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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  December 18, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> tonight, holiday surge. travel takes off. more than 100 million americans on the move, as covid cases skyrocket from coast to coast. the latest variants spreading fast. >> it's unimaginable to have to go through another winter. you have so much death and misery. >> but confidence in vaccines and pandemic fatigue appear to have people accepting the risk. >> i'm mar cyst gonzalez. >> new york city sees record infections, broadway shutters shows, broad way premiers cancelled. >> pro sports put some games and
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teams on ice. plus, sticker shock many used car price soar, how the supply chain is to blame. and later, covid-19 miracle, how the woman in montana beat the covid odds and lived to tell her story. >> nice to see you, this is amazing. >> this is the cbs weekend news. >> good evening, i'm meg oliver, adriana diaz is off. it's looking a lock like christmas, roads are packed and filling up. the coronavirus is shape shifting again, into the contageous new omicron variant. 125,000 daily cases up 20% over the last two weeks. cbs's marcie gonzalez, good
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evening. >> meg, good evening, omicron isn't putting a dent in holiday travel yet. for those who are fully vaccinated it is still safe to go to those family gatherings. holiday travel is ramping up with millions of americans on the move. packing airports and filling roadways at near prepandemic levels. fears of an omicron surge not enough to stop people from leaving home. >> it makes me nervous but i'm boosted. >> more than 2.2 million went through tsa checkpoints yesterday. more than a third of the country not fully vaccinated let alone boosted and you no okay ron a growing risk for holiday travelers. >> are you worried with traveling safely with the omicron variant spreading so quickly? >> no, if i wasn't i wouldn't be going. >> reporter: delta is still
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the dominate variant, but health experts say the mutated omicron is spreading fast and will soon take over delta. communities with low vaccination rates especially hard hit, adding strain to already bhoamed health care systems. >> even if we have a strike or surge it was 25% what it was last winter we don't have the capacity from space or staffing to deal with that. >> reporter: to help control the spread, health officials are urging people to get tested or boosted. just 28% of americans have gotten an additional vaccine dose so far. for so many heading home for the holidays an extra layer of caution. >> as long as you're being safe and following precautions for gatherings that's about as good as you can do. >> reporter: and health officials are bracing for a possible triple punch of omicron delta and the flu with a possible surge of infections expected to start after the new
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year. meg. >> oliver: marcie gonzalez in los angeles, thank you. the number of cases involving omicron is doubling every one and a half to three days. csn's imtiaz tyab is tracking the virus, imtiaz. >> meg good evening, in the u.k. it is now the dominant variant. tonight, mayor sadiq khan, part of efforts to try to probate the health care system here. meanwhile makes across europe are implementing restrictions including tightening borders, while the netherlands has just announced it's going through trick lock down over christmas. holiday shoppers were only given a few hours warning before all nonessential shops will have to shut until after january. the government is continuing with its rapid booster program to try to prevent the spread of
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omicron. meg. >> thank you. while omicron rips across europe, new york city is racing to contraa dangerous surge. elise. >> reporter: good evening meg, new york city, radio city music hall, difficult decision for fans ever the rockettes. >> turned off the lights. the rockettes cancelled the christmas spectacular through the end of the season. while on broadway -- >> we were so excited to see hamilton. we flew a long way to get here. >> some performances are cancelled because of outbreaks among cast members. >> we get here and there's a closed sign on the door. >> covid testing sites are swamped from miami to new york, reporting some of the highestn
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numbers since the start of the pandemic. narly 22,000 in the state on friday alone. >> it has affected my plans already. i've had to probably shut down a christmas eve party i've been attending with my aunt for 45 years. >> reporter: by noon the city had run out of tests. >> you can find another test right? >> tomorrow i can go over to 97th street i hope. >> reporter: the newest wave is affecting the sports world. football hockey and basketball games have all been rescheduled because of outbreaks. the nba agreeing to step up protocols, that means masking at all times except while on the are court. meanwhile here in new york, area officials are trying to get ahead of the surge by encouraging booster shots. of the 8 million people eligible to get an extra dose of protection, only 1.5 million are boosted. meg. >> oliver: elise freston outside much radio city, thank
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you. president biden commemorated the deaths of his first wife and infant daughter in a car crash 49 years ago today. the president and first lady jill biden visited their graiches in wilmington delaware. beau and his brother were seriously injured but survived. cbs's christina ruffini is at the hite house tonight. christina how is the white house responding to the surge in cases? >> the president will be making a speech on tuesday, laying out the white house's response to the new covid variant. the president will paint a stark picture on what life could be like for unvaccinated americans. >> what does the congress
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adjournment mean for america? >> lifersing it its accomplishments the next year, 70% of the country vaccinated and moderate economic growth. the hallmark of legislationthe president wanted passed is stalled in the senate and that body adjourned today for the holiday weekend. that means it won't be happening before new year. >> oliver: christina ruffini at the white house, thank you. thank you. the ceos of the four biggest airlines testified together, that hasn't happened in years. included southwest ceo gary kelly, who appeared mask mtion,. >> sitting side by side, as
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senators fired questions. >> will we ever be able to get on an airplane without masks? >> i think the case is very strong, that masks don't add much. >> reporter: after the hearing southwest ceo gary kelly then tested positive for covid despite being fully and boosted. >> i'm shocked that some of the ceos here today have suggested that we no longer need mask mandates. on planes. do you believe that we should be lifting the mask mandate? >> we agree that it should continue to stay in place. it's a workplace safety issue. >> reporter: senator ed markey of massachusetts hammered the mask mandate. >> will you refund that money yes or no? >> we will give you a credit. >> passengers want the money back and you say you won't i give it back to them and at a minimum they want a voucher they can use whenever they want to.
