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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  December 22, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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now at 11:00. a brief break before heavy rain returns to the bay area later tonight. we are tracking the storm that could wreak havoc on one of the busiest travel days of the year. california experiencing a troubling surge of coronavirus cases. we dig into the numbers and what is being done to reverse the trend. >> we just made sure everybody got tested. >> tonight, a frantic effort to find test kits before holiday gatherings. where some families managed to find the items. immediately there was a large boom that we thought was maybe a transformer that blew up. a couple is sitting at home when a plane crashes into the roof. tonight neighbors are calling it a miracle in more ways than one. good evening. now at 11:00, streaming on
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cbsnbay area we are tracking another round of heavy rain headed towards the bay area. >> let's take a live look across the bay area tonight. but for a few spreufrpgels we are getting a brief break from the wet weather. it will not last long. our chief meteorologist joins us now with a look at what to expect heading into tomorrow. paul? >> i think the morning commute will be a mess. we will be dealing with heavy rain, approaching two inches, an inch and a half to the santa cruz mountains. lower elevations sitting at .8. concord, santa rosa, two thirds of an inch. we will add to the numbers this next wave of rain should be enough to overcome the rain shadow. that is where the rain continues to fall. the rain towards the top left- hand corner of the screen. that is what will intensify and
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moving across the bay area moving through tonight and tomorrow morning, if you are thinking ahead to the morning commute. it will be wet and breezy. we will take a look at it hour by hour ice could be a big problem over the next few days as temperatures drop tonight, roads could freeze over. making for some dangerous driving conditions. hour morning team will be tracking the rain and the snow from this latest storm. make sure to watch our coverage starting tomorrow at 4:30. tonight, a rapid rise in covid-19 cases in our state with omicron variant cases quadrupling in the last week. california and the u.s. are adding more tools to their armor to fight the latest surge.
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we have the details from san carlos. >> reporter: the surge predict side here in california. some say it is the perfect storm for more transmission as we are days away when millions of family and friends are expected to gather for the holidays. >> you know, i think, is is going to get probably even more intense in the week to two weeks coming. >> reporter: in just one week, covid-19 cases more than doubled with nearly 11,000 new confirmed cases yesterday the variant quadrupled from 49 cases last week to nearly 200 cases today we are tracking well north of 50% of all of the sequenced identifying themselves as omicron. >> are we seeing more cases because people
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are testing more or there are more positive cases? >> given what we saw in south africa and the u.k. there are real cases increasing. >> reporter: this holiday season is different than last december when cases and hospitalizations and deaths surged today, americans feel more confident about being out and gathering. >> my plans for the holidays have changed only slightly in the size of the group. making sure everyone is vaccinated and boosted in an indoor setting. >> reporter: the artillery got their own boost today for the covid-19 pill for limited use on those with high risk. >> is that something we should be excited about? we should be excited for so many reasons, it takes it out of the relm of the hospital system to the community.
