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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  December 21, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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is tracking it out is wet commute across the bay area. it is not the last that we will see throughout the rest of the week. this is the first round of rain. let's assume into the north bay where you pick up anywhere from 0.1 to 0.2 inches of rain so far. some of the heaviest rain is moving through northern solano county. it is mostly light rain over the north bay at the moment. central bay, most of the rain is falling over the bay itself. plenty of rain on the east side of the bay. we have even seen a trace of rain so far and san jose. most of the rain is getting hung up in the santa cruz mountains, but areawide, we are in for rain to the rest of the evening and tonight. we will not see rain everywhere all of the time, but a good chance overall when i just this evening, but into the pre-sunrise hours of
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wednesday morning, and more waves of rain are likely. christmas weekend is looking generally wet. we will see if there are any dry brakes in the full forecast. the storm will also dump fresh snow in the sierra making for tough travel conditions. driving through the sierra is highly discouraged starting tomorrow morning. you can expect chain controls on 50 and interstate 80. a commute alert for b.a.r.t. passengers. the body has been found on tracks in san francisco. the civic center station is now closed for the investigation. here are the lines impacted right now if you look at your screen. b.a.r.t. says it does not think the
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victim was hit by a train. the discovery was made between powell and civic center stations. noted the coronavirus, following major developments this evening. >> new data shows how fast the contagious omicron. just putting in the bay area. according to stanford's virology lab, around 71% of covered samples are of the omicron variant. the number is from over the weekend. live look at the right white house right now the president biden announced new efforts to combat a surge of covid cases in the u.s. san jose may become the first in the nation to require all city workers be vaccinated and boosted before entering city-owned facilities. kpix 5's andria borba has more on why the mayor is proposing the booster mandate. four max merril accardo said with omicron spreading fast, time was of the essence to put this booster mandate into action. with the omicron variant no accounting for 73% of all new covid-19 cases in the u.s., the san jose mayor sam accardo wants all city employees to not only be fully vaccinated, but boosted. >> we lack the benefit of time, and we need to move quickly.
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>> reporter: it would put the deadline for a booster at the end of january. as it stands now, 95% of the city of san jose's workforce is fully vaccinated. a total of six employees have received notice of intent to discipline for not getting shots. three have been suspended a week without pay thus far. the mayor's suggestion thus far doesn't line up with federal and state guidelines. >> the cdc hasn't yet announced that fully vaccinated his three doses. have you consulted with the cdc and the department of public health? >> the question is what are we going to do to protect the workforce and community. i think we can see where the hockey puck is going, and we should be skating there, rather than where the puck is. >> reporter: it would also mandate boosters for guests to get into large city-owned venues like the sap center. miguel hernandez is on board. >> you can enjoy the game more
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not worrying about somebody being more likely to have covid if not vaccinated and boosted. >> reporter: as is rocco. >> i lost my oldest daughter to the pandemic, and i think that's enough. we don't need to lose anyone else. let's all get behind the mayor, and let's do the job. >> reporter: the mayor's proposal will go before the rules committee on january 5, and then likely before the full council on january 11. is is a, andria borba, kpix 5. this just in, governor gavin newsom plans to announce tomorrow that allstate healthcare workers must get booster shots. the governor sent out a tweet less than an hour ago saying that with omicron on the rise, immediate action must be taken to protect californians, and ensure our hospitals don't get overwhelmed. taking a live look at the scene in san francisco, hundreds outside of kaiser medical center to get vaccines and booster shots. that line stretched an entire
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block, but did move quickly. some say they are worried about omicron and wanted to get boosted before the holidays. most made appointments, but kaiser said there was limited walkup service. as omicron sweeps across the country, president biden is responding with a new plan to battle the surge of covid infections. natalie brand joins us live from washington with more on what the president is proposing. >> reporter: in his remarks this afternoon, president biden acknowledged that the omicron variant has spread much more rapidly than anyone had thought or expected. the white house announcing new steps today to try to expand testing and provide additional resources to communities that are facing a surge in new cases. president biden is encouraging americans to take necessary precautions as the omicron variant threatens holiday plans. >> we all want this to be over, but we are still in it. this is a critical moment.
