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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  December 18, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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right now on kpix 5 and streaming on the cbsn bay area, it was a bold, unbelievable crime. a catalytic converter was stolen as other drivers why look on. the victim is telling her story. >> it makes me nervous: the impact that omnicron is having on holiday travelers. and a bay area business owner who shut down for good is not letting that stop him from giving back. we'll show you how. it's saturday, december 18th. let's get a quick check on the weather with aaron. >> it's cold out there. nothing too different from what we have done the last few morning. and it's colder today, like petaluma, down to 32 and three, four degrees cooler than yesterday. and we're holding on to low 40s near the immediate bay. there are plenty of mid- and upper 30s so bundle up. it's two, three degrees cooler and foggy.
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and the visibility readings for peta lima and santa rosa, concord and livermore. it's foggy for you. i will be back with more in a few moments. back to you. >> thank you. earlier this week, we showed you the video of how quickly a thief stole a catalytic converter in front of the victim's oakland home. the owner of the home reached out to us after seeing the video. >> reporter: it's absolutely shocking, you know what i mean? you don't think things are going to happen in front of your house when you're home. >> reporter: it took 25 seconds for the suspect to cut and run off with her catalytic converter. she's out, she said, $6,500. >> so crazy. it was just a few feet away from me. i was working from home. >> the it happened on outlook avenue in oakland in the middle of the afternoon on wednesday. >> all of a sudden, they stopped. >> reporter: and feet from monique and her husband, as well as a line of other drivers
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behind them. >> we called the police right away. >> reporter: her husband also pulled out his criminal phone to capture the suspect and license plate on video. >> were you surprised how quickly they were able to do this? >> i am. especially on a broad daylight. yes, i. >> reporter: the next day after mary discovered she could not drive her car because of the missing part, she was watching kpix 5 when a story about a catalytic converter theft came across her screen. >> i was like that is me. i look and i am like that is the car across the street. that is the tree outside. that is my car. i couldn't believe it. i couldn't believe it was my car. so i got to see how they did it. within seconds. i am grateful for the people that did calf the video and, you know, it's nice that we do look out for each other. >> i hope that video helps them. >> reporter: mary reached out to us and said the theft that took a few seconds may take weeks to repair because of a
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backlog of parts. it's a holiday she will never forget and not for good reason. >> i work two jobs, you know. we are newly weds and i take care of my mom. it's like i am a good person, you know. >> reporter: and we gave oakland police the cell phone video. they're investigating. despite the inconvenience caused by the theft, mary hopes the suspects get rehabilitation rather than jail time. the family of a man who died in police custody is sawing the city of ala mode a the former police chief and the three officers involved. >> this was the scene in april. officers penned down the 26- year-old mario gonzalez until he stopped breathing and later died. the officers got reports of a man behaving strongly in the park. his death is ruled a homicide.
