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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  December 15, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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with conditions along the interstate, madison? >> reporter: hey allen, juliette. you have impeccable timing because within the last 10 minutes, the rain we have seen here in grass valley right on main street has turned to little flakes of snow. it is not much but it is enough. with me step out of the way and you can see the view down here with the lights on again on main street and grass valley. it is very wet. you can see on the tops of roots in the distance, over the last couple of days. today on and off, a lot of rain and a bit of a break and a little bit of that snow, within the last 20 minutes. it is the wind you might even be able to hear on my microphone as i am speaking to you speaking up as the sun has gone down tonight making it that much colder. you look at the phone and temperature your standing out
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in it, it feels just a few degrees colder because of that wind picking up and making the rain blow across the street. holiday shoppers were out today but they had to make some adjustments. i talked to one who said she went to the post office and fedex right here, and actually could not get her christmas gift shipped because the power was out. >> had power but no internet, so, we are all kind of just trying to get it done for the holidays. >> she is still driving around with it, when you get that first snow. really it will be the rain and wind that makes it dangerous for drivers and people out on the roads tonight. you can see on main street cars are slowing down's, for kpix 5
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on medicine keeley. >> are you and your crew headed up to tahoe from there or headed back down to the flatlands to get out of snow weather? >> a great question. we are headed back down the hill, we are not going towards tahoe. we have another crew headed in that direction so we will be out of this in just a bit. >> stay safe on the roads, take care. take a look at these this stunning drone video. all the hills covered in snow, pretty magical. 8 to 10 inches out of the storm and highway 38 now open after being closed because of heavy snowfall. drivers that are being urged to take the chains on that mountain routes. >> chief meteorologist paul heggen is tracking the snow. >> it is falling again in the high sierra. let's look at what is happening where medicine is in grass valley you can see right on the rain snow line.
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go up in elevation, it is all snow. this goes until 10:00 tomorrow morning. widespread, 1 foot of total cannulation but above 7000 feet, 2 to 3 feet. lower amounts than we saw earlier in the week, when you combine it with wind gusting over 45 miles per hour, 100 miles per hour on top of the peaks, that will make for difficult or impossible travel conditions. when we get the atmospheric river next week it will come with another round of snow. not aimed directly at the sierra but there is still a chance to pick up another couple of feet above what they got this week. it will be a bonanza for the ski resorts. we will return to the bay area tractor check out the next atmospheric river coming up in a few minutes. >> we will see you then. you can had to to get the latest rainfall totals, wind conditions, hour by hour forecast for your area. we are also streaming on cbsn
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bay area. now the coronavirus federal health officials predict the number of omicron variant cases will increase heading into the next few months. the variant now accounts for 3% of infections in the u.s. and as more -- is more transmissible down the delta variant. health experts say there is no need for an omicron specific booster at this time, but recent studies show a third dose of moderna and pfizer provide more protection than the usual two dose regimen. >> our booster vaccine regimens work against omicron. >> we have the tools to fight this virus. >> the california indoor mask mandate is in effect this evening. state health officials reimplemented this due to the holiday search and concerns about omicron. the mandate will require all people vaccinated or not to wear masks indoors. most of the nine bay area counties require universal indoor masking since early august.
