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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  December 16, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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on pace with the great winter of 2016-2017, which was right on the heels of another great drought. >> that is what happened in 2017. we made up a whole drought in the wettest year on record that was 2017. >> reporter: but a strong start is no guarantee of future performance. what we see in november and december is not predictive of what january, february, and march will bring. >> if you look at the statistics, you see very little correlation. >> reporter: it is a great start that has to keep going, something on the scale of 2017, because most of california's major reservoirs are still to badly depleted. >> we are having a great year in terms of precipitation so far. in terms of snowpack, an okay year so far. >> reporter: snowpack is california's largest reservoir. it is what keeps water moving into this reservoir once the
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winter winds down. the first snow survey will come up early next year. wilson walker, kpix 5. >> the key is so far. the good news we have heard more rain is on the way. paul heggen will be along in 15 minutes to timeout the next system. santa clara county just detected new cases of omicron and it is becoming a growing concern across the world. joining us live now is dr. art reingold, the head of epidemiology at uc berkeley school of public health. thank you for joining us. are you seeing in your studies the same thing mother there are signs pointing to a winter omicron surge, the next variant that we are talking about? >> omicron is definitely here in california. it is here in the united states, and it is pretty much everywhere, and rising rapidly. it is important to point out to people that whether it is delta or omicron, we have some tools that we should be using to try
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to reduce hospitalizations and deaths, and it really doesn't matter whether it is omicron or delta. some of the answers are pretty much the same, but making predictions about this winter, yes, i think we will have lots of covid-19. >> let's get to omicron mother topic of discussion across all news agencies, and that is what people are thinking about right now. what do we know about it, or what don't we know? is there evidence to believe that it's more dangerous than other variants? are people getting sicker? >> we know it is more transmissible, so we can expected to grow rapidly over the next few weeks in terms of how many infections it is causing. what we don't know is the answer to your very important question, how sick does it make people compared to delta or the other variants. but we don't know terribly well yet is whether it is going to resist our vaccine -induced immunity any better than the
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other variants do. >> still the focus has been to go out, get your booster, get vaccinated. i want to talk a bit about how these vaccines work. we've talked about it for the past year since they came out. they aren't necessarily meant to stop you from testing positive for the virus. they are meant to keep you from getting super sicker in the hospital, right? >> that is true for the covid- 19 vaccines. that's exactly right. there are other diseases where the vaccines prevent you from getting infected or sick in the first place, but the coronavirus vaccine is not one of them. the early hope that we could achieve herd immunity mother the vaccine if we could get into 70 to 80% of people would be enough to stop transmission, that turns out not to be true of this virus and these vaccines, correct. >> is there a chance with the way omicron spreads, is there a
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chance that we could eventually get into a more pandemic situation with coronavirus, in that not only are more people vaccinated, but more people have had covid, and that could be the end of this, or more tolerable, right? >> talking about it being endemic basically means, like some of the other coronavirus is, it is constantly here, but at a low level. it is possible with the covid- 19 virus. i think what you are referring to is related to that, which is if we have a lot of circulation of the virus, we will have more people immune, and that will help tamp down the cases. that is certainly possibly the case, but the problem with achieving population immunity that way is that even if only a tiny percentage of the people who get infected get really sick and end up in the hospital and die, that can still be an
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awful lot of people getting sick and dying who did not need to. >> and it can be a burden on the medical community and hospitals, no question. thank you so much, always a pleasure. happy holidays. the former facebook manager and was a bowler is how can got a new book dale. she leaked thousands of internal documents accusing facebook of caring more about money than public safety. her publisher says that her memoir will offer a critical examination of the social media company. the facebook ceo zuckerberg has called her claims false. we are learning new details about what led up to the killing of a tesla employee in the parking lot of the fremont plant. we have poured over the charging documents for suspect anthony solima. he is a tesla employee accused of ambushing and killing his coworker on monday. the documents claim solima announced he was quitting the factory on monday morning. then , he allegedly left to retrieve an ar 15 ghost gun
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rifle with no serial number. he allegedly then returned to the factory. investigators say he waited for 42-year-old lee bracer to get off of work before shooting him in the back of the head. authorities say they had argued on the day of the murder. solima was arraigned today and charged with murder. 4 months after a deadly house party shooting in sunnyvale, a teenager is under arrest accused of murder. they took 18-year-old shawn andrew james junior into custody yesterday. they also recovered several handguns and ammunition. investigators say the suspect was 17 years old when he opened fire at a house party on navarro drive back in august. two people were shot and one died. the suspect faces several charges including murder and attempted murder. the motive is still unclear. looking live at our bay
