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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  December 21, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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now at 11:00. the rain arrived and it is just the beginning of a stormy week. we are tracking chances of wet weather every day through christmas. one of the bay area's biggest cities will require proof of vaccination at many of its businesses. the new rules tonight. it is insane. >> by far the craziest that i ever experienced. >> tonight, even veteran real estate agents are doing a double take of a sale price of a santa clara home. we are hearing from the boyfriend of a woman who disappeared during a powerful storm. >> i walked the area to see if i could find anything. did not find coming. came back, freaking out. >> good evening i'm elizabeth cook. now, the rain is here and
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it is the start of a wet week heading into christmas. >> we are tracking the conditions tonight, paul? >> this is round one of several different waves of rain that is going to move in. breaks in between. it will not rain everywhere all of the time but raining most locations around the bay area right now. we will zoom in for a closer look. a break around santa rosa. heavier rain for northern napa county. another wave of heavy rain moving on short in the peninsula and up short through san francisco andip land to the east bay. moderate to heavy rainfall. the heaviest for the rest of tonight. it will be able to climb over the santa cruz mountains and make its way into san jose. the amounts have been light. picking up measurable rainfall in the valley. a burst of heavy rainmaking its way along the coast right now. it will move in while the whole area of rain is pushed farther and farther to the east as we head through the rest of tonight. how much rain so far?
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1/10th of an inch in san francisco. 4/100th of an inch of rain so far. it is raining right now. 2/10th of an inch of rain for concord. a third of an inch for santa rosa and petaluma but it is raining across the area. hour by hour, tracking the first round of rain and show you when the next one will move in coming up in a few minutes. now, coronavirus, the first pediatric death related to covid-19. the child, not even one year old. health released this statement saying quote this loss is san urgent reminder that children can get seriously ill and die from covid-19. pediatric deaths are incredibly rare they are all very tragic. >> taking a live look in oakland where city leaders just passed order to require proof of vaccination for many indoor businesses. mandate set to take place on
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february 1st. >> reporter: since omicron is the dominant variant, people are reevaluating their holiday plans and facing stricter rules when it comes to vaccine requirements. >> call. >> reporter: with that, the oakland city council passed an emergency ordinance to require proof of vaccination at many indoor businesses, restaurants, gyms, concert venues. >> i want to thank everybody for their great engagement on this issue. >> reporter: councilmember call today a victory for public health. similar rules have been in place in san francisco. tonight, this cafe took it a step further beginning next wednesday all guests, dining indoors will need to provide proof of a booster if eligible. >> it is one of the first times we have been out. mostly outside. we did just go eat in a
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restaurant. we were careful and masked on the way in and in our pod. just trying to be careful. we are with a group completely vaccinated and everyone boosted. >> reporter: right now on the shelves of poplar drugstores there is a run on at-home tests. walgreens said due to the demand of testing we put in effect a four item purchase limit on the testing products in our stores and digital properties. cvs is limiting customers to six. due to a surge in demand and have community-based access to tests in our stores there may be temporary out of stocks for products on >> i slowed down christmas shopping. i usually come in three times to san francisco. we only came in this one time. we went on an off day on tuesday. >> reporter: in san francisco, betty yu, kpix5. happening tomorrow, governor newsom
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plans to announce a new mandate for all-state health care workers to get vaccine boosters. immediately action is needed. nationwide one in five hospitals expects to face a staffing shortage within the next week. tonight, the mayor of san jose is proposing a booster mandate. it would be the first city in aination to require all city workers to prove they have been vaccinated and boosted. the mandate would apply to anybody attending events at large public venues like the sap center and the center of the performing arts. it will have to be approved by the rules committee and the city council. for more information on vaccine requirements and how to find a booster shot, find our booster guide. new at 11:00. we are used to the bay area real estate market leaving us sticker shocked but a home just sold for nearly a million over the original asking
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price. we spoke to the listing agent about the bidding war. >> reporter: the 1300 square foot home on flynn way has three bedrooms, two baths. and a large backyard. it just sold for $2.68 million. >> in the nine years you have been doing this, tell me where this house falls on the scale for you? >> by far the craziest i ever experienced. >> reporter: he was the listing agent. he held two open houses and on the day he allowed bids he received 35 offers. it sold to a buyer who offered $823,000 over asking. >> i could not of ever imagined that. >> reporter: what does it is a about the real estate market right now? >> it is insane. >> we are at a point where inventory is at the all-time low that i ever seen.
