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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  December 23, 2021 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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we learn about covid-19, the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today. live from the cbsn bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. high water around the bay area after the latest storm and dangerous and even deadly in some places and the aftermath as we face even more rain.
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the storm also knocked down trees and prompted rockslides and where the roads were blocked off today. >> that is the heaviest rain we will see with this sequence of systems there is light showers right now but more rain moving in and we are tracking it in the forecast. our top story, the storm making a mess around the region and we have team coverage on the flooding and other damage and we will check in first with paul heggen. we did get some heavy rain amounts last night into early morning which resulted in localized flooding and we see a little sunshine peeking through along with lingering showers in the rainfall amounts since this started a few days ago approaching three and half inches of rain in over 3 1/2 here in the santa cruz mountains and over an inch and a half for downtown san francisco and same for santa rosa and concord with an inch and a quarter and san jose at the low-end with a half inch
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but it added up over the last 48 hours. all of these icons on the map are flooding or wind damage reports from last night into early this morning and you can see how many of them are. the rain wasn't heavy enough to lead to any/flood watches but it did cause localized flooding and rockslides and a few minor debris flows right now. it is very light now but it is still out there and plan for wet roads tonight and the rain chances will go up this evening and tonight. this won't be as heavy as last night but it is still more rain. we will check out christmas eve and christmas day in a few minutes. a lot of people on the san mateo county coast are waiting through the floodwaters are cleaning up right now and this was the scene and el granada this morning. also, the rainfall was too much for this stretch of highway 1 in moss beach and you can see how much water was rushing on the road. the sheriff's department closed the highway four times and at one point the water came right up to the door their pickup
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trucks. >> in the east bay this tree came down blocking all lines and lanes of highway 13 in oakland near the on ramp from redwood road in oakland. this is what is left of the big rig that crashed on the pleasant hill road early this morning and the chp set and audi hit the big rig from behind and it went plunging down onto the roadway low and nobody was hurt. flooding on the peninsula has resulted in tragedy. the san mateo county sheriff's office said two people are dead after their car took on too much water. we have that story. >> reporter: a tragic incident here in millbrae today and this is where the flooding occurred here in millbrae and deputies are still out here and this is what we know so far. at approximately 5:45 this morning the sheriff's office said the fire department received a call regarding flooding and when they arrived, they found somebody standing on a vehicle that was submerged in
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the water in the first responders entered the flooded area and were able to bring that person to safe ground but they realize another vehicle is underwater and unfortunately the detective with the sheriff's office said the conditions were changing rapidly as the rain came down. >> the fire department said the water was rising so fast and conditions were changing so rapidly and for first responders it was too dangerous for them. >> reporter: due to the conditions, first responders were unable to at second and it took several hours for them to drain the water in the area and then they found two people deceased and that second car. the detective with the sheriff's office said this area is going to be closed off for most of the day and any more details we get regarding this incident, we will update you. the north bay is also seeing some big storm related problems in this rockslide on your wizards road blocked access from the north and crews headed to clear out that scene and a very unlikely traveler