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area bridges, more federal money is on the way to maintain bay area roads and bridges. california will receive $4.9 billion. it is part of the bipartisan infrastructure bill signed into law by president biden last month. looking live at sfo, tsa is warning of busy days across u.s. airports soon. they say next thursday, december 23, through monday january 3 will be among the busiest this year. over the thanksgiving holiday, the tsa screened nearly 21 million passengers, about 89% of pre-pandemic levels. it is not unusual to call the exterminator about pests in your basement or crawlspace, but imagine finding out the pasts are actually bears. >> reporter rachel kim on the mother bear making herself comfortable underneath one southern california home. >> reporter: in a 2.5 foot crawlspaceer jerry's monrovia home, this mother bear and her cub has made a home for themselves. he first noticed them in his
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yard monday morning. >> i looked out the window and checked the cover on the crawlspace, and it had been dislodged. her back the mama bear and her cub have been in the crawlspace before and have left shortly afterwards. he believes this time they have no plans to leave anytime soon, because mama bear has been grabbing plans and clumps of grass like this and taking them down into the crawlspace to make a warm nest for herself and her cub. >> my guess is that she is going to have a baby, but i don't know for sure. >> reporter: he called police to see if they could help relocate the bears. >> they checked with the wildlife people and their suggestion was that if i wanted to discourage them to use ammonia, put it on some rags. >> reporter: the department of fish and wildlife tells me they are now starting to see bears making themselves at home and crawlspace more often, like this one in lake tahoe.
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the bears are searching for dents for the cold months ahead, and some are choosing a house instead of a natural 10. >> i'm worried they make a mess. they tear up the insulation. i know that has already happened. i'm afraid that they will tear electrical wires. >> reporter: they have been coming and going, because he is finding the covers and cinderblocks displaced. >> i know the mother bear is still here. i heard them making noise this morning. >> reporter: fish and wildlife officials say that if you have unwelcome bears under your house, fill out the wildlife incident report on their website to have someone come out, and make sure to keep your crawlspace is sealed tightly. >> i will make sure they are out when i close it. >> reporter: rachel kim. up next, the crackdown that could be coming for a red-hot industry, changing the way people shop this holiday season. the man who shot to fame playing mr. big responding to
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sexual assault allegations. i am max darrow and mill valley. look at all this water. isn't it wonderful? but is it enough to end water restrictions in marin county. >> it's easy to confuse a momentary blip
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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the buy now pay later industry is red-hot. >> federal regulators could be cracking down. a consumer watchdog is launching a probe into those programs. the company's include a firm and after pay. they are worried about how quickly customers can pile on debt, and how the companies use customer data. these programs saw a massive jump in customers during this year's black friday and cyber monday. the biden administration is warning we are all at increased risk of cyber attacks during
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the holiday season. >> people are going online because they are spending money , it is attractive to people. it is attractive to criminals to try to take advantage of you. still the favorite password for most people in the world is 1 2 3 4 5 6 7. >> we often see breaches around national holidays. business leaders are being warned to beef up cyber security measures, including using multifactor authentication. coming up, a trampoline goes flying, semi is toppled, and trash twisters. the wild weather from the rockies to the midwest. coming up tonight on the "cbs evening news" -- we are seeing long lines at covid testing sites as americans prepare to celebrate christmas with loved ones, and we will update on prof
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new at 5:00, the actor who plays mr. big is denying sexual assault allegations. two women spoke to the hollywood reporter claiming he assaulted them in 2005 and 2015. chris noth is knowing four starting starring in "sex and the city" show. the hp imax serious "and just like that..." encourage them to come forward. he has denied statements calling them categorically false. we're learning the cause of death for all 10 people in connection with the astroworld
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music festival in houston. medical examiners revealed all of them died from complexion asphyxia. they were among 50,000 who attended the travis scott november music festival. the youngest victim was 9 years old. others range in age from 14 to 27. dozens of lawsuits have been filed over injuries and deaths at the concerts. vance surged towards the stage squeezing people so tightly they couldn't breathe or move their arms. a tragic story out of australia now. five children have died and four others are in critical condition after falling from a bounce house during high wind. witnesses say it was a sunny day mama and the wind was not that strong mama but a sudden gust ripped the castle from its pegs and lifted it more than 30 feet into the sky. the children who died were sixth-graders. it was a distressing scene that brought some officers to tears.
