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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  December 23, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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changing my mind, i am doing this. there's nothing that will stop me from doing it. >> the death rates are 1/10 what they were a few months ago. is omicron takes over, bay area health experts say it's not all bad news tonight. good evening. andria borba spoke with local health experts about the silver linings of the covid cloud hanging over the holidays. >> reporter: with another surge of virus on the rise, or we savor this holiday season than last holiday season? doctors and scientists we spoke with say resoundingly yes but with more hope on the horizon. selfies at the big tree in union square and rapid tests, the hallmarks of a second covid christmas. with the omicron. spreading like wildfire, folks say they are not changing plans, but taking extra precautions. >> i nc and when i get back as well.
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we are also going to be taking some safety measures with my in- laws. >> reporter: and marin and san francisco counties, omicron is now the dominant variant. today marks the highest uppercase county for the entire pandemic. 174 cases, but only six hospitalized in marin county. >> is a reassuring sign that there has been an uncoupling of case rates from hospitalizations. it is probably because of our high vaccination rate. >> reporter: the weapons to fight covid-19 have also grown since last winter, and include monoclonal antibodies, renda severe, and now the pfizer and merck pills. a new study could add to that list as well. dr. devon croghan has found mutations not in the spikes but elsewhere in the virus. >> the virus is mutating, but as it mutates, it's allowing us to pinpoint some of its key features that we could narrow and on to try to come up with therapies. >> reporter: he says the virus is revealing its secrets.
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the hope is that drugs could be cocktail like aids drugs, and made most effective. >> and we get a few steps ahead of it, is the question, and the scientific community is working collaboratively around the world to do that. >> reporter: if you're wondering whether or not your preholiday hunt for a covid-19 rapid test is worth it, experts say yes. they say testing before and after parties, and quarantining positive cases will help stop the spread of of a con. this was the line for test set a san ramon cbs today. statewide, the positivity average jumped nearly a percent from yesterday, a 27% increase in a single day. in the past few hours, tama county ordered its first responders, health workers, and educators to get boosted, or tested at least twice weekly. meanwhile, the cdc is loosening its isolation and quarantine guidelines for healthcare workers, as hospitals prepare
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for a all hands on deck situation. infected workers who have no symptoms can returned to work after 7 days with a negative test. fully vaccinated and boosted workers no longer need to quarantine after an exposure. let's take a live look at sfo where you may soon have to show your vaccine card are proof of a negative test to board domestic flights. that is the proposal tonight from a group of democratic lawmakers, including california senator dianne feinstein, and congressman eric swalwell. at the same time, holiday air travel is starting to search past preach pandemic levels. tsa actually screened more travelers yesterday than i did the same day in 2019, and today was expected to be even busier at airports like oakland international. >> of course, but we are all vaccinated. we have our boosters. >> i think we have to learn to live it covid, and go on and
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take our precautions. millions more americans are hitting the roads for the holiday weekend, and now is a good time to do it. with the bay area bridges hitting a bit of a break from the heavy rain. earlier, the storm took a deadly turn at this millbrae underpass where fast rising floodwaters overtook two vehicles. firefighters were able to rescue one person from the roof of his car, but it was too late for 2 others trapped in a submerged pickup. >> we attempted to gain access to the vehicle, but the water was rising so fast, the fire department had to retreat. >> it is hard to fathom that you saw this guy yesterday, and his wife, and they are gone today. >> it's very sad. >> neighbors told us the victims were a local couple driving to work, but investigators have not formally identified them yet. elsewhere in san mateo county, coastal areas were hit hard. floodwaters rushed over highway 1 in my speech and left a
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neighborhood knee-deep in water. the storm also shut down a section of crystal springs regional trail. in contra costa county, this is what is left of a big rig that plunged off of a highway 24 overpass after being rear-ended in lafayette. incredibly, no one was hurt. in sonoma county, mn on his way to catch a flight at sfo had to bail out along with his uber driver when they got stuck in floodwaters on highway 1. >> we had the windows down and were thinking about bailing out, and then the fire department showed up and here we are. for now we are enjoying a bit of a break in the rain. >> chief meteorologist paul heggen has how long it will last. it won't last too much longer. another wave of rain coming in tonight. it will be as heavy as last night. last night's rain wasn't heavy enough to trip any flash flood warnings.