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and his labor driver got stuck in a floodwaters this morning on highway 1 in sonoma county. the passenger was on his way to catch a flight at sfo and he said when he and his driver realized the floodwaters were too high, it was too late. >> we were thinking about bailing out and then the fire department showed up in here we are. >> they all came to the rescue and now the travelers that esther working out rescheduling the flight. as we continue to the wet weather, you can download the new zapped and you can get updates on the forecast where you live 24/7. a live look at san francisco right now with the board of supervisors expected to vote on the mayor state of emergency declaration in the tenderloin. last week the mayor said too many people are dying in the city especially from overdoses and she has proposed adding more officers and overtime pay to curb violence and most
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supervisors agree but others are pushing back on the plan for a bigger police presence and the boat is set for 2:00 this afternoon. a lot to report in the literary world. she has died at the age of 87 in sacramento native she developed her writing schools at uc berkeley and was the recipient of numerous awards and among them the book foundation metal of distinguished contribution to american letters and the national medal of arts and humanities and her papers and notes and research are in the bancroft library at uc berkeley and she died of complications from parkinson's disease. another big covid headline today. the fda signed off on a second antiviral pill to treat the virus. but as we report, many americans are facing a more immediate concern of where to get tested as cases surge before the holidays. >> reporter: merck released video of its manufacturing process to create a covid-19
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treatment pill that high risk adults can take at home and they have no other options. the federal government has purchased 3 million doses what should be shipped out by the end of january. the fda authorized use of the drug a day after giving the same authorization for pfizer's antiviral pill which has been found to significantly reduce the hospitalizations for those at risk of serious illness. >> all tools on the bludg e def production act to get pfizer the things they need to produce this as soon as possible. >> reporter: the most pressing concern is making more tests available. this was a long line of cars waiting at a test site in massachusetts thursday morning, the same situation in fort myers, florida and the biden administration said it is doing all it can to improve the situation. >> we are not where we need to be on testing and nobody is saying we are and that is why we have tried to take
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additional rapid steps and be as bold and ambitious that we can with the available supply on the market. >> reporter: today, new york city announced it is scaling back new year's eve and times square reducing crowds from 58,000 to 15,000. everybody will be required to show proof of vaccination and remain masked. visitors also will be allowed entry until 3:00 p.m., much later than previous years and those vaccinated will be allowed to show negative test within 72 hours of new year's eve. for the very latest on the omicron variant and how you can find a booster shot, check out our research guide on our website. a former minnesota police officer has been found guilty in the death of daunte wright. kim potter is charged with manslaughter for mistakenly using her gun instead of a taser to subdue a suspect. we have the very latest. >> we find the defendant guilty.
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>> reporter: kim potter glanced down briefly and her attorney's hand on her shoulder as the jury delivered its verdict in the former police officer found guilty of both first and 2ndb0 manslaughter in the fatal shooting of the young black driver in april. >> members of the jury, is this your two and correct verdict say one and so say you all. >> yes. >> reporter: during closing arguments the prosecutor called potter reckless and culpable. >> the safe handling of a firearm does not include firing it into a car with four people directly in harm's way. >> reporter: her defense insisted she made a deadly mistake pulling her glock pistol which he thought she was grabbing the taser and then firing a single bullet into daunte wright's chest. >> how can you recklessly, consciously, handle your gun if you don't know you have it. truck she sobbed on the standard she testified in her own defense. >> i remember yelling taser,
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taser, taser and nothing happened. and then he told me i shot him. >> reporter: potter had been a highly regarded veteran of the police force before the shooting and the judge ordered her held without bail until sentencing in february. here at home, jury deliberations continue into another high profile case. the theranos fraud trial in san jose. jurors have to wait whether the company founder, elizabeth holmes defrauded patients and the -- investors in the backing her faulty blood testing technology. the judge denied the jury's request to take him off 39 ento support -- sift through. if no verdict is reached today, deliberations will resume in the new year.