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>> reporter: in california governor gavin newsom talked about expanding the hours and providing millions of students free tests before returning to class after a winter break that is much different than last year's deadly december. >> i am still engaging in life and, you know, i know as a boosted person, and even if i was just vaccinated and not boosted, that i will be protected from getting seriously ill. that confidence has not really waiverred with omicron. >> reporter: president biden promised to open more test sites and make half a billion home tests available starting next month. colleges across the state are also doing their part to stop the highly transmissible variant. cal state and university of california systems announced students must have a booster to return on campus next spring. both students and staff have until the end of february to receive their final dose of the
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vaccination or under go weekly covid-19 testing but for those exempt for religious and medical reasons. >> i do think it is a good move done by our school just because with all that is going on, it just gives an opportunity for us to feel a little more safe. >> health care workers are facing their own deadline. california is requiring all 2.5 million of them to get boosted by the 1st of february. california joins new mexico as the second state to require boosters for its health care workers. in the bay area and across the countrypeople are scrambling to find covid-19 tests ahead of christmas. kpix5 shows you the growing demand. >> reporter: forget the toy of the year this season. the thing flying off of shelves are covid-19 tests with omicron surging and christmas days away. >> reporter: at the center of japan town, they found out via e-mail they can preregister for rapid tests f
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they are positive they would be given a pcr test 15 minutes later. they have all of their kids and grandkids coming home this weekend. just had a nephew come up positive for the virus. >> we got nervous so we made sure everybody got tested. we did that and we are doing it again just to make sure. >> michelle was among the lucky ones they did not have to scramble to find a test. this was before her family vacation in florida. >> we went to three or four places this morning. last time we went to westlake. >> tests never hit the shelves. cases were cracked open at the register. >> how many did you need? >> okay. two. yes. >> reporter: she was looking for tests after her daughter flew home from college positive. >> i am seeing now with omicron these are very precious to keep each other safe. >> reporter: the city of san francisco just announced they are increasing their testing capacity in light of the surge and the
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tests available. in san francisco, kpix5. >> for the very latest on the omicron variant and how you can find a booster shot, check out our resource guide on slash vaccine. still ahead tonight, a small plane slammed into a northern california home with the owners inside. the chaotic scene in the moments after that crash. >> there is a guy in the house that needs an ambulance. two people are in custody in connection with the deadly or the shooting death of a former police officer in oakland. what else we learned today from the chief of police. >> and a new study finds amazon has created a staggering amount of waste during the pandemic. the eye-popping numbers when we come back
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the magic of the holiday spirit calls for all kinds of miracles. an auburn woman experienced one of her own when a plane took a nosedive into her home. she was not hurt. the pilot survives. and the reporter is in auburn with neighbors who rushed over to the scene. >> reporter: a bizarre sight in this tight little neighborhood. >> we lost power and immediately there was a large boom, we thought it was a transformer or someone hitting a pole. that is a common thing. >> it would freak me out. totally freak me out. >> reporter: she could not believe what happened at the end of her street. a plane took out power lines, crashed through a line of trees and landed on top of her neighbor's home. >> you lived here awhile? >> yeah. >> reporter: ever seen
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anything like this? >> not quite like this. we are in the flight path. my husband always had nightmares about it. >> plenty of planes that come this way, back and forth all of the time. because of the proximity of the airport. >> you can hear the confusion and the chaos when they called 911. >> there a plane hit a house and a guy in the house needed an ambulance. >> the pilot landed in her home and started calls out for help startling the homeowner who had no idea what happened. >> they are fortunate in this case that the plane did not crash through the home and injury them, yes. so, we are calling it and we are saying they are lucky. >> for the 9 homes on this small 1-lane road, michelle drive says it all. >> it is a miracle nobody died. i hope the pilot is okay. >> i often said it is a miracle that i live on miracle drive. yes. >> it is not known where the
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pilot was headed and the ntsb and the faa are investigating tonight. filing homicide charges in the shooting death of a former police officer and security guard. the police chief today announced officers arrested two suspects in the case. they are closing in on a third. he was shot last month in oakland while he was guarding a news crew during an attempted robbery. he died several days later. the chief says one of the people being held is the owner of that white acura pictured here as it left the scene. >> we really do thank the community for all of the information that they brought forth to help us solve this case. i believe their assistance is key in identifying that vehicle. >> oakland police are asking anyone with information to contact them. in just a few hours deliberations will resume in the elizabeth holmes fraud trial. yesterday the judge denied the
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jury's request to take home all 39 pages of jury instructions to review at length. the panel has three months worth of evidence to sift through. jurors have to weigh if the founder defrauded patients and investors into backing her faulty blood testing technology. if no verdict is reached by tomorrow deliberations will not pick back up until the new year. new at 11:00. a new study shows how much plastic waste has been created from retail giant amazon during the pandemic. the company generated almost 600 million pounds of plastic waste worldwide in 2020. they say this is a 29% increase from 2019. amazon says it disputes the findings in the report. the company says it increased the amount of recycles plastics used in packaging this year. now a live look at the airport. it is just a few hours from
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getting extremely crowded tomorrow and sunday are the busiest days of the holiday rush. airport officials say the crowds will be nearly three times as big as they were this time last year. >> they will have to contend with the weather as well. hopefully no flight delays. i know people will have tough times on the road. >> i would plan for the potential of the delay. the first half of the day on thursday. just getting to the airport will take longer than usual because of the wet weather. we will see more shower activity as we speak. light stuff, hit-or-miss showers. the bulk of the heavy rain, off to the northwest. switch over to future cast and track the rain as it spreads out into the rest of tonight and early thursday morning. the rain moving into the north bay by 3:00 in the morning. over the next few hours and spreading across the rest of the bay area right as the morning rush is getting going. pockets of rain over san francisco, across the bay into oakland and east bay and light to moderate rain in the north bay.
