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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  December 21, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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all law enforcement and firefighters in alameda must be vaccinated today. it gives an out though when it is up next. and the manner chief's new plan to tackle the pandemic as the country faces a potential wintertime surge of infections. and the cvs stores getting ready to close their doors next month in san francisco. good morning. it's tuesday, december 21th. let's get a check on weather and traffic. >> it's dry for now but that will change through the day. grab that umbrella. your rain coat because you will need it later on today. it's a cold start. bundle up this morningw. redown to the 30's and 40's as
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we kick off the new day. 44 oakland. livermore down 39. a wet evening commute as we head into the day. dry for the most part. you can start to see the rain pushing in to partsst information bay as we head through 4:00 p.m. a cold front moves across the rest of our region here and 7:00 p.m. we will talk about the rain a wet and unsettled weeka heaved. ly have details on that in just a few minutes and how much rain through the week. now let's check in with gian na. things getting busier. that includes more crashes. one of them in san jose
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northbound 101. you can see that line of red. photograph sick slow north of there to where that crash is around oakland road on the northbound side of 101 down about nine miles an hour. they are have at least one lane blocked, possibly two. emergency crews on scene. stick with 87 or 280 as the alternate to avoid the delays. better southbound 880. still backed up behind 92 and we have brake lights on 80 for a new crash reported north of there. the latest the battle plan against the coronavirus. of course this is as that huge omicron surge is spreading
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across the nation. he is warning the unvaccinated of the potential for serious consequences. he plans to make at home covid tests free. you can request them online initially. half a billion and he is expected to invoke the defense production act to help make more tests. the plan also was to send more federal troops to hospitals. easy vaccines. pop up sites and new rule that will make it easier for pharmacists to work across state lines. early their morning we just heard from doctor fauci on the fact that a lot of the cases we are seeing now are without symptoms. >> that's the reason why you are seeing the shift now in thinking. you want to pay attention to
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the number of infections. if you have a lot of innext it's more important to focus on hospitalizations. >> we will hear from the president around 11:30 our time. we will carry that live on kpix. contra costa became the late toast confirm it's latest indicates of the omicron. it would have the three infected were vaccinated. none had gotten a booster shot and so far none of the three have been in the hospital. if you are a first responder in alameda today is deadline day for to you be vaccinated. justin andrew is live in the newsroom with what you need to know. justin. >> good morning this applies to police officers, firefighters as well as ambulance workers. if are you not fully vaccinated you must wear a mark and test every single week. booster shots not part of there requirement so far. this order was announced last month from the alameda county
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health officer. because of the nature of first responders jobs the health officer said they are at a higher risk of spreading covid to patients. also, happening today, oakland city leader also be meeting to vote on a vaccine ordinance for certain businesses. city council will vote late their morning it. means woman will have to show proof of vaccination for dining in, for indoor, also to enter gyms, museums and other public spaces. we wanted to know how will this be enforced? >> this is not something that our police department will enforce. they have more urgent things to do as we know in oakland this is something that our civilian code enforcement bureau will be in charge of enforcing based on any complaint that may come about if certain indoor establishments not adhering to this. >> if this gets the green light it'll take effect the 1st of february.
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it's similar to others. oakland city council meeting starts at 9:30 in this morning. we are live at the newsroom. >> thank you. this morning the omicron variant accounts for 73% of cases in the country. a new study said that omicron infection and vaccination is causing super immunity. the small study suggests that two dose vaccination and infection will leave your immune system prepared for future variants. if you boost it and still get infected your antibody count is even liar than that. so-called hybrid immunity may be the way out of the pandemic e. >> almost everything will get exposed maybe that's how we will get out that have pandemic. >> he said that for the unvaccinated and those with previous natural infection but no vaccine this new variant spells trouble. omicron is two to four times more transmissible than delta
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putting somewhere between chicken pox and measles. request cases spiking restaurants once again facing challenges. >> we are live in san francisco with the new restrictions hitting struggling businesses. >> restaurants and businesses are still trying to recover after nearly two years in this pandemic. now the stu spike in covid cases could set them back again. we effects. other restaurants in oakland and in the south bay announced temporary closures. the -- in san francisco, some have stayed. they sent a news letter to members on monday encouraging them to get their booter shots. this set back is on top of the many the restaurant industry has faced in this pandemic.
