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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  December 17, 2021 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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. >> streaming on cbsn bay area power outages hitting san francisco leaving the ferry building in the dark. how the aftermath of the storm is still having an impact. right now, san francisco getting hit with post storm power outages. chopper five spouted pg&e crews outside the ferry building along the embarcadero, working to restore power. outages first reported around 8:30 today in the financial district impacting 2100 people. live look at the pg&e outage map you can see outages mainly centered in hill, lower hill financial district, parts of soma and the east cut.
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the cause still under investigation however the storm caused a lot of water to flood underground vaults, forcing pg&e workers to pump water in order to access equipment. looking live at this euro tahoe ski resort, piles of fresh powder, perfect ski weekend after the storm dumped more than 6 feet of snow in higher elevations. looking live at the golden gate bridge, clear conditions over the bay area right now barely any clouds insight but a very chilly morning. are we in for a cold weekend? >> we are for sure. of a cold start to the day tomorrow morning i will show you in just a minute. you can see a look at beautiful skies and the santa clara valley right now. here's what you can expect afternoon sunshine, highs low to mid-50s and another cold night ahead into tomorrow morning. hour by hour temperatures again low to mid-50s for daytime highs with sunshine. temperatures plummet as we head
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through tonight into tomorrow morning. looking at temperatures to the 40s and 30s likely some freezing locations as well especially inland valleys as we look ahead to tomorrow morning. talk about what you can expect for the weekend and tracking a series of storm systems we will talk about when we see the return of rain, coming up. in thein the past hour the governor unveiled a 250 million- dollar plan to fight rampant retail theft. >> the governor is talking tough saying the plan is the real deal giving a quarter billion dollars in grants to help advance efforts in the arrest and prosecution of people who commit these retail crimes. we talked about it minutes ago. >> the solution to all these problems is not just a law enforcement only approach. we would be naive to suggest it excludes law enforcement. it is both and i want folks to know we are not walking back on
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her commitment in the state to advance comprehensive reforms, we are not walking back in the state to right the wrongs of the past. we are not walking back as it relates to the rules and regulations established by voters and others that i believe are sound and right. i want folks to know that clearly. we also have to recognize this moment we are in but we have to recognize people's fears and anxieties but the focus is on high retail and highly organized theft. newsom said this went establishing a team investigating and prosecuting 20 million used specifically for district attorney's across the state, another 25 million for gun buyback programs and tens of millions for small businesses victims of these crimes. millions more will aid drug operations on the border from of these efforts and investments from the state level will aim to help local jurisdictions fight fear and crime. brash acts are instilling
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fear in merchants and business owners and in customers in the wider community especially at a time now when people are out. >> the governor's move comes days after oakland mayor libby schaaf request newson help trap troublemakers. also earlier this week they launched emergency police intervention in san francisco's tenderloin neighborhood. with all the efforts, local, regional, state leaders want to choke crime at the core. >> i am sure retailers hope the same. thank you. now to the coronavirus the first case of the omicron variant has been detected in marin county. public health officials say the person has mild symptoms. they recently traveled from the east coast and is fully vaccinated, but had not received a booster. the county has detected low levels in several ways across the county. people are urged to get booster shots. in thein the past 10
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minutes we learned a motorcyclist died in a crash on vanness avenue in san francisco. chopper five spotted the police investigation shutting down vanness near sutter street from the crash happened just after 9:45. the mta warning drivers to avoid the area. a tragic story out of pittsburgh from police say three children in stable condition after suffering possible exposure to carbon monoxide. police responded to a home on vincent street, just after 7:00 last night, wear a woman was found dead. the three children were taken to a hospital. pg&e crews detected a high level of carbon monoxide in the house. looking live, christmas just eight days away. today expected to be one of the busiest days for holiday travel at sfo. how traffic is looking this afternoon. >> this holiday season looking different than 2020 longer lines with people rushing to catch flights. if you have a flight scheduled
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today preparation is key. from bag check into tsa line sues were scenes at sfo during the early part of the day. >> early in the morning and i wasn't expecting this. >> sfo spoke person said they are anticipating up to 55,000 passengers departing sfo from the security checkpoints today limitless than the roughly 86,000 they saw pre-pandemic on the busiest day during the holidays and 2019. but significantly more than 2020. >> last holiday season we only saw 20% of pre-pandemic activity levels. very little activity last holiday season whereas nelson's thanksgiving we've been seeing about 60%-65% of pre-pandemic activity. >>reporter: with rising covid cases in the u.s. and concern over the omicron variant, families are trying to stay as safe as possible while also trying to enjoy the holiday season. >> i took a rapid test and