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this is my 37th year of full time real estate in santa clara county. >> reporter: gary is the lead agent for the group at keller williams. he says the cause for skyrocketing bay area home prices right now is high demand and low inventory. he also says the listing agent used a common strategy to spark a bidding war. >> when you are in a seller's market most agents will recommend a low conservative asking price knowing it will create multiple offers and cause the buyers to bid the price up. >> that is what we did and that is what we always do is list it a little lower than reasonable. >> reporter: he believed his client's home was valued around $2 million. he listed it at $1.83. buyers set their own price, higher than he ever imagined. >> we were not expecting that, neither were the sellers to a good
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surprise, obviously. >> reporter: back to you. >> he believes the strong seller's market will in 2022. inventory will improve slightly but it will not keep pace with demand. other news tonight, a napa woman, missing for over a week, the police and her friends focused their search on the napa river area where they fear she might have been swept away during the recent big storms. she was last seen in napa near lincoln avenue and silverado on the napa river trail. her boyfriend says he last saw her after they ate dinner before he went to work and when he got home around midnight she was missing. >> i kind of walked the area to search around and see if i can find anything. i did not find anything. came back, freaking out. went back down there beneath the bridge. >> her friends searched for her on sunday and they plan to do it tomorrow and set up a
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facebook page. still ahead tonight. a wild seen inside of a packed airport. what sparked a brawl between passengers and the police. it is not too late to get the last minute gifts to their destinations before christmas. details on the approaching deadlinessism the famous rose parade will go on with big changes. what will be different on this new year's day.
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well, 'tis the season. new video capturing the scene at miami international airport showing a brawl between two men and local officers. emotions were running high
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after a 12 hour delay turned into a cancellation and that led to a confrontation between airport staff and a frustrated passenger. the police were called in and then things went south. officers attempted to arrest the passenger. instead, they got punches from the suspect and a second man seen in the video. one officer pulled his gun in an attempt to regain control. two people were arrested. earlier tsa announced passengers may have their prechecked privileges canceled. with christmas four days away shipping deadlines are fast approaching if you want your gifts to arrive before the holiday. thursday is the last day to ship priority mail express through the post office. same for next day delivery through ups and fedex. if you miss that deadline you can use fedex until friday for same day delivery. supply chain issues can impact desert menu. >> restaurants and grocery
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stores now dealing with a shortage of cream cheese. >> food giant kraf, it is as it has increased since the pandemic. they ran an ad suggesting shoppers find alternatives. the shortages will probably last right into next year. >> it just hit, like all of a sudden out of the blue. >> consumers will have to be patient with the shortages that they might be seeing for different products. >> despite the nationwide rise in covid-19 cases the events are moving forward. >> in southern california the tournament of roses is still on. it will look a little different. >> reporter: the show must go on. the city of pasadena is pushing ahead with the largest events of the year. >> the numbers are increasing. it is a concern. we also know with precautions that we have in place we are doing everything we possibly can. >> reporter: a tournament
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of roses spokesperson told us today in a statement which reads in part, we are monitoring the situation very closely. we are confident in our ability to host the parade and game successfully. we are prepared to adjust our plans as necessary. last year's parade and float fest were canceled because of the pandemic, dealing the city and business owners a major economic hit. >> it was a big blow for us. >> reporter: this year's events will look different and carry different rules, masks are required for everyone at the parade and game. and everyone buying tickets for the parade, game, float fest will have to show proof of vaccination or proof of a negative covid-19 within 72 hours of the event. they welcome the regulations as a way to keep the events moving forward as scheduled. >> it is great for business being on colorado boulevard. foot traffic, exposure. >> our hotels are all sold out. restaurants have reservations on new
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year's eve. >> reporting from pasadena. the football game between utah and ohio state will take place also new year's day. san rafael ice rink owner found a eco-friendly way to keep his business afloat despite a series of setbacks. he owns norcal ice. over the years bad weather, wildfire smoke and covid-19 effected the business. the pandemic delayed the grand opening of his new indoor ice rank. the surface is not made out of ice but a material that does not require water, power or refrigeration. >> it is a polyethelene, made out of corn. sustainable. uses by the friction of your blades that allows you to cut through the plastic like normal ice. >>and you could encounter ice of your own if your holiday plans include a trip to the sierra. the storm arriving in the bay area is expecting to create hazardous
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travel conditions, driving through the sierra is highly discouraged starting tomorrow morning. paul, he is about to explain why. there is a lot of the way, paul. >> a lot of moisture for us and fall snow in the high sierra. this one is pushing the snow levels up a little bit. it is just a winter weather advisory in effect for the high sierra. in effect right now continues until 4:00 a.m. on tuesday. the highest peak, 6-12 inches of snow. gusty winds as well. tricky travel conditions, that changes to treacherous travel conditions with the winter storm warning that goes into effect at 4:00 a.m. on thursday and continues until 4:00 p.m. on sunday. waves of snow, waves of rain moves in, it will be the snow. total amounts, 2-4 feet at the lake level at higher level at 7,000 feet. 4-8 feet of accumulation, 100 inches of snow and gusty winds. wind gusts at lake level at 40 miles an hour. ridge tops, 100 mile-an-hour
