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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  December 17, 2021 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. fighting crime and drug overdoses, the san francisco le se anthtest move to ke
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gavin newsom promises to get tough on retail theft, his plan that adds up to a quarter of $1 billion. getting out of town, you're not alone, a check on what could be the busiest day of the holiday travel season. thank you for joining us. i am kenny choi. new at 3:00 on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, san francisco mayor london breed declared a state of emergency in the trouble tenderloin neighborhood. >> the most important job that i have as mayor is that, when people walk down the streets of san francisco, they should feel safe. >> the state of emergency declaration will allow city officials to waive certain laws to quickly address the rising number of deadly fentanyl overdoses and crimes in the neighborhood and the board of supervisors must ratify it within the next week. gavin newsom was in the east bay to unveil a $250
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million plan to fight rampant retail theft. justin andrews breaks it down for us. >> reporter: the governor is talking tough, giving 250 main dollars to fight retail crime theft. >> the solution is not just a law enforcement only a approach but we would buy me be nacve to say it excludes law- enforcement. we are not walking back on our commitment in this state to advance comprehensive reforms, we are not walking back, in the state, to right the wrongs of the past, we are not walking back, is the rules and relations that i believe are sound. but we also have to recognize this moment we are in and we have to recognize fear and anxiety. >> reporter: the focus is on high retail thefts as governor
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newsom says it will establish a team focused on investigating and prosecuting $20 million will be used specifically for district attorneys for prosecution across the state, and $25 million for gun buyback programs, and tens of millions of dollars will help small businesses who are victims of the crimes. millions more will help in drug operations on the border, these efforts from the state level will help local jurisdictions fight fear and crime deliverance. >> the brash acts are instilling fear in the merchants, our business owners, and in the customers and our wider community, especially when people are out. >> reporter: with the efforts from local and state leaders, everyone is hoping this will hopefully get a clamp on crime. we brought you the news conference live on cbsn bay area , catch us streaming on or the mohammed nuru
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news app. for the former sentences go public works official has pled guilty to bribery and construction charges, this policy january federal complaint alleging long-running scheme involving bribes and kickbacks. mohammed nuru served from 2011 until the charges were brought against him. he was arraigned today and faces prison time and is set to formally enter the plea next month. power problems in parts of san francisco as we spotted pg&e crews outside the ferry building. this morning they were restoring electricity. the outages were reported around 8:30 this morning in the financial district and it impacted 2100 people. the utility told us that the cause is under investigation. for the recent storms caused water to flood underground vault which has forced pg&e workers to pump water as they try to restore power in order to access their equipment this morning.
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not far from the ferry building, crews were seen earlier extinguishing a vault fire near stewart and mission street, authorities say it has been put out but there are still some traffic delays and power outages in the area. let's take a live look from our salesforce tower camera looking east, dry and mostly clear this afternoon by get ready to bundle up. paul heggen is here with a look at the forecast. >> temperatures drop off tonight because of the combination, clear and dry, nothing to hold any heat near ground level and clear skies towards the golden gate with some fog developing by early tomorrow morning. that will not keep amateurs from dropping off as we are 6 and 9 degrees below average on sunday morning. freezing in san jose and upper- 20s for santa rosa. chilly temperatures but not record-setting as the record temperature in santa rosa tomorrow morning is 24 degrees. we will stay above that.
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not bad saturday afternoon, a pleasant weekend before christmas. we will look to the week before christmas which is looking wet, coming up in a few minutes. pittsburgh police say woman was found dead inside a home last night and three children were taken to the hospital with what appears to be carbon monoxide poisoning. the children are between the ages of six and 16. police say they are in stable condition. to bay area covid headlines , sonoma county confirmed its case of the omicron variant and marin county also has his first case as well. that person has mild symptoms and recent travel from the east coast and fully vaccinated but had not received a booster shot. also, health officials bay area wide released a joint statement urging anyone eligible to get the additional dose and the booster as soon as possible. starting today, the chase center is updating covid entry
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requirements for young fans . those ages two through 11 will have to provide a negative covid test result before entering . for and antigen tests, it needs to be administered within 24 hours of the event start time and for pcr test , the requirement is 48 hours. bcdc director says she will endorse the recommendation of a cdc panel that the moderna and pfizer vaccines are preferred over johnson & johnson's because of rare blood clotting cases and also said that any vaccination is better than none. dr. anthony fauci says that the u.s. is facing a double threat with the still surging delta strain and the new omicron variant which is now in all but one dozen states. i spoke with the face the nation host margaret brennan about what the experts are saying now into the holidays. >> so much of the strategy at this point relies on two things, vaccine and booster,
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also, testing. the availability and the use of tests, that is how the cdc will keep kids in school despite the surge, and it requires testing children twice a week. that is the model be cdc has, not clear it is readily available across the country, one of the topics we will be talking about. >> watch "face the nation" sunday mornings at 8:30 right here on kpix 5. looking live at sfo, with christmas just eight days away, today is expected to be one of the busiest days for holiday travel. jocelyn moran spoke with flyers about the rash and what you should know before you head out . >> reporter: from back check in to the tsa lines, this was sfo during the early part of the day. >> it is early in the morning and i were not expecting this many people. >> reporter: the sfo
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spokesperson says they anticipate 55,000 passengers departing sfo from the security checkpoints today, less than the roughly 86,000 they saw pre- pandemic on their busiest day during the holidays in 2019 but significantly more than 2020. >> the last holiday season we only saw about 20% of our pre- pandemic activity levels, very little activity last holiday season. now, we have been seeing about 60 to 65% of pre-pandemic opportunity. >> reporter: with concern over the omicron variant, families are trying to stay as safe as possible while also trying to enjoy the holiday season. >> i took a rapid test before i came home and i will probably take one when i go back to my house. >> we are trying to get plenty of sleep and loading up on vitamins, wearing our masks, keeping hands clean, keeping six feet. >> and we all got boosted and they just got vaccinated.