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the lawsuit is filed on behal of his fo-year-old son. the city of alameda told us, quote, the loss of his life was tragic and the city will defend itself, the former police chief and the named officers against the allegations. closing arguments have wrapped up in the elizabeth holmes theornos troll. kpix 5s kiet do has more from the defense's final pitch to jurors. >> reporter: the defense attorney pointed out to jurors that investors who poured millions into thornos, knew what they were getting into. >> they signed off on the purchase glint, telling them -- agreement, telling them it was specificla testify and a high-risk investment. how is she supposed to be responsible for that? they're supposed to do their own homework. >> reporter: she did not say she was using modified third party equipment. the ceo was not trying to be deceitful but trying to preserve trade secrets and that is part of the defense's
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strategy to flip at least one juror. >> would you be shocked if this ended in a hung jury? >> i wouldn't be shocked if they were undecided on some of the counts, but i think there is more than enough evidence, in my opinion, more than enough evidence to show show knew and those representing as were misrepresenting as, which is what the government alleges, constituting fraud. >> reporter: the defense is walking a fine line between making an argument and excuses. >> as a juror, step back and look at the big picture. does this all add up? it's her technology. she invented this and are woke to believe she was hands off in. >> reporter: the jury will receive 30 pages of instructions to go over 11 charges of wire fraud and conspiracy all with christmas eight days away. ki tex do, kpix 5. >> jurors will begin deliberations on end in. holmes faces up to 20 year in
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prison if convicted on all accounts. and is, fo is anticipating a lot of activity the next few days. here's more on how the omnicro know variant is having an impact on people's holiday plans. >> reporter: with warnings spreading across the country and globe, travelers say that they're being cautious. the holiday rush is on at sfo. some are feeling uneasy. she is plying to new york. >> makes knee -- flying to new york. >> it makes me nervous. i am boosted and my son is good at wearing a mask. >> reporter: she adjusted her vacation plans. >> i am not seeing a plan friend tomorrow. her boyfriend tested positive. all of our plans are to stay in the house with families. >> reporter: sfo said this weekend they're expecting more than 50,000 travelers to fly out of the airport. it's still at least 10,000 fewer people per day during the prepandemic holiday weekend. if. >> reporter: if you're double vacced and boosted, how
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protected are you against covid? particularly omnicron? >> we don't have full information yet. the idea is that you're going to significantly increase your protective ability. you will increase your armor against infection from omnicron. but even with twos dos, most people believe you'll be protected from serious disease, hospitalization and death. >> i bay area health officials expect more cases of omnicron the coming days and weeks, based on the exponential growth and cases in europe. >> i am a physician and work at stanford university. and i think as long as you're being safe and following precautions, getting vaccinated and boostd, having the kids vaccinated and being safe at gatherings, that is as good as you can get. >> would you travel this holiday season? >> i would have no problems traveling domestical. i probably wouldn't travel internationally, if i had a choice at this moment. >> reporter: at sfo, bet yu kpix 5. new cases -- betty yu kpix
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5. now cases are popping up in area. health officers across the bay area are urging everyone eligible to get vaccinated and a booster shot as soon as possible. here's a look at local booster rates. san francisco leads the way. but it's still just at 44%. in sonoma county, that drops to 40%. people are a parentally getting the message. we saw a strong turnout on friday in concord. >> we're busier new, since we're giving three different types of vaccines. we're giving yet to the children and boosters to moderna and pfizer, and we're still giving the initial pfizer, too, for the people who have not had this yet. >> marin county schools are distributing at-home tests and students and staff. county health officers are asking everyone to do a activity before returning from the holiday break. and the cdc is changing its guidance for unvaccinated
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students. the agenc said that students exposed to coronavirus can remain in school but must be tested twice in the following week and both tests must be negative. >> in another development, pfizer now plans to try a third dose in the vaccine testings on two- and four-year-olds. it said that two low-dose shots showed a weaker than expected immune response. the business owner who closed his doors for good because of smash-and-grab robberies is still finding a way to get back to his community. a couple of weeks ago, he decided to close the door to prevent him and employees from becoming victims of thieves. he's not letting that stop him from holding his annual toy drive. he has thousands of toys ready for the event next thursday. >> look when you see all of the smiles on their faces, that is what holidays are about, you know. for us, we have been in both sides of the feess. when you see the kids that come out, it could be a doll or basketball or race car and
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they're, you know, really excited and it's a blessing to provide that for the kids. >> they will hold the seventh annual toy drive in san jose. and that is from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. on december 23rd. their well be food and a visit from santa. the time now is 6:11. still ahead and streaming on cbsn bay area, a welcome sight for struggling bay area theaters. seats packed with moviegoers, why it was a highly emotional experience. and we're getting the latest population numbers for the bay area. we'll break them down and why that outlook is not good. this is a live look outside before we go to break. we'll be right back.