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>> we have -- 2021 was trying to look promising. you know, it is what it is. >> restaurants live forever. nobody is not going to want to go out and eat. it's especially hard right now. this latest variant is evidence that the pandemic continues to impact the restaurant industry and they are going to need help to -- as they face the challenges. >> they can't catch a break. thank you. and we are helping you stay ahead of this pandemic. we have a vaccine and testing resource guide at figu out who opened fire at the oakridge mall in san jose. the shots triggered a panic last night and sent thousands of holiday shoppers rubbing for safety. it happened just before 6:00 p.m. with in minutes police were inside the mall with no idea if the shooter was still inside.
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officers and deputies secured every mall entrance and exit and then started a search of the large shopping center. >> i heard like a gun shot. like it was so loud it. was so loud. i hear people screaming running toward -- inside our store. try to be calm. i know people were panicking inside there. we did offer them water and coffee. >> too real. i get to hug my little girl again. that was scary moment for the family. >> many ran to the nearest exit while others ducked in to stores. employees trained locked the doors and hid people in back rooms. police cleared the mall just before 10:00 p.m. this morning there is no word on if a suspect or victim has been found. taking a live look at son jose where a state redistricting commission has drawn up plans for four congressional districts up from
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the current three. the northern part of the city would be grouped with santa clara and sunnyvale, evergreen and south san jose would havea district. another would include pacifica, while a 4th district would cover downtown and allen rock and agricultural areas in three other counties. the state's independent redistricting commission approved the move last night after hours of testimony from san jose residents. new this morning cvs pharmacy revealing six. it's 21 san francisco stores that will be closing next month. here is a look at the store that will be shutting down. they include the cvs on market street and the one on venice avenue. they were announced mid- november. they are have to shutter 900 stores nationwide in order to reduce its count by 10%. it's 6:10. still ahead,. >> a text message scam claiming to be from the california department of health. what officials want to you be on the look out for. and how the supply chain
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shortage could be affecting your new year toast. it is dry for now but that will be changing. now it's a cold start. we are down to the 30's and 40's. bundle up and don't forget the umbrella. i'm tracking a cold front that will bring the return of the rain as we look to this afternoon and this evening. ly show you future cast and time it out for you. as we look at the roads it's starting to get busy. we have a couple of hot spots the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist
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the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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this morning a warning about a possible text message scam claiming to be from the state department of health. people have been receiving texts telling them they need to confirm their vaccination status to receive a driver's license waiver. the text appears to be from the state helicopter department but officials say that it's not the case. if you receive the text do not click on the link included in the message. and if you haven't done so
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already you may want to stock up on your favorite alcohol to make your toast for the holidays. >> several stores are facing a growing alcohol shortage. the reason, the back up of cargo containers at the port of long beach. shipmentsof liquor, beer and wine import from other countries not arriving in time and they are frustrated. >> we are able to get by with style but at the same time list still several wines that i would love to have that, that won't make it until next year. >> beer and wine companies facing another probleshortages of glass bottles, corks and other terms. covid case numbers are on the rise. is is it still safe to get on a plane and gather with friends and family? >> our transportation specialist spoke to a medical expert to get answers for this week's travel tuesday.
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>> despite concerns over the variant aaa is estimating more than 109 million americans are expected to travel for the holidays. >> if you are vaccinated it is completely safe to travel. hope any nina round people with compromised immune systems. >> that was ucsf didder who said that we are in a different part of the pan democrat speck those who are vaccinated with that boost shernell enjoy their holiday. of course doing so safely since omicron isn't the only concern. >> there's a positive aspect to how transmissible omicron is that unlike delta which was more transmissible it does look like it causes less severe disease. >> of course they are the obvious things you can do to stay safe. wear a mark, washy hand. stay in outdoor ventilated areas and call ahead in case of
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any changes to the areas are you traveling too and if are you unvaccinated test in advance and before you head back to work or school. of course safe travels this holiday season. let's get you travel around the bay area as we like a look at the roadways. you can see traffic, bit slow as you work along 880. we have our photographer travel around the bay area. with very a couple of hot spots on the freeway. you can see things thickening up there just a bit. not so smooth sailing here. give yourself a few extra minute as long 880 with that trouble spot. you can see that in the live shot on the side of the road. a big rig involved in this recent crash. chp on scene and looks like tow crews will be needed to clear that one. thank you forgetting us that shot.