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wind gusts, travel discouraged heading through christmas weekend. we have the first round of rain phaoufring in with the heaviest rain coming through. down the peninsula and crossing over the bay. moderate rainmaking its way across the mountains and into the valley. let's check out future cast. it shows the rain continuing for the next few hours and showers out there for the early morning commute on wednesday. it will be more hit and miss, lighter activity. the roads likely to be wet. puddles to smash through regardless if you are getting out early or hitting the tail end of the wednesday morning commute. wet roads, a better chance of catching a break in the action by late morning and afternoon. even during the break there will be hit-or-miss showers dotting the radar and then more widespread rain taking shape to the north and dropping in tomorrow evening and into wednesday night. even a few rumbles of thunder as it transits the bay area while most of us are sleeping. do not be alarmed if you get woken up early on thursday morning. another break to start the day
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on thursday. another round of rain is likely as we head into thursday afternoon. once this moves through, a longer break taking hold in time for christmas eve. a lull in the action for christmas eve on friday. a chance for a few passing showers, another wave of rain, christmas eve night. another wave of rain by sunday night and into monday, just keeps going like this. falling over a long period of time that even with 1 1/2 inches to five inches of rain on the high end of things and higher elevations it stretched out enough we avoid debris and flooding throughout. right now, it is just wet. the temperatures are in the 40s across the board. these numbers are going to change little by tomorrow morning, these are likely the temperatures you will wake up with. we did not warm up a lot. lower 50s. that is where we find sophie. she does not want to get her christmas outfit wet. she better wait for the break. more showers moving in by wednesday evening into wednesday night. high temperatures will be
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coolest from golden gate northward. lower 50s. middle to upper 50s. the warm spots climbing up to 60 degrees while we are in the break from the most widespread rain. off and on showers through the forecast through early next week. the most widespread rain coming at us in waves, every wave farther down the line in the future is harder to predict as the breaks in between the rounds of showers. looks like we have dryish weather for christmas eve on friday. still, keep the umbrella and rain jacket handy. andrea? tuesday night football. can the 49ers gain any ground in the nfc west? a showdown in south carolina between the top two women's teams in the country. stanford trying to take down
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women traveling to south carolina looking to reclaim the top spot by beating a number one ranked team for the first time since 2014. curry sighting here. she is the god mother to stanford center brink. they started hot in the game. hall scores 14 points in the
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1st quarter. stanford led by as many as 18. south carolina cranks up the pressure, destiny henderson with one of her seven steals and lay-ups. stanford held to just 7 points in the 3rd quarter. final minute, scoring inside, against south carolina, the lead for good. they come back from the 18 point deficit to beat the cardinals, 65-61. the oakland a's had big shoes to fill after bob melvin took the job to be the skipper of the padres. today, mark catsy was introduced as manager. he played for seven teams during his 17 year playing career. three of them were in oakland. he tells us he has always been best known as an a. >> this is my organization that i call home. david touched on that.
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when people talk about my playing career, the reflection is generally a's years. i could not be heavier about that and more existed about being chosen as the 31st manager for the oakland athletics. tonight, due to covid-19 we have tuesday night football. matt stafford and the rams hosting the sea hawks in a match up. tied at 3 in the 3rd quarter. going up the middle for a four yard touchdown run. early in the 4th now tied at 10, stafford over the middle to cooper cup, a 29 yard score. the second catch of the night, he now has 12 touchdowns this season as l.a. wins 20-10. they are now tied with the arizona cardinals for first in the nfc west. philadelphia and washington also playing tonight. guessing these fans probably had an eagles win on their christmas wish
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list. fourth quarter, philly leading, jalen hurts rolls out and hits greg ward jr for a 19 score. they win 27-17. philadelphia is now 7-7, tied with minnesota and new orleans for that last nfc wild card spot. pretty stacked at the bottom. the 49ers go to nashville this week on a short week on thursday to face the titans. >> good stuff. lots going on. >> sounds good, thank you. an unusual holiday display is turning heads in one arizona neighborhood. the port-a-potty that is a christmas favorite
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new video now, an effort to make sure no kid is left empty handed this holiday season city councilmember and the toy shop came together earlier this evening to host a toy give away. kids had the chance to take home any toy of their choice and even have the opportunity to meet santa. >> in arizona tonight, unique show of holiday spirit. >> for neighbors it is one of the best parts of christmas. >> a holiday-themed port-a- potty. it was set up for a local construction job last christmas. neighbors came together to turn it into a show of holiday cheer featuring lights, ornaments and they were flushing with pride. [ laughter ] >> not only will santa spot our house better it will give him a little bit of a reprieve, i think, in his long journey on
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christmas eve. [ laughter ] >> that is taking lemonade and turning it -- well, my goodness. >> they are thinking ahead. you know, i know santa appreciates it. >> that was really good, liz. [ laughter ] we'll be right back.
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iment time now for our bay area bright spot. the front yard decked out in holiday lights. thanks for sharing. it is beautiful. we love to see your holiday lights, too. e-mail pictures and video to or share them on social media.
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>> even the port-a-potty. >> if was outside my house i would put lights on it. there you go. late show with steph colbert captioning sponsored by cbs >> are you planning on having a real or artificial tree this holiday season? >> well, you may not have a choice. turns out, both are in short supply. so, what is a family to do? ♪ ♪ ♪ >> announcer: it's "the late


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