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a lot of green on wall street and the dow is up nearly 200 points in the nasdaq up 131 and the s&p up 29 and today the labor department said just 205,000 americans applied for new unemployment benefits last week, assign the labor market remains competitive across the country even with the second spread of the omicron variant. still ahead , major damage to a south bay synagogue and an investigation now underway. plus the sierra travel warning and the conditions you will face if you need to head to the mountains. a reminder that this holiday season you can help neighbors in need by donating time and money in the food for bay area families drive. you can find ou
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a recently opened synagogue in san jose is now a total loss after a fire that broke out wednesday morning at the synagogue on brandon lane and they say it started around midnight but it was not reported until 7:00 a.m. when garbage collectors got there. firefighters were able to save torah scrolls from inside the building itself and nearly
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everything else was destroyed. police say the incident wasn't a hate crime or racially motivated but unclear what sparked the fire. looking live at sfo right now is just two days until christmas, millions of americans are already on their way to their holiday destinations. the rush comes amid growing concerns about the comecon surge. >> reporter: across the country, millions of americans are on the move including the larson family from the bay area who took an early trip to disneyland. >> we have been trapped for two years, and we are feeling a little bit of wanting to do something a little bit normal. >> reporter: aaa said more than 109 million people travel 50 miles or more from now until january 2 and despite concerns about the comecon surge. >> we all were vaccinated and booster shots. >> reporter: while domestic flights don't require proof of vaccination or covid tests, all are required to wear a mask and
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advised to have patience. you as airlines reporting no uptick in operations another airlines say they are on track to fly 420,000 passengers every day. >> reporter: aaa expects 6 million people to hit the skies over the next few days tripling the amount of holiday travelers flying last year. at lax, the second busiest airport in the nation, people were able to get covid-19 vaccinations and booster shots wednesday. >> it is nice to have it here and free. >> reporter: for those planning holiday gatherings indoors the cdc is warning americans to keep it small and get tested ahead of time. >> that week before people get together is crucial of course if they could get rapid testing like a moment before him that is better. >> reporter: health officials recommend people to lay travel unless fully vaccinated and mask up in public indoor settings. aaa said most travelers,
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roughly 100 million people hit the roads and gas prices are about $3.29 a gallon, more than a dollar above last year and of course, here in california, they are much higher than that. right now to the storm watch. travel is tricky to the sierra now and in the coming days and here is what it looked like on i 80 on to 67 early this afternoon with a lot of snow coming down and a similar pitcher along highway 50 at myers with the wind also may be a problem there. time now for a look at our forecast with paul. it is like pick your poison. you either battle the airport of the roads. exactly. it is unfortunate is right around christmas when everybody wants to travel because we so desperately need the moisture but you don't complain about getting as much needed rainfall but in the high sierra the winter storm warning continues until sunday at four clock and still expecting 2 to 4 feet total in 5 to 9 feet and the wind concerned and
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treacherous travel conditions expected and we do have a winter storm warning here with heavy snow expected above 2000 feet and the snow level could drop to 1000 feet at the end of this winter storm warning which is in effect through 10:00 on sunday morning. we will look what is happening now with the rain showers around the bay area which is very light activity and hit or miss in a few splash and dash hours as opposed to heavy rain we had last night and early this morning. let's switch over to the future radar showing you we expect in the showers continue into this evening and maybe a few more of them after the sun goes down, but it is still spotty activity and that will give way to another round of more widespread rain later tonight and it won't be as heavy as we had last night and early this morning but will be more widespread and intense than what is going on right now and it will move through quickly, which will, hopefully, allow us to avoid any additional flooding problems or debris flow concerns but we have to be on the lookout for that with this much rain already and don't
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cross flooded intersections and if there is a flooded roadway turn around and find a different route. especially overnight because you don't know how deep it is. the rain should be gone on friday morning and we get a little break for christmas eve and won't necessarily be dry because there will be a few hit or miss showers but it will be partly dry and maybe some sunshine and i don't know how much of that we will see but a little bit of a dry break for the rain to soak in will be nice because there is more rain on the way for christmas eve night into christmas morning and this will be similar to what we get tonight where it will be a quick hitter and it won't be as heavy as we had last night, but it will be more rain fell on top of what we have already received in a wet start christmas day before we get back into that often on pattern by christmas day afternoon with more scattered showers in the forecast into christmas day night and then into the day after christmas as well but keep the umbrella on the rain check handy and we will added up with future cast, how much additional rain we expect. in general we are talking about