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. welcome back. the time now is 6:14. the movie theatre industry needs a hero in the pandemic. it appears they have one well the latest spiderman movie. kpix 5s da lin is in alameda with how it's helping struggling theaters. >> reporter: this movie is drawing big crowds to alameda theater and cineplex. industry experts say spider- man, no way home, could break pandemic box office records at a time when theaters need it the most. roughly six hundred people packed this two-story afternoon
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screening house. the latest spider-man movie, "no way home." >> happy, sad, excitement. >> reporter: moviegoers said it was an emotional roller- coaster. >> a lot of people left at the -- laughed at the same time and they were like ah, oh, clapped a lot. >> i cried a lot. four or six times. >> reporter: the industry experts project the movie could surpass $150 million in ticket sales, which would make it a pandemic opening weekend record. >> this is my second time watching the same movie two days in a row. yes. >> two days in a row in. >> it's realized go. >> and for some, their first time in a theater during the pandemic. >> no concerns at all. and it was good to be back. >> reporter: some worry that the omnicron variant could be hurting box office returns. >> we're not as concerned because we have been doing everything we can to stay safe.
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>> reporter: coil opens the though oughter in the metro plex and that spiderman is the superhero the industry needs. >> it's been consist all day today and. >> reporter: the national association of theater owners reports this year, movie theaters are pulling in 40% of what they can in 2019. >> very encouraging to see activity like we're seeing right now. >> reporter: whether or not yet breaks records, experts say this movie is giving the theater industry positive momentum intoent 22. in alameda, i'm da lin, tax 2006 pie. and there is another big movie premiere later today. "matrix resurrections." the stars are expected to walk the red carpet at the theater and this is the fourth installment in that franchise, the first in 18 years. let's go to darren peck and the weather we can expect. >> it's going to be chilly. we should expect that that is going to hold true
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temperaturewise the next few days. there is rain coming for the second half of the week. you will see it in the seven- day. it's busy. the first order of business, it's cold and foggy and looking at the top of the sales force tower and the span of the bay bridge. we're not seeing a lot of fog. i will show you where the trouble spots are. concord, livermore and santa rosa. all three of them are -- and reading fog at the reporting stations. the temperatures are into the mid-30s. a relatively war 41 for san francisco and everyone else in the mid-30s. this one is higher than the sales force tower and this is from the top of mount diablo. this is a fantastic vantage point. and you can see the cloud deck here and if we go to the haveiz built map, we're down to a half mile for concord and in the trivalley, it's zero. of course, the fog is consist
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as well and into the north bay valleys. and readings are down to less then a half mile. give yourself extra time on the road. and it's fog i out there to start. it will burn off by late morning and then a higher deck of clouds will fill in we'll go into the low and mid-50s. the fog for the inland valleys at 6:00 a.m. and that is played forward, melting back by late morning and you will have that low cloud deck sitting over the diablo valley and much of the inland contra costa county. and, even though we're cleared out, here's the rest of the clouds. we'll see a higher deck of clouds take over by the time it's sunset. no rain today, obviously, this weekend or monday. watch what happens in the future cast. the system sets up off of the
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coast. into tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, everyone of those days right now has a reasonable chance of rain on it. it's going to be a pattern that holds this trough off of the coast and this then several systems will rotate into it. it's not like one storm but it's a pattern that is locked in place off of the coast that will allow the weak systems to keep filling the gap out there. and the potential for rainfall through friday looks good. and it's too early on the forecast to look at those as exact. it's good to know the general takeaway is a good amount of rain and perhaps two inches for this week and another round of excellent snow in the sierra. very good news. when you look at it in the seven-day forecast, justifiably so from tuesday on, there is rain on there. day highs don't change a lot. and they won't be particularly cold systems for us. they republican cold enough in the seera and getting snow level down to a reasonable