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anytime drainage gets blocked it can cause big problems in a hurry. don't try to cross any flooded roadways, especially at night when you have no way to tell how deep the water is. here's how much water we picked up over the last 38 hours. 3.5 inches at canfield. over 1.5 inches for santa rosa and downtown san francisco. almost there .5 inches for san jose. you have picked up a nice amount of measurable rain there. right now the break continues. if you spotty showers here and there, a few more off the coast. we see more spotty showers taking shape as we head through the evening, but the widespread rain will hold off until about midnight. and the rain chances peak will most of us are sleeping. will take a look at futurecast and attract the next round of rain in a few minutes. remember to download the app for the pinpoint forecast where you live. tonight, investigators say there is no indication that a fire that burned down a brand- new san jose synagogue was a hate crime. instead they determined the
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fire started outside the chabad house for spreading into a carport and attic space. firefighters were able to save priceless torah scrolls from inside, but the building is a total loss. the san jose mayor sam liccardo went into the vta shooting tragedy and pandemic progress in his virtual state of the city address tonight. >> through it all my our community has responded with collective resilience and faith. san jose residents have protected themselves and each other by becoming vaccinated at the highest rate of any major u.s. city. >> as for the city's biggest failure, the mayor says it's the ongoing homelessness crisis. live in san francisco, city supervisors have been butting heads for hours now after the mayor's proposal to declare a state of emergency in the drug addled tenderloin. >> i'm really frustrated with the way in which this plan has been unveiled in the media, and to the public. >> we have been in discussions with the mayor's office in the last day or so, and i think we
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are having a much better discussion now on how we can effectively do that for people who use drugs, to make sure they are connected to care. >> the mayor is pushing for more investment in treatment resources instead of more officers on patrol. at this point, the proposal appears to be headed for passage. still to come, no early christmas present for the prosecution in the elizabeth holmes fraud trial. >> you don't want a delay if you are the prosecution. >> why the extended deliberation could be a good sign for the defense. against all odds, a newborn with little chance of survival is now a thriving toddler, thanks to a life-saving gift from his mother. >> it's quite remarkable how every parent will do everything they can to help their suffering child, and his mom is no exception. >> everything that's going on with him he always has a smile on his face. >> there home for the holidays for the first time tonight.
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welcome back. jury deliberations in the elizabeth holmes fraud trial will resume on monday, after day trail yielded nothing more than a request from the panel. jurors wanted to review several audio exhibits of holmes pitching her blood testing technology to investors. as they way whether she intentionally deceived them about where could do. >> that means they are talking. they may be trying to compromise on certain counts. they may be throwing out certain counts. you don't want a delay if you are the prosecution. you want them to come back soon. >> holmes faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted on all 11 counts she is facing. a look at top headlines, former minnesota lease officer
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kim potter is facing at least 7 years in prison for the shooting death of daunte wright. >> we the jury on the charge of manslaughter in the first degree find the defendant guilty. >> potter said she mistook her gun for a taser when she killed daunte wright during a traffic stop and warrant arrest last spring. tonight, former president trump has turned to the supreme court in a last-ditch effort to keep documents from being turned over to the house committee investigating the january 6 capital via. he is claiming executive village. new york city is planning some crowd control for the big ball drop in times square, limiting attendance to 15,000 revelers. everyone will have to be masked and fascinated to get in. >> thank you. tonight in california toddler and his mother are home for the holidays for the first time since the litter bully was born. kpix 5's juliette goodrich on the gift that made a possible.
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>> reporter: every day, 12 people die waiting for a kidney transplant, but that is not the case for a little boy, thanks to his mom and this medical center. the central valley at california is home to some of the world's finest farmlands. it is also home to a tyler named kane. >> with everything going on with him, he always has a smile on his face. >> reporter: when he was in utero, his bladder got blocked. the blockage destroyed both of his kidneys. the prognosis was poor. >> he had a 10 to 20% chance of even living and making it out of the hospital. >> reporter:'s mom sylvia had an emergency c-section. he was born prematurely. because he no longer had functioning kidneys, he would need dialysis. >> they trade me before we got to take him home. >> reporter: every night, she cleaned his blood using a special tube surgically inserted into the babies belly. it is not the best solution. what he really needed was a kidney.
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>> i cannot stretch enough how adamant they are. >> reporter: dr. peter is a transplant surgeon at ucsf. >> at university of california, san francisco, we have the largest waiting list in the country, with well over 4500 candidates waiting for a kidney transplant. her back when approach involves finding a living donor to provide a kidney. kane's family got tested. the match was mom. >> you can change your mind if they want to, and i said there is no changing my mind. i am doing this. nothing will stop me from doing it. >> is remarkable how every parent will do everything they can to help their suffering child, and his mom is no exception. >> reporter: at ucsf parnassus in mid-october, surgeons removed one of sylvia's kidneys . immediately, her kidney was transported in a special container on ice by car to ucsf benioff children's hospital and mission bay. it was a 30 minute drive.