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three quarters of an inch of rain to around 1 inch and maybe on the low under close to half inch of rain but again this is forecast model data which is never perfect and it shows rain not heavy enough to not cause significant issues if it were falling by itself but the ground is already saturated. if you will be driving elsewhere in the state, southern california is a trouble spot this afternoon with heavy rain along here in los angeles and it will become more sparse toward the morning big problem will be in the high sierra and up in northern california but traveling down the 101 should be okay for most of the day tomorrow and a little bit of fog in the central valley school take his time dissipating as we head into christmas day morning with local travel may be a problem on the bay area because the snow continues here and there it is showing up for mendocino and lake counties and more rain will be surging towards so -- southern california on christmas day. right now we have clouds with some sunshine peeking through and it is kind of ominous when the sunshine
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and temperatures are not bad with mid-to upper 50s to around 60 and we will drop down tonight most into the 40s which is above average for christmas eve morning and high temperatures not as warm as today. we will top out in the low to mid 50s and pretty much across the board and temperatures will continue to cool off as we head through the rest of the seven- day forecast and down to the upper 40s pretty much across the board by tuesday, wednesday and thursday of next week and the most widespread rain will be tonight and late tomorrow night and early christmas day and again sunday night into monday and then we will get into a more shower a pattern and even some signs of a dry pattern shaping up with the latter half of next week but that is a long way down the line. still ahead and streaming on cbsn bay area, having any money goals for the new year? we look at the top financial resolutions for 2022. streaming today on cbsn bay area, overdoses are rising in san francisco throughout the pandemic and we talked to a doctor from the mental health and substance abuse services coming up at 4:30. you can find us on
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consumer news now. ups is expanding its air fleet to help deliver packages on time. the shipping giant has ordered 19 boeing 677 cargo planes to help with the surge in e- commerce shipments but unfortunately they won't help with their holiday gifts since they won't be delivered until 2023 to ups.
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>> cloud flare is out with a list of the most popular websites of 2021 and tiktok for the number one spot dethroning google and in september alone tiktok had 1 billion active users. google was number 2 followed by facebook, microsoft, and apple. >> it is a popular new year's resolution and three in four americans say they want to be smarter with their money and 2022 and a survey from slick deals found many are worried about rising inflation and intend to save more next year putting away an average of $408 a month and that is up eight dollars compared to $80 last year and other plans include paying off debt, cutting unnecessary bills and using coupons. another live look outside right now and paul is back with a final check of our forecast, next. tonight on the cbs evening
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news, as omicron sleeps the country, one of the most popular thing to get this christmas is a covid test and here in new york we found out today that the iconic new year's celebration in times square will go on as planned but will
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the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. coming up, we are keeping a close eye on jury deliberations in the theranos fraud trial
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and we will get one last check of the weather. for the moment we are in a break from the most widespread shower activity but it does not mean we are dry because there are a few hit or miss showers including some off the coast of san francisco that are trying to make their way onshore. so it is the kind of rain that is annoying and this is not anything hazardous but another round is moving in late this evening and overnight and we still have several more hours and this pattern before the widespread rain was in and it won't be as heavy as last night. finally, usually santas mode of transportation is the sleigh, but in rome, he is rappelling to get around. the red troop of santas got some cheer to kids at a hospital by repelling from a chimney and the roof of a pediatric ward. the santas then went inside to deliver presents and these are usually santas helpers, the members of the italian alpine
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rescue team, but they have a direct line to the guy himself. >> i would think the jolly elf himself may be to hefty for this is the "cbs evening news" up to 140 million new covid infections in the next few months. a mad scramble as crowds overwhelm testing sites ahead of the holidays. >> reporter: it will be a tough few weeks, but it will only be a few weeks. >> yuccas: the f.d.a. authorizizes a second antiviral pill to treat covid at home. last-minute rush-- winter storms kold bring a white christmas but also headaches on the busiest travel day of the season. covid precautions: what you can do to protect your family during holiday gatherings. >> that we all have a test. >> yuccas: guilty of manslaughter: the jury finds a


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