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probably take one when i come when i go back to my house. >> trying to get plenty of please, vitamins, wear a mask he pans clean trying to keep 6 feet and you are part. >> we all got boosted and they got vaccinated. >> as protected as we can be. >>reporter: passengers don't only need to prepare by bringing masks. you also have to come with patients and enough time before your flight. >> give yourself two hours for domestic flight three hours minimum for international flight. >>reporter: even with long lines, travelers today, happy to soon be able to spend time with loved ones. >> visiting my dad and family. >> was last time you saw them? >> about three years. >>reporter: also excited to be going to the happiest place on earth. >> this is our second day going to disneyland. >> reporter: kpix5. >> hearing today for the los gatos woman accused of holding
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alcohol fueled sex parties for teens. she's appearing before a judge in san jose. prosecutors say for about one year she hosted drunken teen parties where she encouraged nonconsensual sex acts between the teens. she's facing 39 charges from felony child endangerment to providing alcohol to minors. also in san jose the defense resumed its closing arguments today in the liberal elizabeth holmes perrinelle's fraud trial. for three months of testimony and 32 witnesses a jury could get the case today. the judge says he expects to read the jury instructions by 2:00. he is accused of misleading investors for financial gain about her company's blood testing technology. we will have continuing coverage tonight on kpix5. san francisco residents suing to reopen slow streets in golden gate park and on the great highway. the city is violating laws that require equal access to roads. closures began at the start of the pandemic.
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and were meant to encourage walking and biking but not have the devon have a dozen plaintiffs save vehicle traffic creates too many headaches for drivers and makes access especially difficult for people who are disabled. the warriors tightening entry requirements here and what you need to know, plus will the a's stay
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. live look now at wall street. the dow is down about 376
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points. san francisco's chase center updating covid entry requirements for young fans, fans ages 2-11 need to provide a negative covid test result for an antigen test within 24 hours of the event start time or 48 hours for a pcr test. they will start enforcing the policy tonight for the metallica concert. fans 12 and older cannot attend without more than 1000 and if it with more than 1000 people unless fully faxed his. warriors next game under good- looking. an exhaustive final environmental impact report on the howard terminal all part proposal. a key step in the effort to build a new stadium. the city planning commission will hold a public hearing. they report next month ahead of a final vote from city council. as for the coliseum site a developer and leaders showed off their vision yesterday which includes 30,000 jobs that start at $15 an hour.
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some petitions some positions go to teenagers no they include construction, engineering, maintenance, security and retail. heads up 49er fans a traffic advisory issued for surrounding streets near levi stadium ahead of 49ers game on sunday against the falcons. if you're headed out heads up things to look out for, tasman drive close starting 1:30 a.m. on sunday right in front of levi stadium. plan for that. creek trail closure and effect underway at 8:35 sunday morning patent that will affect your drive as well. gates open up at 11:05 kick off at 1:05 so keep that in mind also the usual stuff heading out to levi stadium. busy conditions on 237, 101, 880 and with street closures you might not have all the options you usually do so make sure you plan ahead or skip roadways altogether. use vta, caltrain or barked,
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great ways to get down to levi stadium in santa clara and of course is always go niners. time now for weather with the mary lee going to be a beautiful but cold weekend. >> for sure looking at quiet conditions catching a break from the rain today and through the weekend and it's going to get cold once again tomorrow morning tonight into tomorrow. live look with the salesforce tower camera across the bay mostly sunny skies out there check out temperatures at lunchtime upper 40s to low to mid-50s. that ridge of high pressure in control. through the weekend catching a break from the rain the next few days. temperaturewise low to mid-50s for daytime highs this afternoon as we look to next week tracking a series of storm system that will bring widespread rain, rain chances every single day next week. as we look ahead to next week, with the series of storm system speaking anywhere from 3- 5
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inches of rain, much you to rainfall for the bay area and long range weather models with rain chances for christmas day. we have a better idea as we get closer to it. sense of 4:52 sunrise 7:19 a.m. snow report we have seen several feet of snow this week in the sierra. just yesterday new snow amounts about a foot and a half, 18 inches at norstar. looking at royal mountain, 16 inches of new snow look at mostly sunny skies today through the weekend even in the sierra. and of course fighting niners taking on the atlanta falcons. for sunday kickoff lead ice levi stadium 54 degrees sun and clouds so bring the jacket it will be chilly out there. seven day forecast san francisco oakland san jose drive to the weekend rain returns as we look ahead to next week. northbay and coast clouds by the end of the weekend and then we go with rain as we look to next week. the storm door wide open as we
