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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  December 18, 2021 2:06am-2:33am PST

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this was one bold crime, a suspect steals a catalytic converter in traffic, the victim tracked this down to tell her story.>> it's so crazy, just a few feet away from me, i was working from home. >> it's about to get even colder, how though temperatures will go this weekend and when the rain returns.>> it makes me nervous, but i'm boosted. >> the impact that omicron is having on holiday travelers. discouraging news about vaccines for kids under five. it is the second time watching the same movie two
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days in a row, it's really good. >> we will show you why one of the biggest movie premieres ever could not have come at a better time for bay area businesses. i am alan martin. >> i am elizabeth cook, streaming on cbsn bay area, gone and 30 seconds. >> we showed you the video earlier this week about how quickly eight thief stole a catalytic converter right in front of the victims oakland home. >> maria cid medina spoke to her and the witness behind the camera and a kpix 5 exclusive. >> it's shocking, you don't think things will happen in front of your house when you're home. >> reporter: it took 25 seconds for the suspect to cut and run off with her catalytic converter, she is now out $6500 to >> so crazy, just a few feet away. i was working from home. >> reporter: in oakland in the middle of the afternoon on wednesday. just feet from monique and her husband, as well as a line of other drivers behind them.
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>> we call the police right away. >> reporter: the husband to cut his phone to capture the cesspit of the license plate. >> were you surprised how quickly they were able to do this? >> yes, the road like that.>> reporter: she discovered she could drive the car because of the missing part, she was watching kpix 5 when he story about a catalytic converter theft came across her screen. >> i said that's like me, and i look, that i might that's the car across the street, that's a tree outside, that's my car. [ laughter ]'s i couldn't believe it was my car. i got to see how they did it, within seconds. i am grateful for the people that caught the video, it is nice that we do look out for each other. >> i hope that the video helps them. >> reporter: mary reached out to us, she says the theft that took a few seconds may take weeks to repair because of a backlog of parts.
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it's a holiday she will never forget, and not for a good reason. >> i worked two jobs, we rent, we are newlyweds, and i take care of my mom who has dementia, it's really like i am a good person.>> reporter: we gave oakland police the cell phone video, they are investigating. despite the inconvenience caused by the theft, she said she hopes the suspects get rehabilitation rather than jail time. maria cid medina, kpix 5. looking live outside, it is cold outside, it's about to get even colder. >> let's bring in paul hagan, it looks like we will be in for another night of freezing temperatures? >> yes, temperatures will drop down to within shouting distance of freezing, some spots below, that is below average, 5-10 degrees below what is normal. dropping into the upper 20s in santa rosa, but none of the damages, chile as they are are
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record-setting, we will stay 4- 5 degrees above the record low temperatures, we will see locally dense fog developing by early saturday morning, where temperatures are below freezing, freezing fog can cause problems on bridges and overpasses, be careful if you are out and about saturday. the fog will be stubborn and reluctant to dissipate, temperatures will not warm up too quickly, especially in land in the east bay, then the next atmosphere river, the stripe of light blue will be the atmospheric river pushing towards the bay area by early next week, we will take a look at the details of that system coming up in a few minutes. in san jose, five homeless people died due to wet and cold conditions during the storms this week, the city is opening one warming center today, another on monday, they will stay open until the end of april. a live look now at sfo, which will only get busier the
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next two days, how the omicron variance is having an impact already on holiday travel lands. betty? >> reporter: we are headed into the busiest ridge of travel here at sfo leading to christmas, warnings of the "variance spreading across the country and the globe, travelers say they are being cautious. the holiday rush is on at sfo, but some are feeling uneasy. flying to new york. >> it makes me nervous but i'm boosted, my son is very good at wearing a mask. >> reporter: she has adjusted her vacation plans already. >> i'm not seeing a friend tomorrow because her boyfriend just tested positive, our plans are to stay in the house with family. >> reporter: as if it was expecting more than 50,000 travelers to fly out of the airport. it is still at least 10,000 fewer people per day during the pre-pandemic holiday weekend.>> if you are double vaccinated and boosted, how predicted are
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you against omicron? >> we don't have full information, the idea is you will significantly increase your protective ability, increase your armor against infection from omicron, but even with 2 doses, most people believe you will be protected from serious disease and hospitalization and death. >> reerbay area as officials expect more cases of a crime in the coming days and weeks, based on the exponential growth in europe. >> i am a physician and i work at stanford university. as long as you're being safe and following the precautions, getting vaccinated and boosted, having the kids vaccinated when they can and being civic gatherings, it is about as good as you can do.>> reporter: would you travel this holiday season? >> i would have no problems traveling domestically, but i probably would not travel internationally if i had a choice at this moment.>> reporter: at sfo, betty yu,