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level at 5,000-foot level or lower and that is an important part of the storms. the fact that they're coming at all looks great. and we going to close out 2021 with another beneficial cycle. >> beyond the seven-day, you have christmas rain? >> it's possible. that pattern looks like it wants to stay locked in place. we'll have to see how it goes. i think i am concerned with the likelihood of the systems playing out before christmas. a lot can change with those in the pattern like this. >> we'll take it. >> yeah. and for the second time, the second time in history, california recorded a year-to- year population loss. for the first time, all nine bay area counties got smaller. according to the state department of finance, it's under 0 won't 1 of a percent in solano and 1 point 7% in san francisco as more people opt for affordable areas look the
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central valley. overall, california's population declined by less than a half of a percent am point, 0.44%. what is causing the decline? people are having fewer children, immigration and international students are down because of federal policy and the pandemic and covid-19 deaths. and while we remain the most popular state, we're strong enough that we'll be losing a congressional seat next year. coming up, we're breaking down the governor's multimillion plan to crack down on organized crime. . >> tonight is going to be interesting for the warriors. last night, it was interesting also. and there was a big lead blown and another got to close for comfort and crunch time. highlights on the celtics and warriors with a whole bunch of other sports coming up n
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. good morning, welcome to sports. i'm charlie walter. it was not the greatest start to the day for the warriors yesterday. first, jordan poole was placed in covid protocols and won't play against boston. hours later, it was reported that clay thompson won't return until january. the good news literally everything else. best record in the nba. the grit of the three-point specialist ever. doug's doing fine. they started out fine. up 15 in the second quarter. and wiggins wide open. bang. 24 first-half points. the warriors led by as much as 20. golden state looked like they had their talent stolen in the third quarter. celtics win it. jason tatum hits the three, 82- 84, boston and wound up on sports center top ten. damion lee saves it and that is around ray igwada wa. the shot clock expired and golden state up four curry from deep.
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tracks it down. you know, steph is not hitting or missing them. he's hitting that one. and with that 10-point lead and throws it up and in and turn off the lights in boston. celtics, better luck next time and winners over boston and congrat says to steve kerr. win 100 as a head coach. and golden state is 24 and 5 on the season and they up it to the replacements tonight. all eyes on the rookies because just bench else is in street clothes tonight. curry, dremon, wiggins, age wa dahlia and jordan poole will sit out against the raptors. santa mare's facing san diego state in folks. the second half, former cow bear matt bradley into the lane for two and that gaffe the
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aztecs an 8-point lead. san diego state won, 53-53 and 10 and 3 on the season. postponements have arrived in the national football league. in july, it was made clear that there would be no postponements. roger and friends just adjusting as we go too doo you to the new variant. the raiders were to play the browns on saturday. that is until we found out that cleveland had a whopping 24 players on the covid list and the game is on monday against the browns. how about tuesday football? washington and the rams dealing with outbreaks of their own. their games reflect to the rare dead game as well. >> tiger woods and his son getting ready for the pnc championship. yesterday, the pro-am in orlando, the first time we have seen tiger in action since the car crash last february, said he doesn't have as much power behind the drive and has the great approach shot.
6:27 am
the suns with a nice approach, to and charlie on 11 and they will time team up this weekend and bay attention to nick bosa on sunday. six sacks away from getting the single season franchise record for san francisco and has four games to do so, starting with the falcons. coming up on kpix 5, streaming on cbsn bay are, the governor's $250 million plan to crackdown on organized retail crime. we're getting closer to finding out the fate of the oakland as howard terminal plans. what big step the city took. here's a live look outside in san jose. we'll be back in a moment.
