dog it is a different breed of wet dog.
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temperatures will warm up, even with the strong southerly winds trying to warm things up, the clouds, the rain, going to win the battle for temperatures, our highs will climb up into the lower 50s pretty much across the board. my maps got stuck. that is fun. the red light is on. i know it is trying to trigger the forecast. i will walk over here and see if i can kick it. not literally. it may come to that to see if it will respond. there we go. we will go to the seven-day forecast because i am running out of time rapidly and slow you the details over the next several days. the temperatures will change a lot. there is the rain on thursday, the next round of rain moving in by monday and tuesday. we will see pretty similar conditions across the bay area. the next round of rain early next week should impact all of the rainfall. >> you gave me more room to fall in love with comet on your graphic. straight ahead in sports, can we crown steph curry enough?
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onion a little bit to see what took steph curry 789 games to do. already had the single season three point record. career? it was the stage, left and right, miller, ray allen, holding the mark last, first thing is first. just over a minute into the game. 29-73. almost 3-1/2 minutes later. milestone. >> it is good. there it is. >> that is how he got to the record 2974. curry stood alone. game ball from steve kerr. hug from dad, cue ray allen, torch passed and you got to hug mom and thank mama. oh, yeah, the game, final period, green, got a friendly bounce for an 8 point lead. under three minutes to go, here is curry's fifth and last three of the night. his total, 2977.
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the warriors beat the knicks, 105-96. after the game, curry received a 2974 jersey. >> never wanted to call myself the greatest shooter natural i got this record. i am comfortable saying that now. a special moment that i will appreciate and remember for the rest of my life. >> i was on the court with my hands up. that was good enough for me just to witness it. >> to do it in the garden in front of these fans, just great basketball fans who appreciate the game so much and the atmosphere at the garden second to none. for it to happen here it was really special. nhl and the sharks, welcome to the newbie. wearing the mensh of the new seattle krakin. on attack. here is the third period goal. and ganged up at the net.
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the sharks did not back down from the deficit. sharks, a chance with hurdle. and denied at the net. got a piece of the puck with the bottom of his skate. they scored an empty net or two. sharks record is 2-2 on their seven game home stand with three more to go. no one folds his arms better than herb. his broncos chased around boise state in red. 2nd half, now, hitting a corner pocket 3. they are up 2. it was all boise from there. santa clara scored just 4 points in the final nine minutes of the game. boise state won it 72-60. shout out saint mary's because i know you want that score. saint mary's 76, 39. gales 10-2 for the year. >> sorry.
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we are holding our arms. [ laughter ] >> that is pretty good form, liz. >> oh, she got the skowl, too, that is the mama skowl. >> you give him a run for his money. still ahead, a
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people in texas know what is tearing up their lawns tonight. captureing them in action. a huge pack of wild hogs, counted at least 30 of them gathering at midnight tphaofplt and did not take long for them to do some serious damage. they ripped up rows of flower beds and landscaping. no one quite knows why the pigs are invading. they are
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the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> thanks for watching. the new continues streaming cbsnbayarea. ha a good night. captioning sponsored by cbs >> mark meadows may be refusing to talk to the committee investigating the january 6 attack on the capitol, but his text messages tell the story of trump allies desperate to stop it. republican committee member liz cheney last night reading texts meadows received as the attack was under way, including repeated texts from donald trump jr., urging action. >> members of congress, the press, and others wrote to mark meadows as the attack was under way. one text mr. meadows received said:


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