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traffic backing up. which are seeing brake lights. even 101, but 87 will be a good bet. just before that you won't have any brake lights northbound 101 as you approach 280, 680. it's past where all the brake lights start widing. you can see 280, 87 in the green. if you are taking 880245 is one of our slowest spots as well. we have the brake lights off 580, castro valley y onto the freeway. metering lights on at the bay bridge toll plaz. you can see backing up as you approach the pay gates. if you are going through there into san francisco. right now your travel time still about 10 minutes into the city and it's a little busy across the upper deck. crowded as you come off that area. that is a look at your morning ridew. very rain on theway and it's going to affect the evening commute. things will be changing for us. dry for now. that will be changing as we
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look ahead to the afternoon and evening as i'm tracking a cold front that will bring the return of the rain for us. by the way today is the first official day of winter. a winter solsticew. relooking at a cold start to the day. it's dry for now as we look to the afternoon that rain returns and a wet evening commute for us. show you a live look with the sales force tower camera across the bay. as we kick off our tuesday. in the afternoon, that rain moves back in. we are looking at the coast, the bay, mid50's, and inland in the 50's to about 60 degrees. our sunrise by the way 7:21 and our sunset at 4:54 p.m. the satellite and radar view with the low pressure system.
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the off shore storm system drifting our way. it'll push a cold front across the bay area and that is the reason why we are looking at that rain moving back in. our temperatures in the 50's to about 60 degrees. a cool day. here we go as we look ahead to the hour by hour future cast at noon for your lunchtime. dry for the most part. the north bay starting to see that rain push in here we are stopping the clock. it'll take longer for you in the south bay to see that rain. eventually you will and we will look at scattered activity for your wednesday. rain chances really every single day through the rest of the week and eastbound even in to the christmas holiday weekend. rainfall estimated totals from one to three inches of rain and as we look at the search nah why we are looking at several feet of snow expected up in the
6:21 am
sierra with these storm systems through the week. seven day forecast, san francisco, san jose there we go with that rain today, rain chances wednesday, thursday, friday, and even into the christmas holiday weekend. inland east bay, the north bay and the coast we are looking at waves of rain off and on rain as we head through friday and even into our christmas holiday weekend. it still looks wet. back to you. new, billions of federal dollars will come to california public transit agencies. this after a judge ruled against the biden administration in a dispute over a state pension law. that decision put in danger about $12 billion in grants. the judge cited regional transit authorities including bart that said if they didn't have access to the money they would have to make major service cuts and layoff workers. it is 6:21. coming up, and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> the larger than life
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tribute to vincent van gogh.
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god tuesday morningr. you ready for that lunchtime forecast? we are looking at that's rain that will push in as we look ahead to this afternoon. in the meantime it's a dry but cold start to our day. with redown to the 30's and 40's. bundle up if are you going out the door and don't forget the umbrella because you will need it through the afternoon. the lunchtime forecast for the coast, around the bay and the low 50's. with that rain moving back in and inland we are looking at 50 degrees with mostly cloudy skies. in san francisco at noon for your lunchtime forecast, mostly cloudy but that rain pushes in later in the afternoon for the east bay and oakland. 52 with partly sunny to mostly cloud country skies. that rain moves in for you this
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afternoon for the south bay it'll take longer for that rain to push into the south bay. likely you will stay dry as we head through the rest of the morning and early afternoon. you will see that raina evening. back to you. in los angeles now a larger than life tribute to one of the world's most famous artists. >> this is a 92-foot tall balloon version of vincent van gogh. it's in celebration of the new exhibit about to open in la. the exhibit has givennen millions of people the up close look at the artist and his look including here in the bay area. it's now 6:26. the next half hour on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> new plan from oakland police as the city continuous to fight with the rise in gun violence. >> and a rink.
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before that drink turns to drinks, make a plan to get home safe. just call a friend, a cab, and get a rideshare. whatever you do, don't let drunk drive. go safely, california.