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one version of one forecast model. does not mean it will look exactly like this. we know it will be a wet, sloppy commute. watch out for standing water and keep both hands on the wheel. it will be wet and windy and the wind moving you around. the heaviest rain will shift east, wet for the tail end of the thursday morning commute. then, we get into more of a break. hit or misshowers here and there through the rest of the day on thursday. fewer and farther between. another round of rain will move in tomorrow night. it will be after midnight in all likelihood. not as widespread, not as heavy with thunder like tonight's round of rain. do not be startled. we catch a break. christmas eve on friday is the best chance of staying dry. it will not be a dry day. it will be dryish. showers few and far between once again. another round of rain will be moving in as we head into early christmas morning moving into the north bay as the sun comes up and spreading across the rest of the bay area for the first half of the day on christmas day and get
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into the off and on shower pattern again. adding up the rain chances, not just through christmas but through next wednesday. we are talking about amounts in the range of 1 1/2 to three inches for most of the bay area, 3-5 inches, maybe more than that for higher elevations of the north bay and the santa cruz mountains, stretched out over a long period of time that the potential for flooding, debris flows will remain low. it will be a mess as well for travel concerns, travel on i-80 and u.s. 80. winter storm warning through 4:00 p.m. on sunday. it will be extended beyond that. 2-4 feet at lake level. 9 feet of snow above 7,000 feet. that is a lot of snow. in the long-term great news for the ski resorts, the problem is getting there, picking up a new inch at the sugar bowl today. nine of the 11 lifts open. it will be dangerous on the roads heading into the high sierra as the winter storm takes hold. right now, just clouds waiting on the showers to reassert themselves.
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they will not change much as we head through the rest of tonight. some spots cool down by a degree or two. some spots will warm up a little bit heading towards early tomorrow morning, a tricky day to get out for a dog walk. we have jackpot here trying to make the best of it including a visit to santa paws there. the rain where he lives in san jose will be the first half of the day. maybe more of a break in the showers, leave a towel by the door to wipe off the wet towels and bellies. otherwise you will wish you did that. despite the clouds and the rain, once we are in the break temperatures reaching the upper 50s to 60 degrees. warmest day in the seven-day forecast. we will see cooler temperatures by the first half of next week. the wettest days will be tomorrow, again on christmas and by sunday night into monday of next week. some signs in the long-range data that we will catch more of a break by the shower activity by tuesday and wednesday. temperatures will be chilly enough early next week that the snow levels around the bay area
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will drop down to 2500 feet to 3,000 feet. so, some snow on the highest peaks around the bay area early next week. andrea? a record performance saint mary's battles. and the third warrior to land on the covid-19 list leaves them shorthanded as they prepare for two games this week including the christmas day affair tomorrow at 7:00. against all odds, a newborn with little chance of survival pulled through. he faced a daunting new challenge. the boy would need a kidney. university of california san francisco we have the largest waiting list in the country with well over 4,500 candidates waiting for a kidney transplant. >> tomorrow at 7:00, how the boy and his mother are heading home for the holidays for the first time in their lives. the exclusive original report
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and now, the moon christmas special... gotta go! get a great offer on xfinity internet, and you'll get 12 times the speed for the same price when you add xfinity mobile. switch today. sing 2. at last check the nba had 90 players on the league health and safety