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only moran and solano counties have no indoor mask requirement for vaccinated people. gym goers in solano counties had to make a change to masks today. >> we are doing it for safety, so the feeling is good. you workout, you feel good. >> everyone is coming to the building going, do i need a mask or not? what is going on? i'm having to put masks back on them. >> the state has seen an increase in rates by almost 50%. health officials want to be proactive in preventing more cases this holiday season. a live look at sfo, now. if you are planning to travel for the holidays, starting today, health officials are also recommending travelers coming into california get a covid-19 test 3 to 5 days after their arrival, no matter how they got here. just stick with us for continuing coverage on the coronavirus. you can also check out our vaccine resource guide at
5:36 pm just click the banner at the top of the homepage. juliette, about 35 million receiving the child tax credit, but that could soon end. the funding for that program is going to run out in a matter of weeks if the senate does not pass president biden's build back better plan. this year, families getting up to $3600 in tax credits per child, that is up from $2000 per child. >> we are potentially risking 50,000 west virginia citizens children are benefiting from the cdc, to either be pushed further down into poverty or cross into the poverty line. >> surveys show 91% of low income families use their child tax credit on food, education, and other basic needs. coming up, security experts say it is one of the worst computer vulnerabilities they have ever seen. the new cyber threat which could affect businesses and consumers worldwide. it happened again. the flaw the dmv is trying to fix for people who drive
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electric vehicles. all new at 6:00, silencing that home on the golden gate bridge. crews are looking at what it will take to fix. emergency action to fight crime in the tenderloin,
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a new online fred could make businesses, governments, and consumers vulnerable to cyber attacks. security experts are racing to get ahead of the criminals. reporter courtney keeley explains. >> reporter: hackers are trying to exploit a technical flaw which could give them access to computer systems around the world surrounding a utility called log 4 j used in a
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variety of devices including smart watches, tvs, gaming consoles, printers, smart thermostats and cloud services. >> this particular issue is widespread just because it is so common and used in many applications. >> reporter: mark, with the cybersecurity from checkpoint says hackers have already tried to use the flaw to gain access to around half of the corporate networks worldwide. now businesses, tech companies, and governments are implement and patches to block them. >> very quickly, it has been fixed across multiple platforms , as well as cybersecurity companies, have created protections against these things. >> reporter: it is possible networks have already suffered a breach without even knowing. >> this is at a scale which is really historically unprecedented >> reporter: tech reporter dan patterson says it is important not to give hackers any help by clicking on links you don't recognize. >> often, hackers use fishing, by sending you something that
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looks real but is actually a malicious link. >> he says it is vital to check for software updates on your devices to make sure you have the latest security protections. the dmv has failed another driver in the bay area for using an electric car during the drivers license test but the agency quickly reversed its decision. sophia took her driver's license test in pleasanton, in a tesla model three with regenerative braking on. that feature recaptures the cars kinetic energy and uses it to recharge the battery, slowing down the cart without using the brakes. the driver only relied on regenerative braking. when we asked the dmv they responded the dmv reviewed the drive test score sheet and will revise it to passing. the dmv is in the process of
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revising training materials and updating drive test examiners on the new guidance for vehicles with regenerative braking systems. the dmv also apologized for the inconvenience. >> i was stressed and upset, i was already thinking i have to take another car, asking friends, like what do we do? but, it's not a mistake. but, it cannot be a mistake. they should just update the rules. >> the same exact thing happened in late november to a san jose driver, the teenager also failed because of the regenerative braking on a tesla model three. the dmv reversed the decision and passed it as well. i'm john ramos in san jose. what do you do when you're told you have to move and take your house with you? that is what happened here in san jose and they took the fight to city hall. we will explain, coming up. tonight on the cbs evening
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news >> the colleges and universities across the country are canceling classes and events over the latest coronavirus surge. and, what dr. fauci ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪
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♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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this week, a southbay nonprofit expects to grant its 2 millionth holiday wish. >> sharon chen introduces us to this week's holiday award winner who started the program
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more than 30 years ago. >> reporter: that's right. jennifer columbine came up with the idea to grant holiday wishes for those in need but she almost did not go ahead with the project because some people said it could not be done. >> reporter: it looks and feels like santa's workshop, countless toys lined up ready to be wrapped and delivered to people in need. jennifer columbine, the queen else, leads the massive operation with her pup daisy at her side. >> i am here to inspire people to help others. >> reporter: jennifer fat cofounded the family giving tree in 1990. granting this year holiday wishes to 40,000 low income folks across the bay area. vega has volunteered here for years. >> she is an angel.
