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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  December 18, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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here in california, we believe in what if? after all, if is our middle name. like, what if we could go surfing and skiing in the same day? boom! what if we could have the moon and the stars what if we could roll like this. or float like this. and eat all this. here we welcome all what ifs, with open arms. even what ever this is. after all, there's only one wrong way to what if. what if you don't?
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live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix 5 news. night 11:00 and streaming on cbsn bay area, airports are expected to be packed over the next week but is a search on covid causing people to rethink their plans? >> we have a holiday forecast. when rain will be in the bay area and will it clear up for christmas? >> what police are saying about a stabbing that cut short a los angeles music festival two hours ago. we have a lilette at two bay area airports were hundreds of thousands of travelers expected to pass through the next week. travel numbers are up at
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sfo this holiday season compared to last. so i the number of covid cases across the country. we have some travel tips amidst an uptick in omicron varian variant cases. >> the omicron varian schema the worst possible time this holiday season. as travelers hop on trains to visit family and friends around the globe. >> a busy holiday weekend on the bay area airport. friday was one of their busiest days of the year. sfo says on friday alone they sell roughly 55,000 passengers. officials said about 16,600 passengers went through the oakland airport on the same day. tsa officials said about 15,000 down at the san jose airport. nationally airlines were projected to see a 184% increase from 2020. while the nuvaring it wasn't enough to convince some people
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to stay local leading up to christmas, they say they will be taking extra precautions. >> we have been cautious. we do use masks. for the most part we are concerned about the latest variant coming out. >> public health officials advise travelers to rely on a layered approach to lower risk's such as getting vaccinated, getting a booster shot, wearing a mask and using rapid testing after the trip. >> be careful where your mask, wash your hands. >> for those opting to draw to their destination tripoli predicts over 100 million americans will be hitting the road this year. pack your patient along with those masks and christmas gifts. a reminder travel requirements have changed if you are flying internationally this holiday season. all passengers regardless of vaccination status now have to show a negative covid-19 test
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taken no more than wednesday before traveling back to the u.s. there are no confirmed cases of the omicron covid variant in san mateo county. traces of it have been detected in the wastewater according to health officials. as the push for booster shots continues, one of the counties busiest vaccine sites is actually shutting down temporarily. vaccine clinic at the san mateo event center is temporarily shutting down for two weeks so they can transition to a walkup site. the plan has been in the works for a while and a spokesperson said the shift will give them more flexibility for administering shots. >> we will definitely emerge from this. the poster will give you the best armor against what is coming. >> other vaccine sites will remain open through the holiday season. 34% of eligible san mateo county residents have received a booster shot so far. another cold night across the bay area even waking up to
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frost early this morning. >> here with what we think will happen the next 24 hours and days ahead. >> same thing tomorrow. it is going to be cold to start out sunday. we have one more morning like that and then we start changing the story. there is a lot of rain in the forecast but it doesn't start until tuesday. in the meantime, tomorrow morning slows the headline and there are a lot of low 30s. you get into the northbay valleys where down into 31 in sonoma. 32 in santa rosa. the south bay is doing the same number. the only places that stay in the 40s are those right under the influence of the water near the coast. it will be foggy. visibility have gone down to about half a mile for some of the north bay valley locations. be aware of that tomorrow. watch the big picture for next week.
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there will be an active pattern with the possibility of rain starting tuesday and going through much of the week. we will have a lot more detail coming up in the forecast just a few minutes. police say a macy's employee was assaulted during an attempted robbery tonight. it happened at the macy's at oakridge mall in south san jose. police say about 6-8 people tried to rob the store. they assaulted a female worker before running from the area. no arrests of them were made with two people were detained for interfering with the attempted arrest of the suspects. no word tonight on whether or not the crooks got away with anything. also new tonight a los angeles music festival cut short after someone inside of the venue was stabbed. it happen before 9:00 at the once upon a time in l.a. festival. thousands of people packed the outdoor venue and thousands more can be seen streaming out soon after. nship-hoars are rfor today and 50 cent.
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the victim was also a performer. they were taken to the hospital. no details on the severity of injuries. police say a man shot another man leaving him critically injured. the shooting happened before nine a clock a.m. along international boulevard. police released the photos of the suspect. a $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. taking a look at san francisco's union square where the city health department is cracking down on food cart vendors. when vendors set up was carted away today. the san francisco health department says it is doing permit checks. those who are found to not have the right paperwork will have their carts confiscated and held up pending a hearing. the health department says the vendors probably will not face any fines or citations. however, the department is issuing a warning to potential food food buyers saying consumers should be careful to
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only purchase food to a street vendor that has a permanent decal vendor. still ahead on kpix 5 news, san francisco going green for the matrix. >> a beautiful city. wonderful. i love the light. i love the people i met. >> i was totally shocked and excited and thrilled. >> we hear from the film's biggest stars about what it was like coming in the bay area. segment plus how the bay area is giving back to those in need with just a week before christmas. >> really excited about it. >> i was doing great in school this year and i feel more accomplished. >> after another year of the pandemic we want to know what
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"someday" can be any day you want. one of the many reasons you're with amex platinum. taking a look at san francisco's great and city hall. both building flipping green in honor of the premier of the matrix: directions. it was shot mostly in the bay area in the fourth of the matrix franchise. betty yu was on the green carpet and spoke with some of the biggest stars. >> what would the keanu reeves today tell the keanu reeves from the first matrix 99? >> hang in there.
