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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  December 19, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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party things hosted by epic steak captioning sponsored by cbs >> tonight, covid whiplash. two years into the virus, us cases are surging again, seemingly out of control. millions risk the holiday rush, sick of the mutating variant. >> wait being for hours to get covid tests. >> i'm marci gonzalez in los angeles where a spike in covid cases isn't stopping travelers. >> from big cities to the heart land, stressed travelers, for another covid wave. >> very, very soon do we see variation. >> cases spike, also, tonight, democratic senator joe manchin deals a possible fatal below to, democratic senator joe
5:31 pm
build back better. >> this is enough, on this legislation. >> plus, tiger's back. the golf legend returns to competitive play with his son by his side. and then later, a tradition returns. >> i'm mark strassmann, think you've got a tradition? trying getting a tradition going for 6,000 kids. ♪ ♪ ♪ this is the "cbs weekend news" from new york, with jericka duncan. >> duncan: good evening, and thank you for joining us. tonight top government officials are warning that the united states is likely tonight top government officials are warning that the united states ask likely to see -- is likely to see record numbers of new covid cases and as the highly contagious omicron variant rips across the country. the delta variant still accounts for most infections but omicron is now in 48 states plus the district of columbia.
5:32 pm
marci gonzalez leads us off from los angeles international airport where there is a crush of travelers already on the move for the holidays. marci. >> reporter: jericka, good evening. this is on track to be one of the busiest days in the country, as concerns about omicron intensify. as americans prepare for holiday gatherings, already stressed, hospitals are bracing. fueled by the highly contagious omicron variant. the new threat prompting the government to get ready to once again deploy medical surge teams. >> with omicron that we're dealing with it's going to be a tough weeks and months as we go into winter. >> reporter: 90% of americans in high or substantial risk areas.
5:33 pm
driven by delta new cases are topping 125,000 a day. hospitalizations are 50% higher than last month. and nearly 1,300 people are dying of covid every day. >> the patients are just by themselves gasping for the last breath. >> reporter: in new york city, a record today for the number of new infections, prompting people to rush to testing sites where they wait in line for hours. cbs' tom hanson is in times square. >> reporter: ahead of their holiday get-togethers, how long have you been waiting to get a covid test? >> this line? >> reporter: yes. >> probably at least an hour. >> reporter: and here in times square, organizers say new years eve festivities will go forward with mask mandates. eve festivities will go forward with fully vaccninated attendees. >> reporter: today on face the nation the head of the n.i.h.,
5:34 pm
dr. francis collins set the greatest threat is to americans still not fully vaccinated and boosted especially as millions head home for the holidays. >> if you are not vaccinated i would say travel is really not a great idea because you are in a very vulnerable place now with omicron. >> reporter: and that concern is for more than just people who are flying for the holiday. royal caribbean is now reporting 48 positive cases on one of its ships, now docks in miami. jericka. >> marci gonzalez with us and the big picture on covid thank you. >> president biden will address the nation on tuesday. cbs' christina ruffini is with us, where the fellow democrat, christina. >> reporter: that's right, jericka. if you remember back in november, progressive democrats only agreed to support that bipartisan infrastructure bill, because they were promised could reach a deal on the larger social spending measure.
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now their leverage is gone and so it seems is that deal. >> this is a no on this legislation, i have tried everything i know to do. >> reporter: after months ofat negotiations with the with white house and other democrats, on the president's nearly $2 trillion build back better bill, west virginia senator joe manchin says he's out. >> if i can't go home and explain it to the people of west virginia i can't vote for it. >> but today, white house says manchin's comments are at odds with the comments of the 2 president with the white house staff and with his own public utterances. manchin is obstructing the president's agenda. >> reporter: but vermont senator bernie sanders said they should put it to vote anyway.
5:36 pm
>> we are dealing with mr. manchin for month after month after month but if he doesn't have the courage to do the right thing for the working families in west virginia let him go ahead. >> reporter: senator mancomin says he is willing to talk about some of those individual elements. the white house for its part says it will continue to try to press the senator. jericka. >> what are we expecting the president to say this? >> the president is going to lay out the federal government's response to this new variant and the surge in cases. we're told he will also paint a stark picture for those unvaccinated. >> we'll be watching christina thank you. so far the omicron variant has been detected in 89 countries. we get more from imtiaz tyab in london.