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she takes care of everybody. >> reporter: the family giving tree works with 300 agencies for a wishlist to partner with 550 individuals and businesses to purchase the requested gifts. 85% of the gifts are for kids but wishes are also given for adults. the idea for the giving tree came out of a class assignment jennifer had at her san jose state mba program. >> i said we should do a family giving tree and help children in the class shut the idea down. >> reporter: she did it anyway. the first year, 28 companies help fulfill wishes for more than 200 children. >> i got a little boy who was four years old, his name is luis, and he asked for pillows and i said pillows, in bed to sleep with? she said yes, pillows. >> reporter: the boys grandmother explained. >> she said his mother and sister sweep sleep on the floor
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and so he wants pillows for them. that was when i knew i would do this for the rest of my life. >> reporter: beverly larkins helps her sunrays triplets. the 10-year-old girls have felt so blessed by the generosity of the family giving tree they will spend their time volunteering at church. >> when grandma is long gone, they will have this experience. and they will never forget it. >> reporter: the nonprofit also takes annual wishlist to distribute tens of thousands of backpacks with supplies. so, jennifer and her eight thousand volunteers share the spirit of giving, year-round. >> basically the lesson was that people will help if you ask them. >> reporter: for making 2 million wishes come true over three decades, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to jennifer columbine. >> little elves throughout the bay area. sharon, what happened with the professor whose class rejected jennifer's original idea? >> reporter: according to jennifer, she is now his most
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expensive former student, because he apparently now donates to the nonprofit. >> said that he does. they are asking for pillows, they are asking for things so many of us take for granted as well. sharon, thank you. if you know someone who is doing extraordinary community service, nominate them for a bay area jefferson award, go to and fill out the online form . new video into the newsroom , this is the wind in colorado blowing dust and debris around. a high wind warning in effect as the powerful winter storm now moving into that state. most of the mountain area is under a winter storm warning this evening because the mountain peaks in colorado, the snow, making driving conditions very dangerous for travelers there. you can barely see the road. state patrol officials advising
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people please wait and do not travel. >> case in point with all the video we are seeing. let's go to fall for the latest weather in the bay area. >> this is a different storm system bringing more rain to the bay area. scattered and lighter but it will be messy out there. around san francisco, we see a break in the action but some showers on the east side of the bay and climbing over the hills into the tri-valley, heavy rain on the north side of the bay will be working its way straight into the east. for the northbay you also have some intermittent showers. heavy downpour is moving from napa county into western salina county. but, a break from the action around santa rosa at the moment. it will go like this the rest of the evening. it is not going to rain on every square inch of the bay area. but, all of us will get wet at some point through this evening and tonight. into the santa cruz mountains, continuing to block the moisture, but you will see rain
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moving into around san jose later on this evening. more rain to our west, it will go like this for the next several hours, let's switch to future cassa tracking those pockets of locally heavy downpours, mostly light to moderate rain through the rest of this evening. this little line showing up in the rater simulation along the cold front driving this whole system. once that ministry we see the heaviest rain coming in again but still lingering off and on showers through the rest of tonight and into early tomorrow morning. scattered showers are possible for the early morning commute before the sun comes up. showers should move off to the east but the roads will still be wet with leftover puddles. allow extra time for the morning commute. the good news is the wind will not be as strong as it is right now. adding up the rain we're talking about 1 inch of total rain on top of what is accumulated, we got closer to 1 1/2 inches for the santa cruz mountains.
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wind gusts are strong. 20 miles per hour inland 30 to 40 miles per hour along the coast remaining the case as we have through the rest of this evening and into the early overnight hours. late tonight into tomorrow morning, the wind won't be as much of a factor. wind turns to the northwest, they are not going to be as strong with strongest gusts up to around 20 miles per hour. nothing that will move you around too much. the rain chances increase again as we head into the second half of the weekend and early next week. lingering showers early tomorrow, then we dry out through saturday. there is a chance for showers on sunday, north of the golden gate and right along the coast. a better chance mason sunday night but the best chance is going to be monday, tuesday, and even lingering into wednesday as yet another atmospheric river will take aim at the bay area. are atmospheric river scale from 1 to 5, the last one was a 2 to 3, this one looks like a 2. week by atmospheric river standards but still could bring up to 3 inches of rain into the
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bay area. temperatures are in the low 50s, the rain will cause you problems if you have any outdoor activities in the evening. dropping down into the 40s, that blanket of cloud overhead in the 30s. high temperatures tomorrow still a few degrees below normal reaching mostly into the middle portion of the 50s. there is rain chances don't change a lot especially with our dry break for most of the bay area. most of the day on sunday. rainy patterns backup monday, tuesday, and wednesday that will be for the whole day area. the heaviest rain is going to be monday, monday night and tuesday. we will refine the timing on that as we get closer to next week, but we are focused on the rain falling right now. i have another rain update coming up at 6:00. synthesis go projecting a budget surplus for the first time in decades. so, what worked? the mayor has grand plans including a rescue for the tenderloin. we will take a look at part of that.