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>> reporter: american and southwest acknowledge the pandemic has mate e-made it harder to recover from weather issues. >> essential not only volunteer for work. >> reporter: but republicans focused on united's vaccine mandate. as for the rapidly approaching holidays. >> near 2019 levels of travel. account airline industry handle that? >> i think we are. all the support services we need, faa, tsa guidelines. disruptive of that. >> reporter: those complaints have been off the charts. flight ant ten attendants plead. chris van cleave, cbs news.
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>> facility about the size of 30 football fields was heavily damaged. one employee is reported missing. qvc is still assessing the impact of products and orders. wreaths across america project. at arlington national cemetery more than 250,000 wreaths were placed at head stones of fallen men and women. more than 2.3 million wreaths were placed on head stones nationwide and overseas. still ahead, used car sales soor, why it's a seller's markets. lobsters in canadian waters, we'll show you why. and later, a miraculous recovery just in time for christmas.
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>> oliver: supply chain issues have sent the prices or the cars and trucks soaring in this pandemic economy. some in-demand models are now worth more used than new. that's providing some owners with an opportunity. cbs's errol barnett reports in weekend journal. >> reporter: one have cashed in on the record pricing used cars are selling, selling his 2020 model charger equipped with 85 horsepower and a v-8 engine. >> i bought it nor $35,000 and use he mart dayngt 47.po: i to his profit to a down payment on a house while using another car to get around. buying the vehicle is stewart cherner. >> i see pickup trucks i used to buy for 12 or $15,000 and similar trucks now are, we're
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paying $20,000 for or $22,000. >> reporter: since january the average price of a used car has jumped nearly $7,000 and in december for the first time ever the average price tops over $30,000. it's a direct result of the supply chain disruptions and chip shortage constraints which is leaving most major auto makers with 4 new cars to sell. >> i think we could still see prices creep up a little bit higher. >> charlie chesbrough says these market trends are unprecedented. >> quite amazing and really because of what's happening in the new market. those buyers that would normally buy new had to come into the used market. >> reporter: when can we expect supply to catch up to demand? >> it's going to take most of 2022 to see the supply channels catch up to something near normal. >> reporter: doing research to avoid sticker shock on the lot. >> make sure it's from somebody
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reputable test drive the car or have somebody check the car out for you. >> reporter: with prices so high, it's essential to exhaust all your option he. errol barnett, kensington, maryland. >> reporter: lobster boom, why a bust might be coming.
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>> oliver: lobster is a 1.4 billion dollar industry in maine. it bliez more than 4300 people directly and thousands more in related businesses. but climate change is warnings the chilly waters lobsters need to survive. as jeff berardelli reports on tonight's eye on earth. >> george do dowdle has been farming lobsters for decades. his business was booming.