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. welcome back. the time is 630 tom. thank you for joining us. i'm devin fehely. let's start with meteorologist darren peck. >> getting more light into the sky now and into the morning. we can kind of see the extent of the clouds over the east bay. and you see the deck there bleeding over? it's subtle and foggy. look at concorde and livermore. you will encounter fog on the road. in the inland valleys of the
6:31 am
east bay and up in the north bay this morning. the visibility is down it less then a half of eye mile. and it's cold out there with temperatures in the mid-30s for most of us. we will warm back up to around 50 today for the day time high. i will be back with the rest of the forecast in a few moments. and back to you. the governor is dragging down on retail theft and he's another number that might surprise you. >> reporter: they added more officersar a november caravan robbery at the mall. the governor in dublin promising more help against crime no matter what the statistics say. >> those organized retail mobs are expressing themselves in a way that has a profound impact on our feelings of safety. >> reporter: retail crime was the target of the governor as he announced more plans to crack down on eye-popping
6:32 am
scenes making headlines. the governor said it. this is not about numbers. >> the last full-year analyses shows that property and larceny, crimes are down 11%. stats mean nothing towards your feelings. >> it's brave of him to acknowledge that, but he's not responding to any real dramatic shift and what is happening with crow. >> reporter: kimberly richmond is a criminal justice professor at the university of san francisco and asked her about the governor's comments. >> the public concern is what they're attending to. not so much the actual crime statistics and what is going on, you know. in general, crime is not up. >> in walnut creek, wilson walker, kpix 5. the governor's proposal will allocate millions in grants to local law enforcement and district attorneys the next three years and would provide $20 million to impacted small businesses. and a live look towards san francisco's tenderloin. conditions are so dire, the mayor declared a state of
6:33 am
emergency. >> the most important job that i have as mayor is that when people walk down the streets of san francisco, they should feel safe. >> the declaration allows city officials to wave certain laws to quickly addrthe rising number of fentanyl overdoses and crimes. the board of supervisors will have to ratify it next week. san francisco's former public works director agreed to plead guilty to a string of bribery and corruption charges during the time in office. the ploy deal comes two years after the feds accused nuru of running a scheme of bribes and kickbacks. he was in the office for nearly a decade from 2011 until the charges were brought against him in january of 2020. a dozen people and three businesses are charged in that case. he faces up to nine years in prison after entering the ploy next month. >> a former suburban minneapolis police officer took the stand in her manslaughter troll for the shooting death of
6:34 am
a young black man. in a tear of testimony, kim potter said he show meant to hull per tazer and accidentally fired her gun. >> it just went chaotic. >> reporter: kim potter took the stand in her own defense and sobbed as she described the moment that she fired the fatal shot at 20-year-old daunte wright. >> i remember yelling taser, taser, taser. and nothing happened and then he told me i shot him. >> reporter: the former suburban brooklyn center police officer is charged with manslaughter in wright's death last april. she said that she meant to fire her taser after mistakenly grabbed her gun after seeing the radio fellow officer's look on the face after a traffic stop. >> he had a look of fear on his face. it's nothing i have seen before. >> reporter: the police pulled wright over for expired license
6:35 am
plate tags and an air fresh knower hanging from his rearview mirror, which is illegal in minnesota. they discovered he had an outstanding warrant. video from officer potter's body cam shows police attempting to arrest wright before he gets back in his car. potter then pulls out her gun and shouts taser. >> taser! taser! taser. >> reporter: before shooting wright in the chest. >> i shot him. oh, my god! oh, my god! oh, my god! >> reporter: under cross examination, potter agreeing she received hundreds of hours of training during her 26-year career. she did not see a weapon on wright. >> a shotgun? >> no. >> she brock down while watching video of the scene and the judge called a recross. before potter took the stand, a defense witness testified that an officer under high stress is more likely to make a mistake and confuse a gun for a taser. potter resigned from the police force days after the shooting and testified that she didn't
6:36 am
want anything bad to happen to her coworkers. a bay area mother accused of throwing drunken sex parties for high schoolers is spending the left of the holidays behind bars. shannon o'connor has still not interred a ploy to several charges of child endangerment and molestation and providing liquor to minors. prosecutors said that for about a year, she hosted drunken teen parties in los gatos where she encouraged nonconsensual sex acts between the teens. the next court appearance is set for january 13th when her lawyer said he will file a motion for bail. happening now, the city of oakland is releasing an extensive final environmental impact report on the howard terminal ballpark proposal. a key step in the effort to build a new stadium. the city's planning commission will hold a public hearing of the report next month ahead of a final vote from the city council. as for the coliseum side, a developer and city leader showed off their vig earlier this -- vision earlier this week,
6:37 am
including $30,000 jobs that start at $15 an hour. some positions will go to teenagers. overall, the types of jobs include construction, engineering, maintenance, security and retail. coming up, a serious warning from the cannabis industry. companies warn of a complete industry collapse. and still ahead, granting holiday wishes. meet the bay area woman who planted an ever growing giving tree.