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>> reporter: angry protests in the heart of london. as police and antivaxxer accounts clash in front of parliament. end of vaccine mandates and other covid measures. the unrest comes, after england has recorded the highest number of children admitted to hospital with covid since the pandemic began. december the 12th, more than half just 75 years old and under. >> they're a lot younger than half just 5 years old and under. >> they're a lot younger than the patients that we used to -- we had in the first and second surge. >> reporter: as record number of new nefntions threaten to strain britain's already health system, 100 people are being boostedin london alone. >> the wait time is two to three hours. >> so many people are complaining. >> why do you think you should get this? >> piece of mind if anything else.
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>> across the country, including in the netherlands which has become the first country in europe to reenter lock down. streets normally parked ahead of the christmas holidays are now largely empty with strict measures expected to last until mid january. but there is a glimmer of hope. the first treatment for covid have been given to patients in the u.k. the u.k. as part of a major study. a move and a medication being described as a game change are. it's beginning to feel allot like christmas plans are being put into disarray, including the queen, jericka. >> imtiaz tyab accountable thank you. >> across the us the latest covid surge is again strange hospitals and health care workers in cities big around small. our cbs affiliate in wisconsin,
5:39 pm
shows us the challenges confronting a rural health care facility in monroe wisconsin. >> very rarely do we see a vaccinated patient. >> reporter: behind six quiet icu curtains. the people who stay here in crisis for days, weeks. >> these patients do not improve overnight. they do not improve over days. it's weeks and weeks and weeks at a time. >> reporter: if they make it out >> it is not as frequent as we'd like. >> they'll stay weeks more, months more in step down facilities living a new harder life. >> their bodies are very de- conditioned they have been in bed for weeks if not months. they're getting fed through a tube in their stomach. they're breathing through a hole in their throat. >> reporter: monroe hospital has 55 patient birth and -- icu beds. they could send their patients to those lodger hospitals. now those calls are coming the other way. >> we're probably fielding six
5:40 pm
to ten calls every day from other hospitals wanting to transfer in to us. >> reporter: trmp they most likely can't accept because like others, they're full. waiting on hospital beds upstairs. >> anywhere from 36 to 48 hours. we bring down a hospital bet out of the penthouse and we get them as comfortable as we can. >> reporter: it's covid cases driving the surge. >> we've seen more patients we've ever seen are -- the pandemic related to covid and the community doesn't realize that. >> reporter: nearly half of their covid -- dedicated to covid. >> shuffling patients around to try to figure out who's the least sick. >> reporter: the birthing center may have to take some, surgery staff may have to come to the i.c.u.. people themselves, are coming in sicker. >> i've seen patients who
5:41 pm
normally we would have caught a lung cancer very early, come in at the final stages of lung cancer for the first time. >> reporter: i asked, are they dying because of that delay? >> yes. >> there isn't a clear light at the end of the tunnel as upstairs in the icu covid patients battle for breath, a reality the outside world needs to reckon with. >> i wish i would have gotten my shot, wish i would have gotten vaccinated. >> i'm naomi kowles, cbs news washington. >> ever accused anyone of sexual same. in a social media post last month, accused a high ranking chinese government official of sexually assaulting her. she then disappeared from public view for nearly three weeks striking international concern. tiger woods returned to 3
5:42 pm
competitive golf this weekend in a memorable aware. dana jacobson is following his return. in orlando. >> reporter: it was a return to golf as only tiger woods could make: playing alongside his son charlie. the woods duo competed to the finish taking second in the pnc championship. >> i'm just happy and thankful that i'm able to do this. i still have my own leg, which was, questionable for a while. and it's functioning. >> reporter: during his nine months of rehab tiger said one of his biggest motivations was simply this, playing golf withae of his charlie. >> the fact that i had my son there, and he's an unbelievable player and unbelievable partner. >> reporter: while tiger was
5:43 pm
noticeably fatigued at times and needed to use a golf course to make hi way around the golf course he still showed flashes of an 18 time champion. >> adam shoepack. >> he's the most mentally tough golfer. >> reporter: we don't know when we'll see tiger woods play golf again but monday, he says he's ben every day for the last six months working to rehab his right leg and build his pendoourns. jericka thank you. >> dana jacobson, in orlando, thank you. >> cutting down trees for christmas can be good for a forest, whether for machine or by hand. and michigan's santa girls. han. and michigan's santa girls.
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>> a historic ranch in colorado is providing a bounty of good this holiday season. not just for people looking for a christmas tree but for people who would like to cut down on homelessness. barry petersen explains. >>reporter: it is aspen canyon ranch this is one way to thin out the forest. >> there she goes, beautiful >> >> reporter: people braving rocky mountain chill and a christmas tree the only charge, donation to the delores project which gives shelter for women experiencing homelessness. margy and don mosley hunted deep into the underblus. >> ready for me to cut it? >> yes, look at it from all sides. yes that looks perfect. >> reporter: perfect with a purpose. everybody who's taking home a christmas are tree is in fact contributing to making this a healthier place. >> right.