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the handoff, and a short trip of the elevator. kane was prepped. the doctor and his team were ready to go. >> we have a whole team, you can imagine. we have a team of anesthesiologists, of nurses, of surgical technicians. >> reporter: in a procedure that took about 4 hours, the ucsf surgeon transplanted sylvia's entire adult kidney into kane. >> reporter: it's advantageous immunologically. there is less chance of rejection, plus it supplies him with a large mass of tissue that will last him as he grows. >> he's an amazing doctor. >> reporter: 7 weeks after the operation, sylvia and kane are finally ready to head home to merced things to the nonprofit organization called family house. sylvia temporarily lived in the bay area where she could walk to the hospital to visit her boy. >> they are awesome here. they were always very kind. they are always kind.
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it gives that little feeling of home away from home. >> reporter: christmas came early, and not just for mother and son. >> i cannot begin to describe to you the incredible feeling of being able to help another person, and watching a loved one give a kidney to another person, it is just a remarkable thing. >> reporter: as fourth sylvia, she is thrilled to take her baby home. >> this is our first christmas him since he has been born. we've been in the hospital around the christmas time and holiday time since he's been born, so this is our first christmas home. >> reporter: not everyone is as lucky as kane. in the united states, more than 100,000 people are waiting for a kidney. in san francisco, elliott goodrich kpix 5. >> we were both wondering, how
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can you put an adult kidney into a small kid, but obviously they can. dr. stock reminded us that a great way to protect transplant patients like a cane is to get your covid shots. paul, we've had a lot of rain overnight. i looked at your future, and it looks like we may see some sunshine tomorrow. maybe a little bit peeking through. we had a little bit today. the clouds out there looks pretty ominous, but in this weather pattern, enjoy whatever sunshine we do get. a few more showers are showing up on radar north of the golden gate primarily. we see more spotty showers for the rest of the evening, real hit or miss light activity. they want to much more than annoy you during an evening run. futurecast chose to spotty showers at 9:00, giving way to more widespread rain as we head into the overnight hours my likely after midnight. the various forecast models have different versions of where the heaviest rain will shape up. the widespread rain will be as heavy as last night, or as
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long. it will be out of here by the time the sun comes up, and then we get into a break. it won't be a completely dry day. hit or miss showers but still a little sunshine breaking through the clouds before the next round of rain was in tomorrow night. steve nit shows e apoaof rain . that will come sweeping into the bay area for christmas day morning. it will be a wet approach for the jolly old elf. we will see the showers lingering through much of christmas day morning, but then i break by christmas day afternoon. then we will see this body off and on showers is still possible by saturday night, continuing into sunday. sunday like tomorrow, looks like a drier day. adding up the rain through sunday morning, generally 0.52 1 inch of rainfall. a little more in some spots and a little lesson others.
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a little bit too much rain in a short amount of time in one specific spot, poor drainage locations can cause big problems in a hurry. big problems in the high sierra as well. winter storm warning continues until 10:00 a.m. tuesday for the potential to to four feet of snow at south lake tahoe level, but 48 feet above 7000 feet. treacherous travel conditions, and we even have a winter storm warning for parts of mendocino and lake county. the snow level is dropping to close to 1000 feet by saturday night into sunday. this is the winter storm warning that goes until 10:00 a.m. sunday. quick look at current temperatures, mostly 50s. we will end up in the low to mid 40s by early tomorrow morning. below average temperatures tomorrow, even with a little sunshine. low to mid 50s are christmas eve , the warm day in the 7 day forecast. we see the temperatures trending downward, and the rain chances continuing. the rainiest days will be saturday, christmas day, monday
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of next week. lingering showers tuesday, wednesday, thursday, but chilly enough that with rain showers at sea level, we will see some snow showers come as no dusting the highest peaks around the bay area. we will update you on tonight's rain chance at 11:00. >> we are dreaming
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welcome back. just as gas prices started to drop a bit, an explosion at a texas refinery could kick them right back up. at least four people were hurt in the blast outside of houston today, with the facility being one of the country's largest. that accident could hurt production for months to come. holiday travelers in the sierra are more concerned about the road conditions and gas prices. this is how it looks at donner summit right now. if you are headed that way for the holiday will be prepared. >> make sure you have chains. have a full tank of gas. make sure you have a blanket, something to stay warm in case the road closes, and bring food or water with you, because it will be about a 67 hour trip. >> chain controls are in effect along interstate 80 tonight as well as highways 50 and 89. if that wasn't enough re
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