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. homeless advocates said that five people died this week in san hoe say due to cold -- san jose due to cold weather. they trying to bring attention to the deaths. >> it's graphic and in your face. it's undeniable. it really strikes a chord with people. >> reporter: name after name taking its place on a tombstone. each, a life extinguished on the streets while homeless. many likely facing the same challenges as the five people who died this week in the cold. >> now, when people are dead, you can't sea anything. you can't say i'm sorry. >> reporter: advocates won housed response group will make a tombstone for each person in santa clara county who died while can homeless. at the same time, they're calling for more to be done before someone else dies from the cold. >> can't get warm.
6:41 am
you can't get dry. all you think about is literally is i want to die. the worst feeling you ever had. >> reporter: rj ramsey knows the experience firsthand. he was homeless for 10 years and new helps to pay more tombstones and collect resources for the nonprofit. >> i could have been one of the people on the tombstone. i am 55 years old and painted many tombstones for those in their 50s. it hits me home that i could have been one of those dead now. >> reporter: they will be a part of the memorial on display here on december 21st. the longest night of the year to remember all of the lives lost in 2021. >> it's much harder for older adults to get around, food and services. >> reporter: a large majority of the tombstones will represent a senior who did not survive. the city of san jose will open a warming center today and another on monday. both will stay open until the end of april. >> part of why we do this is that you can see the tombton
6:42 am
iss. you can't dean -- tombstones. you can't deny it. they're not numbers. each is a person. cold weather may have been a factor in another death. authorities in the east bay said a woman was found dead inside of a hope, possibly from carbon monoxide poisoning. officers were called to the home in pittsburg on thursday for a welfare check. inning to that woman, they found a man and three children inside of the home. police say that they were all in distress and suffering the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning. neighbors said, they didn't see anyone coming or going from that house for days. >> oftentimes those events are not short-term ones. they don't come on instantly and sicken and unfortunately kill people. they tend to go on for days. >> authorities are hoping to get more information when they interview the surviving family members. taking a live look outside. let's hand things over to
6:43 am
meteorologist darren p, ck for what we can expect the rest of the weekend. >> from our camera on top of the mark hopkins hotel looking east, it looks darker from this one to the west with a little less direct sun light streaming over the horizon. it's foggy out there. for many in the locations this morning. that is going to be the main point to focus on. if we look at the current numbers, you can see several readings here. concord, livermore and santa rosa. all three of them are showing fog from the reporting station out there. and they're all three representing spots for the inland valleys. concord for inland contra costa, livermore for inland alameda and santa rosa for the north bay valleys. it's quite foggy out there and if we look at the cameras looking down, that is the top
6:44 am
of the cloud deck that is over the diablo valley. and we know the inland valleys have fog on the road. the north bay valleys have yet, to and anything on 101. 0.3 of a mile there and that is how far you can see down the road. not the best driving conditions. into the heart of the bay, it's fine. you can see for 10 miles and if we look at the fog on the future cast, it depicts it beautifully and that is there in the north bay valleys and by the time we have gotten to about noon, 1:00, it's cleared out for the north bay. those are higher clouds and that is going to be a cloudy afternoon for everybody. down here, those are the mid- level clouds hanging on. doubtful it's fog on the road at 1:00 in the afternoon. you will have the deck of midlevel clouds think happening out all day if you're in concord or the communities in and around there. the high clouds take over for everybody into the overnight hours. day tom highs into the upper
6:45 am