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look to next week and even line the chance for rain on christmas day. >> christmas day. christmas rain. thank you so much. >> up next, new fallout from sexual assault allegations against the man who played mr. big. new accusations from an actress who worked with him. we will have extended comments from mayor london breed on declaring a state of emergency in the tenderloin, coming up, and 1:00 hour. find us on kpix .com or the kpix app also on the cb
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. new fallout for the actor known for playing mr. big on sex and the city, asked her after chris noth has denied sexual allegations by two women from an actress who starred with him on law and order is calling him a sexual predator. jericka duncan explains. >>reporter: in her account to the hollywood reporter, zoey says in 2004 he her at his los angeles apartment. so we sat shield stop but he laughed at her, after the incident the report so she received medical treatment and
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counseling. lilly said she went to his new york city apartment in 2015. she says after a night of drinks he invited her to his home where he her, he denied both allegations saying they are categorically false adding no always means no put that is a line i did not cross. the encounters were consensual. the 67 -year-old has started an iconic shows like law and order, and has a role on the cbs show the equalizer, but he is most famous for his role as mr. big on sex and the city. >> promotions for the sequel and just like that is what prompted the women to share their stories. >> i'm just looking at you spent allegations in 2004 and 2015 but what does that say. >> with the hollywood reporter was trying to do is show that there appears to be a pattern of behavior. this isn't something that allegedly happened with one woman, one time. now it also opens up the
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question if other women will come forward. >>reporter: hours after the article was published, actress zoe listserv jones posted on instagram about her experiences working with him filming an episode of law and order criminal intent back in 2005. jones is not one of the women from the hollywood reporter article. in her post she says he was a sexual predator she wrote he was drunk on set and when she worked at a new york city club she alleges he was consistently sexually inappropriate. he has not responded to the most recent allegations by jones and cbs entertainment said it is not responding to inquiries and palatine said they are pulling a commercial starring noth. the los angeles police department said it is also looking into the report. storm coming up, next a final check of weather and how soon we could see rain again. a special holiday tree with very
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some of the pandemics has changed a lot of things for people getting food and having access to it is no different. it's extremely difficult for one in five people to have access to meals. door dash doing a lot in our community to make them more accessible for people.
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tell us about your donation. >> i'm so excited to be here on behalf of door dash. i get to present this big check, but this check is not like other checks. this is 80,000 deliveries permit that represents all the work we've done with the san francisco san francisco marin food bank to provide convenient and dignified access to food for local delivery for social impact initiative project but also represents our commitment to continue expanding this work with the food bank through the next 80,000 deliveries and beyond from here very likely to have such inspiring partners in her hometown of san francisco. >> what an impact it makes for people who live in the san francisco area of what does this mean to the food bank getting a donation like this? >> this 80,000 deliveries is 1.5 million meals not something, way more people than we can feed in this delivery program is very much in response to the pandemic. having partners like door dash helps us through these populations we wouldn't be able to otherwise. >> a lot of people homebound because of the pandemics are
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getting meals especially during the pandemic is so important two to for giving this great gift and for all the good it does for people in our community. if you're feeling like you want to give a monetary gift or time, learn more kpix .com/gift. you know them from tv and broadway come here from singer and actor darren chris on his new holiday projects including a performance in his hometown of san francisco public that story and more at 3:00. one last check of weather. >> beautiful view of the golden gate on the sales force tower cam are looking at north plenty of sunshine out there. temperatures upper 40s low to mid-50s. and as we look to the rest of the afternoon low to mid-50s for the daytime highs. it's going to turn cold as we look tonight into tomorrow morning with morning lows down to the 30s and 40s to start off the day looking at quiet weather to the weekend san francisco, oakland, san jose next week.
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you spay and northbay as well as the coast looking at breaks in the rain through the weekend and we next week. >> thank you. some monkeys of the london zoo getting into the holiday spirit. they woke up with many stockings each filled with nuts and they had a blast. >> so cute! the little stockings. >> oh my goodness. his whole head is almost and there. that's it for the news we are around 24 sevenths cbsn bay area. our next newscast at
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♪♪♪ >> steffy: it just doesn't seem fair that brooke's demanding that dad should just allow deacon back into their lives, like how can any good come from that? it's just crazy to me. like-- what are we? what am i doing? wait a minute, what? you're here. you are here, my mom-- my mom is here and i should just be enjoying this moment with you. i should be so grateful instead of just wasting time on brooke. >> taylor: oh, honey, don't worry about it, please. you are just, you're just worried about your dad and his marriage because you are a kind and loving daughter. but honestly, i'm kind of worried, too,


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