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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  December 20, 2021 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, nearly $5 billion coming to the bay area to improve infrastructure. we are getting a better idea of how it will be spent. good afternoon. i am len kiese. >> i am amanda starrantino. joycelyn moran has more on the investments aimed at making our roads safer. >> reporter: blocked off bicycle lanes like this one here are aimed to protect bicyclists. speaker nancy pelosi spoke to investments to hope to add to this and prevent more tragedy. in addition we heard from victims of traffic accidents along with mayor london breed and other local leaders. $14billion from the bill will go to road way safety nationally, more than 200 million headed to california to
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reduce fatalities, 7.2 billion nationally for safety on sidewalks and bike lanes. pelosi says this is important and a matter of life and death. >> these incidents are more than just statistics as we know. there are families shattered by the tragedy, communities in mourning, demand for urgent action. that is why our historic bipartisan infrastructure law, democrats are advancing promise of safe streets and roads. >> local dollars alone are not enough. we need help. this infrastructure bill will not only help san francisco, it will help this entire country. >> pelosi was also asked about the build back act. she says they never give upd they will continue to fight to pass this legislation. new developments in the fight against covid. moderna says its booster increased antibodies 37 times greater than previous levels
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for fighting omicron. it comes as the variant has been detected in 45 states. >> we are going to see the number of cases go up pretty steeply. america's top doctors sounded the alarm sunday pushing americans to get vaccinated and boosted. >> the prudent in everything else, when traveling, in indoor settings that are congregate, wear a mask. >> break through cases for those vaccinated are on the rise. senator warren and booker revealed they have mild cases despite being boosted. >> if you have vaccines and booster you are very well protected against omicron causing severe disease. >> the disruptions caused by covid out breaks are growing. six nhl teams won't play for at least a week. a growing number of universities are delaying return to in person classes
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after winter break. among them, harvard, middle bury, depaul in chicago. cruise ships are seeing covid cases. robinson caribbean's symphony of the seas docked in miami saturday after almost 50 people tested positive. in new york city we saw over 12,000 new cases in one day. the mayor said he will decide this week if times square new year's eve celebration can go on as broadway shows like hamilton shuttered over the weekend and producers of christmas spectacular starring rockets canceled remainder of the shows. >> covid came early this year. >> once again, saturday night live had no live audience, no musical performance and few live sketches. this is the beginning of a testing line that stretches half a city block. with long lines like this across new york city the mayor
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announced more testing sites would open. that's a similar sight across the country as health officials urge regular testing ahead of holiday gatherings. i am anne makovec at the live news desk keeping an eye on the tanking stock market. taking a live look at the numbers, all major indices are down and have been all day. the dow you see is down more than 500 points, wall street reacting to the coronavirus infection wave worldwide. investors are weighing economic of the build back better dying in the senate and the tapering of the stimulus. tomorrow president biden is expected to address the nation about the recent surge in coronavirus cases laying out what we can expect in the weeks ahead and how we can best protect people across the country. his administration in the meantime is trying to reassure people we are way better off than this time last year. >> we have more tools in our
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tool box. we have vaccines and boosters. we know our masks work. our testing can be a strategy to make gatherings safer, especially important. we know how important ventilation is. >> u.s. surgeon general saying federal health officials are working to see how various tests do with omicron variant. we have heard about false positives and false negatives but the surgeon general still says testing is a very important tool. despite concerns over omicron variant travelers are still taking to the skies. tsa expects to screen nearly 30 million people nationwide from today to january 3 at sfo. >> i am not really that worried. i am taking precautions. we are both vaccinated. it's the holidays, gotta keep living. you can't just stop. take the precautions to protect
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yourself. be courteous. protect others. and get through the lines. >> i am scared. but i made the plans a long time ago. i am picking up my mom and bringing her back for christmas. i am nervous though. >> airlines are expecting to see a 184% increase in passengers compared to last year. for more information on the covid vaccines and how to get the shot, we have a resource guide on taking a live look at sfo, we'll hand it to meteorologist mary lee for what travelers can expect this week. we are looking at dry weather today but that will be changing as we look to tomorrow and the rest of the week. you see a gray afternoon in the santa clara valley with the fog and as we head through today, cool, cloudy conditions in the upper 40s to upper 50s this afternoon with clouds. you see them streaming in as we head through our afternoon on