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[ laughter ] i will go with that. hang in there. >> favorite thing about shooting in san francisco? >> a beautiful city. wonderful! i love the lights. i love the people i met. and -- i got to film may check resurrections here. >> i had dreams that are just dreams. >> within 20 years after the first installment of the iconic sci-fi franchise the matrix, neo, played by keanu reeves and trinity by kerry and moss are back. >> when you got the call, what went through your mind? >> i couldn't believe it. i was totally shocked and excited and thrilled. when do we start? you know? >> san francisco. >> yeah! i love being here.
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we shot in san francisco the last two matrixes. >> the creator lives in the bay area. >> how do you want people to think about their relationship with technology after watching the resurrection? >> technology is just a part of us. we evolve with technology and technology evolves with us. >> the movie features big-name newcomers including jonathan brock. >> was there a moment while you were filming when it really hit you that you were : resurrectio fourth installment? >> seeing keanu reeves in his jujitsu aphid on the first day of my training and carry and moss fighting off literally 20 people in rehearsal for her fight, i was like oh, we are doing the matrix. it is actually happening. >> you may spot mayor london breed in the film. >> i had a body double. i had a whole scene. i don't know what happened but i am hoping it looks good.
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>> the mayor said filming in the city boosted the local economy. tonight, notable guests included hunter pence. >> i would mimic morpheus's posture and body language during the playoffs because i thought it was so powerful. i was flexible enough oracle enough but that was the inspiration behind how i tried to carry myself throughout those moments. >> i think you are cool enough, for the record. today is national race across america day. it is to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice across the country. i had san francisco national cemetery, the presidio wreaths were left on the graves of fallen veterans. the name of every veteran was also set a. it is a part of the
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nationwide wreathlaying ceremony taking place in more than 2700 locations. and seven cisco the salvation army handed out toys to underprivileged children. the organization's angel tree program provides gifts to more than 1300 kids in san francisco. this year, the organization wasn't able to hold its traditional in person shopping experience. so, they handed out stacks of toys from santa's workshop. a strong turnout for the oakland black firefighters holiday basket in east oakland. they were able to get out more than 1000 meals for families in need. great to see that across the barrier. i have some friends watching us right now darren. they are in their jammies. they say they are really cold. the flannels. michelle and melinda. >> what part of the bay? >> they are in santa rosa and just said they were freezing and they are watching us. >> is the coldest part of the day. it is already in the mid-30s there but most of us will catch up. we will take a look at the current numbers. it is 35 in santa rosa right
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now. 37 in petaluma. we are down to 42 for concorde. livermore down to 39. it is 43 in san jose. those are the current numbers. we looked at the morning those at the top of the newscast. here is a review on a typical morning those. you can see how many of us will do that. we started out pretty much just as cold today. don't be surprised if you see some frost on the roof of the car or the windshield or on the lawn. that is going to be widespread tomorrow. we don't warm-up a for daytime highs either. we will be in the mid-50s by the time we top out. if we look at the big chick picture change, it looks interesting from to say the next. if you take it on the future cast and played over the next few days, we developed this almost stationary trough off the coast. that is the reason have a chance of rain from tuesday all the way through christmas. there is going to be a series of separate systems that get pulled into this trough i keep reinvigorating it. right now,
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it is difficult to timeout the specific ones for specific days. here is a good example of that. this is the way into tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday. it looks like a mess. that the money forecast for today has been if you have a day between tuesday and sunday, which is particularly important to you weatherwise, and considering christmas on friday and saturday you may have some travel plans leading up to that or you're expecting something before then. you want to wait about two days before that date to get some clarity on this big right now, the long-range and medium-range forecast looks like a mess. there is literally a chance of rain on every day. it will not rain every day but the days you will see in the seven-day everyone has a rain cloud on it and we have to plan at this point. specifics will be clear. about 48 hours out.