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out. hair, done. fit, fantastic! marijuana. not so fast. remember, marijuana and some meds don't mix. a sober driver can cure that. don't let high drive. go safely, california. good morning. here are your morning headlines. today the oakland city council will vote on a proposal to require proof of vaccination. if the measure passes proof of vaccination will be required for indoor dining, gyms, museums and other public indoor spaces. if passed it would take effect february 1st. applies are trying to figure out who opened fire at the oakridge mall in san jose. the shops triggered a panic last night and sent thousands of holiday shoppers rushing to
6:30 am
safety. there is no word on if a suspect or victim has been found. cvs pharmacy revealing six of its store that close. they include the cvs on market street. they were announced mid- november. good morning. it's tuesday, december 21th. >> good morning. let's get a check of weather and traffic wal-mart he start off with mary lee and that rain moving in. >> track that cold front that will bring the return of the rain for us. if you are about to head out the door, for work or school or maybe to walk your dog, anything outside, i think a good idea was to -- is to put on your big winter coat because it's a cold start. we are down to the 30's and who's and hopefully that coat has a hood or your umbrella. we are looking at that rain returning for us as we head through the afternoon. and for this evening as that cold front will bring the return of widespread rain to the regionn. san francisco, dry for the most part in the morning partly sunny to mostly cloudy skies. rain moves in as we look to
6:31 am
1:00 p.m. through the afternoon and for this evening. in the east bay and oakland are you looking at partly sunny skies. into the early afternoon by 3:00 p.m. that rain moves in to you and for concord. early afternoon, rain moves back in as we look to 3:00 a.m. and for tonight. the south bay it'll take a little longer to see that rain for the morning, early afternoon but by this evening for the south bay that rain pushes in. we will talk more about how much rain we could see through the week coming up. let's check in with gianna. >> just looking here at the mapping season and see that back up on 101. we have a new crash. northbound 101 at 2840. we are dealing that crash. slow and go out of the south bay.
6:32 am
even 87 is moving at the limit this morning. travel times, still 12 minutes northbound 101 from 85 to 680, 280. that could change. it just shifted over to yellow. heads up there. if you are taking the freeway. that's the other slow spot. traffic busy. backing township that castro valley y connector. bay bridge metering lights on. travel times for this area in my next report. the live news desk following the latest on that south bay mall shooting last night. still waiting to find out from police if the shooter or a victim was ever found outside of the mall. we know there was none found inside of the mall. the shots rang out at the oakridge mall in san jose at 6:00 p.m. it happened near the forever 21 store. some store employees trained in active shooter incidents locked the doors, hid people inside their back rooms and some stayed there for up to four
6:33 am
hours. officers finally secured every mall entrance and exit and they gave the all clear very late last night. they are still reviewing some of the video from inside of the mall. no description of the shooter yet has been released. back to you. i new vaccination ordinance is under consideration in oakland in the next few hours. >> the city council will weigh whether to require proof of vacant medication for everybody entering enter types of businesses. justin is live looking head ha to the meeting what this would mean. >> if this ordinance is a proved it means people will have so show proof of vaccination to dine indoors t enter gyms, museums and other indoor public spaces. this would mean the ordinance, would be the ordinance similar to the one was very seen in san francisco, contra costa and the city berkeley. one said that it's for your safety. >> let's make sure we can protect the people who are vaccinated and indoor locations
6:34 am
by decreasing the likelihood that they will come in contact with people indoors by people who are -- have the virus. we are trying to put this out the best way we can. it doesn't cover every indoor place. it covers the indoor place that we believe are most at risk of people transmitting the virus. >> if it gets the stamp of approval it'll effect february 1st. today if you are a first respond america the county you have to be vaccinated. this order was announced last month from the county health officer. it approves to police officers, firefighters and ambulance workers. if are you not fully vaccinated, you must wear a mask and test every single week. the booster shots not a requirement at least not right now. alameda county leaders say because of the nature of the jobs, they are at high risk of spreading covid to patients in their care. we are live in the newsroom.