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list. it is changing by the hour. adam silver has mow plans to cancel any of the games lee joined the covid- 19 list. they are shorthanded against thursday's game against memphis. everyone with the team knows the threat of this virus is not going away any time soon. >> you know, christmas is coming up. my family is talking about hey, what are you going to do? i can't really do that. and, it sucks. >> much better than when everybody was terrified and the whole world shutdown. at least we know more now. so, i feel like there is less panic. >> it is a short week for the 49ers who will kick it off against the titans in nashville tomorrow night. there was optimism that the rookie running back will be able to play. but, he has been officially ruled out with a knee injury. the 49er his five players
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select to the pro bowl. highlighted by samuels first career collection. he is the first 49er's receiver selected since terel owens in 2003 well, a full slate of college hoops today. usf trying to improve 12-1 on the season hosting southern illinois. they are up 16. cruising to the rim for the big jam. usf wins, 64-52. they are now 12 and 1. saint mary's taking on missouri state second half, logan johnson up ahead to toss for the slam. he scores a career high. 27 points as they out score the bears in the second half. they win 75-58 to improve to 11- 3. tournament time in hawaii for
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stanford. they face wyoming in honolulu. not a bad place to be. driving in two of the 15. cardinal up by 4. final seconds, the cowboys need a 3 to tie. they miss it once. getting another crack at it. he misses that one as well. stanford survives at the buzzer. facing liberty on thursday in the semifinals. in berkeley. a huge day for the aussie knocked down a career high 7 threes. this one part of an 18-0 one to blow this one passed pacific. 25 points as the bears win their four straight 73-53. then on their way for christmas match up. guys? >> thank you. a holiday favorite is back as san francisco fire stations compete to show off their christmas spirit, we will show you, next
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welcome back. new at 11:00. san francisco firehouses are all brightly lit up for the holidays. >> they are all decked out as part of a decoration contest that actually started 73 years ago. >> here is a look at one of the finalists. >> that is nice. you can see lots of lights. giant inflatables, that is not one, that is a human being. >> and snow. the fake snow. >> the best kind. santa dropped by to play with the kids. the three winning stations will be announced tomorrow and they will divide $6,000 of prize money to the charities of their choice. tonight, shoppers are taking advantage of special holiday hours right before christmas. >> many people headed over to broadway plaza. one shopper says he has been
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shopping nonstop. >> with shortages and supply chain issues. a couple of the things i had to go to multiple stores or try to get online. luckily i have been able to do most of that. i am still out here in the last day or two before christmas and, finishing things up. >> yes,. >> feels like you get that list done and you have one more to get, one more to get. one more gift to get. >> always more. >> yes. on that happy thought. we'll be right back.
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here in california, we believe in what if? after all, if is our middle name. like, what if we could go surfing and skiing in the same day? boom! what if we could have the moon and the stars what if we could roll like this. or float like this. and eat all this. here we welcome all what ifs, with open arms. even what ever this is. after all, there's only one wrong way to what if. what if you don't? foggy, gloomy, rainy night here in san francisco. the late show with stephen colbert is
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next. >> thanks for watching. you can tune in tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. we will see you tomorrow night captioning sponsored by cbs >> right now, there are groups on social media urging people to try and undo their vaccines. some are pushing unproven and potentially dangerous methods. >> people are trying, in various different ways, including filling baths up with borax, like the cleaning agent. >> the magnetism! the impotence! the fauci! the giant balls! borax, take me away! >> suck out the vaccine in the luxury of a borax bath. borax removes the government nanobots from your bloodstream. plus, you can also use it to clean cookware. >> i'm insane.


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