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we also have more tools than we ever had before. >> reporter: the president and elsie ordered the military to have medical personnel ready to help hospitals overrun with new cases. >> 1000 military doctors, nurses, and medics who have already started moving medical teams. they have already landed in wisconsin and indiana this week. >> reporter: the government is also expanding its vaccination program to include additional pop-up locations, and expanding the testing program by adding federal testing sites and purchasing half 1 billion at- home rapid tests to send to americans for free starting in january. >> we will get these tests to americans for free. we will have websites where we will get them delivered to your home. >> reporter: the administration's health experts say testing and wearing masks around strangers our way to protect yourself with travel and family gatherings and bring up this week. loved ones can get together safely if everyone is vaccinated and boosted.
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>> you will read about breakthrough infections, because this virus is extremely good at transmitting from person-to-person muppet vaccination and boosting clearly is the answer to protecting yourself. >> reporter: data from the cdc shows unvaccinated individuals are eight times more likely to be hospitalized, and 14 more likely to die from covid-19. >> speaking of the surge, we have heard of covid breakthrough cases at the white house and capitol hill and what have you heard about that? >> reporter: we are hearing more and more about breakthrough cases, including now a bay area congressman, representative barbara lee of oakland who put out a statement this evening saying that she has never received a breakthrough positive test result. she said that,
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fortunately, she has only mild symptoms. she knows it could have been much worse had she not been vaccinated and boosted. she says she is now isolating. she is one of a string of lawmakers that we have heard reports this week a breakthrough infection. here at the white house, a staffer who was in close contact with the president on friday tested positive for covid on monday. he was also a breakthrough case. we know that the president tested yesterday, and received a negative test result, and will be tested again tomorrow. it just goes to show how often we are hearing about these breakthrough infections amid this new omicron surge. >> it's so highly transmissible. natalie brand, thank you. because of the sudden and massive demand for at-home testing kits, cvs and walgreens are limiting the number of rapid test kits a person can buy in person or online.
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cvs is allowing six per purchase, and walgreens is allowing four. they are still offering lab- based testing where you can get results in a few days. the fda is set to authorize two covid treatment pills as early as tomorrow. the drugs by pfizer and merck are seen as promising new oral treatments that can be taken at home when a person shows signs of a covid infection. in clinical trials, researchers say the pills have between 30 to 90% effectiveness in preventing hospitalization and death. we are helping you stay ahead of the pandemic. we have a vaccine and testing resource guide at the top of the website, an armed suspect is now in custody after an all-day standoff with san jose police. there was heavy delays presence on south seventh street. it started when a man allegedly brandished a gun at several people near a u.p.s. customer center this morning. the suspect then barricaded
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himself inside of an rv. people in the area were asked to shelter in place for hours. they were taken into custody without incident. south seventh street has every open to both directions. san jose's oakridge mall is open for business this evening, 24 hours after a shooting sent shoppers stampeding to the exits. devin fehely has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: they aren't only looking for the gunman in this shooting, but in a bizarre twist, the potential victim as well. both a sense of calm and shoppers have returned to san jose's oakridge mall. >> they have a decent security system, and we are right near the policing center. i feel pretty confident that the systems in place can protect us all here while we still shop for christmas. >> reporter: it was a dramatically different scene at the mall monday night when heavily armed strike teams and the police and sheriffs departments searched store by store for the gunman, and in the process rescued terrified
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shoppers who sheltered inside. >> it's too real. you know, i get to my little girl again, so, a scary moment for the family. mac investigators say shooting was triggered by an argument outside of the forever 21 store. police say it's miraculous that no one was apparently injured. >> there were upwards of 5000 people in the mall in this happened. we are very lucky that a bystander did not get hit. >> reporter: investigators say they found shell casings inside of the mall, but the gunman got away. several shoppers said they did hesitate to return to the mall, even though police had not caught the suspect. >> it could happen again, but that's just life. you have to keep living. >> i feel perfectly safe that i
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can come into my christmas shopping. you have the police department right here. i feel perfectly safe. >> reporter: we did see pairs of officers walking the mall, a comforting site for returning shoppers after a nightmarish evening spent in lockdown. the security camera video is likely to be a crucial piece of information. the police have not released a suspect description yet, but that video should help to fill in some gaps. in san jose, devin fehely , kpix 5. still ahead on kpix 5, and streaming on cbsn bay area , a bay area man facing charges in the capital riot now a wanted man. the international search underway. a kidnapping suspect, a popular app used to i didn't have health insurance, not because i didn't want it. i worried it was too expensive and i was having a hard time paying our other bills.