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>> on a day when these children were meant to be celebrating their last day of primary school, instead we are mourning their loss. >> at this time of year, it breaks your heart. >> a police investigation is underway. counseling is being offered to family, friends, teachers, witnesses, and first responders. now to the wild weather slamming the heartland. >> unprecedented storms are creating chaos over parts of the countries. hurricane force winds across the rockies and plans resulted in everything from sandstorms to tipped over trees and toppled trailer trucks. >> nebraska state troopers released this dash cam video showing a driver of a semi truck is in control, blown over like a toy. we are told the driver was not hurt. not the case in kansas, where high wind led to deadly crashes. three people killed as hurricane force wind whipped up
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dust storms. they also knocked over at least four semi trucks. visibility, 0 in some areas. >> and this video in wichita shows a strong wind picked up a backyard trampoline and throw it over a families fence. the wind was so wild they even ripped the roof right off of a highway patrol training center. no word of any injuries. one colorado neighborhood suffered a unique severe weather affect. it became ground 0 for trash tornadoes. arvada, colorado? arvada colorado, policy expert, littered with trash thanks to gail force gusts that blasted a nearby landfill. >> trash looks like a tornado. i got pelted with paper in the face. >> the residents are working together to collect the trash and belongings scattered throughout their neighborhood. is this yours are yours?
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>> that is no fun. >> that is one of the suburbs of denver in the front range of the rocky mountains. they can get some gusty downslope wind. look at the wind and hail and tornado reports through the middle of the country associated with that storm system yesterday. this is remarkable, kansas, nebraska, iowa, wisconsin, and some of these were occurring over areas that had snow on the ground. at one point yesterday we had severe thunderstorm warnings and tornado warnings for areas that had more than a few inches of snow on the ground at the time. a remarkable weather event. let's move closer to home. we will take a look at the headlines, what you need to know as we head into the weekend before christmas. tonight, nothing to worry about. mostly clear and cold conditions. cool and dry conditions continue through sunday. we get a few days for the latest round of rain to soak into the soil.
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then the rain returns to the forecast next week. we need more, because we got the latest update from the u.s. drought monitor today, zero change. it needs to percolate before we see any improvement in that regard. in terms of next week's rain chance, it is associated with an atmospheric river. this will be fairly low on the scale, but the one had earlier this week was an ar-3. this one looks like an ar-2 as well. let's add up the rain using forecast models. take this with a significant grain of salt, but one .5 to 3 inches of rain on a widespread basis. san jose, you can probably cut that number in half, but in the santa cruz mountains my higher elevations of the north bay my likely 3 to 5 inches. it is a tricky weather pattern. we will run through it again coming up at 7:00. the details are still fuzzy at this point. outside towards downtown, looks good. temperatures today, not bad. mid to upper 50s. low 50s along the coast.