40s and low 50s and that is upper 40s in clouds all day and so, there is no rain today or tomorrow or monday. watch what happens on the future cast as we see a system develop off of the coast that get us into monday. on tuesday, the system comes on shore and we get rain and woke see a prolonged pattern where there is a stationary trough. the weak systems will continue to get rotated into it. by the time we're into wednesday, totally separate system comes on shore for wednesday and thursday and friday. it will be two separate systems. when you look at it in the seven-day forecast, you will see i have rain on every day starting tuesday through friday. there is brakes and a possibility of rain every day. the totals could be considerable. over that long period of time, we can handle 2 1/2 inches of rain over a four-day stretch. that is the total accumulation through friday. as w is good snow in the sira
6:46 am
seral re feof snow coming to the higher elevations in that period. when you look at it on the seven-day forecast, it looks busy. we start with a chance of showers on tuesday and wednesday through thursday, looks like the more impressive system at this point and there is a lot having to come together with the details. we'll watch it closely and have much more in the way of specifics in terms of timing and amounts as we're closer to that. >> and some ways, the snow is -- that is where the water is stored. >> and we need more snow in the seera for sure and this is good for that. >> all right. with all of the snow this week, crowds are heading to the mountains now. the resorts are open and you can bet there is a lot of pent- up demand. and that means larger clouds and longer lines when resorts are struggling with labor shortages. for skiers and snowboarders, they're happy to get back on the slopes. >> i am stoked. it's looking like it's beginning to be a good year. we have had past years that
6:47 am
were not so good, but by the looks of it, we're getting the skis on the slopes. >> it's beautiful. been waiting for this all season. had to go to colorado to get anything halfway descent. this is a nice change here. >> and there is i warning. the industry, parts of it, are on the verge of collapse. and in a letter to the governor, executives and legalization advocates are pushing for immediate tax cuts and rapid increase of the number of dispensaries. the governor's office told "the associated press" that the governor newsom supports cannabis tax reform and recognizes the system need to change. and disappearing from the west coast, the last kmart in california is closing its doors tomorrow. the long holdout of kmart in grass valley will close this weekend. the company has been closing down locations across the country since it fooled for bankruptcy protection in 2002. >> and chopper 5 flew over the remains of a demolished building that was at the center of a dispute between the tenant
6:48 am
and uc berkeley. the 112-year-old building on walnut street was raised on thursday. tenants in the eight-unit rent- controlled building waged a campaign to save it. the university bought out the remaining tenants. the demolition opens the door for uc berkeley to build a new 14-story dormitory with nearly 800 beds. >> this week, a nonprofit expects to grant the 2 millionth holiday wish. sharon chen introduces us to this week's jefferson award winner who started the program more then 30 years ago. >> reporter: it looks and feels like santa's workshop. toys lined up, ready to be wrapped and delivered to people in need. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: jennifer, the queen elf, leads the massive operation with her pup daisy at her side. >> i am here to inspire people
6:49 am
to help others. >> reporter: jennifer cofounded the family giving tree in 19 moment. >> thank you. >> -- in no one 90. >> and this year, they granting holiday wishes to 40,000 low- income folks all over the bay area. >> yes. >> reporter: she has volunteered with jennifer for years. >> she is an angel. she takes care of everybody. >> reporter: the family giving tree works with 300 agencies to get their client's wish lists, partners with 550 individuals and businesses to purchase the requested gifts. about 85% of the gifts are for kid. wishes are granted for adults, those unhoused and senior citizens. this rose cooker, for example s for a senior. the idea for the giving tree came out of a class assignment jennifer had in her san jose state mba program. >> and so i suggested that we do a family giving tree and try to help a bunch of children in east palo alto. and the class shut the idea down. >> reporter: she did it anyway.