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the fbi is searching for a mill valley man indicted in the january 6 siege at the u.s. capitol. eddie newman is wanted on 14 counts, including civil disorder and assaulting,
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resisting, or impeding certain officers. they say he also used a metal barricade as a battering ram. the of ei says he fled from the u.s. on february 16. he was initially charged back in march, and a federal arrest warrant was issued earlier this month. he's believed to be in belarus. the fbi says he could be considered armed and dangerous. if you have any information, call them or submit a tip online. an unplanned break for tesla workers in fremont this afternoon. they gathered in the parking lots after a small fire broke out. it happened in a third-floor boiler room. it also impacted part of the hvac system. two people were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. a man allegedly kidnapped and sexually assaulted a 19- year-old. madeleine allen meant the suspect in an online group chat, then met up with him at
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home. that is when court records say the suspect would not let her leave. police were able to trap and locate her over 1 i were away from her dormitory. she was safely returned home, and the suspect taken into custody. the online messaging app, kick, is a particular danger because internet it allows for more anonymity. even watchful parents can miss it on their children's phones, because there are other apps designed to hide apps. >> unfortunately, the numbers are growing on all of these different apps, but kick in particular, we do see a lot of cyber tips here in utah. >> according to the utah internet crimes task force, one in five kids will be sexually exploited online by a predator. new video of the exact moment a monster tornado ripped
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through a kentucky bank. the video was recorded by security cameras watching the lobby. the front doors are blown in. another angle shows the lights go out. then the christmas tree goes flying. the bank is in mayfield. the town was decimated earlier this month. there have been dozens of aftershocks after that? .2 earthquake off the humboldt county coast. yesterday's quake was strong enough to do damage in shops in ferndale. it shattered windows on main street. store owners have no boarded up storefronts. tornadoes to earthquakes terrain, did on cue. they arrived on time, and this is the first wave that will move in. more to come as we approach christmas. let us take a look at hi-def doppler. the big picture first, round one of rain is moving in. it's all spinning around this storm system, but now drifting close enough to send that first round of rain and. there will be more where this came from because this will be
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a slow mover. once it moves inland on friday, another will be dropping down the coast to take its place. let's focus on the rain happening right now. light to moderate rain. the yellow are the heaviest rainfall rates right now. there is more rain offshore. a few breaks in the action right now, but this is a larger more widespread area of moderate rain moving in over the next few hours. futurecast has a good handle on that pattern. the most widespread rain fall from around 9:00 this evening for about an:00 or 2:00 on tuesday morning. and while there will be locally heavy downpours -- i don't know what it is with me in the english language today. the heaviest rainfall rates will be around 0.2 inches per hour my below the threshold where we have to be concerned about localized flooding or debris flow concerns. still going to watch just in
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case. the heaviest rain moves through by tomorrow morning. lingering showers mean a wet commute to start the day on wednesday. then we get into a break around midday. still some showers here and there. if you want to get outside for a bit of exercise or walk the dog, right around midday to the afternoon looks like the best opportunity before the next round of rain moves through. we could hear thunder, mainly while you are sleeping wednesday to thursday, but lingering showers to start the day on thursday. another wet commute, and another break in the action around midday on thursday. the further we look into the future, the harder it is to timeout these breaks. overall, the driest day should be friday, but there is still a good 40% rain chance on friday. it will be very light activity. that's before another round of rain moves in friday night and
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through christmas day. they keep going into early next week. for the next 7 days, adding it up, 1.5 to 2 inches of rain in the santa clara valley and inland in the east bay. most of the bay area, 2 to 3 inches of rain spaced out over the course of the next 7 days. that is why we aren't overly concerned about flooding or the debris flows, but the highest elevations could pick up 3 to 5 inches of rain, or more than that in the santa cruz mountains. lots of clouds. cool temperatures. 50s for most of the bay area today, but now back into the 40s. temperatures won't drop too far the rest of the night. most of us end up in the 40s to around 50 degrees by early wednesday morning. high temperatures tomorrow mostly top out in the 50s. mid to upper 50s for most of us. the warmest spots around 60 degrees for high temperatures by wednesday afternoon. the rain pattern continues. the dry days will be christmas eve on friday, maybe for the day after christmas on sunday before or rain moves in. monday of next week,