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tomorrow we knock off a few degrees, but a nice day overall. upper 40s and some spots to 48 degrees in palo alto, petaluma, and fairfield. inland, temperatures will drop down to the low to mid 30s by early tomorrow morning with low 40s along the bay and coast. we will struggle to warm-up, even with plenty of sunshine throughout the day. we will zoom in for a closer look. they won't be much variation, regardless of along the coast, the bay, or inland. low to mid 50s. the cool spots in the tri- valley topping off right around 50 degrees. the warmest spots, mid-50s. temperatures won't change a whole lot as we head into the weekend. if we have any stuff to get done before christmas, things are looking good. the next chance of showers moves in monday, late in the day. the better chance of rain at this point looks like tuesday
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and wednesday of next week. i emphasize at this point, because with that tricky weather pattern shaping up, we will have to adjust the forecast as we head into the last few days before the holiday. dog walking forecast as 6:00. some tahoe residents are spending another day without heat after the back-to-back storms. how they are dealing with the fitted conditions. closing arguments are underway in the trial of elizabeth holmes. the latest from the courtroom as each side makes her final pitch to the jury. a badly needed vaccine clinic back in business. the alameda county residents getting a big boost. still ahead at 5:00, her home won't stop flooding. this is bay woman is fed up, desperate for help. why she blames caltrans. tonight at 7:00 on kpix 5, especially designed operating room where surgeons use an experimental gene therapy on a handful of children . before
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the surgeries, these kids couldn't walk, talk, or even hold their heads up. that has all changed. >> now she can walk independently, which is amazing. >> we were astonished by the results. >> see for yourself the amazing results, and how doctors are studying
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emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency.
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the recent rain has become a repeat nightmare for any spare family. their place flooded not once, not twice, three times in recent weeks. kpix 5's andria borba on why they are blaming caltrans. >> reporter: all of the water you see coming out of the system is coming out of teresa mendoza's basement. she says for the third time in seven weeks, and she says caltrans in action is to blame. >> the waters not draining. >> reporter: this is teresa's backyard. >> when we were kids, my brothers and i would play down here, rollerskate. >> reporter: and this is the basement of the home she still lives in with her elderly parents. the water line is 2 feet up the wall, and teresa says this is the culprit. >> the other side of our fence is a caltrans drainage ditch that is on the side of the freeway off ramp. >> reporter: in 2000, she started finding tickets with caltrans to get the ditch and culvert off of interstate 580 cleared, and the system works pretty well and the homestay to
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dry. >> 2018-19, they got a new system and closed my request for cleaning. with the pandemic and everything, there was nothing done in 2020 or 2021 as far as clearing the ditch. >> reporter: then came the atmospheric river on october 24, than monday's event and last night soaking rain. each one flooded the home. >> i have called caltrans numerous times since the october event. i got no response. >> reporter: a caltrans crew finally showed up this afternoon while we were there. teresa hopes things change, and she doesn't happen to keep renting sump pumps. >> i want caltrans to take responsibility and address the root of the problem. clearing the ditch behind my house is a temporary fix, because the problem seems to stem them something in the culvert underneath. >> reporter: she hopes something is done before the next storm hits. we have reached out to caltrans about her situation today.
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they said they are aware of it and looking into it. in oakland, andria borba , kpix 5. right now on kpix 5, and streaming on cbsn bay area my health officials in the south bay with a warning about the omicron variant. their game plan for fighting a winter surge. >> what i see is perhaps one of the most challenging moments that we have had get in the pandemic. the badly needed vaccine clinic back in business. the people getting boosted just in time for the holidays. a rush of water after our second atmospheric river, rising reservoirs, but no one is ready to call off the drought just yet.
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we will start with a stark covid warning. santa clara county's public health director says looking ahead, she sees a delusion of omicron. >> kpix 5's shawn chitnis on what that warning really means. >> reporter: the santa clara county public health says the vaccine alone is not enough. they say the booster dose is going to play a crucial role in fighting the omicron variant as we get ready for the winter , and they warned that we could see cases explode without the proper defense. >> i know many people affected by this. actually, both of my roommates just got it. i thought it was best to get it before another vaccine wears off. >> reporter: people of all ages were at the fairgrounds in santa clara county to get there vaccine shot, many for a booster. part of the response the health department wants to see as a new variant spreads rapidly. >> when i look around the corner ahead, what i see is a delusion about micron. >> reporter: 10 cases confirmed today, and samples of it found in this sewer system across the county


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