6:35 am
san jess police are investigating a deadly collision involving two cars and a pedestrian it. happened on mckie road on the on ram many of interstate 680. two cars struck a person crossing the road outside of a marked crosswalk. the victim died at the scene making san jose's 23rd pedestrian death this year. san francisco's district attorney is a nouning arrest warrants for five people in a retail theft ring. the two year investigation was called operation focus lens. it grew if the investigation into the thefts in macy's in 2019. it involved a front operation, selling the stolen goods. >> we believe that these are networks involved in moving tens of millions of dollars of stolen goods as i said we can document at least two million dollars of stolen goods and believe the network to be involved in a larger stale retail theft fencing operation. >> go million dollars in stolen goods have been discovered. and the oakland police
6:36 am
department is launching a new strategy to deal with a surge in crime. the number of patrol officers would jump from 240 to about 296. there will not be safe less safety in other parts of the city this is just to make sure that our resources are distributed as well as the calls that are coming in equally. >> renow distributing resources based on cal volume. the higher number of calls and part one crime that are happening in this part of the city. it's something that should be in place and should be institution. >> also from opd a new sleepment a murder of a security guard who was shot and killed while protecting a news crew. the apply chief announcing they recovered a car similar to the one that has been identified as a possible suspect vehicle. they say that investigators
6:37 am
trying to determine if it's the right vehicle. a jury will continue to decide the fate of elizabeth holmes. we could know the verdict sometime this week. holmes is charged with 11 counts of trade and conspiracy. jurors heard from 32 witnesses over the past threemonths and holmes herself took the stand. prosecutors say that she was an experienced executive who many used her blood testing start up to mislead investors. we will bring you the verdict when it comes down. the president just tested negative for covid after he was told that a staff member of his tested positive. that staffer reportedly spent about 30 minutes near the president on air force one on friday. he will be tested again on wednesday. another lawmaker was not so lucky. the governor of maryland just tested positive for the virus.
6:38 am
he released a statement reporting what he called cold like symptoms. the governor said that he will quarantine and work from home through the week. he also urged the public to get a booster shot as soon as you can. coming up, the difficulty in searching for survivors after a typhoon swept through the philippines. and the close eye on a spanish volcano. and bundle up. it's a cold start to the day. we are down to the 30's and 40's this morning. dry for now but that will be changing. i'm tracking a cold front that will bring the return of the rain for us. let you know when that rain arrives before you live coming up. and the market just opened about ten minutes ago. let's take a quick check on the big board. the dow is up about 385 points. we have a closer look coupling up after the break. first here is what its coming up on cbs mornings. good morning to you.
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ahead on cbs mornings, we discuss the interview with the vice president. hear what the vice president has to say about the future of build back better and fighting that omicron variant. the and kennedy center honoree. look at that. that's what a legend looking like. the director of motown records talks about his life, his most famous artist and motown's legacy. looked like they were having a good time. and a cocktail historian takes us behind the barbato learn about eggn og. learn about the fascinating history of the popular subpoena some say polarizing holiday drink. i don't normally see it that lumpsy
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it's 6:42. it's time for money watch. good morning. >> good morning. trading has been underway for a little more than ten minutes and we are green across the board. the dow is up 329 points, nasdaq up 127 points and the s&p500 up 34 points this morning. with the new year comes a fresh start but a new survey suggests most americans do not expect their finances to improve in 2022. a bank rate survey found nearly half adults think their financial situation will stay the same and a quarter believe it'll get worse. most say they are concerned about the impact of inflation. developing news, a new look at the wreckage left behind in the philippines after a typhoon swept through the island nation. at least 375 are dead and more than 500 are hurt. search and rescue efforts
6:44 am
underway to try to locate the more than 50 who are missing. the typhon made landfall with winds up to 160 miles an hour. the volcano on the spanish island of la palma may be over for three months. lava flow from the volcano destroying thousands of homes and businesses. now it settled down. no activity has been recorded lately. experts think its cooing in the underground lava vents so now police have a new mission, getting pets back to their owners. let's start with mary and that rain on the way. >> i'm track that for you as we look to our afternoon and evening. later on this today get ready for the return of the rain. today's forecast, it's a dry start but cold. bundle up this morning. put on the big winter coat. today the first official day of winter. our winter solstice and feeling like it today. rain moves in this afternoon