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kpix 5. marin county schools are distributing at home test kits to students and staff, county health officials are asking everyone to test before returning from the holiday break. meanwhile, the cdc is changing the guidance for unvaccinated students, they now say students exposed to coronavirus can remain in school but they must be tested twice in the following week and both tests must be negative. today, pfizer said it plans to try a third dose in the vaccine after >> than expected immune response. the family of an oakland man who died in police custody is suing the city of alameda, a former police chief and the three officers involved.>> oh! >> this was the scene back in april, officers pinning down 26- year-old mario gonzalez until he stopped reading and later died, officers and got reports
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of a man behaving strangely in the park, gonzalez's death has been ruled a homicide. the lawsuit is filed on behalf of his 5-year-old son. the city of alameda told kpix 5 that the loss of his life was indeed tragic, the city will defend itself, the former police chief and the named officers against the allegations. severances the police have made an arrest in connection with the murder of an afghan refugee late last month, ahmad yusufi, a father of three, shot and killed during a botched robbery attempt, three charges including robbery and possession of stolen property, the family says he was in san francisco drive for uber. still ahead, a welcome sight for bay area theaters, the seats packed with hiotionape i a lot. lisi>gi
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thelh whether thprosecutn succ its case. the dire warning about the future of the california cannabis industry, why the whole system could be on the brink
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new 11:00, the movie industry needs a hero, the latest spiderman movie, no way home. >> set to become the biggest opening of the year so far. >> kpix 5 in alameda, how they are hoping struggling theaters and any omicron worries. >> reporter: drawing big crowds to alameda theater and cineplex cut industry experts say spiderman no way home could break pandemic box office records at a time when theaters needed the most. the cedar owner says roughly 600 people packed this two- story afternoon screening of the latest spiderman movie, no way home. >> happy, sad, excitement.>> reporter: moviegoers say it was an emotional roller coaster.>> a lot of people left at the
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same time, people were like that, they clapped a lot. >> i cried a lot, like 46 times. >> reporter: given the sensation reviews, industry experts predicted could surpass $150 million in ticket sales, which would make a pandemic opening we can record. >> watching the same movie two days in a row. >> it is really good. >> 10 out of 10. >> reporter: for some, it was the first time in the theater during the pandemic. >> it was good to be back. >> reporter: theater owners worry the omicron variant could hurt box office returns. >> we've been vaccinated and boosted and tested recently. >> we are not as concerned, we have been doing everything we can to stay safe.>> reporter: kyle connor olnes alameda theater and cineplex, he says spiderman is the superhero the industry needs. >> salade crowds and consistent all day today.>> reporter: the national association of theater owners reports this year, movie
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theaters are pulling in 40% of what they did in 2019. >> encouraging to see activity like right now. >> reporter: whether or not it breaks any records, this movie is giving the theater industry positive momentum heading in to 2022. in alameda, kpix 5. don lamb. another big premier tomorrow, matrix resurrections, the stars of the movie, including kanner reeves and carrion moss, are expected to walk the red carpet at the castro theatre tomorrow, the fourth installment and the first in 18 years. the fate of the founder of theranos, elizabeth holmes, is that to conclude, investors knew they were getting into the defense said, the jury's instructions say the alleged victim's negligence is not a defense for wire fraud. all the defense needs to do is
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plant a seed of doubt in just one juror one expert says. >> would you be shocked if this ended in a hung jury?>> i wouldn't be shocked if they were undecided on some of the counts, but i think there is more than enough evidence in my opinion, to show that she knew and that these representations were misrepresentations, which is what the government alleges, which constitutes fraud. >> jury deliberations begin monday, and if convicted on all 11 counts, elizabeth holmes faces up to 20 years in prison. new at 11:00, the marijuana industry says that the california legal industries on the verge of collapse, executives and legalization advocates are pushing for immediate tax cuts and a rapid increase in the number of dispensaries. the office told the associated press that governor newsom supports cannabis tax reform
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and recognizes that the system needs to change. with the snow this week, crowds flocking to the mountains, now that resorts are open, and you can vent there is a lot of pent up demand, crowds and longer lines, and a time when resorts are struggling with labor shortages. for skiers and snowboarders, they are just happy to get back on the slopes. >> i'm stoked, it's looking like it's beginning to be a good year, i know we've had past years that were not so good but by the looks of it, we are getting skis on slope.>> beautiful, i've been waiting for this all season, i've had to go to colorado to get anything halfway decent, it's a nice change here. >> it's here and back.>> it will get even better, fantastic news for the resorts, and they will have a hard time turning the snow off next week. let's take a look at the latest ski report, such a change from last week. the latest storm dropped 2 feet of new storm snow, and better conditions than they were before the last latest snow
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barrages, six of the eight lives are open and conditions perfect to take advantage, dry weather over the weekend. no problems weather-wise until early next week. the next storm system developing off of the pacific coast, it's tricky, one of those cut off lows that remain separated from the main flow of weather across the northern hemisphere, it will send waves of rain into the bay area, the first of which looks like it will arrive on tuesday, i emphasize looks like because we are going to beach seeing some changes the data in the next few days, undoubtedly. we will keep you updated as it evolves. another wave of rain on wednesday and another on thursday, and another on friday. for christmas eve, and looking likely on christmas day, another one headed our way the day after christmas. even if we get half of the amount that the forecast models are predicting, we're still talking about a good amount of