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>> we were getting ready to put everything down for the winter and by the end of november at the very latest we would have two inches of ice and we'd be done. now i'm fishing right through to january. >> reporter: you're getting a month and a half more time to farm your oysters. >> and a month and a half more grow-time as well. >> dowdle says he sees the effects of a warming planet. during the summertime how much has your water temperatures risen in the past couple of decades. >> about ten to 17 degrees fahrenheit. >> his observations fit with the science. a recent study show that water temperatures in this part of world are warming faster than 99% of the global oceans and it's having an impact. lobster catches are plummeting in southern new england but skyrocketing in maine and canadian maritimes. as lobsters move north in search of cooler water. luke peters comes from a long
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line of lobstermen here on pei. >> looking for place wrest historically, there weren't asment caught, in newfoundland and whatever, definitely their catches are going way up. >>reporter: dr. adam f fennech s saying. >> they know that the landings are going to continue to be large. >> reporter: but that boom could quickly turn obust. >> the temperatures are going to continue to increase. and some of the industry as we know it, both in aqua culture or other shell fif industries like lobster are going to eventually disappear from this island here. >> reporter: conditions that dowdle says are already costing stress to his lobsters. >> i get worried how it's going
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to fare out in the end. >> reporter: a feeling he shares with many fishermen in the area. jeff berardelli, pei. >> l tiger and his rising son, his 12-year-old son.
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>> oliver: ten months after a terrible car crash tiger woods is back. today woods returned to competitive golf partnering with his 12-year-old son charlie in the pnc champion in orlando. charlie hit this amazing putt and golf is all about having number. a third woman came forward to accuse chris noth ever sexual harassment.
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newest space telescope, the mission of the $10 billion james webb space telescope. for a look back to the origination of the universe. >> mission liftoff of the sphal conn. >> oliver: early this morning a space-x falcon 9 rocket successfully deployed 52 satellites expanding a new global internet system. also noteworthy, the reusable first stage booster made its report 1h >>n we return: a covid miracle. how one woman struggling to live, beat the odds.
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>> oliver: finalistly tonight, we end in montana with the story of a mother and daughter and the miracle health care workers who saved a life. >> it's nice to see you!st met d
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hillary lee from montana in early october. on a ventilate oar and e.cmo machine clinging to life. her mother pam praying for a miracle. >> love you too. reporter: do you remember when she tried to wave to you? >> oh my gosh. yes, that was tough. >> reporter: the young restaurant manager was about to get vaccinate whed she got covid. >> my symptoms were so so so mild. i never thought i would have been in that position ever. >> reporter: but two weeks later she was rushed to billings clinic. >> the fact that we had a bed for her was nothing short of a miracle. >> kelsey purdue was her nurse. >> it was a huge scrief for us, people had to pick up extra shifts to care for her. i'm not a betting person but i don't think she would have
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survived. >> reporter: how exhausting has this pandemic been for you? >> really wears on you. hillary's system is one of the families that i got really close during that tame. >> reporter: how many times were you there for her mom? >> i think pam was more there for me. she wouldn't say that but she would visit in the mornings but --i didn't realize i would cry about this -- was really ministering to me. >> reporter: the day after thanksgiving doctors and nurses lined the corridor alary stepped out on her own. >> i knew one day we'd walk out of the hospital. i just didn't know if it would be with or without her. this will be the b >> oliver: the best christmas indeed. that is the cbs weekend news for this saturday. later on cbs, 48 hours and don't forget sunday morning with jane palmey first think tomorrow. i'm meg oliver in new york, good
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> a huge booster rush is not stopping a mass vaccination site from closing down on the peninsula. the mast -- the last minutes-4 boosters ahead of christmas gatherings. >> it just feels like there's more of an urgency now to do it. >> and it definitely feels like the season out there. we're going to look for morning lows tomorrow and then we're going to look to an active storm track coming our way. a big red pill and a green carpet for celebrities. a look at the star-studded matrix premier drawing crowds in san francisco. chinatown has been absolutely devastated, from businesses shutting down to the remaining businesses really
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struggling. >> a huge boost for a bay area neighborhood fighting to rebound. i'm brian hackney. >> i'm juliette goodrich. in the middle of a huge demand for booster shots, one of the busiest vaccine sites on the peninsula is shutting down for weeks. >> kpix 5's max darrow in san mateo with the rush for boosters and what's next. >> so far there hasn't been a confirmed case of the omicron variance in san mateo county, but health officials say they had detected traces of it in the wastewater, which means it is here. the push for booster shots continues, but over the next couple of weeks people won't be able to get there booster shots at one of the busiest vaccination sites in the county, because it's temporarily shutting down. >> reporter: cars lined up throughout the day at the san mateo county events center, filled with people eager to get booster shots. >> it's been a while, so i think i need that booster. >> the latest rush propelled by upcoming holiday celebrations and growing concerns over the omicron variant. >> it just feels like there is more of an urgency now to


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