6:45 am
and a wet evening commute ahead. here is a live look with the sales force tower camera. temperatures in the 30's and 40's. 42 in concord. livermore 39 and for you in san jose, 39 degrees. in santa rosa 43. in the afternoon we will watch that rain push in as well as for this evening. that cold front moves across the area. there we go with the off shore low pressure system bringing its cold front our way. that will bring the return of the rain. we are looking at temperatures that are in the 50's to about 60 degrees. 54 in pacifica. and mountain view, 60 in san jose. napa. as we go hour by hour on future cast. starting to watch that rain push in for parts of the north bay as we look to 4:00 p.m. you can see that cold front moving through with that rain into the san francisco area. i will say this for the south
6:46 am
bay it. will take a little longer for that rain to move in for you. likely by this evening. there we go as we look ahead to 7:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m. so a wet night ahead and as we look to tomorrow, still lookinga the that scattered activity with more rain on the way. we will see waves of rain that off and on rain over the next several days. as we head through the rest of the week rainfall estimated to the alleges one to three inches of rain and as we look to up in the sierra looking at several feet of snow, through the week ahead. seven day forecast, san jose as we look to that seven day forecast, we are looking at rain moving in to today. rain chances wednesday, even in our christmas holiday weekend. inland east bay the north bay and for the coast we are watching in that off and on rain, waves of rain through friday and even into our christmas holiday weekend. it looks wet saturday and still looking at those rain chances
6:47 am
sunday and into early next week. watch that closely for you over the next several days. all right. time now for bay area bright spots. this photograph from our great viewer isaac. check it out. thissa us manning holiday displate. this very rudolph up on the roof. i love it with the candy canes. we want to see your holiday lights. he other mail your videos and pictures to bay area -- bright spots at always love to see that. let's check in with gianna and it's getting busy for that morning commute. >> it is in some spots. we are starting to see that extra volume. you work to 880 and a live look at 80. the east shore freeway right now. brian kiley drive around the bay area with a great perspective of what you can expect. right now this portion of 80 looks good. looks like is he moving at the limit westbound for the most part. not far from that university avenue exit going westbound to
6:48 am
the bay bridge. if are you taking the east shore freeway things looking good in thaty. you will have a wit of a hiccup. want to show you a live look and it's just a little slow. slightly just past where the live shot is here. the metering lights were turned on at about 5:50 this morning. that's because have you the upper volume across the upper deck. you can see that here. interests this is a live look at westbound near that fremont street exit. we are still seeing slow speeds along the pass. 39 minutes 205 to 680. still a busy ride out of the south bay. 51 minutes right now if you are going out of san jose. northbound 101 at least from san jose, sfo. that's because we have a couple hot spots. we have a crash clearing northbound 101 near oakland road. lanesare blocked. everything cleared to the shoulder. still recovering. south of there another incident
6:49 am
reported right at that northbound 1o 1, 280 area. that's adding to a busy ride. stick with 280 or guadalupe parkway. 13 minutes for 101 from 85 to 280, 680 and 87 looking better there. let's get a quick look at traffic long the freeway. it's busy. southbound still. they have a crash clearing at a street. you are backed up through that area as you come out of that castro valley y portion of 580, back to you. tiktok is known for many things including food and cooking videos. >> soon you can get a taste of what you watch. tiktok is teaming up with virtual dining concepts to launch delivery only locations. the menu starting next march will be based on the platform's most viral food trends. things like baked pasta and a mash burger. tiktok said the menu will change to incorporate other trending food items and said
6:50 am
it'll devote profits to the creators of the dishes. >> that sounds cool. and speaking of tiktok if you want to -- until the very, very late minute to -- if you waited until the very least minute to ship your holiday packages there's still hope for ups. have you until today for the three day select service for fedex english press. have you until christmas eve for same day delivery. you have a little bit of time there. >> and get on it. this time of year even santa needs help. check out the red bags ready to go. this was day two of the salvation army's angel tree program. the holiday also be brighter for 1300 preregistered children. great work as allegation and all the volunteers. happening today saint mary's hosting an event for the san francisco firefighters toy program. organizers say that hundreds of toys have been donated by dignity health patients. they will be collected by firefighter around 11 this morning at the church on stanon street. and happening in the east