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rain, and the prediction center has been cautious, through december 24, christmas eve, forecasting on the low-end, 1 inch to 1 1/2 inches of total rain, for the santa clara valley in landed the east bay, 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches of rain, higher elevations of north bay and santa cruz mountains, 2 1/2- 4 plus inches of rain, and if it's set up with it hitting it squarely, we could easily double up on these amounts. we will keep you updated as the next unsettled weather pattern gets closer, and it will be a wet long-range forecast as well, significant chance of above average rain until the end of 2021 in the 2 week outlook in the climate prediction center. right now calm, chilies guys, five developing later, and some around santa rosa already, 35 degrees, ending up in the upper 20s, most inland spots end up in the low to mid 30s, early tomorrow morning around the bay, a mix of upper
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30s and lower 40s . weather for tomorrow, i love a dog with a space themed name, quasars are about the coolest thing out there, temperatures up to the low 50s in oakland, chillier as you had farther inland in these bay, before we start off tomorrow morning is going to be pretty stubborn in the valley, spilling in from the delta, the tule fog from the central valley, temperatures only reaching into the upper 40s, everybody else reaches the low to mid 50s, still about 5-10 degrees below average across the board, temperatures don't warm up on sunday, a slight warming trend before the next round of rain or wires -- arrives. thursday and friday before on christmas eve, the 10 day forecast we will see even more rain not cons, an unsettled stretch of weather, family coming into town, for christmas we can, bring a rain jacket and umbrella. tomorrow is going to be an interesting night for the warriors, wait until you hear who will miss the game. tonight on the other hand is
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it was not the greatest start to the day for the good state warriors, jordan didn't play, and it was reported that klay thompson won't return until early january. the good news is, that literally everything else, best record in the nba, greatest 3- point specialist ever, they are doing well, up against boston, 15 points, wiggins wide-open, 24 first-half points for andrew wiggins. and golden state look like they stole the talent in the third quarter, don't blink, celtics are now winning, jason tatum sunk it, later in the fourth, it wound up on sportscenter top 10, the save from damion lee and andre iguodala steps into it and knocks it down as the
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clock expires, golden state back in front by 4, stephan curry in front, back rim, he tracks it down, he's not missing two in a row, warriors had a 10 point lead, final minute, 3 point warriors lead, stephan curry floated up in, sorry boston, better luck next time. stephan curry had 30, golden state victorious, 111-107, congratulations to steve kerr, his 400th win as a head coach. golden state is now only 4-5 on the season, they will turn to the replacements tomorrow, big night for moses moody and jonathan coming up coming, all eyes on the rookies, stephan curry, andre iguodala, otto porter jr. and jordan poole will set out against the raptors. college basketball, st. mary's facing san diego state, in phoenix, the former cal baer, matt bradley, driving for the lien, aztecs had an 8 point lead, san diego state won 63-
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53, or not tonight 3 on the season. over national football league, back in july, it was clear there would be no postponements. adjusting, dealing with the omicron variant. the raiders said to play the browns on saturday, that is until we found out cleveland had a whopping 24 players on the covid list, that game is now on monday. tuesday football, washington and the rams dealing with outbreaks of their own, their games were flexed to the rare but coveted tuesday game. tiger woods and his son charlie, getting ready for the pnc championship, today was the pro-am in orlando, the first time we have seen tiger in action since the car crash that happened in february. a great approach shot, he still has it, and his son, same exact swing. nice gene pool there.
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almost holes out of 11, the two will team up in the 36 hole event this weekend. pay attention to nick bosa this weekend, six sacks from getting the single-season franchise record for san francisco, he has 4 games to do so starting with atlanta, and in my scouting report, i put the o line stings, matt ryan is old, they are not good at anything, just win the game, and that's true, atlanta not good anything, if the 49ers are to win, they're probably heading to the playoff.>> pretty straightforward. [ laughter ] just beat them. >> just win baby. >> that was al davis. [ laughter ] a bay area
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a san jose business owner who shuddered his doors for good amid smashing grabs won't
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do it for good. >> giving back to the community, danny ryan decided to close his store, kickz inc., to prevent him and his employees for becoming the next retail robbery victims, but it won't let him stop from holding his annual toy drive, in fact he has thousands of toys ready for next week's big event. >> when you see the smiles on the kids faces, that's what the holidays are about. for us, we've been on both sides of the fence, when you see the kids that come out, it could be a little dollar basketball or racecar and they are really excited, it's a blessing to be able to provide that for the kids. >> is pretty special, kickz inc. hold the seventh annual toy drive on stevens creek boulevard, san jose, 5 pm-7 pm, december 23, and food and a visit from santa. a very special performance tonight in the south bay.>> for the first time in two years, the san jose nutcracker was
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performed live on stage with a full orchestra.♪ ♪>> my favorite part. the production by new ballet reimagines the classic nutcracker story in san jose at the beginning of the 1900s, more than 200 deserving families received free tickets for tonight show, performances at the historic california theater continue through next
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