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check back in for your day. that is how much we make it by friday. up to two inches. not bad. we will space out. it is not all coming which it is not a flooding concern. there will be 70 feet of snow coming to the sierra. it is great news up there. it will be very difficult travel. it will snow pretty consistently for the five day period. travel will be rough in the mountains. go up tuesday morning if you can. after that it turns into a mess. merry christmas. find the umbrella and stay on top of the forecast. we will have much more in the way over the next few days. charlie, over to you. to have the best women's basketball programs ever match today. how did stanford do against the unbeaten tennessee volunteers? plus, plenty of bad and ugly in the great white north. the warriors missed just about their entire team but they did
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goaded state averages 111 points per game this season. 83 of those points were missing from the lineup tonight. basically a throwaway game at golden state wristed the stars. the future star was on display. the 19 ordered ricky getting his first career started in toronto. opening minutes, nba body from day number one. he is not afraid to use it. slams at home. toronto already cruising. 20 of the first half. raptors led by 21 at the break. 3rd quarter the runner. it is scotty barnes comes in there. the ricky clint it up.
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for three pointers. the warriors are heading back home after eight 3 and 2 road trip. vanderveer and stanford on the road at seventh-ranked tennessee. haley jones a nice move. the spin and a little kiss. she is a tough player. 18 points, 19 rebounds. a huge turning point. it was a 17 point game down to 3. that would have tied it. instead we go the other way. and a jump sinks it back to a six point game. cardinal went on to win. next up south carolina on tuesday. usf and grand canyon down in phoenix. under 90 seconds to play to black sheer banks in the
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runner. that gave grand canyon a three point lien and they would survive the low-scoring grind it out all game. 49-38. they have the first frost of the season. >> frank had no problem hitting the hole on his nfl career. tonight he didn't have any issues hitting deron williams in the face. how about a boxing debut for the 49ers are time leading rusher? thus, tiger woods is back and the little man joining him for a round on the course today. that and much more coming
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my new spicy cluck sandwich with a bigger, crispier and better-than-ever spicy fillet. bigger pickles, more sauce, and the perfect amount of spice to get your stglg. try my new $6.99 spicy cluck sandwich combo. order on the jack app today. welcome back to the golf course tiger woods. some perspective woods said there was a 50/50% chance he would lose his leg and a serious car crash. what a return playing with his son charlie. a show me the money gesture. tagger has 15 major wins. three behind jack nicholas who has 18. that would be the ultimate comeback story. still has a sweet swing pick that led to a birdie. later on 15 12-year-old charlie a star in the making.
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how good? well, i will see you in 10 years. tied for fifth. final minute of the first quarter the colts up 7-0. a blocked punt. ej speed recovers in the end zone. easiest touchdown he will ever have. indianapolis it jumped out to a le cut to 3. that is what jonathan taylor did what he does. a fantasy hero. 67 yard score. 170 yards. indy is in the hunt 8-6. knowingly drops to 9 and 5. the bold the names are getting out of hand. this with the jimmy kimmel a label. i bet you jimmy kimmel couldn't even name utah state's mascot. it is agis. they were down 7-0 to oregon
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state. cooper entered the game because of an injury. that was his first career pass and he struck with devin tom skins. they when they jimmy kimmel bowl. former 49er running back frank gore making his debut against deron williams. the second round of this for around five. he lanza shot to the head and knocked score out of the ring. williams be tagore the nfl's third all time leading rusher in a split decision there. speaking of the 49ers, channel 5 is the place to be tomorrow. we have the 49ers game against the falcons. i told you this scouting port scouting report. thank you, arup, a kpix 5 h tradition. we ask those in the holiday -- bay area to tell us some good news.
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i think it is fair to say we thought 2020 when would be a rebound. it hasn't turned out that way. california mandating and masking and some universities like stanford are going back to online learning. >> not all is bad. where asking people to share the good news. >> just when weemergi e paemic icroocks us a few steps back. bill in the crime and the smash and grabs, it is easy to focus on the bad. there is so much good around us. >> i am asking people what is a good news. >> we have been engaged since october and we are getting married next year. we are really, really happy. >> we have been friends for 14
11:32 pm
years. >> my good news i just opened my hypnotherapy practice now in san francisco. >> my grandma beat covid. she is 93. she got covid and was okay. i was able to see her this past thanksgiving. >> i went to disneyland for my birthday. >> i got a job promotion. i recently got married. >> my good news is i graduated with honors from berkeley today. really excited about it. >> i recently got a new job working for a nonprofit. i have been trying to get into the industry for a while. i am a 2020 grad. >> my good news is i was doing great in school this year and i feel more accomplished. >> my dad graduated with his masters degree and my dad and my uncle are here. >> we are pregnant with baby
11:33 pm
number three. i will end with this. my 1-year-old little guy exceeding all of his milestones on the wife and family being healthy. that to me is the best news. this holiday season i hope you are surrounded by good people and good news. this pandemic reminds us, the best gift is the gift of time with the ones we love. happy holidays at a pier 39 in san francisco. that was great. a great way to end the show. i love the drone shot as well. >> i hope he got his rollback . work. you for watching. our next local newscast tomorrow morning from 6:00- 11:00. good night and we will see you tomorrow.
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