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futurecast and tracking cut off low pressure system that will be bringing return of widespread rain. here we are at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow, starting to push in across parts of the north bay. i will let you know what you can expect for the rest of your tuesday through the week, coming up. the jury is deliberating in criminal fraud case against the former theranos founder elizabeth holmes. >> justin andrews is live in the newsroom. this is after emotional testimony by holmes herself. eight men and four women will be weighing the charges, testimonies and more than 900 exhibits presented. their job, to decide whether holmes turned her blood testing start up into a massive scam. >> in this case, the allegations of fraud are complicated. the history of theranos is complicated. so the jurors will have to figure out how to make sense of the conflicting testimony that they heard during the trial. >> this trial has been going on
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for well over three months. prosecution and defense presented drastically different portrayals of holmes. prosecution painted her as an experienced executive who intentionally chose to use her start up to mislead investors, doctors, patients to take their money. her defense described her as a well meaning entrepreneur to worked hard to build technology she believed had tremendous potential. holmes tearfully took the stand and testified in her defense. she practically described herself as an abused puppet. it was her team's attempt to dismiss accusations that she lied about technology pending blame on ex lover and business partner saying he was controlling and abusive. >> that didn't wind up being a central part though of the case that the defense attorneys made to the jury. the argument the defense attorneys made is the argument that is generally made in fraud cases which is the defendant
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didn't try to mislead anybody. she honestly believed in this company. she put her heart and soul into it. and she was upset as anyone when the company failed. >> now the jury has plenty evidence to review today. the verdict could be announced at any time this week. with he have a crew in court and we'll bring the verdict as soon as it comes down. justin andrews, kpix5. >> thank you. in an hour, oakland police plan to give an update on the investigation into the deadly shooting after private security guard. he was killed while protecting a tv newsroom. police chief armstrong will discuss restructuring and new resource ...
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the biden administration is tightening standards for fuel emissions. epa is implementing new mileage requirements for cars and light trucks requiring them to increase gas mileage to 40 miles per gallon over the next years. new standards are expected to save people money on fuel and prevent planet warming
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greenhouse gases from being released into the atmosphere. coming up on the news at noon, potential new threat to airlines. this time it is not due to covid-19 variant. >> many holiday shipping deadlines have passed but you
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the pandemic is not the only big concern for airlines. technological bureaucratic conflict can force them to cancel flights during the year.
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kris van cleave reports. a standoff could have flight halting consequences for airlines starting in the middle. u.s. airlines may have to stop using equipment that helps pilots in bad weather or low visible at more than 40 of the busiest airports following faa order prompted by concerns about possible interference from newly activated 5g cell phone towers. >> 5g is the biggest issue. it is remarkable to say in a world where we are still in covid. >> airlines have no choice but to adhere to the order. >> if we go back to decades old procedures and technology for flying, cancel thousands flights per day and hundreds of thousands of customers, it will be a catastrophic failure of government. >> the industry insists there is not an issue arguing the fear mongering relies on discredited information and
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deliberate distortions of fact. att and verizon are pledging to reduce signal strength on towers near airports. >> we have 39 countries where you have this deployment. there have been no issues. >> the tennessee senator believes expanded 5g service is essential. >> what we are looking at is a late on to the table objection by faa. >> fcc says it is optimistic that a solution can be worked out. the wireless industry spent about 80 billion calls buying the bandwidth and opposes further delays. airlines say without a solution, the flights will have to be delayed and canceled, can impact 32 million flyers over the course of next year. if you haven't shipped your holiday gifts, there is not a lot of time left to get them delivered by christmas. a lot of deadlines have already passed. ups says tomorrow is last day for three day shipping and fed
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ex has openings for same day shipping all the way until christmas eve. it will cost you though. we checked and the prices range from $12 to over $130 for a five pound package from here to los angeles. time for a check of weather with meteorologist mary lee. a cold start again. >> for sure. we are looking at chilly conditions with those clouds today, catching a break from the rain as we are looking at wet weather ahead starting tomorrow through the rest of the week. unsettled wet weather is on the way. a live look with our sales force tower camera as we look west, you seer the clouds in the sky, upper 40s for concord, livermore, mid 50s oakland and san jose and low 50s for san francisco and santa rosa. partly sunny to mostly cloudy skies today, cool, we have those clouds. as we look to tomorrow, the rain returns. tracking this cut off low pressure system that is going to sit and spin just off the coast all week bringing those