6:50 am
the first year, 28 companies helped fulfill wishes for more than 200 children. >> i got a little boy who -- he was four years old, luis and asked for pillows. i said, like in bed to sleep with? he said yes, pillows. >> reporter: the boy's grandmother explained. >> luiss mother and sister sleep on the floor. he wants pillows for them. so, that was when i knew i was going to do this the rest of my life. >> it's heartwarming. >> reporter: beverly larkins helped her son raise triplets. the 12-year-old girls have been blessed from the generosity of the family giving tree, they're inspired to give their time volunteering at church. >> when grandma's long gone, they will have this experience. and they will never forget it. >> i they take annual westbound lists to distribute tens of thousands of backpacks with supplies. jennifer and her 8,000 volunteers shared the spirit of giving year around. >> the lesson was that people will help if you ask them.
6:51 am
>> reporter: from making 2 million wishes come true over three decades of the family giving tree, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to jennifer colinbine. you can still fulfill some of the wishes through the family giving tree's website. and if you know someone doing extreatment community service, nominate them for a
6:52 am
. a new space telescope is to launch next week. scientists hope it can provide a deeper look into outer space and technology developed here in the bay area will have an important role. the telescope's near infrared camera was created at lock he'd martin's advanced technology
6:53 am
center in palo alto. >> the james web space telescope and pictures take know within your cam will rewrite your kid's science books and teach bus the evolution of the universe. they're going to teach bus our own beginnings and how stars and planets form. >> the telescope is set to launch on christmas eve close to the earth's equator. the lead-in private club is coming to san francisco housing one of the city's most recognizable buildings. the san francisco business time reports that a members-only club called core with locations in new york and milan, will occupy three floors of the trans-america pia mit mid and will include work suites, a restaurant, gym and personalized skin care program. it doesn't come cheap. said initial membership fees for $50,000 and that is in 2016. the san jose nutcracker ballet was performed live on stage with a full orchestra.
6:54 am
>> the production reimagines a classic nutcracker story in san jose at the beginning of the 1900s. more than 200 families received free tickets for last night's show. performances at the historic california theater continue through next wednesday. there was a -- on virginia avenue and livermore. glen ridge tells us this is his first-ever michael light show. and he programmed the whole thing himself. the two used to drive around looking at lights when he was a kid and he loves watching other families. yonot telling us but running a contest for people to take their best guess. >>. and you won't it see your
6:55 am
holiday display. send your photos and videos to bay area bright spots at or
6:56 am
. this weekend is expected to be a big one for travel more than 50,000 travelers are expected to fly out of sfo raising some concerns for local health officials and with that
6:57 am
rise of the omnicron variant. san francisco is tracking 30 cases and is expecting more in the coming days. businesses are warning that the industry is on the verge of collapse. in a letter to the governor, executives and advocates are pushing for immediate tax cuts. and the former ceo elizabeth holmes, the defense wrapped up closing arguments on friday. if convicted on all 11 counts, she faces up to 20 years in prison. the city of oakland released an extensive final environmental impact report on the ballpark proposal. the city planning commission will hold a public hearing on the report next month, ahead of a final vote from the city council. >> a real pretty view of the skyline from our camera. numbers from many locations this morning. low 30s in the cold valleys in the north bay and foggy. inland valleys of the east bay
6:58 am
and the north bay give yourself extra time on the road today. it's visibility down to a half a mile or less. pretty all do 101, 580, 680, a slow drive out there. we have some rain coming. not today but by tuesday and then really starting on tuesday and going through the remainder of the seven-day forecast as we get into the holiday and there is that chance of rain every day. we'll get more on when we get breaks in there as we are closer to it. >> thank you. >> and i thank you for watching kpix 5 news this morning. don't forget the news continues all day on cbsn bay area. we'll be back here tomorrow
6:59 am
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