6:51 am
bay, seiu local 1021 members including nurses, social workers and other county worker also be opening their oakland union home to santa so he can give out toys to 5 hurricane children in need. the event is from 3:30 to seven tonight. it's now 6:51. next, also streaming on cbsn bay area. >> some new rules could becoming to oakland. the vote happening today in the east bay and where people would have to show proof of vaccination in the city. and how the covit surge is affecting restaurants here in the bay area. streaming today on cbsn bay area, a local mental health and substance abuse doctor discusses the spike in overdoses. that's at 8:30 for you this morning you can watch at or on the app or on the news app. you can download it for
6:52 am
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the live news desk and the president is going to address the nation on the covid crisis. take a like look at the white house. we are -- where he is planning to reassure people that if they are fully vaccinated you can go about your holiday plans. he is also warning the unvaccinated of potentially serious consequences. some highlights of the president's plan. at home covid tests for free. you can request them online initially half a billion being made available and he is expected to invoke the defense production act to make more tests. more troops to hospitals, a thousand military medical workers being sent to six hard hit states and easy vaccines. there will be pop up sites and new rules that will make it easier for pharmacists to work across state lines. the president expected to make
6:56 am
this address at around 11:30 our time. we will be carry that live for you. live in the newsroom and just a few hours city leaders in oakland will be in council chambers considering a new vaccine ordinance. councilmember also weigh whether to require proof of vaccination for everybody entering certain types of businesses. if approved it means proof will be needed to eat indoors, to enter gyms, museums, and other public spaces. if this ordinance get that green light it'll be enforced beginning february 1st. code enforcement would be the ones to enforce it if there are complaints about individual establishments and people -- business owners are subject to fines if they choose to ignore this law. if this ordinance get that green light again february 1st is when it'll take effect. live in san francisco this morning. as the omicron variant is spreading in the bay area and in the united states itself
6:57 am
impacting local restaurants n is on top of the challenges that the industry has faced in the last nearly two years of this pandemic. for one club in oakland had to cancel an event because of a positive test. other restaurants as well as the south bay is announced temporary closures for limited services as a precaution from omicron or due to covid. other restaurants have stayed intake out only format and some say they are going to have some of the safe test measures this very had since the beginning of the pandemic such as wearing masks and having sneeze guards up. the california restaurant association said the restaurant industry will need help. live in san francisco. let's look at the roadways. northbound 101 out of the south bay is a bit of a mess. we have a trouble spot and traffic was backed up there. better there.
6:58 am
that's in the clearing stages. after 280 busy there. not far from there. maybe stick with 87 as thal father nature. 52 minutes northbound 101 from leller to sfo. westbound 580. that is 37 minutes and the metering lights on at the bay bridge toll plaza. we are looking at that shiver of a sunrise out there. a pretty viewful dry but cold conditions. here we go a live look for you at san francisco and we are talking 50's and 40's this morning. by the way today the first official day of winter. winter is coming. officially coming in at 7:58 a.m. and it is feeling like it so cold temperatures, dry for the most part this morning and as we head through the afternoon rain returns and it does look wet. as you time it out. hour by hour on future cast.
6:59 am
parts of the north bay. 4:00 p.m. that cold front pushes through. you can see that rain spreading in. for the south bay it'll take longer to you to you see that rain. you will see it as well. get ready for a wet afternoon and evening ahead. back to you. >> thank you. the newest member of the biden family made a splash on social media. >> meet commander. >> hey pal. how you doing? how are you? >> is he so cute. that is the biden's new german shepherd puppy. this six months after their 13- year-old dog champ pass ed away. >> i love his big ears. >> i know. >> good-looking guy. >> so cute. >> a puppy in the white house. >> cbs this morning is up
7:00 am
next. have a great tuesday. ♪ welcome to "cbs mornings" and hello to our viewers on the west coast. first day of winter, i'm gayle king. >> i'm tony todokoupil. >> and i'm nate burleson. >> today's "eye opener," it's your world in 90 seconds. >> in three weeks since the case of that omicron variant was confirmed in the u.s., it is now the dominant strain. >> a covid spike adds stress to the holidays for the second year in a row. we'll have advice from dr. anthony fauci. an exclusive interview with vice president harris. why she thinks the president can still pass his


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