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everyone needs health insurance. covered california is making sure more people can get it. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more californians get covered. check now to see your new lower price. enroll by december 31st. bay area mobile home parks can be more affordable but they
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are also highly vulnerable to the soaring price of real estate. >> some mobile homeowners in the south bay are mounting an effort to take control of their homes. john ramos has the story. >> reporter: residents of this mobile home park in san jose got a scare that they may all be thrown out of their homes. they went to city hall and won a victory, not just for themselves but for every mobile home owner in the city. >> reporter: two years ago, homeowners in the west windsor mobile home park got this letter from park management saying the property owners were giving their lease extensions, possibly displacing over 720 households and over 1600 residents. >> we were alarmed. we said we got to do something to protect our work. >> this is the last thing you would want to do, to take this out of our inventory because we do not have enough affordable housing at all. >> reporter: mobile homeowners are in a tough spot, since they own a home but not the land under it. moving out would mean moving
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the house as well. so, residents formed a homeowners group and petition to city hall. in march, they one. the city created a mobile home only zoning not just for westwind, but every mobile home park in town. >> we are looking for the security of knowing that our homes will not be sold out from underneath us. >> reporter: knowing the cities protection could one day be reversed, the westwind homeowners are working to form a co-op that would buy the park , making the residents co- owners of the land itself. paul bradley heads up a nonprofit that helps mobile home owners form co-ops. >> when homeowners step up to purchase the community, they are removing this property from the speculative real estate market and removing the profit motive from the operation of the community. >> the co-op effort has a long way to go, building its membership and attracting investors, but, they hope one day that this place they call home will be something that no one can take away from them. in san jose, john ramos, kpix
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5. san jose now has a special zoning laws, but most cities do not, leaving mobile homeowners vulnerable if the property is targeted for redevelopment. right now at 6:00, another round of rain is moving into the bay area. not so heavy as earlier this week but steady rain is moving in just in time for the evening commute. i will track it in the forecast. emergency police action to fight crime incentives discuss tenderloin. we ask, how will it really work, and what is different this time? suspects arrested and dozens of robberies targeting asian women. what san jose police say was key in finding this group. good evening, i'm allen martin. >> and juliette goodrich in for liz. we start with the latest rain hitting the bay area just in time for the evening commute in some places. >> looking live outside now, the rain moved into the north bay, first. it will push through the bay area as we go through the
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night. >> here is a view for drivers along 101 and the northbay. a slick drive home for people traveling through petaluma. live in the east bay, on and off windshield wipers as well. this is a look along northbound 680 in san ramon. >> chief meteorologist paul heggen is here to break down the timing of our next round of wet. >> moving in as we speak it hasn't rained everywhere yet in san jose they are still waiting as you do for the rain to climb over the santa cruz mountains. but, we begin to see rain through the rest of this evening. you can see there are gaps in between the individual showers, so it will not rain everywhere all the time but it will be a generally wet evening. the heavy rain so far has been north of the golden gate but there are some breaks in the action around santa rosa at the moment. the heaviest rain is moving through eastern napa county on its way to solano county. another batch of moderate rain about to move on shore in san francisco, breaking right over the bay but then there is rain over the oakland hills and into the tri-valley along 680 as we showed you from our driving live shot.


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