5:48 pm
they'll cut a christmas tree in an area that we haven't treated yet. >> reporter: after being a dude ranch and a marijuana b&b, this place went through bankruptcy. going from this to this, spacing the trees and clearing the underbrush to prevent this. >> if there were 100 trees there might be 15 left and they now have space between them and they can grow, they can get water. and so the idea is instead of having a force fire, you create this environment where there's room between the trees. and it turns into a healthy forest again. >> reporter: when he is done he will sell the ranch to project sanctuary, a group that brings military families together in a wilderness setting to reconnect after long deployments. >> there's going to be hundreds of people affected positively, because of this experience. the family fishing on the river
5:49 pm
hanging out hiking. we have beautiful lakes. >> reporter: and will help heal. >> it will, it will, there will be hundreds if not thousands of people affected by this opportunity to come out here and hang out. >> reporter: meanwhile, the mosleys tree has gone from its forest home to their home. where grandson three-year-old monte is a forest firefighting tree trimmer in the making. >> what do you want for christmas? >> a chain saw. >> what do you do with a chain saw? >> cut down trees. >> reporter: and with more trees cut down the better chance the rest will survive and just maybe become next year point of christmas joy. barry petersen cbs news in the rocky mountains. >> so many positive connections there. still ahead on the cbs evening news, remembering kangol kid, raiding awareness of the disease raising awareness of the disease that claimed his life.
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introducing new vicks vapostick. >> finally tonight, a christmas tradition paused by the pandemic is back. mark strassman introduces us to the santa claus girls. >> reporter: for more than a century the santa claus girls have had west michigan's longest christmas list. all these cars, the parents of 6,000 needy children. >> merry christmas. >> that's what it's all about. helping underprivileged children. >> reporter: this is their only christmas? >> for some, yes, yes it is. >> absolutely. that's why we try our best to give them something that they'll be excited about and when they go to school tell their friends i got this. >> reporter: inside this white house part santa's 4 workshop part amazon fulfillment center, tables stacked with gifts, separated boy girl and by age,
5:57 pm
infant to 12, five gifts apiece including a hand made hat and mittens. the santa claus girls. bringing christmas to life here since 1908. >> the love that the people have for giving back. just doesn't go away. >> reporter: outside, the usarski brothers, steve and paul help direct traffic on a nippy windy morning. >> the love you give is the love you get. >> their dad a firefighter was killed in the line of duty. the santa claus girls gave them many christmases. >> they brought gifts. the gifts would say, santa claus girls, gifts from santa claus girls. why does it say that? because santa can't deliver them all himself and the santa claus girls helped hip. okay. >> they cancelled their first delivery in the group's history. >> we were heartbroken.
5:58 pm
>> heartbroken. >> we were very disappointed. >> reporter: and the good news is you're back. >> we're back. we're here. >> and this year the need is so great and yet our hands are tied. we can only do so much. >> reporter: the group lost its usual warehouse. donation he are down, need is up. they'd like to help twice as many families like the carters,. >> we are doing the very best we can now during this time of covid and everything so it helps out a lot. >> believing in santa is one thing. being santa is another. some people have a gift for giving. mark strassmann, cbs news, grand rapids, michigan. >> and we thank god for santa's helpers. that's the cbs news for this sunday. i'm jericka duncan in new york, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
5:59 pm
live from the cbsn bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. now, streaming on cbsn bay area, we could be just hours away from a verdict in one of the most high profile bay area fraud cases ever. what could be next for elizabeth holmes? with just six days left until christmas, the crowds are hitting the stores and the extra security in place following yet another mob style robbery. a live look outside after a very cold and cloudy day and pretty soon it will also be wet. we have the latest. and the last minute rush to get vaccinated ahead of christmas gatherings. we begin with the jury deliberations tonight which will happen tomorrow. thank you for joining us. the verdict could come as soon as tomorrow or later this week
6:00 pm
and we explain what a six stake -- at stake for elizabeth holmes. >> reporter: innovator or charlatan who deceived patients and defrauded investors? that is the central question in the fraud trial and how jurors answer the question will likely decide if the former ceo spends decades behind bars >> would you be shocked if this ended in a hung jury? >> i would not be shocked if they were undecided on some of the counts, but i think there is a more than enough evidence in my opinion and more than enough evidence to show that she knew. >> reporter: the attorney has been watching the trial in the dramatically different pictures of homes painted by the prosecution and defense teams prosecutors allege that she knowingly bilked investors out of hundreds of millions of dollars and continue to push blood testing technology that could not


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