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>> as protected as we can be. >> reporter: passengers will have to come with patients and enough time before your flight. >> give yourself two hours for a domestic flight and three hours minimum for an international flight. >> reporter: even with long lines, travelers happy to spend time with loved ones. >> i am visiting my father and family. >> reporter: when was the last time you saw them? >> three years. >> reporter: happy to go to the happiest place on earth. >> our second day going to disneyland. >> let's check wall street as we close out the week, the dow plunging today, down 532 points, the nasdaq fell about 10, the s&p down 48. banks and tech companies helping to pull stocks down. still ahead, toys, treats, and other activities for children, details on a free winter wonderland you can check out this weekend.
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you know him from tv and broadway, here from singer and actor, darren criss , on his new holiday projects, including one back home here in
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parts of chinatown will be turned into a winter wonderland tomorrow for a holiday street celebration and toy giveaway. joining me lip is linda.
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tell us about the toys and activities for kids tomorrow. >> hello, kenny, thank you for having me today. as you know, chinatown has been devastated by the pandemic and now is the time for us to come together as a community to not only support each other but local businesses. we pride ourselves in san francisco, the oldest and largest chinatown in the entire country, so i am so happy to be able to present to you a chinatown celebration for the holidays. we have a lot going on this weekend. tomorrow, we have a train running through grand avenue in chinatown, it is snowing, we partnered up with the department of public health and the chinese hospital to provide free covid vaccinations for children ages five to 11 . there is so much going on. over 1000 underprivileged
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children will receive toys this weekend. we are really excited to do that for the community and encouraging the public to come out and support local businesses here in chinatown. >> it sounds great, all the things you are doing. we appreciate it and have fun with the children and trains, and the vaccinations, linda with imagine asian productions. again, the chinatown winter wonderland is tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. on grant avenue between clay and washington in san francisco. this next story is about someone familiar with san francisco, actor and singer, darren criss, has a new christmas album and an upcoming performance back here at home . >> ♪ everybody is waiting for the man with the back because christmas is coming again ♪ >> he is performing with the san francisco symphony on new year's eve.
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in an interview, he spoke with us about his new projects and hometown pride. >> we are excited to welcome you back to the bay area, your hometown. >> i am very excited. it is wild because i spent this entire year making this holiday album. so much of the sentiment baked into the cake of the music is my strong connection with holidays in san francisco. so, even though it is a new year show, it is still the holidays and we can do some songs from the album. it will be a nice way to cap off the entire year because of the amount of time i have spent meditating on my youth during the holidays in san francisco. i think doing the show with the san francisco symphony is a
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nice full circle moment for me. >> reporter: that is so cool. will this be the first time you have performed with the symphony? >> i have not done that before. i can't believe i get to do it. on a technical level, it is amazing because i have a huge orchestra, but on a personal level, the pageantry of an event like that on new year's eve is a wonderful nostalgic thing for me. i have been raised in a musical family in san francisco. i am really excited. >> streaming today on cbsn bay area, paul heggen is taking a closer look at the latest drop monitor. the water year and how long the range forecast is trending in our latest weather extra, catch it at four, 15 on or the kpix app.