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temperatures will drop by early next week down to around 50 degrees for most of the bay area. we may even see the snow levels dropping down enough that we will see a bit of snow, so the tops of the tallest peaks around the bay area. mt. tam and mt. diablo and mt. hamilton. >> we are to augment rain and snow and everything else, but it was good to see the sun briefly today. >> that will be in short supply the next few days. completely overcast for the next week or so, but hard to find. >> we need the rain. another hit for the beijing olympics. why the nhl is now pulling out of the games. why the warriors model of strength and numbers now includes family members. streaming tonight on cbsn
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bay area, almost twice as many people in san francisco have died from overdoses during the pandemic than covid-19. we spoke with the doctor leading the city's effort to bring down those overdose numbers at 8:15. this holiday season, we want to enjoy the gift of being together. for peace of mind, take the first step in knowing. because it might just be a cold,
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but you want to be confident. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online. ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪
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welcome back. the nhl is pulling out of the beijing winter olympics. it comes after the league's regular-season schedule has been severely disrupted by rotavirus outbreaks. over the past week, more than 40 games have been postponed because a positive test results. the decision means it will be the second consecutive winter olympics without nhl players. a live look outside of chase center, home of the first- place golden state warriors. >> last night's winning formula featured a double dose of draymond green. andrea nakano joins us now to explain. >> reporter: he had his first triple-double of the season last nine, but there was another one everybody wanted to talk about after the game.
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>> his hustle up and down the sidelines was very impressive, and he is a lot to learn. he is a young guy. we have to give him more reps. >> reporter: he was really impressive. he was down on the bench helping out as the ballboy. it was his birthday gift from his father, who almost enjoyed the night as much as his 4-year- old son. >> he stayed out of the way but god and when he needed to get in, scooped the towels up. it was great. this organization is amazing, to allow him, you know, to allow him to sit and help. you miss so much doing this job, and those are the moments where it's all worth it. for him to have that experience , it's special. i don't take that for granted.
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4 it was special for the child as well. the warriors play memphis thursday. dj is expected to be back in the stands by then. this is kind of like dusty baker when managing giants, and darren baker as a batboy. it is nice to see the family in there. >> it is need to see how proud his dad was, and how diligent he wasn't doing the job. mackey was picking up towels and heading out masks. maybe he will get an opportunity again. >> he wanted to do a really good job. thank you. still ahead, with the threat of the omicron variant should you skip that holiday party? we speak to bay area health experts on what you can do to stay safe. you may need to show more than your i.d. or passport to fly. the east bay lawmaker looking to ban unvaccinated travelers. >> that's so sad that they took the joy out of christmas. a holiday heist caught on
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you are watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. on this tuesday evening, another round of rain is making its way into the bay area. the heaviest rain so far has been north of the golden gate. south of the golden gate, the highest amount is 0.2 for san jose. we will pick up more. there is more rain to come as we look offshore.
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that moisture will be making its way in over the next few hours. an updated look at futurecast in a few minutes. also right now on kpix 5 , and a streaming on cbsn bay area , the search for real life grinches after a pair of these steel christmas decorations. first our top story, the omicron variant is spreading across the bay area, but which holiday activities they be too risky to attend. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. and i brian hackney. something a little bit different. >> we as a group of infectious disease experts and asked them which holiday activities they feel are safer than others. kpix 5's max darrow has her story. >> reporter: there's a lot of uncertainty regarding the omicron variant. you may have questions about some of your upcoming activities, so we sat down with
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three infectious disease expein


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