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rain chances. we are looking at upper 40s to the upper 50s for daytime highs today. as we take you hour by hour with futurecast, you see clouds streaming in from the south. as we look to tomorrow, here is tomorrow morning. it's going to be a dry start but we are going to start to watch rain push in late morning early afternoon tomorrow. at 1:00 p.m., you see that for the north bay. at 4:00, widespread rain in the afternoon and continuing as we look to tomorrow night and still looking at the scattered activity for your wednesday. that continues for the rest of the week. the sun sets at 4:53 and sunrise at 4:21. winter weather advisories, watches because we are looking at several feet of snow. seven-day forecast san francisco, oakland, san jose, it turns wet tomorrow through the rest of the week including the christmas weekend. saturday it does look wet at
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this point as we look to inland east bay, north bay, coast, rain tomorrow through the rest of the week. we are talking waves of rain. off and on rain pretty much every day starting tomorrow. at this point it does look wet as we look to the holiday weekend with the showers even on christmas day. back to you. >> thank you, mary. coming up, giving continues in our annual food for bay area families initiative and will present a check to a local food bank. an update from oakland's police chief on restructuring. also the fatal shooting of kevin nishita. we will bring you to you live at 1:00. we are on the cbs news app. download it
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thanks for staying with us. we are continuing season of giving with food for bay area families initiative. >> today kiet do helps present a major contribution to one local food bank. >> reporter: this is one of my most favorite places in the entire world, the sorting room at second harvest silicon
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valley where volunteers pack boxes to ship food to needy families all over the area. all the individual donors have their own stories. we are joined by lauren and elizabeth. your dad ran around town collecting turkeys for families. that's amazing. >> he did. for years he picked up turkeys from family and friends and it turned into an actual fund raiser that we have continued in his honor. >> reporter: he died last year. how are you keeping his memory alive? >> because he died in the thick of the pandemic we weren't able to hold a formal memorial service for him. we thought the best way to honor his memory would be to continue the food drive he cared so much about. >> 65% of donations come from individuals like mitch. most people don't realize even though it feels like things are a little back to normal at the food bank, we are still in crisis mode. we are serving 80% more than prepandemic, providing twice the amount of food, and are
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able to do that through the incredible generosity of the community. >> reporter: second harvest needs your time and money. to find out how you can donate go to still to come on the news at noon, we'll check with meteorologist mary lee one last time for your forecast heading into the holiday weekend. today
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welcome back. we want to get you updated on a major earthquake that happened about 15 minutes ago. magnitude 6.2 earthquake that happened just off the west coast there of eureka, so in the pacific ocean 45 miles southwest of eureka. at this point no tsunami is expected from this recent earth quake west of california. again no tsunami is expected. but that was preliminary reports of magnitude 6.2 earth quake in the pacific ocean. that's the very latest on that. now we will show you a live look outside. this is our san francisco cam. you see the clouds in the sky. we are also looking at another view for you with our mark hopkins hotel cam, that gray afternoon for us. we are looking at the clouds, temperatures in the upper 40s, upper 50s but rain returns tomorrow. back to you.
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some pups at a brewery in minnesota participated in an ugly sweater competition. but we've got to say they all look so cute. >> they do. prizes were given to the best and worst sweaters. the dogs even got to see santa. it was a fund raiser for charity. >> very cute. >> so cute! >> they look good. >> does chloe have an ugly sweater? >> she does not. she does not like sweaters or anything on her body. that's it for the news at noon. we are on 24/7 on cbsn bay
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[gentle music] >> ridge: hi. >> taylor: uh, if you're looking for steffy-- >> ridge: yeah, where is she? >> taylor: she's at work. is she not at work? >> ridge: i don't know. i didn't come from work. i came from brooke's. i walked out again. >> taylor: you walked out on brooke? >> ridge: i went for-- i went for a ride. i just needed to clear my head. >> taylor: and you wound up here. >> ridge: yes. >> taylor: so what-- what happened? or do i need to ask? >> ridge: this--this guy just does whatever he wants. he walks in the house whenever he wants, and brooke welcomes him. and not only that, she defends him. >> taylor: him meaning deacon.


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