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we are also on the cbs news app. to the weather, a ski weekend after several feet of new snow in the sierra. many resorts are in operation after some problems as palisades tahoe sent this picture of a beautiful inversion over lake tahoe this morning. >> fog light over the lake. >> beautiful. >> the weather should not cause problems for travel and perfect for skiing before more snow next week and more rain in the bay area. the snow report in tahoe, 3 inches of snow since yesterday with a base of 4 feet of snow and powdery conditions with 10 of the 34 lifts open. you know they will expand more and more of those as they pick up more and more snow. dry weather for now and the next storm system is looming, off to our northwest.
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same map, but we put some callers indicating the upper level flow in the atmosphere which directs the weather pattern. we go forward to what will be happening next week, things will shift as we will see this area of disturbed weather, storm system, we call that a cut off low, developing off the coast, cut off because it is cut off, separated from the main flow of weather, the jet stream that directs the weather across the northern hemisphere, it is cut off and that means it can do what it wants. sometimes they slowly drift from west to east, sometimes they actually backup, sometimes they stay stuck in place but this one looks like it will stay stuck in place but they are hard to predict. once it brings us rain, it will continue sending us rain and a good chance of rain tuesday and wednesday, again on thursday, the rain does not look like it is moving and we have the data turned on, it will be progressing but a wet forecast through the week before christmas, a wet forecast for christmas eve, a wet or cash
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for christmas day with more snow in the higher elevations in the high sierra and northern california. wet weather continue into the day after christmas. clear skies overhead not with cool temperatures, mostly low to mid-50s. 2 to 6 degrees cooler than at this point yesterday in most locations. tonight, chilly as the fog develops with some locally dense fog spilling in from the central valley through the delta and into the tri-valley, but also some dents bought in the north bay valley's. reluctant to diminish around fairfield. the stubborn fog will slow down your warm-up and chilly to start the morning with inland low to mid-30s and some upper- 20s and the north bay valley. low-40s along the coast. high temperatures tomorrow in the upper-40s and low-50s. several degrees below normal. we warm-up slightly on sunday, more cloud cover on monday but temperatures warm up as the
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winds turned to the south. once the rain chances arrived, they will stick around a while, not raining all day and all night tuesday through the christmas weekend, but waves of rain will continue moving in and we will track those with more detail in terms of the timing once we are closer to the pattern setting up. kenny? sorry, i am still talking, we have bright spots but this is from ray and juanita, this picture of their holiday decoration, we appreciate that. send us your decorations, tag us on social media with #kpix. a surprise in time for christmas. >> my heart feels so warm. >> the feel-good story of the moment after a mistaken delivery. that story is coming up. and you can help our neighbors in need by donating
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time or money in our food for bay area families drive, find out
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a delivery dilemma turned into a sweet surprise for the phoenix grandmother. >> on behalf of target and your local target store down the street, we will give these to you to give to your children. >> target employees made a
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visit to debra lewis' house to try to return six nintendo switch consoles that were delivered to her by mistake, but with no luck. when target found out, they said to keep them, she will indeed give them to her grandchildren but, because they live in chicago, she will double check the shipping label first. her grandkids will be happy for christmas. it is national ugly christmas sweater day and a uk designer is boasting the most expensive one of them all. the italian silk sweater is adorned with more than 150,000 -- 150 diamonds and 2000 surrounds the crystals. it will set you back a pretty penny, nearly $40,000. someone will have a good christmas. check out this commendation, skydiving and volcano, the
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daring, highflying feet coming up. we have a lot of news to cover, schools on alert across the country after threats of gun violence on social media. it is friday and we go on the road with the story of a mother's love and paying it forward. that is all coming up on the cbs evening news.
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coming up at 5:00, the next great telescope from nasa, we speak with an engineer about what the new observatory will show. and check out this death- defying feet in chile, a former air force pilot is the first person to skydive into and out of an active volcano. red bull capturing sebastian in this volcano which is nicknamed the devil's house, he had to gain an amazing amount of vertical speed and open his wing suit to propel himself back up and out. amazing. he had a short window of time to do it because of volcanic activity and harsh weather. would you if you had the skills? >> no. why would you do that? >> i would. >> really? >> it looks fun.
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and you can brag about it. >> it is a volcano, no. >> that will captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, covid threatens christmas cheer as more than 100 million americans head home for the holidays as cases skyrocket across the country. packed airports and long covid testing lines stretching blocks as health officials send a warning. >> for the unvaccinated, you're looking at a winter of severe illness and death. >> o'donnell: the the important news for parents: a setback for vaccinating kids under age 5, and the plan to prevent schools from shutting down. plus, with more than 100 n.f.l. players testing positive this week, tonight, the league post pons multiple games. police manslaughter trial: the former minnesota officer apologizes, saying she meant to pull her taser instead of her gun. >> i'm


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